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    Soft leather and sweet tobacco. Bergamot. Carnation. Cardamom. Sugared citrus. Blood orange, mandarin, neroli. Dark musk. Almond, hazelnut, marzipan! Vanilla (smoked vanilla, caramelized vanilla, vanilla musk...) Cocoa. Lilac. Amber. Dead leaves. Most woods and resins. Honey, beeswax -- I'm a total sucker for candle-type scents. Plum, peach, apricot, cherry, fig. Most evergreens. I'll try anything medieval/renaissance or library related. Usually good: Myrrh and frank. Patchouli. Cedar. Iffy: Rose, lily. Apple, pear, berry, currant, pom. Vetiver. Wine. Champagne or anything fizzy. Notes of doom: Aquatics. Tuberose. Banana. Eucalyptus. Mint. Most jasmine, violet, olive blossom and champaca. Strong smoke. Sharp tobacco leaf. Red and white musk (usually). Some baked goods (e.g. the cakes in Eat Me). Gin.

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  1. Lucchesa

    Midnight Mass

    As a lapsed Catholic, I still have romantic yearnings about incense braziers swinging on chains, Latin chants and the like. I expected to love Midnight Mass and tried the 2017 version, which I found disappointing. Ever the optimist, I got a decant of 2018, and it's beautiful! So I don't know if it's a formula change, a skin chemistry thing, a change in my tastes, or what, but 2018 Midnight Mass is a dreamy cloud of ecclesiastical incense. On me, Cathedral goes straight to cedar shavings, while Midnight Mass stays true, slightly sweet, slightly smoky. This could be a meditation blend if you lean towards Western rather than Eastern spirituality. It's lovely. No throw, which is normal on me, and about average wear length.
  2. Lucchesa

    Gingerbread, White Cedar, and Gunpowder

    Gingerbread, White Cedar and Gunpowder sounded like the most "interesting" of this year's crop of gingerbreads. Wet, it's more like gunpowder, gunpowder and gunpowder. And very interesting. After a few minutes, I start to get cedar as well, though I'm not entirely confident that I ever really made out any gingerbread. This isn't a sweet scent on me. It strikes me as very much a wild west kind of blend, like it would be perfectly at home in the Pretty Deadly universe, and I haven't smelled anything else quite like this. Unisex tilting masculine.
  3. Lucchesa

    Berliner Dom Antics

    Berliner Dom Antics is gorgeous on me, and I seem to have gotten more patch than many of you. On me, this smells like light, spicy gingerbread, Snow White snow, and sweet patchouli. And it lasts and lasts -- I could still smell it distinctly, albeit faintly, 24 hours after application, which is almost unheard of on my skin. (OK, there's a small possibility I reapplied during the day. Still, overnight persistence for sure.) It's sweet but the spice and patchouli keep it well away from cloying. I'd say it's on the lighter side of cozy. This is one of the rare scents that I think would be appropriate for a young girl but that I also truly enjoy wearing.
  4. Lucchesa

    Snake Oil Hair Gloss

    My Snake Oil hair gloss was a gift from an incredibly generous forumite, so I don't know what vintage it is, but my guess would be aged a couple of years at least. I know the Post says the hair glosses have a six month shelf life, but this is glorious! I mean, it's Snake Oil. For your hair. I find all HG to be equally excellent in smoothing my coarse, dry, unruly curls, so what I'm reviewing is how much I like the scent and how long it lasts. And Snake Oil HG (like the perfume) lasts a long, long time. I could smell it in my hair quite distinctly the next morning. It will pair beautifully with any SO variant and probably a lot of other things as well. (I used it with classic SO perfume and Hedonism bath oil, which is heavy on the patchouli, and it was delicious.)
  5. Lucchesa

    Pleasures of the Imagination II

    I received Pleasures of the Imagination II in a circular swap from a super generous forumite, and it has a reducer cap which I'm not used to, so I got a bit too much on my first try. And wet, it was LEATHER. All the leather. Leather, leather, leather. I'm not going to weigh in on the color of the leather except to say that it's not the super new, not-quite-cured-completely leather of The Red Rider. It reminds me more of the leather in Adam, and checking my notes, that's black leather. So I guess I am going to weigh in on the color of the leather. I haven't worn The White Rider in a while and am curious to try these side by side. For the first 20 minutes or so on my skin, this is single note leather, and strong. I got more throw than I usually do with my chemistry, and I wasn't sure I could pull it off. But soon enough the leather calmed down and let the sandalwood and tobacco through. This isn't dark, sweet, chewy French tobacco; it's drier and more ethereal. More cerebral, maybe. Like a dominatrix who's also an intellectual. The leather continues to be the most prominent note, and on me this is more a power scent than a snuggly one. It's sexy, because powerful confident people are sexy, but it's not out to seduce. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this!
  6. Lucchesa

    House of Night

    My House of Night is obviously a well-aged imp. It goes on very green, like the dewy stem note you sometimes see in scent descriptions. The bouquet is definitely present; the boughs are in the background. But damp foliage (rather nicer than I'm making it sound) was my initial impression. It's a lighter weight scent (I had something dark and heavy on the other wrist), yet it lasted quite a long time, though I didn't get any throw. After a couple of hours, the spiciness that other reviewers have mentioned emerged for me, and a sweetness as well. Nothing soapy or powdery. I ended up liking it better than I expected. House of Night felt very BPAL to me -- I can't think of another scent it's quite like, maybe Burial without the dirt, but it definitely has Beth's signature on it.
  7. Lucchesa

