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  1. feyofthefellwood

    Pomegranate Sufganiyot

    This is really nice! It's all tart red fruit and sugary dough, with the fruit being more forward. (Or at least, it is on me, but I tend to amp red currant and cranberry type notes). I definitely detect the pomegranate I smell in Mme Moriarty once the cranberry calms down. This is similar to last year's Fig & Cranberry Suf, but darker and less sweet because of the pomegranate (although the pastry note does add sweetness, so it's not all tartness). If you enjoyed the Fig & Cranberry Suf and Eat Me, or wished there was a more gourmand pomegranate scent, I'd definitely recommend this. I can also see myself wearing this outside of a winter/holiday context.
  2. feyofthefellwood

    Amber & Cardamom

    This oil has a dark reddish tint when first applied, but it fades. This scent is what I hoped for: warm golden amber and the same spicy-sweet cardamom from scents like Hay Moon 2020 and Perfectly Normal Childhood. So if you liked those and/or wanted a slightly less sweet option in the same vein, I'd recommend this. I also see similarities with Inez and other spicy ambers. I think this will age well, too; when I first got it in the mail, the throw wasn't great, but it's getting better now that it has settled a little and isn't chilled from the cold mailbox.
  3. feyofthefellwood

    Baby’s First Ballista

    I love Haloes, so this seemed like a safe bet and I was right. This smells very similar in the bottle and on my skin, with the oak and vanilla being pretty balanced. It's maybe a bit on the sweet side as it dries down, until I'm mostly left with vanilla sugar and a whiff of oak (skin chemistry differences are so weird). It doesn't last very long on my skin at this point, so I'm hoping the longevity will improve as the oak and vanilla age. Compared to Haloes, I actually find this a bit sweeter? Haloes is kind of dolled up with the floral, fruit, and spice notes, whereas this is more straightforwardly vanilla. Haloes makes me feel kind of haunted and otherworldly; in comparison, this makes me feel classy and put-together.
  4. feyofthefellwood

    Cherry Cream Pie Chypre

    I wish this was available in a bottle, yum. It's slightly tart maraschino cherry with vanilla cream and buttery pie crust. The chypre element makes it bright and elevates the whole scent into perfume rather than just dessert smell . . . though it still makes me hungry.
  5. feyofthefellwood

    Beeswax, Cedarwood & Bourbon Vanilla

    I love this. Soft beeswax, polished cedarwood, and lightly sweet bourbon vanilla are all notes I was predisposed to love together, so it's not really surprising, but I feel really content when I smell it just the same. This smells like a luxurious study with aged cedarwood furniture and fresh beeswax candles that still have that touch of honeyed sweetness to them (not that this smells like honey, I think the vanilla + beeswax just gives me that sweet beeswax impression). Fresh out of the mail, this seems like a skin scent for sure, although I do catch lovely wafts of it now and then. I hope resting/aging will make the longevity a little better, but otherwise, no complaints.
  6. feyofthefellwood

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    When I first applied this, I worried I was anosmic to it, but the vanilla blossomed as it warmed on the skin. This is a cool, ethereal vanilla for sure, and somehow there really is a sense of a breeze in it. I detect the linen, chamomile, and cognac, but mostly this is about that floaty vanilla once it warms up. I haven't actually tried many of the Laces, but this does remind me of Antique Lace and, to an extent, The Girl, though The Girl is more ambery. Overall, this is an elegant, understated vanilla perfume that manages to be airy and chilly.
  7. feyofthefellwood

    ISO suggestions for a LARP Character

    I second Whip (black leather and damp red rose) and Streets of Detroit (Black musk accord, Ethiopian myrrh, and motor oil). There's also Rogue (Soft, well-worn black leather, hemp, and rosin) and Liz (A light, feminine vanilla floral perfume and a swirl of smoke and leather), although that one is pretty smoky to me rather than sweet. Of those, Whip and Rogue are impable (and both are lovely!). From the new Liliths, there's also Baby's First Chainsaw (Chainsaw grease and chocolate chip cookies), although I'm not sure if that's the vibe you're going for. I really like the Lab's motor oil/chainsaw grease type notes.
  8. feyofthefellwood

    Sour Lemon Smut

    Sampled my sister's bottle. This smells like sour lemon with a bunch of sugar sprinkled all over it. The musk gives it a playful twist and some interesting depth beyond the lemon sugar vibe. So, overall, very sexy lemon candy. I smelled this when it first arrived in the mail and again today, and the scent has definitely gotten even better with rest, so I'm sure this, like all the Smut scents, will age beautifully.
  9. feyofthefellwood

    Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

    When I first tried this I wasn't that keen on it, but it has really grown on me. The rose and clove are pretty equal and not super strong on me, at least compared to scents featuring those notes like The Rose or Clove Cigarette. I think what I like about it is there's a dark undercurrent to my nose, maybe from the tobacco flower or blood notes? It makes me think of the hundred-year-old wall of thorns from Sleeping Beauty or something; pretty roses on the surface, thorns underneath. It's a subtle scent, at least on my skin, but has decent longevity.
  10. feyofthefellwood

    The Choirs of Angels

    I'm seconding that this one is totally gorgeous. I love frankincense and the three franks in this make it so resonant and golden . . . it's like if sunlight had a smell. The other notes give it depth but don't overwhelm the frankincense.
  11. feyofthefellwood

    Falling Leaves Moon 2020

    Spicy dead leaves + fuzzy ambergris. This reminds me of Autumn Overlooked My Knitting, but with more going on, and the green-ness and spices stick around longer than the leaves in Autumn Overlooked. It's interesting, but I think my decant will be more than enough for me.
  12. feyofthefellwood

    You Are Not Alone

    I really love this and will need a bottle. It opens with a sweet, perfumey lavender and dries down to the scent of old paperback pages. The paper scent reminds me a little of a very dry sandalwood or even oud, but so light. It brings me back to being around the age Lilith is now, reading paperback fantasy novels that my parents probably wouldn't have approved of. So nostalgic and cozy.
  13. feyofthefellwood

    Life, the Sculptor, Moulds Unceasingly

    This is clarifying and soothing. I wasn't sure if if was digging the tulsi at first, but the scent as a whole has really grown on me. This smells green and herbal when wet, but it dries down to this sort of dusty earth smell that I really like. It makes me miss the desert. I'll have to try more things with mitti attar in the future.
  14. feyofthefellwood

    Harvest moon 2020

    I don't think Harvest Moon is released every year, unfortunately (but someone correct me if I'm wrong!), and it doesn't always have the same notes (I think there was a version a while ago that had roses or something?). Edit: I just checked (googled BPAL Harvest Moon btw, if that helps!) and yeah, most of the Harvest Moons are similar to the one this year, but 2013 had roses.
  15. feyofthefellwood

    Harvest moon 2020

    I really love Harvest Moon 2020 too! Other scents that I find similar, although not quite the same, are Samhain (Truly the scent of autumn itself — damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, green cardamom, sweet red apple and mullein), which is available with the recently released Halloween collection, as it returns every year; and Gluwein (Warm red wine spiced with cinnamon sticks, cardamom, vanilla beans, clove, lemon and orange rind, bay leaf, and honey), which often shows up in the Yule (winter) collection (though I'm not sure if it returns every year). Samhain is definitely more woodsy, while Gluwein is like mulled wine.