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  2. simpletwice

    Baby’s First Ballista

    Baby's First Ballista is definitely related to the Steamworks blends, particularly my beloved Antikythera Mechanism (teakwood, oak, black vanilla, tobacco). Like AntiM, it's a smooth, warm, wood-forward cologne, sweetened by vanilla. Slightly foodie, but not (to my nose) a literal interpretation of cookies. Unisex and professional. I will wear the hell outta this.
  3. niffler

    ISO suggestions for a LARP Character

    Whip? Leather and rose seems like a good combo for this character.
  4. Today
  5. WinterSong

    Candy Apple Smut

    A bright, sugary toffee apple mixed with swirls of boozy musk. This one is gorgeous and highly recommended if you're a fan of apple scents and smut. I'm so glad I have a full bottle because this is gorgeous and backup bottle worthy!
  6. a_bear

    ISO suggestions for a LARP Character

    Your character description immediately made me think of Gnome from the RPG series, but it's not really sexy.
  7. Essay

    Disembodied Malevolent Laughter

    I didn't expect this to work on me because I was worried about the grape turning to wine - which inevitably is oversweet and sour on me - but a friend didn't like it and passed it to me to try and/or get rid of. My instinct were right. Malevolent Laughter starts like a heady cologne, and then as it dries the grapes come more and more to the forefront until they're threatening to be wine. About 30-40 minutes in, once fully dry, it sours from wine into a musty/moldy/rotting smell - something like a brie rind that's started to grow pink mold. If I had to guess, I'd say the icy wine grape collided with the musk and decided to have a rumble where no one came out unscathed, including me.
  8. fairybites

    Cannibal Lady Macbeth

    First applied, patchouli and oud are basically the only things I can smell. It takes a few minutes before I can detect the fig and I'm still trying to find the blood musk that gets lost in the mix. Some aging might help bring it out or more rest. This is super strong even when dry, be careful not to overapply. And this oil is not for those who hate patchouli and oud since they are the strongest notes. This is just an okay scent for me. I like patchouli, but I think the fig or oud is making this not a winner in my book. I might try and age this a bit more before I decide its fate, but this was a neat scent to try out and I'm glad I picked up a decant. If you're looking for a unique, dark and slightly fruity scent I think this is perfect for you. The throw is pretty good on this too!
  9. artisjok

    ISO suggestions for a LARP Character

    First ones that come to mind for me are Assassin and Streets of Detroit. Then, I thought Cannibal Lady Macbeth might be an awesome one, while it’s in stock. Le Lethe is probably a good on, too. Musky sexy time.
  10. Hi folks! I'm trying to get everything ready for a World of Darkness: Vampire LARP in September and could use some help finding a good scent to help me get into and stay in character. I'm looking for something that suggests an Approachable Sexy Bad-Ass, someone who's probably DTF but will without a moment's hesitation break a dude's finger if they don't accept her No. The game is set in the late 90s. My character is a Biker, specifically a Mechanic, who works in her family's auto shop and as a roadie to a local punk rock band (who unbeknownst to her are vampires). Her real name is Rose, but she goes by Gears. She's a bit brash and hotheaded, but more intelligent than she seems and good at soothing tempers. More of a Lover than a Fighter, but still perfectly willing to break the knees of anyone who tries to prey on anyone she deems to be under her protection. Leather sounds like a good starting point, but I'm not sure if I should go more floral or sweet. What do y'all think?
  11. roseus

    Mag Mell

    Really gorgeous, mind-clearing fresh ginger and grass scent. Soft freshwater aquatic with the fresh, clean elements of lemon verbena and ginger. Soothing and restoring, like the new growth of spring.
  12. niffler

    After the Winter

    Ever been slapped in the face with an overwhelming sense memory? I got that with this scent. It reminds me so strongly of being in Hawaii visiting with family that actual tears appeared in my eyes. It's uncanny. The greens, the coconut, the warmth and hint of sweetness with that twist of orange blossom, just reached straight into my amygdala and said "Hey, remember this?" Ok, so the scent itself is lovely and tropical. With vanilla and coconut and amber you'd think it would be pretty sweet, but it's really not. Something about the combination of the greens and the orange blossom (the baobab leaf? is that the miracle worker here?) is sour and a bit spicy? It's unexpected in that way of exploring a whole forest of flora and fauna you've never seen before. Incredible. I mean, I'm probably biased. But I love this.
  13. niffler

