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  1. torischroeder9

    You're a Daisy If You Have

    In the decant: Leather that's like the inside of a used and new tack shop. It's new, sharp, clean leather. It's faded and worn used leather. It's cheap leather and plush expensive leather. All together. A second whiff gives me smoke and sage. On my skin: It's gonna be a minute. First impressions are leather, then smoke, then tobacco, then sage, then prairie flowers. This is all within the first fifteen seconds. After fifteen minutes, it's back to complex tack store. I cannot say that I mind. Which is good because complex tack store is where it seems to stay on me. I don't swear that I need a bottle of this, but I'm definitely keeping the decant and keeping an eye out.
  2. torischroeder9

    Terra Caloris

    In the bottle: Red musk and amber, and definitely thyme, though I don't detect a strong "scorched" element at this stage. I mean, it smells like herbal dried thyme but not like I actually burned it in a pan or anything. On my skin: Wet, red musk floats up immediately, followed by amber, followed by something... almost citrusy floral that I can't discern based on the notes. If I didn't have a note list, I would have guessed champaca (and been wrong, obviously), which is at least a pleasant, if inaccurate, association. As it dries, the red musk dials back on me -- alas! -- and I'm left with the same red amber that I like in Fragment 38. Where that is sweetened by olive blossom, though, this is dry and herbal spiced. I still get the dried thyme, along with flakes of dried red pepper. I am getting very little sweetness from this, such that I do wish for a bit more. That said, I am testing this when I am freshly showered and when the desert has produced summer thunderstorms outside my door. I wonder what would happen if I tried this on on a sunny, dry, sweaty day.
  3. torischroeder9

    Baron Samedi

    Another I could have sworn I've reviewed. I've tried, I know, but not written down my thoughts. In the imp: Almond extract, the kind made with real alcohol. On my skin: Wet, still almond extract. As it dries, the almond extract fades entirely, and I'm left with very bay bay rum. That is, rum spices are present, but bay is really at the forefront of the scent right now. The more it sits, though, the more the rest of the spices become predominant. I like this spicy rum stage, though I don't know how unique it would be in my collection at this point. Ultimately, I think that this is where the baron ends up on me. I love these spices, but I do have them in other scent blends. And the fact that Baron Samedi does not contain a markedly sweetening note on me (not that I think it should, to be a good interpretation of the namesake) means that in terms of general wearability, this is probably not my choice-est scent.
  4. torischroeder9


    I feel like I must have reviewed this before. I think I've tried it at least twice. But apparently no review. So. This imp came direct from the Lab. In the imp: Gentle florals and soft ginger. I cannot identify muguet specifically, but the floral note is delicate. On my skin: Wet, it's all white floral, though nothing is soapy or harsh. As it dries, the muguet becomes more of a distinct note, though the ginger and other floral notes keep it soft and not screeching on me (which is a problem I sometimes have with lilies of all varieties). Given even more time, the ginger bounces back a bit so it's definitely a gingerly floral. It's beautiful in the same way that Vixen is beautiful (translation: I love it) though it's much cleaner and softer, lacking Vixen's grit. I think I need that grit to really want it in a perfume oil, but Pele bath oil or atmo spray would certainly get my monies.
  5. torischroeder9


    Imp direct from the Lab. In the imp: Verrry rosy rose soap. Like, rose sometimes goes soapy on my skin, so I am a little afraid to try this on, it's so soapy already. On my skin (for science): Wet, it's more rose and less soap. Whew. As it dries, I get a touch of something citrus, either bergamot or tangerine. It's still pretty rosy, though, and more than a little soapy. Finally, the soap dials back, as does the rose, and a bit of carnation, amber, and musk appear. It's still a rose-forward scent on me, but now it's backed by other notes that give it additional depth. This ends up being a deep and sophisticated rose -- "imperial" in the scent description is apt -- but alas, it is too much rose for me. Still loads better than soap, though.
  6. torischroeder9

    What would you put in a BPAL starter pack?

    Okay, I'm going to do imps only, with a justification being that there's so much variation in individual skin chemistry. For every "surefire winner" BPAL has, there's someone who finds it just doesn't work for them. Snake Oil -- I think it's fair to include it just because the Lab calls it their signature scent. I also happen to love it. There also happen to be a number of SO variants, so I think it makes sense to include the base scent in a starter pack. Dorian -- Another BPAL classic, this time of the more clean and sophisticated variety. This also happens to be The One that smells AH-mazing in the imp for me but that my skin chemistry turns to mediocrity. Spellbound -- Though you could convince me there are better BPAL roses and better BPAL red musks, I've seen this work for a lot of folks who didn't think they could wear rose (like me) and folks who didn't think they could wear red musk. (I don't know if I've seen it work for folk who list both of those as ungood notes, though.) Vixen -- This works as a "Snake Oil-like" scent for a lot of folks for whom SO doesn't work. I also love the way it uses orange blossom and ginger. First, I love that this is such a rounded three-note perfume. Second, I love that I never would have pictured these particular three notes together, but it does create a beautiful whole. Zombi -- I feel like this is BPAL's most "beginner-friendly" scent with a dirt/soil/earth note, which is also something I want folks new to BPAL to experience. (I haven't found it yet, but someday, I intend to find the BPAL with just the right amount of dirt on me that it smells like something while it's growing in soil. I'm not there yet, but I think Zombi probably started me on this quest.) Iago -- For me, this is a scent that's fairly raw, without any smooth edges. I think it's very stereotypically masculine, and I'd want to include something with that evocation to get beyond the idea that perfume oils are predominantly oriented around the feminine. Katharina -- This is probably my favorite scent of the light and airy floral variety. The Antikythera Mechanism -- Tobacco is another note I think the Lab does extremely well, and I feel like this is the most accessible GC tobacco scent. By "accessible," I mean that it has few enough notes that the tobacco stands out but enough notes that it's not likely to go Tobacco SN on anyone.
  7. torischroeder9

