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  1. gloame

    Sanguinem Menstruum

    Mm, like honey and red sweetness. There's a tiny bit of tang underneath, but overall this is really feminine and confident, while staying soft. It's a quiet warrioress. I really dig it. SO GLAD I remembered to bring the donation to will-call to get one of these! Where I'd wear this: On a feminine crusade
  2. gloame

    Dragon's Musk

    Masculine and dominant for sure. It's got a kind of green tang underneath the blood. Really interesting scent, but not my jam.
  3. gloame


    Ahh so lovely! Not too cinnamon-y, which is a good thing for me. It's very soft—an undercurrent. Not nearly as strong as I would've expected, and I wonder if the formula's been changed because others are saying it's very cinnamon. To me, the honeysuckle is forward, followed by copal and myrrh. I really love this. It smells sweet and innocent. Where I'd wear it: A girl's birthday party
  4. gloame

    Blood Amber

    Dry, spicy, warm. Definitely sensual and pleasant, but nothing that screams "Must have!" to me. Where I'd wear this: Late summer afternoon date
  5. gloame


    Started off extremely Cherry Coke, but does evolve with the dry-down. Still a bit too sweet for my tastes, but pleasant overall. Where I'd wear it: Biker bar
  6. gloame

    Body, Remember

    Smells really warm and pretty. Reminds me a bit of the Lush Godiva shampoo bar, but creamier. A definite favorite. Where I'd wear it: Date night, early summer
  7. gloame


    Smells very fresh and clean, like spring flowers. It's uplifting and pretty. I've been reaching for it a lot just for daily wear by itself. Where I'd wear it: Spring mornings
  8. gloame


    Yummy and...kind? It smells very nice, like someone who'd give you an orange currant scone. There's something magical to it, like sparkling spells zipping around. Honestly, I'm pretty sure this is what Molly Weasley's kitchen smells like at Christmas. Where I'd wear it: The Burrow, December
  9. gloame

    2010: Salt Phoenix

    Super salty. Undercurrents of Easter flowers, which is lovely. It's bright, confident, happy. Low throw, seems to fade. Where I'd wear it: Easter at the beach
  10. gloame

    There's a Certain Slant of Light

    When I first smell this, I always think 'citrus' but then I realize it's the coolness from the hyssop (which I think is what I love so much about Snow White). It's green and fresh, but also snowy and a little bit sweetened. Very lovely. Where I'd wear it: Cold, sunny days
  11. gloame

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    The best Phoenix this year. Smooth, creamy, sexy. I don't get a strong marshmallow vibe, but that's good. It's soft, but I think the almond milk comes through more as a 'softener'. I don't super love Snake Oil on its own, but I do like a lot of the blends, and this one with Snow White (which I love) is really lovely. Where I'd wear it: Casual dinner date
  12. gloame

    Fortuna Redux

    At willcall, I loved this one and bought it immediately. Trying it on a month or so later, it doesn't smell the same to me. I don't smell either tobacco or jasmine now—or really anything. I wonder if I got a bad batch?
  13. gloame

    2009: Wool Phoenix

    Something about the Lab's cigar note really gets me. I can't say I like cigar smoke IRL, but here it just gives everything an, IDK, almost a tanginess. The goat wool too. I would never have expected to like this, but I bought it at willcall and couldn't be happier. Where I'd wear it: Summer fun fairs
  14. gloame

    Day of Skulls

    On wet, it's a nice, strong floral. I love the hydrangea. It's one of those scents that makes me think I *can* do florals. As it dries, it has a really lovely kind of autumny-greenness, that reminds me of Autumn Coolness (another fave). The cocoa leaves don't give a chocolate vibe (I don't know if they're supposed to or not) but I didn't want it here. The tobacco smooths it out. This was the only Weenie I bought this year (at willcall). Love it. Where I'd wear it: Late autumn hay rides.
  15. gloame

    Baron Samedi

    Cherry coke and cigarettes is exactly it! It’s warm and slightly sweet smelling, but by no means foodie. The tobacco is ages, like a man who’s been smoking his whole life and never really washes the scent all out. I like it! Unisex, warm, woody, slightly oriental. ETA 1/24/18: Warm and unusual. Such a strange scent, in the best way. It's sweet and smoky. I still like it. Where I'd wear it: New Orleans, hot summer bar hopping.