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  1. RoseThornAndOak

    John Locke

    Slap some genteel on your Rogue/Mountebank and you have John Locke. Lavender over leather leads in the beginning. There is a smol bit of soft spices that come thru the mids, I wouldn't have thought lemon balm would be in this, if it is it is not detectable. I could see the coriander, cassia, nutmeg, clove being contenders, but no note stands out. Not Xmasy or Fall, although this would do well in cooler weather. Not harsh, just adding an old world appeal. The Rogue leather is the main part of the drydown. Maybe a bit sweeter. Thieves Rosin is a strong suspecc in this blend, too. I really enjoy this and debating whether I need a full as I already have Rogue and The Mountebank. But, if you missed The Mountebank, John Locke is closer to that than Rogue, and worth picking up. ❤️
  2. RoseThornAndOak

    Fir Needle, Ivy Leaves, and Moss

    This blend is gorgeous. I might not have picked it up if it wasn't for Little Bird's review. Glittery, Faerie/Elven Pine-Sol for 15 minutes. I actually love this stage, its so random and fun like the banana note in Noisy Goose Moon is random and fun. Then, a green, ethereal, diaphanous, softness that is hard to describe. Maybe musk or floral along with the green notes? It is very similar to one of my top 5s, Forest Daughter by Deep Midnight Perfumes which doesn't list any green notes at all but has florals, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, and cocoa, yet manages to smell like a faerie forest or Elven maiden in Middle Earth. It's very similar to dandelion, like if dandelion was green, sheer, and sparkly. Since the patchouli in Forest Daughter smelled acrid to me post covid due I'm so happy to have a substitute as there's no patchouli in this at all! No weirdness here, just gorgeous, glittery notes. No oakmoss stomping over everything, no Christmas tree stomping (Black Metal song when), nothing earthy/skanky, just clean and green, like what elves would clean themselves up with. Basically glittery green forest in Middle Earth. It works better on my skin than Elf. I'm considering a backup too even though I'm broke. Hands down one of my absolute favorite BPALs.
  3. RoseThornAndOak

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    Yep very Antique Lacey, the hay note is a bit more outdoor and warm. I already have a dupe for Antique Lace that I love but I'll keep the decant.
  4. RoseThornAndOak

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    I'm on the fence on this one. The beeswax, although nice, is strong and cloying, especially in the beginning. The lilac takes a backseat but is present for the ride. There is a brief moment where this goes pretty candle wax on me (not sure why I'm surprised), but more like a cheap snuffed out white candle. This dries down nice though into a soft lilac beeswax candle skin scent. I think it would layer well with nag champa or other incense to give it more of a ritual vibe, I think that would gel just right. I'll at least play with the decant if not a bottle.
  5. RoseThornAndOak

    Love Let Her

    A bit powder puff at first, rosey. It's not smoky on me, I forgot smoke was a note, actually. The sandalwood behaves and adds slight, soft woods. I'm not getting any weirdness from it. It dries down to a pretty floral sandalwood combo, velvet is a great term for it, clean and soft. Coincidentally wore a velvet skirt with a ditsy floral top today and it fits the mood. A bit timeless, although I could see this pairing well with a Sweet Lolita wardrobe. It's youthful and springy but I wouldn't say childish, any age group could pull it off really. Reminds me of Vasilissa a little bit. Elegant, classy, work appropriate. The final drydown has me considering a bottle.
  6. RoseThornAndOak

    Blacklight Reactive Wizard Poster

    Suuuuuper glad I went for a decant first, this poster's Dank. Dank MCDankerson. It pretty much stays that way, softens up hours later on me. It does come across as hempy and reminds me of making hemp necklaces back in the day. Wish I got more nag champa from this as it's a favorite note. Glad I got to try it, if you love the weed note and it goes soft on you, you'll really love this blend as it's front and center here.
  7. RoseThornAndOak

    Upslope Fog

    This is very atmospheric too, not quite what I would wear, but an atmos spray would be great. It does kinda have a fjord vibe, than more floral/powdery in the late drydown. I love the concept, but have other blends for mountains I love more. I'm keeping the decant though, it's nice!
  8. RoseThornAndOak

    Scientific, Occult and Inexplicable

    Welp I thought this would do the hot mess thing on me too, but I'm pleasantly surprised. At first it goes on metal, a tiny bit acrid, strange, atmospheric, I don't even know, but it does have an old laboratory vibe. After a while it softens up and the slight acrid streak goes away. I'm left with a soft, slightly powdered, gentlemanly blend of hard to pin down notes. Maybe slightly (ever so) metallic incense powder, maybe in the way tobacco is slightly metallic? Yes that's it, I think tobacco might be in this, lighter leaf color, not deep, chewy, or syrupy, but dried. It makes me think of something Professor Moriarty would wear. Steampunk vibes for sure, too. A decant'll do me I reckon, yet it keeps getting better and better as it wears, so it's a tough call. I do have Lycan Lace and Antikythera that I enjoy more for this vibe (only slightly similar in scent, but very similar in vibe). I feel like many might miss a good tweeded, waist-coated, masculine blend with this one, it's worth checking out.
  9. RoseThornAndOak

