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  1. Jenjin

    Tunisian Amber, Beeswax, & Balsam

    This is another one I was gifted a sample of and afterward had to find a bottle one way or another. There's a local designer i've purchased beautiful caftans from, and the first time she brought one over, it smelled exactly like this. When I asked what the fragrance was, she told me "Vetiver"? Yes, it even gives me Two Sheep and Two Goats vibes. I know there's no vetiver in this, but maybe its the balsam? Not sure, but my reaction is the same. I love this so much! It's rich and tangy, the earthy notes mix with with the creamy beeswax while the amber gives a golden glow. I am so happy to have found a bottle of this addictive stuff.
  2. Jenjin


    i can't remember what made me decide to buy this? Not sure if any of you get your orders and can't remember why you chose something? It must have been the cashmere musk, amber and balsam that called my name. Alas, i'm getting none of these notes, the iris and heliotrope are the main players here. The resins and musk keep the florals creamy and grounded. Yes, the iris truly shines here, I can only describe it as "candied" and "purple". I'd love to smell this on a husky man, all sexy and sleek forest fae.
  3. Jenjin

    Oda a la Luz Encantada

    I'm getting timeless, classic perfume vibes like everyone else. So pretty, fresh and easygoing with just a hint of spice from the herby chamomile. It smells exactly like the poem @MonBon posted above. Beautiful. It's special and ultra femme without being sweet. I want to cover my clothes with this, my scarves. It definitely reminds me so much of one of my beloved linen sprays I wish I could more of, "A Joyful Scene of Merriment and Pleasure". The sillage stays pretty close to the skin, but still noticeable as I move creating a cool and casual ambience.
  4. Jenjin

    A Breton Sorceress

    Smooth creamy spices, this is mezmerizing. I'm calling this Tonka Chai! with its deep wooded notes, like sitting in a warm, wooded occult shop with nose over chai ahhhhh. It's marvelous how these notes come together into a symphony of musk and spice. Even though it's not a listed note, I am getting carnation. A deep, dark red ruffled one like the sorceresses skirt. This is a shadowy jewel in the witches crown and I love it.
  5. Well my quest for the PERFECT sandalwood fragrance has ended here, so incredibly lovely in its simplistic bliss. Just a warm, woody aroma dressed in rich vanilla very much like Antique Lace to me. Its a little like an ice cream shop with big scoops of vanilla served in freshly carved sandalwood cones. I know that's a bit weird but if i've ever wanted sandalwood ice cream, its NOW.
  6. Jenjin

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    Yep, its that classic happy-hempy headshop BPAL patchouli from Banshee Beat and Revenant Rhythm. I love it so much. I daydream about glowing jars of this patch oil tucked into dark corners of the lab. It's magical for certain. Spoopy Kid isn't complete love for me like BB & RR even though it is beautifully blended. I'm regrettably getting the coppertone sunscreen thing mentioned above, but hopefully after a bit of aging, the patchouli will deepen some of the amber and floral notes. I can see this being beloved if the "sunbeam" behaves on your skin. Going to give this one some time...
  7. Addictive, delicious, fluffy pink vanilla cream, it's dreamy and slightly musky. All cozy for the winter months yet fresh enough for summer, this beauty is just perfect to me, my favorite weenie of the year. Seems a bit strange to call it a weenie, except its like a glowing crystalline sweet in a candy jar. The dead leaves are very dry, I can barely detect any besides a toasty, crunchy background. I just get big whiffs of airy vanilla and sugared fruits. Reminds me of a fancy candy store I went to in Mexico City where they roll whole green figs on the stem in different kinds of granular sugar until they turn to sparkling candies. Not a note, but i'm also getting some coconut here, the very young and green kind, almost like a flower. This is absolutely lovely, I have already picked up a second bottle so I can happily slather and exist in this elegant cloud.
  8. LICORICE!!! Oh gosh, my mom's favorite candy were black jelly beans. While I was growing up she had several jars scattered about our house in the deep woods. Her teeth often matched these beans mine too because I would nibble the black candy part away and toss the middle. My fingers and lips would be a fascinating black shade to match my heart 🌚 Anyway, this is more like Scandinavian licorice to me, with a slight briny saltiness. It's gorgeous, the skin picks up the salty notes and blends right in with the velvety patchouli. This is intoxicating, give it time. It's winter on the darkest night, you've made yourself a mug of Jäger and settled down next to the fire. It's slightly strange here, and definitely unforgettable.
  9. Jenjin

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    TootieFruity blast at first. Herbal almost medicinal lavender mixed with candied pink fruit. I could see a young child enjoying this, but t's way too fruity for me. Fruit lovers NEED this!!! Santa wants to be on his own because he's passed out pants down in the lavender field after hard hitting the sugared bonbon plums. Damn, I am taking a nibble out of all the bonbons here looking for that marshmallow, but the fruit note is jamjam jamming. Putting this one away also to see if time settles some of plum-mash edges and makes Santa-yummy poof magic.
  10. Jenjin