    Mag Mell

    In the imp: Ginger, grass, and sage, with a little brightness I could attribute to verbena, though I can't distinguish it as a note. On my skin: Wet, it's mostly white ginger, though with a lightness and airiness that probably comes from the amber. As it dries, the grass comes out, though it goes back and forth a bit with the ginger as the starring note. Settled, it's very gingery but also grassy, backed strongly by the sage. Amber, as it often does on me, is acting as a strong base from which to feature these other notes. I like it a fair bit, though I feel it's maybe a touch more herbal than I'd want as a regular wear perfume.
  8. Do you travel with needlework projects? Not needles but crochet, and not big projects but small busy work things, like pot holders and face scrubbers and maybe beanie hats. Like, something I could finish in an airport if my flight got delayed 2 hours. Are you interested in any games? Yes. Categorically. If you mentioned you liked bracelets or earrings to wear.... I did not mention this thing. Say you like or collect travel mugs: do you want them to have a city or state name? Ceramic, stainless, or is plastic ok? Size preference? (12oz, 14oz, etc.) I do not collect these. Are you interested in some travel size tastes of homemade liqueur? Currently I have rose petal, lavender vanilla bean, and plum. No alcoholic spirits for me, please. I don't drink, and also, I think it's actually illegal to send alcohol through the mail in Arizona. If someone were to make or get you a fun beach hat, what size is your noggin? Hat size 7. Do your pets like treats? Yes. One cat loves catnip. The other cat and both dogs love dog treats of all types. Do you have fiber preferences or allergies for knitted/crocheted items? Nope! Are you BPAL only as far as perfume is concerned? Like, 95%? I've been purchasing BPAL since circa 2006. I own one bottle of Solstice Scents (Smokewood Apiary), for which I swapped on the BPAL Forum, and I recently (like, this week) made my first Hexennacht order. Are you part of any fandoms? Ish? I've liked Harry Potter, but have really not wanted to support JK Rowling more. I removed myself from fan outlets in which she has or had a financial interest, and the result is that I've stopped following a fair bit of the fandom. But, since I’m going……..is there anything that you would like from the shore? Shells, salt water taffy, some soft of delightfully tacky souvenir?? My heart is with saltwater taffy, but my receiving temperature most decidedly is not, unfortunately. There will always be a special place in my soul for tack. Enameled pins, yay or nay? Patches vs stickers, which do you prefer, or neither, or both?? Probably none of these? I have a lack of places to put items like this, so they often do not get displayed as they should.
  9. torischroeder9

    Dead Leaves, Black Amber, and Woodmoss Hair Gloss

    Received a decant (is that what it's called with HG? it's much larger than a perfume decant but smaller than a FS hair gloss) in a swap. In the decant: I definitely get black amber and something that is woodsy and mossy. It's light on the dead leaves, which, since they often go to bell pepper on me, I don't mind. On my skin: (Testing on skin as my hair does not love hair gloss. Also, it's 115 here, and my hair is kind of sweat-stinky, and I don't want it to bias my impressions.) Black amber, wood moss, slightly almost-smoky. Not like something is burning smoky, but like you walked into a room where someone had finished burning incense maybe an hour ago. I am super glad my skin is super dry because I am going to unapologetically wear this as a skin perfume until it's gone.
  10. torischroeder9

    Leo 2007

    Decant received as swap freebie. In the decant: I can pick out amber, chamomile, frankincense, and saffron. It gives the impression of a slightly sweet, lightly spiced... almost nutty? like almond, but not almond... resin. On my skin: Wet, I get the Egyptian amber and walnut bark (which, it just now occurs to me that that might account for the nuttiness of my first impression)... though in this iteration of the scent, the walnut bark is very much detectable as such. I missed a lot of the interim stages as I got busy and only have a tester, but this develops into something warm and sensuous on me. Definitely amber and saffron, and you could certainly convince me that walnut bark is deepening it as frankincense is lightening it. There's also a depth to it that I can't quite identify, which might be the chamomile interacting with the other notes. I like this quite a lot and would consider trying to acquire a bottle of it if I though that would be an easier task.
  11. torischroeder9


