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  1. archaesophilia

    Tea Roses and Lace

    The green congac in this reminds me of Emerald Lace in a good way! I dab cleavage and wrists and the florals burn off my wrists almost immediately, leaving a slightly foodie, delicious lace behind that is very like Crinoline and Lace. The cleavage dabs don't lose florals as fast, and after a few hours there's still whiffs of peony. This is one of those laces that is a 'room lace' rather than a 'person lace' in it's story telling. Lovely, and I'll be keeping my back up!
  2. archaesophilia

    Queen Mab's Lace

    In the bottle, this is a lovely spring green honeysuckle scent. After an hour or so on, it becomes a gorgeously balanced floral vanilla amber/musk. The deep notes come out a lot more with time and the florals fade and aren't as sharp. Towards the end of the day, the florals burn off and what's left behind is a lovely lace.
  3. archaesophilia

    Lacquered Vulva Hair Gloss

    These burgundy musk blends are really hitting it out of the park! This is so well blended; the jasmine is purple, and the mahogany, musk, and spanish moss play sooooo well together.
  4. archaesophilia

    The Fiery Clinch of Ecstasy Hair Gloss

    Wooow, this is what I've always been hoping for in a Lupercalia HG; it's what I wanted all those red musk and honey variations to be. It's (almost) red musk, sweetened by the creamy amber, made dirty by the patchouli-but it's not a patch forward scent-and given a little sharpness by the pepper. It's really really well balanced and I can see myself easily finishing the bottle.
  5. archaesophilia

    Elegant Vulvas

    This is a wonderful example of why I love the Lupercalia releases; it's creamy and sweet, but not foodie, floral, but not harsh, and just really, really, balanced. One of my favorite Vulvas thus far!
  6. archaesophilia

    Smoke and Lace

    This is the same combination of leather/smoke that's in OLLA Quintessence of Dust, which is a little unfortunate for me because it's a death note in my nose. Fortunately, after an hour or so on, the screechy leather backs off and it does become a nice, soft kid glove worn by a wicked and interesting lady! It grows on me as I wear it, and it's one of the more interesting/evocative laces to be released recently. I don't think I'll need my back up of this, but I'm glad to have it and see how it ages.
  7. archaesophilia

    Crinoline and Lace

    This is gorgeous vanilla musk that's sweetened by coconut cream, made a touch more complex by the cognac and tobacco combination. This is like Antique Lace's more sophisticated daughter.
  8. archaesophilia

    Lycan Lace

    Because I tend to amp rose, Lycan Lace is all feral roses-a rose forward, incensey tobacco with a whiff of pine, grounded by musk. If there's any patchouli in the 'soil stained' part, then that's there, too. The lace is barely discernible under it all, mellowing all the other sharp notes out. After a day of wear, the lace does come forward more.
  9. archaesophilia

    Vampire Lace

    In the bottle this is a scary, funky, musky lily. On, it rapidly mellows out into a dry, musky, spicy lace. It's actually really nice! I was expecting a lily death note based on what's in the bottle, but this is probably going to turn into one of my favorite laces.
  10. archaesophilia

    Pumpkin Spice Sanguinem Menstruum

    I wear regular SM pretty regularly and I have to say that this is mostly pumpkin spice and not much SM. I also don't typically like foodie scents, so pumpkin spice isn't in my usual line up so I don't know what it's usually like, but it interacts in interesting ways with SM. I think the honey from the original scent is amping the PS sweetness and at the same time the musk and poppies are making the spices more complex. It kiiinda reminds me of a PSL that's been left out overnight. After a few hours this settles down to a powdery, creamy, sweet, very lightly spicy scent.
  11. archaesophilia

    Fair Maiden Side-Eye

    Holy moly, this is a close relation to Cave of Treasures! It's a little sweeter and creamier, but otherwise it's really showing why dragon's blood blends sometimes read as lilac. So happy I got a bottle of this!
  12. archaesophilia

    Boadicea Hair Gloss

    Amber, fig, vanilla flower, oak, patchouli, vetiver, dragons blood resin, leather, and neroli. I haven't smelled the perfume version of this, but the hairgloss has rapidly become one of my favorites! This is a very sophisticated blend-reminiscent of Nasty Woman from last year in that it has a patchouli/fig base-yet, entirely it's own thing. The fig/patchouli fade and blend with the woodiness of the oak and the sweetness of the dragon's blood, amber, and neroli, balanced by the vetiver and grounded by the leather. It doesn't have a huge throw when applied on wet hair, but an extra spritz when it's dried makes it more long-lasting. This is one that lasts through the day and renews itself when whetted in the next shower even after a shampoo.
  13. archaesophilia

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    I'm sitting here with original eve on one wrist and WSFU on the other and they are both amazing! The original is more rose/honey/incense, but the sage is amping to incense/herbal/honey. The sage is definitely adding a depth and a richness that isn't present in the more ethereal original.
  14. archaesophilia

    Blood Popsicle

    Wow! I wasn't sure what to expect with this, but it turns out that it's a summery version of Sanguinem Menstruum! It's a bit of a morpher; sometimes it's more fruity, sometimes it's more floral, sometimes bloody! But overall, it's a lighter version of sang, so if you were scared away by how heavy that one is, you should give this a try.
  15. archaesophilia

    Lavender Lace

    In the bottle and wet it's dry, sharpish lavender over caramel. The lavender quickly mellows and blends in, followed by the caramel. After an hour or so the other notes start to come out, and a couple of hours after application it's a close to the skin, really well balanced, classic lace scent. It's a very demure lace compared to Emerald and Solstice, more along the lines of antique lace.