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  1. RoseThornAndOak

    A Timid Twinkling Golden Star

    Yep, that's a tuberose. Almost a single note. Sweet amber is one of my favorites, so I hope it comes out more with age. This has a 1920s-1940s classic feel. It's a beautiful, vintage, voluptuous, night time floral. Makes me think of film noirs, like maybe Laura would wear this.
  2. RoseThornAndOak

    Pumpkin Spice Champagne

    I agree! Very balanced what you see on the tin. A sweet champagne with pumpkin spice! I dont get bready or vegetal pumpkin anything, just the spices, but it's not overtly spicy either. I agree, not loud or screechy (for either note) Just pleasant. Has a vintage quality. Festive and fun but not immature in any way. It will probably make you feel glamourous and in a good mood. Well done Lab. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out but this coalesced well.
  3. RoseThornAndOak


    Dude. Yall. lolololol I sniffed this fresh on my skin and was like, 'MAN, why did I sleep on this all these years?' A few seconds later while scrolling Halloween movies on Netflix I saw Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. Thanks for that, Netflix. This starts out fresh and tropical with the coconut and a haze of florals, powdery somewhat, but in a pretty and elegant way. There's something almost warm or animalic behind it, not in a stanky way, possibly the amber, myrrh, currant, oude, and vetiver playing together. It is definitely not the peanutty vetiver in many blends. There's a bit of high end sparkle to it, I kinda see the sharpness mentioned above. Ok, almmost stanky/indolic. It's more about the warmth and softness. After a few minutes that champaca is really coming out to play with the coconut. I'm really digging this stage. A little powdery still but I still like it. Later on that peach peaks out. Coconut, peach, incense, florals. This is nice, yall, very very nice. If that sounds appealing don't sleep on it lol.
  4. RoseThornAndOak


    2nd time trying. First time was right out of the box and I was too enamored with Lady of Saintonge on the same day to give a respectable review. Okay, other than the spicy cinnamon-like burn reaction on my skin from the red peppercorn I freakin love this! Today I'm trying it on my inner elbow, and as soon as it hit my skin, I knew it would burn like many cinnamon blends do, so if you are sensitive to this, I would wear this in a locket or over a dab of vaseline, or just not on sensitive areas like your damn elbow, lol. Upper shoulder the other day not much reaction. The red peppercorn actually does smell like a halfway step between pepper and cinnamon but you're not gonna smell like you sleep in the spice cabinet. Overall this is basically spooky, spicy brimstone, with warm amber keeping this wearable and not strictly atmospheric, with a hint of soft, black leather. If you like Gingerbread and Leather, this is less sweet and bready, less leather, even more unisex, and the spice is stronger but more linear than the gingerbread spice, albeit similar. Oof. I don't know who's sexier, honestly. I love it. I've been hoping we'd get more Sleepy Hollow blends and this delivered in spades. It's spooky, gritty, spicy, leathery, brimstony, and the smoke is gunpowdery. Warm yet dark. It's basically everything I could've wanted from this. I like the idea above about layering with something sweet. Share's some similarities with Mary Read in the gunpowder aspect. It's just so 18th spooky bullshit. This is gonna turn heads...wait... Heads gon roll. You get a roll! You get a roll! Everybody gets a roll! Cinnamaroll! I'll stop my room's hot and I'm bored okay?
  5. RoseThornAndOak

    Lady of Saintonge

    I'm testing multiple frags from this release today, and can't stop being drawn to her in the crux of my elbow. She reminds me of Black Silk Orchid, but dare I say even darker? She's scary and intense, but so dang alluring. The perfume + black silk is mesmerizing, modern, yet ancient, overlaid, shrouded and clouded in gloom. Gritty, dark, sharp, and cold. The blood lends a coldness like Liz (that almost metallic twang) that really sucks me in. The white sandalwood adds this sexy, spice/woods to it and lures you out into the forest. The fur is distant yet palpable, snuggly even. Warmth in the cold. I know Mina Murray is popular and I love her. Yet, I've been wanting a Gwen Conliffe perfume for a while, and I could see Gwen wearing this, more from the newer Wolfman movie than the 1940s one. It has her enigmatic perfume, but the slight feralness of the wolfman lurking. So it's very Gwen + Lawrence. I'm freaking swooning y'all. I was not expecting this to be a favorite this year and to be quite honest, I was intimidated by the notes and almost didn't get it. Emotion overran my senses thankfully as I couldn't pass up a good werewolf blend, and it paid off. It's literally this scene in a bottle for me: Side note, 12 days later: if you missed Black Baccara's Undead or love that one this is in the same wheelhouse. There's almost a grey musk vibe. This has softened quite a bit and I'm loving it so much.
  6. RoseThornAndOak

