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  1. Freshly applied, this brings out juicy-sweet pomegranate first, then a lightly tart geranium, and finally peach. The peach is mild and friendly rather than raw or syrupy. In drydown, I start smelling a little something grainy, like frankincense or sandalwood, for some reason. The black musk wafts out, surprisingly gentle, adding a little mischief or a dark sass but not bringing the scent down upon it. The whole blend shifts toward earthiness, but it's an earthiness with some 'tude, presided over by red pom. I like this. It's a bit witchy and tricksy.
  2. Casablanca

    Peach and Sugared Orange Slices

    Oh my geez; at first this really smells like sugared orange slice candy. Basically exactly. On my skin, though, this quickly steps back into more of a peach impression paired with sweet orange skins. Yes, the skins... The sugared orange candy has morphed into orange skins that are sweet rather than bitter. From that point on, this blend is pleasant, but rather less wow.
  3. Casablanca

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    Sugary baked peaches and vanilla cream, with whiffs of deep-fried pastry, scant coconut shreds, and golden-orange amber. As TIAPAMDEP dries, it starts to smell like... peach and cream churros? Or maybe peach and cream funnel cake? This is kind of a peach carnival.
  4. Casablanca

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    I love Cozy Sweater and an Apple Cider, especially as the apple cider note has come out more with age. Wearing it to bed has been a comforting transition to fall this year. If it came back in the Weenies, I'd probably be in line for a backup. So I had to blind-bottle Fuzzy Peach Sweater. A peach version of CSAC with tea? Please. I'm glad I went with this 'cause it's gorge. Freshly applied, I get lots of warm-laundry sweater sweetened with vanilla, peach, and a hint of bergamot. The black tea note appears, albeit soft and subdued, sometime in drydown. I also get a bit of perfumey musk, like a neutral skin musk. London Fog drink recipes sometimes include lavender, though it seems a newer ingredient and not traditional. Huffing this blend, I can see how there could be lavender in its mix. I get something contributing a slight floral vibe to the complexity of the whole, but it's not a note that stands out on its own.
  5. Casablanca

    Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream

    Pretty-pretty springtime peach, sugar-syrupy rather than raw, poured over vanilla wafer cookies and sweet cream. The peach in this one is pretty and playful like youth, like a spring-print dress twirling in the sunshine. The vanilla cookie part smells specifically like vanilla wafers. (It took several days of rest for the vanilla cookie note to lean so wafer-specific, and also to blend well with the peach. ) This is a very sweet blend. It's certainly gourmand, but... I think on the Grand Scale of Foodiness, this is less foodie to me than something like Banana Bread or Oatmeal and Apple Spice Cookies. In case that helps anyone... Glad I took a chance with this beauty.
  6. Casablanca

    The Last Syllable

    Acrid cucumber is my first thought; then this develops a chemical note that reminds more of glue and turpentine. This is definitely the smell of a product that bears a warning label to only open it in ventilated areas. It doesn't get better.
  7. Casablanca

    'Tis Strange

    Oh, smoky smoked smokeness. Right out of the gate, 'Tis Strange offers great black billows of smoky incense that seems to clock in somewhere in the frankincense-champaca spectrum at first, but later reminds me more of sandalwood. With some warming on the skin, a black or blackened leather note wafts up. I can't tell if it's black leather or a blackness borrowed from the incense smoke, so let's call it smoke-blackened leather. The suit weathered battlefield conditions, and whosoever knows its original color isn't here to vouch for it. I don't really notice mossy stone, but there are plenty of shadows to go around in this blend. There's also a bit of something earthy and grounding, almost like patchouli. The effect of this blend reminds me of Midnight Bonfire, more than anything. ETA: And actually, similar to Midnight Bonfire, I keep smelling a sweet little floral note in this. I was ignoring it, but it really just wants to stand out, so I came back to mention it. It might be my skin.
  8. Casablanca

