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    Art, Mythology, Animals, Books, Movies, Video games, Fun indulgent stuff like BPAL and Lush :P


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    Gennivre, Morocco, Snake Oil on it's own or in anything, Rose Red, Snow White, Samhain, Snake Charmer, Fairy Market, Eat Me, Shub Nigurath, Lady Una, Hope, Faith, Eve, Persephone, Paladin, Love's Philosophy, The Bride, Sudha Sugara, Full Moon, Shanghai, Comparison of Celebrated Beauties, Chimera, Mme Moriarty Fav Notes: Vanilla, Rose, White Sugar, Cream, Almond, Violet, Amber, Incense, Carnation, Honey, Lavender, Apple, Cassia, Cinnamon, Tea, Ginger, Currant, Greenery, Berries, Cocoa, Red Musk, Citrus, Most florals that actually smell like flowers Doesn't Work: Dirt, Opium, Most leather, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Coffee, Heavy Woods


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  1. LadyLuckless

    You Are Not Alone

    Tragedy! The amazing lavender comfort scent everyone is raving about touches my skin and becomes...Old Spice!!! 😭 Oh the humanity, it seems book scents are not for me! I’ll try it on my husband, but unless it works it’s magic on him my blind bottle goes to swaps. 💔
  2. LadyLuckless

    I Sit and Sew

    Oh, lovely! Gentle candy-like florals with soft vanilla and shimmery light (white? Maybe green?) tea create a beautifully breezy scent perfect for spring and summer. It smells very pastel purple, green and white to me. Absolutely LOVELY 🥰
  3. LadyLuckless

    To a Wreath of Snow

    Lately I’ve been collecting scents rumoured to be in the “Zorya P” family and this is a lovely ambergris cousin, closely related to A Vision of the Courtesan. It’s got the same vanilla-tobacco going on but with a touch of lavender and a breath of something almost fruity and almost minty? A lot of shifting, pearlescent “almosts”, like mother of pearl. It’s very hazy, very grey in a beautiful way. A lot of throw on me, I think I very slightly amp tobacco. Also, Bowie the BPAL-loving labradoodle adores it 😁
  4. LadyLuckless

    The Poinsettia Gown

    I love every listed note in this, so it seemed a sure shot no matter how the notes played, and it was! JASMINE blasts out of the bottle with fireworks and trumpets, ROSE backflips onto the scene with sequins and a drum line, and they just diva right out for a few minutes and then the sweet, creamy notes glide in all at once and it becomes an absolutely divine sweet, creamy, floral harmony! Wow this is a Broadway production in a bottle and I’m just thrilled to be in the audience lol
  5. LadyLuckless

    The Illustrated Woman

    On me this reminds me a lot of Dorian, with some smoke and woodsy notes. Dorian camping? It’s really good.
  6. LadyLuckless

    Pumpkin Booze

    The rimming sugar must be brown, because all I could smell was the screechy burning mess that brown sugar or caramel always turn into on me. Too bad, it sounded delicious. 😞
  7. LadyLuckless

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    Did I honestly forget to review this??? Ok if you want lovely Rose Quartz pink princess sparkles, this is IT! A beautiful, gentle sweet blend that feels clean and youthful. Feminine and lovely, the rose is snuggled into that divine Lilith lavender, the vanilla adds sweetness and softness, the saffron must be doing its thing in there keeping it interesting, and the white musk makes it sparkle! I put it on before bed last night and I keep sniffing my shirt because it smells so dreamy. 🥰
  8. LadyLuckless

    The Cat

    I got an apparently well-aged imp in a swap with a lovely forumite. After trying Inez and now The Cat, I’ve learned cedar is a really good note for me and I need more of it! The Cat is very snuggly, warm and sweet. The creamy woody sweetness is similar to that in Inez, but has much more staying power, maybe due to age. Also honey in a scent is always the biggest plus there is in my book. Honeyed, fuzzy, woody and warm. I’ll have to consider a bottle, it’s just wonderful! ETA- My bottle came in yesterday and was thrilled to discover it’s also gorgeous fresh! I adore The Cat, he’s a top-tier fav. 💕
  9. LadyLuckless


    Wow this is one elegant lady! Sultry warm, spicy, carnation loveliness in the same vein as Morocco but definitely has her own style. The vanilla, musk, and cedar make the difference.
  10. LadyLuckless


    I got a bottle of this in a swap with the lovely Cinnabar. This one is soooo calming. If you remember the before times in the long, long ago, LUSH used to have a wonderfully relaxing bubble bar called Temple of Truth that I always thought smelled like sandalwood incense and laundry drying on a line in the fresh air. Claircognizance is a dead ringer for it! It just calms your mind, it will be great for relaxing and bedtime. Love it!
  11. LadyLuckless


    I owe Alice a sincere apology! I had a bottle years ago when I was a BPAL rookie unaware of the magic of “settling” and aging. I tried her fresh out of the mailbox, thought she smelled like bug spray, and immediately swapped her away. The shame of it! I almost missed the delicious gently spiced, milky floral bliss so reminiscent of LUSH’s beloved Potion scent. Carnation/Rose loveliness! The bug spray went away with settling, and I’m betting it will age right out. Love ya, Alice! Please forgive me?
  12. LadyLuckless

    Two Frames

    TKO and Love's Philosophy had a baby and gave it a buttercream smash cake and I’m here for it! Everyone in the house plus the dog loves this one. Seriously, my BPAL-loving pup barked at me to give it to him. ETA: I am so smitten with this scent I’m considering my first ever backup bottle! It’s that good! 😍
  13. LadyLuckless


    Ah Skadi, my beautiful Christmas favorite. Lovely, chilly winter pine forest sweetened with a touch of berry. One of my top BPALs, wintertime perfection! 🥰
  14. LadyLuckless

    Blood Kiss

    Oh my, how did this one fly under my radar all these years? It’s delicious syrupy honey vanilla sweetness tempered with spiced, darkened fruit and a slight alcoholic kick. It’s a very smooth and red scent, with both brightness and a deep dark heart, like a cabochon garnet. Blood Kiss reminds me of a sweeter Voluptuous Wantonness, and I prefer BK. I will be needing a bottle!
  15. LadyLuckless

    What's the best coconut blend?

    Oh yes, Death Adder is gorgeous smoky dark coconut!