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    i love floral orientals, leathery florals, vanilla/creamy florals, incense blends, amber/musky blends, cuddly woody-vanillas, etc. i tend to steer clear of "fresh"/aquatics, foody scents and fruity scents. favorite bpals include: gypsy queen, snake charmer, dia, dorian, deathrock, neutral, imaginer, venustas, lucy kissed, eve (OLLA), a phantasmagoria: scene - conjuring up an armed skeleton, spider witch, this wan white humming hive, snake skin, the great brocade addressee.

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  1. at first sniff this is primarily honeysuckle with some wisteria floating in the background. it's very fresh and springy to me. the wisteria gets stronger later on and dominates more, but mostly it just seems like a honeysuckle/wisteria melange. after about 15-20 minutes i think i get a bit of jasmine as well that seems almost a bit rough for lack of a better word, but that's not a bad thing, i feel like it dirties up the florals a tiny bit, which i like. i'd been longing for a wisteria scent and this does the job.
  2. theseagrows

    Sweet Amber and Cherry Liqueur Hair Gloss

    i received a frimp of this and am testing on my arm. very strong cherry liqueur at first and does remind me of cough drops a bit. after awhile i get the amber which tampers down the sweet booziness a bit. i swear i get something a bit spicy later. nice if you love cherry, but personally too sweet for me.
  3. theseagrows

    Wig Reveal Wig Spray

    received a frimp of this in a swap. it's definitely fruity and effervescent. it smells like candy and champagne-a fizziness from the champagne with mostly peach i think. i am not a fruity scent lover, so this isn't really my thing, however, it is a very joyful and youthful scent.
  4. theseagrows

    The Laughable Erotic Shellfish

    at first i get something a bit vegetal/floral. not sure what, it doesn't have a lot of character just yet. soon after it's lilac, jasmine and oakmoss. this has a vintage feel to me. after about 15-20 minutes i think i get some cassis, but mostly it's a floral-oakmoss melange on me. the other notes just sort of show up in the background. it's very floral and quite strong on me. i think it's a bit too much for me honestly. once it dries down to the labdanum it's delicious but the beginning is just too strong on the jasmine i think.
  5. theseagrows

    Luna Sanguinem

    someone frimped me a nearly full bottle of this in a swap. i am overwhelmed! anyway, in the bottle it smells like night blooming florals with a hint of sweetness, almost candy-like. on my skin the florals bloom, i think i get the lotus the strongest (explains the candy except now it's bubblegum), red musk and herbal notes. this is a lot fresher than i thought it would be. after about 15-20 minutes, the herbs get really amped up. it's sharp, clean yet murky. wow, it's like all the notes i was hoping were subtle are actually the stronger. i wanted carnation, musk, rose, tobacco, vanilla, leather and myrrh. i am getting mostly lotus the mugwort and peru balsam. damn my skin chemistry. in a nutshell, this is herbal fruity bubblegum on me. not at all what i was expecting, but glad to finally get to try this one!
  6. theseagrows

    Mourning Lace

    i received the most generous frimpage by someone on fb, and for this scent it 1-2 decants in a bottle. so amazingly sweet...anyway, this is oak, clove and cognac starting out. it's nice but i know it's got more depth to reveal. the clove gets a bit stronger after about 5 minutes but the scent is pretty subtle, which surprises me a bit with those notes! it's ultimately a spicy clove with oak, frankincense and hints of cognac on me. i don't get any vanilla or myrrh. i wish i did but i do not. a nice scent but goes a little pencil-shavy because of bpal's frankincense note, which often does that on my skin.
  7. theseagrows


    right off this is white champaca and a bit of wateriness. not aquatic per se, but a light, clear watery feel. maybe a little bit of cognac? it's kind of sour on me, not sure where that is coming from, since i believe all these notes usually work for me, so maybe it's a combination of notes. after about 15-20 minutes the scent sweetens up a bit and it's from a bit of gardenia. i also think i sense the woos now as well. this isn't bad but it's turning a bit sour on me so i think it'll definitely be a swap.
  8. theseagrows

    Hagoromo-No-Taki Hair Gloss

    at the beginning, i get coconut cream and sugar cane and i swear there is a tiny tiny hint of tiare or some tropical flower, even though it isn't listed. but maybe it's a combination of notes doing that. it definitely has a tropical feel regardless. and honestly, it's not as sweet as i thought it would be, thankfully. however over time the coconut cream really amps up on me and it gets very sweet and just a bit plasticky. i think a lot of people would like this. it's a nice gourmand, but too sweet for me.
  9. theseagrows

    Spectral Erection Hair Gloss

    wow, this is gorgeous upon first spray! i get a beautiful neroli note, green tea and some amber. so perfect for spring. the neroli is SO pretty and the green tea sweetens it up nicely. i think i will have to get more of this!
  10. theseagrows

    Young Edith's Bedroom Atmosphere Spray

    i find this scent a bit creepy to be honest. it definitely has a dusty, old smell. it's haunting. i like beeswax, leather and gardenia, which i thought was an interesting combination but that's not really what i am getting here. the beeswax is very heavy and the other notes (besides gardenia, which i don't get) linger together in a melange behind it. this one is really interesting. part of me likes it and another part finds it unsettling, which always makes a scent intriguing to me.
  11. theseagrows

    Pumpkin Spice Sanguinem Menstruum

    first off i smell that nutty pumpkin note, along with red musk, spices and a tiny hint of honey. some poppy/opium comes about later but it's pretty subtle. this is primarily a spicy, buttery pumpkin and red musk on me. not really my thing at all, but it was a frimp so i happily tried it.
  12. theseagrows

    Honey Hair Gloss

    the white bees swarming HG is a favorite, so this one had been on my wishlist a long time. i tracked down a decant to try recently. i get a beeswax-y honey with a hint of something that's *almost* like anise but less strong. i think i prefer TWBS but this is still nice. a rich, well rounded honey scent.
  13. theseagrows

    Neko No Koi Hair Gloss

    that is a very thick, rich honey. at first it's almost maple-y. it smells like baklava to me. after awhile i think i sense some amber but this is overwhelmingly a super sweet, thick honey and not much else. if you like a foody, sweet honey, this one is for you. personally i prefer a more floral beeswax-y honey so this one will go to my swap list.
  14. theseagrows

    Hashigo-Nori Hair Gloss

    right off it seems like a rose soliflore, but it's not a dried rose at all, to me. it's a dark pink or red rose, rich and almost fully blossomed. there's a tiny bit of sandalwood in the background that really complements this rose. for awhile this actually smells a lot like one of my favorite montale perfumes so i am kind of delighted about the idea of getting some of this to layer underneath. after being on the skin about 20-30 minutes the rose gets less...rosy and the sandalwood is equally dominant now. the vanilla is just a subtle background player here. a pretty rose, smells like a more modern version of a classic scent.
  15. theseagrows

    Kabuki Actor and Their Lover Hair Gloss

    i get mostly white musk, cherry blossoms, and incense smoke. i expected the lilac to be stronger though, it's pretty subtle. after several minutes it's like a cherry blossom incense. this is so pretty, a favorite of this year's lupers so far. i'd love this as an atmo spray too. 💓