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  1. RoseThornAndOak

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    What the fuck. This is that brown and cream, textured, hooded sweater cloak thing you would've never in a million years picked up at the thrift store but your friend slaps it on you and managed to dress you better than you have yourself the past 20 years. Then you finally feel like the Middle Earth badass that you know you are. Rogue Lace, alright. I'll probably get it.
  2. RoseThornAndOak

    The Antikythera Pumpkin

    I think it's time to admit the pumpkin note is not my absolute best as I have had little luck. The pumpkin offerings this year were no different. Here, it goes chemical, then vegetal pumpkin + wet cigarette paper + AM. The good news is, AM is prominent, and aging + wear time help it gather it's strength. It fairs far better than Pumpkin Spice AM, which went indolic, so I will hold on to the decant just in case, because as Elysian above says, AM only gets richer. If you love Lab pumpkin and love AM more, this may be your jam. I'll be sticking with regular old AM and keeping an eye out for other iterations.
  3. RoseThornAndOak

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    No Man Is an Island!
  4. RoseThornAndOak

    Old Moon 2022

    Let me help you outta the chair g g grandmaaa Oh wow this is nice! Although Grandma would've smelled great if she wore this, I don't really get Grandma vibes. This makes me think of unicorns. It's a light, powdery orris floral, not as soapy as Moonflower and Orris, yet clean, fresh, and soft. This is more like what I wanted out of M&O and it delivers. I can get behind the ethereal ghost description too, totally apt. It's like a sleepy ghost unicorn. Glad I didn't snooze on a decant, considering a full bottle.
  5. RoseThornAndOak

    Trumpet Honeysuckle & Lemon Beebalm

    I don't have much to add, the above reviews are similiar to my experience. The lemon bee balm comes across like if the herb lemon balm was more realistically lemony, or if lemon verbena was more like lemon, so theres an herbal edge somewhat. The honeysuckle is heady, I currently get it more in the final drydown. This is more like what I wanted out of New Orleans, a heady, deep, realistic honeysuckle that isn't too soapy. Very timeless, lovely, and underrated in my opinion. It skyrocketed above many of my favorite florals from BPAL. Great job, Lab!
  6. RoseThornAndOak

    Osmanthus & Honey Bells

    Parosmia review again just fair warning, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this while it is still in stock because when my nose is working properly this scent is quite beautiful. It starts out honeylike, sweet and green, almost herbal, like if a flower had an herbal edge. Realistically stemmy, it brings to mind a weed hedge along a field. Very atmospheric in that sense. The final drydown though, whooo boy, is this beautiful floral remniscent of lilies, like the lily note in Sun, Moon, and Stars by Karl Lagerfeld which includes water lily and lily of the valley among other florals. The scent always reminds me of preschool in the early 90s, I think one of the teachers wore it. This has more of a natural edge to it. This has a depth and non-commercial edge to it that I like more I think, although I'd have to do a side by side comparison of course. I haven't been to Louisiana but growing up and travelling in the south this does have a southern feel. I could picture wafts of this blend in the summer breeze now and then and not being out of place. Although it doesn't need anything, it would layer beautifully with a dirt note for a more southern graveyard feel. One of my favorite duets. I just checked and it is still in stock, so I highly recommend grabbing it if you like realistic florals!
  7. RoseThornAndOak

    Ice Age Baton

    Oo this is nice! Still suffering from parosmia but from what I can make out, there's a good amount of marble and chalky bits that remind me of Klosterruine somewhat. Sadly Kloster smells all kinds of messed up to my nose right now, so I'm just gonna wait on it. This reminds me of the sweet bits of Kloster that I remember, kinda like a cross between Kloster and Grey Columns, minus the frankincense, incense, and snow, and adding vanilla, dry cacao and white amber. This is much more off white, definitely ivory hued. There's a Limestone Amber vibe to it, if you catch my drift, but without the fruity amber vibe, more white, chalky vanilla amber with dry cacao supporting. The tobacco briefly lends a slight, dry, vegetal note in the beginning, like those dry mosses that grow on rubble, but don't be misled, this is mostly about the sweet, vanilla cacao chalk. The tobacco quickly loses the vegetal vibe and grows more pale, smooth, and dessicated as it wears, which I'm happy with because it's downright sexy and reminds me of the tobacco in Lycan Lace a bit. Yes!! It makes me think of the marble statues in Queen of The Damned. This is reminiscent of Muddy Armadillo, but plays much better on my skin personally, so if you liked that one or wanted something a little different from it, I recommend this! Very nice blend. I think this will age beautifully. Very happy to have blind bought this!
  8. RoseThornAndOak

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    Parosmia sucks but I've been able to find some blends that still smell beautiful and this is definitely one of them! In the bottle and freshly applied there's slightly toasted marshmallow and Antique Lace vanilla. It's not smoky in any way, just that ever so slight cooky vibe that the toasted bit can smell like. Some marshmallow and vanilla notes can go plasticine, drugstore, or cloying but there's none of that here. After a while, the sweet benzoin blooms and anchors the marshmallow and vanilla notes into something extra, ancient, and goddessy. The benzoin isn't coming across like a dark resin. It's more like if a resin was lighter, sweeter, more vanilla-like but adding a touch of depth and intrigue. It kinds reminds me of Ghost Milk with the high end vibe, but it is still it's own scent. I wouldn't say this is a dupe for Stekk or AL but if you missed out on those and want something similar with a sweet resinous note, go for it! For fans of Stekk, AL, Ghost Milk, and Grey Columns. Low throw and wear length. More throw than Grey Columns, less than Ghost Milk.
  9. RoseThornAndOak

    Klosterruine Im Winter Mit Blick Auf Heisterbach

    This one used to be a cool snow and marble/stone blend that I really enjoyed. The frankincense made it reminiscent of Philospher in Meditation. Unfortunately, this goes weird on me now, too. Just enough acrid to be off putting. It's sad, because it was a nice blend when it worked. Might keep as an atmos since my skin has obviously decided to go on strike.
  10. RoseThornAndOak


    I didn't have high hopes for this one as Midway doesn't work on me but I did at least used to like Lust. Red musk blends have turned powdery and sometimes acrid on my skin recently, this one is mostly a powdery sweetness that unfortunately doesn't work. Wallet's happy, though.
  11. RoseThornAndOak

    Moroccan Pumpkin

    Unfortunately this is also the pumpkin spice note that doesn't vibe well on my skin. It's weird I don't get much Morocco, which is a scent I like. My wallet's happy though.
  12. RoseThornAndOak

    Pumpkin Scented Sticky Bat

    I love the original Lemon Scented Sticky Bat, but the addition of pumpkin made this go full Fruit Loops on me.
  13. RoseThornAndOak

    Bald Cypress & Spanish Moss

    Cypress is dominant on me, too. Comparing side by side to another Spanish Moss blend, this comes across as a piney oakmoss to me. It's okay, calming, probably use it in my car, more atmospheric than wearable on me but it does kind of make me think of a swamp vampires would dump bodies in, lol.
  14. RoseThornAndOak

    Her Eyes Have Feasted on the Dead

    I lucked out and found a decant of this. It's violet dominant, more light, sweet, and slightly powdery. Some violets go powdery on me but I really like this and will hold on to the decant!
  15. RoseThornAndOak

    Bouquet With Skull and Coins

    Wow there really is something metallic about this. There's a bit of green florals, a bit sharp soap on me sadly.