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  1. I went through this for awhile when I was obsessed with Insects The closest GC scents I found to be similar are The Witch Queen and Bewitched. Neither have that green glittering smell at the beginning however.
  2. Jenjin

    Clean Yer Home

    This is a teeny tiny bottle of amazingness! It helped clear the air around her and the only drawback is that I need a jug of this stuff. I've been adding drops into my homemade cleaning spray, the bath, even my vacuum bag. I love the way it smells and wish my house could smell this way all the time. Like I said, I need and desire so much more of this beauty.
  3. Jenjin

    Nimue the Blood Queen

    Sultry and sophisticated, Nimue goes on with a bright cherry rising up, and in the drydown, deepens into a velvety, luxurious scent. Each time I take a sniff, different things come out, the sweet red fruits, incense, and then something else I can't quite place except to say "fuzzy poison" with a basenote of cozy, cuddly musk. The oud is good stuff! warm and lickable even This is SEXEEEEEE but still very wearable and totally okay to wear in the daytime or on the darkest night. Like Aviatrix mentions above, it's alot like Lady Lucille, but this has a gorgeous basenote I think might be the oud and musk that uff! takes it into that epic BPAL territory. I can't quite explain it, but within all the best BPAL fragrances to me, there's this certain "deepness" or deliciousness that comes out at the drydown that's alot like chewing a buttery piece of fresh caramel. Not in a gourmand way, but in the exquisite way it fills your head and senses. Nimue has that same yumminess, which stole Merlin's heart along with mine.
  4. I've been slow to show off my package from winning ZZ's contest a few weeks ago. Being able to try all the new Hellboy movie scents was amazing! Witch's Lace and Hexennact too! I NEVER thought i'd get to sample Voodoo Queen, and it's just as gorgeous as I'd imagined. Thank you so much Jennifer for your generosity and here's to another year of BPAL! Thank you so much :wub2:


    1. zankoku_zen


      oh hey! I'm glad it arrived safely!

  5. Jenjin

    Queen Mab's Lace

    Most of my young life, I lived in a place with fields of grasses and giant oaks. We also had a trickling stream. It was so far out of the city, my shaggy dog Sadie was my best and closest friend. Over time, I grew very close to the woods surrounding me, the plants especially, singing to the flower's faces, rubbing their delicate petals across my cheeks and fingers. I made countless bouquets. These weren't made of your typical flowers, but of wild, overgrown weeds flowering into seed. Queen Mab's Lace is both beautiful and seductive opening up with a vivid memory of these prickly, bug filled bundles. I would gather them up, carefully choosing the prettiest stems I could find, sappy and sticky in the heat. Wilting almost as soon as they were picked. This scent charms me, entrances me to sway in its wildness, sap trickling down stems, whirling blossoms luring me to sink myself deeper into the halo of fragrance. This is a scent that only gets better as it warms upon the skin, blending and drying down into gorgeous lace that is deeply magical. I step delicately amongst the sun dappled forest, butterflies lifting my gossamer wings to keep them afloat.
  6. Jenjin

    Meditation Buddy

    Meditation can be much simpler when I have a buddy, tapping into collective power. Helping me feel connected and courageous. I had paused buying BPAL around the time the Lilith's dropped last year due to health and life upheaval, but knew I had to have this one. I've been seeking a bottle of Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha for literally years without success, so I was hoping Meditation Buddy would give me the perfect meditation blend. I'm back to wearing and buying fragrances again thank Vishnu, and now I am wishing i'd picked up a BU bottle I love this so much. Some of my favorite blends include frankincense such as "The Contrast" and "Hope and Fear Set Free". This is more dainty and feminine with its sweet rose laced with vanilla, adding a creaminess. I've been thinking about mixing up a huge batch of florida water with ice just for house cleaning purposes, and I wish this fragrance could be bought by the gallon to splash everywhere on me and all of my casa.
  7. Jenjin


    You've reached out to St. Expedite because you need some fast help. He so loves roses, his color is RED, his aim is fast and true and expects praise once he delivers, just like an old friend. OH Happy Cakes!!! this fragrance certainly hits all the right sweet spots. Yes, this is truly scrumptious and has all the makings of classic BPAL with its perfectly blended notes along with a little bit of yummy cake and honey resins. Baked goods, dare I say a tiny bit of cinnamon sprinkled pound cake YES! along with dollop of boozy vanilla, a grind of ginger and waxy red musk, which is less hip thrusts and more like a warm, drippy red candle burning. Wearing this, honoring the everlasting St. Expedite, feels very much like a beacon, focusing in a way you know they love, creating your best chance to draw the action in and make it happen vibrationally. Do not delay, this is gorgeous, comforting and Blessed Be.
  8. Jenjin

