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    ambery florals, leathery florals, vanilla/creamy florals, incense blends, amber/musky blends, cuddly woody-vanillas, etc. i tend to steer clear of "fresh"/aquatics, foody scents and fruity scents. favorite bpals include: gypsy queen, snake charmer, dia, dorian, deathrock, neutral, imaginer, venustas, lucy kissed, eve (OLLA), spider witch, this wan white humming hive, snake skin, the great brocade addressee.

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  1. theseagrows

    Black Honey, Spicy Black Rose, and Amber Oud

    i get rose soap with hints of spices and oud. no honey or amber per se. it's a refreshing rose with spice mostly. it has a vintage vibe, then after awhile the rose just gets stronger and stronger-it's almost sour. i love rose but sometimes it goes sour and it's happening here to an extent. i was sure i'd love this one as i love all these notes, but no, it's just turning to a soapy rose without much else-my skin chemistry is just not having this one.
  2. theseagrows

    The Song of the Carp

    this starts with the 'blue silk', oud, chamomile and sea salt i believe. it's kind of aquatic but not in the typical way. i am finding it difficult to describe, but must say that this oud is one of the better i've tried in bpal scents-not as barnyard as some others have been on me. i find this cool but also earthy. i get more woods, patchouli and florals as time goes on. it's very unique, and i can't recall smelling anything quite like this. it has a bit of a vintage vibe and i also think it's fairly unisex. once it dries down it's like florals and woods and somehow reminds me of dior's poison without the tuberose but jasmine--it has that similar feel. very opulent and vintage smelling. this one is a unique stunner if you ask me.
  3. theseagrows

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    this starts with a creamy lemon, reminiscent of a lemon cake i recently had with creme fraiche frosting. so good. a minute or so later i get a hint of the amber, warming things up more. then unfortunately i get something sour and not lemony-sour but more like when i have perfumes that have a sour floral note, that smells like dying flowers. very weird and i am not sure what could be doing that here unless the cream decided to go wonky on me. sometimes gourmand/milk/cream notes do and sometimes they don't. before that i really liked this one-it was simple and joyful. i will have to give it another try later.
  4. theseagrows

    Ice Age Baton

    i get a lot of chocolate, and something that smells like burning rubber...i think it's chalk and tobacco. primarily chocolate and tire rubber. i am trying to reconcile this with the description and i am sort of getting it. wafting from afar it's somewhat reminiscent of pediophobia. that rubber quality calms down after awhile and i get a lot of white chocolate and tobacco in the drydown. this one is interesting but not something i think i'd want to wear that often.
  5. theseagrows

    Honey and Ylang Ylang

    2 notes i happen to love in 1. at first i get a creamy and somewhat indolic ylang with the bpal honey note that goes a bit sharp and the YY is amping it up in the beginning. the YY note is the strongest. i do love YY but think i prefer it paired with vanilla...like this YY ice cream i had once. however i love the honey note so i am still enjoying this a lot. it's a beautiful voluptuous tropical floral...get this if you like that sort of thing.
  6. theseagrows

    Triumphant Vulva

    a sweet floral vanilla scent. it's pretty but might be too sweet for me. i get lotus, cream, vanilla and almond blossom at first. then lotus and tea rose? first it smells like cherry blossom to me. then i get something that smells like dryer sheets in the background. this one is ok but too sweet and the dryer sheet thing is not working for me. maybe some kind of white musk? i am not sure what's doing that but it adds a sharpness i do not like.
  7. theseagrows

    Lich's Laboratory Atmosphere Spray

    i read it as musk but i guess it's actually incense? i get incense and greenery. green but earthy and then there is a warmth from the incense. a nice scent, which leans traditionally masculine.
  8. theseagrows

    Honey & Neroli Hair Gloss

    as the other reviewers have said, this does smell kind of peachy. maybe because the sweetness of the honey overwhelms the neroli? i'm not sure. i was really excited to try this but honestly i wanted more neroli...i am trying to find a scent like that trader joe's hand soap that is honey/orange blossom and thought this might be it. it's not bad, but is sweeter than i anticipated.
  9. theseagrows

    Gardenia & Labdanum

    this is a really interesting combination. the gardenia is lush and gorgeous. the labdanum is resiny and goes a bit sharp at first. later on the notes become fairly equally balanced, but gardenia wafts off the skin the most. i really like this one, as i was almost certain i would.
  10. theseagrows


    this starts with a sweetness from the honey with some ginger. it smells like some type of food but i dunno what. then i get the carnation. my skin seems to eat this up-i can barely detect it. it's a softly spiced, softly sweet scent. it's not bad but not great on me either-something goes bit plasticky here. a shame, as i love all these notes and am always seeking interesting carnation scents.
  11. theseagrows

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    at first, i get mostly lilac and the beeswax is subtler (i recently tested second sight which has lilac and honey, and the lilac is stronger in this perfume than second sight.) the broom adds a coolness and amps up the lilac, i think as this is most prominently lilac. i do get more beeswax later but the lilac remains strong. later on it changes, i guess the bone and broomcorn are becoming stronger here- and it's hard to describe what it smells like but it's sort of herbal and green but there is a weirdness to it, at least on my skin. i enjoyed this more in the beginning when it was primarily lilac. the bone/broom does something strange on my skin.
  12. theseagrows

    Balancing the Sake Cup

    this starts with orange blossom/neroli and candied ginger. it's a thicker orange blossom note, not so light and springlike as it often is. i really like this one a lot -it's a spicy, smoky orange blossom on me. this is a unique take on orange blossom and i love it.
  13. theseagrows

    Signum Crucis

    this smells more like roses than rosehip, which i thought was more herbal (?) but maybe i'm wrong. i get a slightly watery rose with greenery along with ambrette at first. it brings to mind rain on fresh flowers. the scent gets more and more earthy and bitter-this must be the mushroom note. however, in the past the mushroom note smelled different on me-more soft and almost musky. then the leather comes through last, tempering the sourness of the earthy notes. however, this is still overwhelmingly rosy on me. it's like a watery, clean rose, very springlike.
  14. theseagrows

    Kimi Ga Dai Wa

    how odd, it doesn't smell like i expected it would. i get the woodiness of the sandalwood, something mildly animalic and a hint of something sweet and kind of fruity? almost like orange candy. is this my skin chemistry being wacky, or what? it gets a bit less sweet, but that note is there. i guess it's maybe 'sweet amber' but doesn't smell like amber at all to me. after maybe 30 minutes+ i get a sense of something ambery and a hint of soft leather. the sweeter note stays the strongest as it dries down. this is a really pretty and interesting perfume.
  15. theseagrows

    The Grey Columns

    this is a very soft amber with a slight sweetness that smells kind of like vanilla, as some people mentioned. i get a hint of smokiness but it's very subtle. this is so soft-it seems like a perfect bedtime comfort scent. it definitely smells grey to me.