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  1. Jenjin

    An Introduction to Illustrious Kabuki Actors

    I'm strangely getting cherry here, it must be the way everything's blending together in a tart, mouthwatering pink way. It's super yummy, creamy and dries down to a sweetened wood scent. I love this one! it's the winner from the shungas this year on my skin to nose.
  2. Jenjin

    Highest Quality Vagina

    You can thank Shakespeare for the poem. The word 'poop' here refers to the part of a ship, not the contemporary meaning. "Taken from the Latin word “puppis” and the French term “la poupe,” the term references the aft or back end of a sailing ship. The captain and sailors used the poop deck for a specific purpose in its time.
  3. Jenjin

    Red Velvet Tuxedo

    I've had this bottle for several months. It wasn't a hit when I first tried it, so i've let it age to see if the relationship changed. I can appreciate the fragrance story here. I'm getting lots of cologne, boozy butter-creamed topped fruit cake and even velvety red wine. Something here is very much like Halloween Las Vegas. That decadent, boozy party where someone spilled the cologne over booty and rolled around in the cake display. It also reminds me of a certain scent i've smelled at craft shows and antique malls as a kid, like fruity, autumn apple candles and potpourri. So unfortunately it doesn't drydown to a delightful cherry for me, but mostly turned red wine mixed with cheap cologne with a smear of cake on dresses. The honeymoon is over. It's interesting how each of us has a different scent memory for scent notes which influences reaction. Unfortunately, this one is not for me, but again the wild story it tells is fascinating for a time.
  4. Jenjin

    Unarmed and Laughing

    This is so much like my beloved Champagne Lace with an enormous dollop of sweet vanilla cream. Reminds me alot of a wedding cake too. When I was around 10 years old, my mom took me to a friend's wedding. The reception was grand and well, i'd never had white wedding cake before. Pretty sure I ate one whole tier I just remember being in ecstasy, binging on this deliciously airy fluffy cake and seeing so many eyes on me. I wish i'd had the guts to give them all the finger This reminds me of that heavenly cake I will never forget. Yes, huge mouthfuls of sugary white cake with swigs of greengrape champagne. Swoon~ Ahhhhh Primavera. Maybe scent bewitched beauties will trail after me in a handclasped dance like the Three Graces. Yet another truly epic BPAL vanilla. I adore this variation and am stunned the lab can still surprise and WOW me with such simple blends
  5. Jenjin

    This is the Day When Old Friends Meet

    This almost smells like my old squat bottle of Snake Oil to me, or a sister to it. let's say "old friend" Sweet, sugary, resinous but richer with a stir of fuzzy myrrh darkness. I adore sugary deep fragrances and this does not disappoint. I am loving the throw also, sometimes I really want other people to catch a wiff of me without being in a hug. Honestly, I don't get much fig/, or perhaps its so well blended with the other notes that it becomes something else, something better. If anything, the fig is the deep purplebrown variety that is super ripe, almost turned to sugar. To sum it all up, this Friend to me is a syrupy, sticky earthy patchouliroot beer topped with sugary vanilla. I think this might be my favorite '22 Yule.
  6. Jenjin

    Cherry Wine

    So, reviewing this straightaway after Cherry Incense and well, the two do not really compare. Even with the cherry top-note, the drydown takes these in two completely different directions. The cherry is slightly medicinal here, perhaps from the wine? I am not a huge fan of wine fragrances, besides Lilith and Sekhmet with its incense notes, and Blood Kiss which wins over this claws down.
  7. Jenjin

    Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar

    I've been looking for a HG BPAL cherry for many years. This is what I wanted from Gothabilly. The opening is a mouth watering cherry punch! I am loving the intensity of this, its the same one from Cherry Bourbon which I also enjoy. After a few minutes, the cherry is completely overtaken by smoky, sultry incense, and this is a general term because it is difficult to pull out individual notes, it's so well blended. Very much like walking into a house that regularly burns sticky sticks of the best incense.
  8. Jenjin