    Kneel Down, Fair Love, and Fill Thyself with Tears

    Kneel Down offers huge puffs of powdery orris and violet on my skin, with a light, creamy magnolia background. This was a generous free bottle for me recently! Unfortunately, its notes are diametrically opposed to my vibe and tastes. I know someone who might enjoy the gift, though, so I get to pass the love.
  9. Casablanca

    Drider Crossing Guard

    Mm, delicious black plum. This plum is juicy, rich, and dark; an earthy brown fig rounds it out. A clean, astringent white tea drifts out soon after, still while the blend is wet on skin. And for a while, that's what the drider is: dark plum, earthy fig, clean white tea. In drydown, some soft spice -- mostly black pepper -- shows up in hints. And I smell a little something light and grainy, like white sandalwood. No such note is listed, but I keep noticing something like that, pale and meditative. I really like this one. It's in my cart.
  10. Casablanca

    Drow Yoga Instructor

    "Serene as a twilit shadow" aptly describes this smoky lavender-plum incense. The lavender and plum stand out to me first. The lavender is airy and a bit sweet; it's also dark with the indigo note from some blends with "indigo musk" and similar designations... although I can't think of what those blends have been. The plum is mild and a bit surface-level, rather than the deeper, richer plums of some limited edition blends. Smoky incense is also prominent, though, especially beginning in drydown. I'm loving the smoke note of this one. A while after drydown, I seem to amp a ton of indigo musk from this, bringing it to a much more perfumey place. Too perfumey for me... but I did enjoy it before this point. For those who wear it better, this would be a good blend for evenings and rainy days. The blend as a whole is a bit simple, but it's in no way a bad thing. This drow is perfectly up to either layering or standalone wear.
  11. Casablanca

    Tiefling Therapist

    First-blush impression of the Therapist on my skin: Red champaca! This is a very incensey blend for the therapist, with a healthy dash of brimstone for the tiefling. Think incense on steroids: The white and red sandalwoods blend right into the champaca and frankincense, with champaca singing the loudest, but the harmony notes are also fully present in support. Brimstone smolders nearby, smelling very like the glowing contents of a brazier. Tielfling Therapist is a bit of an incense OD for me, but this could be a strong staple for incense lovers. I love the mental image of the brick-red tiefling offering support in a safe, meditative space. It's a character inspiration, really.
  12. Casablanca

    Kobold Barista

    Warm spices, black coffee, and black coffee grounds with hints of earth. Sparse cream, but what I find of it reminds me of the cream from the little plastic cups at diners. Dry and unsweetened. On me, the spices are up front at first, but soon take a back seat to the black coffee. And mounds and mounds of coffee grounds -- this is a busy diner morning. This is a blend for a bleary-eyed winter holiday morning at a local diner.
  13. Casablanca

    Georgia Peach, Oakmoss, Sage, and Vetiver

    Peach and... stuff. I don't like to genderize fragrance, but the non-peach part of this blend is a little woody and rustic on me when this blend is freshly applied. Not quite savory, but almost... It actually also smells a bit chemical. In drydown, this is still mostly peach for me, but I can catch whiffs of oakmoss and sage. After this has dried, it's peach and a background that's a tiny bit chemical. This one might need more rest.
  14. Casablanca

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    Peach Brandy SO smelled lovely in the bottle when it first arrived and it still smells pretty good... in the bottle. When I wear it, I get only a little peach from it. The fruit is borderline boozy, but isn't offering a lot. And no SO even after drydown. I think maybe my skin is just kind of becoming one with this one and not leaving much for me to smell.
  15. Casablanca

    Bugbear Doula

    I love this one's name, and also its blending. Soft, comforting white tea, chamomile, and other cozy herbs melt into ample fluffs of fuzzy amber fur. The notes all go beautifully together. The tea and ambery fur are most prominent. The tea is light, airy, and only a little astringent; the fur reminds me more of a comfy, silky stuffed animal than a literal woods mammal. The herbs infuse the blend evenly, and I love them. I'm not a fur perfume person, but the amber, tea, and herbs are so nice together, I'm still tempted to bottle this one.