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  2. roseus

    Elphame's Feast

    I get a light not super buttery cardamom cake with a layer of white florals. As it dries I distinctly get lily, with a cool green quality. There's other florals but I can't quite pin them.
  3. roseus

    Why and What Art Thou Dreaming Here

    At first the blackberry is very juicy and sweet, almost syrupy. As it sits on my skin it gets lower, more rumbly. The lavender is sort of a haze over the top. The magnolia and datura are difficult to pick out for me, but I think are definitely adding to the vibe. Lightly sweet, but dark and sort of wispy. Like a strange dream fading.
  4. bunnicula

    Lilith's Tea Party

    Smells like tea roses and sweet jammy strawberries in the bottle! Not gonna lie, the jammy quality in the bottle had me a little scared, but on skin, this scent makes me soo happy! That "jammy strawberry" smell morphs into something like strawberry shortcake with lots of cream, tea, and light airy macaroons! And the tea roses are still there too, adding a cute floral backdrop to this princess-y garden picnic scene. If BPAL's Tea Roses & Lace was a person, this is how I'd imagine that person would smell as a young child lol! This is a scent I'd love to wear to Disneyland or somewhere similar!
  5. skyturtles

    Diamond Star

    Wow. This is woody and resinous and addicting. Not notes I would usually fall for upon first glance, but I am on a quest to experience all of the OLLA blends. This is in my top 3 favorites so far, behind Blood Popsicle and In Templum Dei. This is nothing like those, and yet it is so, so OLLA. It is old, rich, complex, sacred, mysterious, comforting, warm. Like I said, I don't know enough about the individual notes here, so it's hard for me to pinpoint them. This is a keeper for sure, and I'm so glad I took a chance on this bottle.
  6. biggnerd

    A Robe All Red With Dripping Gore

    All I smell is incensey nag champa which is on my bully note list. It just tromps all over any other note. I also dislike it quite a bit.
  7. biggnerd

    Tomato, Patchouli Root, and Cedar Bean

    This is the smell of picking a tomato fresh off the vine. The tomato and cedar bean are strongest and they combine to be a perfect tomato and stem scent. This is kneeling in warm earth sniffing a warm, just picked tomato with the scent of the vine on your fingers.
  8. biggnerd

    Fern, Red Clover, and Wild Lettuce

    This is clover and lettuce. It's fresh and green, but unfortunately the clover takes over and goes soapy and air freshener on me.
  9. MamaMoth


    opens with a big smack of red musk, which reads as fruity, syrupy sweet, and heavy on the dragon's blood. there's a dark floral component from the opium that i'm not 100% on board with at first, but it doesn't take long for it to melt into the blend. i'm new to civet but it's not making itself known to me here... nothing offensive, just extra musky and i like it, i like it a lot. weird comparison maybe, but in the drydown this is a cousin of please scream inside your snake oil on me: deep, richly resinous, extra musky, extra sweet. this is pretty great, actually. i will have to do a comparison with scream in yer snek, to see if i need both. at the very least, it's about to get civetty up in the hizzy, because woof!
  10. Yesterday
  11. Madonna Lily


    Sprinklecake is one of my favorite BPALs of all time as of now. It is an absolute sugary joy. Did you know sprinkles have a smell? They absolutely do and I only just learned that after smelling Sprinklecake. It's the exact smell of confetti cake but more specifically the sprinkles. It has something dry and sugary about it but still has a lot of staying power and oomph. I put it on in the morning and can still smell it after a long day. It's gentle and slightly pink sugary. However I suspect the dryness I'm smelling is a cocoa note but definitely not "chocolate" It's like a white chocolate buttercream and a hint of something almond and the smell of sugar sprinkles. Possibly something pink and fruity in the background. Wonderful. I wish I had 100 bottles.
  12. bunnicula

    The Robeky Venus

    I've been having a lot of luck with tea roses as a note lately, so I picked up a decant of this one! Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work for me. The tea roses are there, and they are faint and tame. The ambergris i think is adding a faintly salty skin musk quality, there is also a kind of dominating powdery sweet-smelling thing that I'm not liking. Not sure which note is contributing to that. Maybe the labdanum? Only a whisper of the juicier red currant comes through for me. Like really really quiet whisper. The vanilla silk and white sandalwood are like a blanket for everything else to rest on. It's nice and quite fitting of the painting it was inspired by, but I'm probably not the person this blend was made for!
  13. puck_nc

