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  1. feyofthefellwood

    The Kangaroo

    A dry, grassy scent with touches of cinnamon, lemon, and what I assume is bushnut. It's pleasant, atmospheric, and definitely different from anything else in my collection so far.
  2. feyofthefellwood

    Waltzing Matilda

    Sampled from my sister's bottle. Elegant vanilla bean with a tart, greenish fig that sort of overlays the vanilla at first. I really like this one; it's simple, but very pretty.
  3. feyofthefellwood

    Eat Me Hair Gloss

    This is so lovely. I get a little more cake in this than in my Eat Me imp (which is heavy on the currant), but I digress. This is delicious rich vanilla, fluffy cake, and tart currants, and it makes my hair smooth and shiny. I wish this was a GC hair gloss.
  4. feyofthefellwood

    The East

    Wet: sharp and green, almost herbal or lavender smelling. As it dries, the flowers and currant and tea peek out; this stage is truly beautiful, ethereal and lightly sweet. It gets a bit dusty after that, and fades quickly. Would definitely be one to require repeated slathering to be noticeable by others, I think.
  5. feyofthefellwood

    Winter Stars

    Sampled my sister's decant. This is a lovely, dreamy scent with a smooth lavender sweetened by the other elements. Would definitely be a good sleep scent.
  6. feyofthefellwood


    Very atmospheric and evocative of fall. This makes me feel like I'm walking between the shadows of harvest festival bonfires, breathing in the scent of spiced cider and woodsmoke. I don't know why I get a smoky vibe from this, but it's there. Will definitely use this next fall.
  7. feyofthefellwood

    Young Edith's Bedroom

    The beeswax note in this reminds me of Lights of Men's Lives, although they are noticeably different scents. LML is lighter, with a tinge of honey and vanilla, while Young Edith is sweeter because of the gardenia, and muskier because of the leather and paper. The beeswax is definitely the star of both scents, though. This perfume smells a little sharp and odd when wet, but becomes creamy and soft once dry. The books and leather become more defined during the dry stage, with an almost smoky edge from the beeswax. This has grown on me. A calming, cozy, yet elegant scent that I think will be lovely for bedtime.
  8. feyofthefellwood

    The Lady of Shalott

    One of my favorite aquatics, which I tend to be picky about, and one of my favorite gardenia perfumes so far. It makes me feel like a water nymph. This really smells like a pond covered in water lilies, to my nose, and the ginger gives the water a bit of sparkle. The florals are a little sharp at first but gentle down very quickly. I have always loved the poem this scent is inspired by, and I think this lives up to its namesake.
  9. feyofthefellwood

    The Poinsettia Gown

    I wish my skin was not so finicky with jasmine, which smells different on me depending on my hormonal cycle. When I tried this last week, it was an intriguing vanilla/creamy heady floral; but when I tried it the other day, it was . . . wet dog. 😥 Will have to be careful about when I put it on. I love the concept of this one, jasmine is just not a friend to my chemistry.
  10. feyofthefellwood

    Antique Lace

    2017 version. This is a pleasant, sugary vanilla musk scent. Simple and sweet. I prefer a bit more spice/other elements with vanilla musk, so I don't think I'll be hunting a bottle down. I am glad I got to sample this, though.
  11. feyofthefellwood


    2019 version. Wet, the evergreen and minty note (eucalyptus?) are strong and slightly medicinal to my nose. The scent becomes much sweeter as it dries, to a pleasant fir and birch forest with just a hint of cold from the mint. I like this, but it reminds me a bit of Ranger, which I probably like slightly better.
  12. feyofthefellwood

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    Imp fresh from the lab. Initially, this smells like bubblegum to me. It does dry down quite pretty, but is definitely very sweet. I will be interested to see how this ages.
  13. feyofthefellwood


    Wow, I really like this! It isn't as sweet as Morocco (which is one of my favorite scents) but I adore Eve's spiciness and well-blended quality. And it has so many scents in it I love: moss, yarrow (which I used to crush and make "potions" with as a kid because I liked the smell haha), rose, incense, saffron . . . Unf. May have to procure a bottle if my decant won't be enough.
  14. feyofthefellwood

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    Scent is a weird thing. Something about Zorya P gives me butterflies in my stomach, it's so beautiful. As others have said, this scent is delicate and ethereal. The moonflower gives it dreaminess, the vanilla and amber give it sweetness, and the ambergris and tobacco flower ground it and give it an otherworldly edge. I'm really glad I took a chance on a blind bottle---I'd been a bit wary after Zorya's comparisons to Lyonesse (which I like okay, but the ambergris and elemi amp on me and make it sort of lemony-salty? anyway). Zorya is much sweeter and vanillic in comparison, at least from my perspective. ETA: Funny story - my teenaged sister (not other sister who loves BPAL) is always saying perfume smells like old ladies . . . Well, the other day when I was visiting she came over and sniffled my bottle of Zorya P. Then put some on. Then put some more on. Smelled her wrists a lot. She then asked me for the link to the webpage and ordered it the next morning.
  15. feyofthefellwood

    Morocco Hair Gloss

    Oh my gosh, I am in love with this! Morocco is one of my top favorite scents and I feel so blessed that it's a GC hair gloss. I have waist-length hair of mixed strand thickness, but it's kind of medium fine overall, I guess? Because of that, I didn't know whether hair gloss would make it look greasy, but it does not at all! Just shiny and gorgeously fragrant. I am so happy with this; the ends of my hair tend to get really dry in winter and summer, and although I do regular oil treatments to battle split ends, I think using hair gloss as a leave-in will further help it from drying out so much (in addition to the aesthetic wonderment).