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  2. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Seajewelwelcome! I have stumbled upon some of your reviews and they’re great! Great job today, all! I don’t have much left in me today (brain-wise) after watching the debate..ugh. I almost forgot to check in! Today I wore Snake’s Kiss for my workout. This one’s in my top 10, and I honestly almost didn’t put anything on because I was supposed to be working. It was a quiet afternoon, so I just went for it while keeping an eye on my computer which has multiple screens. I rushed into it but paused the class and put it on. Glorious as always! Today’s class was an hour of body weight yoga sculpt. Hella hard, lots of planks and my abs are feeling it. ‘‘Twas a good one! Forgot to use my jump rope today, so I’ll add it to tomorrow’s efforts. 🤘
  3. Lucchesa

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Seajewel Welcome! Any progress is good progress! I missed Hay Moon and am sorry. It seems to be very popular. The champaca kept me from trying You Get a Lifetime; it rarely agrees with me. But I LOVE Startled Toad. Maybe I'll wear that tomorrow. Good workouts, everyone! And @Amazonia, frankly I wouldn't want to encounter Klaus under a bridge. Today I had a busy day and knew I had to grab a workout this morning before my lecture. I managed to get in a 20-minute half walk, half jog. And halfway through I realized -- I forgot step 1! I didn't have any perfume on. I went home and applied Cat Event Exorcist.
  4. Lucchesa

    Cat Event Exorcist

    On me, Cat Event Exorcist combines cuddly brown musk with woods. I don't get an aquatic component, though the holy water may be contributing a cool feeling that balances the warmth of the musk. I only get a whisper of dry clove, and if I hadn't looked at the ingredient list, I wouldn't have noticed the frankincense. The soft drydown is gently woody brown musk, and it stays at this skin scent level for quite a while.
  5. fairybites


    In the Imp: Peachy roses and pear. On Me: More rose is coming through, but also the grape note is appearing. The fruit notes for me are definitely stronger than the rose so I think if you tend to avoid most florals, this should be a good fit for you. Very springtime and summery scent, reminds me of various body sprays I've used as a kid but mixed together. I really enjoy it and might get a bottle of it sometime!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Seajewel

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Thanks! And I am totally team Hay Moon '20 and totally get wanting to live in it. It's such a beautiful, comforting scent and my favorite release this year (so far). You Get a Lifetime really tests ones limits with the oudh at the start, but I'm definitely going to retest. Despite the wet stage it might be worth a bottle. I also just love the name. Though I'm trying not to hoard things for the sake of hoarding them.. Dreams Shape the World, also part of the Sandman collection, has a beautiful oudhy lavender too that I like and might upgrade for a sleep scent. For workouts I think something like Dorian would be lovely, but I'm constantly testing new things as I buy my way through the pandemic (just BPAL)..
  8. yewberry

    Gingerbread Oudh

    Not remotely foodie on me. Gingery incense. Surprisingly...sexy. Moderate throw and lasts a good long while.
  9. a_bear

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Every little bit counts! Hope your shoulder feels better soon! You Get What Anybody Gets sounds very intriguing. Well, today's scent was going to be Gnome until it decided to punch me in the sinuses with balsam and smoke, so I went back to Hay Moon, which I really just want to live in at the moment. I guess it's not the most inspiring scent, unless you are inspired by the idea of the baked goods you might crave after a workout (or anytime, really). It was looking very ominous at workout time, so I did a Fitness Blender video. It was leg day, and I am now a puddle. I recommend their videos if you're looking to mix up your routine - some of their programs are on sale for the price of an imp at the moment, but you can also find them for free on their site and on YouTube.
  10. Seajewel

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    All, I am following this exercise and your discussions with much joy, but haven't posted because my capacity to work out right now is very limited. I was, however, inspired by y'all to get on the treadmill and walk a mile on Saturday night. I was wearing an assortment of scents as I do nearly daily, but particularly You Get What Anybody Gets - You Get a Lifetime. Which, by the way, was not very nice for the first hour before settling into something alluringly woody without being pine or cedar. I'll try to post whenever I can get a workout in--currently limited by working too much and a lingering shoulder injury that has flared up pretty badly recently. At the start of the lockdown I was running a lot outside which felt great, but work was slower and my shoulder was less of a problem then. Would like to get back into a regular workout schedule though..
  11. Angelshair

