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    Generally my favorite notes are roses, coconut, milk/cream, jasmine, soft leather, black tea, lavender, tobacco, red musk, sandalwood, frankincense, tuberose, amber, vanilla, white musk, oud, ambergris, salt, seawater, fresh water, patchouli, orange blossom, lemon, bitter orange notes, grapefruit... Favorite BPALs: Solstice Lace, Obatala, La Prostitution..., Morocco, The Waltz, Mme. Moriarty, Rose Red, Peacock Queen, Aelian's Phoenix, Grooming Scene in a Brothel, Mare Vaporum, Snake Oil, Boober, Vanilla Orchid SN, Queen Alice, Perfectly Normal Childhood, Ariel, Snow White, The Butterfly, Old Fashioned Satanists, All Souls.

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    Seattle transplant in Edinburgh.

    Besides perfume some other things I love are baking (cooking in general), hiking, museums, libraries, beer, reading, embroidery, and travelling.
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  1. roseus

    Slate Black Clouds Tumbled Over Eden

    I think the amber amps in this one a bit for me, as this doesn't come across as a cold rain to me, more like a humid summer rain. I really enjoy it! It's different than other aquatics I have, even ones that have a vaguely warmer tone from say, ambergris. Ozone-y, clean but warm from the amber (maybe some black musk too?). I agree there's something reminiscent of rain hitting hot pavement, a bit like the touch of asphalt in Waiting. Absolutely lovely!
  2. roseus

    Cat Stealing a Fish

    First on this is definitely on the saltier side, and with the vetiver and moss it almost pushes into oceanic body wash territory for me. On me it softens immediately into a fresh sea breeze; it reminds me of a softer, slightly sweeter A Hundred Years Ago. I think the ambergris is giving this slight warmth and sweetness. The overall effect for me is a soft pale sea green colour. A lovely soft aquatic!
  3. roseus

    O Daughter of Death and Priapus 2024

    In the bottle I get a very dry plum and opium combo, incensey and fruity without being sweet. On my skin the scents becomes darker, moodier and I can't really pin what I'm smelling until I look at the notes, it's all blending together. I think the tobacco and cypress tar are giving some earthy, almost woody heft to the scent. As it dries I get a beautiful dark rose. Moody, dark, seductive.
  4. roseus

    A Ghostly Encounter

    This is the quiet, grounding woody scent I was hoping for this year. Soft sandalwood and ambergris have a warmth, with the evergreenish hinoki and juniper giving a lightly cool freshness. It's very sophisticated and soothing.
  5. roseus

    Invidia Bath Oil

    Such a zesty, refreshing scent! The grapefruit, tea, and orange blossom are most prominent to me in the bottle, with the ginger and lime coming out when it hits the water. I get just a bit is jasmine the mix as it lingers on my skin. It's both a refreshing scent, yet soothing at the sametime. Spa-like but more unique than that typically describes.
  6. roseus

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure 2024

    Such a lovely smooth and woody patchouli! The honey and amber make this beautifully sweetened and chewy. Earthy and sensual, yet refined. Big throw on me!
  7. roseus

    Womb Furie Hair Gloss 2024

    Snake Oil with thick, rich honey! Warm and sweet, with that dark patchouli base underneath.
  8. roseus


    In the bottle this reminds me of a grownup Bounce- neroli up front backed vanilla and florals. Softer and less sweet though, powder pink instead of bubblegum. On the skin it is very much a different scent. The jasmine and rose sidle right up alongside the neroli, and the incense and labdanum come out, giving a rich resiny base to the scent. The scent takes awhile to settle out, each time I go back for a sniff I feel a different component stands out a bit more. In the end I would say it's resin/incense forward followed by rose, jasmine and neroli with the vanilla blurring the edges on my skin. It's a beautiful and slightly nostalgic blend, and for having such bold florals the overall effect is quite soft and muted.
  9. roseus


    So lovely! Hard to describe as it is so well blended on the skin, not one note jumps out in particular. In the bottle I would say it's a sweet lavender and opium scent, but I definitely get the plum on the skin. It's floral-fruity-incensey all at once. Lightly sweet, but with the Incense depth, too. An instant fave for me!
  10. roseus

    Mary Read

    In the imp I initially get soft aquatic notes, but they are quickly followed by the warmer, more rugged ones. On my skin it is a balance, a rugged beachy scent. Clean, fresh air and slightly salty water with leather and patchouli to roughen things up. I have to search for the rum but it lends a bit of sweetness, and I think I get just a hint of sarsaparilla melding in with it.
  11. roseus

    La Roue de Malheur Hair Gloss

    I get mostly patchouli, oudh, and opium. This is dark, swirling and sort of incense-y. It smells thick and sort of syrupy but not sweet. I get just hints of red musk and pomegranate, which initially gave me the impression of opponax with the other notes.
  12. roseus

    Red Incense Hair Gloss

    I get mostly red sandalwood and bit of red wine from this. Soft and slightly fruity. I think the currants and red wine give it a soft red musk vibe as well. Very well blended and softly sweet.
  13. roseus

    Autumn Fougere

    Oh this is lovely! Musky and very lightly leafy, with a soft beautiful leather underneath.
  14. roseus


    get a gorgeous amber in the imp but it's overwhelmingly clove on my skin. It eventually fades back but so does the amber unfortunately.
  15. roseus


    Soft and sweet rosy-vanilla incense. Really feminine feeling, makes me think of a vintage powder room without smelling powdery.