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  1. Jenjin

    Cabbage White

    A tiny creature with a wingspan less than two inches wide, she thrives on diversity but has a taste for mustard. She may be small, but she is fierce: one cabbage white butterfly can be the matriarch of generations of millions. Orris root, orris butter, lily of the valley, and vanilla cream. The double hit of orris here transforms into a fatty violet, fruity, sweet and waxy floral with vintage overtones. I get a little bit of lily in the background, giving it a certain, damp coolness, like walking through a rainy meadow filled with silvery mist. The yummy vanilla is so creamy, it's alot like a delicious violet ice cream with the perfect amount of sweetness. I'm going to dot this on my pillow tonight because I find this incredibly soothing and perhaps the perfect sleep scent. EDITING to add that I opened and applied this the day it arrived and it screamed of talcum powder. I wasn't sure it was wearable for me, so I stuck it in my storage box and forgot about it. I think this one needs a bit of aging before testing.
  2. Jenjin

    Absolution Conjure Bag

    I'm not going to go into why I needed Absolution so much because it is a sad and pitiful story, but it called to me the first time I read the description and then I surfed on, and forgot about it. Over the next few weeks, the memory of it would drift back and I knew this conjure bag would find a home with me, and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Upon opening the box, it was unremarkable in form, and then I held its squishyness and sighed. A memory came rushing back to me of my most favorite stuffie. She was an adorable chunky hippo, and I'm just now realizing that her name should carry over to my bag. I tucked the bag inside of another bag that is the softest lavender like my hippo, because it does shed a bit. This might sound ridiculous, but I have the most gentle feeling of love being close it, like sinking my face into a big, soft lavender scented pillow and being held. Thank you Beth for making something that makes my heart glow and has already guided me towards the healing I yearn for.
  3. Jenjin

    Eldritch Bloom

    “Death in your arms, death in your arms” The deepest, darkest hypnotic black orchid of my dreams. This smells like the color of the night sky. Something about it reminds me of Vanessa Ives, seductive and full of secrets. Once the plummy patchouli settles into the orchid, it becomes a luxuriously deep scent, a gothic brew to entice and captivate. I would definitely call this a nighttime scent, a scent for a dreamer, a magician, a shadow. This blossom is elementally compelling and will transport you to a time of magic.
  4. Jenjin

    The Storyteller

    We strike a fire. Blankets, soft sweaters inside leather, and warm skin lit up by flickering flames. Wild branches from the woods, the thickest trunks smoking and charring the night sky. Transfixed by the flames, the pops and crackles chase the flying embers and the fire comes to life. The creamy wax note is sweet and perfectly balances with the smoke and leather, creating something utterly glowing, unique and luxurious. Like sinking my nose into tossed clothes the next day, after experiencing magic beside a woodfire made with shining, golden branches. I can't WAIT to wear this once the weather cools down. This is an accidental, dizzying perfume love affair for me.
  5. Jenjin

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    I had high hopes since Eve works so well on me, but the sage turned out to be too prominent. I keep getting little wiffs of something very similar to moth balls. Farewell sage Eve~
  6. Jenjin

    Discarded Silks Atmosphere Spray

    This is so pretty and sweet, the plum blossom is divine and a harbinger of spring. The floral combo here is like a bright dewy morning in a formal garden, all gorgeous with smiling flower faces and filled with promise. For me, it is beautifully sweet but not cloying and just so classic and pretty. I'm going to go wild using this all over my pillows and sheets, it's very fresh and atmospheric in tone, and an overall mood lifter. Just a little bottle of pure happiness.
  7. Jenjin

    Evening Breeze Atmosphere Spray

    All of the notes are very well blended, and I would say the cedar comes out as the top note. I can't really detect much of the cherry blossom, other than it giving a kind of floral whiff. In the drydown, the clove note makes the whole thing lean a little into xmas candle territory for me, so it's going into the box until after summer. Hopefully the tea comes out more and the tonka bean smooths things over. I have let atmos age to where they are perfect depending upon my mood and the time of year.
  8. Jenjin

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    This takes me to a roomful of huge, white honey, creamy candles all drippy with flickering flames making heat. Not sure why I waited so long to pick this one up, but i'm so glad I grabbed it before lupers came down. I have several other beeswax scents, but the addition of patchouli here makes it earthy and just a little bit chewy with a tiny wiff of smoke. This has all the floral subtleties of expensive honey, alongside the muskiness of the waxy comb combined with sticky vanilla patch. Dare I say, something about this seriously reminds me of Banshee Beat. Of course, BB is heavier on the patch, but the wax and patch combo is reminiscent of the BB vanilla patch. So cozy and warm, it smells like toe curling ecstasy~ YES YES YES!
  9. Jenjin


