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  3. roseus

    Shadow Pictures

    In the imp: dark but not heavy. Swirling, a bit grassy, with a sharp camphorous streak running through. Wet: Camphor gone. Smooth, smoked beeswax and black pepper. Bit of light green cucumbery note. Dry: Peppery parchment and oud. Deep and smooth, a bit smoky. I get a bit of grassy vetiver as well.
  4. roseus

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    In the imp and on wet this was rather dessert-y, sweet almond cream and spices. Dry the sweetness dies down a bit and becomes more bready. Fluffy, wheaty, and a bit buttery, with some lightly spiced almond notes hovering around. Really delicious.
  5. torischroeder9


    Received as a frimp in a swap. In the imp: Delicate smoke and the soft resin of copal. You could absolutely convince me of florals here, but at this stage, none are distinct. On my skin: Wet, it's still resin and smoke, though they separate here slightly. In the imp, they were swirled together, and I couldn't smell one without smelling the other. In the early stages on my skin, I get each in fits and starts. (That description sounds less harmonious than it really is.) As it dries, I can start to detect the sweet orange near my skin -- and it might be contributing to what I read as the copal further out in the throw -- but the throw is still mostly copal and smoke. It's a light incense smoke, though, nothing harsh or heavy about it. And it's totally possible that the plumeria and other floral notes are blending into what I'm reading as sweet incense smoke. The more the scent develops, the more sweet orange I get close to the skin, which is a little unusual for my skin chemistry. (My skin usually eats orange by this point in the wearing.) I like it, as it's a tropical vibe that's light but not too light and isn't overly sweet or cloying. I would also say there's something fairly gender neutral about this. It's light and sweet enough to be traditionally feminine, but it's also grounded and smoky in a way that's traditionally masculine. I like this considerably more than I thought I would based on the notes (I had imagined it being more humid florals), but I'm not sure I need bottle. If I hadn't already amassed quite a perfume collection, however, I might think differently as this fits in a scent niche that my current other perfumes don't really provide.
  6. starbrow

    Injured Dickchest Alchemy Lab

    This is kind of ridiculously charming. It is so high on the perfumey scale, you might as well have walked into a perfume store, and of course that's thanks to the wafty champaca doing its bright, high-pitched thing. I always see champaca as a very "shining" note. Sometimes so shining, it is smug and full of itself for being so shiny and pretty. Here, though, it has a real sense of humor. The pink pepper/tea give it a breezy, cheerful, sprightly kind of attitude, the way Tweedledee does. I would actually highly recommend it for fans of that blend, because it has the same kind of charm. Surprisingly, Injured Dickchest is quite sweet and not just in a floral way. While I don't pick up specifically vanilla, there's a richly sweet undercurrent beneath the shining white of the champaca, sprinkled with the spicier notes of pink pepper (a "cute" kind of pepper, to my nose) and a cool, mellow green tea. It's a lovely combination, nearly three years later, and I'm digging it. VERY strong, like a little goes a long way, and it stays very noticeable for a long time. You'd have to be in a Mood to wear this one, but fortunately, it's a good mood for me. Keeping my bottle!
  7. Threemoons

    Butterfly Dancer

    Very glad that I got this one; was on the fence because oudh can go poudh on me real fast. In the bottle: Almost poudhy oudh, roses, and sandalwood. Very volatile in the bottle; it practically jumps out at you--not bottle tight at all. On, wet: The sweet notes of the benzoin start to come out, and the amber and rose rise to the top. A VERY heady, dense, rich scent. Drydown: The sharper notes of the vetiver float to the top, and the sandalwood aspect stays on a very long time, along with a tamed oudh. Really a very sexy scent.
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  9. starbrow

    Mopey Boar Alchemy Lab

    Oh, this is so *good*. Going through my collection, I had thought of this one as a sweetish earthy-cozy blend, and I'm mostly right. It's more spicy than sweet, but there's a warm muskiness to the incense and truffle notes that leans ever so slightly sweet and it's perfect. The truffle manifests as an earthy whiff that is neither mushroom nor the lab's usual dirt. It's a swirl of umami, wholly unique in the 'flavor' palate of blends, kind of intoxicatingly savory. Let's talk SPICES! I can pick up the clove most prominently, but for me (an admitted clove-lover), it still lets the other notes breathe. The ginger is just a pinch of a bright, rooty note, and the cardamom is indistinguishable to me, which is good because I'm turned off by strong heavy cardamom. I'd say you'd have to enjoy clove to really enjoy Mopey Boar, but the ginger and cardamom are really just accessory players in the mix. The smoke of the incense - which is I think a frankincense along with some other kind of wood - is gentle and dreamlike. Three years of aging and this beauty is spectacular. The spices have blended - not necessarily calmed their t!ts, but they have infused into the more fragrant elements to create a den of earthy, smoky, spiced incense into which to crawl in the depths of winter or just really whenever you need a warm place in the earth to hide and hunker down. Loving my bottle, and stashing it in my fall/winter collection...if I can bear to wait that long to wear it again!
  10. doomsday_disco

