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  1. Casablanca

    In Hel, We Feast On Sugar Packets

    This was almost entirely a white floral on me. I thought of white lilies. Then it turned to white lily soap.
  2. Casablanca

    Social Justice Paladin

    A well-blended copal-champaca-amber-frankincense, with an itty-bitty lemon whiff now and then. I didn't expect this to take me back to my earliest gaming days, but it did.
  3. Casablanca

    Lazy Daisy

    Clean cotton that becomes a little powdery on my skin after a bit of wear. A little wisp of jasmine tea floats about, but mostly this is clean cotton for me.
  4. Casablanca

    Saturday Morning

    Sweet coconut... bananas? I get sweet coconut milk, creamy bananas, and a little lemongrass on my skin. I like this, but it makes me think "chewy tropical sunblock."
  5. Casablanca

    Harlequin Milk

    Goats' milk, honey, and musk. Now and then I pick up a suggestion of red currant, similar to the way it plays a small role in Alisz. It only came out in that blend for me over time, so I might find more of it in Harlequin Milk later. I have a feeling I'll find some orange later. But mostly this is goats' milk, honey, and musk, and I like it a lot.
  6. Casablanca

    I Was Put an Alien in Their World

    Orange-toned, slightly powdery mimosa and star jasmine. The herbs and Snek don't really play here for me, and my skin eats the blend before long.
  7. Casablanca

    Snakes Basking in the First Sunbeams of Spring

    This Snek reminds of several other BPAL blends, almost like a Lab Rat mini-edition. Like a Lab Rat made from a small, sexy section of the shelves. But mostly I do get something like a wildflower Womb Furie with orange blossom and cinnamon. Lighter and less deep. The orange blossom is potent on me; the cinnamon is lightest, but still quite present. I like it. My immediate urge is to add dark vanilla and make a body gloss out of it, because that worked well with Saw-Scaled Viper, and this also reminds me somewhat of that.
  8. Casablanca

    Snakes Slithering Through Stinging Nettle

    Deep green swamp and glimpses of sap. I think of algae. Snek slithers under, but I barely catch it. The swamp encloses it.
  9. Casablanca

    Snakes in the Lemon Tree

    Mild lemon and dry, woody vetiver on a Snek background. Spring in dry woods.
  10. Casablanca

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    Well-oiled, new-ish black leather and something sweet. Almost a little sugary... But mostly oiled black leather.
  11. Casablanca

    Snakes in the Last Snows of Winter

    Super-slushy sweet vanilla mint. And, yeah. More of that. After a while, a hint of Snek woods. But mostly the slush.
  12. Casablanca

    The Ghost of a Ghost’s Ghost

    Well-misted lavender and oakmoss on a soft earthy background like slightly damp, decomposing leaves on the forest floor. The soft forest-floor earthiness has a patchouli hint and reminds me a lot of Earth Mother (patchouli, clary sage, dark mosses and lichens, wild grasses, warm acorns, dammar, burgundy pitch, pine needles, mandrake root, hay absolute, sweet vetiver). The white oudh is probably contributing, but it doesn't stand out for me. The oakmoss in this smells up front and detailed -- as if I can see its pale, spidery outline against the bark when I inhale -- but it's limned in lavender. This is really lovely at first. As it starts to dry, though, it turns a bit cologne-like, and also powdery in a white-musk way. I still find the lovely lavender-oakmoss in it, but there's too much of the cologne and powder for this to work on me.
  13. Casablanca

    California Leaf-Nosed Bat

    I love the bat and butterfly blends... This one is as desert-like as described in other reviews. It goes on like desert scrub, dusty clove, and a breath of small, dry flowers. Over time I find something that reminds me of an actual spiny arm of an aloe broken open, as we used to do to rub on sunburns. An opened succulent smell, blending with the rest of the desert.
  14. Casablanca

    Pallid Bat

    Bright gingery white tea with vanilla-amber, bergamot, and ... something of a more full-bodied orange than just bergamot. Mandarin? In drydown, I begin to find a light smoky incense in it, and then a bourbon hint that's subtle enough to be interesting instead of whoa corn booze. I didn't pick up a decant of this when it was out; I'd had trouble wearing Lab ginger. One of the only alcohol-based perfumes I've loved was heavily gingered, so that was sad. But lately I'm finding some Lab ginger blends I can wear, and this is another like that. It's quite good on me, actually, though not long lived. Pallid Bat reminds me of both Season of Ghosts (with its orange/bergamot, ginger, and frankincense) and Kumiho.
  15. Casablanca

    National Emergy (sic)

    Orange liqueur aflame with red ginger and a hot little whiff of cinnamon. On my skin, Emergy shifts into orange lollipop liqueur aflame with red ginger and a little cinnamon. Neroli and orange blossom often turn to orange lollipop candy on me, so maybe there's some of that hiding here. Perhaps the sugared part is also bringing this toward liqueur for me. This isn't boozy, but it smells to me like the syrupy, fruity part of an orange liqueur. Pimento pops in, being its slightly sweet and strange self. In drydown, I also start to get cracked peppercorn. Strong red ginger, with hints of peppercorn and cinnamon or cassia. This is not a good combo for me, but I'm glad to try it.