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  2. coffin.baby

    Orris Root, Carnation & Tobacco

    The orris root grounds the scent with tobacco and carnation battling for center stage. On my skin the carnation prevails with tobacco adding a warm undertone. Only with a deep inhale does the tobacco really come out. I'll have to agree with zankoku_zen that it's a spicy carnation with just a whiff of tobacco. Good throw, I can smell it on my arm through my sweatshirt as I'm typing this. Too impatient to comment on wear length.
  3. theseagrows

    Cushing Manor Atmosphere Spray

    i mostly get boozy woods with a hint of carnation. i just love these sort of scents in winter. it brings to mind an old study with a roaring fire while it's cold outside. warming and cozy. really like this one and i'll definitely keep my decant.
  4. zankoku_zen

    Mayhem at the Battlefront

    Cardamom, patchouli, and honey musk. On wet, you get a fresh gingery bite, but that fades away and you start getting the cardamom, patchouli, and the honeyed musk. Subtly sexy. Medium throw and wear length. Honestly, why aren't more people into this? The honey musk is fantastic.
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  6. Laughing Seagull

    Meigetsu Ya

    I don't have anything poetic to say about this one. Buddy, that's orange soda! Doesn't last long, also like orange soda.
  7. sunreachesout

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    this is a bit of a long shot, but if there's any bpal scent that smells like lush's ponche/party popper, i'd love to know- its described as spiced orange tequila punch, but with a lot of davana and buchu that makes it smell extra bouncy fruity and citrusy, with very little 'spice' and only a little syrupy alcohol note.
  8. coffin.baby

    Gebirgsschlucht Im Winter

    In the bottle: blackberry forward, like fresh crushed berries, hint of greenness from the oak moss and cypress bark On the skin: the black vegetal musk begins to come out, reminds me of berry scented winter candles Dry down: indigo blossom shows up and it becomes apparent that the blackberries are candied. It begins to smell more like a candle as it dries more, perhaps from the musk. After a while some bitterness returns from the oak moss, which (thankfully) helps cut the sweetness. I wish the fresh green scent would have stayed though. Bottom line: Candied blackberries deepened by black vegetal musk The note that barely shows up in the tobacco absolute. I can tell that it ever so slightly warms (like blackberry baked goods) but isn’t very distinguishable. As previously mentioned by others, I think it's too sweet for me. I may wear it on a day that I'm feeling bubbly. It's reminding me a lot of a berry scone, which someone may love but I'm more of an earthy scent person.
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  10. liebchen

    Papier d’Armenie scent??

    i’ve never smelt said papier, but i would suggest psalm 82:2-4. it’s an unimpable LE but has been in the catalogue for a while. it is sooooooo benzoiny, one of my favourite BPALs in general. the vanilla “husk” lends a quality that could be interpreted as sort of papery or incensey.
  11. littletiern

    Papier d’Armenie scent??

    I'll be excited to hear your thoughts on re-sniffing! I actually ordered pure benzoin from For Strange Women, and while it's really lovely (I diluted in argan oil) it's not a match. Someone else recommended No. 93 Engine from BPAL, are you familiar with that one?
  12. couscous

    Meigetsu Ya

    I purchased this one based on Tom and Galen's video review! I was expecting a frigid cold, refrigerated blood orange, and it sounded so clean and refreshing. Had to get it even though it sounded simple. On the skin, it is not quite what I expected, but still pleasant. The frost on this one manifests as candy, almost like a sugar coated mandarin. It is sweeter than I expected and less bitter/astringent. It is *slightly* cleaning product on me, but not intolerably so. As it dries down, I am getting the barest hint of that powdery snow white note no one can place. It does kind of feel like one of the snow white hybrids offered a few years ago. This one is crying out to be layered. It is pretty and juicy on her own, but I feel like it needs something else to blossom on my skin. Maybe a sharp tea note or a yuzu? I am curious to read how other fans wear this and what they pair it with, if anything. Personally, I could really get into this with a more bitter citrus underneath. A little more herbal and green. This is a very girly orange, slightly nostalgic with a powdery candy undertone. It feels very young. Glad I got to try it!
  13. couscous

    Last Tavern at the Town Gate

    Ah, this was a disappointment. No red musk. No whiskey. No amber. Instead, it is pine. Pine to the eleventh power, with a bit of the lemon coming through on the skin after it settles a bit. I love lemon, but in this case she is quite unwelcome. Combined with the overwhelming pine smell, the blend becomes straight up floor cleaner on me. Red musk is usually a slam dunk on my skin, and Mad Sweeney is one of my favorite winter go-tos, so the whiskey note sealed the deal when I read the description. I really thought Last Tavern would be a no-brainer loved blend, but that pine-sol throwback...Naaaah. Can't do it. Won't wear it. I guess the "sleet" is the culprit? Super bummed! I hope someone out there gets the glorious bpal red musk smell from this. I am off to wash thoroughly and slather on some Sweeney instead. :/
  14. RoseThornAndOak

