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  2. feyofthefellwood

    Wolf Moon 2024

    I know I've tried a previous version of this but can't remember how it compares to this year's . . . Anyway, this one is gorgeous. The green and woody notes are gentle and the dry-down is a creamy beeswax vanilla that reminds me a little of Snow White for some reason. I'd definitely call it more of a vanilla beeswax than a honey one.
  3. Thuy

    Lightning Strikes the Future

    There was nothing that could have prepared me for this one. I have no idea what fossilized amber was going to be like, and was very intrigued by how reactor coolant was going to be captured in a perfume. On initial sniff, it's cool, kinda refreshing, which I'm guessing is that ozone that's common in these Lightning strikes blends, plus something else (maybe cucumber that was previously mentioned???). This is super pleasant to wear and it lasted ALL DANG DAY in this stupid hot humid weather currently. Something about this goes slightly bubblegummy on me, which again, was not at all prepared for or expecting, and it sits wonderfully on top of the red musk and amber. It's not sharp or overwhelming (lightning strikes literature about choked me out). I love this and may go back for a backup bottle!
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  5. Little Bird

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 2024

    My old bottle of Ryogoku Bridge was all about the powdery amber and an oddly dank, moldering teak note. My bottle of 2024 is all about the gourmand facets, and I am thrilled with it. First applied, it smells like marshmallow mixed with a cool white floral perfume, like a bouquet of lilies and some creamy white musk. Bpal's lotus usually smells like bubblegum on me, but this is lily-like, super creamy, and cool toned along with being sweet. Dries down to a perfect sugared sweet cream scent with golden undertones. The amber is a golden halo enveloping everything in romantic candlelight. Beautiful, and it lasts all day on me. Hoardworthy.
  6. irmavep

    In unserm Brunnen ist ein Nix

    A light sweet floral. At first the violets and lillies are the most prominent, but not overly aggressive. Once they fade a bit the sweetness of the wild berries comes out and is really pleasant. Overall a nice gentle spring floral with low throw. I don't hate florals but I'm also not the biggest floral person, so this strikes a nice midpoint.
  7. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Snootier Bat

    I’ve had this imp for ages and am only now just trying it. in imp: super strong black leather with a touch of nag champa right at the end. wet: straight nag champa which I’m absolutely loving. dry (20 mins): same as above, let’s see if it morphs throughout the day
  8. Little Bird

    Roses, Pearls, and Rubies

    I love this and love what a unique incense scent it is (while still smelling so familiar). It's incense, but done with a fun, playful, youthful twist. For me, this is dead-on the scent memory of finding incense sticks in the local mall when I was in high school. Nag champa, powdery amber, and strawberry candy scented sticks that dry down after a half hour to all of that plus a soft, romantic, powdery rose with a hint of tart rhubarb. It's a mishmash of those sweet, powdery, so artificial smelling incense sticks, but I really enjoy it. It's nostalgic and fun to me. I remember being in high school and my friends and I were always searching out the incense sticks and sitting and smelling all of them with each other (along with everything in Sephora and Bath & Body Works). I remember how excited we were when one of us found 'fizzy pop' incense sticks and we marvelled over how something dry and smoky could also smell bubbly and wet like Sprite. Roses, Pearls, & Rubies conjured up those memories for me. It's a fun fragrance for the nostalgia and also because it feels kind of goth, but also kind of rainbows and sunshine. I have a partial bottle and think I'll full size it before Lupers disappear.
  9. Little Bird

    The Truth Lies in Old Books

    The black sesame and clove are so savory and strong, like I've made beef dumplings and a spicy black vinegar and soy sauce mix and then smashed and poured them on to my skin. It also kind of smells like bitter, dark coffee beans in the drydown and turns rather sour to my nose. I think the green silk is the high pitched, soapy note that I'm getting. Then there's a little bit of woody smokiness from the sandalwood and agarwood. I had really high hopes for this and it just smells so strange and unpleasant to me. It doesn't make me think of books... more like bitter, black coffee, burning wood, soapy and starchy fabric, and seasoned meat.
  10. Little Bird

    The Corn Spirit

    The Corn Spirit makes me feel sick to my stomach when I smell it. It's so cloying sweet to my nose, but then with a strong, dusty undertone and sudsy, creamy, floral soap. Vanilla frosting, extremely dusty soil, and the floral soap. I'm not getting corn husk or hay at all, and was hoping this would be more like a corn field scent with tilled earth and drying stalks. I miss the GC Scarecrow that filled that niche, but The Corn Spirit smells like a chaotic mishmash of random notes, not what I expected from the listed notes. It stayed very strong for the hour that I wore this, but then I had to scrub it off.
  11. Little Bird

