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  1. whisperstilled

    Lightning Strikes Literature

    Wet: Sweet beeswax ozone and a touch of musk. There's a chemical whiff from the ink. The ozone here has the same prominence and quality it does in Becoming Thunder, a favorite of mine. So far I'm not getting smoke, but there might be a touch of the lab's paper note in there. Dry: Now the paper and 'notebooks' (leather?) are coming out. Sweet, pleasing, and clean. I don't feel like I need to huff my arm for days but this is a really nice scent. A bit cologney, great for summer, very unisex. Very little throw but still nice.
  2. whisperstilled

    Oil and Blood

    I absolutely get the 'laundry' quality from this - think the 'linen fresh' scent of any major manufacturer but more subtle, with a splotch of dragon's blood and a whiff of something faintly resiny, which I'm guessing is the clay. My skin, at least, isn't amping the metallic quality, but I get a touch of salt. 'Clean laundry' scents aren't usually my thing, but this one errs just cool and goth enough to be a keeper. This would smell divine as a room or linen spray. As it continues to dry, I immediately had the sense memory of being in an expensive home goods store.
  3. whisperstilled

    The Unquiet Grave

    Floral and very, very soapy. I'm getting mostly florals with barely any sandalwood. I do smell my beloved vanilla orchid, but it's very much hiding in the background. A beautiful scent nonetheless.
  4. whisperstilled

    The Rose

    Simple, beautiful rose with a hint of green. The perfect, perfectly rose single note.
  5. whisperstilled

    Snooty Rose

    The oudh makes this dark, woody, and a little funky. I agree that it would work better as a room scent than a perfume. Strangely pleasing.
  6. whisperstilled

    'Tis The Voice Of The Lobster

    Very weird and watermelony! Juicy and wet. Worth a sniff, would be great for someone who loves a fruity scent.
  7. whisperstilled

    The Dormouse

    Floral and sharp with tea in the background. It gets a soapy quality as it dries down, which possibly comes from the herbs and peony combo.
  8. whisperstilled

    The Lion

    Sweet, spicy...bubblegum? Very odd.
  9. whisperstilled


    Subtle, sweet, and herbal. Reminds me of Gennivre a bit! Really lovely and well-balanced.
  10. whisperstilled

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    Nutty pistachio, oakmoss, and mint chocolate. Very foody, and a little too much so for me!
  11. whisperstilled

    Groom of Frankenstein

    The ozone is extremely aquatic, actually way overpowering the leather, which I didn't expect at all. I was hoping for more leather with ozone than ozone with leather. The ozone is bright and sweet, and it's definitely a clean scent I can see being great for summer.
  12. whisperstilled

    Server Gremlins

    Vegetal and green on top, devious black resins underneath. Behind the Veils is definitely a good comparison, at least as far as the base notes are concerned. The top notes recall BPAL's slimy green Lovecraftian scents.
  13. whisperstilled

    Eanach Dhuin

    A complex and sweet marine-green scent. I can smell almost all the notes - wood and florals and water. The frankincense is pretty heavy, but I love frankincense, so that's not a problem. Just gorgeous.
  14. whisperstilled

    Snake's Kiss

    I had to breathe deep to catch the snake oil under the thick layer of honey and cream. Surprisingly light, for what I thought would be an overpoweringly rich scent. This one definitely deserves a full day test.
  15. whisperstilled

    We Believe that Death is Not the End of Man

    Agree with the other reviewers, pine on top, resins underneath. If only I didn't have such bad scent associations with pine! Still, I think this would make a lovely home scent.