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  1. tinyvulture

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    I just reviewed another scent, Second Sight, that was a lilac candle on my skin. This is also a lilac candle, but it’s sweeter, less sharp. I’m not sure what broomcorn smells like but maybe it’s got a sweetness to it? In Second Sight, the lilac is stronger. Here, the beeswax is stronger. So it’s really got that waxy, creamy overall vibe. Whatever is adding such lovely sweetness to the lilac and beeswax makes me favor Vigil over Second Sight just slightly.
  2. tinyvulture

    Thirteen: LVB

    A foodie jumble, with the yellow cake and steamed rice notes coming in hot. Sweet and buttery. The popcorn and strawberry come in next, adding chaotic saltiness and juicy fruit notes at the same time! After a few minutes the strawberry fades a good deal. It’s still there but it’s more like Nestle Quick strawberry powder, not fresh strawberry. The other notes are just not showing up on my skin. Zero chocolate, lavender, or puppies. Very similar to Eat Me!
  3. tinyvulture

    The School of Silence

    This a soft floral/lavender blend on me. The cypress and blackcurrant are difficult to pick out; this is mainly rose, lavender, and champaca. I agree with samanare who said it has a fuzzy, cozy quality. There’s nothing sharp or bold about this blend. It’s soothing and gentle. I don’t need a bottle but will enjoy having the decant, will probably wear it at bedtime!
  4. tinyvulture

    Second Sight 2021

    This is a really nice beeswax/smoke scent that is dressed up by the elegant lilac note. The champaca is there but it’s very soft, subtle. Not getting agarwood but then idk if I could specifically pick it out. So yeah, picture a lilac candle that you’ve just blown out, the mix of its heady scent and the smoke in the air. I’m not a lilac superfan but this is a really different and nice way to showcase it!
  5. tinyvulture


    Very soft, subtle. It’s the silk, I guess. I never think of silk particularly having a scent but I guess it does, and it’s infused with roses here and slightly sweetened by honey. I am not picking up any black tea at all. Five minutes later, same, this is like the ghost of a rose, so soft and wistful. Nice but don’t need bottle.
  6. tinyvulture

    The Black Apple Of Saturn

    Arkansas black apple looks quite interesting, it’s not a variety I’ve seen here in TX. This perfume definitely seems “black” or at least “dark purple” in its overall vibe. Lots of dark mysterious resinous notes. Like opoponax, myrrh, galbanum…so, this isn’t a foodie apple scent. Not at all. It’s much more of a sensual perfume that happens to have an apple note. As well as a quince note, because that’s present as well. And the black myrrh adds warmth, gives it presence, makes it full-bodied. I like how the resins and the fruit notes play together. Kind of veers between sweet and powdery, to more tart, and then back to sweet. Will use up the decant for sure.
  7. tinyvulture

    Palus Putridinis

    Definitely has that sluggish, marshy feel! The oakmoss is earthy and wet. The patchouli is fairly soft and sweet, and the leather and vanilla are even more faint. I’m not really getting any clove, cumin, or vetiver. There’s no sharpness to this scent at all, it’s muffled and constrained by the overall murky dampness. I like it but don’t love it.
  8. tinyvulture

    Apple Macchiato

    Dark earthy espresso, with swirls of apple syrup. A light dusting of cinnamon – the cinnamon is NOT overpowering in this blend - and background hints of caramel topping and brown sugar. So this treat is sweet, but not overly sweet, which is really how I prefer my coffee drinks. The strong coffee and apple flavoring are the stars. I would order this drink on a perfect fall day.
  9. tinyvulture

    Raspberry Apricot Sufganiyot

    What's not to love about this jelly donut -esque baked treat, the jelly here being tart raspberry and apricot, both notes equally represented. A dusting of powdered sugar on a pastry fresh out of the fryer, crispy edges, with a hot and pillowy soft interior. Too foodie to actually wear frequently, but it’s so delicious.
  10. tinyvulture

    Peach Vulva 2024

    This is a light, summery scent. There’s peach, but it’s not in your face juicy peach. It’s just nice and airy, and so is the lotus, which is a surprise since it can go REALLY strong Kool-Aid on me. I’m not getting a cream note or the orange blossom. Just a really light, pretty peach and lotus pairing on my skin. I don’t think I need a bottle but I’ll use up the decant this summer for sure.
  11. tinyvulture

    Fig Vulva

    I often equate fig with earthy, cozy, blends, but here the guava makes it so fun and summery! And patchouli always pairs perfectly with fig. I wouldn’t say I’m getting any almond, sandalwood, or hay. Overall it’s a cute, fun blend and I’d love to see more guava-forward scents from the lab!
  12. tinyvulture


    OMG BREAD. This is so accurate it’s making me hungry. I instantly get notes of rosemary, caraway, and rye, as well as the bread itself with a thin layer of butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. It’s amazing how real this is. It starts off very savory but later a sweetness comes out. That phase is also really nice! I don’t think I’d get a bottle because my students would try to eat me lol. But I do love it.
  13. tinyvulture


    I received a tester frimp in a swap and I love getting to try it, but I’m only getting very faint chaparral and cedar with maybe some fig. Now I’m curious, maybe it ages badly or maybe I need to get my hands on a larger amount. I want SAGE and HONEY in my FACE y’all!
  14. tinyvulture

    Black and Red Candy Canes

    Anise, clove and definitely some mint as others have said. Evil candy canes, definitely! All backed by warm red musk, which can amp on me but isn’t this time. I’m not really noticing opium or patchouli. The spices and peppermint should be soothing but ultimately are kinda fighting with each other on my skin. Off to swaps where it’ll behave better for someone else.
  15. tinyvulture

    Delightful Gargantuan Vagina

    I’m dead, this is everything. Not a juicy sweet mango, more like dried. The mimosa adds a tartness and the sugared orange blossom and sweet incense result in a tropical, fruity floral that is just so gorgeous. And I could swear there is a touch of hot red pepper flakes in this too! Is that my weird skin chemistry? Is it the pink musk? I don’t care, the spiciness reminds me of eating mango with Tajin, which is so funny and fun. This is going on my big bottle wishlist for summer immediately.