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    Generally my favorite notes are roses, coconut, milk/cream, jasmine, soft leather, black tea, lavender, tobacco, red musk, sandalwood, tuberose, amber, vanilla, white musk, oud, ambergris, salt, seawater, fresh water.. Favorite BPALs: Solstice Lace, Obatala, La Prostitution..., Morocco, The Waltz, Mme. Moriarty, Rose Red, Peacock Queen, Aelian's Phoenix, Grooming Scene in a Brothel, Mare Vaporum, Snake Oil, Boober, Vanilla Orchid SN, Queen Alice, Silver Lace, Perfectly Normal Childhood, Ariel.

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    Seattle transplant in Edinburgh.

    Besides perfume some other things I love are baking (cooking in general), hiking, museums, libraries, beer, reading, embroidery, and travelling.
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  1. roseus

    Against Idleness and Mischief

    In the imp this is a really light, slightly waxy honey. On my skin it's mostly the light honey, with a bit of a light herbal floral which I assume is the hyssop and chamomile. Really breezy and clean but not in a soapy or white musk way. A sweet meadowy honey scent.
  2. roseus

    Alice's Evidence

    In the imp this is just spicy red fruit. I can't pin anything but it reminds of the holidays, I would guess cinnamon and clove. On my skin I get hot, sharp ginger overtop a more nuanced melange of fruits. Smooth and velvety but with a tartness, it reminds me a lot of the Black Pomegranate SN but with embellishments.
  3. roseus

    Buck Moon 2021

    In the bottle I get toasty rice or grain scent, with a fuzzy brown musk and a bit of evergreen. A bit of an almond note as well I think. On my skin it's similar though that almondy note is harder to find and I get more evergreen. As it dries I get a bit more of the popcorn impression others had, but I also get a toasted rice vibe. This melds with the musk. Underneath the dark green scent I get a bit of tartness. This is a cozy, inviting forest scent, maybe a little glowing cottage just off in the distance.
  4. roseus


    In the imp, before looking at the notes I would have guessed red musk and patchouli. Sweet and musky with a dirty earthiness underneath. It is deeply familar to me in the imo, but I cannot pin it. On my skin the orange blossom comes out, smoothing out the gnarly earthiness of the patch and adding headiness. I get a streak of hot ginger running through it. I still get some musk, though not quite sure I would pin it as red at this stage. It's heady, hazy, and sexy in an undone sort of way.
  5. roseus


    In the imp I get mostly lilac, osthmanus, and oak, with cool minty edge. Despite being woody it feels very wispy and transparent. On my skin it gets a bit more chily, with the rose coming out as well. As it dries I get a smooth wood base, I can pick out teak as well now. The florals have blended together, lightly sweet and swirly. There's a bit of wintergreen behind it all. Very interesting, not quite what I expected but very lovely all the same.
  6. roseus

    The Unicorn 2021

    In the imp I get mostly white chocoalate, then coconut, and then a swirl of cool florals. It's smells delicious and inviting, but at the same time something you know you should definitely not eat. Like a little fae cake. Wet it gets a little less gourmand. The iris and orris definitely come out, luckily not veering into musty territory as they tend to on my skin, at least not yet. But definitely adding some powdery edges to the scent. Getting a soft gardenia and lilac as well. Dry everything is really well balanced, and the notes seem to all blur together, though I can pick out a hint of green from the lettuce that I couldn't before. Ethereal, truly the scent of a unicorn.
  7. roseus

    The Butterfly 2021

    In the decant this smells so fizzy, it has a bit of citrus and a smells like a really light cola. On my skin it is instantly less fizzy, more fuzzy. I get a deep base of amber with nutmeg and tonka. Sort of vanillic, and hay-like, with a soft glow of citrus around it. It's so gorgeous, very warm and inviting.
  8. roseus

    The Lilac Wood 2021

    In the decant this is very crisp, and clean. But not soapy. It keeps this effect on the skin but it softens under the lilac. There's other elements here that I can't quite nail down. It's a soft ethereal floral, with a soft green element as well. It's an otherwordly meadow.
  9. roseus

    Mommy Fortuna 2021

    In the decant I get the warm, deep honey that I always think of as the Lab's 'thick honey'. It's a really rich honey and I think there's some amber underneath. A bit of herbs. On wet I'm almost certain there is some amber, and that honey seems tom just get thicker. It's gets maybe just the tiniest touch gourmand, I want to say I pick up on some sweet spices like cardamom. But just a tiny hint. As it dries the sweetness shifts from just honey, and reading the reviews above I really can't tell if it is caramel or maple. Maybe both? It's not overly sweet, it has a very inviting and kind of homey quality to it. Very smooth.
  10. roseus

    Schmendrick 2021

    In the imp I get a very savoury foodie situation, with a fresh greeness underneath. I get what @Kefliss said about powdered soup mix. But on my skin it is much more of a dusty grassy scent than foody. Chamomile tends to have a soft, dusty quality on me (not in a bad way!). Very herbal. Sagey. I get a little sandalwood as it wears, a rather dry sandalwood.. My skin has pretty much turned this to a dry meadow, which isn't bad. It smells like a boutique cologne. After a half hour or so the sage fades a bit and the warm tobacco comes out. I still can't pick out caramel or sultanas however. It's quite a comforting scent.. I'll have to test it out on Mr. roseus.
  11. roseus

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    @Estamets definitely seconding the Ghost Faced Bat rec. Also you might want to try Shoggoth. I was worried that the coconut would be lost in the mix but I find it very coconut forward and a similar coconut to Obatala. It's more fresh and floral (to me it is coconut, lemongrass, and then everything else floating around that.)
  12. roseus

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Hi there! I haven't tried Yew Trees but from descriptions I wonder if Loup Garou might be in a similar vein. I also think Doc Constantine shares some similarities with a few scents you listed, as well as Antonio the Carny Talker- but the lavender may present an issue!
  13. roseus

    Mattie Silks

    Starts off with very bubbly champagne. It smooths out as it dries with just a hint of fizz over a super gorgeous vanilla-ambergris. As it dries further it gets more vanillic and the rose comes out a bit. It's blended well into the ambergris, and I can't pick out the patch or leather but I suspect they add a bit of the depth I'm getting. But it's not dark or heavy, the champagne is lightly fizzy and gives a sense of sheerness. A senseual, gossamer scent.
  14. roseus

    Asses Plus Long, Qu’un Siècle Platonique

    A beautiful ethereal creamy white rose with a bit of mineraly ozone. Not sharp but makes it sort of misty. The orchid adds to the humid sort of effect. Super lovely.
  15. roseus

    Cake, pastries, pies, treats!

    LEs: Perfectly Normal Childhood is a personal vanilla cake favorite though it does have cardamom. If you like incense I really enjoy All Souls which is cakes and soft incense. GCs: Cockaigne is an absolutely fabulous honey cake. There's a lot of foodie situations in Mad Tea Party including but not limited to Eat Me, Knave of Hearts, Drink Me, etc. Hellcat is a boozy buttercream and hazelnut blend which might scratch the itch. Alisz- I wasn't sure if this is considered gourmand or not and you didn't mention mint but it's a very vanilla-marshmallow mint so I'll toss it in.