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  2. she's a carnival

    Osculum Inflame

    This is a really nice amber/labdanum/incense blend right now but the labdanum is a bit too much for me as well. I have a feeling this will be beautiful once aged!
  3. she's a carnival

    The Queen of May

    This one surprised me by how much I liked it! I agree with Threemoons that there is a definite humming of bright alive flowers. The mix of flowers is quite lovely but there is definitely some danger in the background. I was tempted to keep this scent but I just don't reach for florals often enough. A really awesome scent!
  4. Estamets

    Frenum Bath Oil

    Lovely balance of cucumber, light cherry blossom, and other crisp green scents (which all blend together for me). This is a perfect hot-day bath: refreshing, light, cooling. Product-wise, BPTP bath oils moisturize my skin like nothing else has ever done. Love, love, love. At night, I’ll also dunk my hair in the bath, then braid it and sleep without rinsing. The next day, it’s gotten a nice deep moisture mask that rinses clean with shampoo.
  5. Oh dear! I don't know my ring size - I rarely wear rings as I work with my hands (former seamstress turned mail carrier). My wrist measures around 6.5", I prefer shorter necklaces to longer ones and I have 9 holes in my ears so earrings (esp big wacky statement ones) are always welcome. Question: what's your favorite fall food based treat? mine is anything apple, esp hot spiced cider. Runners up include pumpkin/chocolate or pumpkin/cranberry baked goods. Are you more interested in a spiritual service you haven't mentioned practicing yourself, or would you prefer to receive something you do practice? Do you have a preference for if it's provided in writing/placed in the package vs over a skype/phone call? I always enjoy trying new things, and in the past have enjoyed having my tarot read or other similar divinations. I would probably prefer written (or even photos and writing) because my work schedule is really heavy and I'm not usually interested in talking to people in after hours. For item no.5, what kind of thing would you most appreciate? This is a tough one, but one the best things about this type of swap is being surprised with things I did really know about to even want. I always appreciate things that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing as well as food/tea, housewares or clothing items. I particularly enjoying receiving items that were handmade. Anything in particular you're interested in from the UK? Have I mentioned tea and food yet? Lol. But really, I'm a huge Anglophile and love many many british things. I've heard tell of a few mythical items like gluten free jaffa cakes and crumpets that you can't get stateside for neither love nor money. I'm also a fan of LOTS of british telly, esp. panel shows and Taskmaster, so related items that aren't available in the US would be neat. Any interest in apothecary style indies, e.g. essential oils, natural skincare, flower waters? Of course! My fav apothecary/natural skincare vendor is LBCC historical (you'll see her in my Etsy favs), she makes all kinds of historically based skincare goodies. I'm also open to trying new vendors or homemade as well, I just have to avoid the florals. Orange Blossom seems to be okay at least from LBCC, but I can't do things like rose or lavender. What is it that you're most wanting out of this fall season? (e.g. that could require magical assistance) Honestly, I'm almost 3 months in at a new job as a postal carrier that is already fairly stressful and is going to get a lot more so over the next several months. What I'd love is some peace/rest, some more skills for or support for overcoming stress and generally conquering chaos and making it my bitch. Books. Are you a big reader? If so, do you prefer ebooks, audio, or printed? Would you enjoy an art or photography book? Do you like poetry? I am a classic former bookworm. I spent 90% of my childhood reading and now as an adult rarely devote time to it despite still loving books deeply. Lately I've been reading A LOT of webtoons/web comics since they are in nice small digestible bits. I also use audio books when I sew, but I haven't been sewing since starting the new job. I'd love an art or photography book. As for poetry, I'm pretty particular and generally prefer prose. Is there anything typically sold at a Renn Faire that you'd be interested in? The better questions would be is there anything I wouldn't be interested in. I'm a fantasy nerd at heart - those books I was talking about reading as a kid? ALL of them were fantasy or historical fiction. So yeah, costumes, jewelry, tankards, swords. You name it, I would be interested. Candles. Any preferences? Taper/Pillar/Votive/Jar/Chime/etc.? Scented vs Unscented? hmm..probably votive? I live in a smallish apartment so we don't really light candles that often. I don't even light the menorah anymore because the only really safe space is on top of the stove which feels weird somehow. Are there any types of makeup/nail polish that you would or would not like to receive? I like lipstains/lipsticks a lot and eyeshadow/eyeliner, but I don't wear much else makeup wise outside of cosplay. I don't wear nailpolish because the mail is both filthy and really hard on your hands. I got a dip manicure early in my job and it didn't even last a full day intact! Is there anything you definitely DON'T want (either because you don't like it or already have it)? I'm not a fan of white chocolate, but that's all I can really think of that I would definitely not want, and even if some turned up my partner would eat it happily. Are there any art/craft supplies you currently need? Good lord, no. My craft room overfloweth and with me not actively working on new projects the last thing I need is more stuff.
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  7. twilighteyes

