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  2. Alisha_SBC

    Brown Butter Bourbon Cookie

    Mmmn. This is foodie heaven and I'm almost a little sad I didn't spring for a bottle. I get the bourbon vanilla and the richness of the browned butter with brown sugar, very much like what I smell/taste when I make up a batch of cookie dough and eat it raw. Unlike Eat Me, this doesn't at all make me think of B&BW vanilla and brown sugar. So not sure what it is about those that puts me off so much. If you like sweet and rich, this is for you.
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  4. Threemoons

    Sustained Boos

    This is the ghost of a heavy, dark scent--light effervescence but with a backlash of dark cold woods of some sort, and some resins, and a teeny hit of black cocoa powder. This one sits about 3" above the skin; hard to describe. Really liking it. Hard to pin down. Has little aldehyde pops also.
  5. hausfly

    Black Phoenix

    I just recently received this over the weekend. It starts off with a lot of cherry, but it immediately disappeared once it dried. All I could smell is nothing but baby powder. Maybe it needs to age a bit? I’m gonna put this to the side for a little while and try it again later on.
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  7. Janis

    Upon Man and Upon Beast

    Wow, the oil is really dark! A dry, almost medicinal sandalwood and clean patchouli. Very well blended. No cherry at all, unfortunately. The drydown eventually turns into a labdanum single note on me, which isn't really something I'd want to wear on its own - but I adore the dry woodiness that precedes it. This is a really great take on patchouli! Clean, unisex, powerful.
  8. DigitalCoyote

    Dead Leaves and Chai

    Wet: I'm touched by how dead on the dead leaf note is: this is truly slightly wet dead orange and red leaves. Dry: I don't think the tea note in this had a chance on my skin. The leaf notes are gone and the spice notes are not only literally warming the skin but surprisingly manly. I could wear this but I think it would be far more intriguing on a guy.
  9. Penance

    Coconut, Smoked Vanilla, & Fig

    Origin: 5mL from the Lab Preconceived notions: I hate the smell of actual coconut and typically avoid coconut-scented things, but now and then a scent with coconut will call my name. This one did. I'm digging the Lab's smoked vanilla note they've been using lately. It's pretty great. And I do like fig. I've been reading the reviews, though, and I'm not sure that this is going to really be for me. First sniff: So much coconut! It's a very creamy coconut, very smooth, almost buttery. The smoked vanilla just adds a bit of sweetness, no appreciable smokiness. The fig is there, but that's just it. It's...there. It doesn't really have much of a presence. Wet on skin: Coconut, coconut and more coconut. It's a coconut meat scent on me. Very fresh, sort of creamy. A little bit sunscreen-y in a good way. I don't get any vanilla or fig, really. Just coconut. Dry down: The vanilla makes a comeback in the form of a sweetness in the background that melds with the creaminess of the coconut. The fig just adds a faint fruitiness that's hard to pin down. The whole thing reads kind of palleta-meets-lotion. It's not perfumey or gourmand (though it is foody, in the sense that all three notes are foods), but it kind of has vibes of both creamy coconut ice pop and a trendy-but-mass-friendly body lotion/shampoo/body wash. The final verdict: I can totally see the Bath and Body Works comparisons, though this is better than any BBW scent could ever dream of being. This is one of those "safe" scents that strays too close to mainstream perfume to really be something I really enjoy. I feel like this could be at home at any bath and body store. It's nice, but not special. Maybe aging will bring out more depth. I'm not sure if it's worth it to find out, though. It's a nice scent, just not one I necessarily need in an already over-full collection.
  10. ladyphlogiston


    In the vial: sharp and resinous On my skin: initially this smells a lot like pine. Conifers don't do well on my skin, so it isn't pine, but still. As it dries, it gets a little deeper and much rounder. The sharpness goes away and some almost floral notes start peeking out. It's a little powdery, in a soft, pleasant way. Once dry it gets more woody, leaving a complex woody-grassy-medicinal thing that's just okay. That's disappointing. Verdict: Sadly, this goes in the "scents I love until they fade unevenly and leave me smelling like a cabinet" pile, which will probably get destashed eventually. Input from family: Husband: that's pretty! I like it (smelled during the round stage) T, age ten: mint K, age seven: Ick! Z, age four: my toy bat says it smells like zebras S, also age four: you're right, it's zebras!
  11. Miyabi

    Hotaru No Yu Hair Gloss

    oh, this is definitely lilac. it's definitely sweeter and more floral than Salt Phoenix, and I sense a bit of creaminess from the amber, but overall it's a very pretty springtime floral that I need a bottle of, sooner rather than later.
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  13. doomsday_disco

