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  2. ShadowEtienne

    Olive Wreath

    This is lovely! On me the clearest, strongest note is creamy, fresh olive blossoms. They're light and airy and while not my usual go to in the "white florals" range, come across really nicely here. That floral is backed closely by the almost lemony herbal element of fresh cut olive branches with some slightly crushed leaves. This is a green, growing note with a touch of sap. This really does bring to mind the sorts of branches that one might snap or cut from the tree for a wreath. Wafting gently over it all is a fresh, slightly salty sea breeze, as though the olive grove where this wreath is being cut and made is right by the ocean. It adds a lovely freshness and some aquatic elements that really bring this scent into one of my favorite ranges. I think this may balance more floral on me than the previous two reviewers, but it's a really lovely, fresh scent.
  3. Ennikar

    Olive Wreath

    I do not like to eat olives, but I do often like various sorts of leaves and/or branches. I've never smelled an olive grove, so I can't speak to accuracy, but this is a very pleasant warm-breeze sort of green. If I whiff hard off my wrist, some... clean? dimensions come out, which could also be "salty". I feel like I'm just repeating the previous review, but it's largely accurate to my experience - even the part where it seems a little masculine of neutral.
  4. Lucchesa

    Tea Funeral

    Lilies amp on me, and this is a whole lot of lily. I can smell the tea in the imp, but on my skin the lilies overpower it, the way a bouquet with stargazer lilies will smell like lilies and nothing else. Great throw and wear length. Thank you, @Teamama, for letting me try this one!
  5. Lucchesa

    Les Passades

    With these notes Les Passades should be fab on me, and it's only OK. I agree with the last three posters that there's something fizzy and even cola-esque in here, and it is quite prominent on me. The patch and vanilla are quiet; it's more of a gentle musk with Pepsi and amber. I have so many BPAL patchouli blends that I absolutely adore that I don't need to keep this decant.
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  7. “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” - Rumi View the full post.
  8. ShadowEtienne

    Laurel Wreath

    My immediate reaction once I put this on was tha Laurel Wreath is the cousin of Spicebush Swallowtail, which I love. There is a soft creaminess to start the scent, warm and a little resinous. On top of it are rich herbal and spicy notes, and hiding in the background is something almost a touch fruity. While some of these are notes that I'd associate more with cooler months, there's also a bright airiness to this that makes it not seem too heavy for the summer. I'm definitely excited to wear this more, and I'm glad that the first of this year's pride scents that I'm trying suits me!
  9. Lit Chick

    Carnaval Diabolique

    My skin eats all the top notes. Just POOF. For a little while I’m left with that “generic BPL smell”, you know the one you get when you open your imp box? Must be the opium smoke… but that didn’t last on me either. I may try it in a locket.
  10. Lit Chick


    I avoided this because BPAL vanilla tends to go plastic, lily tends to amp too much, and orris is a death note. However, this blend works. Mostly. It turns into a very delicate a gentle powdery scent, neither baby nor old-lady. Soft and lovely. It does not have enough personality to make it a favorite, but it is very wearable. Could be good for layering.
  11. VioletChaos

    The Serpent in the Berries

    If I had to compare this scent with another, for me what comes closest is Australian Copperhead from Carnival Diabolique's Snake Pit. It's the combination of Snake Oil and the Acai Berry in that one that I recall as I sniff the strawberry / Snake Oil mix in this one. Full disclosure, I am one of those for whom fresh SO doesn't really work. For me, fireworks don't really kick off for, at the *very* least, a month. Six months is better, a year is far better and a decade or more is best. (Not kidding: slowly working my way currently through a 10mL bottle of Snake Oil from 2006 or so and it's just about the love of my life!). I mention this because there's a way that Snake Oil needs time and patience to settle into itself. Fortunately, this strawberry is NOT going plastic on me! It's retaining its sweet, fruity self in much the same way the fruit is forward and sweet-tart in Copperhead. And because of that, I have every reason to believe that this latest iteration of Snek is going to be a fine addition to my collection. In all: if you love all the Snakes OR you like your SO blends with a bit of fruit, you will likely want to snag Serpent in the Berries sooner rather than later!
  12. VioletChaos

