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  2. Little Bird

    Cat Event Exorcist

    Hm. I'm not getting much of the listed notes. On the label, the cat is vomiting up some electric green slime, and that's the color impression that I get from this. It's like a sour, unripe, lemony, chemical scent. Over some woods. With a hint of green. It's sort of like polishing a wooden table with lemon pledge, but more chemical and not as sweet as pledge furniture polish is. I had an aversion to it for the first two hours, and then it faded into a barely there, warm, powdery, musky thing with a hint of that weird chemical, clean, lemony something. I bought this for the label art, but I'm not really enjoying the scent at all.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Brigdh

    The Hanging Gardens

    In bottle: Wow, a really complex blend of fruits and florals. It’s hard to pick out any notes in particular. I think I get apple and grape (or maybe a very sweet red wine), and rose. Wet: Again, so complex! I think I get pear, fig, and rose. It’s almost fruit salad, but with some sort of skin-musk that grounds and deepens it all. Dry: This does not last very long at all. After an hour and a half, it’s completely vanished. That said, the dry state is very fruity red wine, with maybe a faint white floral (gardenia?) in the background. It's all a little too cheap sangria for me, though maybe people who are more into fruit notes would like it better.
  5. zankoku_zen

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    2019's version This one is less fir woods, and more green and incense on me. I also get more musk. Previous incarnations of Hexennacht have been more fir-heavy or smoke-heavy for me. This one is greenery, musk, and incense. Medium throw and wear length.
  6. torischroeder9

    Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil

    In the bottle: The patch and spiciness of Snake Oil, plus honey, plus the sweet, spicy resin of dragon's blood. On my skin: Wet, it's very patchouli, with an almost cologne-y afterwhiff. As it dries, a rich honey sweetness comes to the forefront. At this stage, the honey plus patchouli reminds me most of Third Charm, though Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil seems to have less distinction between the sharpness of the patch and the smoothness of the honey, to which I attribute the dragon's blood and probably the vanilla in the Snake Oil. I also think that what I'm reading as "cologne-y" is the resinous quality of the dragon's blood. Given time to develop on my skin, both the patchouli and the dragon's blood come out more, though the honey and the Snake Oil spiciness (snakiness?) remain apparent as well. This is... absolutely amazing. It's simultaneously sexy, powerful, warm, and snuggly. The throw and wear length are also pretty great on me. A+++, would snek again.
  7. torikitty


    For the life of me, I cannot identify any of these individual scents. I'm at a loss for how to categorize this in my brain. An incensey floral is what comes to mind, but that doesn't seem accurate. It does remind me of Sunday morning, and getting ready for church with my grandmother. I guess the only thing similar between this and Chantilly Lace is oakmoss, so hmmmm..... I would categorize this as a fresh, feminine, incensey floral, but only because my brain doesn't know what to do with juniper, myrrh, and patchouli together.
  8. torikitty


    This totally reminds me of a sunscreen lotion. There's a vague white floral and clean smell. It fades fairly quickly. I think my chemistry doesn't know what to do with this. It's pretty, but I can see it smelling a lot better on someone else.
  9. Last week
  10. donkehpoo

    Sip of Glass

    Wet: Strong on the champagne, with a touch of ambergris. Almost like a watered down champagne scent. Dry: Basically the same as the wet stage. Watered down champagne, through and through. Low throw.
  11. donkehpoo

    Mother's Hot Ghosts

    Wet: OOOOF. This is one of those rare scents that my nose just crinkles up upon sniffing. Kind of smells like sour body odor. Also, (unfortunately), the throw on this is.. pretty impressive, and overwhelming. Dry: Okay, it's not as sour as before, and the throw has calmed down; the scent is a great deal more.. baby powder smelling. I guess I'd call this a soured baby powder scent? This was.. an experience.
  12. biggnerd

    Trevor Bruttenholm

    Mmmm, this is what Dee would smell like in the 21st century. This is a spicy, incensey, bay rum with the sweetness of the paper from other paper blends. Paper and parchment is one of my favorite notes and I can smell it under all of maleness. I'm going to slather this on my husband if he'll let me.
  13. biggnerd

    Abe Sapien

    This is a soapy smell with just a hint of salt and juniper. Aquatic musks tend to go dryer sheet on me, so I'm glad it doesn't go quite that far. It smells like a fancy soap that would be in an older, classy lady's house. Abe is Parthenope's brother.
  14. biggnerd

    A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder

    This smells like the type of woman who could handle the god of thunder and only get a little singed, or maybe she'll singe him. It is fruity red musk, dirty patchouli, over black leather and a hint of smokey vetiver. I amp both leather and red musk, but the patch and vetiver keep them in line.
  15. biggnerd

    Masquerade Banana

    This is initially banana nail polish remover like whoa. Like the other reviewers, that went away on me very quickly (unlike with Sloth) and left a soft, slightly powdery and sweet myrrh, incense (heavy on the nag champa), and very light fig. I bet this would be a good ager.
  16. Teamama

    Nabby Gardner's Holiday Globules

    Another test courtesy of the kind & generous @Lucchesa. In the bottle, I smelled green herbs, soft florals, possibly white musk, & fruit. That's my daughter's jam, so we both tried it on. My girl immediately said "Dandelions! and vegetables!" I could sort of get dandelions, but no vegetables. However, she was backed up by our hairstylist. "Cooked vegetables." So we struck out with the Globules. Me because the florals & fruits turned soapy (which is why I suspect white musk,) & Teadaughter because...vegetables.
  17. melandie


