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    Soft leather and sweet tobacco. Bergamot. Carnation. Cardamom. Sugared citrus. Blood orange, mandarin. Dark musk. Almond, hazelnut, marzipan! Vanilla (smoked vanilla, caramelized vanilla, vanilla musk...) Cocoa. Lilac. Amber. Dead leaves. Most woods and resins. Honey, beeswax -- I'm a total sucker for candle-type scents. Plum, peach, apricot, cherry, fig. Most evergreens. I'll try anything medieval/renaissance or library related. Usually good: Myrrh and frank. Patchouli. Cedar. Iffy: Rose, lily. Apple, pear, berry, currant, pom. Vetiver. Wine. Champagne or anything fizzy. Notes of doom: Aquatics. Tuberose. Banana. Eucalyptus. Mint. Most jasmine, violet, olive blossom, orange blossom and champaca. Strong smoke. Sharp tobacco leaf. Red and white musk (usually). Some baked goods (e.g. the cakes in Eat Me). Gin.

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  1. Lucchesa

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    Wet: Maraschino cherries. I love maraschino cherries, but I'm not sure I wanted that as a single note. It takes a while, but ultimately I get some Snake Oil poking its usually not very shy head out. The later drydown is a delicious mix of cherry and SO, but it wears close to the skin, whereas I'm used to SO having more sillage. If you love cherry and Snake Oil, it's hard to go wrong here.
  2. Lucchesa

    Popcorn Ball Snake Oil

    Someone upthread describes this as non-foody caramel corn, and that is right on the money for me. Wet, it's all buttered popcorn with a hint of caramel, but once it's dry I can just make out the Snake Oil with its vanilla goodness under the kettle corn. This wears really close to the skin for me. I think I'll keep my decant -- it is definitely a mood-lifting scent -- but I don't need a whole bottle.
  3. Lucchesa

    First Morning in Paris

    This decant has had 9 months to age and is still oudh oudh oudh on me. Like theseagrows I cannot wear black oudh and was hoping burgundy oudh would be less nasty on me. Beth, please give us crushed velvet musk in something oudhless because it sounds divine. First Morning in Paris I had to scrub off.
  4. Lucchesa


    My obviously well-aged imp of Wolfsbane is lovely on me. Dry and woody yet soft and cozy. There's probably cedar and sweet vetiver in here. It wears close to the skin, which is pretty normal for me. Definitely a comfort scent. Too bad it's so rare now.
  5. Lucchesa

    Le Carrousel de Montmartre Paris

    I keep trying blackberry scents and they keep going to candy on me. I wouldn't have tried this one, as the other fruit notes would have put me off, but I was given a decant by a magnificent forumite, and so I got to see if blackberry oudh would be an exception to the berry candy rule. And nope. Le Carrousel de Montmartre was all fruit candy on me. Blackberry was strongest, with pineapple and apple along for the ride, and amber was present as well. Like samanare I got hardly any vetiver (and the word "sweet" attached to vetiver is a strong attractant for me), tobacco or cinnamon. Mainly fruit. Fruity candy, that is. Oh, well, I'm delighted I got to try it.
  6. Lucchesa

    Dead Leaves, Nutmeg, Sweet Vetiver, and Virginia Cedar

    Dead leaves and bright cedar when wet, a striking and lovely combination. As it began to dry down, the vetiver came more into evidence, the same beautiful sweet vetiver as in last year's Two Sheep and Two Goats. Unlike z_z, I got no nutmeg at all. The late drydown -- and this lasted hours -- was all sweet vetiver, subtly dark and smoky. The decant is a keeper, and I'll make sure to test it again before weenies come down to see if the nutmeg ever shows up on my skin.
  7. Lucchesa

