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  1. Jenjin

    Halite Phoenix

    I'm getting buttery salt water taffy without the sugar. Like rolling up a handful of freshly dug beach salt and mixing it with cream and crystals. Very much like sniffing a star I think, if a star were a giant sparkling salty rock you dug from silver mud. I'm a geology nerd in the worst sort of way so all of these make me dream. Brava!!!!
  2. Jenjin

    Perfumey scents

    Have you tried Media from American Gods? I LOVE Ava too and probably reach for Media more often. Fake News too, but it is a little more unisex if you're into that at all.
  3. Jenjin

    Shadow Embrace Bath Oil

    When I use the last drop of my backup bottle the tears will flow. I love this more than Castitas and that's saying alot. It is probably the most beautiful scent i've ever encountered. The End
  4. Jenjin

    Lucy’s Room Home & Linen Spray

    Deeply elegant, this transports me into a dark, lily-lined chamber heavy with swinging censers and torn lace. Utterly beautiful and sophisticated, it gives my shabby living room a lux tone, with gothic shadows and black bats. None of the florals dominate here, the rose is so very deep and pitched with purple opium, while the lily adds decaying spice. Something about this makes me feel like i'm within a vampire costume shop, velvet curtains and capes all around, rich with long forgotten cologne and blood stains. Part of my wants to tuck this away, so I have plenty left for next fall, but when I spray this all around, it makes everything enchanted and filled with romantic gloom. The best atmos are tranformative and Lucy's Room takes me directly to Dracula's castle, I can practically hear Lucy hissing in my ear. LOVE
  5. Jenjin

    Native Gold

    This is the 'poof' you get after pouring a big, frosty mug of root beer in a frozen mug. Smashing your mouth down into the brilliant, blanket of foam and savoring the sweet, creamy cloud. It calms down quickly as the cedar comes forward, giving it a base. Ahhhh, this is so lovely, drying down to a dry, herbal treasure. I would call it a skin scent, giving me an additional layer of sugary, warm sweetness. I've tried most of the lab's root beers, and i'm thinking this is absolutely my dreamcometrue root beer scent.
  6. Jenjin

    Benitoite Phoenix

    Funky, sweet musk, Benitoite has a sexy vibe, the "blue" almost like skin under pressure and rubs. A sultry, cool scent with a deepness very much like earth or sand inside a tide pool. It reminds me of being in the clay studio mixing earth on the pugmill, wet, grinding earth and sparkling pebbles turning and crushing with the water. The salty, creamy vanilla-like musk makes it animalistic in the beginning, like a sweaty, golem beast rolling down damp, coastal shores: "MY LIGHT FORM". It dries down into a cool and unusual vanilla on me, I would compare to Pediophobia. Over the years I have been pleasantly surprised by many of the anniversary scents, Benitointe included.
  7. Jenjin

    The Perfect Lavender

    Round Dance and Pere Noel are very candy-like
  8. Jenjin

    Colemanite Phoenix

    Walking through soft sands and crushing stone, the purple blooming sage and brittle woods waft upward, while a big, orange dripping sun is melting into the landscape.Spicy, herbal and woody, i'm getting a different experience with each sniff. It is very transformative and literally takes me someplace else that is quiet and humming with beauty.
  9. I went through this for awhile when I was obsessed with Insects The closest GC scents I found to be similar are The Witch Queen and Bewitched. Neither have that green glittering smell at the beginning however.
  10. Jenjin

    Clean Yer Home

    This is a teeny tiny bottle of amazingness! It helped clear the air around her and the only drawback is that I need a jug of this stuff. I've been adding drops into my homemade cleaning spray, the bath, even my vacuum bag. I love the way it smells and wish my house could smell this way all the time. Like I said, I need and desire so much more of this beauty.
  11. Jenjin

    Nimue the Blood Queen

    Sultry and sophisticated, Nimue goes on with a bright cherry rising up, and in the drydown, deepens into a velvety, luxurious scent. Each time I take a sniff, different things come out, the sweet red fruits, incense, and then something else I can't quite place except to say "fuzzy poison" with a basenote of cozy, cuddly musk. The oud is good stuff! warm and lickable even This is SEXEEEEEE but still very wearable and totally okay to wear in the daytime or on the darkest night. Like Aviatrix mentions above, it's alot like Lady Lucille, but this has a gorgeous basenote I think might be the oud and musk that uff! takes it into that epic BPAL territory. I can't quite explain it, but within all the best BPAL fragrances to me, there's this certain "deepness" or deliciousness that comes out at the drydown that's alot like chewing a buttery piece of fresh caramel. Not in a gourmand way, but in the exquisite way it fills your head and senses. Nimue has that same yumminess, which stole Merlin's heart along with mine.
  12. I've been slow to show off my package from winning ZZ's contest a few weeks ago. Being able to try all the new Hellboy movie scents was amazing! Witch's Lace and Hexennact too! I NEVER thought i'd get to sample Voodoo Queen, and it's just as gorgeous as I'd imagined. Thank you so much Jennifer for your generosity and here's to another year of BPAL! Thank you so much :wub2:


    1. zankoku_zen


      oh hey! I'm glad it arrived safely!

  13. Jenjin

    Queen Mab's Lace

    Most of my young life, I lived in a place with fields of grasses and giant oaks. We also had a trickling stream. It was so far out of the city, my shaggy dog Sadie was my best and closest friend. Over time, I grew very close to the woods surrounding me, the plants especially, singing to the flower's faces, rubbing their delicate petals across my cheeks and fingers. I made countless bouquets. These weren't made of your typical flowers, but of wild, overgrown weeds flowering into seed. Queen Mab's Lace is both beautiful and seductive opening up with a vivid memory of these prickly, bug filled bundles. I would gather them up, carefully choosing the prettiest stems I could find, sappy and sticky in the heat. Wilting almost as soon as they were picked. This scent charms me, entrances me to sway in its wildness, sap trickling down stems, whirling blossoms luring me to sink myself deeper into the halo of fragrance. This is a scent that only gets better as it warms upon the skin, blending and drying down into gorgeous lace that is deeply magical. I step delicately amongst the sun dappled forest, butterflies lifting my gossamer wings to keep them afloat.