    The Rose

    Got this as a frimp in my last order so thank you BPAL. I would have never ordered this myself as I typically despise anything rose scented! In the imp: smells like putting your nose into the middle of a young rose just after a good old April Shower. I can picture the rain drops that have made a little pool in the center of the petals. Wet on the skin: feels like I’m back in primary school sitting on the field on Sports Day after it just been cut. In our boredom we’d rake up the cut grass with our hands and chuck at it each other (not the best when you had allergies but who cares)! The rained on rose smell did initially disappear on application but she’s now peeking through. Dry: there’s no longer that rained on rose smell. The pool in the petals has dried up and now it smells more like a rose on a hot and humid day but there’s still a lovely freshness that rounds out the scent. Its so strange but the smell reminds me when my mum would take me to witchy shops. It reminds me of crystals and fairy statues. The Rose, to me, smells like a curious child exploring down the bottom of a rose garden stepping gleefully into fairy circles. This is a scent I would never go for due my aversion for rose everything but I’m so glad this was included as a freebie in my order as is brought back a lot of lovely memories for me.
  12. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Today's scent is Startled Toad. Appropriate, since I was startled during my walk by a random dude chilling under one of the bridges along the bike trail. I didn't see him until he loudly exclaimed "HI!" and it damn-near scared the pee out of me. He looked like Klaus from Umbrella Academy (Mmmm, dreamy). Luckily, he did not throw his dick at me. Ba-dum-chee 🥁 You gotta google the label art if you're unfamiliar, then you'll get that joke. As far as the scent itself, it blended pretty seamlessly with the various nature smells outdoors. I could not detect it during my walk, but I can faintly smell it now. My skin is sucking up everything I apply lately though, so that could be a factor as well. Thighs were sore this morning, so I hung upside down on the inversion table for 5-ish minutes, which helps stretch things out a bit. Did the doggo mile routine. Dropped him off at home, then headed out to the bike path. I set out in the opposite direction along the path today, and walked the one-mile trail through the park at the head of the path. After that I turned arounded and completed my normal four mile route, then home. My solo walk was 5.5 miles, so 6.5 total for the day. Ooh! I can smell Startled Toad more strongly now! Slightly sweet, slightly musky, slightly resiny...I really like it. And guys...my thighs are already looking a little smaller and less jiggly. I need to try on my jeans and gauge my progress.
  13. torikitty

    Apple II

    This doesn't even have 2 pages of reviews yet?!? I also can't believe I haven't put in my review yet, so I'm not helping. This is one of my favorite apple blends from this year's releases. It's so clean, fruity, and refreshing. These notes blend so well together, I wouldn't be able to pick out any particular notes. Maybe green apple. My skin chemistry does nice things with pink pepper, kinda like a musky, powdery thing that I really enjoy. I don't feel like cedar, juniper, or lemon are overpowering at all. Sadly, it doesn't last very long on me. Maybe 2 hours. It becomes a close-to-skin scent after the initial blast. But this does feel like an apple that you could wear year-round.
  14. Angelshair

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    In the bottle: smells like walking past a grass garden that’s been freshly cut and the flowers have just been trimmed. Wet on the skin: the same but more amplified and with a more medicinal smell. Like there’s something almost menthol-y lingering in the background. The trimmed flowers were roses. Dry: roses and a slight tinge of musk. Overall, from the description I expected this to be a lot more of a woodsy and warm scent than a floral and green scent. I think ageing this will help amp up the amber and smoke so I’ll keep it around for a while, if not, I think we’ll have to part ways.
  15. zankoku_zen

    Lavender, White Clove & Ambrette Seed

    Clove lavender. My brain wants to both cuddle and smoke at the same time, which are two very conflicting messages. Perhaps you embrace this conflict. Or perhaps you are like me, and are too befuddled by the experience. Medium throw and wear length.
  16. zankoku_zen

    Lemon Peel, Marshmallow, & Orange Blossom

    Citrusy marshmallow and a whiff of orange blossom. And then it dries to jet puffed marshmallows with a hint of lemon zest. If that's what you're going for, carry on folks. Medium throw and wear length.
  17. puellacaerulea

    Tahitian Vanilla, Mysore Sandalwood, & Bergamot

    In the decant and once on, it's primarily lush, tropical vanilla floral. I didn't expect bergamot to play well with this kind of vanilla, but it really does -- the citrus is just a tad dissonant, but in a way that adds some complexity to the scent. The sandalwood is pretty subtle, adding a bit of dry softness to the scent. Over time, the bergamot and vanilla fade while the sandalwood remains constant -- hours later, I get a pretty soft sandalwood with a hint of that vanilla floral and bergamot behind it. Overall impression: lush vanilla floral, but the bergamot and sandalwood keep it from going into full dessert territory. A little on the sweet side, but the end result is great.
  18. Rayleigh

