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  1. Casablanca


    No lie: I got a sample of this just 'cause I liked the phrase "proto-baguette." "Proto-baguette." [Sold.] So, I guess I had a personal, hidden "proto-baguette" button that could be pushed and I would buy something. I did not know. Freshly applied, this smells like baguette. Very a lot like baguette: crusty crust, bready bread. For a second or two, I fear that the sharp, newly broken edge of the crust will damage some soft tissue in my mouth as I take a bite. There's a little dribble of cream, but mostly, this is baguette. Then, y'know, my skin happens. Butter. All the butter... Butter for miles, butter reaching forward to the future and arcing back to the past. Proto-butter. Maybe this wasn't a win exactly, but at least the proto-baguette button got its due.
  2. Casablanca

    A Meal Interrupted

    A delightful, fresh, springtime deli scent. Newly applied, A Meal Interrupted brings on the fresh cuke with dewy, cool lettuce, soft black pepper, and a short-lived little burst of green musk. Hunting around, I find breathy touches of green onion and melon, but no sesame or cardamom. This is a scent of fresh, dewy, edible greens. The green musk in the opening is like the green from the lovely Emerald Lace, but it only lives a handful of seconds on my skin. When it's gone, it leaves all the paler green things that you can eat, and a pinch of dark pepper spice. As this dries, I realize I can find the sesame seeds in this, and in the oddest way... they just keep appearing in the foodie head-picture this scent gives me. I needed to notice them in that visual to sniff again and find them in the blend. Cool! I much like and appreciate this one.
  3. Casablanca

    Cacao, Palo Santo, and Copal

    At about a month of rest, Cacao, Palo Santo and Copal blends well into its own thing, rather than showing up at your door as three distinct notes. The mix is a dark, dry cacao incense. The cacao and spicy copal are apparent, while the palo influence is more subtle. The lemony hint in beautiful palo santo is reading as a slightly odd contributor in this blend, I think. I enjoy these three notes, and dark cacao incense sounds amazing to me, so I thought I would love this. And, I like it... it's interesting. But the notes aren't currently gelling for me as well as I imagined they would. I'll see what more rest does with them.
  4. Casablanca

    Cacao, Black Leather, and Incense

    Kerosene? I can tell this is meant to be the black leather, but this particular leather note is going all garage chemical on me. I had this result about a month ago when I first tested this blend, and the time hasn't altered things as yet. In drydown, I notice a hint of cacao. But kerosene continues to overwhelm the rest of the scent.
  5. Casablanca

    Chocolate Buttercream

    Cocoa powder drizzled but not yet dissolved in warm buttercream. Some of the cocoa. Alllll of the buttercream.
  6. Casablanca

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Hazelnut Cream

    Rich dark chocolate with nice depth, and some hot-beverage-vibe hazelnut cream. When this first arrived, I also got a lot of whiskey. But now it's been a month or so, and I'm not really picking that up anymore. This is okay with me... my happy is centered in the other notes. Sans the whiskey, this has planted itself in foodie-land. It smells to me like a delicious hot liquid dessert, an unusually rich winter beverage.
  7. Casablanca

    The Treasury

    From the first application: Warm-toasted kettle corn? But I can kind of break it down to mostly toasted rice and honey dust. Warm, sweet toasted rice simmering in honey that has gone a little caramelized? That sometimes reminds me of like... stove-warmed Malt-O-Meal with honey? Yes, that's about the way of it.
  8. Casablanca

    Martial Arts

    Martial Arts is lovely to try. Initially, I get a beautiful smoky note set against russet amber and lacquered woods. I often love smoke notes, and I certainly love this one and the way it complements the rust-colored amber and woods. This lacquer doesn't trouble me like the one did in Warrior Couple Preparing for Battle. While it has a chemical quality, the tone blends well into the other notes, which smell more naturalistic to me. I get some mushroom after Martial Arts dries, and it also blends well. I never get vanilla bean from the "smoked vanilla bean," but find abundant smoke. This is a unique one with a unique, specific mood. Lovers of woody or smoky scents should give it a try.
  9. Casablanca

    Plunging Into The Hellmouth

    Juicy, grape-like plumeria, freshly applied. The plumeria I've smelled in person didn't smell like grape, and the grapey quality fades before long, though the plumeria blooms on. I'm s'posing there's an unlisted grapey note. The plumeria gets potent in drydown, but this blend also reads to me as intensely musk-powered. Hellmouth goes straight to both heady and heavy, and as I keep sniffing it to look for other notes, I can feel a headache trying to form between my eyes. To this one, I say: Nah.
  10. Casablanca

    A Nocturnal Visitor

    Juicy, pulpy peach and bright blood orange. Froot! Very daytime froot for a night visitor theme. The peach sings first and orange makes it a duet before long. Interestingly, Nocturnal Visitor starts out on me as super juicy and pulpy and bright, but soon shifts toward orange pith and peel. It's not quite bitter, but there gets to be a lot of pale pith overpowering the pulp. And... that's more or less where this sits for me. I never find sandalwood or labdanum. It's juicy froot to pithy froot.
  11. Casablanca

    Phallus Acrobatics

    Liking or loving all listed notes, I thought this would be an easy win for me. In this case, that didn't work out... Phallus is, for me, a snoot-full of conflict and overwhelm. The heavy berries seem to fight with the lavender and ylang ylang as they swim and slowly dissolve in vanilla milk, like an angry breakfast cereal. It all feels like a surprising and strange clash and struggle. Some weeks of settling haven't soothed this blend as I hoped they would. This one isn't for me.
  12. Casablanca

    Holding Hands

    Holding Hands is a pretty and spring-like swirl of apricot cream, coconuts, and white tea. After this dries, I catch a dry, herbal whiff of clary sage. I have a clary sage EO that is so very intense... It's amazing how soft it is here. By this time, though, the whole scent is so skin-soft I barely find it. With its apricot cream and coconut milk, and delicate spring nature, this one reminds me most of The Secret Meaning Behind Flowers from the same release. Secret had a bit more carnality, with its fig, and it also lasted longer on my skin. Both blends are delicate... between the two, I think the tea and sage bring out more delicacy in Holding Hands.
  13. Casablanca

    Chasing Fireflies

    Hi, I'm here for the plum juice. What lands on my skin here is mostly an airy, powdery floral blend. I get wisteria and lily white-musky powder poofs in a faint plum flower cloud. I don't find any juiciness, but white musk-friendly lovers of pale, soft floral blends may enjoy this one.
  14. Casablanca

    An Assortment of Spring Pleasures

    Freshly applied, this one brings a lot of white tea on my skin, alongside cocoa and cashmere. It's at once very pretty and a little bit jarring, as it feels as though the white tea has such a different character than the rest, and tries madly to pull away from the crowd. And... it succeeds? The cocoa and cashmere drop out and vanish, and quickly. Left to itself, the tea note thins and diffuses, becoming quite soft and almost hollow. At this point, I also get a floral hint. Peony-ish? Soft, pink. The scent thins out until it's scarcely there. I don't think this one is playing as intended on me.
  15. Casablanca

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    Lilac and smooth beeswax. First thing... this reminds me of a Shunga... a purple one about a candle. Um. Chasing the Midnight Candle? A Candlelight Study Interrupted? Melted Wax Entanglements? (Does anyone else ever think a Shunga Name Generator might be cool...) Flickering Lantern. That was it. This one is all about lilac rather than purple rose, but the beeswax and mood seem similar. Another cousin would be Eusapia, though that one is like a soft nightgown on me, while Vigil has more oomph. Vigil is a pretty blend. I don't notice any broomcorn or bone, but this a deep lilac wax from start to finish.