    Travelers Under a Tree Observed by Foxes

    This one starts off strong on the white tea and creamy rice milk. The bright white tea note doesn't disappear on me, but it is softened by the rice milk over time, and the bit of coconut husk with the rice milk makes it seem more lotion-like to me. It isn't too coconut-y, but it does stay close to the skin. I'm glad I got to try this one, but it is a little too soft for me.
  11. freyasfae

    The Shell Box

    Wet this is white florals, a softened jasmine on me with a boho vibe - like Hamptons meets Beach Boho. It becomes more delicate as it dries, the jasmine receding into the background and it feels more relaxed. I wanted something a little saltier than this for my beachy themed scent I think, but it's still exquisite.
  12. DigitalCoyote

    Frog Moon 2021

    Wet: green soap It's a very clean smell. Fairly aquatic upfront with a quick tang of wasabi and flash of wood (that fortunately doesn't bloom in to pencil shavings on me). Wet green from bamboo, moss. Kind of dry: Soap phase is over. Very solidly bright wet forest on me. Dry: This ran away on me fairly quickly. L wrist - muted green with warm soap notes R wrist - green with musk and a little spice Neck - smells like the juicy middle phase on the inside of my shirt
  13. Lucchesa

    Captain Cully

    Captain Cully is squarely in my wheelhouse and does not disappoint. The primary note on me is the soft, worn brown leather I love. It’s warmed by the tonka and made even more outdoorsy by the woods. I’m not sure I’m really picking up the porter — must test again with the notes in mind — but it’s probably contributing a bit of sweetness and warmth and extra coziness. Unisex leaning masculine, and really really nice.
  14. Hesper

    Orange Blossom & Driftwood

    Clean, slightly cologney soap. A hint of the same salty air I get out of Calico Jack, but I think I may have to give up on oceanic scents ;-; they just do not want to give me what I want from them. Orange blossom usually sings on me, and it isn't even coming through here.
  15. picturesofmeghan

    similar to joyful romp

    hi everyone! i’ve been looking for ‘my perfect plum’ and i’m pretty sure joyful romp was along the lines of what i was looking for. does anyone know anything slightly more obtainable that is similar?
  16. torischroeder9

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    Received today in a Forum purchase. It's in a 5mL roller ball bottle, not the original Lab bottle, so I don't know if that will skew my in-bottle impressions. In the (decanted) bottle: Initially, it's just extra sweet Snake Oil, but not in the same way other sweetened Snake Oil versions -- Womb Furie, Snake's Kiss -- have been. After a bit, I can detect an element that's more like powdered sugar baked good than like cloying honey. On my skin: Wet, it's basically regular (aged almost a year) Snake Oil -- which, in my opinion, is fabulous enough in itself. As it dries, I get maybe a liiitle extra sweetness, but not necessarily more than I'd get from sultry, well-aged Snake Oil to begin with. Huh. For better or for worse, that's about where this stays on me, years-old aged Snake Oil. I'm a little disappointed that the finished product is not more novel on my skin chemistry, but since I love SO, I cannot complain.
  17. artisjok

    Shadow Moon Nail Polish

    Shadow Moon is a beaut! I’m wary of darker iridescent shades, possibly from overdoing it in my preteens hah. The shimmer and flecks may be what eve lates this one away from my usual avoidance. I tried to take a picture that showed how dramatic the shift from purple to green is, but my phone didn’t want to comply. I got a touch, the pic above is better.
  18. picturesofmeghan

    Eat the Strawberries

    it doesn’t smell like real strawberry to me. it smells like artificial - syrup or candy or shampoo. it’s not a bad thing. in the background, i get a slight sharpness from a green leaf. i don’t love this, but i don’t dislike it either. it’s kind of a ‘whatever’ - i got it to go with HGs like party tricks or kamisuki, which i think it will pair well with (i’m pretty confident it’s the same strawberry used in both of those), however it hasn’t been my first choice with either so far.
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  20. artisjok

    Travelers Under a Tree Observed by Foxes

    I threw a decant of Travelers in with my order on a whim, and then it became the one I was most excited to try over the wait time.... Starts out delightfully fresh from the white tea, yet also sweet and creamy. The tea disappeared quickly on me and the remaining coconut and rice milk was a too subtle sheen, almost watered-down for me to fully appreciate. If the white tea had lasted, I feel like it would have been a perfect summertime scent! The notes are really lovely together, so I’m sure plenty of people will enjoy this blend. Maybe I’ll age the decant and revisit.
  21. monocainsheresy