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    Interesting! Whew, loud, proud perfumey mess at first, i'm getting alot of powdered sugar flomp also. Thou'st slathering Snake Oil all over whilst binging on an enormous funnel cake at the rodeo. It's finishing by smelling a bit like a high-school perm sex romp? huh? Something about this reminds me of Halloween Las Vegas which is an afterparty mess on me. Okay, so i'm wishing it was gooier, and darker with more spice, but perhaps that will come in time. So many of my oldest bpals are thick and rich like syrup. Damn, I just rehomed my snake milk, it might be really good layered here. Laissez-vous faire. Into the cavern it goest for a few ages.
  11. Jenjin

    Dark-Eyed, Delightful

    I was lucky enough to be gifted a decant of this masterpiece, and immediately began my hunt for a full size bottle. Warm, woody chocolate incense notes all wrapped in sticky sweet vanilla patch. I typically cannot wear brown sugar perfumes, but its a background player here, and the way it blends with everything else is enchanting. This is a scent that gives me classic perfume vibes, nods toward Shalimar with its sensual, and luminous aura of magic. I could say this is gourmand, but not in an foodie way but more in the way you want to nuzzle skin. I love this so much, even the label suits it, sensual, mysterious and yes and big dose of metaphysical Kate Bush vibes. The benzoin in the finish amps this glowing aroma I could huff for hours, and maybe I just did nose-to-arm all afternoon. It goes all sultry rich on me at the end and I am delighted beyond words hmmmmm YESssssss.
  12. Jenjin

