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    Generally my favorite notes are roses, coconut, milk/cream, jasmine, soft leather, black tea, lavender, tobacco, red musk, sandalwood, frankincense, tuberose, amber, vanilla, white musk, oud, ambergris, salt, seawater, fresh water, patchouli, orange blossom, lemon, bitter orange notes, grapefruit... Favorite BPALs: Solstice Lace, Obatala, La Prostitution..., Morocco, The Waltz, Mme. Moriarty, Rose Red, Peacock Queen, Aelian's Phoenix, Grooming Scene in a Brothel, Mare Vaporum, Snake Oil, Boober, Vanilla Orchid SN, Queen Alice, Perfectly Normal Childhood, Ariel, Snow White, The Butterfly, Old Fashioned Satanists, All Souls.

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    Seattle transplant in Edinburgh.

    Besides perfume some other things I love are baking (cooking in general), hiking, museums, libraries, beer, reading, embroidery, and travelling.
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  1. roseus

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    @myoubi I haven't tried most of your list but I wonder if you might like Strange Is Thy Pallor! Strange Thy Dress! Looks a bit chillier than La Fee Verte but has that absinthe thing going on. @blackcatmrow If you have a need for hair gloss I recommend trying Crack of Thunder, I find it pairs so well with Drider Crossing Guard!
  2. roseus

    Wrapped in Sable Garments

    In the bottle I get a chewy patch with a lightly smoked dark chocolate. On my skin the cacao fades back a bit, and it's more mahogany and patch, with that vanilla-cherry-hay situation of tonka. Earthy, rich, with a sleekness from the mahogany and touch of smoke. As it dries the cacao comes back, doing less of a solo and more blended with the choir. It reminds me a bit of The Antikythera Mechanism, but this works on my skin!
  3. roseus

    Precious Beauty

    I went a similar direction as frizzlechicken, thinking 'fancy Lucky Charms'. It's oaty, sugared, with lots of vanilla. On my skin the almond comes out (stays nutty, not cherryish!) And just a tiny bit of fig comes out, gives a bit of chewy sweetness. A really delightful gourmand-ish. It's elegant and homey at the same time.
  4. roseus

    Through The Gloom The Sisters Rose

    A beautiful deep pomegranate note (smells just like Black Pomegranate SN to me), it's dark and syrupy with the wine and brown sugar notes. I can detect the tobacco, and it comes out more as it dries, but the scent is definitely about the pom.
  5. roseus

    The Robeky Venus

    Really creamy vanilla and roses in the bottle, with a touch of fruitiness. On my skin it's a little muskier with the ambergris coming out, and that beautiful vanilla gets a little more pronounced as well. The rose is soft and creamy, smells like white rose to me. The fruitiness hangs in the background still. This feels like a champagne-less cousin to The Waltz to me. Like an afternoon tea vs a ball.
  6. roseus

    Flaming June

    Big beautiful neroli! It's heady and a bit dark, and reminds me of the one in Orange Blossom & Driftwood, without the saltiness of course. On my skin it's gets just lightly tinged with the blood orange (more the zest than juice), and a soft warm base of amber. I can't pick out the musk, but I think it's adding to the sheerness. It's does a wonderful job of translating the artwork, it has a glowing quality about it.
  7. roseus


    This one is mostly star anise and sandalwood on me. It's soft and inviting, and something about this combo makes me think of black tea. As it dries I get just a breeze of cherry blossom in the background. Not much throw on me.
  8. roseus


    This smells almost fizzy in the imp, but as soon as it goes on the skin it is all bitter (in the best way) orange. It gets a little juicier as it wears, with an earthy sweetness from the fig rounding it out.
  9. A beautiful smooth, but slightly dirty patch made golden and slightly sweet by the amber, vanilla, and musk. It gets smoother and a bit less earthy as it dries, and even more snuggly and comforting. Strong and safe.
  10. roseus

    Horreur Sympathique

    Beautiful honeyed wine with a light fizz. Wet the plum blossom really comes out, so breezy. As it dries it fades a bit and I get a little more spicy carnation. Fully dry I get the vanilla-adjacent aspects of tonka and benzoin rounding everything out. So pretty!
  11. roseus

    Divinities Implacable, Doom-Laden

    Just a whiff of musk in the bottle, but this really blooms on the skin. The rose is velvety and is the base of the scent on my skin. The resins are resining, they are thick and sweet in that rich, deep way. The black musk is here, but I have a terrible time trying to describe it. It's soft and blurry. Totally agree with the recommendations from starbrow, this is an incredible incense if you can do rose!
  12. roseus


    A beautiful sweet green! Almost juicy in its freshness. Grassy, mossy, with a really pleasant soil note underneath and incense. The phrase 'sun dappled' comes to mind.
  13. roseus

    Young Woman Powdering Herself

    Yes definitely old-fashioned! It's powdery but not dry, and definitely makes me think of a vintage vanity set up. The rose is soft, and the gardenia gives the scent a good body. It feels clean even though there's no white musk or soapy notes. I think it's just the association.
  14. roseus

    Fern, Red Clover, and Wild Lettuce

    Fresh, with a sweet crispness I get some dark green, vegetal and slightly bitter notes which I think are from the fern and lettuce. I think the clover is the sweet, breezy element over the top. I agree there is something slightly apple-y about it, a a bit of crisp green apple in the mix. Would be so good for spring.
  15. A beautiful sugary cloud of flowers. The mallow flower is so creamy, it has a blurring effect for all the notes. I can pick out the sandalwood and incense but just. The sweetness is so alluring and it just sort of draws you into the scent. The orris doesn't really come out on me thankfully!