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    Decant Mountain
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    Blends: De Sade, Josie, Malice, Perversion, Sacrifice, Snake Charmer, Tiki Princess, Torture Queen, Voodoo QueenNotes: clove, lavender, leather, lotus, myrrh, opium, skin musk, vetiverDealbreakers: cinnamon, dragon's blood, honey, lilies, roses

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    I'm a bibliophile and former Lush addict. I've since transferred my allegiance to BPAL, obviously.

    My other interests in a nutshell: archaeology, art, comics, classics, linguistics, music and old movies.
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  1. ralenth

    Patchouli & Neroli

    On my skin, this dries to a muted patchouli and orange creamsicle. It's a little unusual, but also pretty.
  2. ralenth


    Cool, sweet, green, and delicately feminine. Even hours later, I am getting pleasant wafts of it.
  3. ralenth

    The Worm Shall Revive Thee With Kisses

    This scent has very minimal throw, but is a delicious, mellow vetiver that is thick, dark and smoky. It last for a long time on my skin, but I tend to amp vetiver, so this is unsurprising.
  4. ralenth

    Lick It Now

    Delightfully sweet peppermint dipped in vanilla. It is glorious on a hot summer day.
  5. ralenth


    Wet: Dark primal forest, and a thick musk. Dry: Ruggedly masculine, sexy pheromone-inducing lumberjack.
  6. Wet: Bright red musk and a something that almost seems like a toasted sugared grain. Drydown: Mostly a sweet red musk forward blend with the slight powderyness I get from dragon's blood. Dry: Not much remains after a few hours except a sweet marshmallowy scent.
  7. ralenth

    Sinoatrial Node

    Super bright lemon verbena, with a little bit of effervescence from the champagne. It's incredibly cheerful, and hangs close to the skin.
  8. ralenth

    The Torture Queen

    In the Bottle (aged since 2007): Citrusy tea. Mostly citrus though. Wet: Chrome- tipped gardenias. Drydown: The chrome fades rather quickly, and a lush gardenia drenched in green tea blossoms out from my wrist. Dry: Unfortunately, this doesn't last more than an hour on my skin. I loved it while it lasted.
  9. ralenth

    Monastery in the Mountains

    Wet: Bright, clean snow. Cool, sweet, and remote. Drydown: Still gloriously snowy, with whispers of ozone, but not overwhelming. Dry: Cool, high mountain air with tinges of snow. Very pretty.
  10. ralenth

    Gardenia, Tobacco Leaf & Oakmoss

    Wet: Gardenia, with a tiny whisper of something green, but nearly entirely gardenia. Dry: Almost purely gardenia, with something earthy grounding it slightly. Quite lovely, and now going into heavy rotation!
  11. ralenth

    Breakfast, Or Something

    Wet: Vibrant guava rolled around in some sugar, with a soft dash of milk. Hello tropical pink! Drydown: The guava tones down, and the strawberry saturates it, with a slight milky tinge. Dry: Just softly pink. Very lovely, but I was hoping the noisy guava would stick around longer.
  12. ralenth


    Wet: Lovely tart dripping berries. Drydown: The berries mellow, and a soft honeyed rosemary peeps in. Dry: Herbal honey, with nary a berry in sight (or sniff).
  13. ralenth

    Leather, Black Tea & Clove

    At first, this is definitely all about the clove. The tea comes into play on the drydown, and it has a chai-esque vibe. The leather is soft, and understated. I will echo that I definitely want to see more from the leather, but this is overall a lovely clove-forward blend.
  14. ralenth

    Heart-Shaped Hot Tub Hair Gloss

    Sweet, heady red wine with a tinge of magnolia. There is a soft undercurrent of incense, but it is primarily a voluptuous red wine.
  15. ralenth


    Wet: Bright peach and a lovely green floral. Dry: Soft green tendrils and a whisper of musk. Overall: The peach sadly was too ephemeral this time. Fae is definitely pretty, light and summery with minimal throw.