    Red Musk, Sugared Amber, and Red Berries

    ***Editing YAY to add that when I reviewed this I was on the tail-end of recovering from a moderate case of Kraken (covid). I thought my sense of smell hadn't been affected, but I wore this again yesterday and it was STRONG delightful and bright red musk. Juicy, tart and wow this morning i'm still getting little whiffs from yesterday. I'm still not wild about how cloudy it looks, but really, how often to I hold my bottles up to the light and squint? almost never. Who cares lol. Anyhoo, this is so good and the sugar is the cotton candy kind and super yum. If you love the idea of floofy red musk sugar, grab this before its pulled forever. (My head was stuffed with evil below) What I was hoping for here didn't happen. I am obsessed with Sugar, Poppy Tar and Red Current, and was hoping this might be similar. This is an extremely close to the skin scent, I can barely make anything out besides a very faint musk. Along with this, my bottle is also very murky as mentioned above. The oil is separating and doesn't look like ANY other BPAL I have owned. It appears to have been possibly tainted with something that oil doesn't mix well with, like water? Not sure what to do with this one besides tucking it into the dark to see what grows from the murk.
  13. Are there any currently available BPAL scents that you would love a bottle of? I missed Moon When the Cherries Turn Black, and am open to anything new release. Is there anything you're eyeing from Paintbox Soapworks' winter update? Scrubs or the Streusel. I don't use wax melts or lotion and prefer other soap bars. Would you like anything from Cellar Door (they do soaps and candles)? No thank you. Unfortunately, am not a fan of their bar soap. Prefer hard milled soaps that don't melt down into soup.... Anything of interest from Luvmilk? (Milky Monday, their version of Black Friday, is on 11/7!) The Moon Milk - Milk Bath looks yummy. Any of the milk baths look interesting. Crocheted Granny shawl. Yes or No? Preferred colors? (this one is pressing, I would need to start soon) Yes, if I could use it like a hood and is dark like Yule Cat against the starry sky. Maybe more goth and less "granny" please. BPal wax melts? I have TKO and Red Velvet Cake, Would bundle up a few for you to try of one, or both if you like NO, please, I absolutely do not like wax melts. I used to have drawers full and they make me physically ill. I need a flame with my wax to burn away some of the fragrance. I LOVE incense, linen spray and candles however. Are you interested in boozy homemade fruitcake? If it can be glutenfree  How about booze itself, specifically, moonshine whiskey infused with spices and fruits? Yes but I prefer boozy things on the sweet side Brown sugar shortbread? "Plain" buttery or flavored? Favorites include lavender and chocolate orange, but I could definitely do a holiday spice or peppermint batch or two. Yes, if see above. I can always give it to my husband if I can't have it. Interested in anything from Odins Daughter? What a beautiful website! This is new to me but the candles and the divination tools look lovely. And tacking on to this question for others in reference to Em, I make infused vodkas! The one I am most proud of right now is a spiced hibiscus liqueur. I make this as a jelly, too. As far as the Liqueur, We have been making an autumn Moscow Mule with it, and the other day I made a Mai Tai! Its yummy! Yes, absolutely would love this. If I can find the recipe, I want to make my grandmas Orange Slice Cake. Its a super yummy cake but a bit difficult to make as far as cutting up all the oranges. If you would like a mini cake IF I make it, lemme know! The ingredients are as follows: Yes, I think I can have this since no flour? dates orange slices candy coconut buttermilk pecans orange juice Wouldst thou like a microwaveable bowl cozy? Well, I have never owned a microwave??? and have never used one to hold a hot bowl, but might be a new novelty so I stop burning my tips. My favorite incense store is Good Earth Mercantile, any interest for an incense from them? Everything looks so good, this shop is new to me. Probably anything except the rose of Jericho. I already have several. Are you a cotton candy fan? Would anything from Chocolate Storybook interest you? NOM those look so YUMS. Probably anything like the pink vanilla, wedding cake, blue raspberry, or frosted donut Body Scrubs from CarolinaOrganicsSC are AHHHHMAZING! Any interest? The oatmeal milk and honey one is right up my bubbled alley House of MetalWorks has super cute and dainty gold-filled stacking rings in my price range! If this interests you, include ring size! No thank you. I've tried these thin, stackable type rings before and they get bent so easily. Several questionnaires mention joy in receiving homemade baked goods. What are your favorite holiday baked goods? Cookies, Cakes, Fudge? Other?  I have big love for toffee, fudge and candied pecans. Related question: I'm super into this peanut butter cookie recipe that happens to be gluten free and can easily be vegan. I assume if you are allergic to nuts that will be very clear on your survey, but beyond that: Are you into peanut butter cookies? If yes, would you enjoy them with creamy or crunchy PB? Oh gosh, I completely forgot to mention this on my main questionnaire, but I cannot do anything with peanuts. They burn my stomach so very badly and make me feel sick. I'm probably allergic but haven't been officially tested. I sub them with cashews if that works for you. If you do not read this far I totally understand if I get peanuts. Will pass them along to someone else in the house. No biggie. I've had a dumpster fire hella previous week and couldn't even come back here. I am thinking of making flavored sugar. What are flavors you would NOT enjoy out the following:  Lavender Rose Lemon Orange Vanilla Thyme Ginger Spice  Would you like anything from Witch Baby Soap? (Make sure to check the Throwback Thursday section of the website; they bring back a few things every Thursday!) Witch Baby stuff is super cute. I would be happy with anything. Pickety witch has the yule offerings up, including Yule Cat pins (black or white) and ornaments. Which do you love most? I'd like a pin any colour IF YOU LIKE COFFEE --- Do you like any specific roast more than another? Light? Dark? Medium? Breakfast Blend? Please, no coffee, I can't do it. Haus of Gloi's Yule is up, fancy anything? Sorry, not a fan without Brit Teeturtle has some adorable designs and their t-shirts often go on sale. Any designs that appeal? Not really my style. Is anyone else here an Erin Morgenstern fan?? https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/711842/the-phantomwise-tarot-by-erin-morgenstern/ I haven't read her new one yet but the first one was pretty good. Anything from the Lunacy You are eyeballing? https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-tag/late-october-2022/?fbclid=IwAR3OzugxYK-rNtwgJBFwUfRSp_jneUcOmEgAfwRdgC_dlM0tRESwX244rqM Yes, I will always take my beloved BPAL in any shape or form. FYI I am old school BPAL collector since 2003.
  14. Jenjin

    Haunt 2021

    Fresh application brings a pile of freshly raked leaves that quickly dissipate. If you've never been able to wear a DL scent, this one is for you! It becomes a sweet, herbal scent afterward, ooooh, this is a floaty, elegant warm embrace. The smoky amber is luscious like the glowing resin of an ancient tree along earthen fire pits. If you're looking for the Snake Oil/Dorian, they are very subtle, becoming something completely different here. I could describe it as Snake Oil dancing in a rich, amber glow. This is beautiful, and i'm wishing for more than a decant.
  15. Jenjin


    Goth Queen is that you? I took the plunge on Constellation because of the comparisons with Black Amber Sugar Cane, which I liked a lot, but wasn't strong enough for me. Just out of the mail bottle sniff and upon application, i'm thinking of Goth Queen, maybe just a little richer and deeper. Oh yes, the clove is here but it's smooooth and sultry. After a few minutes, the amber rises up to the top. It's sweet, dark and sparkles like the night sky. I am really loving this! I rehomed my bottles of Goth Queen and BASC but keeping this one. My Goddess this is going to be exquisite with some aging. The Egyptian Amber is incredibly beautiful ahhhhhh. If you missed BASC or Goth Queen, get thee claws to the Haute Macabre before this shooting star leaves our galaxy.