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  1. torischroeder9

    Jerusalem Cherry Infused Honey

    In the bottle: Sweet, round honey with a strong greenery component. On my skin: Wet, it's more of the same. I'd call the greenery of this scent more pronounced than in Deadly Nightshade Honey but more deep and earthy than the green note I get from Laurel Honey. It doesn't smell like tomato plants, really, to me. (There are tomato plants in my backyard right now. It's not the same.) It's a very pretty summer honey scent, soft and mellow and earthy. It's not overly sweet or cloying but also without the sharpness that comes with some green notes in honey.
  2. torischroeder9

    RPG Combos

    Neutral Good Orc Druid (Because I purchased an RPG imp lot and am pulling imps out at random.) Wet, it's the rotting vegetal musk that is wet Orc on me; this scent is enough to overpower the other three. As it dries, the crystalline musk and vanilla of Good, along with the wool of Druid, start to soften the scent, making it a little sweeter in the appetizing sense and not as much in the rotting garbage sense. Given more time to blend and develop, I get lilies and dirt. The dirt I presume is from Druid, but I don't know where the lilies come from. Maybe it's grasses and/or vetiver?... Ah, yes, happy, sparkly grass and dirt. Not really one for grass and dirt scents, but this works surprisingly well. ____________________ Lawful Evil Halfling Mage Wet, the sweet foody porridge of Halfling dominates, though I can still pick out Lawful's chamomile and Evil's opium. As it dries, this is the war: porridge, chamomile, and opium. Given more time, it's chamomile and porridge, with chamomile winning the skin scent but porridge dominating the throw. Eventually, chamomile wins. ____________________ Lawful Neutral Dwarf Cleric Wet, it's a smorgasbord of many sweet and stout and gently spicy and herbal things. Nothing is individually identifiable, but it is complex and harmonious. As it dries, Cleric's rose amber is the predominant identifiable note, though I suspect Neutral's skin musk and the sweet metal I get from Dwarf are also factoring in here, as it's not quite the same as rose amber on its own. And it doesn't morph much from here. I think the skin musk amps up a bit more, but not enough to compete with rose amber for the starring role. It's a very pretty, full-bodied rose amber blend. True rose has a tendency to become overwhelming on my skin, but this seems to have enough robust supporting notes to keep that from happening. A+, would wear in real life. ____________________ Rogue & Thieves' Rosin Wet, this is super sexy, with Rogue sweetening the sultriness of Thieves' Rosin. As it dries, the notes meld even more, so it's sweet and smoky beeswax. I'm not sure this would replace my very favorite beeswax scent, but it definitely rivals some of the ones I've purchased in big bottles. Also A+ layering combination on me. ____________________ Chaotic Neutral Elf Mage Wet, there are swirls of Chaotic's wasabi, Neutral's skin musk, and something vaguely foresty (though not woody, necessarily). As it dries, the skin musk becomes dominant, accented by the wasabi. I get a touch of what I now can identify as Elf's berries and greenery on me, but it's far in the background. Mage is doing a disappearing trick at the moment. It's not bad at all, but considering some of the recent winners I tried in the past couple of days, this combination isn't impressive on me. ____________________ Lawful Neutral Halfling Paladin Wet, it's Halfling sweet porridge, Paladin sweet frankincense, and Lawful blue chamomile. It's a swirly mess, but it's not discordant, just unusual. As it dries, the scent does become more cohesive. I think the frankincense works to unify the porridge and chamomile a bit. It's almost as if you were sitting over porridge at a kitchen table, while chamomile tea brewed across the room, with a bit of incense remnant in the next room. I'm still not sure I love the combination of porridge and chamomile, but it's interesting to note that the addition of Paladin (and maybe Neutral?) at least seem to make it a cohesive and evocative scent, rather than a rough-and-tumble fight for dominance on my skin. ____________________ Chaotic Neutral Elf Rogue Wet, it's another whirlwind -- the wasabi of Chaotic, the herbal forest of Elf, a touch of Rogue's rosin. As it dries, I get a lot of Chaotic and a clear bell of Neutral -- which, in the context of other scents I've tried, makes me wonder if Chaotic Neutral is just a dominant combination on me (or at least dominant over Elf + whatever else). (And to be fair, Chaotic Neutral is light and complex and clean and strong. It reads as a little too traditionally masculine for me to want to wear it alone as a scent -- but for someone else, it could be a totally workable two-oil combination.) After some time and some application of body heat (went outside to walk a couple of miles in 100 degree dark), the warmth of Elf's berries and Rogue's rosin, along with a touch of smokiness from Rogue's hemp, begin to emerge, giving the blend some warmth and depth. I still don't know that it's quite me, but it's a scent with dimension. ____________________ Neutral Good Half-Elf Bard Wet, this is sweet honey and sparkle. Honey, honey, beeswax, white musk, celestial musk. The touch of white sandalwood, bay rum, and skin musk keep this scent beautifully and lightly grounded. As it dries, the beeswax comes to the forefront of the scent, a balance between the sweetness of the honey notes and the sandalwood and rum. I don't know if I like this quite as much as I like Rogue and Thieves' Rosin, but it's a pretty nice and coherent layering win.
  3. torischroeder9

    Wildflower Honey and Patchouli

    In the bottle: The same wildflower honey note that consistently makes my eyes roll back in my head (in a good way). On my skin: Wet, it's immediately all wildflower honey, then immediately all patchouli as it begins to dry. As it dries, however, they balance so that the patchouli is a firm grounding note to showcase the wildflower honey. After that, it doesn't really morph on me (which is totally fine). I love all the blends I've tried with wildflower honey, but this is strikingly beautiful in its simplicity.
  4. torischroeder9


