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  2. Teamama

    Penny Rolle

    Yes!  This is amazing! Sandalwood is front & center. So good! It's wood & amber & nuts on me...I need a bottle.
  3. Teamama

    Big Bertha's Big Molasses Muffins

    Delicious! Started out extremely foody, but relaxed into a quiet, spicy molasses that seems musky. I didn't get any orange, which surprised me. I agree this is a cozy blend. I like it a lot. Possible bottle. 
  4. Teamama


    Unhelpful review: my skin completely wrecked Gynotize!. I tested it twice to be sure. It went on as bold cherry, with skin musk & a hint of rose. Over the next 10 minutes, the cherry blast dissipated. What emerged was...extra-virgin olive oil accord. I kid you not.
  5. Yesterday
  6. VioletChaos

    Strawberry Moon 2019

    I've been smitten with Strawberry Moon since the 2009 halcyon days. 2012 was not my favorite, but the note list was compelling enough this time (benzoin, I'm looking at you!) that I blind-bottled not one but TWO. Fingers crossed my boldness has paid off. Straight away, I find that, as with the 2009 batch, the sweet juiciness of the strawberry is offset by the tang of the dandelion sap. I love the juxtaposition, each element keeping the other one from becoming too overwhelming or veering the scent too far off-course in one direction or another. The benzoin is a stroke of genius, in my humble opinion. The honey in the 2012 mix made the scent a bit too sweet and cloying for my tastes, whereas omitting that note and replacing with the vanilla-resin-esque benzoin adds depth without making the scent sugary. Resins tend to get better with age, and while this is definitely good enough to wear immediately, I'm excited to see how this scent might continue to deepen with more time. On a side note, I've been testing several scents today and for this that scored both, I'd *highly* recommend layering this Strawberry Moon with the White Sandalwood and Clove duet- the clove and strawberry together create a sexy tomboy vibe that is *incredible* and not at all gourmand! ❤️
  7. VioletChaos

    Wildflower Honey and Patchouli

    This is definitely a lighter, sweeter honey than some old favorites (such as O), but for this got, steamy summer, I find that I'm immediately pleased. As others mentioned, in the bottle it is this note that dominates. On the skin, the scent blooms, and the honey is still top dog, but had morphed from a liquid-y "orange blossom bear" honey to a gorgeous honey dust. The patch is almost nonexistent, but I have enough aged patchouli that I will happily layer some with this to get a different effect if desired. In the meantime, this is a lovely, rich summer scent, sexy enough for evening but holding its own enough that I'd wear it to the beach as well.
  8. VioletChaos

    White Sandalwood and Clove

    I ADORE clove, but it also has to be in the right context, lest it becomes either too cloying or too acrid. My hands-down all-time favorite clove scent has always been The Smiling Spider, but I've also been interested in more sandalwood-based scents this year, so I knew I needed to snag this one. The clove is definitely the lead note whilst in the bottle and through dry-down. The sandalwood reads as an afterthought- as I pull my wrist away from my face, I detect it in passing: "Oh! Hello!" and then it floats off again. I love the clove in this, but had been hoping for the sandalwood to make more of a presence. I'll keep it for the clove alone, but I'm also hoping that aging will bering the wood out of hiding a bit more.
  9. VioletChaos

    Coconut and Orris Root

    The coconut in this is of the same variety as in Obatala, so if you liked the coconut note - soft, cool, not at all foodie- then you will likely adore it here as well. There's a sweetness to it that I had attributed to the tiare note in the HG that contained both and pikake, but I'm seeing now that it was the coconut all along. The orris, instead of reading as dusty as I've come to know it, has morphed into something more akin to gardenia, making this scent overall a cool, light floral. Beautiful, to be sure, but not really my scene, as I'd be hoping for more of a toasted, foodie coconut and a dry orrise to cut the sweetness. Off to the swaps with ye!
  10. Miyabi

    Midwest Morning After Magical Wig Spray

    Very, very creamy, to the point where I think I'm smelling vanilla ice cream and not a cream soda at all! Also incredibly potent: I sprayed it in my kitchen to help deal with some funk, and just...stick to one spritz. Because when you spray more than that, it's less vanilla ice cream and more pastry shop, and while it's nice at first, it will stay for DAYS.
  11. VetchVesper


    My initial impression is a deep woodiness from the patch and sharp lime. There's also something animalic and masculine to the scent, and I thought maybe it had oud in it before I read the notes. Jaawi settles down after a moment, and the lavender and bay start to come out, balancing the other notes, and this becomes a dark chypre sort of scent. It still has some of that feral sexiness it began with, but now it's on a leash. I could see this being very nice on the right man. It's a little much for me though. A few hours later, the blend has become mostly incensey Indonesian patch and sort of reminds me of Blacker Than the Raven Wings of Midnight. Still not my thing, but the fragrance is interesting enough that I enjoy getting a whiff now and then.
  12. Minh Scent

