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    favorite scents: dorian, PALLAS ATHENE, VOODOO QUEEN, star promenade, RED MYSORE SANDALWOOD, sugar phoenix, pip, hellhound on my trail, the magician's tools, IRENE ADLER

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    bpal, reading, anime, making friends, coffee, tea, music, never surrendering, tripping on the light fantastic, the nightside, lewis caroll, philosophy, surrealism, impressionism, takeshi kaneshiro, kung fu, mi5 (also known as spooks), bulgari, cinema, RENT, tarot, the crow, U2, frou frou, the postal service, peru, webcomics, mash-ups, nintedo DS, final fantasy, borderlands 2
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  1. zankoku_zen

    My Tiger

    Sugared patchouli, amber, and a whiff of lavender. I shouldn't love this as much, but I do. Ugh, it's mainly a sugared patchouli/amber blend, and a whiff of lavender. It's like Silkybat's younger, more golden, sweeter little sister. Good throw and wear length.
  2. zankoku_zen

    Little Atalanta

    Dead Leaves and pleather. It's cool, leafy, and very much something the girls from the Craft would wear. Great throw and wear length.
  3. zankoku_zen

    Bourbon Vanilla & Yellow Carnation

    Soft vanilla with a whiff of spicy carnation. Bright, yellow, soft. Low throw, average wear length.
  4. zankoku_zen


    This one is a melange of white sage, berries, rose, oak leaves, and a whiff of morning breeze. It's a bright winter morning, not cold, slightly floral, slightly woody, outside. It's so encapsulates a Southern CA winter. Medium throw and wear length.
  5. zankoku_zen

    Generation Spooky

    Sugared blackcurrant oudh. This one is a sugary blackcurrant perfume. The oudh gives it that inky perfumed edge, the blackcurrant brings that fruity aspect, and the sugar sweetens and ties it all together. Perfect for those young goths in your life. Great throw and wear length.
  6. zankoku_zen

    Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

    Cherry patchouli. On wet, I could smell of the black cherry, but as it dries, the patchouli comes out and its definitely a cherry patchouli blend. Medium throw and wear length.
  7. zankoku_zen


    Leather, wood chips, grass and a whiff of lavender. This is mainly a leather/wood chips blend on me. Very gender neutral, good throw and wear length.
  8. zankoku_zen

    The Balcony Scene

    Sad red roses, carrot seed, and a whiff of vanilla. Carrot seed always makes things smell sort of sad to me, and it was one of the items I loved so much form When Stars Were Weeping. This makes me think of that, but the rose version of WSWW. Good throw and wear length. Perfect for tragic teen heroines, sighing for their crush.
  9. zankoku_zen

    Bits of Birnam Wood

    All the apple you would have wanted - pulp, wood, and flowers. Apples, apples, apples galore. If you were missing the NYCC apple blends this year, look no further. This is like an apple SN, without being a single note per se, but rather conjuring all the possibilities for apples in one single scent. Great throw and wear length.
  10. zankoku_zen

    Back in Blueblack

    Warm lavender, bergamot, patchouli, and a whiff of chocolate. This actually reminds me to a raven's wing. Dark, shiny, lavender. It's the black velvet equivalent of a lavender perfume. Perfect for huddling in a wingback chair in the evenings in front of a fire, waiting for the tap tap tapping at the door. Medium throw and wear length.
  11. zankoku_zen

    And Sing, And Sing

    Tuberose, lavender, and a whiff of moss. This is a lavender-moss base, with notes of tuberose and musk. It's a wispy, haunting, floral. It curls around you. Great throw and wear length.
  12. zankoku_zen

    Mourning Eye

    Rose water and sorrowful carrot seed, cognac, and faded lilies
  13. zankoku_zen

    Forget Me Not

    Polished white sandalwood, dried rose petals, and rice powder
  14. zankoku_zen


    Ancient tomes, well-loved yellow paperbacks, leather-bound grimories, crumbling parchment scrolls, mimeograph ink, and tattered zines
  15. zankoku_zen


    Crushed seaglass and glittering coral, rockrose, salt water, iridescent algae, and white oudh