    In the imp: White musk, honey, vanilla, sugar cane. On my skin: Wet, it's white musk and vanilla, with a subtle background sweetness that I think is sugar cane but could also be white honey. As it dries, the notes become more distinct. I can make out the white honey as a base, the celestial musk as an accent, and acacia just enough to ground in the background. Sugar cane may be part of the white honey note I'm getting; vanilla often disappears on me. It stays a very light, sheer honey. Eventually, the vanilla does come back, adding a touch of roundness and creaminess to the scent.
  5. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Oak, chamomile, and rhubarb are all present. I smell the oak first, but the chamomile quickly comes to the forefront of the sniff. On my skin: Wet, it's mainly chamomile grounded by oak. As it dries, the oak becomes dominant, with chamomile present as an accent. Given time to settle and develop on my skin, the fig leaf also makes itself known, warming and mellowing the scent. Overall, this is a very sedate, even-keeled scent on me, neither particularly light or dark. As such, I could see it layering well with a variety of other RPG options.
  6. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Balsam and dragon's blood. On my skin: Wet, it's mainly balsam. Dry, also balsam. Given time to develop on my skin, I do get a note that's a bit peppery, along with a bare hint of the sweetness of dragon's blood. On me, this is another deep, woody blend that wants lightening.
  7. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Oud, then sandalwood, then something that starts to soften those notes. On my skin: Wet, it's oud, the happy, non-stenchifying kind. As it dries, the oud is still going strong, though I can detect the beeswax mellowing it a bit. Given more time to develop, the beeswax continues to strengthen, becoming a balanced scent with the oud. The result is some nice oudy pungency, smoothed out by the beeswax. This is smooth, and just a bit spicy, and deep. It probably blends brilliantly with any number of RPG scents, but I'm most excited to pair it with some lighter blends.
  8. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Very lightly sweet, a note I notice in La Petite Mort. On my skin: Wet, the same as in the imp. I like this, but it's not something I mentally classify as musk. As it dries, it's almost a light floral, though one I can't quite pin down -- maybe something like honeysuckle. It doesn't morph. It also doesn't smell like either skin or musk on me. But I do like it, and I think it would make a nice layering piece, especially with something darker (Neutral Evil, maybe?).
  9. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Super foody. Oatmeal with brown sugar and pralines. On my skin: Wet, sweet brown sugar is at the forefront of the scent. After some time, the sweetness mellows so that I envision brown sugar in a porridge or pastry. It's still very sweet, and just a tad spicy, but not artificial or cloying. It's pretty great -- and one of the few nut-containing blends that doesn't go SuperNut on me -- but I'm not at all sure how I'd layer it.
  10. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Rose amber and frankincense, with an inability to rule out that I'm also smelling but not recognizing myrrh and/or cistus at this point. On my skin: Wet, actually it's the champaca that's early dominant. As it dries, however, the champaca fades a bit, so the scent is now mostly rose amber, though the champaca does still create some fruity brightness. Ultimately, this is a nice, bright rose amber with some champaca. It's possible that the frankincense is helping keep the rose note from going soapy, but it's otherwise not prominent. It's a very pretty, light, clear scent that's nice on its own but on me, wants a little layering with something deeper. Maybe Elf Cleric? Orc Cleric?
  11. torischroeder9

    Thieves' Rosin

    In the imp: Something sweet, almost floral, plus the more familiar sweetness of honey and beeswax. On my skin: Wet, there's a moment where it's almost like pine resin; then it immediately settles back down to a more beeswax scent. As it dries, the sweetness fades, and it's savory but still smooth. I want to suggest maybe a wood note and maybe a note like olive oil, though individual notes here are really hard to place. This is... weird but good. It's deep and mellow. I wonder about layering it with Rogue (a relatively logical choice) or if it's too similar a scent profile (though Thieves' Rosin is much deeper).
  12. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Soil and herbs. On my skin: Wet, the sharp herbs are at the forefront of the scent. As it dries, the dirt becomes more prominent, and there's a hint of a lighter, almost floral, note, which I take to be the spring grasses. I never do get much woolen robe, but I also don't much care. I probably want to try layering this with something a little lighter, as it's still quite a dark green on me -- but I don't know that I've met the correct RPG layering scent yet.
  13. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Hawthorne, aspen, and berry. On my skin: Wet, I can still smell the greenery, though golden musk does start to peek through. As it dries and develops, however, it reverts back to berry dominance. It's nice, but it's not my kind of thing.
  14. torischroeder9

    Vial of Holy Water

    In the imp: Green and light and sweet floral. On my skin: Wet, it's a light, green-golden cologne, sweetened with a touch of floral I can't name. As it dries and develops, it starts to remind me of when the Lab makes a metal note -- like clean steel. It's not quite there, but it's reminiscent. I could tell you this maybe smells like a clean kitchen sink. It's a very refreshing scent, one I'd describe as unisex, though it's probably not a "me" scent for daily wear.
  15. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Honey cut with bay rum. On my skin: Wet, it's honey and bay rum, along with the nose-tingle I know to be white musk. It doesn't really morph on me. Overall, though, this is very nice, and I could see wearing it without layering. It ends up with a beeswax kind of vibe on me; I think this is the honey combining with other scents, like the bay rum and maybe the wood, to temper down the sweetness. Bard has a lot of throw on me, and it's full of notes that suggest a longer-than-average wear length.