    Salzburg Krampuslauf

    Salzburg Krampuslauf was gorgeous on initial application -- bright and cheerful, like sunshine on snow, with more Dorian than Snake Oil on me, and a little wood and leather rounding it out. I got a little throw from it too, more than I usually get. Unfortunately, this is one of the non-Snow-White snow notes that doesn't work on my skin, and it goes soapy after about 45 minutes. My sister really liked it though, so I may need to get her a bottle.
  8. Lucchesa

    Carry Me

    Carry Me is lovely. With lavender scents I usually get a strong initial blast of lavender which fades all too quickly. I think because this is a lavender fougere, the lavender is not as strong as usual initially, but it is steadier and longer lasting. Like ramblingrambler, I also got a hint of lemon, but I like to grate a little lemon peel into sugar cookie batter, so that's what it made me think of. Sweet, gentle lavender and sugary vanilla, for a night or day comfort boost.
  9. Lucchesa

    Gingerbread, Coffee Bean and Smoked Vanilla

    Gingerbread, Coffee Bean and Smoked Vanilla is mellow and really nice on me, an excellent winter comfort scent. I had my decanter combine my Yule BPAL and BPTP orders, which held up the former, so my decant has perhaps aged a bit more than everyone else's before their first test. So let this rest at least a couple of weeks before you decide it isn't for you. I do get coffee bean. It isn't strong -- this is a low-key scent in general -- but it's definitely present and highly comforting. As far as the gingerbread, it's not the dark, sticky, blackstrap molasses type as in Gingerbread, Vetiver and Black Clove from a couple of years ago. It's more of a light, spicy gingerbread, with an extra dollop of not particularly smoky vanilla. If you missed Goblin Stampede, this is a good substitute.
  10. Lucchesa

    Third Lash

    I love Third Lash! White fir is one of my very favorite evergreen notes, and it's just beautiful with the thyme. I'm not sure I can really pick out the olibanum -- it's not the super dry frankincense that reads as cedar on my skin, at any rate. This mellows and sweetens slightly in drydown. The soft leather in the background isn't evident wet but becomes more and more a part of the scent as it dries down. Totally unisex, with a little throw (which is pretty good for my skin) and good wear length.
  11. Lucchesa

    Yule Cat

    Meowwwrr! I used to be afraid of civet, but then I tried debauchery. I mean, Debauchery. And Yule Cat sounded edgy but wonderful, which is just about right. Wet, it seems very evergreeny, though I think all the listed notes are deciduous trees. Actually, who the hell knows what goosefoot is? Dark, sexy branches, mossy vetiver. Yeah, it may skew a little masculine, but I have no problem with that. A tiny bit of sweetness appears in drydown, which is snugglicious without losing its edge of wildness. Low throw, but that's normal for me. Such a keeper!
  12. Lucchesa


    Seraglio was something I tried early on in my BPAL journey and liked but never reviewed. I retested this morning, and it's not a "me" enough scent to be devastated that it's been discontinued, though it is quite lovely. Almond notes usually come on very strong when wet and fade quickly, and that is the case here, where it's all ALMOND for the first ten minutes before the rose, spices and citrus become part of the experience. I don't wear rose very often, but this is a nice, middle-of-the-road rose, not sour, not too heady. Kind of a warm rose, if that makes any sense. I don't really smell the sandalwood, but I think it's there, unifying all the other notes. No throw on me (which is normal for my skin) and average wear length.
  13. Lucchesa

    The Hamptons

    The Hamptons is mainly ocean spray cranberry juice on me, sweet-tart, bright reddish pink in color, with just a hint of lime. It's not particularly boozy on me, and "effervescent" (i.e. champagne scents and the like) is a category I usually avoid. But I can see this having anti-depressant qualities on the right wearer -- it has a spirit-lifting vibe. Try this if you like bright, fruity, sweet-tart summery blends.
  14. Lucchesa


    Katharina ought not to be as nice as it is on me. The white musk doesn't go soapy or screechy, and the orange blossoms stay creamy and subtle. So I get a bright, pretty, and sweet apricot scent on a musky ground with scattered orange blossoms. Very light and fresh and springtime-y, kind of girlish. On my skin, this doesn't match my interpretation of Kate; it's too sweet, not "willful" enough. But this might be a great enabling scent, as it is very pretty and unchallenging. (I prefer Depraved and Carnal for my GC apricot fix. And the sadly DC'd Grand Guignol.)
  15. Lucchesa

    First Lash

    First Lash went on very green, woodsy and a little harsh. I expected it to mellow on my skin, and within 30 minutes it had settled in nicely. It never sweetened the way pine does on me, but it softened considerably. Dry, it was still green and bright and woodsy with a little smoke and amber, and eventually a woody frankincense becomes more prominent. This is a lovely, outdoorsy unisex scent with some smolder to it. Low throw (normal for me) but a nice long wear length; First Lash outlasted Hearthflame and Incense on me. Decisions, decisions!