    Plum Blossom Twig Hair Gloss

    Origin: Straight from the Lab Initial Thoughts: I like plum, I like honey, and nothing in the list is a deal-breaker. In the Bottle: I'm getting a LOT of honey, a bit of plum, and a definite zing of lemon. On Wet Hair: No real change yet. This is very much honey, to the level of The Sharing of the Cake Between the Lion and the Unicorn, but with lemon zest. After Blowdrying: Still strongly honey on me, but the lemon calms down and there's a trace of floral freshness. Verdict: I like it a lot and am glad I grabbed a bottle.
  14. LavenderCoffee

    The Best Lies

    Freshly applied, this is very similar to Alisz without the mint. As it dries, the rose becomes a bit more prominent, but it's still a gorgeously soft pillow of rose cotton candy.
  15. Threemoons

    Four Seasons Alchemy Lab

    Finally pulled this one out; needed something herby and fresh and this fits the bill perfectly. In the bottle: Lemongrass with a slight hit of sweetness and dustiness. On, wet: Getting sweet lemon drop and gingerbread vibes, with a slight note of darker background herbs and a bit of resin. Drydown: After a few hours, this settles into a sort of soft herbal blend with hits of citrus on me...maybe a pinch or two of the Lab's concrete note as well. Surprisingly refreshing for summer!
  16. biggnerd

    Soft May the Worms About Her Creep

    This smells like a Lush store circa 2007, and more specifically like a bag that had a sex bomb bath bomb covered in dust from a the comforter bubble bar with a sample of Alkmaar soap. It's a total vibe.
  17. Poenari

    Strawberry Moon 2022

    I don't typically even try scents with strawberry as a note, but decided to get a decant and see what all the fuss is about. Well, this is delightful! Sweet ripe strawberries, indeed! It dries down to a greenness as the strawberry fades. It's a lovely scent, very fresh and pretty. I'm glad I tried this!
  18. Poenari

    The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat

    Oh this is beautiful! Upon application, this scent swirls around me with the myrrh most prominent, but quickly combined with the other notes to make a glorious scent evocative of ancient times. I get the same vibe from this that I do from OLLA Eve... Something ancient and mysterious, with the swirling spices, patchouli, and rose. This wears beautifully on me .. good throw and long lasting. Backup bottle worthy!
  19. dancingchair

    From Whose Eyes As They Glance Flowed Love

    This is definitely a "your skin but better" perfume. The throw is pretty low, but it makes me feel like my skin is radiating a soft aura of good smell when I wear it. Thankfully, this does not go plastic on me, which happens with vanilla and sugar notes sometimes. It's beautifully blended and settles into a creamy vanilla cloud sprinkled with rose petals. Rose can be overpowering sometimes, but here the rose is a supporting player like the other notes. This perfume feels special, like you're giving yourself a hug when you wear it. I was nervous about the rose but I actually really like it!
  20. Last week
  21. puck_nc

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    Origin: Straight from the Lab Initial Thoughts: I like lilacs a lot and I love bourbon vanilla. Amber can amp on me if it's dark, so fingers crossed there. And then the reviews emphasized how it's so very lilac, so I bit. In the bottle: FRESH-CUT LILAC! ALL THE FRESH-CUT LILAC. Wet: Lilacs without the "green" of fresh-cut. Guessing the amber is toning it down or the vanilla is making it sweeter. Drydown: Lovely sweet sun-warm lilacs. The vanilla and amber aren't front and center but are enhancing the lilac very nicely. I'm not sure I can pick out any muguet since I'm not quite sure what it's like on its own, but it's not doing anything bad that I can tell. Verdict: Keeper. I definitely recommend this for any fans of lilac.
  22. LavenderCoffee

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    Recently acquired from Etsy. Bottle number appears to be DLX (560), good ol' silver marker on black label did its best. In the bottle and freshly applied, I'm getting a big hit of what smells like balsam. Oil is a vivid dark yellow. SO is way off in the distant background at the start, but starts to slither forward in the first ten minutes, and the blend becomes more balanced. I struggle with balsam sometimes but this is real nice.
  23. broccoliwitch