    This year is the first year I really got into the Lupercalia scents, and I'm so glad I chose this one. It's creamy, balanced with a strong tea note, with a hint of vanilla and fig and the hay hides there somewhere in the background. On me, it generally doesn't morph much, just becomes a bit softer overall, and I don't need to reapply often. It has a very sophisticated appeal - I recently kept wearing it for a round of job interviews, and was complimented on it, so I'll take that as a win. Will definitely enjoy using this one up.
  18. rhinestone tempest

    Forest & Woods Scents (with and without evergreens)

    I'd throw my hat in for Brangwy--it's a sort of very dry, almost sharp wood that doesn't really mellow out all that much in my experience. It's not got the underlying musks that Fenris and Black Forest have, but you can always layer if you want a hint of it! (I haven't tried this combination yet but I think it could go great with Thieves' Rosin, which is very very musky with some pine Edit: do NOT do this, it smells like a bonfire of reliquaries and lasts forever. bad idea.) Loup Garou is a very pleasant pine, but in my experience it's a little weak and fades easily, so you may have to slather. Seconding the minty notes in Yggrdasil, too; it's not a knock against it, just something to be aware of. I personally found Jersey Devil a touch on the sweet side, but it's more of an earthy sweetness (from the berries) so that may work better for the forest sensibility. And if you're willing to stretch the definition of "foresty," there are also a couple less-woodsy scents that still lean natural/earthy: Oblivion is heavier on the spices and patchouli but with a good sturdy wood underlying it. And it's a very cool green color in the imp! Alecto is not very woodsy, but it is leafy and herbal, with some of the same earthy-sweetness as Jersey Devil. If you really want to lean into the actual-plants smells, Squirting Cucumber is pure grass and leaves--no wood at all, but smells perfectly (and rather surprisingly so!) like a real plant.
  19. torikitty

    Beast Biscuit

    I decided to give this a shot since most people said the blackberry was the star. It goes on smelling very bready, with a sweet berry note hanging around it. I don't think I would immediately pick out gingerbread or blackberry frosting if I didn't know the notes. It does have the comforting smell of a coffeeshop baked good with some fruity frosting on it. But I guess I do the same thing with gingerbread, and turn it into incense. Silly chemistry. I'll try this in a locket next.
  20. torikitty

    Couple Enjoying a Summer Breeze

    I ended up turning this into an atmo spray, and I love it. Lunasariel nails what it ends up doing as a spray. I think it works well in this medium since the sage is sharp.
  21. Lucchesa

    Couple Enjoying a Summer Breeze

    Couple Enjoying a Summer Breeze was not on my radar at all last year. I'm not sure I realized then how much I like labdanum. Testing blind, I got cedar and sparkling labdanum with its cola-like sweetness, which the brown sugar (once I looked at the notes) melds with seamlessly. I never really perceive the patchouli, and while sage can be a problematic note on me, it behaves perfectly here, dry and herbal but warm, a perfect balance for the sweet notes. Anyway, it's fantastic on me, outdoorsy, cozy, deeply satisfying. This goes on my list of things I'd be delighted to have more of.
  22. Lucchesa

    Joyous Middle-Aged Couple

    I really wanted to love Joyous Middle-Aged Couple, but it doesn't work on me. In the imp it's gorgeous, rich mandarin and white tea with a backdrop of woods, but once it hits my skin it's higher pitched than I usually enjoy and quickly goes to soap. Really elegant, fancy, triple-milled French clementine soap maybe, but still soap. I'm not sure which component or combination of components is at fault, but I'm jealous of the skin chemistry of the other reviewers.
  23. purestmaiden_

    Rapture Pig

    Two of my first BPAL purchases were Candy Phoenix and Two, Five, and Seven, and back in the day I used to layer them sometimes. This smells EXACTLY like the combination of the two and I’m in love. It’s a perfect lush rose scent with a heaping helping of sugared currant thrown in!
  24. Hola I tried messaging you about your sales post but it says you cannot receive messages.  I have never gotten that before!  Please feel free to message me


  25. Teamama


    I got to test Alias thanks to the always generous @Lucchesa. In the bottle, the citrus & rose geranium stood out, with a faint hint of vanilla & sandalwood. On my skin, the rose geranium immediately took over, & never relinquished control. I haven't tried many blends containing that note, but in this blend at least, I amp it to high heaven. After an hour or so, the overall effect became soap-like, as more sandalwood peeked through. Skin chemistry fail.
  26. donkehpoo

    Scent Boom

    Wet: Oh! I like this! I'm getting mostly sweet fruits here(with lemon being the strongest; I can smell the mango and tangerine as well), with a little bit of white tea as well. Dry: My skin has almost completely eaten this; what remains is a very light, sweet, lemon tea scent. I think I'm going to hold on to my decant and see how this ages; the wet stage was SO GOOD, but I need it to last longer on my skin.
  27. donkehpoo

    Rapture Pig

    (Haven't tried Rose Jam, so I can't compare the two.) Wet: Sugary, candied rose petals. Dry: Whoa, this scent has some CRAZY throw. It's remained almost spot-on to the wet stage, only with a slight soapiness. (That's pretty typical with my skin and rose notes, so YMMV.) For those who enjoy rose and it works well on their skin, this scent won't disappoint.
  28. supreme_c0rt

    Loviatar - Resurrected

    Loviatar is in my top 5 forever-favorites, and has been since I first got into BPAL over a decade ago. This is a perfect leather blend. Smoky, slick, sexy, powerful, composed and darkly radiant. It's a simple blend but each note is accounted for and perfectly balanced, and damn if it only gets better with age. One of the prized gems in my collection that changes my mood instantly into an armored warrior. Just. Gah. A great example of the Lab's singular niche, because I haven't encountered anything else like this one. *chef kiss*
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