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    favorite scents: dorian, PALLAS ATHENE, VOODOO QUEEN, star promenade, RED MYSORE SANDALWOOD, sugar phoenix, pip, hellhound on my trail, the magician's tools, IRENE ADLER

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    bpal, reading, anime, making friends, coffee, tea, music, never surrendering, tripping on the light fantastic, the nightside, lewis caroll, philosophy, surrealism, impressionism, takeshi kaneshiro, kung fu, mi5 (also known as spooks), bulgari, cinema, RENT, tarot, the crow, U2, frou frou, the postal service, peru, webcomics, mash-ups, nintedo DS, final fantasy, borderlands 2
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  1. zankoku_zen

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    Caramel sugar and warm black berries. Sugary, blackberry. Great throw and wear length.
  2. zankoku_zen

    Buck Moon 2021

    On wet, there is is a toast/toasted popcorn note, but it mainly dries down to a musk, fur, and a whiff of something very vanilla-like. It's a deep musk, fur on me though, and I get a fair bit of amber and moss, actually. Medium throw and wear length.
  3. zankoku_zen

    Belgian Chocolate, Black Pepper, Whiskey, & Bourbon Vanilla

    Chocolate, with a hint of vanilla and booze. On wet, I got a peppery bloom, but basically it dries down to a chocolate + vanilla booze mix. Medium throw and wear length.
  4. zankoku_zen

    The Circle of Noh

    The Circle of Noh appears to be ready for release based on this prototype bottle. This one starts off as a somewhat cool, icy cologne. I also think there's a sandalwood in there. Definitely dries to an icy, cool sandalwood based cologne. Medium throw and wear length. Actually, I think mr. zee_zee might like this. Kabuki Prototypes mentioned in the C2E2 announcement of 2013.
  5. zankoku_zen

    The Queen's Exultation

    This blend should just be called I BOW TO NO ONE. I woke up this morning, dabbed some LC oil on, and decided to dab some Queen's Exultation as well, mainly to basically turn myself into a mini-supernova of power. This to me manifested both in Saturnian authority and Martial action. I have basically cut through my work today like a hot knife through butter, including leading a 90+ minute team meeting. It's got some oomph that I have typically associated with Aldebaran, which may just be the Saturn/Mars combo manifesting for me on this one. I am sad that this is not available anymore, because I would definitely buy a backup.
  6. zankoku_zen

    Velvet Void

    Oman frankincense and blackened myrrh with plum blossom, tea leaf, opoponax, cypress leaf, anise seed, star anise pods, elderberries, and elder flower.
  7. Catarratto bianco comune and Airén grapes dappled with fossilized white amber, life everlasting, and tabac.
  8. zankoku_zen

    Le Pater

    Wild black plum and dried berries deepened by blackened vanilla husk, 3-year aged patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, Mysore sandalwood, and black leather.
  9. zankoku_zen

    The Divine Scientist

    Zippy clean aldehyde with a whiff of juniper. This smells very clean, and very much like a traditional male cologne. Good throw and wear length. mr. zee_zee might enjoy this.
  10. zankoku_zen

    The Hierophant's Benediction

    Soothing almond, vanilla, coconut blend. Low throw, and wear length.
  11. zankoku_zen

    Pontifex Pontificum

    A ton of neroli and verbena (so hello lemony orange blossom?), with a whiff of frankincense and smoke underneath. It's like a more incensey Jean Nate. Huge throw and wear length.
  12. zankoku_zen

    The Grey Columns

    Sugared amber. Yup. That's it. I get very little throw or wear length. It's mainly a skin scent on me. If anyone amped this puppy up though, I can see it being amazing. Unfortunately, my skin just ate it up.
  13. zankoku_zen

    The Crossed Keys

    Moss, stone, and nothing really that screams resins to me. Basically if you ever wanted a stone blend, this one delivers. Good throw and wear length.
  14. zankoku_zen

    The Triple Crown

    Amber, stone, vanilla, mysore sandalwood and just deliciousness. This is epically beautiful, and I think I need a bottle. For those worried about the cardamom, yes its sort of there but not really? I am getting other notes. This so so good. Medium throw and wear length.
  15. zankoku_zen

    The Hierophant's Robe

    Fruity morpher. On wet, I get the mandarin and then it dries down to clove, roses, lavender and a whiff of musk that still has a fruity overtone to it. This is delightfully blended and not something I would have expected. Great throw and wear length.