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  2. Bluestblood

    Snake Milk

    This smells EXACTLY like the taste of White Rabbit milk. It's also similar to milk oolong tea.
  3. skyturtles

    High-Strung Daisies

    Soft and sweet. A feminine spring scent. Cutesy floral with cotton candy. Not unpleasant, but not what I gravitate toward. Passing this imp of unknown age on to someone else!
  4. evil_laugher

    Traditional Sheet Ghost

    Brightness from the lemon, sweetness from the marshmallow, and a refreshing, clean feeling from the linen sheets. I've worn this on every hot day since I've received it, and see myself wearing it so much this summer, I'm buying a backup. I pair it with BBW White T-Shirt, but it can go with other clean scents or even anything "bright" or evocative of summer, such as the creamy banana-coconut scent of Sun Bum suncreen.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Dark academia novels + candles. View the full post.
  7. JakkieTreehorn

    White Chocolate, Pink Carnation, Coconut Cream, and Clove

    I’m surprised that this isn’t more popular. This is GLORIOUS. Admittedly I’m a coconut lover and have never met a fume with a floral note that worked for me. This is definitely all about the coconut, but it’s so soft, creamy and feminine. I really get zero morphing. For me it’s the same in the bottle as it is wet and dry, and it is lovely. It’s unmistakably coconut but not at all like my other coconut faves, Eden and Obatala. This was a rare love at first sniff and believe I’ll be getting a backup!
  8. The latest Twilight Alchemy Lab / Sphere + Sundry collaboration has launched, honoring Jupiter's conjunction to Fomalhaut, star of magic and mystery. It's worth noting that some previous TAL/S+S releases are still available on their site, so do go poking around: https://sphereandsundry.com/ The latest batch of ritual oil blends: SPLASH! SILENCE AGAIN "An oil for spiritual development and enhancing understanding of the diving. It quiets the mind, promotes the serenity necessary for introspection and contemplation, and grants power through enlightenment." THE FISHES’ EYES ARE WITH TEARS "This oil was crafted to assist in developing intuition tempered by wisdom and softened by compassion, and aids in healing the psychic wounds, trauma, and grief that hinder us in finding our joy. It is an oil of spiritual health and renewal, restoration and rejuvenation, and a glimmer of hope in the darkness." THE PHOSPHORESCENT FIRES IN THE FAR MIST "The Phosphorescent Fires in the Far Mist is an oil of inspiration in the arts, and was crafted as a catalyst in the creation of divine art and poetry – celestial, infernal, and terrestrial." A DEWDROP WORLD "A Dewdrop World assists with dreamwork, enabling clear messages and symbols to emerge without disrupting rest. This oil deepens your insight, and facilitates divination by clearing perception and assisting in the wise interpretation of auguries and symbols. In addition, this oil helps confer honor and dignity that comes with wisdom and being a good counselor, supports developing intuition, and aids in making wise life choices."
  9. MamaMoth

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    i, too, am getting something "purple" from this. a syrupy sweet patchouli, dusty purple fruit, and incense. this reminds me a good bit of the late-day throw of urd. very odd. i'm questioning the provenance of my secondhand decant. i may track down another to verify.
  10. supreme_c0rt

    Martial Arts

    If Baby's First Ballista, Bookcase Passage, and Two Westerners had a sweet, gentle, chill AF baby it would smell like this. There's a toothy salty-sweetness emerging from the vanilla-oak-mushroom that reads earthy-gourmand, allllmost foody but not quite there. The lacquer note gains strength over time, and pulls me out of the enjoyment a bit for the same reasons it does in other blends -- goes a little too clean, tidy, floor wax (?) for my liking. This is still really nice though.
  11. supreme_c0rt

    Wisteria Blossoms

    If you snagged the Honeysuckle and Wisteria duet, you will recognize the wisteria note from that. This is a complex, breezy, light purple floral that has a floaty quality on the waft like the sweet promise of spring, but on deep inhale reveals layers of dusky-purple velvet (there's a soft toothsome quality to it), and a skin-musk base. If that's red musk, it's more delicate than any I've encountered from the lab. This is so well blended that no single note dominates, however the lilac and wisteria are certainly at the forefront. It's much lighter than I was expecting, and I'm almost getting an ozone/watery/yuzu/citrus blossom element to it that I cannot identify but lifts the whole thing up into a lighter strata. This is a lilac bush after a rain, or touched with early-morning dew. I don't tend to reach for these types of florals often but I'm still enjoying this decant. If you've been following BPAL for long enough to experience several luper seasons, this is a classic Shunga. Complex, dimensional, wistful, sophisticated and elegant. Much like the duet, it's springtime in a bottle.
  12. RoseThornAndOak