    Lavender, White Clove & Ambrette Seed

    I'm not familiar with either ambrette seed or white clove, and part of why I tried this was to see if I could isolate ambrette seed as a note -- and no, I still can't, but I think I get how it contributes to a blend, at least. This starts off sharp and medicinal. I can just barely pick up on ambrette seed as a kind of musky note? But it's not at all prominent. The lavender and clove clash for a while, and I was sure this was not only not going to work, but it was about to veer towards headache town. Then the two decide to get along. The clove is toasty and bright, and the lavender is a clean (not soapy) complement. Lavender is generally used as a calming scent, and clove is so energetic, and I am a big fan of dissonance in all art forms. I'm happy to hang onto my decant of this, though the wear time is shorter than I'm used to.
  19. Threemoons

    Bluebeard's Wife

    Oh, but is this a gorgeous aquatic. Super-duper clean-smelling; getting fresh saltwater with just a touch of white floral aquatic notes; if you are afraid of roses in blends this one may be for you as a gentle intro. This smells like you just stepped out of the shower at some super high-end spa; not sure how else to describe it.
  20. Threemoons


    This one was really a surprise on me. I didn't get any of the patch at all; rather, I got a very bracing, clean citrus vibe out of this, with little spicy hits of ginger. This is really aptly named; there is something incredibly comforting about this scent. Oddly enough, I also didn't get much of the lavender in this; normally I tend to amp patch and lavender but here they stayed politely in the background. This one is all about the herby citrus front and center.
  21. DizzyGinger

    Melancholy Inferno

    Tomato leaf is my favorite scent of all time, so I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, to my nose it's pretty much all ashes and red musk, as the previous reviewer noted. It's intensely powdery and smoky, with none of the fresh green I associate with tomato leaf. I can't stand powdery fragrances, so I gave it to my boyfriend hoping it was just my body chemistry and maybe he'd amp more of the tomato leaf, but sadly, no, still pure powder.
  22. DizzyGinger

    Snakes in the Lemon Tree

    This is basically pure sugared vanilla on me, with a bit of a woody foundation from the bark and the barest hint of lemon. On the drydown the lemon disappears completely, and it becomes more wood-forward, but is still primarily a strong vanilla. I don't really pick up the vetiver at all. I was hoping for something a little sharper, with deeper woodiness and less sugar, but though it's not something I'd normally wear it's pleasant enough to throw on once in awhile. Unfortunately the staying power is not great either.
  23. Almond Blossom

    Hay Moon 2020

    I had very high hopes for this one, as I love the lab's hay note. Lovely as it is, I found Hay Moon strangely lacking on... hay. Yes, it is very pretty and evocative and a perfect late summer scent, but on me the hay note was barely detectable, and it was mostly about wheat, oats and marshmallow - which is nice, but not what I was hoping for. It is a very gentle scent, with not much staying power. I was looking for a replacement for my beloved My Mommy In A Boat, with its knock-your-socks-off hay note, but this is not it. It's still very lovely though, and I'm glad it's now gone to a better home.
  24. Almond Blossom

    Aged Vetiver, Chocolate & White Sandalwood

    This scent is pure perfection for vetiver lovers, I'm surprised it doesn't have more reviews! Vetiver and chocolate is a match made in heaven, and they blend together so beautifully. Can't detect much sandalwood, but I guess it's adding to the overall impression. It's so well blended and smooooth, like it's already been aged for quite a few years - definitely "aged" vetiver! As the reviewer above said, the throw and staying power are serious indeed, and I too am drowning in clouds of vetiver for hours after applying it - which for me is heaven! If it's one of your hate notes I'd stay away, but if you're ok with vetiver, give it a go. It's gorgeous.
  25. zankoku_zen


    *squints* Gun Moll, is that you? Actually, this is a softer version of Gun Moll - a ton of opium, tar (which has a whiff of tobacco to me), skin musk, and enough florals to be reminiscent of Gun Moll's jasmine. However, its got less bite and less oomph than Gun Moll. So basically, Gun Moll before she founds guns. Medium throw and wear length. If you enjoyed Gun Moll, this one is very similar to that to me.
  26. zankoku_zen

    Swan Maiden v2

    This is a prototype. Swan Maiden v2 was one of those prototypes that were originally released during an event exclusive clean house at WCWC back in 2011, I believe. It has made a sporadic appearance in the Lab's etsy page and I never manage to snag it. The notes for the released version are: White gardenia, white iris, sandalwood, calla lily, French magnolia, muguet, jonquil, and orchid. This one is a softer version. I don't really smell gardenia. It's a light watery floral, white flowers, delicate. And then it dries down to a very pleasant skin musk. It's pale, ethereal, and very feminine. It has low throw, and almost no wear length on me. I feel like you would have to slather yourself in this. But hey! FINALLY got to try this baby.
  27. I’m so much more drawn to amber, resiny and dark vanilla scents, but at the same time I love love LOVE my memories of the Greek isles. Which oils remind you of your times there?🧿💙🤍 (and why? I love a story)
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