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  2. doomsday_disco


    2017 version. In the decant: Intense mentholic snow. Wet: Definitely menthol, eucalyptus, maybe some short-lived pine or juniper, and a softer mint like spearmint or wintergreen? It reminds me of Vick’s Vapor Rub. It’s very minty. Dry: Once the menthol calms down, the softer mint comes out more, and I also start to get some sweetness in the background, which I believe is Snow White’s sweet snow note. After several hours, what’s left is that the sweet snow note chilled by mint. It makes me think of Snow White snow accompanied by Winter-Time’s mint. I think sprout may be right about some benzoin being at play here, though! Verdict: It’s been years since I’ve tried Nuclear Winter, but maybe this is like if you mixed Nuclear Winter with Snow White, and then Snow White with Winter-Time? The menthol phase of the scent was too much for me, even though I appreciate where it went with the sweet snow note. I'd prefer to wear Snow White or one of the scents with a sweet snow note that doesn’t have a beginning that is heavy on the menthol.
  3. doomsday_disco

    Dumb Cake

    My decant is not labeled with the year, but I ordered it from Ajevie, so I suspect it is from the 2016 release. In the decant: I get the cologne, ash, and herbs, accompanied by some sweet crumbs. This is a green scent. Wet: The cologne and herbs stand out to me, but the ash isn’t far behind them. It’s kind of watery and definitely green. The crumbs start to come out after a few minutes, making the scent somewhat sweeter. Dry: The ash note ends up dominating the scent, backed by the cologne. I agree that the ash is a grayish-white sort of ash. The scent no longer reads as green. There’s a bit of sweetness as well as saltiness in the background, which I am attributing to the cake. I prefer this phase of the scent. Verdict: It’s definitely an intriguing cologne scent, and the ash note is surprisingly nice. I don’t think this is one I’d reach for myself, but I bet it would be lovely on a guy. If you’re afraid of the cake, don’t be -- the crumbs are not what we tend to think of when we think of cake.
  4. doomsday_disco

    Chattering Teeth

    In the decant: Cherry candy and a vanilla-laced snow note. Wet: Cherry (I’m reminded of red Kool-Aid) backed by a vanilla-ed slushy snow note (more ice than vanilla). Dry: The ice note ends up being the dominant note at first, with just a bit of cherry in the background. After a while, the cherry reasserts itself, so that it smells like iced candy-like, syrupy cherry with some vanilla. I can see the cherry slushie comparisons. It’s pretty light after a few hours, though. The throw is mostly the slushy snow, but up close, I get the cherry on top of the snow. Verdict: I’ve been looking for some cherry scents to pair with Dragon Bouffant HG. This one is okay, but not one that I think I’d reach for.
  5. Teamama


    2018 version. This is more sophisticated & less foodie than I had imagined. It's unlike other apple or spice blends in my BPAL collection. I need a bottle: I expect to burn through my decant quickly. The apple in this blend is delicate & almost floral. The "roasted" description seems just right; sweetness without the bite of fresh apples or the sharpness of apple skin. The milk, ale & sugar are blended in to the apple, I really have to work to notice them. Both wet & dry, the spices are subordinate to the apple. The ginger is most prominent. Miracle of miracles, in this blend, my skin doesn't amp the clove to high heaven. I would put this in the same family as Sugar Skull: sweet, with fruit notes, but more sophisticated than expected. Medium-low throw, not long-lasting. I will reapply with gusto because this is gorgeous. A standout for me.
  6. doomsday_disco

    Support Your Local Queens

    In the decant: This smells like a mixture of all those drinks, all right. Wet: A mixture of peach bellinis, strawberry daquiris, and mimosas, in that order. The strawberry daquiri note threatens to take over, but doesn’t succeed, and then the mimosa note comes out more. Fruity booze for sure! Dry: Boozier than before! Still fruity booze, but more booze than fruit. Verdict: I just wanted to try this out of curiosity, as I was already thinking about giving this decant to my brother. It’s true to its description, just not something I’d reach for. I bet my brother will love it, though.
  7. torischroeder9

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    In the bottle: Round, red fruits, red musk, and patchouli. On my skin: Wet, it's the same. The fruits are top note, red musk the main, with patchouli underneath. It does start to tingle on my arm. No listed note is an obvious culprit, but this isn't so unusual for me. It's slightly annoying, but not a dealbreaker. More time, and it's even more just what I said. It's round, deep, fruity red musk with an underscore of patchouli. I can't detect vanilla as a stand-alone note, but this is often the case when I'm detecting a sweet element to a blend. It's one of my favorite self-confidence blends: a lot tough, but a little sweet.
  8. doomsday_disco

    Halloween Carnival Atmosphere Spray

    THIS IS AMAZING. I mostly get the funnel cake and apple cider from this. The apple cider isn't a heavily spiced variety, and I don't really get much of the non-foody notes (maybe a bit of sawdust?). Sometimes, it makes me think of a carnival, and sometimes, it makes me think of sugary cereal. Needless to say, it smells delicious. I was originally going to blind bottle this one, but I decided not to in the interest of being able to order more decants. Well, I should have just bought a blind bottle, and I think I'll have to grab one before it goes away.
  9. doomsday_disco