    Black Moths

    Black Moths is nowhere near as fruity as I would have imagined. On me, there is a lot of the charred variety of vetiver and a camphorous patchouli. The rose doesn't show up, which is fine, but I think someone with the correct skin chemistry to wear this well would get more of the dark syrupy opoponax and the dark fruits balancing the harsher vetiver and patchouli. I can imagine how beautiful this would be on someone else, but it's not really working on me.
  8. Lucchesa


    Indulgence does smell like beautiful murder, as Joyleaf_ says. Everything in this nearly 4-year-old decant is dark and smooth and polished; there are no rough edges on the patchouli or vetiver, nothing indolic about the oudh. It's a black marble foyer with a spectacular floral arrangement in a neoclassical niche. It is a little more floral than is to my taste, and champaca is rarely a note I can wear, but it's a work of art and I'm delighted I had the chance to try it.
  9. Lucchesa


    Pirates! only arrived in today's mail, but I had to try it out. It is very gunpowder-forward on me. Salt, leather, rum and wood all make an appearance, but the spices are quite subdued. I was hoping for more smoky spices and less brimstoney gunpowder, so I'll let this one rest a couple weeks to see if the spices emerge more strongly with a little aging. I would definitely keep the decant and might spring for a bottle if they do.
  10. Lucchesa

    Songs of Autumn VII

    Testing blind, I was mystified and enchanted by Songs of Autumn VII. It was green, outdoorsy, with a dry sweetness, but I couldn't come up with the notes. It's not a sweet, ripe fig note. It's not a woodchippy cedar or a drippy golden honey or the fizzy labdanum so prominent in last year's Weenies. It is brilliant sunlight on a crisp autumn day, the chill in the air, those poor figs that never ripened still hanging on their branches. Once I read the note list, I could find the tobacco, the pale dry honey, and the other notes, but they blend together seamlessly. I'm going to try this again in about a month to see how it is settling and if I need a bottle.
  11. Lucchesa

    Songs of Autumn V

    Testing blind, I got red maple leaves and redcurrant from Songs of Autumn V. What I did not get was patchouli. So whereas VetchVesper's experience was drier and woodier than expected, mine was fruitier and juicier. I suspect we would both want to swap for the other's skin chemistry in this particular case. Fruity is rarely my jam, and the bourbon melded with the currant for macerated fruit. I wanted drier leaves and perceivable patch. OK, late in drydown I could make out the patchouli, but too little too late for me. If you appreciate fruity scents, this is a beauty.
  12. Lucchesa

    Dusk in Autumn

    Currant cake. What was I thinking? It's the currant cakes in Eat Me that go so tragically wrong on my skin. Wet, Dusk in Autumn is all currant cake going tragically wrong on my skin. Sadly, I can't wear this. Once it dries down (I didn't scrub it off), it's significantly nicer, sweet, smoky: dusky and autumnal, in fact. The currant cake sh*tshow has calmed down significantly. But the wet phase makes this decant not a keeper for me.
  13. Lucchesa

    Are You Digging On My Grave?

    This one might well be called Are You Snuggling on My Grave? or Are You Digging in the Blankets at the Foot of the Bed? It is super snuggly. The milky note, the most prominent one on my skin, reminded me of some of the Lab's non-dairy milk notes -- oat or rice milk or the like -- and they always work better on me than the dairy notes. It's kind of reminiscent of the goat's milk note without the goatiness, if that makes any sense. Some brown musk, some brown dirt freshly dug through the grass, some warm wiggly puppy energy and the sweet milk note. Lovely!
  14. Lucchesa

    Thirteen (13): September 2019

    This sounds really nice but it doesn’t sound like this particular 13😁
  15. Lucchesa

    Dead Leaves and Chai

    Dead Leaves and Chai is all dead leaves at first and then the chai spices gradually emerge to warm them up. I don't really get tea, but that's not surprising as my skin tends to devour the tea note. This is a lovely blend of comfort notes: autumn leaves, cardamom, gentle cinnamon, clove, maybe a kick of black pepper (another note my skin eats up). Longevity isn't great on me, so I'll be happy with my decant, but aging may help with that too.