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  2. HerbGirl

    The Dance of the Farfadets

    Somehow I get Old Spice from this, which isn't a bad thing but, you know... Also, this is now the 4th recent bottle that has been filled low, like just barely above the top of the label low.
  3. MonBon

    Horses Cooling Themselves in Water

    Oooofff! Something in here is not playing nice on my skin 🐎 this was one of the first ones I applied and was hoping some of the intensity would burn off. Instead it became overwhelming on my skin. It’s almost buttery/heavy? Almost like greasy, pie crust unlisted or perhaps I'm amping a note unfamiliar to me. So sad this pony scent doesn’t work for me… No nut November = no nut musk for me
  4. MonBon


    Omg it does smell like Disneyland 🤯 excellent gourmand execution! Both caramel and popcorn are usually death notes for me but this is nostalgic and I am shocked at how wearable this is. I think the cotton candy is adding airiness to the blend? If this was a room spray or a hair gloss I would LOVE. Not sure if I can handle this in the summer, but right now that it’s cold, it’s not cloying 🎠🥤🍿
  5. dancingchair

    Crane Moon 2022

    This is complex and very nice. The collective impression I get from all the notes is a woody and spicy non-gourmand vanilla. The cedar plays off the sandalwood well, making the wood notes both delicate but also robust. The cardamom isn't super strong on me, but it's there enough to add a lovely spicy element. I really like the cacao here. It's just a light dusting but it deepens the other notes. The ambergris is definitely there, giving an aquatic feel to the entire thing that I really enjoy. Crane Moon feels elegant and atmospheric. I can smell it and imagine a crane standing in a secluded lake.
  6. jiggahava

    Death of the Grave Digger

    Another imp I've owned forever and never reviewed. This starts out with a rich, wonderful dirt note along with the "cold" snow notes which come across as lightly minty. After a few hours, the myrrh and opoponax completely take over the scent. It's nice, but it doesn't project too far. Worth keeping the imp, as it's a good winter/fall scent.
  7. Yesterday
  8. MolyH

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    The beginning of this scent was all sandalwood and lemon peel and absolutely lovely. As it dries, the florals in it slowly start to bloom on me until they've completely overwhelmed any wood or citrus notes about 45 minutes in. And now it's just a heavy, almost suffocating cloud of florals. And something about the blend of lily and jasmine and orris reminds me of a department store. Hm, pity.
  9. Beary Strange

    Harvest Moon Love Potion

    This one is so much better than I was expecting. It starts off with a strong hit of fresh, red apple, and then the cubeb berries (pepper) and a citrus that smells very much like lemon verbena to me (although no citrus or verbena is listed). There's a suggestion of leaves, but these aren't dead leaves, or even the half dead ones from some blends; these leaves have turned red, but they're still on the tree and they're very quiet, adding atmosphere. The rose absolute has the chill I'm always hoping for from rose blends but rarely get. I should note though, I amp rose, which is probably why it's reading somewhat subtle to me, but non-existent for others. But I will have to agree regarding the rest of the notes: the patchouli, cacao, vanilla, and benzoin are nowhere to be found. Peppery lemon verbena rose with a light leafy, vaguely apple-y background is how it reads on me, which imo is very pretty, and I'm not remotely bothered by the missing notes. I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for a full bottle because I don't see my decant lasting very long.
  10. feyofthefellwood

    Poolside Perfume

    A very pretty jasmine perfume! The jasmine and peonies are forward, backed by sweet vanilla and hint of lavender. I really like this, though it's similar to a few other scents I already have bottles of (like I Sit and Sew, for example) . . . I will certainly at least keep my decant.
  11. Viiinylflowers

    Be Happy Still Lil

    This is very high pitched, almost silvery/icy orange blossom that creates a nearly seamless ombré into fresh lotus. The white musk cradles the florals but not in an assaulting way. It wears like a subtle clean silvery-pale orange skin musk. It’s so beautiful. It has a very cozy aspect to it despite being a high pitched freshly washed kind of a scent. I don’t know what it is about this exactly but there’s something very human/contemplative about it, which I wouldn’t normally associate with a clean floral like this.
  12. Viiinylflowers


