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  1. goblingrin

    BPAL Scents I've Tried

    okay scents: plain text loved scents: bold disliked scents: gray * marks scents i have full bottles of *Miskatonic University - the first scent I ever tried and fell in love with. It's very warm and boozy on me. Tamora - warm, vanilla sandwalwood and amber Dragon's Milk - creamy vanilla and sweet resin *Smut (17) - sweet boozy red musk Snake Oil - musk with soft sandalwood & vanilla *Zorya Polunochnaya - vanilla & moonflower *Zorya Utrennyaya - ambrette and a hint of coffee *Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs - sugary sweet *Blue Blankie - soft comfy lavender *The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel - peeps!! *The Worst Pillow - creamy coffee but calming Jiggery Pokery - pink pepper morphs to cotton candy Où Sont les Jouets S’il Vous Plaît - fruity candy Sept - rose, soft and elegant King Cake - sweet!! cream cheese frosting, almond, syrupy The Book - strong leather throw until dry, then warm and woodsy but close to skin Crib Girls - Froot Loops, not very long lasting Emma - Soft rose and patchouli Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo - berry candy (low throw) Bewitched - sweet berry followed by a darker, herbal berry Singularly at Ease - coconut & rum Theáomai - caramel Lampades - soft warm cranberry Hollywood Babylon - fruity Horreur Sympathique - fruity wine and a hint of maybe the oakmoss? Two Five & Seven - rose but not powdery *Zonked in Paris - creamy coffee Iago - STRONG sharp, a little tangy & dark musk Cthulu - dryer sheet/detergent The Grave-pig - dirt Anteros - very incense-y L'Intention Fait Valoir les Bagatelles - musty La Femme de Satan - red musk and strong, long-staying wafts of tobacco Egg'd Mailbox - Strong nutmeg Tanuki No Hikifune - soft, ripe honeydew melon Eostre of the Dawn - laundry detergent with floral hint Shoggoth - fruity and a touch soapy Hilma - woodsy clove with the faintest sweet fruit-floral note Le Serpent Qui Danse - baby wipes... 51 - freesia air freshener The Two Old Men - leather cologne Cheshire Cat - sweet grapefruit cleaning product Sybaris - strong clove Monster Bait: biggerCritters - all gardenia & jasmine Alice - spicy bergamot Villain - masc soap Mata Hari - jasmine-rose soap Centzon Totochtin - spiced rum Queen - disappears into skin almost instantly Mouse Circus - kettle corn 51 - cologne + freesia Lulu - floral laundry detergent Stealthily, Stealthily - overpowering violet No. 93 Engine - spicy? incense Fairy Bites - peppermint Absurd Origin Story - SODA Scorched Marshmallows - very burnt Bubbles and Unicorns - nothing but dandelion Endymion - soap Cockaigne - cinnamon Pumpkin Queen '08 - pumpkin & cinnamon? nutmeg? I Heard Many Things In Hell - really clean and herbal Haunted - dark musk and not much else Drink Me - savory?? buttery vanilla Spooky Action At A Distance - geranium overwhelms everything Chimera - sweet, spicy resin, a little cinnamon-y Queen Alice - spicy Josie - doesn't last long Lavender Lace - metallic smell Antony - too much like cologne Coyote - very earthy grassy musk Les Fleurs du Mal - baby wipes Bayou - green and soapy 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster - a bit like men's cologne Half-Elf - woodsy cologne Delirium - laundry detergent Morgause - cologne Vivamus, Mea Lesbia, Atque Amemus - very masculine green and musk Alice's Evidence - potpourri Voodoo Lily - spicy then detergent-ish Belladonna - mossy RPG Cleric - woodsy incense RPG Good - soapy Wanda - delicious boozy fruit but with a strong floral dept store perfume smell Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria - incense dominates Snow Bear - sugary detergent Jazz Funeral - spicy floral All Night Long - cinnamon Crêpe Aux Fraises - low throw strawberry, goes plasticky/waxy? with time Persephone - STRONG old lady rose The Apparition - soapy masculine scent Mango-Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte - all cinnamon and spice
  2. goblingrin