    Lab Rat

    I got this from @doomsday_disco, I couldn't pass on the concept and cool label art! in the bottle medical, sweet, aquatic, almost stomach churning but i want to smell it? i don’t usually do aquatic or medicinal so i’ve never smelled anything like this. wet is fizzy cola? no, ozone and herbs. no, back to fizzy cola. its a warm and wet smell with a little green and a little sweet. this smells like medicine again but good? like an herby medicine my dad would make for me. it seems it’s decided to be cherry cola medicine for a while, I dig it. oh nope, we are back to ozone. this makes me want to try more ozone and rain scents, wow. partner says it smells like incense which is so interesting because I really avoid those kinds of scents but I think that's the sweetness. its almost headache inducing so if I wore this it would have to be a tiny dab or behind the knees. dry is even sweeter, i definitely understand why they said incense now. hmm I'm not an incense person at all so idk about this. I definitely would not have usually bought this for myself but this was a novelty buy. I wanted to smell what something aged was like and i can definitely see how incense would become strong. hmm it almost smells like fizzy pop incense. I did not expect this to get so sweet! I wonder if I boost sweet or if this is the oil? do I like incense smells? what is happening? I seriously considered scrubbing several time because of the almost headache but I powered through and now I like it? I think I'm getting leather now? something warm and dark. oh my god, its cinnamon! oh I love this. I have to breath deep to get it now but its cinnamon/spice with a touch of fruit skin scent. yeah this is a wear at home because i wont stop smelling myself. this morphed so much! it's been about 5 months and this has been my go to office perfume. I still love it but I feel like it doesn't last as long on me. my plan is to use up what I have and make my own lab rat with my favorite imps! I seriously love this art so much!
  24. broccoliwitch

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    in the bottle it makes me think of chocolate coffee not pumpkin spice. it also reminds me of candy like old root beer barrels or old hard caramels. wet is more of the same with a little vanilla. my partner said “it’s what headshops should smell like” (high compliment from them). still not getting “pumpkin spice” per say but gourds and spice? I had never smelled og snake oil before this but this was what I imagined “vegetal” smells like, the gourd/root veggie/earth smell. (I'm into it… maybe i do want to smell like dirt?) dry there’s more vanilla and spices (but not spicy, ya know? its a cool spice). I can't quite tell if the vanilla is creamy or powdery but I can’t complain either way. oh and the coffee comes back in the background. yum! I bought this from a forumite to be my fall scent so I'm excited for this to sit around for a few months although I did find myself wearing it over the summer. it just smells better as time goes on and there's actually some good throw from a tiny dab from the cap (god bless). I've never smelled boomslang but I definitely could see why people would say these are similar based on the notes. ultimately, it also makes me nostalgic for something I can’t quite place (is it chocolate scented markers, root beer lip smakers, tootsie rolls, fake chocolate baby doll smell??) its subtle but interesting and I imagine a lot of future layering potential, a big plus for me. blind buying wins again.
  25. broccoliwitch

    Ghost Milk

    I’m on a quest for milks (peach milk I’m coming for you!!) and I couldn’t pass this one up if only for novelty sake. my impression was that it was going to be a soft sweet and tangy milky perfume. I was nervous about the white chocolate note though. I typically don’t like chocolate notes and i’m not a huge fan of white chocolate irl. in the bottle this smells like egg nog or maybe cereal milk. my partner said it smelled like gingerbread which I totally understand even though I didn’t really smell it. also wow this is strong, but will that translate to a lot of throw? wet it’s sweet and spice. spice cookies and milk? I think I'm getting a bit of the honey dust here which is adding dryness to all the wet. I can’t truly discern any one of anything but it’s all really lovely. I’m a newbie so I guess that means that this is really well blended! I thought this one would be a gourmand but it definitely has more of a traditionally perfumery smell to me. surprisingly, i don’t mind it… dry I can start to pick out some notes. marshmallow is the the first thing I can recognize in all of this sweet. I’m loving this and I can see myself layering it with everything (hello lick it’s and snake milk). as time goes on I think the vanilla cashmere starts to come out as well because there is something reminiscent of a sweater about it. it definitely gets gentler overtime and i really have to stick my nose in it to smell but after about an hour I’m getting the white chocolate anchoring with the honey dust and it’s quite nice. When wet this almost teetered on being too sweet even for me a certified gourmand fiend. thankfully, it lightens up as time goes on. I don’t love this but i really like it and i can see myself using it regularly for layering! It sweetens in a different way than Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar (my current go to sweetener) and I’m digging having options. the only thing missing for me is more of a tang from the goat’s milk. this is indeed the ghost of a milk and I want more milk! I might have to finally brave trying White Larry to get it…
  26. broccoliwitch