    Received as a frimp in a swap. In the imp: Delicate smoke and the soft resin of copal. You could absolutely convince me of florals here, but at this stage, none are distinct. On my skin: Wet, it's still resin and smoke, though they separate here slightly. In the imp, they were swirled together, and I couldn't smell one without smelling the other. In the early stages on my skin, I get each in fits and starts. (That description sounds less harmonious than it really is.) As it dries, I can start to detect the sweet orange near my skin -- and it might be contributing to what I read as the copal further out in the throw -- but the throw is still mostly copal and smoke. It's a light incense smoke, though, nothing harsh or heavy about it. And it's totally possible that the plumeria and other floral notes are blending into what I'm reading as sweet incense smoke. The more the scent develops, the more sweet orange I get close to the skin, which is a little unusual for my skin chemistry. (My skin usually eats orange by this point in the wearing.) I like it, as it's a tropical vibe that's light but not too light and isn't overly sweet or cloying. I would also say there's something fairly gender neutral about this. It's light and sweet enough to be traditionally feminine, but it's also grounded and smoky in a way that's traditionally masculine. I like this considerably more than I thought I would based on the notes (I had imagined it being more humid florals), but I'm not sure I need bottle. If I hadn't already amassed quite a perfume collection, however, I might think differently as this fits in a scent niche that my current other perfumes don't really provide.
  12. torischroeder9

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    Received today in a Forum purchase. It's in a 5mL roller ball bottle, not the original Lab bottle, so I don't know if that will skew my in-bottle impressions. In the (decanted) bottle: Initially, it's just extra sweet Snake Oil, but not in the same way other sweetened Snake Oil versions -- Womb Furie, Snake's Kiss -- have been. After a bit, I can detect an element that's more like powdered sugar baked good than like cloying honey. On my skin: Wet, it's basically regular (aged almost a year) Snake Oil -- which, in my opinion, is fabulous enough in itself. As it dries, I get maybe a liiitle extra sweetness, but not necessarily more than I'd get from sultry, well-aged Snake Oil to begin with. Huh. For better or for worse, that's about where this stays on me, years-old aged Snake Oil. I'm a little disappointed that the finished product is not more novel on my skin chemistry, but since I love SO, I cannot complain.
  13. torischroeder9

    Like the Very Gods

    In the decant: Orris butter and musk. Maybe a touch of sweetness. On my skin: I must be getting something of olive blossom, honey, and sandalwood because this is exactly the same vibe I love about Defututa though the particulars of the scent are a bit different. As it dries, I also get some of the skin musk love I get from La Petite Mort. What I'm actually feeling is what I experience sometimes the morning after I've worn Defututa the evening before (back when, you know, people went places in the evening). It's damn sexy. Like, I love Defututa. I looooooovveee this.
  14. torischroeder9

    Balancing the Sake Cup

    In the decant: Ginger, and something that comes across as almost astringent. I'm wondering if that's the concentrated benzoin and orange blossom before they've had a chance to "air out." On my skin: Wet, it's candied ginger immediately, followed by more recognizable orange blossom, followed by more of the sweetness in the candied part of "candied ginger" coming out. As it dries, it's the orange blossom, I think, that's giving the ginger an almost herbal or astringent or sour tang. I'm still deciding whether I like it, but I will note that this is very different from the ginger I get foodie or even more traditionally spicy scents. I don't think it's bad-weird, but it definitely is weird. (I also don't get much clove as of yet, but as I perpetually want more clove in things, that doesn't mean it's not there.) After a while, the sour tang damps down, but it's still left with a fairly dry, herbal, earthy ginger. I'm leaning toward finding it engaging and interesting, but I would totally understand if any given person felt this was just not what they were looking for in a perfume. After quite a while (2 hours after application), the candied aspect of the candied ginger comes back out, and the perfume sweetens on my skin. Now it's a much more conventionally sweet and spicy ginger scent -- though it's still much like candied ginger pieces rather than ginger flavored candies or ginger-containing baked goods. This stage is utterly delightful. For me -- because of how much I love this stage and the fact that I found the earlier stage more interesting than off-putting -- I think this is going to tip my scales into bottle land.
  15. torischroeder9

    Amoretti LXXV

    In the decant: Amber and scarlet musk, in a way that's not un-reminiscent of Fragment 38 (one of my previous Luper faves), with a lightness from what I expect is apple and a roundness that I expect is vanilla. On my skin: Wet, it's amber and scarlet musk, a touch of bright fruit, and a touch of smooth vanilla. As it dries, the vanilla amps up, and there's almost something... husky?... the amber or the benzoin?... that evokes Madame Moriarty (less fruit-forward than the new version, less patchouli dominant than the original). The benzoin starts to come out as it develops on my skin, providing an airy dryness, which is what I think is calling to mind the Mme Mo but not quite vibe. This is actually really nice. The only reason I think I'm not upgrading to a bottle is because I've just compared it to three other scents (I count the Mme Mo versions separately) I own and love.