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  1. feyofthefellwood

    Wolf Moon 2024

    I know I've tried a previous version of this but can't remember how it compares to this year's . . . Anyway, this one is gorgeous. The green and woody notes are gentle and the dry-down is a creamy beeswax vanilla that reminds me a little of Snow White for some reason. I'd definitely call it more of a vanilla beeswax than a honey one.
  2. feyofthefellwood

    Worm Moon: Bourbon Vanilla and Teakwood

    This one isn't what I expected, but I still like it a lot. Instead of the deep, woody teak note in Antikythera Mechanism and Glowing Vulva, this one seems lighter and "greener." With the non-foody vanilla, the scent as a whole reads as a "green vanilla" to my nose. It's fairly light and unobtrusive.
  3. feyofthefellwood


    To my nose, this is more gourmand-smelling than floral or aquatic, but I know the floral notes are adding to its complexity. At first, the honey dust dominates the scent. While I don't mind this note, it's also not one I gravitate towards. However, as the scent wears the other notes peek out. Next I get some saltiness, which turns the honey into a salted caramel kind of scent. The grapefruit is tart; the florals stay very tame (at least on me). I think the cerulean musk and amber keep this from going too far into the food direction and generally give the scent a "sparkly" feel (similar to Awake, if you've tried it), but they aren't easy for me to pinpoint on their own. As the scent warms on the skin there's a bit of a "toasty" note I'm guessing is the choya nakh? But it's pretty subtle. I dig it. As for the ambergris, I can tell it's adding to the backbone of the scent and just adding to the prettiness as it wears over time. It's more perfumey at this stage. This scent lasts a long time on me and in its final stage smells like cotton candy. It's a very interesting scent overall with a lot of fun changes as it wears . . . just beware the initial honey dust blast if that isn't your favorite note. A lovely mermaid treasure of a perfume. 🧜‍♀️ ✨
  4. feyofthefellwood

    Roses, Pearls, and Emeralds

    I have so many rose scents that I almost skipped this one, but I love it and will probably have to upgrade to a bottle. It's the greenest, most forest-y rose scent I've tried. It smells like layers of green all deepening to emerald. I think it's the lime, pine, and juniper combination my nose is so enamored with.
  5. feyofthefellwood

    A Ghostly Encounter

    This has a similar soft, earthy yet ethereal vibe as my beloved Neutral Tones. The ambergris with the woody notes is a gorgeous combination. Throw is pretty quiet, so this is definitely more of a cozy your-skin-but-better type of scent. I love using this as a sleep scent, so it's a definite backup bottle contender.
  6. feyofthefellwood

    Poet's Hearts Break So

    This is beautiful. Red musk can overpower a blend on me, but here, the (non-foody) vanilla and porcelain win on the dry down. I love the porcelain note. I agree the (lighter) red musk and violet combo is similar to that in Random Brothel, which I also love. I'll definitely be upgrading my decant to a bottle in the future.
  7. feyofthefellwood

    Melon Cream Cake

    I'm usually kind of ambivalent about melon scents, but this one sounded really appetizing. And it is! The honeydew note is spot on and dominates at first, and complements the whipped cream really well (the cream note smells like vanilla cream, to my nose). The sponge cake becomes more prominent on the dry down. In the end, the scent becomes something of a vanilla musk on my skin, and lasts for quite a long time.
  8. feyofthefellwood

    Northern Lights

    BPAL ambergris is my favorite ambergris, so I had to get this one. I was preparing myself for this to be a jasmine heavy scent where the ambergris got lost, but this is a total win on the ambergris front. It's absolutely gorgeous with the tart green notes. The white musk and jasmine give this some floral headiness, but the ambergris is really the star, to my nose. I absolutely love this.
  9. feyofthefellwood

    Elizabeth’s Imps

    I initially passed on this because I thought it would be a cinnabomb, but the reviews swayed me. To me at least, the cinnamon is mild and well behaved. The molasses is sweet but not overly so, and the "glowing amber" note is, to my nose, the same gorgeous glowing amber in Vintage Ghost Mold. Overall, quite lovely and come-hither.
  10. feyofthefellwood


    This is one of those scents I really love and feel I can't do justice to in a review. It's gentle and earthy, like an herb garden drying in the sun after a light rain. Even though the notes are completely different, it reminds me of Summer Rain, another of my favorites.
  11. feyofthefellwood


    Though this does not smell exactly like The Girl or Ava, it's definitely in that same cold white amber + delicate florals and vanilla category. No strong jasmine here. Tomie has a slight woody aspect due to the sandalwood, but remains airy and delicate. It's a lovely, wearable perfume to me and I splurged on a backup bottle.
  12. feyofthefellwood

    What the Snow? I Need to Know What Snow Smells Like!

    BPAL has a couple different snow notes. The "Snow White" snow note (which is the one used in TKSnow) is kind of like a cold floral vanilla, but has also been compared to coconut, almond, scotch tape, and chilled flowers. It's my favorite of the snow notes and I find it difficult to describe. The other snow note I'm familiar with is the "slushy snow" note. This one is more minty/piney and my enjoyment of it depends on what it's blended with (I like it with vanilla mostly). It's in most of the snowy forest type scents and it's in Marshmallow Snow. There might be other BPAL snow notes I'm not familiar with, though. It can be impossible to know which snow note is used in a scent until you smell it (if there aren't reviews).
  13. feyofthefellwood

    Rose Moon 2023

    Lush, candied rose wine with hints of dark resins. The rose and wine notes are more prevalent to me than the resins or spices (though I definitely notice the dragon's blood, which I love). I saw someone on FB describe this like a rose-flavored jolly rancher and that description is quite apt to me.
  14. feyofthefellwood

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    2023 restocked version. I like this even more than I thought I would. It's quite similar to Dorian IMO, but it smells much more green at first. I think the jasmine leaf and white musk make it a bit sharper, though the jasmine note never goes into super floral territory. It opens with stronger bergamot and some mossiness, but the dry down is a similar sugary vanilla tea. To me, it's a "colder" Dorian. For some reason the dry down also reminds me of my beloved Grey Columns, and even though I'm not sure why it does, that makes me happy.
  15. feyofthefellwood

    Drag is for Everyone

    I've been enjoying this ever since it arrived. It's of course similar to Like a Girl, but more bright and sugared. To me, it smells like creamy soft vanilla with a hefty dose of sugar and pine-y frankincense. Very unisex/genderfluid, IMO. It makes me feel confident and pretty, and it lasts a long time.