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    Blends: De Sade, Josie, Malice, Perversion, Sacrifice, Snake Charmer, Tiki Princess, Torture Queen, Voodoo QueenNotes: clove, lavender, leather, lotus, myrrh, opium, skin musk, vetiverDealbreakers: cinnamon, dragon's blood, honey, lilies, roses

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    I'm a bibliophile and former Lush addict. I've since transferred my allegiance to BPAL, obviously.

    My other interests in a nutshell: archaeology, art, comics, classics, linguistics, music and old movies.
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  1. ralenth

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  2. ralenth


    Wet: Lush red roses dripping in patchouli. Drydown: Lovely soft red musk, a hint of patchouli, and a soft bloom of rose underneath. Dry: Soft, and lusciously feminine. The notes have melded together gorgeously. It is challenging to pick them out.
  3. ralenth

    Honeysuckle & Wisteria

    Wet: Gorgeously lush honeysuckle, with a sharp green stem underneath. Drydown: Faint puffs of wisteria as the honeysuckle fades, but predominantly clean and green. Quite pleasant. Dry: Mostly vegetal green, faintly floral. It's nice and unobtrusive. Definitely not what I expected.
  4. ralenth

    Beach Scene

    Wet: Sea salt, a dash of driftwood. Drydown: Masculine aquatic cologne vibe washes over the driftwood. Dry: Salt-encrusted driftwood with occasional whiffs of the cologne. Quite lovely.
  5. ralenth

    Baby’s First Chainsaw

    ITB: Eating gooey cookies in my step-dad's garage. Wet: Hot metallic grease, but strangely pleasant. Drydown: The grease calms down. BFC gives off a good dose of baking vanilla and chocolate, but layered with a bit of masculinity. Dad is totally baking cookies for the fundraiser. It's not quite foodie, but it doesn't really smell like anything else I've ever tried.
  6. ralenth

    Little Sister is Watching You

    Aged bottle: 07/2014 Wet: Cherry blossom with flashes of ozone. Dry: Predominantly cherry blossoms still, but with an undertone of spring scented detergent. It's weirdly still pretty, just kind of soapy.
  7. ralenth

    Post-Mortem Laureatus

    Wet: Soft ivy trailing with sandalwood and a squirt of cucumber. Dry: Ivy clinging close, soft and green.
  8. ralenth

    The Empty House

    Wet: A beautiful buttery pumpkin, but without the autumnal spices. Drydown: Pumpkin with a swirl of smoke Dry: Just a soft, buttery pumpkin for me. It's lovely and understated.
  9. ralenth

    A Farewell to False Love

    Predominantly lavender with something else vaguely floral underneath. It's soft and mellow, rather than the stronger herbal lavender I associate with scents like TKO. Very pretty and feminine.
  10. ralenth

    Patchouli & Neroli

    On my skin, this dries to a muted patchouli and orange creamsicle. It's a little unusual, but also pretty.
  11. ralenth


    Cool, sweet, green, and delicately feminine. Even hours later, I am getting pleasant wafts of it.
  12. ralenth

    The Worm Shall Revive Thee With Kisses

    This scent has very minimal throw, but is a delicious, mellow vetiver that is thick, dark and smoky. It last for a long time on my skin, but I tend to amp vetiver, so this is unsurprising.
  13. ralenth

    Lick It Now

    Delightfully sweet peppermint dipped in vanilla. It is glorious on a hot summer day.
  14. ralenth


    Wet: Dark primal forest, and a thick musk. Dry: Ruggedly masculine, sexy pheromone-inducing lumberjack.
  15. Wet: Bright red musk and a something that almost seems like a toasted sugared grain. Drydown: Mostly a sweet red musk forward blend with the slight powderyness I get from dragon's blood. Dry: Not much remains after a few hours except a sweet marshmallowy scent.