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    ambery florals, leathery florals, vanilla/creamy florals, incense blends, amber/musky blends, bombastic white florals, vintage chypre type stuff, cuddly woody-vanillas, etc. i tend to steer clear of "fresh"/aquatics, foody scents and fruity scents. favorite bpals include: gypsy queen, snake charmer, black pearl, glasgow, dia, dorian, deathrock, neutral, imaginer, venustas, lucy kissed, eve (OLLA), this wan white humming hive, snake skin, the great brocade addressee.

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    beauty/decay, misfits, decadence, black comedy, surrealism, dark goddesses, cats, occult, astrology, tarot, cemeteries, memento mori, post-punk/old goth/new wave/old industrial music.
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  1. theseagrows


    all these years and i haven't tried this one...likely because of the pear, but i got a frimp so here goes. it opens with the pear along with florals-i think lily and sweet pea primarily. the heliotrope adds a soft creaminess which i enjoy and helps the scent a bit, but then the white musk comes through and it gets a bit sharper. a sweet pear with sharp white musk. i don't seem to get a lot of honeysuckle. this one is ok but not my style at all.
  2. theseagrows

    The Mystic Moon

    i get honeysuckle as the strongest note at first. there's also something sort of green and a bit sharp in the background. after reading other reviews, i guess it's white musk, which i don't really tend to like for the most part. i get more jasmine later so the florals are more balanced but the sharpness is not working for me.
  3. theseagrows


    i've been wearing BPAL for nearly 20 years and somehow i've never tried shanghai. i recently got this as a frimp from the lab and am so happy i did. this is a gorgeous hot weather scent. the temp went up the last 2 days and it's perfect for trying this one. i mostly get a green tea with a hint of sweetness from honeysuckle. it reminds me of elizabeth arden's green tea perfume. the verbena is there but very soft, not overpowering as it can sometimes be. really pretty, cooling scent with a hint of floral.
  4. theseagrows


    this kind of perfume is right up my alley. these are all loved or liked notes, so fingers crossed. it opens with a slightly rooty iris with a hint of amber. (melancholy, rainy) spring in a bottle with a bit of depth. it's an iris with raindrops on it. later i get some musk, amber and tolu balsam but iris is still definitely the strongest note. very pretty perfume. springy, a bit vintage and also melancholy. i kinda love this.
  5. theseagrows

    Fairy Lobster Foam

    this starts with a very realistic maraschino cherry (memories!) along with marshmallow and a slightly urine-y milk note. i think i get this with some of BPAL's milk notes-maybe goat milk? I can't remember. it's subtle but it's there. cherry is hit or miss for me and i am not in love with sweet gourmands, but i figured i'd try this. the cherry/marshmallow are actually quite nice, but that odd milk/butter note isn't doing it for me. i think i'd like it if it weren't for that.
  6. theseagrows

    Roses, Pearls, and Onyx

    this one goes through several stages on my skin. it opens with a powdery, incensy rose and orris, then gets less powdery and more tobacco heavy with a sense of brightness. then somewhere in the middle, the rose turns quite sour, and stays that way for awhile (this is the worst stage for me but thankfully doesn't last long.) eventually i get more smoke and oud and that sourness burns off. i am left with a smoky, clovey rose with hints of something sort of sparkling for lack of a better word. i think the 'diamonds' are here and i think i get the 'pearls' from the buttery orris. this is a really interesting rose that has a vintage feel and gets more beautiful over time.
  7. theseagrows

    The Brothel’s Lattice Window Atmosphere Spray

    this is fruitier than i anticipated. before i looked at the notes again, i thought it was a sweet red musk and some kind of purple or red fruits, which i guess isn't too far off. i think i am mostly getting the rose wine, ume blossom and scarlet musk. i get some floral notes but it's primarily sweet red musk and wine. very pretty.
  8. theseagrows

    Pleasing Two Women

    this opens with fresh, dewy lilacs, and i get a hint of the oakmoss adding a slightly woody backdrop. i get some orris and a bit of smokiness. for awhile, it's practically a lilac soliflore on my skin, until after awhile the vanilla blooms, adding some creaminess. very pretty!
  9. theseagrows

    The Rice Field

    i get a lot of tea and something sort of oddly smoky and almost savory. maybe a combination of hay and frankincense smoke (?) or the rice milk is reading more like rice itself. my skin chemistry can do some weird stuff at times and that seems to be the case here. after awhile, that aspect dissipates a bit and i am getting more of a honeyed tea with champaca. it becomes a lot more floral over time, but it's not very sweet. i don't get much heliotrope here until way later. there is a clarity from the tea and it primarily becomes a pretty tea scent with a hint of smokiness, then gets creamier from heliotrope deep into the drydown and by that time it's almost gone.
  10. theseagrows

    An Onnagata and His Lover

    for me this opens with the cherry blossom chypre and rice powder. it's dry and somewhat powdery, not sweet. i get beeswax and amber later, warming things up a bit. after awhile the cherry blossom gets a bit sweeter and more prominent, and it is still the strongest note for me. it kind of vacillates between being more powdery and going a bit more floral. i do not get beeswax as strongly as some other people. on me, it's more of a subtle background note. i can struggle with cherry blossom sometimes, but this one is great for me. really pretty for spring,
  11. theseagrows

    Courtesans Relaxing

    this opens with rice milk, cardamom and almond. it's very pretty and creamy. after awhile i get the other notes but they are very subtle at first. after being on the skin awhile, the jasmine blooms a lot more and becomes more dominant. it's not an indolic jasmine, but leans a tiny bit soapy. the jasmine (and perfume as a whole) gets better and better the longer it's on skin. this one is very pretty!
  12. theseagrows


    this opens creamy yet effervescent. i think i am getting sandalwood, chamomile, ti leaf and honey. it's like a tea with honey and hints of something that sort of reminds me of root beer? then i get vanilla and musk which softens the more effervescent notes a bit. after being on the skin a bit more the chamomile and honey really get strong. i really want to like this one-elements of it are so nice, like the vanilla, it's so pretty in this! but i think the ti leaf and chamomile get amped up on me and are too intense.
  13. theseagrows

    Miss Anna

    i was dying to try this one for years and i finally snagged a bottle of the lab's etsy recently. it opens with cherry blossom, violet and almond. it's sweet and a little powdery with that slight nuttiness from almonds. the violet and wisteria in here is quite dewy and lends a slightly watery feel to the scent. a lovely spring floral with a bit of sweetness.
  14. theseagrows


    the red musk in this is strong on me and by far the most dominant note. i also sense honey, ambrette, patchouli, tonka and maybe some oakmoss. after a few minutes on the skin, the honey gains strength and there is more sweetness. this is different than other red musk blends i have. it's more earthy i think. something about this perfume is very intriguing and a bit wild, like an animal, even a domesticated one. i thought that i didn't like it at first but i do, i don't have anything quite like it. i think it'd be perfect for fall as others have mentioned.
  15. theseagrows

    Greater Horseshoe Bat

    this opens with rosewood and tea and a hint of labdanum. it's kind of herbal and woody with an underlying creamy thing going on, but not in the usual way. hard to describe. the labdanum adds a sort of effervescent quality here. it strongly reminds me of something i cannot place. later on i sense a bit of the beeswax and musk which helps round it out, however the rosewood is very strong and overwhelms the perfume. i think i'd prefer less rosewood or maybe my skin amps rosewood, i am unsure.