    Shotgun Samhain Swap 2021 Q&A

    what sizes do you wear for jewelry purposes - rings, etc. My ears are not pierced so no earrings please. I wear an 11 in ring size and my wrist is about 7.5" (I think.) I don't really wear a lot of jewelry since I don't actually leave the house very often and I have allergies to metals. (Sterling silver is ok, surgical steel is also ok.) I would like to get my ears pierced again but I think I'll gauge up and do a hollow needle instead of the "gun". Someday when I have money for things like piercings and tattoos. what's your favorite fall food based treat? Hm, good question. We make a lot of our own and right now it's all the types of zucchini bread (chocolate, ultimate, lemon blueberry...) I love pumpkin ginger bread (haven't found a recipe that mimics what I used to get at Uptown Espresso in Seattle though - right now Smitten Kitchens is my fav recipe.) It isn't food, but going to CORN MAZES in the Seattle area was always my favorite fall "treat" -- Spooner Farms and Carpinito Brothers. Hot spiced cider and kettle corn. Going to the fall farmer's markets. and all of the fall book signings!! those are the things I miss. Are you more interested in a spiritual service you haven't mentioned practicing yourself, or would you prefer to receive something you do practice? Do you have a preference for if it's provided in writing/placed in the package vs over a skype/phone call? I have major anxiety with talking to people in real time be it in person, skype, phone calls, chat, etc. So in writing/in package would be my preference. For item no.5, what kind of thing would you most appreciate? (5) anything else you wish to send, maybe something fun, a movie, maybe a decoration, something homemade, handmade, something precious and old, ????) I will appreciate everything you curate especially for me! (maybe not a movie though since I don't currently have a blu-ray or dvd player in my room and that is where I do everything. I just stream things from netflix/hulu/hbo/disney + -- I "share" accounts with other people since I can't afford them myself.) My amazon lists are humongous so that should give lots of ideas for tarot cards, stickers, wall hanging stuffs, all kinds of fall and halloween things. (I have multiple lists, the book list is the default so click on the other ones and you'll get an idea of the things I like.) However, I TOTALLY NEED MORE CARNIVOROUS PLANTS. I planted some purple pitcher plant seeds -- two packets -- and zero germinated. I was soooo disappoint. Occasionally they have Cobra Lily seeds too but really I'd like an already living plant since germination seems iffy. Would love Sundew too. Yeah, I don't know how you would ship them. I always love palm stones / crystals / rocks. I love bath milk/salts from luvmilk (scent lists in my SW help and on Amazon.) Anything in particular you're interested in from the UK? Heck yeah! Tea (Whittard / Bird & Blend plus lots of tea from your neighbors in France like Damman Freres and Mariage Freres), LUSH, wine gums, fancy chocolates (except now I'm "sensitive" to chocolate but I think I would risk it!!) Future Primitive Ghost Smoke anything (except bar soap and perfume - whipped soap would be AMAZING, I need like 50 of them, lol!) STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING. I could really use a pudding steamer and good pudding recipes for sticky toffee and christmas pudding. without wheat flour, haha. or corn syrup. Any interest in apothecary style indies, e.g. essential oils, natural skincare, flower waters? I have sooo many essential oils and flower waters that I never use, it would be wasted on me. I'm doing The Ordinary skin care regimen right now so I don't want to add anything else. What is it that you're most wanting out of this fall season? (e.g. that could require magical assistance) I don't know. Right now I'm trying to transform myself back into a useful person so I can work or go to school or both. Seeing a physical