    Highest Quality Vagina

    This vagina smells like Cleopatra. I can imagine Egyptian perfumers obsessed with creating the perfect scent for their queen. Burning resins, sticky amber, milk and honey all swirled together to dress her, to cover that unwashed wind. There are watery grasses here too, the queen is floating on a reed grass basket boat in the blinding sunlight, browning her skin and airing it all out. Perhaps I am going astray dear reader by taking this in a direction not mentioned in the notes, but clearly these are ancient materials. They say Cleopatra used fragrance to seduce Mark Antony, with even the floor of her room strewn ankle deep with roses, leading a passageway to her bed. 'The barge she sat in, like a brunish'd throne, Burn'd on the water, the poop was beaten gold, Purple the sails, and so perfumed that The winds were lovesick with them...." Shakespeare.
  9. Jenjin

    White Silk Chrysanthemum

    Lots of champagne here, people reading these probably don't need yet another review mentioning SURPRISE! it's got aldehydes yep. I really enjoy a few champagne fragrances including Champagne Lace, even Mummies of the DF has the same rattle. White Silk Crysanthemum are the flowers covering these mummy tombs. The flower crown surrounding that mummy brown. Unfortunately, this falls flat on me, maybe I need more incense or resins instead of flowers.
  10. Jenjin

    U Strip

    This reminds me of that Paul Mitchell coconut shampoo, seriously. It even has something that smells like cosmetics in the background. Not getting any of the vetiver I was hoping for but the description does say "watching in the background" so its very slight.
  11. Jenjin

    A Medley of Vulvas

    The Bushman's Candle beckoned me here. This is a non-gourmand soft and creamy scent, the vanilla is sugary sweet and flows into the other notes beautifully. I am predominantly getting a rich and thick waxy scent, topped off with a dollop of whipped honey. It's like getting lost in a beehive where the bees are so fat with thichoney they lounge around all day instead of working. Makes me think of "O" and I need to try these side-by-side because it seems very similar.
  12. Jenjin


    As much as I adore these at the Panifica, the ginger pig in perfume form doesn't work on me. I'm getting a yummy ginger spice and cinnamon note, but also something greasy. I was liking it okay, talking myself into it, but then I had my dude take a whiff and he absolutely hated it. Mostly I think it's a personality clash...
  13. Jenjin

    Black Silk Orchid

    So mysterious, like the glowing moon rising over a midnight sea. I might call this silver goth. They never wear black, only white, and allergic to the sun, with sharp teeth. I have a stellium in Cancer, Sun Moon Mars Venus. This scent is so much like this cluster all mashed up and magnetizing everything else. It has a sort of magnetic pull to it, like you're hovering over a chunk of the moon stuffed into a jar. I had to transport a piece of the NASA moonrock for a job several years ago. It was encased in the weirdest, obtuse box I had to hold away from my body through the airport. The night before my flight, my husband and my daughter all huddled in the darkest room we have and pointed a flashlight on the moon. It was like nothing else i've ever seen before. Bajillions of tiny black crystals all squeezing themselves together. We cried it was so marvelous. This is what I think of when I smell Black Silk Orchid. It is literal mojo moon magic.
  14. Jenjin

    The Serpent in the Roses

    What a contemplative, elegant experience. Top notes of patchouli, red rose and metallic gold rise to the top. This actually has more light than I was expecting, like sunlight glinting off the snake's eyes at dusk. I'm also getting damp grassy earth notes. This snake is in the meadow, twisting through stems with thorns in an attempt to reach and kiss velvety rose tops. I love its gentle, moody presence. This is a calming, meditative scent for me, combining qualities of earth and spirit becoming one.
  15. Jenjin

    To Lallie

    What a stunner! A sweet honeyed rose on a soft base of cream. Very smooth and seductive, all the notes come together to become something almost seaside, like a sugared white cotton candy taffy rose. Yep, it's the same white rose note from KVT and White Rose, but Lallie is MUCH more delicious to me. Maybe it's the addition of the gorgeous coconut milk, benzoin and ambergris giving it more glowing depth. I wasn't wowed by KVT but I love this.