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  1. RoseThornAndOak

    Roses, Pearls, and Emeralds

    I get all of the good sides and none of the bad sides from the listed notes, which is a miracle. The rose sap is less powdery rose soap and more green and lush. The ivy is fresh and green, not plastic. The orris root only softens and sweetens without going baby powder. The oakmoss is present but not stomping over everything. Pine needle adds an enchanted forest vibe instead of Christmas tree or musty pine box vibe. It doesn't go super pine at all actually, far less than Blauer Mond, if that helps. The lime does not smell like pee or super strong. The juniper also doesn't go bonkers (to me juniper smells like dirty socks usually and I don't know why but not here). So that describes more or less what this is not. What *does* this smell like? This reminds me a bit of Rose Red, but less rose, more stem, with a hint of evergreen creating a darkened, nocturnal aspect. A forest, sparkled and glittered in fantasy, yet darkened with danger and intrigue. All the green notes come together to create an entirely different forest blend than usualy encountered. I think it is better in the bottle than final drydown, which is a nice, softened green blend. I've encountered other fantasy forest blends I also love, but so happy to have this!
  2. RoseThornAndOak

    At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away

    I really like this. Ellocentipede's description of the ice note is perfect: clean, fresh, slightly minty, I would add in a fresh way and not like toothpaste at all. There's a nice sweet hay like grassy note underneath, plus some florals sniffing blind I would never be able to tell you what they were. I don't get an overtly pollenous or dusty herbal vibe from the marigolds or dahlias. No stompy rose, and I don't know what ranunculus is (is that a dinosaur? ). I kind of just get a whiff of wildflowers on the breeze. It's not overtly cold. More like a sweet wildflower bouquet with a touch of wild mint throughout. I get Sense and Sensibility, "these are not from the hothouse" vibes. Very lovely!
  3. RoseThornAndOak

    A New Leaf

    Hey guess what? It's leafy! It's green! Super green, juicy, fresh, bright leaves in the opening. A bit of pretty rose, doesn't amp, and not too powdery. The chypre is nice, a bit of that citrus bite bergamot can have, (but not the Fruit Loops type of bergamot), with a classic moss throughout. Some chypres have patchouli listed as a component, but there's none here. When I sniff close there is an almost tea like note. I really like this. I think fans of vintage everything will adore this. It makes me think of what a vintage chypre would have smelled like when brand new. Clean, nostalgic, soft, and romantic. A bit linear on drydown, I think it would layer well as well as hold its own all by itself.
  4. RoseThornAndOak

    Rose Buds, Mushrooms, and Moss

    This is hard to describe. I'm getting a slightly spicy almost gourmand, not really bready, but brownish and a bit more like cinnamon than earthy mushroom, maybe a super light patchouli, but it is not like Death Cap to me, more smooth and less atmospheric. There is a note reminiscent of brown leaves on a forest floor, but not green pepper type leaves. This description probably makes this blend sound sharp and earthy, but it somehow is not. This blend is soft, warm, and smoothed out by a sweetness throughout. I do get some rosebud, similar to the one used in one the Labyrinth blends, but it is not too fruity. The moss is a bit like oakmoss, but not overtly dominant. Overall very nice and like nothing else. Smells natural, mossy, sweet, cuddly, slightly spicy on drydown. Overall color palette impression is green and brown. I do agree there is a fairy vibe. Total Keeper!
  5. RoseThornAndOak


    This is mostly a super strong green plasticky blend on me. Very sharp and only softens a bit. The bottle art is lovely, though.
  6. RoseThornAndOak

    Easter Lily

    White bright floral a tad soapy with snappy green in the bottle. Waxy floral on the skin. There's a plastic stage that reminds me of Easter basket grass. Dries down pretty white floral with the green receding. It is a different lily than say Karl Lagerfeld's Sun, Moon, and Stars, which brings early 90s nostalgia for me. This is a solid like but not a swoonworthy love on my skin, so I will pass this along to a better home, but it was a lovely experience to try this.
  7. RoseThornAndOak

    Wild Rose & Dandelion Sap

    I'll wager my wig on this being the same rose in Two Women on Veranda Overlooking The Sea. It has that crisp, brisk, fresh, snappy aquatic zingy dewy rose, and in the bottle especially a very green sap. It does go a tad soapy in a nice fresh and clean, beautiful way, the way I like aquatics to go. This is so nice. Perfect for these warm spring days when the flowers are blooming yet an epic thunderstorm might roll in and bless us with negative ions after.
  8. RoseThornAndOak

    Angel With Flaming Sword

    Red musk, spice, red fruit, and fizzy aldehydes predominently. The combo is not really fetching on me, but there are some notes in here that are quite nice in the bottle I wouldn't mind exploring more.
  9. RoseThornAndOak

    Civil Twilight

    Green herbal citrus blossoms in the bottle, white spring floral plus peach on the skin and on drydown. Unfortunately, this goes plastic and artificial on me. On the right skin this would be a gorgeous spring summer fruity floral.
  10. RoseThornAndOak

    Byzantine Bean Taffy

    Ok. Hard to explain. There's something almost cherry in this. Like salty cherry or some other fruit but more brown in hue. There's something in here that vaguely reminds me of Phantom Calliope. It's sweet and spicy, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of cinnamon or other spice in here. It fades into a vaguely sweet spiced skin scent. It's almost a buttery popcorn with some sweet cinnamon buns going on. I might need to try this again. It's odd as heck.
  11. RoseThornAndOak

    Philosopher Reading

    Hmm, I'm wondering if aging brings out the beeswax more, because it is very present in the drydown and quite nice! I kind of get more weird green stony and incense blend in the bottle, that makes me think of a dungeon. The sweet beeswax drydown saves the day. This isn't a favorite blend, I'd be ok without it, but I do like it especially as an atmospheric.
  12. RoseThornAndOak

    Leave Her, Jonny

    Maaaan I wanted to like this one! It's a deep rich dark yet dry woody blend with cedar planks. It's either the patch or oud ruining this, however, as it goes sharp. There's not too much fig or coconut. It mostly dries down to the wood and patchouli notes.I think on the right skin this would be a fantastic pirate sweet dark patchouli oud blend!
  13. RoseThornAndOak

    Boney Was a Warrior

    In the bottle, a sweet almond with green soft moss. As it dries down, the oakmoss takes over. This stays as an oakmoss cologne predominently. I could picture Napoleon wearing this, however, since watching Swamp Fox last night, which is based on the story of Francis Marion fighting in the Revolutionary War in the swamps of SC, I kinda picture him more, but maybe on a cleaned up day. This is awesome for oakmoss fans and I keep being drawn to it. I think it would layer well with woodsy or smoky blends.
  14. RoseThornAndOak

    Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, & Vanilla Absolute

    Ooo wow this is pretty. AL type vanilla with a tiny smidge of vanilla extract, soft sandalwood (not hippie-like), and a deep, almost tuberose-like ylang ylang in the bottle, not too indolic at all, that softens considerably and melds with the vanilla and a faint wiff of the sandalwood on drydown. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
  15. RoseThornAndOak

    White Clover, Elderflower, and Apple

    It's a nice fresh, apple plus greenery and light slightly powdery floral that goes just this side of plastic on my skin, just enough for destash. It is much more juicy yet crisp green apple in the bottle. I agree a bit like shampoo.