    The Fox Sisters 2021

    Yeah I'm surprised there's not more reviews on this, too @Diesis as this is really pretty! Out the gate I get a gorgeous red apple, fresh and lush almost like fresh pressed fall festival cider. Yes please, another round! The rose and mahogany lend a fresh, clean, classic, sophisticated vibe to the apple, not earthy but slightly grounding, branchy, and floral. This is kinda like if an apple tree was blossoming and giving fruit at the same time, but more about the blossoms and fruit than the branches and trunk. The rose skews sharp and soapy right after application but I don't find it to be a dealbreaker, it has a vintage vibe to it, like something you would wear to a reenactment. There's a brief moment where the apple rose combo together is indolic and pissy, my least favorite stage overall. Uhohh..ok that didn't last long. Drydown is pretty nice, the apple turns more green and tart. There was another apple blend that went plastic bag on me (YMMV, I haven't met many people that this happens to) and unfortunately that happens here. It does fade fast, I reapplied after about 2-3 hours after a light test, so I think this will require a bit more of a dip than usual. That's fine. I have other apples I need to spend more time with, but I recommend giving this a shot before it comes down. I might actually get a bottle for a locket because that apple opening is so gorgeous.
  10. RoseThornAndOak


    This one's different. Cacao, tobacco, and bubbly. Sounds like a fun night! Dries down mostly bubbly on me, yet like much of the rest of this series, it has a Western feel to it. Magic. I probably don't need more, but I really like it for the mood. I would've never expected these notes to work together, but they do. Almost reminds me of those chocolate sodas Grandaddy used to find for us when we went up the country to visit. Dang yeah, almost like a chocolate float, too! Not rootbeer or anything, more like if someone made chocolate ice cream floats with a clear bubbly. I used to order coke floats and request chocolate ice cream, and this reminds me of that too, although much more clear and less syrup. I will revisit to see if a bottle is needed but so far this is a pleasant surprise hit!
  11. RoseThornAndOak

    Crystal Gazers

    I really don't know what the Hell I'm smelling. Ok yeah, verbena makes sense. Verbena + a random mix match of stuff I can't seem to catch, like a herd of chipmunks. A scurry, sorry. A scurry of chipmunks. I really don't need to smell like a scurry + some herb that wants to be lemon but never will be. I kinda wish I knew what it was like to enjoy verbena. If you like verbena, definitely pick this up!
  12. RoseThornAndOak

    Odic Force 2021

    Well this is different, I dig it! Someone called this 51 on steroids, and it's apt. Bright green and unisex, kinda sharp yet bright is a better term for it. The eucalyptus blossom doesn't read as medicinal, it's more softened from say an EO or bugspray. That lime reminds me of Lilith's First Concert, that lime Dorian blend. Odic Force is working far better, though. I can't really find anything I don't like, so I'll at least keep the decant for something zingy and uplifting. All the notes really work together to create the Bright Green Mood Thing. Don't reckon I need a bottle, but Strange is Thy Pallor, Strange is Thy Dress from the Poe series is looking wayyyy more tempting than it did.
  13. RoseThornAndOak

    Ghosts at Aldershot

    The opening is a gorgeous take on boiled old school sweets, like the ones you find in the Williamsburg candy shop. Very evocative, lemon puffy mint marshmallow. Maybe Toot-Sweets smell like this with a bit of powdered sugar on top. I really dig this phase. Something goes wonky for a bit, but gratefully dries down to closer to what it was in the beginning, just softer. It kinda reminds me of Lemon Scented Sticky Bat, but that mint throws it for a complete time loop to the late 19h century. Crazy dude, I can see a man in suspenders and a beard selling sweets at the every-busy corner store bringing smiles to the neighborhood children. It reminds me of that scene in the comedy-western The Apple Dumpling Gang when Magnolia takes the kids to the general store for a couple sweets. So sit down with ur speckled ceramic cup of cowboy coffee and break out your Little House books and get ready to be transported to a time when boiled sweets made you the popular girl at school for the day. Intruiging and unique. I recommend at least trying this before it goes away. I'm at least keeping this damned decant. Cute, cute, cute.
  14. RoseThornAndOak

    Just as the Clock Struck Twelve

    Ok this was pretty gorgeous in the beginning. That cacao and rose combo with a bit of woody bits was a bit swoonworthy and very similar to other cacao or chocolate rose options from the Lab. Ambrette lends a slight maple vibe. Doing good doing good. Unfortunately this will have to be a locket scent as there's just enough patchouli in this to go sharp and acrid with my skin chemistry. Wallet's happy. On this right skin this will be a stunner.
  15. RoseThornAndOak

    The Air and the Ether

    OK wow, this is hekkin good. The lavender comes out in force in the beginning, then mellows out with the amber softening. I don't get a straight up aquatic vibe from the ambergris, but it does lend to the softness and warmth. Actually @sunshinedaisyblissyou are right on the money, almost like a musky vanilla together. It does fade kind of fast on me, my only gripe. Seriously considering a bottle though because I'm not sure the decant will be enough. If soft warm vanillic lavender sounds appealing maybe give this a shot. Reminds me of On Wednesday I Will Promise You a Phantom but they are unique enough to warrant testing both. Grateful for the lavender blessings from the past year!