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  1. Casablanca

    The Cross of Snow

    2018 A green, aquatic cypress leads, but Spanish moss follows it, close as a shadow. Tobacco flower floats out separated from the other notes, so it feels like an odd presence, but it doesn't last long on me. The rest of the blend is an enticing mix of bergamot, clove, and a soft perfume-cologne quality. More than an hour after drydown, Cross of Snow was very sweet and green on my skin. I had been inclined to bottle it, but I tend to not reach for cypress often, even though I like it. It's still a quite enjoyable blend.
  2. Casablanca

    Third Lash

    I was curious about this one because white fir and thyme sound so beautiful together, but I didn't get to try it until my friend brought her decants over. Gaaah! I love this, especially during its first phase. White-greenish fir, thyme, and a soft background blend of Otherness. I don't find anything specific besides the fir and thyme, but there's a sense of other airy, blendy things. More than an hour after drydown, it has become much more plain and developed a lemony edge. At this point it reminds me of the lemon and white fir in Take the Moon (silvered musk and lemon peel, white fir needle, frosted apple blossom, mugwort). I find this a wonderfully airy blend, like the Element Air floating in a green, herbal grove.
  3. Casablanca

    Hearthflame and Incense

    I expected to love this one, given my penchant for smoky woods, but it doesn't quite work for me. I get lots of a smoky, conifer tar-like note that reminds me of birch tar in its weight and smokiness, but is otherwise different. I loved the smoke of Midnight Bonfire and First Lash, but this smells different to me, more tar-like, and it's not connecting with me. Woodsy, tarry smoke. Possibly it will settle down with more time but, right now, I'm relieved to not crave yet another bottle of tree smoke. ūüėā
  4. Casablanca

    Thought Photography

    I love Thought Photography. It reminds me of the element air. I feel like I'm sampling Elemental Air distilled into a refined essence. For a fleeting moment when I first applied this, I thought I sensed a cool, ethereal metallic sheen to it, but it was quickly gone. A mercurial presence. Otherwise, I find lots of airy lavender and palo santo -- even a slight lemony edge from the latter. I think the ambrette is contributing to the blend's sense of refinement, though it isn't overt to me. It feels like a light musk veneer. This needs to become a bottle.
  5. Casablanca

    Shattered Silence

    I had steered clear of this one myself, because yew berries, but I got to try a friend's decant of it last night. Yew berries. I catch a little moss and dark musk, but the yew berries stomp out everything else on my skin. This was much milder on my friend's skin. The yew just owns me.
  6. Casablanca


    Schönperchten reminds me of the way Alisz was on me before it had had a few months to sit: mostly vanilla mint. Sweet, snowy vanilla mint. I think of a white after-dinner mint. That's pretty much it for me. Buuuut, Alisz's other notes showed up in lovely ways on my skin after it sat a few months. This one might do the same, but it was a friend's decant I sampled, so I will not know.
  7. Casablanca

    Abolish ICE

    Freshly applied, Abolish ICE offers gobs of caramel toffee darkened with coffee and clove (in that order of strength). Then I notice lots of bourbon vanilla. The gourmand qualities of the opening are tempered in drydown when a little oudh and patchouli start to emerge. If one doesn't often go for the foody, as I don't, it's a bit of a rescue. But the early notes still dominate the blend at this point. Later, when I get more oudh and patch, it seems like I've lost most of the earlier notes, except for the coffee. I don't think the balance of notes in this one works for me, but it's a pleasure to try and a great cause.
  8. Casablanca

    First Lash

    I love smoky, woodsy blends. On the wand, First Lash reminds me a lot of Przeczucie (terebinth, fir needle, and smoke). Fresh on skin, it gives off billows of woodsmoke, pine tar, and a warm, dark amber that borders on sultry. Dried, the wood swaps with the woodsmoke in the order of strength, but the blend is still similar. I didn't need to want another bottle, but I'd like one of this. Yules just do me in.
  9. Casablanca

