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  1. Jenjin

    Sea Smoke

    I could go there and also mention Irish Spring, wait I did. After a few minutes, it becomes much more subdued and I really don't get those vibes. Crisp, clean, refreshing, simple and classy, Sea Smoke could be a unisex, fresh out of the shower scent. It is a white floral with gentle citrus and grassy kelp notes. The combination gives it a calm, casual aura in the finish. This one isn't incredibly unique, but its so clean and inoffensive which makes it super easy to wear and enjoy. Definitely a "pick me up" type scent, perfect for summer days when you desire an invigorating scent. I do get a subtle hint of steam or sea spray, giving the whole this a futurist expression of grassy cleanliness.
  2. Jenjin

    Sugar Plum Snake Oil

    Pink pretty Snake Oil all dressed up in heels and frills. She's got a busy night stripping off veils for dollar bills. With a purse full of sugar She shakes her tail with a fervor Making everyone swoon in the plum musk thrills. Bordello and Snake Oil had a fairy baby
  3. Jenjin

    Spiced Cherry Bourbon

    Makes my mouth water, literally. Huge, plump squirting cherries. The cherry bomb of my dreams. I LOVE the loud opening happening here. The cinnamon is soft and wooded. It's so rich. Like the others, after several minutes of wear, the cherry has been eaten, and all i'm left with is the stem i've been trying to knot with my tongue for the past 30 minutes. Something is also giving me cherry chamoy vibes which isn't a bad thing. I adore the gentle, sweetly spiced finish, and am upgrading to a bottle before the yules go poof for the experience alone.
  4. Jenjin

    Cerise Fog

    Light, bright powdery berries. The softness of it does suggest a "fog", a certain airy aspect. It does trigger a scent memory for me unfortunately. Take a bottle of baby aspirin, crush them all up and take a whiff of the floating powder. Still a fun scent I could see wearing to brighten a dreary day.
  5. Jenjin

    Gingerbread Campfire

    I do get a tiny bit of sweetness my mind could push and imagine loafy gingerbread, but its got a slather of burned crispy bits on it, charred with a slab of drippy meat on top. Just can't turn off that association (that's my brain's fault) and i'm also getting a tiny bit of medicinal smell, so this is a hard slay nay. Its sweetly gorgeous if you're a collector of woodsmoke.
  6. Jenjin

    Sugar, Poppy Tar, and Red Currant

    Yes Yes YES red POISON! Mysterious, hypnotic and enchanting, this is an adult fruity floral with a dark Goth feel. ziggystardust13 was so lovely and passed along her decant to me. I wonder if she heard me scream with delight upon first sniff Immediate bottle upgrade for me too btw. The sugar is delicate and light. Very much like nectar or white spun sugar i'd say, not heavy like some other sugared blends. The red current blends perfectly with the intoxicating opium, with a cocktail-like kiss. This is some supersexy fruit. Refined and wearable. I could slather this every day and never tire of it. Excellent throw and longevity, I can see this being extremely popular and sought after. Simply delicious, I have a new day time obsession to go along with my nighttime Sopor.
  7. Jenjin

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    When I first tried this, i'd forgotten the associations with BB and RR. Immediately thought of some berry cereal I used to snarf as a kid, drowning in skim milk--a chalky pink mess. Seriously couldn't kick the breakfast memories, reading the cereal box over and over, dumping it out early looking for a prize. Milk burps. Saw someone post about the patchouli reference and tried the bone chibi once more. The patch definitely blossomed while I picked up that lovely, sugared patch. I'm torn on this one, but hanging onto it to see if the fave scent memories of the beloved Banshee wins me over.
  8. Jenjin

    Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar

    Buttery Sugar Cookie with a huge, syrupy dollop of brown, dark sugar. Lots of buttery warmth up-front, and the drydown for me is almost all thick, brown sugar. Very much like Sugar Skull without the fruits, slathered on a buttered cookie. Its a fun scent, but I also amp butter and am wishing for more lemony vanilla or spice. Could be gorgeous as a layering scent if you want an extra hit of dark sugary syrup.
  9. Jenjin

    Magnolia scent?

    The Bride is my favorite by far
  10. Jenjin

    My Wise Beauty

    A clean, brisk beginning, I'm also getting a citrus twist here. The sandalwood grounds and wafts about with an incense vibe, while the amber gives the whole thing a feminine, perfumed edge. Wonderfully warm and sweet, I could see this as being very grounding and scent calming on those hectic days. I prefer my amber to be deeper and stickier, i'm also getting a chewable vitamin c note that hopefully fades or ages out. Will stash and try this again in a week or two.
  11. Jenjin

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    Yep, gummy yummy squishy bears all over me. I'd also like a bit of creamy vanilla, but its tons of fun and will be passing along my decant to a little one I know. Pretty sure she will love it and hopefully not lick it.
  12. Jenjin


    So much butter in the buttercream and strangely "nutty"? I've been looking for the perfect chai scent, but this is almost butterscotch on me, morphing into maple syrup cakes. Where's the chai spice or even the wood? It does remind me a teeny bit of my beloved "The Storyteller" with a dollop of rich cream, but pushed way into foodie territory. I can see alot of people loving this. Oh so cozy and cuddly, Cerberus'ish would be beautiful wafting up from a warm coat against skin in winter, making you hungry dream of creamy hot drinks and puddings. The "ish" in my delish
  13. Jenjin


    Wow! Beautiful! this is addicting, can't stop smelling myself. I can see this becoming a signature sent for many BPAListas. Hauntingly gothic, sexy and feathery feminine, the opening is elegant and resinous. Once it settles, the notes dance together so magically, i'm seriously loving the wafts of champa incense swirling. I'm getting classic vibes from this, but its never powdery or overpowering. Perfect for nighttime romps of all kinds, date night, wanderings or drippy, black candle burning. Slather this to give yourself those exotic queenie priestess vibes, romantic and timeless like a midnight eclipse. So far i've declined a bottle upgrade. While I do admire its vampy, seductive elegant notes, panny is a little TOO heady for me. I will definitely keep sampling my decant before the lil's go away, just.in.case.
  14. Jenjin


    Ok, i'm a ghost. Going to say it but this is so much like The Serpentine. If you loved that one, missed that one or simply adore epic cozy hugged blends, you need dis. NOW! Do not hesitate because it will be gone in a flash POOF~
  15. Jenjin


    This is head clearing. Bottle sniff is minty and cool, like all the cobwebs inside my head were swept away with a broom. I haven't used this purposefully yet, but look forward to seeing my way through. Will return and add more as I get to know it.