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    Solstice Lace
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    Generally my favorite notes are roses, coconut, milk/cream, jasmine, soft leather, black tea, lavender, tobacco, red musk, sandalwood, tuberose, amber, vanilla, white musk, oud, ambergris, salt, seawater, fresh water.. Favorite BPALs: Solstice Lace, Obatala, La Prostitution..., Morocco, The Waltz, Mme. Moriarty, Rose Red, Peacock Queen, Aelian's Phoenix, Grooming Scene in a Brothel, Mare Vaporum, Snake Oil, Boober, Vanilla Orchid SN, Queen Alice, Perfectly Normal Childhood, Ariel, Snow White, The Butterfly.

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    Seattle transplant in Edinburgh.

    Besides perfume some other things I love are baking (cooking in general), hiking, museums, libraries, beer, reading, embroidery, and travelling.
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  1. roseus

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    @amokslime maybe keep an eye out for Sapphics: tonka, oakmoss, tolu balsam, grey amber, myrrh, and muguet. Fingers crossed it comes up in the Lupers this year!
  2. In the imp I get a really fizzy sort of scent. Like a coconut ice cream float of some kind topped with cinnamon. Behind that I get fried dough and some coffee. On my skin it is much more fried dough and coffee, a bit buttery and still with cinnamon and now a bit of ginger. It's a very roasty coffee. The coconut and cream start to creep in again as it dries, but this one stays very dry and spicy on me, and I was hoping for a bit more of that coconut sweetness to balance.
  3. I get a crisp green apple with a hint of cinnamon and lots of sweet sugary icing. As it sits I start getting a bit of buttery crust, and a hint of sweet potato if I really search.
  4. roseus

    Tiramisu Funnel Cake

    In the imp I get a super true to life tiramisu. I get the sort of bready ladyfingers, creaminess, a breath of cocoa, and of course coffee. On my skin I get the fried dough note instead of the floury note I got in the imp, and I'm pretty sure some amaretto as well. It stays pretty true and in balance. Absolutely delicious!
  5. roseus

    Old-Fashioned Satanists

    I get a good dose of lemon from this. Underneath I get a really soft worn leather and patchouli, with a delightful musky cashmere note. Warm and snuggly. As it dries I get a bit of dry chamomile with the lemon in the top. A really cozy comforting scent. I love the brightness of the lemon in it, it has an unexpected freshness.
  6. roseus

    Sugar Cookies and a Popcorn Garland

    I get more popcorn out of the bottle, it's a warm slightly syrupy kettle corn scent. On my skin it's more of the soft, plush sugar cookie scent with a light wafting of the kettle corn. Not toothachingly sweet, just every so slightly buttery. As it dries I think I can detect the tiniest hint of salt. Really fun scent, has a huge hit of nostalgia for me.
  7. roseus

    Bouquet With Skull and Coins

    Gorgeous glassy white florals. A hint of gleaming metal and a light aquatic musk.
  8. roseus

    Paisley Sheet Ghost

    Starts off as a very clean lavender and white musk with just a hint of pungent greenness. The lightly spicy, slightly woody weed blooms on me for a moment, but unfortunately the champaca takes over on my skin.
  9. roseus

    Pinched With Four Pumpkins

    A beautiful spiced coffee-tobacco with a bit of pumpkin to smooth it out. It's dry but the pumpkin gives a bit of roundness to the blend. Dark and rich.
  10. roseus

    Signum Crucis

    In the imp I get a dusty, yet bright rosy scent. The rosehip has a rose quality but brighter and a bit more vegetal. There's a soft smokiness underneath from the leather and soft dustiness that I think is the mushroom. On my skin it similar, a bit muskier and warmer as the ambrette comes out. The mushroom gets less of a dried dusty quality and a more pronounced earthiness. It's such a gorgeous scent. Faded blooms and worn leather. Makes me think of a long forgotten study.
  11. roseus

    Mousetrap Nougat Bar

    In the imp I get a gorgeous creamy almond nougat. On my skin it's pretty much the same but with coconut added in as well. Really delicious and enticing!
  12. roseus

    To A Dead Friend

    In the imp I get a twinkling green floral with a breath of plum and perfumey amber. On my skin it gets less twinkly and green and I can pick out rose specifically. As it dries it gets more cool-toned again (I assume the indigo musk) even as the rose starts to really take center stage. The plum gets lost on my skin unfortunately. It's clean and cool and makes me think of crisp night air after a rain.
  13. roseus

    Sugar Cookie Snow White

    I get a delicious lightly buttery cookie dusted with a hefty amount of sugar with an even amount of Snow White mixed in. They meld together really well
  14. roseus

    Mystery Powder Fizzy Candy

    I get a tart fizzy lime with a sweet cola undertone. Gets sweeter as it dries, with a candy powderiness.
  15. roseus


    In the bottle this is a gorgeous humid white floral with a good dose of sea salt. Fresh and beachy. On my skin it's crisper, brighter. The orange blossom and gardenia are the first things I get. It's softer and sweeter than it had been in the bottle, I think the lotus is giving sweetness with the vanilla and benzoin but I can't pick it out specifically. The salt is much gentler than it had been in the bottle. This is a such a pretty, playful tropical scent!