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  2. thekittenkat

    Your most evocative Halloween/Autumn scents 🎃

    Samhain is lovely, and it's a little different from year to year. Honey Apple (?) is a great Halloweenie. And Horse Chestnut Honey was in the GC, but was disconed, sadly. The original Falling Leaf Moon is great to layer.
  3. DiesMali

    Muddy Armadillo

    In the bottle: Dry chocolate and tobacco...and DIRT. Wet on my skin: DIRT. And cacao-tobacco! But lots of mud! Dry: This calls up a specific memory for me! The dirt note in this is, at least to my memory, reminiscent of the Crayola dirt scented crayon from when I was a kid! 1994ish, colouring and drawing in the spare bedroom in my grandma's house (the summer after grandpa died) while my parents and uncle chatted with her in the living room. They were watching and discussing Beavis and Butthead, horrified that people would let their kids watch such a show, and I was secretly listening to the episode playing while colouring all that dirt and trees and sky. I LOVED that dirt crayon, and the leather one, and a few others! It was actually quite a realistic dirt smell, for being a crayon. And this...is like that, at first, and then becomes this ball of thick, mud-caked tobacco and dry, woody cacao. I actually really like this. And I love the memory it conjures up. ❤️
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  5. ralenth

    Patchouli & Neroli

    On my skin, this dries to a muted patchouli and orange creamsicle. It's a little unusual, but also pretty.
  6. ralenth


    Cool, sweet, green, and delicately feminine. Even hours later, I am getting pleasant wafts of it.
  7. Kytha

    Honey, Bordeaux, and Red Roses

    This is so lovely -- a lightly floral, shimmery honey that doesn't go to powder. It evokes the image of sunlight dappling across water -- the Bordeaux (I guess it's a white wine in this one, I had expected perhaps something reminiscent of Kisses for Us All) makes this feel clear, light, and like the honey is suspended in something that keeps it from becoming cloying and sticky, like some honey perfumes can be. It doesn't have a huuuge amount of staying power on me, with how delicate it is, but it also means i can slather it without regret!
  8. Dharklady

    Asleep in the Deep

    This is a very different scent then I reach for but I really enjoy what's happening with it. In the bottle I'm getting salt, sweetness from the benzoin and a deeper/woodier incense note (the opium tar accord or labdanum?). Wet I'm getting airy salt and plum over a nicely grounded woody sweetness. The plum disappears quickly, replaced with the opium. Mid drydown, the focus is all on the deeper notes. The airy combo combines and lingers for a good couple hours after. Decent throw (I get whiffs as I move around) and lasting power.
  9. Samhain is such a good Halloween scent, but black patchouli doesn't work for me, so I can't really wear it. Wish I could, though. Escape from the Autumn Carnival is also a good one, though the leather note starts off pretty sharp.
  10. As it says on the tin! Looking for Halloween/Autumn scents that really channel the spirit of the season. Apple cider, pumpkin, bonfires, spooky atmospheres, witchy scents, you name it. Preferably restricted to scents that are currently available (they don't have to be Halloweenies). Thanks in advance!
  11. JakkieTreehorn


    I was sure this would be a slam dunk for me based on the reviews, but sadly it was not. In the bottle it is almond with a bit of a sharp chemical smell in the background. Wet it is nice sweet almond and for a minute as it dries I get some yummy bakery goodness. BUT, for me this goes down hill really fast. It smells exactly like a freshly shampooed puppy....straight up fluffy puppy and dog shampoo. Then it goes through a phase of spicy dry cinnamon and fig. I thought it was going to get better, but then the final stage is super strong spicy dog shampoo. I had to scrub it off. I’ve tried multiple times over some months with the same result.
  12. ralenth

    The Worm Shall Revive Thee With Kisses

    This scent has very minimal throw, but is a delicious, mellow vetiver that is thick, dark and smoky. It last for a long time on my skin, but I tend to amp vetiver, so this is unsurprising.
  13. Rane.