    Butterscotch and Candy Gummy Witch

    I added this to my last minute Halloween order because Butterscotch and Blackbeetles is one of my favorite bpals. I would say that this is in the same family because the burnt coffee bean comes across as dark and earthy (not a burnt or smoky/charred smell at all, which is what I was worried about; it's simply the scent of gourmand-ish, earthy, dark, toasty coffee beans). The butterscotch smells like a mix of butterscotch and soft caramel melting on a stovetop. The apple is green apple candy at first and then dries down to a breezy apple blossom-ish scent, which comes across as smelling like apple blossom air freshener after a while. What I really love about this scent is that it's somehow foggy, cool, and spooky in feel. The scent of a peculiar, melty, butterscotch-caramel confection as you're wandering in the woods on a foggy night. The sweetness feels out of place and that makes it creepy. I love gourmand atmospherics like this.
  12. Last week
  13. Minh Scent

    Wolf Moon: Lupine Musk & Ambrette Seed Hair Gloss

    A cozy, cuddly brown musk, on the sweetish side. Very sniffable and easy to wear.
  14. Minh Scent

    Wolf Moon: Beeswax & Pine Needle

    This is a heavy beeswax with just a tinge of pine. It is a rich , beautiful beeswax. Folks longing for pine may be disappointed.
  15. lilacea


    Definitely almond, possibly with a touch of vanilla. I get a sort of very faint anise vibe, maybe playing with other woody or spice notes. There's something warm and grassy here also. Very little to no throw.
  16. lilacea


    Ava is indeed a beautiful white floral, reminds me somewhat of Zorya P and the Vanilla of Antique Lace. But like the character, this is indeed a youthful and uncomplicated, but not in a bad way. Mostly I get the vanilla musk combo initially, with the florals coming along as it warms. If I huff right close to my skin, I get a touch of redness from the mandarin, but that barely comes out in the grand scheme of things. There's no perceptible bitterness to me, the almond lending to the creamy notes. After wearing this for some time, I start to think about the scene where Ava drinks Ian and feels sick, this sort of encompasses the entirety of the scent for me. It's very pretty, but devoid of any complex heart.
  17. lithie

    Wolf Moon: Beeswax & Pine Needle

    This is gorgeous! Beeswax is the start and it’s creamy, tinged with vanilla, and smoothed out with a hint of woodiness from the pine. The beeswax in this is very reminiscent of beeswax, bourbon vanilla, and cedar wood (one of my favourites!)
  18. Note that we're also introducing a couple of brand new GC Hair Gloss blends: BELGIAN CHOCOLATE, and BOURBON VANILLA! For ease of searching, these are included under the May 2024 tag along with all the Lunacy stuff we just launched: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-tag/may-2024-lunacy/ And as promised, the Pride 2024 fundraiser scents: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/kotinos/
  19. frizzlechicken

    Video Head Cleaner

    I don't use poppers so at first was going to pass this by, but y'all here in the reviews convinced me to try it because things like dusty electrical innards are all words right up my alley. Wet on the skin it's very much like mentioned above: warm electrical innards of a VCR after you've been using it for a while. You pop the tape out and smell the air...yep! There's definitely some nostalgia here for anyone who grew up with a VCR. As it dries, there's a soft, dusty musk note that remains. I also could see calling it slightly sandalwood-y. Hours later and I have a really clean musk note remaining. It's light. It's weird. I'm glad I got a bottle!
  20. amoray

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 2024

    This is a waft-y fragrance for me. It's just tendrils of pink root beer around me. It does threaten to go baby powder on me but then wafts out a lil sassyfras (although that MUST be the teak lol) and doesn't. This is mail freasssssh so maybe that is why. I can't stop smelling it. I too am in awe of this Glowing V.
  21. Thuy

    Delight in Disorder

    I do like BPAL's red and crimson musks, so I figured this would be a good blind buy... And it mostly has been! In the bottle it's a thick musky cherry that leans a touch medicinal but red musky. The cherry is unfortunately fleeting in the weardown, but I'm still left with a fruity crimson musk that lasts forever (read as all day and then some). It's fantastic for layering and/or as an anchor for some of my edps, so I'm glad to have picked up a bottle of this!
  22. Little Bird


    Starts off as sharp, green bell peppery, cologne-like dead leaves. I immediately looked at the notes list again and screamed "noooo" inside my own head as I read 'decaying leaves.' Bpal seems to either use a realistic, crunchy, spicy dead leaves note or it winds up being this bell pepper cologne thing that I dislike so much. That said, I feel like it's actually on theme here (watching cicadas lounging around my yard on all of the greenery) and the greenery fades quickly, so it doesn't bother me much. 15 minutes in, the greenery is already nearly gone to make way for a dusty, well worn, brown leather fragrance that's sweetened with a little vanilla and cozy, warm amber/labdanum. The earthiness is dusty and parched and there is a mineral feel to this as well that makes me think of cicadas crawling through earth and stone to reach the surface and unfurl their little wings. An hour in, it's dusty soil that still has that cool, mineral, rocky quality to it, paired with warm leather and powdery amber. The oakmoss and clary sage add a soft, dried, herbal quality as well. To me, this is all about cicadas journeying through the soil, drawn to the surface by the promise of green leaves and socializing. I've always loved cicadas (even their 'singing' has never bothered me, not even when they descended like a plague in the Ozarks during my childhood and their sound seemed to pulsate through the trees and have its own heartbeat) and I think that this perfume is a gentle ode to them and their journey. The rocky soil and lightly sweetened leather with warm amber is so cozy and I love it.
  23. Little Bird

