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  1. Jenjin

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    Yuuuuuuuuum, smooshy, smashed up squishy marshmallows and warm, sugary cardamom cake, this gives me the coziness I crave. Just lovely, addictive even, like being in a warm, cakey sugar shack. Wonderfully delicious subtle cardamom spice, it smells edible, covering me with its wild floofy magic. It's perfect and comforting for lounging around the house, undercovers marshmallow cakesmashing noms. More than the sum of its parts, I can't stop thinking "My Little Grotesque", mixed with "Stekkjarstaur", two of my all time faves.
  2. Jenjin

    Faster Kittycat?

    I adore a cuddly smooth amber, and this is one smooth operator. Faster Kittycat is a lovely veil of scent that wears like a sheer scarf, with a transparency crafted through blending these sometimes heavy notes, with a light touch. It is graceful, and speaks in a gentle whisper and soft purr. The secret weapon here is the orris I suspect, which keeps the perfume close to the body, yet gives the overall experience a kind of elegance. The cashmere amber and white chypre give me whiffs of warm sweetness, very Oriental and reminiscent to Shalimar to me also, except with a bit more "bite" from the patchouli. I urge you to give this a try before the Lilith's come down, especially if you are a fan of orientals and gracefully smooth orris fragrance. It is discreet, refined and eminently wearable. Another GORGEOUS modern classic from the lab.
  3. Jenjin

    In Night When Colors All to Black Are Cast

    I'm just a little obsessed with "In Night When Colors All to Black Are Cast". This is such a beautiful and distinctive fragrance, i'm getting whiffs of elegant resin and musks that are strangely intoxicating. Sexy, gothic and dare I say, moody. All the notes swirl together into a kind of melancholy elixir, fragile yet powerful, like a doomed romance. As the scent dries down, the distinct, sweet and smooth myrrh is serenaded by the juicy plum and a touch of earthiness from the nagarmotha. A sudden tenderness hits, like the bittersweet solitude we have all been a part of, the dark folds of words left unspoken. Is the essence something just sitting upon the skin, or has it somehow sunk underneath and become part of me?
  4. Jenjin

    Queen of the Honeyed Heart

    The Queen of Hearts Commands This is so familiar to me, an elegant and mystical perfume. This is a wonderful ensemble of many elements with jammy fruit, flowers, and musk notes swirling together to make a communion wine. Womanly, rounded and oh so rich with the ability to transform the day, evoke memories. stir emotions by effecting mood, hopes and dreams. I'm getting a delicate creaminess, almost like a stream of white chocolate mixing with the luscious RED notes. The honey is low and slow in the background, never becoming "buzzy" or astringent. Something about it takes me back to my childhood, filling teacups with wild rose petals in the garden, plump bumblebees watching. Something from that time smelled very much like this. If a perfume can recall happy, sunlit memories, it is so worth it to possess, to wear and adore. Blessed Be! Long live the Queen of Hearts....Long May She Reign
  5. Jenjin

    Shadows and Light

    I am SHOOK! This is the most divine oudh, the best kind: warm, glowing and exotic. Some oudh fragrances can be "too strong" or "too anamalic" for my taste, but this is a different story. Very much like burning actual oudh wood, sitting beside the smoky air in the flickering light. Dark and smoky, thanks to artisjok, I'm using doomsday's decant and I love it. The most heavenly oudh smoke of the rarest kind. Perfect cool weather wear.
  6. Jenjin

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Will try Meditation Buddy, but she can't have my bottle
  7. Jenjin

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Daughter is obsessed with Juliette Has a Gun Vanilla Vibes. It's not really vanilla and more 'beach musk' than anything. Any BPAL suggestions?
  8. Jenjin

    A Glimpse

    I was gifted this bottle and worth a shot right? It's fine in the bottle, I didn't notice anything unusual, but on the skin it takes a turn. I can't say i'm getting an an indolic smell, but it does give me a "public restroom" sort of vibe. Clingy and strangely floral (warm skin is the culprit here). It does dry down to something mildly soapy, like fresh out the shower type vibe.
  9. Jenjin

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    Weird, this one reminds me of something in Paper Phoenix but the notes are completely different. Could be the sugar? It's a bit like Paper Phoenix with much more creaminess. I get mostly hay just after application and as it dries all the sweetness rises up. It really captures my heart, shimmering citrus over a squishy-creamy backdrop, not quite strong or distinct enough to register as "rice milk". The drydown stays relatively pale, but the finish has just enough of a punch to keep things warm and delicious. Rendevous in the Rice Straws is simple yet transformative, like a vacation in a bottle. This reminds me of being someplace tropical, wandering into a spa where you get into a warm bath filled with flowers, then a sugar scrub and massage. A fragrant, cuddly, musky cloud makes the air smell like paradise.
  10. Jenjin

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    This is so delicious, like a spice cabinet filled with fresh tobacco and sugared vanilla. I love the warm, seductive vibe and the tobacco is almost rum-boozy at the beginning, which burns off into a golden spice brown sugar. Why am I wanting to drink a White Russian? Almost a creamy candy overall, like those hard, milky coffee candies except the zinger is resinous tobacco. This is what angels smell like
  11. Jenjin

    Gingerbread, Fir, Myrrh, & Mahogany

    Brown spices, bread, woods and resins mixed in with the fir. This is an unusual combo I could see someone wear to a holiday pageant, maybe dressed as a gingerbread person with those striped socks and mitten hands. The polished mahogany note comes on strong after a few minutes, like spicy, shiny wood with the a tiny bit of evergreen myrrh smoldering below.
  12. Jenjin

    Banana Cream, Black Coconut & Raw Chocolate

    Same banana note from Sloth coming on strong in the first inning. It smells like banana candy and a tiny bit of vanilla. Banana perfumes make me happy, so novel and fun. After a few minutes, like other reviewers, the coconut becomes the top note along with the creaminess of the chocolate. Poof! the banana is completely gone and this is all yummy coconut creaminess, like eating the top, fluffy layer of cream pie. Wonderful for hot summer days, but I could also see wearing this on a cold, frosty night. Delish!!
  13. Jenjin

    Songs of Autumn VII

    Soft, green and figgy just at first, the sweeter woodsy notes come out during the drydown. I am in my second year of growing figs in my backyard, and finally they have fruited. This is very much like smelling my little plump figs. Hints of harvest day, walking through a wooded outdoor market filled with winter squashes, melons and fruits. I love the gentle sweetness from the sugary honey, mixed with evergreens and mosses. Delicately beautiful, this is another unexpected gem I am so glad I got to try.
  14. Jenjin

    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats

    Oh WOW! I passed this by when it first came out, thinking it would be darker and too masculine for me. This takes be immediately back to my childhood. My Mom would buy the glass jars of Lipton instant ice tea. I hated to drink it, but loved the scent of the powder just after the paper was torn off the top and a "poof" of tea smoke would rise above. I'm getting little wiffs of that experience, along with the smoothness of gorgeous cashmere. The leather is rich and smooth in the background, mixing with the tobacco it really does smell expensive!
  15. Jenjin

    Two Westeners

    Salty, sweaty leathered hides, i'm picturing pirates working the deck of a creaky ship tied to ocean shores. Barnacle crusted trunks down below and burnt candlesticks stubbed out. This smells like a classic BPAL to me, another one from "A Picnic in Arkham" mashed with the lab's beeswax note. Editing to add the drydown is luscious, shaggy leather, really nice.