    The Enkindled Spring

    In the bottle, this is a jolt of pure spring. This is so green, it almost smells citrusy or carbonated. Like Sprite, but leaves and grass, if that makes sense. I get a whole blitz of spring flowers initially and I can pick out tulips and daffodils for sure. The initial throw is surprisingly strong, even though it tones down very quickly. Dry, this still has a nice wash of green under all those flowers. I can smell peony very late in the dry down; I'm not familiar enough with star magnolia to pick it out. What a beautiful, naturalistic floral!
  14. roseus

    My Country

    In the bottle I get a very soft salt, with a bit of floral. On my skin it becomes identifiable, a very soft rose with salt and blue musk. The rose fades back and it's like a super gentle sea breeze, with just a tiny hint of rose and amber. Beautiful!
  15. feyofthefellwood

    Sour Lemon Smut

    Sampled my sister's bottle. This smells like sour lemon with a bunch of sugar sprinkled all over it. The musk gives it a playful twist and some interesting depth beyond the lemon sugar vibe. So, overall, very sexy lemon candy. I smelled this when it first arrived in the mail and again today, and the scent has definitely gotten even better with rest, so I'm sure this, like all the Smut scents, will age beautifully.
  16. VetchVesper

    Stoned Griffin Alchemy Lab

    Weeeeeeed. And incense. I swear I get dragon's blood. The myrrh is rich, dark, and thick, and after the weed burns off, about half an hour in, I'm left with a sweet, sludgey incense vibe that I adore. To me, this is not nearly as hippie as SN Blacklight Reactive Poster (which I also have and adore) but has more of an old world vibe once it's dried down. Something about this incense works with crumbling gargoyles and vaulted cathedral ceilings, at least in my brain. Very happy to have found a bottle. I also have to say, I'm always amused by how some folks seem nose blind to the weed smell, and some just get whacked right in the face with it. The Stoned Griffin is a most mysterious creature!
  17. Juliamon

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    I didn't touch my decant until this week because of how those early reviews read! So I don't know what fresh hell I might have smelled back then, but right now it smells like fresh Snake Oil with just enough fried dough to be noticeable but not enough for it to go plastic on me. The churro-spice aspect is also way dialed down and I don't get any of the caramel or syrup that I hated in PSIYH: it's just the dough in here! It's definitely worth a try if you're looking for a new gourmand SO blend, though it's absolutely fresh SO with all the caveats that accompany it. Only time will tell if it ages nicely, I know some SO blends age differently.
  18. My experience echoed the previous review almost exactly: very strongly sweet strawberry like any number of strawberry-scented toys of the 90s drowning out the rest as it opens, but the red musk pushes its way forward pretty quickly and unfortunately amps up the cloying nature of the strawberry. It gets worryingly close to migraine territory, but fades into a lovely slightly-sweet musky vanilla over time. That opening's just too scary for me to want to go through it again, but I can understand those who do as that drydown really is to die for! I'd probably FS a version with half as much strawberry.
  19. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi-dee-ho! Been a bit lazy about logging my activity lately, sorry! Wednesday's WOSsOTD were Australian Copperhead and Body Remember. Witchies...this is one of my favorite combos. Berries work really well on me, and always read very fresh and clean (as opposed to the requisite aquatics/greens...so yucky to me!) on my skin. Something about the açai berry/coconut/snake oil combo is just magical after drydown. It turns into a resinous spicy vanilla-berry that is just. So. GOOD. Anyway, I did 68 minutes/4.5 miles on the treadmill that day, plus some weightlifting, and I smelled amazing for the duration. Thursday was a rest/cleaning day. I saw a damn mouse in my kitchen first thing in the morning, so I pulled everything out of the lower cabinets, moved the appliances, scrubbed and disinfected. My cats are worthless chunky balls of fuk. Today's WOSOTD was Antique Lace with a (SINGLE) drop of NAVA Vampire Bourbon Patchouli Bat. The patch in VBPB is powerful, and one drop is all it took to dirty-up the innocence of the Lace. Mmmm, verrrah niiiice. Did an hour of Tae-Bo cardio, and my combo held up nicely throughout. @Lucchesa and @Madame Mew...I'm super jealous that the weather is still cooperating with outdoor activities in your neck o' the woods. We had snow AGAIN on Wednesday night. It was 17 degrees here on Monday morning, and below-freezing every night this week. Uggghhh, I hate Winter 😠
  20. feyofthefellwood

    Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

    When I first tried this I wasn't that keen on it, but it has really grown on me. The rose and clove are pretty equal and not super strong on me, at least compared to scents featuring those notes like The Rose or Clove Cigarette. I think what I like about it is there's a dark undercurrent to my nose, maybe from the tobacco flower or blood notes? It makes me think of the hundred-year-old wall of thorns from Sleeping Beauty or something; pretty roses on the surface, thorns underneath. It's a subtle scent, at least on my skin, but has decent longevity.
  21. fairybites

    Our Little Crypt Ghoul

    This is heavy on the grass and apple, a very clean green scent. I don't think this really smells like apple cider to me, more like juice. There's a little dirt in here too but it's pretty faint to my nose. It doesn't last very long either, about 3 hours on me. I like it, I just wish the other notes would come through more (might help with aging) and the performance was better. Since this is super duper grassy, I'd avoid this if you are mostly looking for apple cider and don't care for the grass note. This is a great scent for people who enjoy clean notes and would recommend this if that is your favorite kind of oils from BPAL!
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  23. doomsday_disco

    Burial v2

    This Burial prototype is heavy on the vetiver. It's very bold and smoky at first, but becomes more grassy over time. I also get some grapefruit after a while, like zee_zee mentioned. It smells realistic, and I vastly prefer it to the strong, smoky vetiver phase. I didn't get any of the dirt, pine, juniper, or patch that I got from the final version of the scent. I prefer the Burial that made it into the GC over this prototype, but it was fun to get to try this and try to sniff out the notes in it. I wonder how many iterations Burial went through before it made it to its final iteration.
  24. doomsday_disco

    Civil Twilight

    Civil Twilight is a pretty fruity floral scent. The lemon blossom and peach team up with the honeysuckle to create a bright, happy scent. There's only a touch of amber that peeks out after a while -- more of a sparkling amber than a dark one to my nose, but perhaps it is the lemon blossom doing that, as it ends up being the dominant note on me after several hours. I kind of wish the peach had a little more oomph, and that the honeysuckle had remained a main player, but I do think it is pretty, and I'm glad I got a chance to try it!
  25. doomsday_disco

    Astronomical Twilight

    Astronomical Twilight starts off as a melange of plum, narcissus, and moss on me, with touches of jasmine, lemon, and lavender. The sweet labdanum ends up joining in after a bit, but surprisingly, doesn't manage to take over in this one. The sweet, heady florals and plum end up being the dominant notes on me, with the powdery moss too far behind. This one isn't really in my wheelhouse, but it was nice to get a sniffie to try.
  26. doomsday_disco

    Search Engine

    Whoa, this one is sharp. Sharp grapefruit, made even sharper by that metal note that smells cologne-like and somehow crawls up your nostrils and pierces you right behind your eyes, on a bed of sandalwood bones. That's what I get from Search Engine. The blend does soften with wear as the sandalwood comes out more. I'm glad I got to try this one, as I love grapefruit, but sadly, the metal note is not for me.
  27. doomsday_disco

    There's a Certain Slant of Light

    2008 version. Cool, mint-tinged ozone, a pale variety of frankincense that has a bit of an orange-y aspect to it, and just a smidge of smoke. These are the notes that I get from this at first. The cool ozone, which doesn't smell soapy in this one, is present throughout, but the white amber note gains strength over time and ends up joining it as one of the dominant notes, with just a touch of violet leaf. I liked this one more than I thought I would from the list of notes. I probably won't hang on to it, since there are a few other white amber scents in my collection that I'd reach for over this one, but it is a nice, light, cool resinous scent.
  28. Lucchesa

    You Are Not Alone

    I love lavender but it never lasts on my skin. You Are Not Alone's lavender lasts. It's not strong -- it's very gentle and soft, and the paper and cotton notes are as well, but it stays with me. For a quiet scent, as any book scent seems meant to be, this has really good staying power. It's hard to describe the "paperback book" and "cotton hoodie" notes except that they ring true. Comforting, soft, clean (but not dryer sheets clean), You Are Not Alone does wrap you up in a protective scent blanket of well-being.
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