    Once Upon a Time

    Oops. I see I never reviewed this. I typically love the Lilith lavender blends, and I remember this being an herbal sort of lavender scent. I don't recall getting any vanilla from it, and I don't get the TKO comparisons. I ended up giving my bottle away, because even though the scent itself was pleasant, I had worn it to bed during a troubling time in my life, which led to me associating the scent with nightmares whenever I smelled it. This is probably the only scent that was ruined for me by negative association, but fortunately, Beth continues to make a lovely lavender scents to look forward to every year.
  14. ajansuz


    This was a lab frimp. They have been hitting home runs with the frimps lately, I have to say. So often things smell very different on me between the wrist and the crook of my arm. I'll start with the vial. It really smelled a lot more like red musk to me, possibly because of the fruit. In the vial I could not say that was peach. It just registered as sweet with some dirty patch to ground it a bit. On me wet is when it became a pretty loud peach at my wrist, and more amber and patch in the crook of my arm. It was a little too sweet for me at first. The dry down is magical. Juicy at my wrist, dryer in the crook of my arm. There is low throw with this but good staying power. In the latter stages is when the amber warmed up. I suppose all throughout I could tell there was musk, but it was really subtle, and the patch was subtle, too, not the strong patch of Malediction or #occupywallstreet. This is a very playful, morphing scent. I don't need a bottle, but I will fully enjoy my imp of Imp.
  15. doomsday_disco

    Beach Scene

    In the decant: Salty driftwood and kelp. On me: I don't have good luck with the Lab's aquatics, and this starts off really salty and soapy on me. The soap eventually gives way to the Lab's rain note, but the salt remains strong. Those end up being the main notes on me, backed by a bit of driftwood and a touch of light patchouli. Verdict: I like the rain note, but there's too much salt in this one for me. I'm going to pass this on to a friend who enjoys aquatics and see how this fares on her.
  16. doomsday_disco

    Two Westeners

    In the decant: Red musk, salt-crusted mahogany, a bit of smooth leather. On me: Salt! Followed by some beeswax tinged with red musk. It doesn't take long for the salt to calm down to allow the smooth leather to appear. But the red musk amps with wear, as it is wont to do on me, so that it is mostly red musk-splashed beeswax with hints of salt, leather, mahogany, parchment, and moss in the background. Verdict: I'm going to retest this one in a few weeks and see how it fares. I amp red musk and wish I got less of it here, but I also tend to amp salt and moss, and those notes were pretty well-behaved. Aside from the red musk, I'm really enjoying the prominence of the bookish notes that I was hoping for, and I appreciate the scent journey of beeswax out at sea.
  17. Lucchesa

    Beeswax, Lavender, & Acacia Honey

    Oops, I neglected to review this, so this is retrospective, but I swapped it away because I unexpectedly amped the acacia, which drowned out the lovely beeswax on me and made this more of a high-pitched honeyed floral. I'm glad so many other people are loving it!
  18. Lucchesa

    Song of Hope

    Song of Hope is a cousin to another recent love, Pleasure Boat. Both star my favorite floral, carnation, backed by amber and vanilla. The ambergris here is quiet on me -- actually, this is a quieter blend than you might imagine from the notes. It wears close, and the leather and spices are subtle. Like Pleasure Boat, this one melds into something you can't easily pull apart, more of a russet carnation brocade than Pleasure Boat's golden one, and it's absolutely lovely.
  19. Lucchesa

    Phallus Devotion

    Phallus Devotion on me is a really spicy oudh (agarwood) blend. It's not the fecal oudh, but it is that distinctive down and dirty woody smell of well-behaved oudh, with its terrific wear length. I can still smell traces of it the next morning. The patchouli and mahogany are there, but this a raw mahogany, not the polished wood scent of most mahogany blends, and I can't make out the rosewood on me at all. Earthy saffron and a peppery nutmeg bump up the spice quotient. Gender neutral, potent, and kind of in its own category.
  20. Indigo78

    Mahogany Hall Atmosphere Spray

    Not sure how I haven’t reviewed this yet, since I’ve gone through at least 3 bottles between my home and work space. The scent is very round and full to me with a gorgeous depth from the spices. It smells like anticipation; like a place where anything can happen. I love it past forever♥️
  21. starbrow