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    What the fuck. This is that brown and cream, textured, hooded sweater cloak thing you would've never in a million years picked up at the thrift store but your friend slaps it on you and managed to dress you better than you have yourself the past 20 years. Then you finally feel like the Middle Earth badass that you know you are. Rogue Lace, alright. I'll probably get it.
  13. RoseThornAndOak

    The Antikythera Pumpkin

    I think it's time to admit the pumpkin note is not my absolute best as I have had little luck. The pumpkin offerings this year were no different. Here, it goes chemical, then vegetal pumpkin + wet cigarette paper + AM. The good news is, AM is prominent, and aging + wear time help it gather it's strength. It fairs far better than Pumpkin Spice AM, which went indolic, so I will hold on to the decant just in case, because as Elysian above says, AM only gets richer. If you love Lab pumpkin and love AM more, this may be your jam. I'll be sticking with regular old AM and keeping an eye out for other iterations.
  14. sarahmarie

    Blacklight Reactive Alice Poster

    Light on the weed - I couldn't actually detect it by itself, but it's a vibe, you know? This is very Wonderland, a little dark and a little sweet with a sharpness to it, flowers and fruit woven through. It is definitely evocative! And I love Alice in Wonderland, so I was pretty excited about it. On my skin though, the sharpness really drives the scent and it kicked up the beginning of a scent sensitive migraine situation, so I decided it's not for me. Definitely worth a try if you love a Wonderland vibe though!
  15. RoseThornAndOak

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    No Man Is an Island!
  16. Tamarinda

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    In the Bottle: Kinda boozy. Wet: Very boozy. Dry: This takes a good 15 minutes to dry down. Once it's dry, I get a gently dry vanilla scent over unfamiliar but pleasant smells. This is definitely phantom perfume. If I stick my nose to my skin, I get a barely there dash of dryness plus a few wisps of wood and vanilla. But when I'm not shoving my nose to my arms, I smell a lightly sweet, woody vanilla with a "perfume" background. I get why folks are so excited about this one. If it was stronger on me, I would definitely get a backup.
  17. Threemoons


    OK this is a Must Have if you like the Lab's darker/earthier patch/resin notes. In the bottle: Not playing around here; this is all dark musk, patch, and tarry sweet incense. On, wet: The sweeter notes of the sweet patch, cypress, nd benzoin come out to play. Drydown: Long, slow morpher, on me at least. Takes several hours to fully develop; lands on me as a dark, funky, inky patch with a small hit of incense sweetness. Sits close to the skin so low throw after initial drydown, but long morphy weartime!
  18. Last week
  19. MamaMoth

    Tunisian Amber, Beeswax, & Balsam

    this one needs more love. where my balsam peeps at? i adore balsam and this one is toothsome and bitey, super golden and resiny. it's gloriously radiant. beeswax is such a great complement to balsam, creamy and sweet and adding to the golden glow while kind of blunting the sharper aspects of the resin. i love that pairing very muchly in no. 93 engine, and fans of that gc gem should definitely give this one a spin. i can't totally track the amber in this because the balsam is SUCH A DIVA. but it's there, recognizably amber but unique. it has a very interesting resiny tang to it that works really well with this set of notes. i'd like to find other blends with this amber in them for comparison though, because i can't completely tell where the balsam ends and the amber begins. i love it. bottle, yes. backup bottle, possibly!
  20. Little Bird

    Ice Age Baton

    I'm confused by all of the comparisons to Muddy Armadillo because I don't think that this smells like Muddy Armadillo at all. There's a whiff of chocolate and bone dry, powdery sweetness at first, but the chocolate fades entirely within a couple minutes and I'm left with powder that reminds me of really dry wood, baby powder, and a violet-y scented cosmetics powder. As it dries down, I also get a weird spiciness that reminds me of curry and an off tone that reminds me of hard boiled eggs and plastic burning on hot metal. The drydown is almost unbearable on me. This had certain qualities that reminded me of Pediophobia, but Pediophobia is one of my all time favorite bpal scents and this doesn't have the fleshed out sweetness that Pediophobia has, instead having sour, savory qualities and industrial qualities to it. I'm glad that I only went with a decant of this.
  21. Kelthara

    Honey & Neroli Hair Gloss

    I do smell the neroli quite a bit for the first hour or so, but after that I agree that it's mostly honey...for a while anyway. Because okay, hear me out, about 3 hours in this smells really tropical on my hair?? It reminds me a lot of the Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Tiare HG, but without the suntan lotion/beach oil quality. It's quite lovely actually! If I stick my braid inside my nostrils and huff, I can smell the honey AND the neroli, but for some reason the overall effect is just... tropical. I'm engulfed in a cloud of 'sitting on the beach watching the sunset with a coconut cocktail in hand and there are tropical flowers nearby'. I'm not mad about it. It doesn't actually smell like coconut but it's a vibe, okay? I don't know how else to explain it. I don't smell any peach or apricot, but I think we've established in this review I might not be the most reliable reviewer. I'm the beach vibes lady. I was also hoping for more neroli, which is one of my favorite notes, but I really love this. I have a large sample size of this one so I don't think I'll need to upgrade to a bottle, but I'm glad I have a good amount of it!
  22. MamaMoth

