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    favorite scents: dorian, PALLAS ATHENE, VOODOO QUEEN, star promenade, RED MYSORE SANDALWOOD, sugar phoenix, pip, hellhound on my trail, the magician's tools, IRENE ADLER

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    bpal, reading, anime, making friends, coffee, tea, music, never surrendering, tripping on the light fantastic, the nightside, lewis caroll, philosophy, surrealism, impressionism, takeshi kaneshiro, kung fu, mi5 (also known as spooks), bulgari, cinema, RENT, tarot, the crow, U2, frou frou, the postal service, peru, webcomics, mash-ups, nintedo DS, final fantasy, borderlands 2
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  1. zankoku_zen

    Magic Rainbow Hardshell Candy

    Elevator going up! Sucking on these fruity, low-dose tongue-tinglers will turn your mouth fun colors. But count ‘em out carefully — losing track of how many you’ve popped may result in overly-personal small talk on public transportation, dancing to the music playing in the grocery store, or panicking at the sound of helicopters flying overhead.
  2. zankoku_zen

    Magic Meemaw Purse Candy

    She seems happier lately. We want whatever Meemaw’s having! Peel back the wrapper of universal consciousness and savor this hard nugget of butterscotch with a decidedly suspicious aftertaste.
  3. zankoku_zen

    Magic Macaroon

    A glistening haystack of shredded coconut, molded by hand into a tasty, wee cannonball that will knock you off right off your damn perch.
  4. zankoku_zen

    Magic Gummies

    Whoa there, pardner: this bag was supposed to last you several weeks!
  5. A dense and melty confection, baked with skill and love by someone with the power to accidentally annihilate your weekend plans.
  6. zankoku_zen

    Magic Cinnamon-Glazed Donut

    Hmm, did they hide all the green goodness in the donut, or in the glaze, or both? Better lap up every crumb n’ speck from the wax paper sleeve, just to be sure.
  7. zankoku_zen

    Magic Brownie

    Squishy, fudgy, and pleasantly dank, with those chewy edges you like.
  8. zankoku_zen

    Blue Rose Quartz

    Coconut milk, lavender, lilac. This is a soft, cuddly coconut and flowers. Medium throw and wear length.
  9. zankoku_zen

    Millennial Pink

    Subtle chocolate, whiff of raspberry, and glamour. Honestly, this also has a foodie gourmand note beyond the chocolate that makes you think Magnolia Bakery and Carrie Bradshaw. This is the perfume equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw in a fabulous outfit, with great shoes, eating a frosted chocolate cupcake in New York. It's an absolute fantasy. It's pink but not overly so, its chocolate but not overly sweet, its girlie but grown up, and its expensive. It's the fantasy that you too can have it all, while also being able to afford an apartment in NYC. It's absolute nonsense but you can't help wish it were real. Medium throw and wear length.
  10. zankoku_zen

    Dreamfasting prototype

    No additional scent description.
  11. No additional scent description.
  12. zankoku_zen

    The First Sun Prototype

    No additional scent description. To me, this smells like a manly, and sandy, version of Florida Water. So yes, this has bay. And laurel, and water. And it smells clean and magical because anything even remotely Florida Water like to me (which probably means orange blossom) smells clean and magical. Medium throw and wear length.
  13. zankoku_zen


    Soft rose, resin and a touch of tobacco. This one smells soft and nostalgic.
  14. zankoku_zen

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    Sweet vanilla patchouli. Medium throw and wear length.
  15. zankoku_zen

    She Loves the Bare, the Withered Tree

    Rooty vegetable patchouli. Medium throw and wear length.