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  1. Jenjin

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    When I first tried this, i'd forgotten the associations with BB and RR. Immediately thought of some berry cereal I used to snarf as a kid, drowning in skim milk--a chalky pink mess. Seriously couldn't kick the breakfast memories, reading the cereal box over and over, dumping it out early looking for a prize. Milk burps. Saw someone post about the patchouli reference and tried the bone chibi once more. The patch definitely blossomed while I picked up that lovely, sugared patch. I'm torn on this one, but hanging onto it to see if the fave scent memories of the beloved Banshee wins me over.
  2. Jenjin

    Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar

    Buttery Sugar Cookie with a huge, syrupy dollop of brown, dark sugar. Lots of buttery warmth up-front, and the drydown for me is almost all thick, brown sugar. Very much like Sugar Skull without the fruits, slathered on a buttered cookie. Its a fun scent, but I also amp butter and am wishing for more lemony vanilla or spice. Could be gorgeous as a layering scent if you want an extra hit of dark sugary syrup.
  3. Jenjin

    Magnolia scent?

    The Bride is my favorite by far
  4. Jenjin

    My Wise Beauty

    A clean, brisk beginning, I'm also getting a citrus twist here. The sandalwood grounds and wafts about with an incense vibe, while the amber gives the whole thing a feminine, perfumed edge. Wonderfully warm and sweet, I could see this as being very grounding and scent calming on those hectic days. I prefer my amber to be deeper and stickier, i'm also getting a chewable vitamin c note that hopefully fades or ages out. Will stash and try this again in a week or two.
  5. Jenjin

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    Yep, gummy yummy squishy bears all over me. I'd also like a bit of creamy vanilla, but its tons of fun and will be passing along my decant to a little one I know. Pretty sure she will love it and hopefully not lick it.
  6. Jenjin


    So much butter in the buttercream and strangely "nutty"? I've been looking for the perfect chai scent, but this is almost butterscotch on me, morphing into maple syrup cakes. Where's the chai spice or even the wood? It does remind me a teeny bit of my beloved "The Storyteller" with a dollop of rich cream, but pushed way into foodie territory. I can see alot of people loving this. Oh so cozy and cuddly, Cerberus'ish would be beautiful wafting up from a warm coat against skin in winter, making you hungry dream of creamy hot drinks and puddings. The "ish" in my delish
  7. Jenjin


    Wow! Beautiful! this is addicting, can't stop smelling myself. I can see this becoming a signature sent for many BPAListas. Hauntingly gothic, sexy and feathery feminine, the opening is elegant and resinous. Once it settles, the notes dance together so magically, i'm seriously loving the wafts of champa incense swirling. I'm getting classic vibes from this, but its never powdery or overpowering. Perfect for nighttime romps of all kinds, date night, wanderings or drippy, black candle burning. Slather this to give yourself those exotic queenie priestess vibes, romantic and timeless like a midnight eclipse. So far i've declined a bottle upgrade. While I do admire its vampy, seductive elegant notes, panny is a little TOO heady for me. I will definitely keep sampling my decant before the lil's go away, just.in.case.
  8. Jenjin


    Ok, i'm a ghost. Going to say it but this is so much like The Serpentine. If you loved that one, missed that one or simply adore epic cozy hugged blends, you need dis. NOW! Do not hesitate because it will be gone in a flash POOF~
  9. Jenjin


    This is head clearing. Bottle sniff is minty and cool, like all the cobwebs inside my head were swept away with a broom. I haven't used this purposefully yet, but look forward to seeing my way through. Will return and add more as I get to know it.
  10. Jenjin

    Drow Yoga Instructor

    I really don't like being first, but yah, okay Reminds me of Lush Plum Rain at the start, at least the memory of Plum Rain cause I used up my body wash a couple years ago. Maybe its just the idea of it, dark purple and Ka-BLAM! up front. It's a fresh fruity plum with a slight tart tang. Big fruit rolling in straight out of the bottle. The lavender becomes more apparent after a few minutes, and its the sweet kind, not medicinal. This is a deep, dark lavender if that makes sense. Hence the name "indigo", like the deepest darkest lavender night sky. OM~ So here's the buildup.....once this gets on the skin and starts to warm up, it literally blossoms. The best part IS the dry-down. This is seriously divine smoky sandalwood. It's like sticking your nose in an empty wooden cigar box. Just a little chewy, rich golden smoke with a plump purple floaty floral sweetness. I LOVE DYI once its warmed up on the skin and the sandalwood deepens. I can see this being cuddly enough for bedtime, YES for yoga practice, and being a very sensual goddess experience wafting around you during downward dog. Namaste~
  11. Jenjin

    Leave Her, Jonny

    Jumping in the water here. Can I mention that I love this series so much! Wasn't sure any of the scents would work for me, so I pretty much took a chance with this one and i'm glad I did. It's fabulous, leans a little bit on the masculine side, yet refined and elegant. The rum is beautifully balanced and not overpowering the wood notes. Soft yet strong, velvety and delicious, the patchouli is sweet and intoxicating, just luscious. I will cherish this little bottle and the way it makes me feel like a sexy, girl pirate ready to take on the peg leg blokes.
  12. Jenjin

    Buck Moon 2021

  13. Jenjin

    The Grey Columns

    Umph wow! Silvery, slinky amber. Literally PERFECT amber. This is the amber of EVERYONE's DREAMS. I have Slathered this all over my shoulder and OH GODS it is SO BEAUTIFUL! If only I could somehow turn up the volume because I have to "nose to the rose", it is sooooo soft. I would kill for this in a body oil. Something I could splash all over myself and glow like a luminescent jelly fish.
  14. Jenjin

    Lord of the Heavens

    BY JOVE, I do declare. This jewel just found a spot in my Jupiter/Jove box. It definitely smells like a beautiful golden king, lounging in snug pants and tilted crown. Perfectly transformative, this will be perfect for meditation purposes when I want to slow down and let wisdom flow in.
  15. Jenjin

    The Triple Crown

    Glowing, earthy stones covered in moss and ivy. Smelling it feels like a spicy hug (i'm not getting any cardamom others are mentioning and think it is the brown musk). It radiates warmth up front, but sweet creamy notes keep it smooth. Its beautiful and yummy, deep and dark without being a gourmand. Warm, musky yet sweet and sexy, this is perfect for anyone who wants a fantastic and rich fragrance. I will be grabbing a bottle for my conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious.