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  3. tinyvulture

    Baby’s First Con Panel

    Baby's First Con Panel - Sea-salt chocolate chip cookies, OMG. Need copious amounts.
  4. tinyvulture


    A Texas springtime tradition! Not only pretty, bluebonnets have a close, powdery, sweet scent. This is that scent, along with green grasses and sunshine. It just screams spring!
  5. tinyvulture


    Love!! Honeysuckle! Sage! Both notes are very strong and such an amazing combo!! The water lilies make a lovely floral backdrop. The honey accents and brings out the sweetness of the honeysuckle. This is the scent of growing things soaking up sunshine and blooming and thriving.
  6. tinyvulture

    Jinbari Nyûdô Bobo Dokisu

    Love it for the blast of blueberry I get up front. As it mellows out, it blends seamlessly with the light green, fruity tea. Like a Japanese blueberry incense. Summery and light and pretty. (I didn't get any lotus from it.)
  7. tinyvulture

    The Drunk Astronomers

    I LOVE jasmine tea, but I'm not really picking it up here. It's more like a very light, slightly fruity green tea with a gloss of amber. No blood musk. A light yellow and green feeling blend. Not a favorite but will keep it.
  8. tinyvulture

    Paying Her Respects

    Strong spicy/soapy jasmine at first. Tobacco, I don't know where you are, but this is a sweet powdery jasmine and it reminds me of being in Mexico so I like it.
  9. tinyvulture

    Snowball Fight

    Something surprisingly feral about this blend, like wild animals in a snowy forest. The snow-slush note is there, adn the vanilla, but the sweaty muskiness is not what I was expecting. Off to swaps.
  10. tinyvulture

    Do All the Good You Can

    Strong almond note to start with. Very faint pine and patchouli. Morphs straight into vanilla and fig. That was such a quick change! The almond's still there, but very soft. The pine and patchouli disappeared. It's very pretty and I'd also love it as a bath oil.
  11. tinyvulture

    The Blood Garden

    Like being deep in a magical herb garden. The ginger and clove are so sharp, I can feel them in the back of my throat. The dragon's blood is heavy, raspy, resinous. There's woodsiness from the oak, and the deep fruitiness of the grape and redcurrant. SO powerful, mysterious, and sexy!!
  12. tinyvulture

    Valuable, Powerful, Deserving

    Sweet orange blossom, my favorite citrus! So beautiful here with the creamy vanilla oudh and warm amber. Smells like orange but in a grown up, classic women's perfume. Love it.
  13. tinyvulture

    The Spectral Flower Girl

    "Girl" indeed. To me this is a sweet, little-girly floral blend. The lilies and roses share top billing. I never thought about baby's breath, a filler in bouquets, having its own scent, but I suppose it does here. Going to suggest it to my daughter, age 9.
  14. tinyvulture

    Vampire Princess

    Red musk with patchouli and lavender. Red musk can be huuuuge on me. But the lavender is keeping it in check here. Sexy and swoony and sleepy. Gonna wear this to bed and see if I have X-rated dreams. 😈
  15. tinyvulture


    Fig and orange. A bright, citrusy burst of orange. This fades into a spicy, woody, oblivion. The myrrh and redwood are so darka and heavy. It's not "me" but I like it all right. The sweetness of the orange is a little too much contrast against those heavier notes.
  16. tinyvulture


    This has several floral notes listed, but I'm getting mint. A minty rose. That's it, very simple. Swap.
  17. tinyvulture

    Winter at the Capitol

    I need an Iris single note because sometimes I just can't identify it. I get the chrystanthemum (like the tea), and violet. Don't know about oleander and definitely not smelling any rose. Overall it's such a faint scent, it's hard to pick out much. Swap.
  18. tinyvulture

    Cemetery Creep

    Dry orris, softened with gentle white musk. Sometimes orris works for me. It can be so regal and sophisticated, as in Florence. But at other times, like here, it's a dry, old lady floral. Swap.
  19. tinyvulture

    Drunk Uncle

    At first, a flash of super boozy apple cider -- like Fearful Pleasure. Then comes wool...channeling Ichabod Crane now. Once it dries down it is sweet, buttery creamy, and I think there's a whiskey note? Not like, super boozy like how it was at first though. Not very boozy at all really. Also getting potpourri, sweet spiced tobacco, and still some wool. Such a jumble of notes. But I like it. Also I think some said they got cologne, but I didn't.
  20. tinyvulture


    First sniff - red wine and cocoa powder! And spiced coffee, like in Cafe Mille et une Nuits. It's pretty, just not love at first sight, er, sniff.
  21. tinyvulture

    Caramel Apple Cookie

    I get sharp, ripe apples, perhaps getting sliced and diced to be baked into cookies, but not yet baked. The ingredients are assembled - butter, brown sugar, oats. For bakers, this is the love of baking...the process, the time spent in a cozy kitchen, as pleasurable as the end result.
  22. tinyvulture

    September Midnight

    Indeed like a September night -- still warm, but with a dark, resinous raspiness that warns of chilly days to come. The pomegranate is gentle, carried on the night breeze. I didn't think I cared for pomegranate, but it's just right here. Like evenings walking home from the bar in youthful carefree days.
  23. tinyvulture

    In a Whispering Gallery

    Austere, dry soapy floral. Iris and I'm not sure what else. It's not a strong scent. Hauty and detached, not a warm vibe. I'm not getting any leather or bergamot. Too soapy for me, off to swaps.
  24. Niniel0205


    In the imp: straight lavender. after a couple of sniffs I detect a faint lemony edge far away. On my skin: wow it changed so fast it's like a different scent. Very sharp lemon, which is not my fave scent to be honest. It's so strong that I can't smell any other notes. After 5 minutes: the lemon has toned down quite a bit, and now the other notes are coming through. Lemon or verbena is still here but then combined with some smokiness and herbs. It smells quite nice, though a bit lighter than my usual liking. I hope the duskiness will keep on increasing. After 30 minutes: a woodsy scent has appeared. hhmm!!
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  26. Niniel0205

    Baron Samedi

    In the imp: dusty, grey-ish...much to my liking On wrist: still dusty but also smokey and something a little darker, maybe leather. I am surprised to read this is a bay rum scent, and that so many people smell almonds. I smell smoldering wood chips, a grey sneezy dustiness, and something a little more grounding. Very nice. Next day: Wow. This scent just kept on getting slightly better and staying around. Today is the next day and I can STILL smell it on my wrists. Strongest oil I have encountered up to now. Very impressive.
  27. Attention all con-goers (con-trarians? con-gregationists?): We've got a limited supply of these fab orange totes that we're going to include with any purchase of $150 or more at our booth next weekend. Just a teeny-tiny extra thank you to those who help make this trip possible for us, year after year. (If you're doing a group pickup order, please be prepared to let us know how many of the people you're picking up for will qualify -- we'd hate to miss anyone just because we didn't ask a lot of nosy questions!) Here's an image: https://imgur.com/a/lkpriGd
  28. SophieCedar

    Saddypants Lion Alchemy Lab

    Wow not many reviews here?! Huh. You guys are missing out on the perfect late summer scent, if'n ya don't have any of this. Very leonic indeed. The almond actually sticks around on my skin? So, I'm getting golden warm sweet august sun with wafting almond and peach. Not too bad at all. Its like nag champa for those that can't handle florals.
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