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  1. torischroeder9

    Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cream, & Honey

    In the decant: Honey, coffee with cream, and brown sugar -- in that order. On my skin: Wet, it's brown sugar and coffee with cream. As it dries, it's more honey than brown sugar, so it's a very richly sweet, creamed coffee candy. And... I don't know. There's nothing off-putting about it on me, but it's very sweet and very foodie on me. I'm starting to think I like my coffee scents with a little more spice in them.
  2. torischroeder9

    Coffee Bean, Cardamom, & Vanilla Pod

    In the decant: Cardamom and coffee bean. And it really is coffee bean -- like it smells like whole roasted beans, not ground coffee, not brewed coffee. On my skin: Wet, it's cardamom and coffee bean in about equal amounts. I get a touch of vanilla pod adding just a tiny bit of sweetness. As it dries, the vanilla pod amps up on me -- not to overwhelm, but just to about the same level as the coffee bean and cardamom. It's a dry but balanced scent, with a hint of sweetness and spice.
  3. torischroeder9

    Black Coffee & Cinnamon Buns

    In the decant: Coffee candy and cinnamon bun with gooey icing. On my skin: Wet, I can more easily tell that it's the icing sugar mixing with the black coffee that's making me think "coffee candy." Plus cinnamon. Cinnamon coffee candy? (Side note to life: Why is there no such thing as cinnamon coffee candy? We need this in the world.) As it dries, the syrupy quality of the scent softens, so that the sugar and cinnamon become almost powdery. This remains a very wearable gourmand on me. The black coffee is quite detectable up close, but it never overpowers. The cinnamon bun sweetness accounts for most of the throw, but the coffee keeps it from being cloying. I'm not sure I'd ever use up a bottle (I rarely wear pure gourmands), but it's quite a nice novelty experience. Edit: The more I wore this, the more I liked it. It's a cozy winter scent that's not outright Yule. It has the same feeling -- though not the same objective smell -- I get from Miskatonic University, only with less Irish coffee.
  4. torischroeder9

    Black Coffee & Old Books

    In the decant: Sweet vetiver and new, soft leather. I don't get a coffee note at all. (I am reviewing and testing on the same day it was delivered. Will update as necessary.) On my skin: Wet, it's older, more worn leather with the barest hint of black coffee. As it dries, even the hint of coffee fades, and it's just lots and lots of leather. After it has time to dry and develop a bit, a softer, almost dusty note emerges -- it does smell like the pages of old books. The leather is still there, but now the whole thing is like standing in a collection of older, leather-bound books. This is a very interesting blend. I'm not sure I'll wear it for daily perfume, but to be honest, I purchased it more for the curiosity and experience.
  5. torischroeder9

    In Omnibus Caritas

    In the imp: Honey, mallow, vanilla, sandalwood, and orris. It's sweet, delicate and not cloying, and gently grounded. On my skin: Wet, it's mallow flower first, sweetened by honey. It stays remarkably consistent on me. It reminds me a bit of Elegant Vulvas, except that this honey is... simpler, cleaner, than the wildflower honey. It also has very little throw on me, though the scent is not faint up close.
  6. torischroeder9

    In Necessarias Unitas

    In the imp: Sweet patchouli and red oud. On my skin: Tinkly sweet patchouli; the tinkly aspect is a quality I associate with white musk, though I don't detect that actual note in this blend. The immediate drydown also yields fuzzy oakmoss. In the early stages, the oakmoss is pretty much having its way on me, giving it a bit of cologney quality and amping up the throw. During that time, the woods and patch come together closer to my skin, sweetened a touch by the honeyed vetiver. Overall, this is a very balanced, grounded, unified scent. Saying it's what would happen if someone -- most successfully -- tried to make patchouli cologne is both as accurate as I can describe it and far from being able to do this scent justice. The patch and woods are grounded but not harsh or bitter, the oakmoss is airy, the sweetness just dancing at the edges of the scent. Edit: I ended up wearing this as I was practicing yoga this afternoon. During savasana, the phrase "crystalline patchouli" struck me as appropriately descriptive for this scent.
  7. torischroeder9

    In Dubiis Libertas

    In the imp: Amber, benzoin, smoke, and cypress, in that order. On my skin: Wet, it's lightly smoky amber and benzoin. As it dries, the benzoin and amber become more pronounced. It's still very lightly smoky. The cypress is mainly brightening the resins while the vanilla warms them. Neither of those two notes is prominent on my skin. This is perfumey amber and benzoin, very beautiful and elegant. Not sure how at home it is on my skin, but it is lovely. Edit: The next morning, the remains of this scent had a similar quality to my "morning after" Mme. Moriarty (the 2006 version only). To my knowledge, the only notes these two scents have in common is "vanilla," and different types at that -- but there you go.
  8. torischroeder9

