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    ambery florals, leathery florals, vanilla/creamy florals, incense blends, amber/musky blends, cuddly woody-vanillas, etc. i tend to steer clear of "fresh"/aquatics, foody scents and fruity scents. favorite bpals include: gypsy queen, snake charmer, dia, dorian, deathrock, neutral, imaginer, venustas, lucy kissed, eve (OLLA), a phantasmagoria: scene - conjuring up an armed skeleton, spider witch, this wan white humming hive, snake skin, the great brocade addressee.

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    beauty/decay, misfits, decadence, black comedy, surrealism, dark goddesses, cats, occult, astrology, tarot, cemetery jaunts, post-punk/old goth/new wave/old industrial music.
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  1. theseagrows


    at first i get the lavender, cashmere musk, black tea and black orchid. it's a mix of herbal and sweet, but not super sweet. the tobacco leaf becomes more prominent and the scent gets sharper, then i get deeper notes that don't really smell like oud or leather, but they balance out the sharpness a bit-there is a hint of spicienss from the carnation. on me this is primarily black tea and lavender with black orchid in the back. pretty but not amazing on me. goes a bit too sharp for me.
  2. theseagrows

    A Noiseless Patient Spider

    this starts with lavender and ti leaf with something sort of toasted in the background. not sure what that is. then it gets a bit greener- i am getting the dew and cognac with a hint of cardamom. it's cool and floral and green primarily. later in the drydown i get the tonka which warms up the scent a lot. this perfume goes through many stages while also keeping the same characteristic mood. it's pretty and calming, and eventually dries down to a soft perfume that has a vintage feel to me.
  3. theseagrows

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    at first i get goat's milk and honey dust (which in another perfume was nutty and toasty on me and it's the same here.) after a few more minutes i get some woods, cardamom and tobacco which seem to amp up the weird toasted note on me. overall this is just too foody and nutty for my personal tastes.
  4. theseagrows

    Honey, Agarwood, Opoponax, and Leather

    this one starts with mostly honey and opoponax. it's resinous with a honey that's not too sweet, thankfully. later i get some leather but it's very subtle, as is the oudh. it's primarily a resinous scent on me, then dries down to honey with hints of leather and opoponax. this one is really nice, but i feel that i already have others like it so do not need a full bottle.
  5. theseagrows


    this one starts with tons of red musk and indolic jasmine. it's a hothouse flower for sure. there is sweetness from the sugar and honey as well. really pretty, the red musk dominates. this totally reminds of a BPAL from my past, but i cannot place it. later on i get hay, carnation, sandalwood and tobacco. never any leather, unfortunately. it dries down to primarily red musk with sandalwood and carnation i think. the jasmine is gone at this point. i like this one but already have so many red musk scents that i don't need to do a bottle upgrade.
  6. theseagrows

    Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors

    ooh i really like this at the beginning-it's all sweet almond, bourbon cream and a hint of toasted sandalwood. it's a really interesting mix of notes-warm and comforting and more like something i'd want to wear in the fall. the bourbon cream and sandalwood become the strongest notes for me and it leans unisex/masculine now that the sweetness of the almond faded. honestly, it smells just like this 'dupe' of tom ford's tobacco vanille that i recently got. i can't remember tobacco vanille all that clearly, but i am guessing this could be similar then (?) i really like this one. one of my favorites from this year's lupercalias so far.
  7. theseagrows

    Honey, Mahogany, and Incense Smoke

    at first i get a lot of honey and incense with a hint of mahogany. something in this is slightly animalic (no, not the honey), way in the back. after awhile on the skin the woods come out much more and it gets quite smoky. it's sweet, smoky and woody-it's kind of comforting and would probably be great in cold weather.
  8. theseagrows

    Cascading Silks

    this smells very springlike to me. it starts with a very green violet leaf followed by lavender and some orris butter which adds a beautiful creamy element. there are subtle hints of carnation and wisteria but on me the violet leaf is the strongest notes. it's one of those very green violets, not powdery. if i inhale deeply i get the orris/amber combination way in the back. this is really pretty, but after the drydown the violet leaf gets a bit too aquatic smelling for me but i like the beginnings of this perfume quite a lot.
  9. theseagrows

    Like the Very Gods

    this was one of my most anticipated lupercalias of 2021. i love all of these notes. it opens with the sheer musk and honeyed olive blossoms-it's gorgeous. a bit later i get the other notes, but they're a nice melange and none of them seem to stand out strongly on their own. this is gorgeous on a warm day. i want to go on vacation to a warm climate and wear this. this one is really lovely!
  10. theseagrows

    It’s All I Have to Bring Today

    this smells like a florist's fridge at first -the flowers are photorealistic. i love that. i don't smell any other notes at first, just the wildflowers. later on, after 5-10 minutes i get the honey and a hint of amber. it dries down to primarily honey/amber with a hint of breezy florals. this one's just ok for me- the amber and flowers eventually seem at odds to me.
  11. theseagrows

    Travelers Under a Tree Observed by Foxes

    this is so pretty. this starts with mostly white tea with hints of the rice milk and coconut, then the rice milk gets stronger. the tea is light and sparkling and the rice milk is soft and grounding-it's kind of a mingling of opposites. after the drydown it's mostly a milky coconut scent. nice, soft, comforting. i think this would be a nice relaxing bedtime perfume.
  12. theseagrows

    Blissful Domesticity

    i warily purchased a decant of this, knowing i am not an apple over, but loving the other combination of notes, hoping they would be dominant. as soon as it's applied it's all apple, which is both sweet and tart. after a minute or so a hint of the jasmine tea peeks through, which gives it a boozy edge for some reason. it smells like apple liqueur or vodka or something. awhile later i get some ylang ylang which adds a creamy quality, and imo, improves the scent on my skin. still, there's a lot of apple there. in the end this is a boozy apple floral on me. it has too much apple for my personal tastes. i'd classify this as a youthful fruity floral.
  13. theseagrows

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    first i get the jasmine incense, patchouli and rose sandalwood. it's mostly jasmine and sandalwood i'd say. something smells like cucumbers (?) on my skin. that sort of tart smell fades off after quite awhile. the champaca blooms later on and really adds more volume to the incense. in the end it's mostly incense and sandalwood with a melange of florals. i like it but it's not a love.
  14. theseagrows

    Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace

    i wasn't sure about lotus, it's one of those notes that sometimes works better than others but is never terrible on me, but i love creamy florals and that's why i wanted to try it. at first i get the lotus and vanilla cream. it's very soft, then i get amber and mallow later, which just adds more depth and creaminess but doesn't change the scent all that much. i really like this one a lot but it so soft on me that i probably will not spring for a bottle. i think this may be a good bedtime perfume.
  15. theseagrows

    Howling in Vain

    this starts with fur, amber and rice. a little while later i get more champaca and amber and the rice is adding a sharp nutty note in the background. also something is turning a little like cat pee on me unfortunately. i often cannot do super foody notes so i am guessing it's something in the basmati rice accord. after awhile that finally wears off and i am left with mostly fur and amber.