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  1. torischroeder9

    Honey Moon

    In the bottle: Honey, jasmine, and ginger. The jasmine definitely gives it a floral honey aspect, but the ginger adds a bit of spice to keep it from being overly floral. On my skin: Wet, the ginger disappears, and jasmine's the boss. Over time, both the honey and the ginger rebound, though this remains decidedly a jasmine honey on me. It's similar to Hony Mone on me, but in this one, the jasmine stays more subdued.
  2. torischroeder9

    Doll's Eye Infused Honey

    In the bottle: Honey, slightly herbal, slightly minty. On my skin: Wet, the herbal quality comes out first, followed by the slight mint. Neither are overwhelming. As it dries, the herbalness and mint sort of combine to form a more coherent note. Imagine, maybe, a large mint plant that smelled both like mint and traditional greenery. The mint also has a wafting aspect that's hitting my in the back of my nasal passage, but it's not harsh. The sweetness of honey is barely detectable in the background. Ninety minutes or so after application, the mint has gradually faded away, so I'm left with a soft, very faintly minty scent. The mint keeps it from going too cloying or heady like honey can sometimes do. This might be a nice, fresh honey for summer months.
  3. torischroeder9

    Dignified. Elegant. Sophisticated.

    In the decant: Super bubble gum. Like, extra bubble gum concentrate assaulting my nose. On my skin: Wet, it's still all of the bubble gum in the known universe. Thirty minutes later, the bubble gum is still going strong. At approximately the forty-five minute mark, the bubblegum subsides enough that the Snake Oil is noticeable. An hour after application, this is all Snake Oil on me. Well, it's an interesting scent experience, that's for sure. I'm not fond of bubblegum as a note on its own, but I'm always interested in Snake Oil + sweetness (Snake Oil is patchouli + spices on me, lovely but not really vanilla or sweet as some folks experience). However, the time that this is not just Snake Oil is relatively short, and the time that it's a Snake Oil blend is even more fleeting. I'll keep my decant to use as Snake Oil, but I won't be chasing a bottle.
  4. torischroeder9

    Aries 2016

    In the decant: Dragon's blood, and some unidentifiable thing -- or, rather, a myriad of things -- working to temper the dragon's blood's sweetness. On my skin: Wet, aside from the dragon's blood, the first things I can pick out are the gingergrass and the rue. Something is also definitely very tingly, which might be the black pepper or the dragon's blood itself. As it dries, the red musk comes out to play, and so does the black pepper. The rue recedes back into the blend, possibly along with the basil, as some "not sweet" scents. Given time to warm and develop on my skin, the dragon's blood dies down from prominence. I get a throw that's mostly red musk, and a skin scent that's primarily gingergrass, possibly backed by sandalwood, and definitely interspersed with a shot of black pepper. It's a very interesting and fiery scent, for sure. That said, it also feels a bit more on the traditionally masculine side than I prefer to wear in perfumes. So for this Leo, it was a fond experiment, but a no-go.
  5. torischroeder9

    The Ecstasy of True Love

    In the decant: Peach blossom and frankincense. On my skin: Wet, the sharpness of patchouli comes to the forefront, though some of the lighter notes are still evident in the background. As it dries, the patchouli remains prominent, with several notes warming and sweetening it. I can pick out peach blossom, honeysuckle, and fankincense. As it develops on my skin, the throw is more floral -- peach blossom, and I can now detect the carnation as well -- with a touch of patchouli, while the skin scent is patchouli with a touch of floral (and the carnation disappears here). I'm torn on this one. I love the grounded floral throw I get from it, but that's always a bit elusive, as I can only catch whiffs of it when the air is just right. The scent close to my skin, with less floral and more patchouli, is perfectly nice but not so remarkable on me. If I was someone who was looking for a way to wear "soft" patchouli but hadn't found it yet, though, this would definitely be something I'd want to try.
  6. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Wine and something that comes across as softly and sweetly grassy. On my skin: Wet, it's red wine that's almost vinegar. As it dries, I detect a slight powdery note that's likely myrrh but might be amber or black musk. The red wine has also receded, and a note like lemongrass has emerged. As it warms and develops on my skin, I get more of a sweet lemony powder; it's not foody, more resinous. An hour in, and it's been fairly stable lemony black powder for the last half of it, so I'm ready to consider that this one isn't going to be a morpher on me. It's a fine scent, especially if lemon is your thing (it's not mine), but not spectacular enough on me to make me reach for it again. Glad I tried it, but this one's off to swaps.
  7. torischroeder9


    Imp purchased from a forumite, date stamped March 12, 2016. In the imp: Yummy spices -- clove, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, peppercorn. They're not overwhelming on my nose, so there must be some sweetness tempering them -- tea or tobacco or both -- but they're very much in the background right now. On my skin: Wet, it's cinnamon, clove, pepper, and sweetness. I actually have a tea blend (of drinking tea, not perfume) that smells like this, so I can easily imagine the tea is there, but that I'm just not picking it out. It stays very consistent from the first drydown throughout its wear, a wonderful, beautiful spice. I only worry that if I applied it to my breastbone (my go-to spot for actually wearing perfume; I'm testing on my inner elbow), it might be too potent for actual wear in any kind of indoor environment. It's a very strong scent on me, with a lot of throw.
  8. torischroeder9