    Sugar Plum Golden Priapus

    golden priapus is one of my low-key gc favs, and it plays out really well with the sugar plum addition here. og gp is one i reach for when i want a woodsy unisex vibe, but the sugar plum definitely gives it a feminine, playful sparkle. i felt like i had to pick between this one and sp goblin, because they both hit that woodsy/resiny/sugar plum spot. i picked goblin because patchouli, but i've been second-guessing myself because this one is very good too!
  23. Kelthara


    @VetchVesperI haven't tried Houses at the Back - Frost Morning, but I definitely had my eye on it when it came out! I made an order yesterday and allowed myself one Luper, and Wisteria Blossoms turned out to be the winner, so I hope I love it as much as you do, I'm on a mission to try out some florals (to think I started my perfume journey firmly believing I'd never enjoy florals! 😅). Although, I had to destash Winter Night, Figure on a Bridge a while back (it was overall a little too sharp for me), so hopefully Wisteria Blossoms isn't too similar! It's also traveling with a bottle of Vigil for the Harvest Suitors, so I should be set with lilac scents for a while haha. @Rayleigh I actually completely forgot The last Unicorn has lilac in it! I really love this one, but it's also not a lilac-centric scent for me. I can't smell it very much in Lady Amalthea either, actually. I think for both these scents I can feel its presence more than anything else, like it helps the scent feel well-rounded, if that makes sense? In any case, both are gorgeous, well-blended fragrances. 💜 (Btw, Lady Amalthea is currently available on the lab's etsy, in case anyone is interested! It really is beautiful, and it's a good scent for hot weather, it has a refreshing quality to it, probably from the mint! I wore it a lot last summer). @hhelix Silenti was not on my radar at all and now I'm super curious! It sounds really lovely, I tend to really enjoy myrrh scents.
  24. Leopard403

    Triumphant Vulva

    I was worried about amber—because, like… AMBER—but this is really well-grounded. Chewy lotus, a hint of rose when I really look for it, but otherwise a warm skin scent that manages to read as an all-weather mix. Beautifully blended. Might need a whole bottle.
  25. hhelix


    I love the smell of real lilacs and here in the Pacific Northwest they are just getting done blooming. Silenti (from the VILF collection) is a good one (Spanish moss, lilac, wisteria, myrrh, and olibanum) -- the incense darkens and elevates the lilac into something mysterious and undead.
  26. Leopard403

    The Secret Meaning Behind Flowers

    Except for a hit of wet coconut when I apply, I’m completely nose-blind to this one. There’s a whiff of mint (WTF MINT?!) on my skin for a moment afterward, then nothing.
  27. Rayleigh


    My go-to lilac is Lucy's Eyes (a pulsing infernal amber, shot through with lilac-blue, bloodshot and blazing.) It was my first lilac blend, and it's gotten stronger and more cohesive with age. The amber anchors the lilac, making it last longer than most lilacs on my skin, and I like the contrast between the cool blue of the lilac and the depth of the amber. I like The Lilac Wood and The Last Unicorn, too, but I actually don't get very strong lilac from either.
  28. MamaMoth

    Frozen Pulse and Heart of Fire

    i had to grab a decant of this, because cashmere wool sounds heavenly! cedar always plays nice on me, and amber is usually my friend. and i'm trained to come a-runnin' when starbrow snaps her fingers and says "good vetiver, people!" because she knows That Good-Good Vetiver. but i put off trying this one for a while, because the nuttiness is almost overwhelming from the vial, and too much of a nutty thing going on in perfume can sometimes turn my stomach a little. i needn't have worried though, because the nuttiness instantly recedes to the back end. it hangs out there giving warmth and body. i can find it if i squint. but it's not overwhelming at all. and oh my lawd. .. all the other notes are everything i hoped they'd be! how often does that happen? the vetiver is indeed The Good-Good. dry-grassy and just a touch smokey, but not in a scary way. that cashmere wool is EVERYTHING. i wish i knew how to describe it better than the name does, but it's just wooly and soft and wonderful and that's all i can say about it. the cedar and amber hang out in the middle, behind the vetiver/wool and ahead of the nuts. the cedar is just softly woodsy, not agressive at all. the amber is sweet and resinous, just a touch perfumey but not powdery. really, i think every note here is just my favorite version of itself. this blend is not what i'd call super sweet, but it has a creamy sweetness overall that just smashes my happy button. nothing is obnoxious or agressive, everything is soft and comforting. so very good.
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