    Dead Leaves and Cement Atmosphere Spray

    I normally stay away from the dead leaves scents, as they can either cause headaches or don't jive well with my skin chemistry. But I was intrigued by this one, and so I ordered a mini-decant of it. This is the scent of dead leaves blowing across cement, carried by a cool breeze. It's very atmospheric, and it would be great for scenting an area you'd like to fill with a nice, clean scent. I probably don't need more of this, as there are other Weenie atmos that are calling to me more, but I am impressed by how evocative this is of a stroll in the autumn.
  10. psychocygnet

    The Cat

    This is, apparently, a miracle scent on me. See, I'm allergic to cedar. Not fall-over-and-stop-breathing allergic, but allergic enough that I got an exemption from the "you must use only the pencils we provide you" rule my school had during standardized tests (although honestly, being in the same room with all those cedar pencils still gave me my fair share of itches and sniffles), and allergic enough that I started sneezing the second after I (foolishly) opened my imp of Tombstone. But I didn't remember that The Cat had a cedar note, so when I was running feverishly around Lunacy skin-testing all sorts of things, I decided to give it a try. It smelled nice in the bottle, and I remember it smelled rather nice on my skin, but the important part of this story is that a big drop of it fell on my shirt, and I recently had to rescue that shirt off the top of the hamper to wear to a particular event. (Hey, it happens!) That shirt. Smelled. So good. SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. Warm, cozy, almost chocolate-tinged musk, a spicy edge of cedar that somehow did not make my nose run like a broken fountain, and a little bit of benzoin rounding it out. It's delicious and perfect, and I'm hoping that it ends up being just as delicious and perfect (and non-allergy-triggering) when I finally get a bottle.
  11. LizziesLuck

    My Little Pop Star

    Anything with vanilla and honey is pretty much instant blind bottle.... Wet: Wow, that's instantly gorgeous. I was expecting something like O with leather, but this is a totally different honey note, more floral, and it blends with the sugar note to create something really special. The leather is soft, well worn, the exact leather note I love. This is exactly what I had hoped so far. It's feminine and sexy. Dry: LOVE this. Leather, sugar, and soft floral honey. Gorgeous. It's simple and sexy and super wearable. Really glad I snagged this.
  12. LizziesLuck

    No DNA Test Required

    The combination of Dorian and Snake Oil pretty much assures a blind bottle purchase for me, though I have to admit I hesitated a bit with the addition of Slime Queen, which I confused with the guava one and thought would not be my jam. Now I see Slime Queen is Dorian and Cotton Candy and I am extra stoked about this! Wet: WHOA. Patchouli. A big old hippie slap in the face. I never find the patch very strong in Snake Oil, on me at least, so this is surprising. I also get lots of slightly fruity cotton candy. This is....different. Not what I expected. I can't detect any Dorian at all. Dry: Not sure how I feel about this! The intense patchouli calmed down a lot. Now it's like fresh Snake Oil with candy. I think I'll age it before I make any decisions.
  13. Lucchesa

    But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light

    I enjoyed But Men Loved Darkness enough to swap for a partial, but apparently never reviewed it. Wearing it today, I was trying to figure out what was in it. I would have guessed opoponax (dark syrupy resin - I guess that's how I'm reading the cistus labdanum), myrrh, blackened vanilla, and other stuff. I would not have identified patchouli or ginger. Nor did I come up with saffron, sage or bitter clove, though now that I know they're there I can kind of make them out - there's a dry earthiness that tempers the dark sweetness. And I have no idea what pimento berry might smell like. Despite the presence of ginger and clove, this is not a pumpkin pie spice kind of blend on me, nor foody in the least. It's a dark sweet resin kind of blend, which is one of my favorite kinds. Obviously my bottle is well-aged, which may mean the spices have become exquisitely subtle. I get no throw from this (which is typical for my skin chemistry) but good wear length. It's really beautiful, unisex, the kind of dark sweet blend I love in cold weather, and I feel beautiful wearing it.
  14. Piquant, tart, and strangely hypnotic. If you like your fruits deep, dark, and almost poisonous smelling, this is for you. The black currant is the strongest note I'm getting. There's something about this scent though that just isn't doing it for me. It almost smells like there's some black musk in here, with a slight bit of hairspray? Not my jam.
  15. Yesterday
  16. monocainsheresy

    Roof Goblins

    Glowing, glittering apple buoyed by sugary milk. On the dry down my skin turns this into apple-y bubblegum! A very happy, carefree scent.
  17. monocainsheresy

    True Love

    In the bottle: LAVENDER Wet: still a lot of lavender, and then suddenly its friend jasmine takes over the show. Thankfully it is a soft jasmine, not a stinky one. Dry: The coconut cream turns this into a smooshy lavender-jasmine pillow. Very gentle and comforting. Gives the impression of incredibly high-end marshmallows.
  18. monocainsheresy


