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    Art, Mythology, Animals, Books, Movies, Video games, Fun indulgent stuff like BPAL and Lush :P


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    Gennivre, Morocco, Snake Oil on it's own or in anything, Rose Red, Snow White, Samhain, Snake Charmer, Fairy Market, Eat Me, Shub Nigurath, Lady Una, Hope, Faith, Eve, Persephone, Paladin, Love's Philosophy, The Bride, Sudha Sugara, Full Moon, Shanghai, Comparison of Celebrated Beauties, Chimera, Mme Moriarty Fav Notes: Vanilla, Rose, White Sugar, Cream, Almond, Violet, Amber, Incense, Carnation, Honey, Lavender, Apple, Cassia, Cinnamon, Tea, Ginger, Currant, Greenery, Berries, Cocoa, Red Musk, Citrus, Most florals that actually smell like flowers Doesn't Work: Dirt, Opium, Most leather, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Coffee, Heavy Woods


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  1. LadyLuckless

    Rain Scents

    There's nothing in the notes to suggest it, but I find Victoria (Graceful vanilla musk, tea rose, and stargazer lily) smells like the most beautiful fresh flowers in the rain.
  2. Yummy light and sweet lemon cream cake with tiny sprigs of spring flowers for decoration. I love it!
  3. LadyLuckless

    Gingerbread and Leather

    I bought this for my husband last year and it's one of my absolute favs on him! It's just deep, dark, sweet, spicy deliciousness. ❤️
  4. LadyLuckless

    Sugared incense

    Fairy Market is my LOVE, and I find Midnight on the Midway to be very much like it! It's got a darker, cooler nighttime feel as opposed to the sunlit feel of Fairy Market, but it feels like the same place at different times of day to me if that makes sense.
  5. LadyLuckless


    Oh I looove this! Delicate dew-covered white rose and lilies with a beautiful natural sweetness. Like flowers, fresh air and rain. 🥰 I need a bottle, I’ve been looking for something like this! It isn’t strong at all, and fades fast but I can’t be sure of the age of my imp. At any rate it’s so beautiful I’d be happy to hit the bottle multiple times to keep it going!
  6. LadyLuckless

    Fur notes: snuggly, nuzzly, floofy

    Wulric the Wolf Man is super cuddly and snuggly, and The Cat Is one of my favorites.🥰 I also find Morocco and Perfectly Normal Childhood to be very cozy.
  7. LadyLuckless


    Nope, not for me. I can see how it’d be lovely on the right person but something in it goes sour on me like vinegar, I quickly washed it off.
  8. LadyLuckless


    Oooh! I wasn’t expecting to like this much but wow it’s good! Sexy red musk, bright juicy cherry, and the star anise that I expected to hate actually makes it deeper, richer and more complex, with a spicy edge. Considering a bottle! ETA- My BPAL aficionado dog’s nose actually started wiggling when I put it on he was huffing so hard. It has the Bowie snarf of approval! 😁
  9. LadyLuckless


    What!? PEACH! Can there finally be a peach scent that doesn’t turn into a generic perfume counter on me? I swear I can smell the fuzz and everything! It’s backed up by a lovely sweet creaminess from the other notes but it stays very fresh and true. I may well need a bottle!
  10. LadyLuckless

    Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

    The DECADENCE! Deep, dark, spicy, chocolate deliciousness! It’s funny, when I sniff close to the skin I get a very rich chocolate pastry with a heavy dose of yummy Chimera-ish cinnamon. The projection all about the chocolate ganache, with a sprinkle of spice. It’s almost like two different scents! So rich, dark and autumnal, it will definitely get a lot of cold weather wear, I have nothing else like it in my collection. 😋
  11. LadyLuckless

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    Ooooh yummy! A gorgeous, sweetly spiced vanilla cream. Light and fluffy, like whipped cream, with a citrus undertone like ginger sometimes has. Dreamy, delicious, relaxing and comforting. I’m so glad I swapped for this, I’ll be wearing this beauty a lot!
  12. LadyLuckless


    Oh. My. God. Oh I could bathe in this! I’ve been waffling on Gelt for years, then was given a sample by a lovely forumite and I need myself a bottle of this! I was hesitant to blind bottle because of all the dry and dusty talk, but amber and I have a very special relationship, and it nearly always goes into a golden warm, very liquid, bordering on aquatic, resinous delight on me. And it does here too! Meaning it’s a silky, warm, golden, chocolate DREAM! So if Amber turns to liquid sunlight on you too, grab this! It’s soooo good! 😋
  13. LadyLuckless

    Wednesday Hair Gloss

    Yum! I was gifted a decant of this in a swap and tried it on my little girl, whose head I now want to nom on! She smells exactly like s’mores! 😋
  14. LadyLuckless

    You Are Not Alone

    Tragedy! The amazing lavender comfort scent everyone is raving about touches my skin and becomes...Old Spice!!! 😭 Oh the humanity, it seems book scents are not for me! I’ll try it on my husband, but unless it works it’s magic on him my blind bottle goes to swaps. 💔
  15. LadyLuckless

    I Sit and Sew

    Oh, lovely! Gentle candy-like florals with soft vanilla and shimmery light (white? Maybe green?) tea create a beautifully breezy scent perfect for spring and summer. It smells very pastel purple, green and white to me. Absolutely LOVELY 🥰