    I'm dead. I've been trying to hustle a bottle of this for eternity and a day. I was certain I would never experience it, so I combed reviews, trying to find something similar, getting an empty sniffy bottle in a package, never really coming close. When the latest release happened, I went into a panic, fighting the lab's server to finally get Eve. Now that it is here, it is EVERYTHING I thought it would be and then some. The saffron is luminous next to the warm sandalwood. I'm almost getting something like opulent brocade fabric from it. A shining shroud that has been worn in tombs filled with thick blankets of incense smoke and long faded bouquets. The wet moss adds an earthiness, like some precious object that has been buried for centuries within the hollowed out earth. Flesh turned to cold marbled stone on the slab. The comfortable solitude of an empty synagogue, and the heavy scent of old wood and incense. I can assure you, I will be loving each and every wearing of this magical incense creation as it takes me through the cobblestone streets, with its haunting music and intimate hunger.
  10. Jenjin

    Calumet 412

    This is my favorite C2E2 this year. It's a whirling, symphony of bay rum? and oriental perfumes at first. I'm also getting a hefty dose of gorgeous amber, opulent and divine, illuminating the notes. It smells exotic, sophisticated and expensive. It has a certain deep vanilla-oak, creamy note in the background that catapults it into extraordinary territory for me. It's like unisex darkness in a bottle, woods and incense smoke, couture perfumes, and rich cologne that is so alluring. This reminds me of a woodsy boutique, lined with bottles filled with luxurious scents, velvet sofas and leather goods. I can't stop sinking my nose into it to explore. EXQUISITE
  11. Jenjin

    The Gold Room

    This is a fantastic fragrance! Yummy apple effervescence at first, the fruit is sweet and very fresh giving it an exuberance. As the amber and tobacco move forward, the whole thing becomes creamy and very smooth. Something about it reminds me of old Hollywood: the glamorous showgirls, swooping spotlights and oh, so elegant divas wearing perfume filled with magic notes and dreams. This is an absolute delight for me to wear and smell, perfect for a summer weekend in the city, shopping the quaint boutiques and art galleries. So grateful to my fairy for picking this cosmopolitan treasure up for me.
  12. Jenjin


    Turkish rose, gilded amber, apricot, and dark honey musk. This is bawdy! The honey musk is animalic to my nose with raw, ripe human smells. Really, this is like you just made love after camping for days with all the smells lingering in the air. After drydown, as the amber base appears, Ada really transforms into something quite niche and precious with its exotic rose in full bloom against the thick, honeyed apricot. It's like you and your girl have gone your separate ways, and hours later you can still smell her sweet apricot perfume on your skin.
  13. Jenjin

    Snow White Candle

    2018 release The look and design of the post's candles, black glass, scroll labels and creamy dreamy white wax makes me weak. When these came out I knew I had to swoop in for one. Experiencing that cool vanilla Snow White sweetness filling my room called to me. The cold wax is so lovely, it glows like the cold moon on a velvety black night and the upclose scent is just like holding your nose over an open bottle. Shiver~shiver. These are beautifully crafted candles, the wick perfectly trimmed and centered, thick glassed, impeccably poured - they are luxe. **Editing to say that the throw is really pretty good. I moved it back into my large, living room/dining room and wow! I can smell it throughout the room. Vanilla Snow!!!!! I think it needs to burn for a few hours until the wax gets completely warm. I’m so happy I snagged one of these and plan to collect another one someday. Fingers crossed and candle wishing that Puddin will do a second, warm weather round.
  14. Jenjin

    Emerald Lace

    This starts out smelling like walking through a grass lined fairway, surrounded by fig trees heavy with fat, green fruit. Something about this seriously reminds me of teeing off, the golf cart loaded down with boozy cocktails and sticky cigars. After a few minutes the rue comes out. YES I have grown alot of rue in my herb patch, so I'm familiar with its scent and the sort of magic it does. It is mostly a base note here which adds an overall 'wildness' to the blend, and dare I say 'witchyness' The drydown deepens and the tobacco lace unfolds for the finish, while the grassy figs soften and glisten in the background. This is a gorgeous addition to the lace collection.
  15. Jenjin


    I've been living in Texas for many a year, and the yellow rose is a favorite of mine, with a face like the sun and a fragrance like honey bees making love to flowers. This is a fully opened yellow rose, made of warm, creamy vanilla with whiffs of glittering frankincense in the background. None of the notes dominate on my skin, each one rises to the top becoming a delicious, decadent scent. The rose never goes powdery or soapy, but remains rich and flowery. The exquisite vanilla frankincense really is the star here, and mellows into blond-caramel deepness which accents the glowing rose perfectly. I can't wait to wear this in the South Texas heat. It's a perfectly simple blend that truly blossoms and becomes something elegant and intoxicating.