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  1. torischroeder9


    I also cannot believe I've not reviewed Satyr before. I definitely have opinions about Satyr based on memory. Let's see how accurate. In the imp: Delicious red musk. A touch of something woodsy, but it's only a touch, so I can't get closer. On my skin: Wet, it is also delicious red musk, now with a touch of something spicy. As it dries, still wonderful red musk, with now more than a touch of something that's spicy and woodsy. I can't strictly call it. If you told me there was a bit of black pepper in here, I wouldn't be surprised. With time, it fades to something warm and woodsy, threaded through with red musk. It's very nice, though probably a little more conventionally masculine than my personal red musk tastes bend.
  2. torischroeder9

    Baobhan Sith

    Good times! More frimps that need reviewing! In the imp: Grapefruit and... other things that are light and sweet. They take the edge off the bitter aspect of the grapefruit note, but they're still quite compatible with the citrus aspect of it. On my skin: At first application, it's complete grapefruit, in a body acne body wash kind of way. As it dries, the white tea and ginger also come out, the tea more than the ginger. The tea actually stays on me longer than the grapefruit does. It's a really light, clean scent, though it's also fairly thin and close wearing on me.
  3. torischroeder9

    Black Forest

    Ooh, a Lab frimp of a scent I haven't yet reviewed! In the imp: Pine, black musk, juniper, and cypress. The plant notes are distinct but sort of held together by the musk, if that makes sense. On my skin: Wet, it's a lot of juniper, actually, followed by pine. The immediate scent is all sharp cut botanical. As it dries, the juniper fades back a lot, and the musk comes out, so it's mostly pine with musk, with a softer but still detectable undercurrent of juniper. Cypress might also be mingling into those notes. If there's ambergris, I can't detect it -- which is good as ambergris is usually strong and foul on me. Oop. About twenty minutes later, the ambergris finds me, oceanic, soapy whale poop. It doesn't make this scent fully unwearable on me, but it's not something I could find myself reaching for when there are... other scents in the world. Edit 9/28: About an hour after ambergris shows up (so just under 2 hours from initial application), both it and the plant notes die down, and I'm left with a lot of soft, powdery black musk with just a hint of juniper around the edges. This is actually a very nice place to end up. I'm not sure it's worth it to me to go through the initial stages of this every time, but for someone who liked the notes a lot, it's worth noting that the final iteration of this is soft and musky.
  4. torischroeder9

    National Emergy (sic)

    In the decant: Candy. Fruity, spicy candy. On my skin: Wet, this is delightfully gingery, like eating the good kind of crystallized ginger that's a lot ginger and just a bit of sugar. As it dries, I get a wee tiny bit of lemon and a wee tiny bit of pimento. This seems to be where it stays. It's absolutely delightful. The only sadness is that I never get the patchouli.
  5. torischroeder9

    The Magi: Melchior of Persia

    In the decant: Oudh, rose, and frankincense. There's also something cutting the rose that I can't quite identify although I'm guessing it's the chamomile. On my skin: Wet, it's very oudh-forward -- but truly sweet oudh rather than poo oudh. As it dries, the rose comes out, along with the powdery frankincense resin. They blend with the oudh so that none of them is dominant, but rather, the scent is a balance of all three. I'm still not getting any chamomile, but the notes that I am getting are lovely. After a while, the frankincense fades back a bit again, so this is predominantly sweet rose oudh. It smells sophisticated, classy, and expensive -- rich and strong without being overwhelming or cloying.
  6. torischroeder9

    Old Buddhist Monk Penetrating a Rapturous Skeleton

    In the decant: Soft powdery orris root, with a touch of grounding sandalwood behind it. On my skin: Wet, the orris drifts back while a blend of florals that is definitely part champa and might be a bit of tolu balsam come forward. It's all over a bed that is soft and woodsy. Given some time to develop, some of the orris root comes back, though it remains more floral-forward than I was anticipating. The sandalwood exists as a bit of grounding, as may the hiba wood. They do work well to keep the floral from being overpowering, but they're not asserting much presence of their own. Eventually, the floral note dials way back again, and I'm left with another rendition of orris over sandalwood. This is some whisper soft and tender monk-on-skeleton lovemaking. It's actually quite a pretty and delicate fragrance on me, but not raunchy in the way I was hoping based on its inspiration.
  7. torischroeder9

    To Lesbia

    In the decant: Carnation. Then incense. Then INCENSE. On my skin: Wet, it's for sure a lot of incense, but I can detect the carnation underneath. As it dries, more of the same.The incense stays at the forefront, but the carnation doesn't disappear. It's smoky and spicy and resinous and just a hint of carnation's silkiness. It holds pretty steady on me. I like this a lot. I have a lot of carnation and clove scents, but not any carnation incense scents. This could be a bottle for me.
  8. torischroeder9

    Mayhem at the Battlefront

    In the decant: Ginger, cardamom, patchouli, and sweetness. On my skin: Wet, it's a swirl of ginger, honey musk, fresh patchouli, and mushroom. It's making me a little cautious to sniff as it's hard to be ready for sweet and spicy but instead to get earthy and just a little rank. As it dries, it gives off fumes that are almost minty or eucalyptus-like in essence. The skin scent is hardcore mushroom, with just a little ginger spice. Developed, it seems to be sweet ginger cardamom spiced mushroom dirt. Which is every bit as busy as it sounds but nowhere near as terrible. It's a swirling cacophony and a great embodiment of the artwork. I don't think it quite comes together enough to be a scent in my wheelhouse, though.
  9. torischroeder9