    Strawberry Moon 2024: Red Currant and Silvered Musk

    I've been on a bit of a musk kick recently, and was both intrigued by what "silvered" might mean and also by how it might in fact layer with Strawberry Moon 2024, which I already knew I was going to purchase. As with some of the duets, the perfume on its own is fairly simple and straight forward, which is totally the point. The currant is one I've encountered in other Lab blends, and is slightly tart and gently sweet and fruity. The musk took me by a bit of surprise. For some reason I'd anticipated that it would be similar to a white musk, and it's not at all. That said, it's not a rich musk either. The closest thing I can point to is that this is sort of a water-musk. As in, the note I'm getting from it reminds me of other water / rain / ocean notes I've encountered (no salt, though, so don't expect any!). Metallics can go weird on me, as can water notes, so I was leery of what would happen next. What happened next, is that I tested it all by itself and it scarcely stayed on my skin, other than as a ghost of a scent. BUT, what was *actually* surprising, and delightful, is when I layered it with Strawberry Moon as it was designed for- and THAT was a lovely surprise! Perhaps because in the composition of this year's SM there's richer, grounded notes like Laudanum and incense, it seems to have given these delicate notes something to hold onto, so it definitely increased the staying power for sure. AND it shifted the Moon out of its thoroughly dark aspect and into something more far-reaching and expansive. This is my first official foray into the Duets that are meant to be layered with specific Moons but it won't be the last based on the success of this one!
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    (Now just have to sell it all) 🤑:beg:

  14. VioletChaos

    Strawberry Moon 2024

    This is a perfect counter-weight to the Strawberry Moons of the past. What I mean by that is that the previous SM's that I've personally adored have been bright, tart affairs, they dazzled because they were that magic thing of smelling unbelievably Real. I still hoard my beloved SM '09, with its juicy berry and tart, green sap notes. It's beautiful as a mild, very sunny summer day. This Strawberry Moon? Is most decidedly NOT any of that. I was excited to try this new iteration because of the pairing of potentially lighter elements (berry, tea) with emphatically darker ones (notably my always-favorite indigo musk plus plum incense and laudanum). And it's a HUGE win. This, to me, is primarily an incense-heavy scent. And one might see "strawberry+incense must therefore = headshop", but fear not, gentle folk, it's not that! The incense quality gives it that 'dark' quality from the Lab description of the scent, though I concur with the above poster that this doesn't come across as ominous. It's definitely a summer scent, but again, the opposite of the "bright/sunny/mild" aspects- this is both for those oppressively hot days when the air is so thick it feels like we should swim through it rather than walk. And it's definitely for gloomy, rainy, overcast days as well. The strawberry isn't quite real, or if it is, it's less to me reading as over-ripe and more like dried berries, in the same way that fresh roses, when dried, go from being envisioned in a vase or on the stem to being in a crypt or a Victorian parlor. And in spite of all elements, the scent has surprisingly low throw, so start gently, but don't be surprised if you feel the need to slather, at least a little. In All, likely going to pick up a second bottle, after it's confirmed that this ages as well as I suspect it will! (PS, I *did* layer with one of its intended Duets, Silvered Musk and Red Currant, and yes, it is a worthwhile activity as it shifts the scent quite a bit!)
  15. vixen of pie

    Golden Priapus

    Somebody gifted this tiny aged frimp to me when I bought off a trading and selling page. Seeing as I have tons of imps to go through, figured I gotta start today. The oil in the imp was a deep, pretty almost reddish golden color. It called out to me so on it went. On the start, I was hit with a dank, vegetal and buttery smell. It was like somebody mixed THC oil in butter and poured it over popcorn. I was thinking I'd go through the day smelling like a hippie chilling at the movies, then it morphed after several minutes into a woodsy scent with vanilla and amber. There's pine, but its not enough to scream forest. Similar to snake oil, but with pine.
  16. alterosen

    Every Day is Halloween

    I bought a bottle unsniffed as I was so sure this would be great on me since I love sandalwood & pumpkin (with or without spice) but my skin turned this into wet paint, dank & industrial. (2021 version) I was too afraid to try the 2022 one but perhaps I should as it seems to be different.
  17. alterosen

    Touchstone, the Jester

    I get quite a bit of pear & a little fig when first applied but that fades quickly & then it's all about the spiced honey cake. Other than clove, there are no spices listed but I'm picking out ginger, clove & maybe some nutmeg & pepper. This scent has low throw on me but lasts a long time (applied in early evening & could still find it this morning).
  18. ShadowEtienne

    Crack of Thunder Hair Gloss

    I was wearing Lightning today, so when I put this on for a first try this evening, I had a moment where the lingering Lightning and Crack of Thunder being just applied were incredibly harmonious. It's got that ozonic storm blowing in with a hint of white flowers hidden among the dunes thing going on that matches with Lightning. But the scent diverges with a tiny hint of some sort of incense smoke and subtle notes of early sour plums (sour is good in this case). There's no punch of sweetness from these plums, which is good for me! This is lovely and not too strong a scent while still being present. It's going to mesh really well with all my oceanic/stormy aquatics (I say wearing it with Cthulhu Beard Oil and Conception by the South Wind).
  19. quantquill

    #20 Love Oil

    Reading all the descriptions in these reviews is fascinating! Many different interpretations. On me, it's a mild rose + a hint of spearmint + hefty dash of soapy mugwort. It definitely reminds me of an expensive bar of soap on the sink in an expensive hotel bathroom. Not for me, though I'm glad I got to try this out and see how it fared on my skin!
  20. Ennikar