therapist and a dietician; pretty much just started so I have at least six months of this. Help with motivation, perseverance, clarity (massive brain fog). Help with self love is always necessary, as well as household harmony since five people are living here (all adults, three generations) and tempers got hot occasionally. Books. Are you a big reader? If so, do you prefer ebooks, audio, or printed? Would you enjoy an art or photography book? Do you like poetry? I absolutely inhale fantasy (and some sci-fi) books. I only do ebooks, mostly .mobi (kindle) unless a book is on my wishlist in a different format. I'm not huge on poetry; an art or photography book isn't that exciting in kindle format. Space is a huge issue for me and I really don't have room for physical books right now, my room is so crowded that I have to squeeze through a narrow aisle to get to my desk or closet. (Staying with family after divorce forced me to move from Seattle but I'm too sick to work, so I'm working on getting healthy.) Is there anything typically sold at a Renn Faire that you'd be interested in? ALLL THE THINGS. I especially like the cups sold at the Michigan faire (Messier pottery?) with the bats, pit bulls, etc. I got a gnome one for my mom and it's her favorite. (purple or black finish.) I love hippocampus or other fantastical equine buttons. I love the celtic knot tapestries in purples, blues, or greens - with dragons, horse, corvids, dogs, ferrets... I have a great pirate-y jacket from local artisans in the PNW as well as a floppy felted wool hat that can be made into a tricorne or a musketeer or just left floppy. I have quite a few drinking horns with horses painted on them. I always find tons of things I want! The fresh birch beer is my favorite (like root beer, not alcoholic.) Candles. Any preferences? Taper/Pillar/Votive/Jar/Chime/etc.? Scented vs Unscented? I have plenty of chime candles (as well as tapers, votives, etc.) (I used to be a chandler and I also used to sell PartyLite and I have SO MANY CANDLES.) However my respiratory issues make it really hard to burn them so I have to be really careful about candles I purchase these days. Sihaya's seem to work for me and I'm super interested in Black Roses. Also love Ember and Mallow, London Fog, Secret Society, Samhain Dusk, I am Here I am Whole, Long Distance Hug, Sisterhood of the Moon, Orphic Lodge, She is Still a Mystery, or The Divine. Are there any types of makeup/nail polish that you would or would not like to receive? I always need a really good non-smudging black eyeliner - but my skin is super oily and "waterproof" doesn't work; I need oil proof! I love pretty nail polishes but again... for the past few years I haven't used any of the tons that I have.... I rarely wear eye shadow these days. I could use a really good foundation / powder / and setting spray but it's hard to pick the color for foundations over the internet! Is there anything you definitely DON'T want (either because you don't like it or already have it)? Nothing with SLS / parabens / phthalates. No bar soap or coffee mugs (unless they're like 16-20oz and have a lid - so much dog hair floating around and my carnivorous plants aren't doing their job at catching the bugs that are tiny and fit through the screens!) I am "sensitive" (still haven't figured out exactly how I'm sensitive but blood testing showed that I am? Maybe the brain fog/fatigue/body aches/pain / respiratory?) to wheat, yeast, corn, eggs, casein (milk/cheese), and chocolate. I haven't had a chance to go over it with my doctor yet to see if I can do sheep/goat milk/cheese. Are there any art/craft supplies you currently need? I always "need" more yarn (but no, I really really don't since I haven't felt like knitting the past two years and I have over 1k skeins. Except when I REALLY want to make something and none of my yarn is appropriate for the project.) I would love a small oil paint set with a lot of colors. (I have canvas / brushes.)
  8. Estamets

