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Eostre of the Dawn

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 01:59 AM

There was a woman sitting on the grass, under a tree, with a paper tablecloth spread in front of her, and a variety of Tupperware dishes on the cloth.
She was—not fat, no, far from fat: what she was, a word that Shadow had never had cause to use until now, was curvaceous. Her hair was so fair that it was white, the kind of platinum-blonde tresses that should have belonged to a long-dead movie starlet, her lips were painted crimson, and she looked to be somewhere between twenty-five and fifty.
As they reached her she was selecting from a plate of deviled eggs. She looked up as Wednesday approached her, put down the egg she had chosen, and wiped her hand. “Hello, you old fraud,” she said, but she smiled as she said it, and Wednesday bowed low, took her hand, and raised it to his lips.
He said, “You look divine.”
“How the hell else should I look?” she demanded, sweetly. “Anyway, you’re a liar. New Orleans was such a mistake—I put on, what, thirty pounds there? I swear. I knew I had to leave when I started to waddle. The tops of my thighs rub together when I walk now, can you believe that?” This last was addressed to Shadow. He had no idea what to say in reply, and felt a hot flush suffuse his face. The woman laughed delightedly. “He’s blushing! Wednesday, my sweet, you brought me a blusher. How perfectly wonderful of you. What’s he called?”
“This is Shadow,” said Wednesday. He seemed to be enjoying Shadow’s discomfort. “Shadow, say hello to Easter.”
Jasmine and honeysuckle, sweet milk and female skin.

What a pretty blend.


Freshly applied, jasmine is strongest on me, but it's as closely entwined with honeysuckle as flowering vines on a trellis. The jasmine smells heady at first, but not high-pitched. Honeysuckle and a creamy milkiness add a lovely fullness to the blend. I also get a subtle musk. Once this dries, I mostly get smooth honeysuckle milk.


This reminds me of this past year's Poor Monkey, which I loved, but with a little more throw (Poor Monkey had almost no throw on me once it dried). I wasn't expecting this and am so pleased by it. The milk is combining with the honeysuckle in a way that brings the ylang ylang milk of Monkey to mind. This sort of thing loves my skin.

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