    V'al Hanissim

    This bottle is still only one day arrived at my house. Will update if contents shift after settling. In the bottle: 100% beeswax On my skin: Wet, it's still beeswax. All the best beeswax. I'm tempted to slather this because it's such good beeswax. Half an hour in, and it's still almost all beeswax. If I sniff closely, I can maybe pick up a bit of amber. That said, amber sometimes does a thing on me where it causes certain other notes to amp, without being all that detectable itself. That said, since my experience seems close to that of other reviewers, I really can't say if that's what's going on here. A couple of hours later, and it's still the same -- Maybe a bit of amber, but mostly soft, glowing beeswax.
  9. torischroeder9

    Here We Come A-Wassailing

    I just received this bottle today. Normally I don't review so soon, but I'm too excited to wait. Will revise and update as necessary. In the bottle: Apples and cranberries on first sniff, followed by rosemary. On my skin: Wet, the scent initially separates into two layers -- a leathery streak and a cran-apple streak. As it dries, I get wafts of leather, apple, rosemary, and clove. Once it settles, it's predominantly leather and clove -- not unlike Fortuna Restitutrix, though the Yule is rounder and warmer, I'd guess from the fruits. The throw I get from this is on the shorter side of medium.
  10. torischroeder9

    Sherlock Holmes

    I thought I'd reviewed him before, but I guess not. In the imp: Tickly sweetness, a little perfumey. Can't determine specific notes. On my skin: Wet, I can definitely pick out the rosin, the leather, and the tobacco. The rosin and leather are presently keeping the tobacco at bay. As it dries, something a lot like white musk comes out though I can still make out the tobacco and -- more faintly now -- the leather and rosin. Ultimately, the tobacco settles down so that it blends seamlessly into the white musk. The leather and rosin remain an undercurrent, warming and rounding out the scent. I'm not sure how "me" this is, but it's a very cleverly conceived and elegantly constructed scent.
  11. torischroeder9


    In the decant: Lots of honey, with a hint of something else, not sweet -- but it's also not strong and is fleeting. On my skin: Wet, ZOMG! It's wildflower honey! I am a fan of honey. I am a fan of the Lab's honeys. This is by far my favorite incarnation of honey. As it dries, every once in a while, if I sniff close to my skin, I get a whiff of what could best be described as baking powder biscuits -- but the throw is still all honey. And that's where it stays. I will admit that the baking powder biscuit is not my favorite element of this blend, but as I have to stick my nose in my skin to get it -- with all the rest being glorious wildflower honey -- I am just not going to worry about it.
  12. torischroeder9

    Candles Moon

    In the decant: A faint sweetness that might be... just about anything. On my skin: Wet, the wax note does start to come out, along with some faint blackberry. As it dries, the blackberry fades back again, and the wax becomes almost smoky. I also pick upon the milk note, which goes a bit sour on my skin. Eventually, the milk does fade -- and the blackberry does too -- and it's mostly just soft beeswax on my skin.
  13. torischroeder9

    Frostbitten Jersey Devil

    In the decant: Mostly cranberry. On my skin: Wet, it's mostly pine pitch. As it dries, the pine recedes, and the cranberry -- now along with blackberry -- becomes the prominent note. It's backed by the woods, and the snow note here is working to soften everything; the entire scent here is not as strident on me as regular Jersey Devil is. It doesn't morph much from here, and it stays a very low throw scent on me.
  14. torischroeder9

    Gingerbread Poppet

    In the bottle: Foody gingerbread with extra gingerbread spice. On my skin: Wet, it's immediately foody, with the nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon jumping out as it dries. Once it settles, it's mostly baking spice with a soft undercurrent of gingerbread as a baked good. Doesn't morph much after that. Very big on spices, not overly foody. My kind of gingerbread.
  15. torischroeder9

    Daphne Honey

    In the bottle: Slightly spicy and resinous sweetness. The best comparison I have is to blends that contain honey and champaca, though this is deeper and not citrus-bright. On my skin: Wet, it's spicy floral with an undertone of honey. Even as it dries, the honey remains a background note here and doesn't go all heady (and very powerful) on me, like honey can sometimes do. As it develops, it goes a touch powdery but otherwise stays very nice. This is a very wearable honey blend, possibly the most wearable on me of the Apiary scents I've tried so far.