    Snake's Tongue

    Wet, it reminds me of Steamworks or maybe Aradia, and the warmth from the black amber and ambergris rise up and i'm getting the bourbon vanilla.This is really sexy, but in a subtle sort of way. Unfortunately, the oakmoss and tobacco really start to take over, i'm amping something that takes it into masculine territory. There's a fine line for me with being able to wear something I might associate with my Dad, or Grandfather. Those two wore alot of aftershave!!! While I can see this being very popular (cause sexy as hell), it leaves me wanting more sweet, sugary Snake Oil and vanilla over the cologne woods it becomes, at least on my sugar loving skin.
  9. Jenjin

    Galerie des Glaces

    Oh me Oh MY! I'm so happy I didn't miss this. Honestly, there's been a storm of releases. SO MANY perfumes, it's like a giant ocean wave of choices. No way could I EVER find my favorites very easily. So finding this one feels like winning the lottery. I've been maybe stalking reviews for this whole series because I think alot of folks have been thrilled with many of the Travelogue selections, and then purestmaiden mentioned Poison, GRABBYHANDS! I adore Beth's fancy, sparkling perfume creations. Like other reviewers have already said, this is extremely well blended. I can't really say there's a singular top note, maybe because even the listed notes are very vague. What is this beauty? I might be getting tuberose, apple blossom or even jasmine here? It is alot like House of Mirrors but i'm also getting The Girl. It is opulent, expensive, and smells like a shining Neiman Marcus perfume counter. Fragrances like these can be worn up or down, I can see this amping my mood in jeans and a t-shirt but it would also go perfectly with a little black dress and diamonds, like a star filled sky at night.
  10. Jenjin

    Three Lovers

    Unbelievably beautiful one! Slinky and elegant, the other notes tame the rose, giving it a magnificent freshness. The white musk and cedarwood effortlessly intertwine amongst the florals to charm, and keep the composition modern and fresh. Soft and intimate, like a gorgeous whisper, I could drape myself in this everyday.
  11. Jenjin

    Cabbage White

    A tiny creature with a wingspan less than two inches wide, she thrives on diversity but has a taste for mustard. She may be small, but she is fierce: one cabbage white butterfly can be the matriarch of generations of millions. Orris root, orris butter, lily of the valley, and vanilla cream. The double hit of orris here transforms into a fatty violet, fruity, sweet and waxy floral with vintage overtones. I get a little bit of lily in the background, giving it a certain, damp coolness, like walking through a rainy meadow filled with silvery mist. The yummy vanilla is so creamy, it's alot like a delicious violet ice cream with the perfect amount of sweetness. I'm going to dot this on my pillow tonight because I find this incredibly soothing and perhaps the perfect sleep scent. EDITING to add that I opened and applied this the day it arrived and it screamed of talcum powder. I wasn't sure it was wearable for me, so I stuck it in my storage box and forgot about it. I think this one needs a bit of aging before testing.
  12. Jenjin

    Absolution Conjure Bag

    I'm not going to go into why I needed Absolution so much because it is a sad and pitiful story, but it called to me the first time I read the description and then I surfed on, and forgot about it. Over the next few weeks, the memory of it would drift back and I knew this conjure bag would find a home with me, and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Upon opening the box, it was unremarkable in form, and then I held its squishyness and sighed. A memory came rushing back to me of my most favorite stuffie. She was an adorable chunky hippo, and I'm just now realizing that her name should carry over to my bag. I tucked the bag inside of another bag that is the softest lavender like my hippo, because it does shed a bit. This might sound ridiculous, but I have the most gentle feeling of love being close it, like sinking my face into a big, soft lavender scented pillow and being held. Thank you Beth for making something that makes my heart glow and has already guided me towards the healing I yearn for.
  13. Jenjin

    Eldritch Bloom

    “Death in your arms, death in your arms” The deepest, darkest hypnotic black orchid of my dreams. This smells like the color of the night sky. Something about it reminds me of Vanessa Ives, seductive and full of secrets. Once the plummy patchouli settles into the orchid, it becomes a luxuriously deep scent, a gothic brew to entice and captivate. I would definitely call this a nighttime scent, a scent for a dreamer, a magician, a shadow. This blossom is elementally compelling and will transport you to a time of magic.
  14. Jenjin

    The Storyteller

    We strike a fire. Blankets, soft sweaters inside leather, and warm skin lit up by flickering flames. Wild branches from the woods, the thickest trunks smoking and charring the night sky. Transfixed by the flames, the pops and crackles chase the flying embers and the fire comes to life. The creamy wax note is sweet and perfectly balances with the smoke and leather, creating something utterly glowing, unique and luxurious. Like sinking my nose into tossed clothes the next day, after experiencing magic beside a woodfire made with shining, golden branches. I can't WAIT to wear this once the weather cools down. This is an accidental, dizzying perfume love affair for me.