    The Great Sword of War

    Fresh imp from the lab: herbal orange smash! I guess maybe there was a hint of chocolate when wet, and I can track some earthier notes if I squint sideways at it, but it’s really just juicy, stepped-on citrus, and bright, nasal-clearing herbs. Oddly, I’m here for it.
  9. lakeplacidskater

    Bonfire Toffee

    I LOVE THIS. It's rich caramel/toffee with a hint of spice (?) and calms down to a smoky scent. I hope BPAL makes this again someday because I would buy several bottles!
  10. BoneBone24


    what sizes do you wear for jewelry purposes - rings, etc. Note sure about my ring size rn, but I'm gonna try to find out and update here once I figure it out. I do know it's gonna be a larger size. For necklaces, the longer the better. I'm plus sized and chesty and hate necklaces that are tight around my neck or that fall right on my cleavage, so I prefer ones that are super long. I don't like wearing bracelets cuz my wrists are quite plump, lol. what's your favorite fall food based treat? Oooh, more like what's not my favorite fall food! Anything pumpkin, anything with yummy spices. I love chai tea. Pumpkin all the things. Dark chocolate. Mulled wine. Spiced/salted/roasted nuts. I suppose I'm not big on like caramels or other very sugary things, but I'm generally pretty open to most treats, provided they are gluten free. Are you more interested in a spiritual service you haven't mentioned practicing yourself, or would you prefer to receive something you do practice? Do you have a preference for if it's provided in writing/placed in the package vs over a skype/phone call? No preference when it comes to the service - whatever is your forte is probably best, though I do enjoy trying new things, so if there's something obscure you do, or something you're learning rn, I'd be up for that too! In writing/placed in the package is preferable, but if it makes more sense to do something over zoom, I'd be game. For item no.5, what kind of thing would you most appreciate? Books or self-care/pampering items probably, but I dunno, I'm open to surprises! Anything in particular you're interested in from the UK? Oh gosh, I'm not sure. Maybe a type of tea or treat not available in the US. Maybe something mystical tied to legends about Avalon or pagan priestesses?? Any interest in apothecary style indies, e.g. essential oils, natural skincare, flower waters? Certainly! I love trying out new products and brands. I have combination skin if that helps to know. And I like lavender/calming scents for bathtime or bedtime products, and more invigorating scents (like citrus, aquatics, spices) for daily use items. What is it that you're most wanting out of this fall season? (e.g. that could require magical assistance) I'm really trying to focus on my creative pursuits this fall. I just self published a poetry book, so any magics having to do with selling or gaining attention would be good for that. I'm also going to be participating in NaNoWriMo, with the goal of finally finishing a manuscript I've been working on for years (a fantasy novel called Seven Shards). For that I could use help on the focus, determination, and inspiration fronts. If your practice has more to do with providing guidance, then career guidance on how to best focus my energies to start building steady income from my creative projects so I can eventually quit my day job and do creative things full time. If your practice has more to do with healing, I could always use more help with recovering from a toxic relationship I was in for 15 years (got divorced in 2018/2019, have completely rebuilt my life since and have done a lot of healing already, but there's always a little more to do!).
  11. Lunasariel


    In the imp: That's a nice well-worn leather! I'm also getting some very deep resins - I almost want to say something fruity and/or floral? And maybe a flash of metal and/or ozone. Wet: Huh, this is interesting! From afar, I still get that lovely well-worn leather and fruity-floral resins, but the closer to the skin I get, the more I pick up on a deeply unfortunate soapy/cleaning note. So as I'm sitting at my computer typing, I'm doing so in a cloud of "sexy but dangerous assassin," but as soon as I lift my wrist for a closer sniff, the assassin is replaced by a hospital janitor. Dry: Thankfully, the unfortunate soapiness fades after an hour or two, leaving darkly fruity resins and that lovely well-worn leather note. It's a darkly, quietly elegant scent, and I love it!
  12. Teamama

    Mister Wednesday Nail Polish

    The BEST holo in the world, bar none. I just bought my 3rd bottle. This is the holo shimmer that goes with everything, & wears forever. I can't praise it highly enough.
  13. mei