    This is very very pretty for the type of scent it is, which is a bit out of my wheelhouse. Overall, it’s a sort of melancholy whispy ethereal iris musk. I’m getting dusky iced over twilight purple and dusty lavender color w some bruised bits and foggy white - as an overall scent color impression. It tugs at the heartstrings and smells loving but melancholy somehow. Somewhere in between the memory of a dewy cold iris plant, and a freshly washed person you have heartfelt contemplative feelings for. So to go into the specifics - at first I get a strong hit of the iris butter. It smells like a condensed brick of iris, it makes the smell a unified/smooth combo of: resinous powdery musky buttery and fresh all combined into one note. I don’t like iris generally, but this is a good note. It’s condensed but smooth enough that it almost leans anise like at first. As it opens up on my skin, what leaned in the anise direction, starts to grow indolic in a very refined dry way. The scent grows more dry, musky, serene but wistful, and the orris adds that soapy kind of freshly washed tone it often does. So at this point it’s very moody soapy dusky pale lavender colored with a kiss of that refined fresh but indolic iris over top. Scents like this often remind me of Easter mornings of my childhood with like a cold chill in the air, and walking over cut grass church lawns. Where it would be super early in the morning and I’d be in some fancy dress and the grass would whip at my feet and get the tights inside my little white patent leather Mary Jane shoes wet. And there would be tiny purple flowers in the grass, and the scent of the older ladies perfumes sort of hovering about, mingling with the cool fresh early morning air. Overall- this is a nice cozy but clean purple floral musk that leans melancholy and sort of dry/indolic the entire wear time. Beyond that condensed beautiful buttery anise-iris opening - it leaves a freshly washed aspect on the skin, like you washed your hands with an iris bar soap + some iris tinted dry indole. But the scent is more refined and sophisticated/a bit more natural than just that also.
  13. Llanval

    ISO Stone

    Seconding the Lab's Theoi Nomioi! This is my number 1 scent, both for the stone aspect and for the forest atop the stones. Theoi is really incredible and I've had my bottle since 2019. It is still one of my most favourite bpal experiences, because it is so realistic and perfectly captured. The stone note here is A+ and stays present for me for the wear time. Really really love the artistry behind this blend. I would also have recommended Brimstone, but that can read less stone-like to some as it has a strong-ish smokey note. I personally really enjoy Brimstone but it it out of stock at the moment. I do have a word of caution with An Enchanted Cellar with Animals, as both my friend and I have tested/worn her bottle - if your goal is to smell like stones and clay, this will not satisfy you at its current stage of ageing. The clay and stone is very low in the scent/almost absent and doesn't break through the fuzzy animal musk/feathers and the sage/frankincense combo. Enchanted Cellar leans towards a high-end sage shampoo/spa vibe. It is not a bad scent at all but the stone/clay is not the star here.
  14. dancingchair


    Wet, this is a big dollop of dark chocolate and hazelnut. As it dries, the chocolate fades and the fig takes over. After the chocolate makes its exit, Juicebox smells like hazelnut and fig drizzled lightly with honey. The wet stage is divine, but the throw is pretty low after the perfume dries. After about an hour I could only smell it faintly. My skin might be eating it, though.
  15. dancingchair

    Last Day of Summer Froyo

    I get a lot of gummy bears. They lean citrus, but I get other fruity flavors mixed in. I also get a wonderful chilly frozen yogurt note. I don't know how something can smell cold but this does. The froyo note is not funky and sour like yogurt, but it's not as rich as you would expect ice cream to be either. It's creamy and sweet, I don't know that it really reads as cake batter flavor. I find a lot of fruit candy gourmands to be too sweet but this is just right for my tastes. Fun and yummy, would be nice for hot summer months.
  16. Lucchesa

    Its Own Sweet Will Is Heaven’s Will

    Unfortunately I amp the rose resin in Its Own Sweet Will, and that’s all I get here. Rose and galbanum. No fig or, sigh, chestnut; no spices. I’ll try letting it rest a couple weeks to see if it balances out at all. If not, I’ll avoid rose resin in future!
  17. artisjok

    ISO Stone

    Wow, just searching stone on the Lab site, there are quite a few LE scents featuring stone right now! Maybe you can find some secondhand decants floating around… An Enchanted Cellar with Animals A cacophony of feathers and fur, cracked clay and moist stone, scattered rushes, upturned herbs, red sage, and frankincense smoke. A Summer Night Salt-crusted stones, azure moonlight on pale sand, ambergris clinging to cream linen, driftwood, and rose-tinted sandalwood. Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum Cypress wood and dry grasses, sun-baked stone, faded incense, and olive leaves. Night’s Bridge (Stone and darkness) is the one that immediately came to mind, though I haven’t tried it. Should be plenty of reviews to peruse. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris is my favorite stone-featuring scent, though might be hard to find. stone and ancient incense, beeswax and lavender smoke I’ve got a decant of Summer Rain to test, looking forward to see how concrete features!
  18. radiantfracture

