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    ambery florals, leathery florals, vanilla/creamy florals, incense blends, amber/musky blends, cuddly woody-vanillas, etc. i tend to steer clear of "fresh"/aquatics, foody scents and fruity scents. favorite bpals include: gypsy queen, snake charmer, dia, dorian, deathrock, neutral, imaginer, venustas, lucy kissed, eve (OLLA), spider witch, this wan white humming hive, snake skin, the great brocade addressee.

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    beauty/decay, misfits, decadence, black comedy, surrealism, dark goddesses, cats, occult, astrology, tarot, cemetery jaunts, post-punk/old goth/new wave/old industrial music.
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  1. theseagrows

    A Sorceress

    i get the aforementioned funk at first (assuming this is the serpent scale accord? smells like it has oudh in it) and it kind of drowns out everything else. there is something fresher smelling underneath but i can't place it. maybe the silk. after about 30 mins or so the funk mostly dies off, and i get that underlying freshness. it takes quite awhile for the other notes to come through but i get something slightly sweet that helps the other notes. maybe vanilla/tonka. the vanilla/tonka/amber grows and the scent is improved but it still has that underlying 'fresh' note which must be silk, that i dislike. if that wasn't there, i could probably wear this. not what i was expecting but still very interesting for sure.
  2. theseagrows

    Scene with Witches

    this one starts with a laundry detergent aspect mixed with slightly indolic florals...maybe that's some kind of herb? no idea. whatever it is it fades fast. i don't get ambergris as far as i can tell. i think it's all cotton and herbs. very fresh smelling, if you enjoy that kind of thing, but it's not for me.
  3. theseagrows


    this begins with wood and incense mostly, with a hint of sweetness from the amber. in a few minutes i get a lot of rose and sandalwood and the incense amps up. it's like a woody rose with incense. it's a dry scent, not a dewy rose at all. roses in a box that once held incense and the scent of it has embedded itself into the box. this is really pretty, but i have so many incense-roses. glad i just got a decant because i probably don't need a bottle. 😉
  4. this one starts out with mostly spices and moss, with candlewax in the background. that grows stronger and melds with the mosses and spices. i definitely smell clove the strongest. dries down to a candlewax and clove with the yellowed parchment note. i don't seem to get any ylang ylang, at least not that strongly. it must be very faint. this is a solid like but not a love as it fades really fast on me.
  5. theseagrows

    The Necromancer

    this smells bright, green and effervescent at first. not what i was expecting. i think i am getting galangal root (looked it up and it's like a more citrussy ginger), cashmere and green velvet with a cologne that does not read as lilac (yet.) later on i think i get some frankincense and a tiny hint of rosewater. then the fig takes over and this goes plasticky, as bpal's fig can do. in a nutshell, effervescent green fig with cashmere. it's ok but that effervescence is just a bit too high pitched for me and the fig too sweet. i wish i got more velvet, leather and lilac but alas my skin is displaying most of the other notes of course.
  6. theseagrows

    The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat

    for me, this one starts with ambrette, terebinth and cacao primarily. i find it to be cacao heavy at first. i think there's a hint of honey as well. after about 10 minutes i get some rose and cardamom and then it gets fairly sour. i love rose, in fact i love a lot of these notes, but this one is going strange on me...it might be due to the terebinth, which i have less familiarity with. it's like toasty and sour, i don't know. later on it dries down to a honey-myrrh thing. it morphs a lot and not all stages are great with my skin chemistry.
  7. theseagrows

    A Robe All Red With Dripping Gore

    this starts with blood musk and saffron for me. a few minutes later i get amber and honey, sweetening things up a bit. however, i wouldn't call this too sweet overall. something in here is going a bit wonky on me, not sure what but adds a bit of sour sharpness (but not too strong.) I think maybe the saffron isn't playing nice with the other notes? although i am not sure what is meant by 'red' amber either...overall it's a slightly smoky less sweet red musk on me.
  8. theseagrows

    Divinities Implacable, Doom-Laden

    this one starts with a lot of myrrh and black musk. the rose and labdanum bloom over time. this is a dry, smoky, resinous rose. smells very vintage to me. love it.
  9. theseagrows

    Like Ghosts the Shadows Rise and Fall

    this starts as a very smoky jasmine with the other notes mixed in the background. it stays pretty linear on me...it's quite smoky, but not in an incense way, it's more like true smoke. i think it's the vetiver that adds that element to the incense. i get more patchouli and oud in the beginning than in the drydown. this is a like but not a love...the jasmine gets kind of soapy on me.
  10. theseagrows

    Young Woman Powdering Herself

    this definitely smells vintage to me-i get a lot of rosewater and powder with hint of gardenia. i think the gardenia adds a tiny whisper of greenness but overall this is a very rosy/powdery scent. not too sweet or dry.
  11. theseagrows

    Pleasure Abundant

    this starts with strong soapy orange blossom. i prefer the woodier/greener ones but this one is still ok. later i get frankincense, amber and hints of honey and pink peppercorn. it remains soapy on me but a bit more balanced after the drydown. a solid like but not a love for me.
  12. theseagrows

    Frog Moon 2022

    not my 'usual' kind of scent but lately i've been dipping my toe into these types as i am lacking warm weather perfumes. this one is perfect-it's cool, green and bright. i get the musk, bamboo and grasses the most at first. it's cool green and a bit damp. it's grassy, cool and wet. kind of aquatic in a way. very refreshing and perfect for spring/summer.
  13. theseagrows

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    fresh realistic lilacs. sometimes i just want a pure lilac scent and this seems to be it. after the drydown i get a hint of amber and vanilla, but this is primarily lilac on me. perfect for spring!
  14. theseagrows

    The Fairy Lovers

    i get the gardenia and moonflower at first. this is a creamy gardenia. quite voluptuous and pretty. i get more vanilla flower over time, which just adds to the creaminess of the gardenia. this is SO pretty, if you love white florals especially. later on i get a hint of rose and the deeper notes along with moss, but the moonflower and gardenia dominate the florals. this smells like a sophisticated vintage perfume to me. it dries down to moss and white florals primarily, with a hint of amber. very pretty, and i may have to get a bottle of this!
  15. theseagrows

    Les Origines

    this starts with a tea and narcissus note for me, with a hint of vetiver in the background. the narcissus note gets stronger over time, it's like flowers pushing through earth. the flowers are more realistic, not sweet at all. this is an earthy narcissus. later on the narcissus takes on an almost leathery quality. after the drydown this is SO pretty-it smells like a vintage perfume to me, and now i've decided i need a bottle of this.