    Drink Me

    I absolutely I do smell the roast turkey (or some sort of glazed meat), along with the pineapple and toffee and buttery pastries. But the meat is like honey-glazed ham, so it strangely kinda works with the rest of the sweet notes. No cherry on me though. It's like eating a hawaiian pizza and washing it down with a salted caramel milkshake. Very foodie, very fascinating.
  14. lakeplacidskater

    Es Lacht der Mai

    I've been going through my collection while I'm moving, and I came across this one. When I first smelled it last year, I didn't think it would suit me. Then I put some on today, and WOW, it's one of my favorites. BIG balsam energy (is that a valid word choice?) followed by something sweetly citrus. Almost like orange slices that would be in a punch? Is that a thing? I didn't get any amber but I have a feeling it's there somewhere.....anyway, it's such a festive scent. The other day I was hiking in the woods and got a whiff of that lovely balsam. I just moved to a house on Balsam street (balsam firs are a big deal up here in upstate NY) and when I moved here nearly 20 years ago, the cozy shop we used to visit to buy housewares always smelled like spruce and balsam. So there are good memories associated with the scent. It feels like it would be a scent for someone who wants to smell like a winter forest, but prettier. I'm gonna be wearing this a lot over the coming months!
  15. Last week
  16. Rane.

    In Dubiis Libertas

    Amber with sweet vanilla, sugary. There is something else in there grounding this. But it sings high & sweetly. I think I smell mallow just faintly there.
  17. Fefi


    Got this as a frimp with one of my purchases. The oil is very dark its spooky cool, appropriate I feel for both its name and theme. As for the scent itself its an aquatic incense type scent. At first I was very confused because I had read the reviews where many folks said they got grapefruit from it and I personally get none from it. As I said its more of an aquatic incense scent for me. I'd definitely say it has Opium in it. I have an imp of Event Horizon and they both not only look equally dark (the oils appearance) but have the same sweet/bubblegummy type incense note in them that I feel is Opium. Apart from this I get a bit of salt and seaweed and maybe ozone or some sort of citrus but I am unsure of which so I can't say Its grapefruit. Out of the many aquatics I have tried its one of my favorites, and actually favor it over C'thulu.
  18. Verios

    Ghost Milk

    Finally was able to swap for a bottle of this, and man am I glad I hunted it down - I've had a few times where I wanted to try a blend that had goat's milk listed, but milk notes...well, I toss up on them, we'll say. With that said, this is gorgeous. It's sweet, and I definitely get the milky, creamy undertone to it, but I think it must be the vanilla cashmere that gives it a snuggly hint of warmth that takes it from pleasant to the kind of scent that makes me want to huff my wrist hoping to get a whiff of it. It doesn't seem to have a ton of throw, but the staying power was decent on my first wear, so I'm hopeful that doesn't change. I'm excited to try layering it with a gingerbread monster or two to see what happens, but even on its own, this was definitely a winner for me!
  19. skyturtles


    I have an imp of this and its age is unknown. Wet: I immediately get patchouli, a little hint of dragon's blood, and the tiniest hint of cinnamon. Patchouli is just so overwhelming, like cedar. I'm usually a fan of red musk blends, and I can imagine that being really interesting with a heavier cinnamon note. Drying: Ooooo the cinnamon is coming out to play! There's some spiciness. The dragon's blood seems to be challenging the patchouli as well. We are a spicy and dry blend without much sweetness.
  20. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Um. Minty eucalyptus soap. On my skin: Wet, it's lots of soap, with mint becoming more apparent as it dries. Ope, nope, thirty minutes later, and we're back to minty soap. I'm calling it: This one is a fail on me. Part of that is due to my preferences, I'm sure, as I don't like to smell like mint or eucalyptus generally. (This was a Lab frimp.) And the soap? Maybe that is part skin chemistry.
  21. Estamets