    Es Lacht der Mai

    What an oddly cute intersection of scents! "Chilly amber perfume" was the most vague of the notes from this collection, and the one I wondered about a whole lot, eager for my decants to reveal its mysteries. I don't think that description really prepared me for what I was in store for. Snow covers this scent, but it's a snow with a very interesting fruit tinging its chilliness. PINEAPPLE. No, I am not crazy! Yes, I smell pineapple up in this piece! The distinctive sweet-acidic brightness is very familiar to me and very unusual in a cold snow. It is like a snowcone effect over the glowing redness of the resinous amber, which is also sweet, and an unlisted but definitely present conifer. I am still learning the difference between that family of trees, but I suspect this one is in the balsam fir or spruce family, because it's not a strong pine but rather something wildly, warmly foresty. For those who might have issues with pine, I think this might suit just fine. I wasn't sure if I quite liked this at first brush, but the more I wore it, the more I was charmed by its funny, quirky family of notes. Pineapple snow, amber, spruce. This probably sounds weird, and one of those scents you just have to smell and try yourself to know if it's your style. I think I'm going to look for a partial or full bottle of Es Lacht der Mai!
  22. highgarden

    Bikkuri Sa Seru Hair Gloss

    I don't know what happened with this, but all I could smell was lemongrass. It was citrus and green and reminded me of the lemongrass my mom kept around for cooking purposes. I think there was a hint of coconut under all of that, but it was like a lemongrass bomb and it covered up every other note that I wish I'd also gotten.
  23. Seajewel

    Cardamom & Coconut

    I like coconut in small amounts, but this is too much coconut for me. It's more suntan lotion than food on my skin.
  24. Failmingo

    We Wear The Mask

    I guess I will dive in and write the first review, since I've worn this nearly every day since it was released! In the bottle this is a staid and solemn lavender, with a mellow smoky quality that ends up seeming almost creamy to me -- that's probably the sandalwood. Or maybe that's just how the overall savory nature of this blend reads to me. I paused over the carrot seed, because while I appreciate the role it plays in the storytelling, it's just not a scent I find myself drawn to, or want to embody. However, it's VERY subtly blended into this perfume. I know the note well but I'm not sure I'd track it if I hadn't read it was there. Fresh on the skin the iris and wisteria notes step out and kind of sing through the grey lavender haze. Still doesn't read as terribly flowery to me, the smoke and lavender holding court. Reminds me of BLACK HAUS, except that blend's leather etc. is so distinctive that you'd never mix them up. As it dries I get almost a beeswax scent, that's still definitely the smoke and sandalwood uplifted by the thin floral notes. It smells very much of the natural world, in a way that's meant to tug at the human heart. Decent throw and wear length! While I know the concept of the scent isn't terribly romantic, it has a terribly mysterious and emotive quality that I can imagine accompanying romantic feelings -- the peril, as well as the comfort. Completely genderless, in a way I personally find very affirming. It's been hard to pick a fave out of this collection, I don't think I could have consciously done it, but like I said, this is the one I have ended up reaching for over and over. I can't wait to read other folks' impressions!
  25. AprilB

    Snake's Kiss Hair Gloss

    Starbrow above compared this to buttercream frosting, and I agree! I can smell the Snake Oil, but mostly this smells of buttery vanilla sweetness. I enjoy this quite a bit, and am very glad I got the opportunity to try a decant.
  26. DigitalCoyote

    The Wild Audacity of My Perfect Triumph

    Wet: Lime. Nothing else to smell here. Move along. Dry: There's that licorice-y Absinthe smell. Lime is lurking. Dry dry: This has taken a turn for Comet. Don't get me wrong, Comet reminds me of mom cleaning house when I was little but it doesn't make me feel sexy.
  27. Alisha_SBC

    Snake's Kiss

    Not sure who sent me this freebie decant with an order but I'm excited to try this. As I recall, I wasn't in love with Snake Oil. (Gasp! I know!!!) It felt too heady for me, but my chemistry is wonky at the best of times.. This one is definitely strong, I only needed a swipe off the plastic applicator, and I get honey and vanilla, sticky and sweet. There's something in the background that's a touch spicy or musky, I'm not sure which. I think I like this. Its still headier than what I prefer but it's not delving into the headache realm for me. This would be great for a date night. I ventured outside for some errands and it is a HOT one folks. I kept getting this gorgeous, soft, vanilla waft and realized it was me!!!! Winner!!
  28. Fruity in July, though I might Patchouli in July...


    A personal scent journey. 

  29. Seajewel

    Cotton Candy, Strawberry & Lime Zest

    Initial blast of tart lime. Love that. It dries down to mostly cotton candy though, which is more sweetness than I prefer. I can see why foodies love this!
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