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  1. Lucchesa


    Necrobump! I’m wearing Winter Night. Figure on a Bridge from the Lex Brumalis Yules of a couple years ago, a stunning dark broody lilac. And the newish Vigil for the Harvest Suitors has an absolutely gorgeous lilac note. Lilacs are blooming here in the northwest — anyone else have lilac in heavy rotation right now?
  2. Lucchesa

    Winter Night. Figure on the Bridge

    I love this Winter Night. I’m wearing it because the lilacs are in bloom, which is pretty much the only time I wear the note. But this is a sultry nighttime lilac I can wear year round. The snow note doesn’t last past the opening on me; this is all about deep dark lilac in an opium den, with hints of plum. It reminds me of a lilac Event Horizon though I think opium is the only shared note. (I always misremember Event Horizon as having plum.) Dark and sexy, with better than average throw and wear length on me.
  3. Lucchesa


    I'm not sure I even ever skin tested Chaotic before putting her with the rest of my RPG decants, probably because I've had skin reactions with the wasabi note before. But I just got frimped another one, and I'm trying it now, ready to scrub any moment if my skin starts tingling. Fresh Chaotic on me is a very grapey red musk with a zing of wasabi. There may be other notes in here, but did I mention the very grapey red musk? Red and grapey? The exact red musk that never lets any other note get a word in edgewise? And there it is, heat and tingling. Time to wash this baby off.
  4. Lucchesa

    Chocolate Fruitcake

    I don’t think I’ve ever eaten chocolate fruitcake. This is delicious! Chocolate, cherry, maybe some fig. Chocolate and dried fruits soaked in brandy. Ultimately justa quiet fruity chocolate. Medium wear length and no throw on me, but that’s pretty normal with my skin. I’m so glad I finally got to try this!
  5. Lucchesa

    Seven Word Story: Envy

    Envy captures the terrific SWS brilliantly. Dusty orris and dry sandalwood stand in for marble, and the faintly oceanic smell of ambergris reinforces the feeling of tears. (Poor carrot seed, always doleful.) I get only the lightest breath of rose, as if Galatea is still barely human. This is dryer and dustier than my tastes run, but a beautiful picture in scent.
  6. Lucchesa

    Wisteria Blossoms

    Aside from a couple of weeks each spring, I don't really wear florals, and they have to be dirty florals to interest me. Wisteria Blossoms interests me. It's built around the wisteria and lilac notes, but there's a lot else going on. Bamboo can be high-pitched on me, but this smoked variety is calmer and darker. There's a fruitiness that may be the red musk along with hints of darker musk and some earthiness from moss and indigo. As VetchVesper says, it's floral and purple without being old ladyish. In fact it's kind of floral, sexy and mysterious. I'm hanging onto my decant.
  7. Lucchesa

    Masked Vulvas

    It took all my will not to scrub off Masked Vulvas as soon as I applied it. Mandarin and pear combined to form that awful industrial faux-citrus deodorizer. Urinal cake, in other words. I know pear can go fake on me, but this was ridiculous. I went for a walk, still not good. Then I went to my desk to prep for and give a lecture, and when I was done, roughly four and a half hours after application, it has devolved into a barely-there light fruity incense. I’ll be passing this one on.
  8. Lucchesa

    Prairie Witch

    Prairie Witch is a very classic Weenie-type scent, a little heavier on the apple than my usual autumn tastes, but undeniably lovely. It's got the BPAL buttery pumpkin note with a boozy spiced cider and a little vetiver for that whiff of bonfire. When I tested it I was seeing out of town relatives who commented on how good I smelled; one even came in for a second hug so he could get another sniff. So people like it! and that was a few hours after application.
  9. Lucchesa

    Lucy's Kiss

    I'm pretty sure Lucy's Kiss is tea rose because tea rose is generally a disaster on my skin. If rose works for you, I imagine this is delightful.
  10. Lucchesa

    Shouutsushi Aioi Genji

    I love love love the BPAL beeswax note, and Shouutsushi Aioi Genji delivers. I was worried that bubblegummy lotus would take this into cloying territory, but this is almost entirely a beeswax and amber scent on me, with the lotus contributing a creamy sweetness that doesn't overwhelm. Unlike other reviewers, I get almost no smoke from this and I'm hoping that note will develop with a little more aging. Definitely in the family of V'al Hanissim, Lights of Men's Lives and Endless Corridors. In other words, lovely.
  11. Lucchesa

    The Red Ribbon

    The Red Ribbon is an extremely wearable red musk blend, sweetened and softened by the vanilla and amber. The wood notes are secondary; it's a subtle not a gnarly patchouli if that's keeping any red musk lovers from trying this. The goat milk might as well be oat milk on me, creamy but with none of that barnyard twang. Yes, the red musk dominates, giving this good throw and wear length, but it lets the other notes sing as well. Just lovely!
  12. Lucchesa

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    No, but my dear friend Teamama loves it!
  13. Lucchesa

    You May House Their Bodies But Not Their Souls

    These notes couldn’t go wrong on me, but they go so right. You Can House Their Bodies has vaulted right into my pantheon of top BPAL patch scents. It’s a big round patchouli softened and sweetened by a non-foodie vanilla, with warm amber and just a trace of musk around the edges. Beautiful warm embrace of a scent. There is nowhere and no season I wouldn’t wear this. I cannot wait to pair it with Hedonism bath oil when it returns to stock. It lasted four or five hours, not all day, but that’s quite good for my skin chemistry. I will need more than one bottle.
  14. Lucchesa

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Several of the scents in support of Ukraine are based on baked goods, if not exactly cake. I’m particularly looking forward to Chocolate Babke. There’s Hildegard’s Cakes of Joy and Mari Lwyd from the most recent winter line and Amor To Show That He Was Pleased from the current Lupers. The Lilith scents usually include a full on cake with frosting but they’re not currently available. Good luck! It sounds like so much fun!
  15. Lucchesa

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    I am out of Eusapia (Pale lilacs, white tea, and candle wax) and the lilacs near my house are blooming. Enter Vigil for the Harvest Suitors! I had forgotten this was a lilac scent -- I don't associate lilac with harvest time. But Vigil is all about the lilac and beswax. I am not sure what broomcorn smells like, and I'm not getting anything I associate with bone, but I am getting lots of gorgeous sweet lilac and beeswax, and that is exactly what I was hoping for. If you're mourning the fact that Eusapia didn't return with this year's crop of spirits, you need Vigil for the Harvest Suitors in your life. Plus the label art is amazing.