    The Harpy Celaeno

    Reboot. Horseradish and vetiver in the bottle and wet. The drydown shifts, though - the horseradish comes across almost like a strong pepper note, the vetiver smooths out with the patchouli and myrrh, and the bergamot/orange blossom become more noticeable. Final impression is like a peppery patch with some citrus-floral stuff going on, which is distinctive but more pleasant than one might think The Harpy would be. Reasonably good throw.
  21. Lucchesa

    This More Than Bloody Deed

    This More than Bloody Deed reminded me at first of Against Idleness and Mischief, which I haven't worn for a minute. Both feature a strong wildflower honey note. Eventually the red labdanum comes through, warm and tending toward cola, but always in the background compared to the honey. I never get the vanilla at all; I think the honey just kind of subsumes it. But this is a lovely honey blend and I will keep my decant, a gift from fabulous @Teamama!
  22. Madame_mina

    Flower Moon: Red Poppy Pod and Blue Lilac

    Wow this is an astringent floral- perfume counter almost like Elizabeth Taylor ‘white diamonds’. I was hoping for more lilac, but it is not distinguishable. The harsh liquid alcohol-flower dies down as it warms up and remains a warm/“hot” floral scent. My mother would love this scent but it is not for me. I took a gamble as i am not normally a super floral-gal, but was seduced by the promise of spring lilacs. This has a long wear and throw. From afar (like if I wave my arms around and smell the air), it smells like fresh cut stems of a bouquet (the green watery scent of stems), but closer to the body is where the hot-flowers are.
  23. doomsday_disco

    Hard Candy Bath Oil

    This smells like a melange of fruity candies. I get cherry, lime, watermelon, orange, and strawberry candy. I haven't tried it in the bath... only as an after-shower moisturizer. But it smells great and it is perfect for the summer. There's a bit of a powdery note by the end of the day, but not like baby powder or amber powder or anything like that... it's more like a powdery coating on the some of the hard candies, as if they were just unwrapped. I'll be keeping this bottle!
  24. doomsday_disco

    Snow Moon 2024

    I wasn't planning on getting a decant of this, since I have a bottle of the 2019 version, which features the same notes. But it was cheaper to get a full set of Snow Moon decants, so I got to try this and deathmatch it with the 2019 version. I don't normally think there's that big of a difference between releases featuring the same notes, and they both are mostly yuzu, frozen apple, and white tea on me, but the 2024 version is much smoother. There's a bitterness to the 2019 version that I didn't realize was there until I deathmatched it with the 2024 version, so I think I'll destash my bottle of the 2019 release and keep the decant of this year's release. Since I had the full set of Snow Moon decants, I did layer each one with Snow Moon as Beth intended. Here are my layering results: Snow Moon + Apple Liqueur and Brandy - Makes for a more apple-y experience, of course! Snow Moon + Coconut and Icicles - The apple and yuzu of Snow Moon still was the most prominent feature, but the frozen aspect was amped up, with some coconut on top. Snow Moon + Roasted Tea Leaf and Night-Blooming Jasmine - This was my favorite of the duets, so it's not surprising that it was my also my favorite of the layering combos. It was mostly Snow Moon plus the toasty green tea note, with a bit of airy, non-indolic jasmine floating over that. Snow Moon + Yuzu and Blackcurrant - So the earthiness of the duet is still present during the layering combo... I think it must be something in the blackcurrant? The yuzu was amped up by layering the two, and I love yuzu, but I just don't dig the earthiness of the duet, which just isn't tamed by layering, sadly.
  25. DiZZysTARdust

    Waxen Image

    love this. i have a lot of beeswax scents but this is definitely a the top of the list contender. the wax is there but blends so well with the blood/ash notes. the other notes give a smokey, almost incensey vibe while allowing the beeswax to shine through. super well blended, on me i’m not recognizing any other notes aside from the beeswax.
  26. quantquill

    Martial Arts

    Very interesting. Wow. Not sure what lacquered bamboo should smell like, but I think maybe there's an astringency from the lacquer? Or possibly it's the earthiness from the mushroom. This is as far as possible from sweet. The tonka and smoked vanilla probably keep the oak, bamboo and mushroom in check. The more it dries down, the more I get some amber and smokiness. I don't get almond blossom, the whole is really well blended together. It's not a "me" perfume, but I appreciate it as a well-blended, earthy, slightly floral, woody blend (overall agree with zankoku_zen).
  27. quantquill

    Ghosts In Love

    I picked this up in a destash, I'm not a floral lover overall, but I do love lily of the valley and tobacco flower, and figured sandalwood, oudh and labdanum might ground and mellow the rest. This is all floral, all the time. It's a lovely, delicate floral with lily of the valley forming a sweet base. It doesn't go soapy or powdery on me, it's just sweet, light floral. I'm more leaning toward gourmand and spice these days, but am really glad I got to try this one.
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