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  1. zankoku_zen

    It Wasn't Just a Phase

    This one is cedar, nagarmotha, and moss. I end up with a somewhat clean fougere blackened by cedar and patchouli. It's oddly gender neutral toward masculine on me, and for those of you that like clean musk/fougeres, give this a whirl. Good throw and wear length.
  2. zankoku_zen


    I get lots of inky oudh, musk, and patchouli with an overlay of moss. It's mainly a dark, musky, patchy oudh. And oudh does strange things on my skin. Good throw and wear length, of course.
  3. zankoku_zen

    Zombi Sassafras

    Effervescent root beer, sassafras with a mild aquatic note. It tends to toggle between a cologne and a rootbeer for me. Good throw and wearlength.
  4. zankoku_zen

    Squirting Shoggoth

    Yuzu, pear, and green musk. Fresh, juicy, fruity! This one is so fresh and perfectly great for the summer. Great throw and wear length. Did not expect this to be a standout.
  5. zankoku_zen

    Rapture Pig

    Sweet sugary rose jam. Jammy, roses, sugary. Great throw and wear length.
  6. zankoku_zen

    Scent Boom

    Mango, tangerine, orange, whiff of additional sweet fruits and white tea and a touch of red musk underneath. This is a very mango+citrus blend. Medium throw, average wear length. But than mango and fruit thoooo.
  7. zankoku_zen

    Sip of Glass

    Champagne, ambergris, and a whiff of frankincense. This is very refined champagne blend. Good throw and wear length.
  8. zankoku_zen

    Witches' Lace

    I get a very green herby mix over lace, patchouli, cedar, and a whiff of woodsmoke. This is like herbs sent on a nice bonfire out there. Herby, green, smoky. Good throw and wear length.
  9. zankoku_zen

    Twenty-Four Paragons of Filial Piety

    Green coconut dries to a coconut/cypress blends. For you coconut lovers out there. Medium throw and wear length.
  10. zankoku_zen

    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats

    *sniff* I uhhh... *sniff sniff* Alright, so this one I get a ton of cashmere, which smells luxe AF, tobacco, bay leaf, and it smells just like a dapper guy. And I'm going to try this sucker on mr. zee_zee because this is his type of blend. Sophisticated, slightly neutral/manly. Good throw and wear length.
  11. zankoku_zen

    Melancholy Inferno

    Tomato leaf, whiff of black pepper, cedar, and musk. This is a HELL TOMATO LEAF. You get that garden freshness from the tomato leaf combined with something that should be smoldering in a hell. Slightly manly. Good throw and wear length.
  12. zankoku_zen

    Demon Goggles

    Tobacco, bourbon, khus and a whiff of musk. This one is a boozy smoky musky khus blend. Good throw and wear length. I can see this being a "manly" sort of perfume. Good throw and wear length.
  13. zankoku_zen

    Masquerade Banana

    Epically banana liquer dries down to a fig, myrrh and incense blend with a whiff of banana. Good throw and wear length.
  14. zankoku_zen

    Mother's Hot Ghosts

    Jesus, this one is not for the faint of heart. Baby diaper oudh that then dries down to civet musk, amber, and resin. But with still a whiff of diapers. Great throw and wear length.
  15. zankoku_zen

    Foolish Wooden Cucumber

    Cucumber and a whiff of oak and vanilla. Mainly cucumber on me. Light, mild, and fun.