    ISO Stone

    Ah! Thank you! Those both sound great. I have added them to my shopping bag...
  19. artisjok


    Definitely a popcorn scent, Ticketed is! In the beginning I got a decent dose of soda, even cola-ish. I wasn’t expecting the cola type, reading other reviews. Pretty quickly, though, the soda dissipates, and I’m mostly getting buttery popcorn sweetened by the cotton candy. It’s highly reminiscent of Mouse Circus, though stronger on my skin (yay!). I can’t be sure how much I’ll reach for this one, though it’s delicious. I have a bottle of Popcorn Ball SO that I love, and still don’t wear often…. May see if my littles enjoy the scent and add it to their stash.
  20. Lucchesa

    A Portrait

    Strawberry is not my usual jam, but every other note here is a winner, and I was curious. A Portrait is a really fun, sweet, upbeat scent. It was all strawberry at first, and then the sugared patch emerged, reminding me of Bears of Berlin. I get some syrupy labdanum but really couldn’t make out much in the way of carnation. So lots of sweet burstingly ripe strawberry with sweet patch, and it lasts a long time on me. I can’t imagine wanting to wear this innocent a scent often, but I ought to — it feels like a good counterweight to nihilism.
  21. MonBon

    Back in the Recording Studio

    Did someone toss a whole tree in the sea? It reminds me of 18-in-1's that feature images of stormy seas, renaming this Attack of the Christmas Kraken 🐙 I mean, tis the season.... 🌲 will revisit this scent at a later day, right now it's all I'm getting. Currently too icy, aquatic for me.
  22. MonBon

    Last Day of Summer Froyo

    🌈 OOOoOoOhh this is a fun one! It smells like ✨ rainbows✨ I was hesitant to try the "yogurt" note or even the cake-batter for fear it would be excessively sweet or sour. But this is a delightfully tangy blend. Almost fizzy somehow, the way pop rocks feel as they sizzle. In the bottle, I catch more of the cake batter, however on the skin it's less butter and cake and more colorful sweets. This is light and fruity and playful, like a Japanese yogurt soda! I'll be storing this decant for next spring when I'm spiced out from my heavier winter scents 🌸 🌼
  23. AngelinDecline

    Plum Blossom Twig Hair Gloss

    When i first tried this i mostly got floral i am guessing the plum blossom. I tried this several times but still just florals I almost put this on ebay but i decided to retest it one last time and finally i got the creamy lemon amber note and it is yummy. So i have decided to keep. I get more of the other notes, wild plum, wildflower honey as well not familiar with labdanum but in the end the creamy lemon amber changed my mind on this one. Guess it just needed more time to settle. Glad i didn't get rid of this one.
  24. doomsday_disco

    Lick It Like You Mean It

    This smells like a candy cane, but the mint was shorter-lived on me than the vanilla, powdered sugar, and musk notes -- I'm wondering if that's because this is a tester that remains of a decant and if the mint was stronger once upon a time. It doesn't have much longevity on me, either. I think this is nice, and I'm happy to have tried another Lick It variant, but I'm not rushing out to find a bottle of this one and will be content with the various Lick It bottles I have.
  25. doomsday_disco


    This goes on as mostly cucumber and spearmint on me at first, backed by the woodsy, green mistletoe. Over time, it becomes a somewhat soapy cucumber on me, and eventually, a sour, soapy woodsy scent with some coolness from what remains of the cucumber and spearmint. I enjoyed the wet phase of this scent, but the end result is not my jam.
  26. doomsday_disco

    TP'd Trees

    I get a lot of pine from this at first, and possibly some cypress along with it. Then it becomes more woodsy once the evergreen notes calm down, and papery, which I think is the oak at play here. After that, I get a clean note along with the woody note, which I think is some cotton, and maybe some musk behind that? It's soft and pretty evocative of the image of TP'd trees! It isn't something I would end up reaching for, but I'm glad that I got to try it!
  27. doomsday_disco

    Dead Leaves, Spruce Boughs, and Ti Leaf

    I decided to swap for a decant of this because of the spruce, but dead leaves are historically bad on me. And the dead leaves are the dominant note on me for the longest time, and they're all that I get in the throw, although I can smell the spruce and ti leaf up close. Eventually, the astringent white tea note shoves the dead leaves aside in order to take the center stage, but the dead leaves remain behind that note. The spruce was very short-lived on me, alas. But hey, it wasn't the bell pepper type of dead leaves, so there's that. I so wish I had gotten more spruce!
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