    The Man in Black

    I agree with @supreme_c0rt - this is a lot like Iago, but nicer on the dry down. Less intense. On me, the leather comes across as very soft and well-worn, smoothed by the ambrette and tonka. A touch of vetiver bitterness and a suggestion of tobacco making the scent a little smokey. The dirt note is definitely there, making this overall an outdoorsy, slightly rainy scent. I also get a bit of hay. This is much less gritty than I expected, but it is definitely very nice. A subtle, unisex Renaissance fair type scent, along the lines of the smell of a freshly opened BPAL box. Depending on your skin chemistry, I feel this could go either very dirty/sexy or smooth/professional. Interesting!
  22. supreme_c0rt

    The Man in Black

    As suspected, The Man in Black is a lot like Iago but with a black soil note (recently discovered this reads as chlorine on me). The waft is gorgeous and sexy and leather-daddy-mechanic; up close it's super strong black leather and vetiver, a bit bitter. The dry down is much nicer than I remember Iago being; the dirt note recedes, and the tobacco and resins start to soften it up. Notes of grassy hay start to peek out under the sharp leather. Fully dry, this cruises along as a growly, leathery, dark mix of black leather and resins. It reminds me of the best of both Iago and Rivet Goth, and I had been holding out for something like that. So .... success!
  23. Rane.


    I agree with Three Moons. It is like an anti-christmas. I've been falling in love with this bottle the longer I have it. Smells so sweet, leathery, & dusty. I'm not a participant in Xmas, but I plan to wear this one a lot.
  24. astarinel

    Asses Plus Long, Qu’un Siècle Platonique

    Lovely white rose note, slightly dewy, not powdery or soapy. I was really hoping for some warm sweet vanilla tones from the benzoin, but this is basically just a single note rose. I'm not a rose connoisseur by any means, but this seems like a different rose note to the ones I've smelled in Rose Red and Hope. It's clean, soft, and not at all sweet.
  25. melandie


    I've been frimped this about 3 times now, so I guess I should review! So...florals are not my thing, but "tropical" florals get a bit of a pass. This is pretty, I'm not really getting any ginger which may give it a bit more oomph, but this absolutely transports me to a Hawaiian garden after a heavy rain, or a greenhouse full of tropical blooms. I will wear this, very occasionally, on those super hot humid summer days where my beloved gourmands feel just a touch too heavy. Definitely a daytime scent, would switch to something more *me for evening. I'm testing my newest imp, so maybe I should test an older one (I think I got one in 2015) to see the difference, so if I do, I'll compare and edit.
  26. sunshinedaisybliss

    Pumpkin Smut

    Weenie Weenie on the wall, what’s the smuttiest ’ween of all? Well here’s the thing. At first this was ALL pumpkin - dark, boozy, oven roasted until it’s all caramelised type pumpkin. It reminded me of some of my favourite Pumpkin Patch blends from the very early days. But no Smut. And then.. half an hour later, it’s all sugary musky smutty booziness, not as swarthy as Smut on its own… so, Smut Lite. But no pumpkin. Eventually this balances itself out and that’s the sweet spot where the pumpkin and the Smut are there together. Musky, boozy pumpkin. But by then it’s not enough of either and nothing particularly exciting on my skin.
  27. sunshinedaisybliss

    Moonflower & Orris

    Disclaimer: I’m not hugely into florals, but this was kindly frimped to me, and I believe one should always test all the things, so here we go… On me, this is a strong white floral that leans slightly toward the sour side rather than sweet. It’s very soap-y and very perfume-y. As others have mentioned, the orris is subtle and doesn’t really appear until the oil has fully dried into my skin. Only then does the moonflower mellow out a bit, but it’s still very strong. So this is definitely not my style at all - for me it has no complexity, it is what it is but it’s not for me.
  28. VetchVesper


    I blind bottled this sucker. It came in a box with almost 100 other bottles for a decant circle. One of the many bottles had leaked ever so slightly and smelled glorious. Oh happy day when, after greedily huffing out the miscreant bottle, I discovered it was this one. The jasmine shamelessly flaunts itself and is gorgeous. Red musk underlaces it with a touch of lusty sweetness, and carnation and hay sugar add another dollop of complex confection. I don't register a typical honey smell in this, but it's plenty sweet, though far from innocent. The other notes are mild but present, providing a raspy, decadent warmth like silk sheets beneath the ravishing florals. I'm fighting the compulsion to buy another bottle. Just one might not satiate me.
  29. Threemoons


    Alright, where to begin? I wish I had a one gallon pump dispenser of this. In the bottle: Sweet smoke, combo of bonfire and incense, along with a whole background thing of red resin notes. On, wet: The woodsmoke and black incense really pick up, and the ginger and cassia notes start to come to the front. Hints of the red musk to come also start here. Drydown: This one is low, slow, and smoldering. Gradually dries down to a very clingy to the skin dry red musk with dry moss notes and that gorgeous, gorgeous, filthy patch.
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