    According to my mom this makes me smell "like an alcoholic Yankee candle" and I think that is an apt description. A booze-heavy foodie scent, coated in stereotypical-autumn-candle-smell
  19. Due to popular demand, as well as the urgency of the cause (funding the Humane Society of Ventura County's wildfire rescue efforts) we have decided to make WHITE LARRY available to one and all. Featuring art by Drew Rausch, this perfume was inspired by jokes about an apocryphal relative of Black Phillip's -- an embarrassing, not-quite-Satanic cousin. "Every family has got one; that one relative that just isn’t quite diabolical enough, the one that makes Sabbats just kinda awkward." His scent? Goat’s milk, buttermilk, and butter. Lots of butter. [Please note: this perfume is not vegan, as it contains butter CO2 extract.] Thanks to one and all who share and support this fundraiser! May the blank, completely non-threatening gaze of White Larry look kindly upon you.
  20. artisjok


    Soooo good!!! like others have mentioned, the sugar aspect starts out a bit citrusy, but it's delectable with the earthy patchouli. The citrus hoes away pretty quickly. The sweet patchouli that remains makes me so happy. Close to Ask the Nearest Hippie, but fancier- a refined hippie. After i I had been wearing it for a while, I did some saging of the house and now I want a sugared patchouli and sage smoke scent... omnomnom *drools*
  21. milo

    Absurd Origin Story

    I thought I would like this, but it is uber sweet on me. It smells like coke on steroids, and I don't get any marshmallow. Coke to me has a fruity vibe, but I can't figure out the fruit. Citrusy? Whatever the case, it's a big fail.
  22. brineydeep

    Oktobernacht Hair Gloss

    This gloss is light and is hard for me to pin down. I’m definitely getting the slight, clean lift from citrus note, otherwise it’s a musky resin that feels autumnal. It’s nice but not wowing me.
  23. Upstart Crow

    Dead Leaves, Peonies, and Moss Atmosphere Spray

    My favorite so far of the Dead Leaves room sprays for this year! Sweet hothouse floral with the slight astringency of moss. Definitely worth a full bottle if you like florals!
  24. Upstart Crow

    Dead Leaves, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Cocoa Atmosphere Spray

    Delicious, sweet chocolate blended with cinnamon with just a hint of cologn-y dry leaves. I'm not much for foody scents, so I think I'll be happy just using my 2ml decant, but this is quite nice.
  25. torischroeder9

    Sexual Energy

    In the bottle: Cinnamon with a spicer spice (maybe clove or pepper) and something that smells almost like pitch. When I sniff again, I detect some kind of woody note. The cinnamon note is strong, and the pitch/wood-type note is almost off-putting. On my skin: Wet, the wood note dominates, but it quickly fades as the oil dries. I'm left with an intensified "Red Hot" candy smell. After a few minutes, my skin starts tingling (probably from the cinnamon), and the woody note resurfaces, but it's definitely taking a back seat to the cinnamon. It's definitely a warming and energizing blend. I could see where it would enhance vitality and stamina (not areas I've found in need of enhancing, personally, so it's not the aptest comparison). I've worn it with the hope of enhancing desire, but without the intended effect -- though this could well be because I get a bit preoccupied with worries about cinnamon-based oil coming into contact with... sensitive skin.
  26. deadlyves

    Juke Joint

    I am pleasantly surprised. I didn't think I would like it and I thought I didn't like mint, but this is making me question that! I got this as a frimp when I bought Resistance and Theoi Nomioi, and funny enough when I first smelled it I recognized the bourbon from Resistance and what must be the bit of mint/snow in Theoi Nomioi. As others have said, the mint in this is herby. It is quickly followed and complimented by the sugar and as it dries down I get more of a smoky bourbon. It does get a little powdery on me, but not much. I expected the bourbon/mint combo to come across a lot more boozy or alcohol-y, but it is not at all on me. Instead it is warm, kind of bright, kind of sweet, and a happy surprise! I don't know that I like it enough to buy a full size, but I will definitely enjoy this imp. EDIT: I spoke too soon. About an hour later it's turned into a boozy mint and lost the herby mint and smoky bourbon
  27. torischroeder9


    In the bottle: Patchouli and tobacco hit me first, but an extra sniff tells me they're rounded out with something subtly sweet. I can't pick out the cocoa or vanilla specifically, but I can tell that something with sweetness is tempering the other two notes. On my skin: Patchouli rushes to the surface, but there's a subtler mix of notes handing closer to my skin, waiting to sort themselves out. Ten minutes in, and it's still predominantly patchouli, now accented by the sharpness of tobacco and tempered with a bit of the cocoa (and possibly including vanilla here). The overall impression is an earthy scent, but not necessarily a "filthy" one. I've definitely experienced patchouli blends that were harsher to my nose than this is. A half hour later, and this is where it seems to stay for me. The cocoa-vanilla balance shifts so the vanilla is a little more prominent, but the scent as a whole doesn't become any sweeter. It's not an "all the time" blend for me, but it's a very useful "dirty" perfume (for example, one I wear after a night out if I haven't had time to shower).
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