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    Generally my favorite notes are roses, coconut, milk/cream, jasmine, soft leather, black tea, lavender, tobacco, red musk, sandalwood, tuberose, amber, vanilla, white musk, oud, ambergris.Favorite BPALs: Solstice Lace, Obatala, La Prostitution..., Morocco, Diamond Star, The Waltz, Mme. Moriarty, Rose Red, Peacock Queen, Aelian's Phoenix, Grooming Scene in a Brothel, Mare Vaporum, Snake Oil, Boober, Vanilla Orchid SN, Queen Alice.

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    Grad student in Edinburgh transplanted from Seattle.

    Besides perfume some other things I love are baking (cooking in general), hiking, museums, libraries, beer, rainfall, reading, embroidery, and travelling.
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  1. roseus

    An Encampment of Shepherds

    Normally I'm not drawn to dirt/earthy scents but the clay in here is very gentle and pretty. The rose tobacco smells like a strong dried rose with just a bit of cologne-y tobacco underneath.
  2. roseus

    Jupiter Nourished by the Goat Amalthea

    I got some delicious honeyed, buttery goat milk and then plastic-y bubblegum? Chemistry fail!
  3. roseus

    Pumpkin Tobacco

    Mmm definitely sweeter than the atmosphere spray, and with no spice. Just buttery pumpkin and chewy tobacco.
  4. roseus


    When I first applied I got a blast of fresh floral that I thought was hyacinth but looking at the notes must have been the citrus combining with the jasmine and lily. As it settles the headiness of the jasmine becomes more apparent, and the spiciness of the carnation and green and pollen of the lily come out. The only floral I can't find is the rose. I'm having a hard time picking out the amber and musk, but it must just be part of the perfuminess. The bergamot and tangerine are beautiful bright elements, smells like a sunny spring garden walk.
  5. roseus

    Sign of Sekkusu Hair Gloss

    Really rich, syrupy vanilla tobacco. I think all the resins contribute to this thick dark feeling. Cozy.
  6. roseus

    Three Couples Hair Gloss

    Really gorgeous softly fruity blend. The sandalwood-vanilla combo dominates and the fig just floats around it.
  7. roseus

    Red Phoenix

    My nose hated this on the wand, it was really sharp and musty at the same time. On the skin it gets better, and I start to recognize some notes. Patch and tobacco give an earthy base and the red musk and plum are sultry and fruity, but time has really smoothed them over. Not very sweet, surprising given the tonka and benzoin. Something about this is still not agreeing with my skin, staying quite sharp.
  8. roseus


    Starts off with citrus and tea primarily, zesty and fresh. Deepens as it dries, definitely get amber and the sleek teakwood, adding warmth and depth and if I sniff deeply I get some humid orchid and light mint, which is coming off more crisp and green than menthol. This is really pretty and reminds me of really good commercial perfume, would be a good gateway scent for people new to indie perfume.
  9. roseus

    Western Small Foot Bat Hair Gloss

    Sweet pink rose, and I want to say lotus as well. There is a very sweet, waxy floral note next to the rose. Underneath I get warm amber and soft sweet patchouli, but these just pass a gentle glow onto the sweet pink rose. Like @LiberAmoris said, sun-sweetened.
  10. roseus

    Bonfire Toffee

    Really delicious buttery toffee. The caramel has a lot of depth, not too sweet at all. I get just a touch of spice.
  11. roseus

    Old Scratch

    Such a smooth beautiful blend. Softly sweet, smooth, decadent woods and a bit of musk. Everything is very well blended, I can barely pull out the rosewood and lavender.
  12. roseus

    Loup Garou

    Pine and eucalyptus, dark green and icy. Sweet in an herbal way.
  13. roseus

    California Leaf-Nosed Bat

    This is one of the most unique scents I have ever tried. The most true to life non-foresty outdoorsy scent I've encountered. Dry desert brush, a touch sweet, a touch green, a touch smoky. Sort of herbal.
  14. roseus

    Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs

    Fresh zingy green dominates this scent, I just get the tiniest bit of warm myrrh and amber underneath.
  15. roseus

    A Certain Nameless Awe

    Very dry, and salty. But also smells like fog. A very grey, vague scent. Smells like rain hitting hot pavement.