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    Blends: De Sade, Josie, Malice, Perversion, Sacrifice, Snake Charmer, Tiki Princess, Torture Queen, Voodoo QueenNotes: clove, lavender, leather, lotus, myrrh, opium, skin musk, vetiverDealbreakers: cinnamon, dragon's blood, honey, lilies, roses

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    I'm a bibliophile and former Lush addict. I've since transferred my allegiance to BPAL, obviously.

    My other interests in a nutshell: archaeology, art, comics, classics, linguistics, music and old movies.
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  1. ralenth

    Clinochlore Phoenix

    Wet, this is sweet blackcurrant with a tinge of tartness. As it dries, a sugared rose comes into play, with soft underpinnings of a gentle musk. The throw is minimal on my skin, but it is a gentle girlishly pink scent that lasts for a couple of hours.
  2. ralenth

    2020 Aesthetic

    Tart, delightful raspberry. It's sweet and candy-like. A definite mood booster. ❤️
  3. ralenth

    Dark Lace

    I'm usually pretty nervous with soil notes because my skin amps that, but Dark Lace surprisingly worked well for me. The loam weaves in and out on my skin, but it's never overwhelming. Mostly, it's a gorgeous heady tobacco with wisps of cognac. A warm vanilla comes in for me around the half hour mark. The overall effect is quite elegant and sultry.
  4. ralenth

    Unicorn and Ram

    Softly spiced leather. This one is definitely cozy, and I agree it is reminiscent of Tombstone, but wrapped in a soft wool blanket.
  5. ralenth

    Enlightenment of the Courtesan Jigokudayu

    Wet: Pear swirled with tiare. Drydown: It's getting a little spicy now. Hello, carnations. There are little whispers of another light floral around the edges. Dry: (hours later) Soft pears and floral, but somehow different than my initial wet stage. Overall: This one is definitely a morpher, and so gorgeous. The throw was minimal but it lasted for quite a long time on my skin. It really reminded me of Tiki Princess when I first applied it, but it ended up nowhere near it.
  6. ralenth

    Black Swallowtail

    Licorice forward at the beginning, mellows to a sultry, shadowy floral.
  7. ralenth

    Sparrows in Flight

    Soft, fuzzy peach wrapped in a delicious chypre. Sweet, and subtle, with excellent throw and wear length.
  8. ralenth

    Like Father, Like Daughter

    Sugar spun tart pomegranates. This is delicate, and sweetly sour while it lasts, but is very brief on my skin.
  9. ralenth

    Au Milieu Hair Gloss

    This is absolutely gorgeous. It's a salty aquatic with underpinnings of wood and spikes of vetiver. I feel like a sultry mermaid.
  10. ralenth

    Encroaching Madness

    Bottle: Horrifying sharp, acrid. I'm a little nervous to test this on my skin, but science! Wet: Swirling Honeysuckle over a minty, herbaceous aquatic scent. Drydown: The herbal quality settles down, and chrysanthemum dances in. Dry: This is quite pretty on my skin chemistry. It's a lovely sunny floral scent, quite the opposite of what I get in the bottle.
  11. ralenth

    Enlightenment of the Courtesan Jigokudayu

    At first, it is a sweet, creamy pear scent. As it dries down, I can see the comparisons to Tiki Princess (which I adore), but less of the loud coconut vibe here in EotCJ. The pear is dissipating in the drydown, so it's soft and mellow sweetness with minimal throw.
  12. ralenth

    Death’s Head Moth

    Wet: Warm sandalwood with a bite of pepper and a dash of clove. Gorgeous. Drydown: Clove, clove, clove. Holy clove, Batman. Dry: The clove softened eventually. The final result is a warm, clove and sandalwood blend. It isn't as cuddly for me as Hunter, but it is still rather pleasant.
  13. ralenth


    Wet: Luscious plum with a tinge of tartness. Drydown: Rose majestically sweeps in, and is sweetened by the plum. My skin really tends to amp red roses, so the rose quickly takes center stage for me. Dry: Bare whispers of rose with a hint of fruit. It was lovely while it lasted, though it was brief.
  14. ralenth

    Unwelcome Suggestion

    Wet, I get almond and a bit of soft floral. On the drydown, there is a lovely green vegetal note. The overall effect is very soft as it dries. My skin gobbles it up rather quickly though.
  15. ralenth

    The Writing on the Slate

    Soft, creamy beeswax, with a tinge of a stone note underneath. It isn't as sweet as beeswax normally is on my skin. This one is lovely and consistently warmed beeswax for hours.