    Le Lèthè

    In the imp: Red musk, skin musk, and tobacco. On my skin: Wet, the red musk takes a back seat, and it's skin musk and tobacco. As it dries, the tobacco becomes the blend's strongest note. Given time to warm and develop, a bit of a... funk... emerges, like a touch of rotting vegetation. Hemlock accord, maybe? An hour in and, true to its form, tobacco amps on me. There's a bit of musk, keeping the scent from going straight to my sinuses, but this is all tobacco's game right now. After another thirty minutes of all tobacco, I ended up washing this off. I'm not super fond of tobacco, and I'm a little sad that the red musk couldn't overcome it on me.
  9. torischroeder9

    Al Azif

    In the imp: Something floral or lightly citrus at first, then a soft not-smokey incense. On my skin: Wet, I get the same floral or citrus note. As it dries, I get a sugared incense smell. (It's similar in feeling, though not exactly in scent, to the "sugared clove" in Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe.) As it warms and develops, I get something that alternately smells a bit like soft, creamy floral and lightly resinous frankincense. The throw is low on me, but it could possibly be a very nice resinous scent for warmer weather. I don't believe I have anything that ticks the "summer incense scent" box. If this is a summoning from the Gods of Madness and Decay, you can count me in.
  10. torischroeder9


    In the imp: It smells faintly of dill pickles. (You heard me.) On my skin: Wet, it's dill pickles and amber. As it dries, I get amber and... stinky socks? At this point, I cannot pick out any individual notes besides amber. Eventually, sock stink dissipates, and I can make out currant under the amber. But by this point, the whole scent is starting to go.
  11. torischroeder9


    Imp purchased from a forumite, date stamped March 12, 2016. In the imp: Vanilla, apricot, ginger, and jasmine, unfolding in that order. On my skin: Wet, the ginger rises to the surface of the scent first. It's a light ginger, bright and softly spicy. Then the apricot comes and sweetens it up, and the combination is a lovely phase in the scent. The vanilla rounds out the scent, keeping everything soft. After a while, the jasmine does come out to play, but it does behave itself, playing second fiddle to the ginger and not overtaking the apricot and vanilla entirely. The ginger floral gives this a bit of a similar vibe to Vixen on me. But where Vixen's patchouli makes the scent very earthy, Siren is a much lighter, airier ginger floral blend.
  12. torischroeder9


    Imp purchased from a forumite, date stamped December 13, 2014. In the imp: Palmarosa with a grounding note that might be the sandalwood, patchouli, or both. On my skin: Wet, it's initially all palmarosa. As it dries and develops, the sandalwood and the patchouli -- both identifiable -- come out a little more. Then, I go and do some chores around the house, lose a bit track of time, and only get to sniffing my arm an hour and a half later. Rose. All rose. Like so many BPAL blends that contain rose -- on me, it's a nice rose, but it's all rose.
  13. torischroeder9

    Blood Kiss

    Imp purchased from a forumite, date stamped March 12, 2016. In the imp: Vanilla, honey, vetiver, and wine. The overall impression is darkly sweet. On my skin: Wet, this is completely wine. As it dries, both the honey and the vetiver creep out. At this point, the throw is mostly honey wine while the skin scent holds most of the vetiver. Gradually, the vetiver strengthens until it's the dominant note. At this point, the scent is pretty much vetiver and wine on me. I get just the barest hint of honey, clove, and vanilla in the background -- when that's the side of the blend I wanted most. It actually makes my eyes water every time I put my nose to my skin and sniff.
  14. torischroeder9


    Imp from a forumite, date stamped March 12, 2016. In the imp: Peach wine over amber, with a trace of myrtle. On my skin: Luscious, juicy peach -- not peach-scented anything, not canned peaches, but fresh, ripe peach flesh. As it dries, I get the barest hints of wine and myrtle. Once it settles and develops on my skin, the amber comes out a bit, giving a soft grounding and backing to the peach. Sadly, after that, it begins to fade rather dramatically. It was a light scent on me to begin with, but after about an hour, it becomes only barely detectable at skin level. But it's beautiful while it lasts.
  15. torischroeder9

    The Bloody Banister

    Tester decant. It is possible that the amount of oil I'm testing may lead to inaccuracy in my review. But maybe not. In the decant: Musky, dusty old house, like a place that isn't opened up for normal daily living. Unused basement, abandoned attic, that sort of stillness and lifelessness. On my skin: Something slightly rosey and citrusy, along with musk and wood. The brightness stays through the initial drydown, giving the impression of clean, polished wood in a room that gets aired out regularly. There's a bit of musk, so it's an old room, but the feeling of an abandoned cellar is gone.