    Ninth Lash

    On the wand, Ninth Lash gives off honey, warm clove, and something earthy and grassy that I'd guess is helichrysum. It's a curious mix. Fresh on skin, oodles of honey and clove. Warm and dusky are good words for the clove. It's a dark-thirty clove, a scent that makes me think of a bit after dark and before dawn. The helichrysum is like a little grass in the dark, barely distinct now. Dried, more helichrysum comes out. This overall blend is interesting. Even though it doesn't resonate for me, I'm glad to try it.
  10. Casablanca


    2018 When I sniff the wand from the decant, I think I might be at risk for bottling this. Oak, pine, thyme, lemon, and frankincense. Yasss... Let's see if the mistletoe and verbena behave on my skin. Fresh on skin, Yule brings out lemon verbena and thyme first. I lately made some lemon, thyme, and tea tree lip balms that I've been going through, and this reminds me of them. It goes perfectly with them, which is nice, because I want to make more of those lip balms for spring. This blend is fresh and clean, almost dewy in its lemon-ness. Lemon verbena can take over perfumes on my skin, but if it keeps doing so here, at least I'm getting some thyme, too. I love the two together. Dried, yup, this is still a lemon-thyme party. I have a use for a lemon-thyme party, but I wish I were getting all the notes from the wand sniff that drew me in so much. In this case, I can use a bottle to go with the lip balm, and see if the verbena calms down over time.
  11. Casablanca

    Knecht Ruprecht

    2018 On the wand, I catch mostly a dry, nutty almond, and just hints of apple, woods, and cold. Fresh on my skin... huh. Sweet almond syrup poured over a soft, snow-dusted pine. The apple hint has wandered off into the woods, and the almond smells much sweeter on my skin than it did on the wand. As this dries, something in it comes out as a bit vanillic and dusty. Then I start to notice berries, maybe cranberries, but they are soft, hidden among some vague, smoky or dusty pines. This one needs to settle more, but it might not work right on my skin.
  12. Casablanca

    The Goat and the Vine

    On the wand, this smells like golden-green apples, white grapes, and a dry, grassy bit that might be the hemp. A touch of woods, a Mediterranean orchard. It smells like the garden of the Hesperides. Fresh on my skin, it's still a bright golden apple and white grape blend, resting on a more muted background of greenness, grassiness, and woods, blended like an oil painting. Dried, it blends into an orchard cloud and adds a little perfumey vibe. This is basically some Greek mythology in a bottle.
  13. Casablanca

    A Measurement of the Soul

    Freshly applied, Measurement brings me a lemony white tea, with a subtle, cool breath of white sage. I don't find any other notes. White Tea and Sage HG is one of my go-to glosses, and this would be a dream pairing so far: fresh, clean, and dreamy. When the perfume oil is drying, but still shines a bit on the skin, I start to get a little warm fig and cedar, just peeking out. They add some complexity and the combination charms. After drydown, I get more fig and cedar... and sandalwood, it seems like. Looking back, my experience is similar to ElspethDixon's. I definitely see the likeness of this to the HGs White Tea and Sage, and Fig and Sandalwood. This works for me.
  14. Casablanca

    But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light

    This is quite sumptuous, to start. But Men Loved Darkness goes on as a sweet, dark resin that's also herbal, spicy, woody, and a little smoky. It's a lot to unpack. I seem to get labdanum most, but I also get the patchouli, ginger, clove, allspice, sage, and smoky vanilla, a little of each. This labdanum doesn't smell like cola, but instead dark and sweet, even a little syrupy. The sage fades quickly and, in drydown, a little saffron and myrrh replace it. The clove strengthens. Once dried, the whole blend softens a lot and becomes much simpler and less rich, but it hasn't been here long, and likely needs to settle more. I like this and suspect it will age wonderfully.
  15. Casablanca

    Cadences and Shakes

    Cadences and Shakes goes on my skin as a pink-peppered rose geranium on white sandalwood. I find a touch of rosewood when I hunt for it. The rose geranium smells similar to the one in The Fox Sisters. The pink pepper is fun and quirky with it; the pepper and sandalwood give spice and texture to the geranium. In drydown, I start to catch a mild frankincense. It reminds me of the soft frank in Season of Ghosts. I'm not yet sure what I think of this one. I feel like it needs a bit of time to come together more -- it hasn't been here long. I'm interested in how it ages, because I think it might mesh and fill out nicely.