    I have the 2013 version from the Etsy store. Loving the red musk & leather. I get a hint of the woods. As for the rags, I could swear I smell a fabric note, but maybe not. LoL Feels like a Winter & Spring scent.
  14. DiesMali

    Baby’s First Chainsaw

    In the bottle: Gooey cookies and thick, black grease. Wet on my skin: This starts off with strong, black, slightly metallic grease glooped all over a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven. It's almost a bit concerning at first! Dry: The grease, thankfully, mellows as this dries down, and now it is very unusual but also very yummy. It smells like eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies inside the workroom of an independent auto shop! Not the huge, slick, unusually clean sort of auto shop, but rather the sort that you'd find in a small town or a backroad in a larger city, run by a couple of guys who just really love tinkering with cars. I take my car to one of those shops, and this smells like I brought a plate of cookies to them...which honestly isn't a bad idea, actually. The grease remains prominent but not overpowering for a while, but as it wears, it smooths out and sort of melts into the cookies, and gives the impression that maybe one of your batches of cookies got a little more dark and crispy than you were going for...but they're still delicious, even if a few of them have burnt edges. Dark, foodie, strange, and strangely delicious. I'm not even gonna test anything else tonight; I wanna just slather this on and wear it to bed.
  15. storme

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcake

    This is sweet, creamy, spicy pumpkin cake! I'm not getting any of the burnt edge people talk about above at all.
  16. Teamama

    Fortuna Dubia

    Honey, amber, & resin-y herbs. It reminds me of balsam leaves. I'm at the end of my decant, regretting I didn't buy a bottle.
  17. TheLampades


    Sadly, this is all coconut with a bit of tobacco as a hint of backing to it. Like a suntan oil someone wanted to make smell bespoke. I tested it without checking the notes but knew there was coconut as soon as it was on my skin. Not much more I can say on this review as even an hour out, it’s still just a different smelling coconut tanning oil. At least my mum likes coconut oils in her oil burner. Not all is lost!
  18. coffin.baby

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    I'm intrigued by Lyonesse and Odin now, they definitely weren't on my wishlist prior. Thank you for the suggestions! I've already perused all notes in the directory that I love from AM, I just know that sometimes similar smells/vibes come from the blends you least expect!
  19. tinyvulture

    Cannibal Lady Macbeth

    An elegant, smooth patchouli. Not the hippie kind. Is that what aging it 11 years does? It’s all grown up now. I’m also getting the blood musk note, but it’s not overpowering, like it sometimes can be. I’m not really sure what “velvet” oud is, and I’m not picking up any fig. Also, I’m not sure what unconscious association I have with this scent, but I know I have one and it’s a positive one.
  20. tinyvulture

    Breakfast, Or Something

    Guava, yum! I’m not sure I can recall trying any other guava blends It’s so real -- juicy, tangy, sweet. The creamy strawberry milk is such a genius pairing. The guava brings out the tartness of the strawberry, but then the sweet creaminess smoothes everything out -- gorgeous, might need a bottle!
  21. tinyvulture

    Dragon Slide

    Really nails that “ice cream” scent. Like walking into a Baskin Robbins. Minty, chocolatey -- immediately ordered a bottle after sniffing this decant!
  22. tinyvulture

    You Are Not Alone

    Comfort in a bottle! Lavender blended with ink and paper. It’s hard to describe as anything other than “inky.” Just trust if you love lavender you need this.
  23. tinyvulture

    Baby’s First Ballista

    Love at first sniff!! Beautiful oakwood note, all warm and woodsy, sweetened by vanilla. I adore the lab’s oak I wouldn’t call this blend foodie -- the wood is definitely the prominent note. Plus, my 12-year-old thinks the name is cool.
  24. tinyvulture

    Two Frames

    Lavender-infused vanilla cupcakes! I think out of all the foodie Liliths this year, I prefer Metal Twins over this one, which is a bit more “Eat Me”, that is, it has a weird Fruity Pebbles vibe on my skin. I might try it as a sleep blend though, focusing more on the lavender than the vanilla and cake.
  25. tinyvulture

    Faster Kittycat?

    I’m not sure about some of the notes listed -- “white chypre”, “cashmere amber” My skin usually loves and amps chypres -- this one’s no exception. It smells classy, expensive. Orris is sometimes dryyyy as heck on me, but maybe the fact that this is orris butter makes the difference because it’s quite nice. There’s a sweet floral note enveloped in layers of warmth. I’m not getting any patchouli. This scent is like putting on a lux, warm white bathrobe.
  26. tinyvulture

    Life, the Sculptor, Moulds Unceasingly

    Mitti attar, from what I Googled, is like sandalwood but also baked earth. Hmm This scent reminds me of Cathedral -- church incense/resin. I get little hints of tulsi (basil) here and there. I’m not sure I’d need a whole bottle, but it’s very pretty.
  27. tinyvulture

    Metal Twins

    A simple yet gorgeous foodie blend. Light fluffy white cake with tons of vanilla. It’s like an alternate version of Eat Me that works for me! Hope to get a bottle.
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