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    Soft leather and sweet tobacco. Bergamot. Carnation. Cardamom. Sugared citrus. Blood orange, mandarin. Dark musk. Almond, hazelnut, marzipan! Vanilla (smoked vanilla, caramelized vanilla, vanilla musk...) Cocoa. Lilac. Amber. Dead leaves. Most woods and resins. Honey, beeswax -- I'm a total sucker for candle-type scents. Plum, peach, apricot, cherry, fig. Most evergreens. I'll try anything medieval/renaissance or library related. Usually good: Myrrh and frank. Patchouli. Cedar. Iffy: Rose, lily. Apple, pear, berry, currant, pom. Vetiver. Wine. Champagne or anything fizzy. Notes of doom: Aquatics. Tuberose. Banana. Eucalyptus. Mint. Most jasmine, violet, olive blossom, orange blossom and champaca. Strong smoke. Sharp tobacco leaf. Red and white musk (usually). Some baked goods (e.g. the cakes in Eat Me). Gin.

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  1. Lucchesa

    Gnome Swap Q&A

    Would you like to receive Girl Scout cookies and if so, what kind is your favorite? I love Samoas! Would you like a Gnome amigurumi? (smol knitted or crocheted gnome) These are adorable!!! -- if so, What gnome colors appeal to you? (three-four colors please) Red hat! Blue or green body. -- do any of these patterns appeal to you (I pretty much have all of them including the ones for humans but I'm not going to make a colorwork sweater for you, sorry. I *might* make a hat or mitts if you like grey, blue, and red as shown because I already have that yarn.) Make Gnome Mistake and No Fun Like Gnome Fun How about Gnome tea towel(s)? Absolutely! Would you like a cross stitched gnome picture / ornament? An ornament would be welcome! What's your favorite way to experience Nature? A hike in the woods, a day lounging on the beach, only as screen savers on your computer? A hike in the woods, or a hike to a beach. what kinds of safety and environmental concerns need to be considered for your gnome so they can safely reside at your home? will they live outdoors so they need to be weatherproof (for what kind of weather)? will they be indoors and need to be pet or child-safe? do they need to be very tiny or capable of hanging on a wall? I don't have a very good outdoor environment for a gnome. My pet is small so I can put my indoor gnome out of reach. Zombie/horror gnomes? No, thanks. Feathers from Gary? I have some in a vase in the corner of my office. But I wouldn't say no to more! I can vouch for their excellence. Do you need any seeds? If so what varieties might you be interested in? Flowers, veg, herbs.. ? Only if I can grow them on my windowsill -- parsley? if BPAL is one of your treasures, which BPAL would you like the mostest? (Maybe one that is available right now from BPAL and one Limited Edition/Discontinued?) I have been blessed with much BPAL in recent swaps. If there's one scent I'd love to find most it would be Road to Versailles at Louveciennes because I like to wear it for my Impressionists in the Snow talk and my decant is nearly empty. Another decant would be great. I love to try new things, so I'd be delighted to see decants of anything on my wishlist. If you are a tea drinker, which (if any) of these teas tickle your fancy? Naughty Vicar, Queen of Hearts, Churchill, Coconut Black, Cinnamon Plum, Dickens' Xmas Blend. And I love trying new teas from people's local tea shops! would you like a tiny hand drawn gnome picture? Yes! Is homemade vanilla something you might like? I have a "Mother Jar" that I can decant from. These beans have been steeping for 2 years in a very nice bourbon. Yes please! Are there any colors you would prefer your gnome not to have? No neon or pastel, please. Gnomes should wear red caps and green or blue clothes, I think. If the creativity bites, would you possibly like a small embroidered gnome? Could be an ornament? Any gender preference or details you might like added (small mushroom, bee, heart or egg...)? A gnome ornament would be lovely! With mushroom! Do you have a need for cheese knife? https://ototodesign.com/products/bert-cheese-knife? I don't need a cheese knife but if I did, that would be the one I would need. I'll be in Seattle next week- any treat you might enjoy from the PNW? Spoopy/ Gothy things? Nice coffee beans? A Nirvana t-shirt...? ALSO... Umm, I'll be in Seattle then too. And pretty much every other day. I'll be back in Disney World next month- anything you might like from Epcot or Hollywood Studios? No, thanks. Would you be interested in a small copper nature totem that could nestle in your garden or amongst your plants? I can do some chasing to create a mushroom or a leaf or a special bug fren... Would it work for a houseplant? That sounds lovely! Mushroom, please.
  2. I’m all about the licorice blends, so I was puzzled to find I’d only bought an Ajevie slink of this one until I read the notes. Licorice oud sounded an awful lot like black oud, and black oud is not my friend. My caution was misplaced, though. There is nothing fecal here. It’s black salt water taffy with an earthiness provided by the oud and patchouli, and the oud gives it some early throw as well. My only disappointment here is that it is not particularly long lasting on me, but it’s pure delight while it lasts.
  3. Lucchesa

    Die Pest auf der Treppe

    Die Pest is very much a cologne on me as well, which I didn’t expect but am not upset by, as I prefer unisex scents and leaning masculine is fine for me. It’s difficult for me to pick out individual notes like myrrh or fig here. Kind of a birch tar cologne with hints of patchouli and peppercorn, slightly softened by the vanilla. If you’re looking for something femme or in the sweet patchouli family, this is not your animal.
  4. Lucchesa