    The Garden of the Hesperides

    Wow this *IS* nice, thank you Estamets and Doomsday! It's a very pretty non-candy, natural-ish apple. There's greenery here especially in the beginning, so it's like green + apple, but not green apple, then there's a softness from the foam and wildflowers, making this very wearable and elegant. I forgot there was honey in this. Also forgot there was mint. A lot of apple blends have been smelling artificial or.. - ok, its not proper to say it, but I'll say it - pissy apple juice. Honey can go pissy too and it's not right. There, I said it. So if that happens to you, fear not! Thankfully I get none of that here, and this is downright pretty and gorgeous. Perfect for late summer and early fall. Oh side note, this reminds me of Glittering Apple of The Stars a bit. Less glittery, more soft.
  7. RoseThornAndOak

    The Harvest Haunt

    Pretty good, pretty good. This is the pumpkin that has that popcorn, carnival edge plus some dark incense behind it. Yeah, pumpkin carnival incense.
  8. RoseThornAndOak


    Ooo this is nice!! Without remembering the exact notes and fresh out the mailbox, my impression was this is very Clean Girl vanilla floral, white, soft with musk, light light rose and some other dewy floral. I agree with the Ava association. Now that I see the notes, I can pick up white sandalwood, white amber, a bit of almond blossom for sure. It's dreamy, floaty, clean, and sexy and up there with the other vanilla floral greats from the Lab.
  9. RoseThornAndOak

    The Wolf Man’s Dream

    This reminded me of October out the gate, the dead leaf note mostly, followed quickly by evergreen. Hmm, a little bit of earthiness on the palette, you know when you sniff something and you can almost taste it? That part is like nice fresh loam + DL. Nice and atmospheric, woulf make a good room blend. Woof woof
  10. RoseThornAndOak

    Hay Absolute, Cacao, & Cardamom

    Oh my gosh yall, in the bottle this is a gorgeous cacao cardamom, dark, deep, almost syrupy, with the hay absolute giving it a bit of an Autumn vibe. It dries down soft and spicy sweet, less syrupy. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd say the cardamom is the prominent in the beginning. The scent becomes drier as it goes. This is a great Autumn gourmand more on the spicy side, with no cake, sugar, milk, or bready notesI do agree with doomsday_disco and wish the cacao stuck around longer but overall this is nice! Might layer with maor cacao.
  11. RoseThornAndOak


    Okay, I see why this is popular now and I'm not sure why I slept on it. On the opening, a little powdery in the way resins or Morocco can be, but holy hell does this deepen and sexy up. Basically Morocco spices, darkened with cocoa, no bandaid or plastic. Honey doesn't really stick out to me. I see the Coyote similarity rhonorv mentioned, that warm soft dry desert incense description is very apt. theredkilt basically nails this too, a browner, slightly more gourmand version of Morocco. I maybe really possibly perhaps like this like a lot. It's a cousin to Inez as well which has been a long time favorite, so they'll be buddies and sit next to each other.
  12. RoseThornAndOak

    Blauer Mond 2023

    This is pretty nice. The terebinth pine dominates the opening, but this mellows out into something dark and I agree with Little Bird, sensual is a great term. There's a softness to it that is unexpected. I don't get a lot of oudy-ness at all! And it's not reading like your usual myrrh, either. I don't really know how else to describe this other than you're with your cute metalhead friend in a dark, moonlit forest, you maybe just had a group ritual or sumbel around a fire with some friends, but the fire has been put out now, and he is seeing you back to your car, and he finally drums up the courage to kiss you after seven years, so kinda exactly what you were hoping for?
  13. RoseThornAndOak


    This was a very generous frottle from the Lab! Thank you! Without reading the notes, I guessed maybe a light patchouli and lemon verbena, but not too stronk, actually relaxing and calming. It basically dries down to a soft version of this, slightly earthy, grounding lemon verbena. This is totally not something I would've reached for, but I like it somehow. Feels more like a witch's oil or charm than a perfume. I might keep it for calming purposes.
  14. RoseThornAndOak

    Sirène Médiévale

    Glad I got this one. It's a nice grassy green aquatic with sweet, creamy coconut and jasmine. The jasmine reminds me of the tropical floral sun cream from our local renaissance faire which reads more gardenia. So this will be my Kinda Sorta Swans on The River/grassy aquatic medieval floral alternative.
  15. RoseThornAndOak

    Dance of the Nymphs

    Dark, balsamic woods! I can't really pick out most of the notes. It's a tad fresher in the bottle but stays pretty linear. A tad savory, a little sweet, but overall, this is all about those deep, dark woods. No evergreens, I wouldn't have guessed florals either but there is a bit of fresh wildflower floating around. If you love the oak note, you will love this. I think the skin musk is here, smoothing out everything, keeping it reasonably clean but not soapy in anyway. This comes across very natural. There's leather in this? Huh. I guess that makes sense? I dig it, I dig it. I kind of see a man in a highwayman's coat at night and there's a spooky forest with boney tree limbs.