    Gula Bath Oil

    All dark chocolate, all the time!! This is gorgeous, and I don’t find it foody at all. I don’t get much of the other notes, but if you like deep dark pure cocoa, you’ll love this. I live in a dry place, and my skin may be more dry than others, so keep that in mind. Also I’m a bath oil newbie so this may be *duh* for some folks, but I would have found this useful: The way I used this was by adding a couple of teaspoons to the running bath water (I heeded earlier reviews that a little goes a long way!). When I got in the bath, my legs immediately felt softer, and the smell pretty much disappeared. So I added a bit more, and noticed oil drops floating on the water. I splashed around with my arms, and those drops disappeared, along with the rejuvenated scent. After that, I applied small amounts of oil directly to my arms, shoulders, and chest, and soaked in the water. Now that I’m dry I smell only the faintest whiff of cocoa, and only when I snuffle my skin, so I think there’s a direct correlation between noticeable scent and how much oil is floating on the water (as opposed to soaking into my skin). I expected my bathroom to be a choc-splosion, but there’s barely any scent left at all. (Will update if the spouse says something different when he gets home.) My skin is so, so soft and luscious. Will definitely continue using, either in the bath or directly on moist skin.
  22. The first review freaked me out because lavender and I do not get along! But there is no lavender in Earl Grey tea, and no lavender in this blend either, whew! There is, however, a very clean note as the first reviewer notes. Wet, there's a similar medicinal quality to some lavenders, so I totally see the comparison, and agree that this is flirting with Drier Sheet Land. The laundry note recedes quickly on me, and a barely pre-ripe peach emerges. A peach when the flavor is fully developed, but the juices aren't going to run down your wrists. This is my favorite time to eat a peach, but right now this perfume is “eating that peach next to a drier vent.” Currently, all I’m getting is sharp peach laundry. No black tea, bergamot, milk, or vanilla syrup; no woolly sweater. I am desperately hoping those bass notes show up after more rest!!
  23. DigitalCoyote

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    Three minute hot-out-of-the-mailbox review: SUGAR. All sugar upfront. My teeth actually hurt. I smell like some kind of carnival food (like a churro) with some peach hiding in the background.
  24. DigitalCoyote

    Georgia Peach, Oakmoss, Sage, and Vetiver

    Three minute hot-out-of-the-mailbox review: The peach faded quickly. This is "masculine body" on me after it goes. After that, just sage and oakmoss hanging out doing sage and oakmoss things.
  25. DigitalCoyote

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    Three minute hot-out-of-the-mailbox review: I was so excited for this. It went from peach fuzz to permanent marker on me real quick. Maybe it'll calm down.
  26. Three minute hot-out-of-the-mailbox review: I feel some kind of way about this. I feel it very strongly. Not slinky. Not coquettish. Ive never been a spring fling but I could definitely be an Indian summer [if anyone has a better term, please let me know] romance in this.
  27. doomsday_disco


    I tested this while deathmatching it with The Other Hot Chocolate and Muddy Puddles. Although I always thought of The Other Hot Chocolate as a creamy, frothy hot chocolate, but it is quite different from this scent, which I would also describe as a creamy, frothy hot chocolate. I'm not sure if my skin chemistry is just wonky lately or what, but I detected a cherry-like fruit during the wet stage of The Other Hot Chocolate, which I had never gotten before, while deathmatching it with these other hot cocoa scents. Not sure if it is a fluke or not, but I can say Chad is more like Muddy Puddles than The Other Hot Chocolate. By the end of the day, I get lots of cream from The Other Hot Chocolate and it's not as strong as Chad or Muddy Puddles. Both Chad and Muddy Puddles are like Swiss Miss hot cocoa, but Muddy Puddles is the kind with the little marshmallows, so it's sweeter than Chad. Somehow, Chad ends up smelling less like cocoa made with a powder and ends up being more like hot cocoa made with a bar of chocolate by the end of the day. It's also the strongest of the three (Muddy Puddles is second as far as throw goes, and The Other Hot Chocolate is last in that department). I don't feel the need to upgrade Chad because it is pretty similar to Muddy Puddles, buuuut if I didn't already have two bottles of hot chocolate scents, I would be debating it! I'll be hanging on to my decant, though.
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