    Twelfth Lash

    Lovely, slightly sweet patch and vetiver.
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  14. avilion


    Got a mostly-full frimp from ladyhyacinthe, who was doing a stash clear. It smelled lovely and spicy with just a hint of violet in the imp. She said that the violet was amping too much on her and it smelled matronly. I gave it a try, and I amped the violet juuuuust enough that it smelled just a bit old-fashioned feminine with the right amount of spice. When I wear this, I feel like I'm sneaking out of my finishing school at midnight for a clandestine rendezvous with my girlfriend in the woods.
  15. Asal Nouri

    FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate

    Is it just me or anyone else smells lemon? I wouldn’t detect ginger or coconut if I didn’t know they were in there. To me this is a feminine Dorian. I really like it!
  16. samanare


    Sugary mint candy. Not the after dinner mints, but rather a sugary, hard candy frosted with mint. I do not get apple at all. I do like that the amount of sugar takes the scent into candy territory and away from a more musky mint scent, but you still have to really like mint to like this scent (IMO).
  17. samanare

    Juniper and Lemon Balm

    Lemon balm dominates this scent on me, with juniper playing a supporting role. The juniper takes it away from being medicinal, while the lemon keeps it from being particularly woodsy. A pretty unique mix of bright lemon, slightly earthy and spicy balm, with some fresh cut wood. Like if Home Depot had a lemon balm isle and the lumper isle was a few down, but elevated into a perfume.
  18. samanare

    FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate

    Coconut, followed by ginger, with a little bit of tea in the background. More of a beachy coconut and the ginger is present, but playing a supporting role. Pretty tropical with that ginger zing to it. One of my new favorite coconut scents.
  19. samanare

    Kamau Kogo

    Creamy almond milk and beachy coconut. On me, the scent is an equal mix of both, with an extra, slightly spicy musk in the back, which I think is the skin musk part. On the soft side and low throw. As a coconut lover, I like it, but I'm not sure I love it.
  20. samanare

    Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo

    Bright grapefruit. Smells like grapefruit juice with a healthy amount of orange juice mixed it. Very bright and on the sweet side on me. As a citrus lover, I'm really enjoying this one.
  21. honey musings

    The Black Tower

    this is one of my new favorites. the first note i get is the wine, then the ivy and the ozone note. there are also so many more entwined notes that i can't pin down but adore. it's fresh and lovely. one of my go two's when i want to feel like a badass. brought it on a trip with me to greece and wore it almost everyday, the wine and gritty notes to this scent are a match made in heaven with the atmosphere of the country. going to need a the full size soon!
  22. artisjok

    Penny Rolle

    Penny Rolle is one of those skin-scent-but-better scents. I’m getting a nutty, yet clean, shea and amber mostly. Like ello, the pecan is noticeable in the beginning. There is a bit of woodsiness to it, but it’s overshadowed by the shea note. There is a sweetness to the scent that I enjoy. Some strong throw to Penny! I thought I needed to slather in the beginning, but it bloomed much stronger than I anticipated. I’m not in love with this as much as I expected, and am wondering if I just amp shea.... Feels like a good scent for strolling on a beach, or in a setting where I wouldn’t want a noticeable perfume and just something simple & clean. It’s pretty cozy, actually. I’m interested in seeing how it develops with some settling.
  23. Last week
  24. jensdays

    FORMULA SGHAN3: Birthday Cake

    I got a totally different reaction than the poster above me. In the bottle this was pure vanilla frosting. Wet it is a very sweet, complex vanilla, with an almost floral undertone to it. Nothing at all like cake, but very good. Dry, not at all like I’d expected, I never got cake, and while it was definitely a sweet vanilla, it wasn’t especially foody. It doesn’t smell anything like Zorya P, but reminds me of it - that soft vanilla and white flowers thing. Except this is a sweet vanilla, not like icing, but definitely sugared, and the white flowers are … damn, I need better words. Intense? Not strong, but like if ZP’s flowers would be the soft spoken girl at the dance, these flowers are the mysterious woman in the corner you can’t take your eyes off of. I may need another bottle of this one! I just can’t get over how good it is. Decent throw and has lasted most of the day.
  25. samanare

    Coconut and Orris Root

    A strong coconut scent. With the orris, it leans more towards a buttery/coconut meat side of coconut, with almost an earthy quality to it. Definitely not a sweet coconut here.
  26. theredkilt

    The Rights of Women

    A low throw, skin scent. I smell some strawberry over a mellow light floral base.The scent disappears so fast on my skin. If gentle fruity florals are your thing, give this a chance.
  27. theredkilt

    He'd Been an Angel Once

    The blend of leather, musk, vetiver, incense and brimstone just gives off this fecal vibe. It doesn't get better with time.
  28. theredkilt

    Three Rounds, One Fall, No Submission

    It's a beautiful soft white musk, like a gentle white soap bar foam. The frank lurks around the edges and grounds the olfactory experience. Nothing infernal or diabolical about it.
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