    A Rousing Performance

    I'm kind of surprised that there's no clove listed for this scent, because it's so spicy, warm, and powdery on me. I love the Japanese cedar because it's aromatic like dried cedar planks (and perhaps that's where the spice is coming from?). The first time I wore this, I got green cypress and some smokiness, but I don't smell either of those things today. The leather and patchouli start off slowly, getting stronger over hours of wear, but they still stay more muted than usual. The leather is well-worn and soft and the patchouli is like the earth in a forest clearing, with wood, pine needles, and rich soil warming in the sun. It's a warm, enveloping scent that keeps making me think of laying outside on a sunny day. I like this, but I have so many patchouli and leather scents that I would reach for before this one.
  24. QueenProserpina


    Ava is back in stock! So luscious! First impression after spilling a third of a brand-new bottle: a lovely, golden, sophisticated blend of sweet, soapy florals I haven’t encountered before, bright citrus, gentle vanilla, and a slight bitter edge, almost minty and reminiscent of toothpaste, that must represent the almond. Reminds me of expensive shampoo! The bitter note is now taking over to an extent, an ashy component I can almost taste, but I expect that it will balance out with aging. I’m getting bitter almond, which is settling into a more pleasant base note, and a hint of vanilla on fabric and bright, glowing, syrupy, fruity florals of dessert-like, jammy lushness and mouthwatering sweetness and tangy citrus on skin, with the vanilla slowly peeking through throughout. I definitely understand another reviewer’s comparison with BBW’s Sensual Amber. At the same time, the aggressive sweetness of the tuberose and citrus put me in mind of a peach or apricot Jolly Rancher. The Lab has captured Ava's combination of excessive girlish sweetness, wild whimsy, and bitter, poisonous, selfish impulsivity.
  25. QueenProserpina


    Eve is back in stock! Breathtaking! Floating, wafting, intoxicating, opening with a prominent incense note reminiscent of Quintessence of Dust or the shisha of Café Mille et une Nuits, underpinned by the sweetness of rose, a hint of spice, and powdery honey. The red rose comes to the forefront within an hour or two with the crispness of dried petals that another reviewer mentioned, with rose predominating on fabric and the incense and other uncountable notes of exquisite beauty coming through more strongly on my skin with an impression of sweet and ancient dust. Although it is not listed as a note, I may be getting a faint hint of jasmine, as another reviewer also mentioned, and a breath of sandalwood or cedarwood is also coming forth like a suggestion of Old Spice or cologne. The evocative smokiness of incense having been burned follows, rose atop a spicy potpourri. Many of the notes are ones I am not familiar with, but they blend seamlessly into a poetic whole that is the perfect interpretation of the character. Sweet, complex, ancient, and mysterious! Ethereal, subtle, and enchanting; my most magical OLLA yet.
  26. We're in the process of finalizing our Flower Moon Lunacy launch! Once it's live, you've got one last week to order the following scents before they vanish: WOLF MOON Duet: GRASS & MOONLIT DEW Duet: BEESWAX & PINE NEEDLE Duet: BALSAM & LEATHER Duet: GREEN FIG & CEDAR Hair Gloss: LUPINE MUSK & AMBRETTE SEED WOODEN DRAGON A WINTER SCENE WITH SKATERS PORTRAIT OF PRINCESS MARTHE BIBESCO TRAUM NORTHERN LIGHTS MONASTERY GARDEN IN THE SNOW We also now have an official down date for Yules and the New Year's releases: June 28th!
  27. Little Bird

    Cosmic Critters

    Vanilla buttercream frosting with frothy milk that cuts down on some of the buttercream sweetness. The honey is barely there in the opening and I don't get any bourbon, but the fig and patchouli come in subtly and mesh together into a beautiful, dark, earthy-woody scent melded into pulpy-sticky-fruit. I was worried that this would be cloying, but I don't get a powdered sugar scent to the buttercream; it's more of a whipped, creamy vanilla frosting, and the milk is warm and frothy rather than thickly sweet and caramelized. The fig and patchouli also help to even out the sweetness. So it's a strong vanilla frosting (I'd say it's 80% vanilla-y and 20% patchouli and fig), but the other notes keep it from being sickly sweet or too simple. I have a ton of vanilla and patchouli scents (and not enough patchouli and fig scents), but I'm happy to add this one to my collection too and will add a backup bottle into my next order.
  28. Little Bird


    I love bpal's fragrances with notes that I commonly use for offerings. They feel spiritual, indulgent, and sensual to me. Enagismata starts off like tangy, strong, vibrant red wine and sweet honey mead + extra honey with a dark undercurrent of resinous smoke. As it dries down, the goat's milk comes in and softens everything, adding a strong, creamy, vanilla-y tone that also makes the scent feel more refreshing and not quite as dark and intense. Settles into a beautiful scent of honeyed, vanilla milk, red wine, and smoky myrrh. Strong and long lasting with good throw. Adding it to my list of favorites ❤️
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