    Snow Bear

    I was really excited by the notes on this one, but I'm starting to think that white musks just don't work for me. It's a nice delicate, sweet scent, but it's bordering on the territory of laundry detergent. Well, it is laundry detergent while wet on my skin, once it's had time to dry it smells sweeter, but it doesn't last long on my skin after that.
  3. goblingrin

    Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria

    Incense dominates the scent on my skin, although not as unpleasantly as in some perfumes. There's a hint of the sweetness of sugar cookies behind it that softens the incense.
  4. goblingrin

    Singularly At Ease

    Wet, this was incredibly coconut on me, with a hint of rum, making me smell like a delicious tropical cocktail. It didn't change much on the dry-down except the coconut mellowed out so a little more of the rum could be smelled. I can't get a single hint of blueberry or cake from it... It's not bad, but certainly unexpected.
  5. goblingrin


    2017 bottle and it's delicious. It's sweet red boozy musk. It starts off with an overwhelming throw but settles fairly quickly. It doesn't smell like red wine and dark chocolate, but it sure brings the image to mind of lounging and enjoying those two delights. I'm absolutely in love!
  6. goblingrin

    The Two Old Men

    A nice leather in the bottle, with a hint of cocoa. Once it dries on my skin its all leather and rather cologne-like. I adore coffee scents, so I'm a bit sad for it.
  7. goblingrin


    Starts out a very nice citrus with a floral note. The citrus is gone from my skin once it's dried, and then I'm just hit with strong freesia that smells a lot like an air freshener my mom used to use; not bad, but not the kind of association I'm going for with perfumes.
  8. goblingrin

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    This is a sharp violet in the imp and when first applied. As it dries, the gardenia gets stronger but then it starts to smell like baby wipes?? After a couple hours that goes away and it smells like warm vanilla with a floral tone, but at that point it has no throw (but its still so nice to sniff my wrist).
  9. goblingrin

    Dragon's Milk

    In the imp this smells resinous and sweet and it didn't change much on my skin at first. Over hours, it softened to a really creamy honey-vanilla that smells both delicious and comforting, leaving me sniffing my wrists all day. And that's another thing I love about this oil, it's one of the longest lasting I've yet to try. The throw isn't very strong at any point, but I applied it in the early morning and it's evening now and I can still makes out the notes against my skin.
  10. goblingrin


    In the imp I was hit with a strong whiff of cedarwood with a hit of clove. On my skin the clove starts to amp but after a while the florals start to come out. In the end, it has a nice throw but it's more clove-wood than I desired and the sweetness is a note I only get if I get in for an up-close sniff.
  11. goblingrin


    This is the first rose that doesn't go completely powder on me. It's a very strong floral at first, then as it dries it starts to go powdery but the patchouli comes out and counteracts it. I didn't really get any vanilla, but I'm happy to have found a rose scent that isn't just baby powder on me.
  12. goblingrin

    Crib Girls

    In the imp, the honey is strong and sweet, but the second it hits my skin I get that lemon-y Froot Loops smell. It's got a strong throw at first, too. By the time it mellows out enough to really smell the honey, it's nearly disappeared into my skin. Unfortunate, because it was the promise of honey that I was excited about for this scent. I do like it, it's just not what I was hoping for.
  13. goblingrin


    In the imp it smells very lemon and a touch floral. When I first apply it, it turns straight to dish soap or some similar cleaning product scent. After a while the cleaning product scent calms and the scent becomes nice and fruity, with just a touch of that cleaning product still there... The sweet fruity scent is so nice but I'm not sure about partially smelling like I've spilt soap on me.
  14. goblingrin

    The Small Brown Cat

    I wasn't sure how a scent could be "furry" but on first sniff it really does make me think of a warm cat. The cardamom and cedar notes are strongest to me, warm and woodsy. On my skin it doesn't change much from in the bottle. It's very close to the skin on me. A nice, warm and comforting scent for sure, I just wish it had a little more throw.
  15. goblingrin


    Wet and dry, on my skin cardamom is the strongest note, with amber and cacao adding warmth. It smells golden and confident. Unfortunately, the throw is weak, and the scent doesn't last long on me. I've tested it twice now and both times after hours I can barely get a hint of it left.