    Unspeakably Evil Temple Atmosphere Spray

    I'm reading Conan and The Manhunters by John Maddox Roberts right now, and just got to a part where they describe this evil temple with an ancient snake altar and red light that filters in like blood and these pillars of stone that are shaped like women in chains wincing in agony holding up the ceiling. Brootal. There's also a potential curse on the place. Pretty metal. So this scent makes me think of that, a really horrible place to die or get sacrified in. Actually let's just skip the ever needing to go inside part. Smells like ancient, dark incense with some grimacing vetiver wanting to chop my head off in a bit. tldr Brootal, badass evil temple incense with dark vetiver. Something clean and powdery resinous, too. Perfectly fits the mood.
  15. zankoku_zen

    Malevolent Visions

    Rose cream, opium, pink pepper, and clove and whiffs of orchid on the drydown. This is a dark, slinky rose-orchid blend. It smells nostalgic and dark at the same time. Like an old-timey perfume used by a vampire. Good throw and wear length.
  16. frizzlechicken


    I love it. I mostly get the dusty lavender and cookies. I can't detect the leather, but I like leather so even if it pops up that wouldn't be an issue. This is lovely and delicious; to my senses a soft and soothing blend recalling a bag of cookies you found in your pocket (or backpack!) that are still good.
  17. frizzlechicken

    Candlewax & Chocolate

    Simple in the best possible way - beautiful beeswax and delicious chocolate. It's like a cousin to Gelt, only instead of the amber note you have beeswax. If you like either or both of these notes you should definitely pick this up.
  18. HerbGirl

    Cold Moon 2020

    Oooh! Slushy, snowy evergreen notes combined with frosty chocolate! I have reached for this one quite often this month and love it.
  19. HerbGirl

    Lan Yueliang

    I have nothing helpful to say but I wanted to exclaim how much I love this perfume and there is nothing else like it. It is genius, expertly blended and perfect for the days surrounding the full moon. I love this so much.
  20. torikitty

    Inferior Vena Cava

    Why did I think there was leather in here? I was walking around, thinking this was an approachable leather that didn't come across as too strong. Reading the notes, I must have made my coworkers crazy smelling like patchouli, oudh, and musk. Trying this again, I get more incensey and wood. And it's not nearly as strong as I previously experienced. I think my nose is wonky. I will have to test this again because I really liked it a few years ago.
  21. torikitty

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    In the bottle, this smells gross. Like a fermenting sweet treat. I only mention this since a bottle sniff shouldn't deter you from trying it out. I don't get churros like everyone else. To me, this is fried dough that leans towards overly-sweet honey. Honey usually amps on me, so it's not exactly honey. It just leans that way as far as being overly-sweet. To me, this smells more like a honey bun, those Little Debbie snacks, more than anything else. It seems pretty single note on me, as well: sweet, fried dough. I have to breath real deep to get just a hint of cinnamon. After it settles, the fermenting part goes away, and it smells more like a snack you'd like to eat. It really takes a while for the cinnamon to make an appearance, and it's tiny, too. I can see the churro comparison now, but it's faint, and I feel like it's misleading. In any case, I definitely recommend giving this a shot to see if you like it.
  22. fairybites

    Gas Masks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    Lots of cherry jelly beans and cotton candy! This almost reminds me of Jailbait due to the cherry I get from the jelly beans and how the cotton candy almost resembles bubblegum. After a few hours when it starts to fade, the sugar cookie note and a little bit of wax start to appear. Very sweet and fun, would have like the sugar cookie and vanilla frosting to appear more. But regardless, it's still a great scent and one of my favorite Lilith releases I've tried so far!
  23. fairybites

    Con Questions

    Very sugary vanilla mint with a hint of plum and currants in the background. The mint dominated most of the notes for me once it dried down, it's practically a soapy mint scent. I don't mind soapy scents at all so this isn't a deal breaker, but I do wish the mint wasn't as strong as it is. I love the currants in Eat Me and would have loved them to appear in this blend as well.
  24. Lucchesa

    It Was Just a Cat

    I’ve worn this twice now and keep neglecting to review it. I get mainly a slightly spicy golden amber, a favorite note of mine, with the warm fuzzy feeling of BPAL “fur.” I should death match it with the GC The Lion. The sweet resins are background players on my skin. The amber is quite long-lasting — very nice.
  25. birdieflyaway

    Winter Sunset

    This decant is a strong orange with hints of clove and a tiny amount of pine in the background for me. It fades into a softer blend, maybe the amber is assisting with that. I'm happy to be able to try it, but this is one of those scents I prefer as an environmental goodie, like in a candle.
  26. Y’all... my Pumpkin Pie Musk is about dead. What is the closest I can get to it? I already have Jack (who vanishes faster than a will o’wisp).
  27. bambi

    The Sea Foams Milk

    In the imp, this is a clean, creamy aquatic. The aquatic note takes off on my skin and takes a while to settle down into something that isn't soap or dryer sheets. Eventually the milk comes out on my skin, and it ends up smelling on my skin almost exactly how it smelled in the imp. If you like clean aquatics, this is for you.
  28. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves, White Sandalwood, and Cannabis

    First impression: A very 'perfumey' scent. I can see why some would describe it as 'lemony', but I think what I detect most is leaves and sandalwood. I don't get any cannabis. Upon application: A brief puff of the perfumey aroma and then...nothing. It fades really fast and my skin eats it.
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