    The Bear Prince

    I’ve been eyeing this one and I was lucky to scoop up a decant because I was very close to blind bottling and I think I would have been disappointed. Rose is usually a slam dunk but this one is tricky… in the bottle dewy roses, very promising. wet is very juicy roses, fresh cut from the garden. it’s a green sort of rose smell that makes me think of pink roses over red. I haven’t smelled the lab’s snow note before but this is coming across to me as sweet vanilla and powdery. i was hoping for more of a minty snow though… pleasant but i want the mint! Or even coconut snow but I’m not getting that either, just sweet. hmm, i wonder if what i’m perceiving as powder is actually fur… dry fresh out of the mail was awful. I understand why people don’t like rose now. it went straight to rose soap and something that made me think of cat pee and sweat (ugh, tends to neutralize my funk so maybe that's why? no idea about the cat pee). dry day two is much more powdery/snowy than roses and I'm not sure if I'm into it. I don’t hate this but it’s definitely not what I wanted. I'm not sure why I thought this would be more gourmand-y but to me it’s firmly in the clean laundry perfume camp. I also think my skin is eating all the rose and that’s why it smells so clean to me. I'm getting mostly snow and fur/musk and the little bit of rose I do get is the gentle rose scent you find in skin care and cleaning products (I would totally buy this as laundry detergent… hmm maybe an atmos spray would be nice?). this is the cleanest bear ever and I think I was expecting something a bit dirtier. *side note: I am on my period so I think that may be affecting things, especially since my skin loves rose so much. i’ll test again in 2 weeks and see if anything changes. I'm glad to have finally tried this! I love the name and the imagery and I think it will be lovely around the holidays. I want every blanket I'm snuggling to smell like this.
  27. forspecial_plate

    Autumn Roses Candle

    Well, I lit this a couple hours ago so I'll go ahead and give my impressions... It's really light and ethereal. It's a very light ambery scent, maybe a hint of something spicy, but I wouldn't have guessed there was any rose in it. After a while I kind of forget it's there, then I'm reminded if I leave the room and come back in. I'm reminded somewhat of Western Small Foot Bat hair gloss. But I got that out and sniffed the bottle and this candle is lighter, and a little sweeter. Whatever different notes are in this, I can't differentiate anything, it's just completely blended together. Ethereal, sweet, ambery. Very pretty. I love it! My 1st Bpal candle and I'm very happy with it. EDIT: I have to say I detect something a little bit fizzy here, I doubt there is a champagne note but maybe there's a hint of ginger? Hard to say..
  28. broccoliwitch

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    American Gods is a favorite of mine and I’ve been looking forward to trying something from this collection. in the bottle cool vanilla and sweetness. my partner described it as a snuggly scent and I agree. wet has gorgeous almost peppery florals starting to come out with the vanilla and it’s lovely. the salty ambergris is just underneath everything too. this is another very well blended scent, nothing particularly stands out more than anything else and yet they all work together to elevate each other. dry is both gentler and stronger somehow. this scent kind of comes and goes on me like I almost forget im wearing it and then I get a whiff. a ghost of a perfume is a great descriptor! i can also see the comparison to ghost milk while they don’t really smell the same they remind me of each other (and smell fantastic layered together 😍). This makes me think of a fancy perfume but the perfume is being casual about it. vanilla and floral, gentle yet complex, snuggly and comforting. I think this perfume captures the character of Zorya P perfectly. I can totally imagine smelling this before actually seeing her and I bet getting a hug from someone wearing this is divine (pun intended 😝). There is something almost sexy and very intimate about this scent, it makes me think of nighttime... I think I love this and a full bottle purchase is very likely.
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