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  1. tinyvulture

    Pumpkin I (2014)

    A spicy pumpkin chai, with plenty of cream to cut the spiciness. It’s really nicely balanced. You get the tea, ginger, and cardamom notes, but also the milk. So where in a lot of cases ginger is too astringent for me, here it’s just a mild spice with the creaminess of a warm mug of milk tea. Such a nice cozy fall scent!
  2. tinyvulture

    Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight

    Osmanthus and patchouli are what I notice. I am NOT getting tea, vanilla, or sandalwood. I am also NOT getting licorice or anise as other reviews mentioned. I AM getting the suggestion of ancient incense smoke whatever that means. This is midnight in summer, pitch black and warm and mysterious swirls of smoke drifting on the breeze, beckoning you into the woods.
  3. tinyvulture


    Soft frankincense and an herbal scent like a health food store. Like various herbs and teas. I’m not sure what heliotrope and angelica smell like as single notes, but I can pick out the chamomile. It’s a gentle soothing herbal floral. Wouldn’t mind a bottle!
  4. tinyvulture

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    Powdery narcissus and opium, matched with syrupy patchouli and medicinal sage. I’m not getting pee as others have mentioned! It’s goth and sexy, like a black slip dress and with little boots.
  5. tinyvulture

    Burnt Sugar, Cream, and Strawberries

    Squished strawberries cooked down with sugar, like a strawberry shortcake with a squirt of whipped cream from a spray canister. Super sweet, foodie, cute and childlike, Strawberry Shortcake nostalgia for sure!
  6. tinyvulture


    A sharp, glassy blend with strong mint and grapefruit notes. Very refreshing, invigorating, spa-like. One of the OG blends and I’m just now trying it and yes, it definitely stands the test of time and is a perfume I’d wear for yoga or relaxation. Adding to bottle list!
  7. tinyvulture

    Ridiculously Sexy Peach

    Musk and peach! The musk is warm and has a little sourness but it works! The overall effect is sweet and sour like peach rings candy, as broccoliwitch said. It is really fruity and really sexy! Would love a bottle.
  8. tinyvulture

    Still Life With Dooting Skull

    It’s a root beer float! The notes say licorice and nutmeg, and somehow they combine to make a root beer scent! And the bourbon vanilla and coconut milk combine to make a vanilla creaminess, like a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! It’s really kinda genius making a root beer blend without root beer. Seriously, think Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener + SN Vanilla. Love the creativity.
  9. tinyvulture

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    These sexy red musk scents get me every year come Lupers. Here the musk shares the spotlight with the dark notes of opoponax and tobacco, and maybe a whisper of patchouli. I’m waiting for the rose and berries to come through…5 minutes later, there is a “sweet fruits” note, not distinctively cherry, probably more blackberry. Still not really getting rose. It’s still a lovely Luper blend.
  10. tinyvulture

    Caramelized Pecan Rum Cake

    I typically don’t own scents with an alcohol or weed component because I work with children lol. But I received a gift of this and I’m glad to at least try it out. I wouldn’t say it has a particularly heavy rum presence but it is there. It’s a buttery rum combined with thick lashes of caramel and a lovely pecan note. I’ve never had rum cake, so for me, this gives sweet, rich pecan pie with a shot of rum! It’s quite strong at first application so we’ll see how it calms down. 20 min later: It does calm down but retains the original scent of pecan pie with rum and caramel. More of the baking spices, like cinnamon, also come out. I also get the maple that others mentioned. A comforting baking/foodie blend!
  11. tinyvulture

    How to Write the Beat of Love

    This is one of those decants I try and IMMEDIATELY add a bottle to my next order. So fun and sexy. I love mango, it’s like the sexiest fruit, right? You really have to get in there and gnaw on it and suck the juices! 😁 It’s so lovely here combined with the red musk, honey, lush gardenia and champaca, and dark swirls of earthy patchouli. Floral, but fruit, but musky, but incense-y. It’s all here. It’s so perfect for a hot summer. More mango blends please!
  12. tinyvulture

    Highest Quality Vagina

    A soft, warm, powdery scent. The honey and vanilla milk bring a delicate sweetness to the resinous warmth of the amber and frankincense. There’s a soft touch of almond too. This is a gentle, feminine perfume. I feel like it encapsulates the “soft girl life” and “vanilla life” aesthetics popular on tiktok.
  13. tinyvulture

    Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar

    When I was an undergrad I loved to burn dark cherry candles in my dorm room and that is the scent here. Little curls of dark cherry smoke. The spun sugar only adds to the cherry’s sweetness. Really nice.
  14. tinyvulture

    Kon Kurabe Tama No Ase

    A sweet, foodie scent, like a creamy pistachio custard/flan sprinkled with cinnamon. The creamy, nutty, and spicy notes are well balanced. If you’re cinnamon-averse, it is pretty strong in this blend. I don’t really get “marzipan” or “buttercream”, or “clove” for that matter, but that’s just me.
  15. tinyvulture

    Pearl Necklace

    Yes! I really loved The Perilous Parlor with its sweet pear and vanilla combination. Pearl Necklace is like a more sophisticated version, with delicate powdery orris and honey added to the mix. The pear is still the star of the show, and the other notes serve to accentuate its fruitiness, woodiness, and sweetness. Very pretty.