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  1. tinyvulture

    Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night

    Must have a bottle!! Juicy sweet strawberries with a dusting of powdered sugar and creamy marshmallow. I really want to sniff mallow blossoms in real life some times, because I never have and this is amazing and just perfumy enough to wear to work, not totally foody. Love. So. Much.
  2. tinyvulture

    The Sun's Treasure

    Energizing, happy, vibrant, warm, sweet, refreshing! The amber and orange blossom are SO complimentary. The oudh makes it dry and warm and like a cologne. I love sweet orange blossom, it's one of the best notes for mood I think! The honey is a gorgeous addition and makes the whole thing quite sexy!
  3. tinyvulture

    A Hailstorm of Knitting-Needles

    Just as roseus said, tea and vanilla mostly, with an undertone of polished mahogany. I'd like a tea that smelled this good, and I'm also happy to wear this perfume! Elegant and refined.
  4. tinyvulture

    Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting

    First impression - very similar to the "autumn leaves/cologne" note in October. More bitter and masculine than I expected. As it dries down, that sharpness smooths out and the distinctive warmth of ambergris appears. Soft and grey like fuzzy wool. But there's still a bitter note I dislike, and it somehow smells like Mexican food of all things, which I've also gotten with Bella Donna de mia Mente. Who knows!?
  5. tinyvulture

    My Happy Day

    Washable acrylic on economy craft paper, 2011 This is my happy day. My happy day is always purple. Plum sugar, blackcurrant bud absolute, pink jasmine, effervescent elemi, purple carnation, honeysuckle nectar, and champagne grape.  Bubbly jasmine. Like, jasmine flavored LaCroix! That bubbly! No carnation, maybe a little blackcurrant or plum, just adding a very light fruity sweetness. It's mostly fizzy jasmine. Makes me smile!
  6. tinyvulture

    Storyboard: Julius Caesar

    Deep yellow-brown oil. This reminds me at first of my beloved GC Athens, due to the strong myrrh note. And then, not blood, but wine -- fruity and tart! And here's soapy iris, and rose. As it dries...no more wine, just sweet myrrh and florals. So sweet it's almost candy-like. I like it but a decant will suffice.
  7. tinyvulture

    Cat Chasing Butterflies

    Hey, it's the creamy almond milk note that I love from Organ Grinder! Here it blends with a pop of fizzy sweet peach blossom. Almost like a peach champagne, fun and flirty. No amber or musk that I can tell. This is a vivacious, bubbly scent. I think I prefer the earthiness of Organ Grinder, as far as almond blends go.
  8. tinyvulture

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    Orchid, blended with a fruity, sweet tea. I'm not getting specifically a honeycomb note, so much as honey-sweetened tea. It's nice but it's one of those floral blends that feels too mature for me.
  9. tinyvulture


    I will buy anything with star jasmine listed among the notes! Unfortunately, this one didn't work out. The orris is far more noticeable than the jasmine or the honeysuckle. I was hoping for the jasmine to be front and center. Orris is sweet, so dry, so powdery. Not really getting any other notes out of it, so I will swap.
  10. tinyvulture

    The Grindhouse

    RED MUSK!! As often happens, red musk overpowers eveything else. The mimosa, clove, and florals make an amazing backdrop. It's like a heavily floral version of Smut. I would wear this often...sexy and fun!
  11. tinyvulture


    Lilac and lily, with a pop of nectarine sweetness. The citrus quickly fades, and it's strictly florals for a bit. The green tea appears next, and the beeswax smooths all the notes together. No ginger or bergamot for me. I'm beginning to think I'm just not a lilac lover. It always feels too mature and staid for me. Off to swaps.
  12. tinyvulture

    Solanine, the Flower Girl

    A bouquet of fresh, white and blue flowers, dew still on the petals. I like it, though I'm unable to name any particular flowers at first. After it dries down, the rose note becomes noticeable, and also something really lush -- oleander? This is very pretty and work-appropriate, it will go into the rotation.
  13. tinyvulture

    Wild Honeysuckle

    Bright, bold honeysuckle, with wildflowers and green grass faintly in the background. This note is strong and long-lasting. I'm still smelling it 8 hours later. I prefer it once it dries down, when it goes all sweet and powdery. Reminds me of the honeysuckle that thrives here in the spring, a very true floral perfume.
  14. tinyvulture


    Strong patchouli and leather notes. Masculine, sexy, powerful. I'm not getting any cardamom. But I am noticing the blackcurrant, tart and dark. I would love this as a room scent. I love how the tart fruit offsets the earthy patchouli and leather.
  15. tinyvulture


    Soft, pretty florals -- lotus and champaca -- with dry, paper parchment. A sweet, dry, powdery scent. I think the lotus is a little too candy-sweet, as it can be with my chemistry, for me to wear this regularly. But it's very nice and I'd wear it on occasion.