    The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat

    Obsequies is quite a bit better on me than I had expected. Usually when there’s a longish note list and I think, “I hope it’s not all rose,” it’s all rose. Here I barely notice the rose. The initial standout notes were myrrh, pale honey, saffron, and what I thought was balsam but is obviously terebinth pine. The patch isn’t appreciable until much later. But this is really about the whole, not the parts. It’s a warm, dry scent, subtly spicy and woody, kind of a cousin to Bastet. It’s got good throw and wear length, both of which are rare on me. I tested Cherry Red on the other wrist and the combination was surprisingly wonderful.
  5. Lucchesa

    Cherry Red

    Lots of maraschino cherry right off the bat. This lasts for an hour tops as the bing cherry edges its way in. Gorgeous rich dark red cherry. And then that melds seamlessly with a fruity red musk as if it were a cherry musk. This note usually takes over on me, but the cherry pins it down nicely, while the musk gives it some throw and staying power. I love this — I am sure to reach for it during cherry season!
  6. Lucchesa

    Mouse's Long and Sad Pumpkin

    Lots of spiced vanilla pumpkin and not much mouse. Hardly any sandalwood, sweet pea or amber. I agree with z_z’ assessment that it’s quite like a vanilla pumpkin spice latte. I’m going to try this again next fall and see what it’s settled into.
  7. Lucchesa

    O Hushed October Morning Mild

    Soft, green, fruity and dewy. Grape never works on me, and it didn’t occur to me that there might be grapes on the vine. Actually, the fruit sensation is more like melon on my skin. Like Missanneshirleyofgg I wanted the autumnal notes — vines, soil, coffee, thyme — and got an innocent springtime meadow scent instead. Definitely pretty, but not what I was hoping for.
  8. Lucchesa

    Skeleton Hands

    Skeleton Hands starts out as a sweet, nutty sandalwood on me and gradually softens into a warm boozy not-quite-gourmand. This is my sweet spot with foodie blends — I prefer them combined with woods or resins, here both. I don’t get the smokiness or tattoo ink, and at one point the bourbon cream threatened to curdle as all cream notes are doing on my skin lately, but it only flirted with spoiled milk. Mostly it’s a solid comfort scent, perfect for fall.
  9. Lucchesa

    The Season of Forgiveness

    The Season of Forgiveness is interesting in that I love all the listed notes, and after seven years in the decant, they have become so mellowed and unified that I can hardly pick out a single one. Bare hints of clove/spicy carnation, a backdrop of warm pine similar to that in Golden Priapus, and a lot of warm glowy atmosphere that makes me think there’s an unlisted amber note in here. I love this but not for the reason I thought I would, i.e. the expression of the particular notes, but rather for the overall warmth and beauty that subsumes the components.
  10. Lucchesa

    Its Own Sweet Will Is Heaven’s Will

    Unfortunately I amp the rose resin in Its Own Sweet Will, and that’s all I get here. Rose and galbanum. No fig or, sigh, chestnut; no spices. I’ll try letting it rest a couple weeks to see if it balances out at all. If not, I’ll avoid rose resin in future!
  11. Lucchesa

    A Portrait

    Strawberry is not my usual jam, but every other note here is a winner, and I was curious. A Portrait is a really fun, sweet, upbeat scent. It was all strawberry at first, and then the sugared patch emerged, reminding me of Bears of Berlin. I get some syrupy labdanum but really couldn’t make out much in the way of carnation. So lots of sweet burstingly ripe strawberry with sweet patch, and it lasts a long time on me. I can’t imagine wanting to wear this innocent a scent often, but I ought to — it feels like a good counterweight to nihilism.
  12. Lucchesa

    Recommendations for simple blends

    Great list, @a_bear! I would add: Haunted — black musk and amber Penitence — frank and myrrh Sloth — vetiver and myrrh Dirty — clean linen Squirting Cucumber Anne Bonny - Frank, sandalwood and patch (unless sandalwood and patch count as wood)
  13. Lucchesa

    Illuminati Cotillion

    Illuminati Cotillion starts out as pale incense, dry rose petals, and gentle wood, the latter two combining to give a sensation of rosewood. Unfortunately, I never make out any pipe tobacco, which is a scent that is always very fugitive on me. (I would LOVE to find a good pipe tobacco scent that lasted more than 20 minutes on my skin!) The rose goes a little sour on me, as rose + incense often does, but if the combination works for you, this is a lovely rose/wood incense, perfect for world domination.
  14. Lucchesa


    I was thinking Pomegranate might be a good layering scent. I was wrong. It is a fully rounded perfume all on its own. It starts with dark pomegranate, which never goes too sweet on me here, and elegant amber. This feels like a classic, old-fashioned perfume that just happens to have a pomegranate component. It's rich and sophisticated with good throw, though the wear life is maybe a little shy of average. I have a burgundy velvet dress that this is going to be smashing with.
  15. Lucchesa

    Dead Leaves, Bourbon, and Bitter Almond

    I was hoping DL, Bourbon, and Bitter Almond would be 2020’s DL & Scotch, my favorite DL ever. Instead, it didn’t wow me then, and wearing it again today, I was still underwhelmed. Dead leaves and almond at first, more a sweet than a bitter almond. Then I get a kind of sweet husky note that must be the bourbon, but it’s kind of non-specific. The dead leaves fade, the almond fades, the bourbon fades. It’s pleasant enough but just didn’t stick around for long on me, and that’s a 2-year-old decant.