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  1. tinyvulture

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    Maple leaves falling to the and damp earth...such an autumn scent...the final, bold scent of living leaves before they die and are covered with snow. I'm not really noticing fig or cypress, just leaves and the ground, but Its simplicity works for me because it's so evocative of childhood autumns living in the north...the time of year when the temp drops and the trees suddenly drop their leaves...this scent in the air everywhere, those days.
  2. tinyvulture

    Startled Toad

    Aged hippie patchouli, super dank and earthy. Blended with coconut. That's all I'm getting. It's a good combination. It's not sweetened coconut. Very natural, no-frills, a good everyday scent, at least if you like patchouli, which I do!
  3. tinyvulture


    Creamy rice milk with clove. The frankincense and amber keep it from being a totally foodie blend. It's fancier than that. Sexy but delicate, inviting, keeps you guessing what's coming next.
  4. tinyvulture

    Thutmose’s Nefertiti

    At first application this is sweet, fruity wine with a twist of lime. Cheerful, festive. Waiting to see if it becomes more complex. Nope, still pretty much a like sangria!
  5. tinyvulture

    Thought Photography

    An elegant lavender that feels aged, vintage. I'm not getting any palo santo, sadly. Single note refined lavender is what I'm calling this one.
  6. tinyvulture

    Drag is for Everyone

    Feels very shimmery and iridiscent. Very light frankincense...just a dusting. Light vanilla skin musk. Like a second skin...translucent, clean. I can see how it would be good for layering. It's pretty, but too subtle on its own.
  7. tinyvulture

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    Gonna need more of this amazingness! Sweet peach, warm aber, vanilla sugar -- lovely and sexy and fun! Not just a foodie scent. Must try more peach blends, I know there are a ton out there. I will slather this one!!
  8. tinyvulture

    Mopey Boar Alchemy Lab

    Truffle, a bit like rich, deep earth. Then lovely clove, cardamom and ginger notes. Like a chai with cream...there's a definite creaminess. The ginger isn't stinging like in some blends. Others felt the spice was too strong, but to me it's just right. Feel solid, grounded, protective.
  9. tinyvulture

    Inferior Vena Cava

    Is it the vegetal musk that's so earthy, like roots growing underground? That's what I'm getting...along with a heavy, masculine patchouli, a pop of sweet oud, and dark woods. Reminds me of a cologne my dad wore? Very cologne-like, with sharp/sweet/woodsy notes well balanced. The wearer of this scent can clean up nice but can also chop wood.
  10. tinyvulture

    Elegant Vulvas

    Wow! Syrupy, golden honey, with gorgeous florals: bubblegum-sweet lotus, girly pink cherry blossom. Plus a sugary, powdery marshmallow. This is a floral that I ADORE. It's love and happiness in a bottle.
  11. tinyvulture

    Vanilla Orchid

    I love all sugared or vanilla'd florals. Now, this isn't heavy on vanilla. I looked it up and it's the orchid which GROWS the vanilla pod. Still, it's definitely got a creamy white aspect in addition to the floral orchid. I would love to smell this plant in real life to see what it's like. This is like orchid ice cream.
  12. tinyvulture


    Sweet coconut and almond blended together. Buttery, sugary, but also floral, thanks to the lush honeysuckle note. Tropical, light and ethereal. I would slather this on for a beach vacay. Sweeter and more floral sister to Obatala.
  13. tinyvulture

    Constipated Elephant Alchemy Lab

    I'm getting a strong ambergris...like salt crystals dipped in honey, and something dark and wet with sharp corners. Like wet rocks when the tide's gone out but leaves that wet, salty, masrhy feel. Not aquatic but the scent of the rocks. All that is my rambling way of describing ambergris, ha. So pretty much a single note ambergris on me.
  14. tinyvulture

    The Dreadful Silence of That Old House

    A gorgeous, intimate blend of smooth mahogany and silky, sweet myrrh. Like soft, whispery sounds coming from around a dark corner, luring you closer! I love the lab's mahogany blends. This one is elegant and secretive.
  15. tinyvulture

    The Montauk Project

    Sweeeet pine. Oh so nice. Another review says the black gum tree note is what's adding the sweetness. Maybe so; I'm not an expert on trees and their particular scents. I just know I love the smell of the outdoors, the woods. Black Forest is an all-time fave of mine. Montauk is less musky and more sweet and gentle than that blend. After a few minutes you get a bit of sweet, sunny sunflower. There's nothing sinister about it unless you find the sweetness too much, a sickly sweet. I don't. Happy to have finally tried it.