    Fragment 38

    In the decant: Fig and olive blossom. On my skin: At first, it's olive blossom on the breeze (our neighbors have an olive tree in their backyard, and it literally smells like whiffs of those flowers blowing gently into our yard), with a fig wood undercurrent. The fig wood is pretty subdued right now. It takes a while to develop, but eventually the amber comes out, providing a soft, resiny grounding for the olive blossom. By this point, however, the fig wood has disappeared entirely on me. Eventually, the fig does come back, providing a beautiful rounding to the olive blossom. It takes a little bit to come together on my skin, but once it does, this is lovely. It's close-wearing scent on me, but one with depth and power. A sexier and non-traditional perfume but not so much so that I couldn't wear it to work (one day, when I can work out of my house again). I was a little uncertain about this one -- hence the decant -- but it's definitely in bottle contention.
  10. torischroeder9


    In the decant: Peaches and sweetness. Likely the honey in addition to the peach cream note. Evocative of canned peaches in heavy syrup. On my skin: Wet, the peach recedes. I get the honey and the tang of the sandalwood -- not a sharp note overall, but it plays that role in with the peach cream and honey. As it dries, the peach cream reemerges, though the honey and sandalwood both now remain detectable. The sandalwood here is behaving a lot like the sandalwood in Matthew 18:6 does for me, providing grounding and just a touch of grit. It settles down to a rich, honeyed peach with a tiny bit of sandalwood bite. Very pretty. Close-wearing, but at least the peach doesn't disappear on me.
  11. torischroeder9

    Wan Wan

    In the decant: White musk, florals, and a hint of vanilla. The flowers are pleasant and not overpowering so while I can't detect that they're specifically carnation and jonquil, the note I get is very much in agreement with those two flowers. On my skin: Wet, it's mainly white musk and jonquil. I'd call it more floral than furry, but it's got a lovely subdued quality. As it dries, the musk fades back a bit, and the carnation becomes a discernible floral note, smoothed by vanilla and maybe spiced the tiniest bit by clove. Once it has time to develop, it morphs into a delightfully soft carnation and clove blend. It's fuzzy in the same spirit that Fledgling Raptor Moon is fuzzy, though in scent, Wan Wan is currently the more delicate for absence of a more prominent grounding note (compared to FRM's sandalwood). The scent is sweetish, but I never do get any hay absolute outright. And I can't detect the myrrh at all. Still, it's adorable, and I like it a lot. The throw on my elbow is a little shorter than average, but I might try wearing it for a whole day and see what happens.
  12. torischroeder9

    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats

    In the decant: Very clean tobacco leaf -- so clean it's almost tea -- and opoponax and leather. On my skin: Wet -- such tobacco! My skin tends to amp tobacco anyway, but this is beautiful and not nauseating. As it dries, it softens a bit, and the leather and opoponax peek out -- though the scent is still tobacco-dominant. Yep. A tobacco scent that is very clean, very expensive, and slightly subdued on me. (To be fair, tobacco on me is generally more like, "I WILL ACCOST YOUR SENSES AND RIP OUT YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH YOUR NOSE HOLES!" so it makes sense that I'm still getting mostly tobacco from this.) Tobacco hits the stereotypically masculine button for me, but it's very easy for me to read this particular scent as unisex. Medium throw. Will update with wear length estimate. Edit: After a few hours, this does settle down so that the cashmere becomes evident, but it's still expensive tobacco leaf in an expensive cashmere sweater. I can detect both notes, but the tobacco is the more assertive. Also, while it stays tobacco-dominant to the end, its wear length is pretty average on me.
  13. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Merlot, leather, and floral. On my skin: Wet, it's completely rich, fruit-forward merlot. It's so fruit-forward, in fact, that I had to double check the note list to make sure there wasn't an outright fruit note in it. As it dries, the merlot dials way back, and the leather comes forward. I can't tell you there's no musk in the leather, just like I can't swear there's no floral in the wine's sweetness. But none of those notes are super clear at the moment. Given even more time to develop, I can pick out violet and myrtle from the floral notes -- but I really have to sniff for them. Overall, it's a very sophisticated scent. There's a lot of complexity, but it doesn't feel too busy. That said, it also feels colder and more aloof than scents I usually like.
  14. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Iris and grounding resins. On my skin: At first, it's just the same as in the imp. As it dries, the grounding notes fade back, and the iris amps up. I am honestly not loving this phase. Which is a shame since this is where it stays. I can detect just a hint of grounding underneath, which mostly serves as a platform to amplify the iris. It is just... not me.
  15. torischroeder9


    In the imp: A swirl of fresh scents. I can pick out neroli and white musk. On my skin: Wet, yep -- neroli and white musk. As it dries, it becomes the 100% Neroli Show -- which is a little odd since I tend to amp lemon and so was expecting Lemon Takeover. Aaaand it stays the Neroli Show. I don't mind, but I have a feeling this Lab-fresh imp might need to age.