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  1. RoseThornAndOak

    Cocoa & Oak Bark

    Hot damn I smell like burning leaves. Sorta, lol. Deep, dark cocoa, sweet yet deliciously bitter, like how I feel about never seeing Type-O live (Love love loving Yoo-hoo is like loving the dead!) It is perfectly suited for the Lab's oak note, which smells leafy but also barky to me but is more wearable that the dead leaf note. Smells like a grove of oaks at night when the leaves are scattered on the floor. A bit basalmic. It smells a bit more artificial the longer it's on, although that could just be skin chemistry wonking out. If this keeps up it is still a keeper for lockets/clothes because damn it's sexy. ❤️ If you like tobacco notes or if tobacco goes weird on you, try this instead. It is very similar to the Lab's tobacco note but darker. Try if you like No Man is an Island, The Twisted Oak Tree, Antikythera, Hoggle (sweet/rich bitter tobacco vibe), or La Femme de Satanes, but the closest indies this reminds me of other than NMIAI are Deep Midnight Perfumes' Dark Mother (pipe tobacco, bay rum, sweet vanilla, musk, milk) and Professor M (leather, pipe tobacco, bay rum, Egyptian musk), only without the musky notes.
  2. RoseThornAndOak

    La Femme de Satan

    Okay yeah this one is great, too. Plus the Ebay seller threw in an entire full bottle of another scent completely extra, hell yeah for awesome BPAL fans! This is a fantastic blend, darker than La Lethe and Lust, but the red currant and patchouli behave. The clove isn't too clovey either, just lending darkness to the resins and tobacco. I do get mostly tobacco in final drydown. Dang this is good, right up there with the best of these types of red musk blends. Check out if you like Lust, La Lethe, Flesh of My Flesh, Dark Lace, Lycan Lace, No Man is An Island, Madame Moriarty, Tombeur, Scherezade and Antikythera Mechanism, yep I agree with Perversion, even Debauchery. I either like or ove all of those and love this! ❤️
  3. RoseThornAndOak

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

    Oh my gosh this baby bat is cute and adorable! I mostly just get the champagne note which is fine by me since Bon Vivant is totes my jam. I'll definitely finish the imp if not hunt a bottle in the future! Not as sweet, but nice!
  4. RoseThornAndOak

    Colemanite Phoenix

    Dude my skin can't handle this. It starts out a nice dry desert sage, then quickly turns to that oud/agarwood note that turns to a screaching acrid inferno that I can't scrub off no matter how hard I try. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume...not with 10,000 men could I do this. It is folly. Verdict: Cast it into the fire!! ISILDUR!!!!! Try if you like Eau de Smaug, Breath of Nazgul, and Baradur pour le Orc. If your skin doesn't act like Gollum around you this is a pretty rad desert blend similar in vibe to Coyote. I'll stick with Coyote and not die a horrible, horrible death.
  5. RoseThornAndOak

    Green Tree Viper

    Welcome to Womanz Sniff Report. <-- BF'ss idea. ❤️ Whoa this is sweet almost cookie like in the bottle! Like a vanilla cookie with Andes candies. It takes a few interesting twists and turns on the skin, slithering from sweet vanilla and mint (not toothpastey) too a final little ferny green, soft nest with the vanilla snek receding into the forest. It reminds me of a little green jewel with soft facets. Very intriguing and pretty and bright, morphs a ton but I like each stage. Not sure if it is really me, but I'll keep it around for now and see if age brings out the sweet snek more in the drydown. 🐍
  6. RoseThornAndOak


    This is a fun green fruity scent similar to the old long ago Mantis (I think I remember liking it better though back in the day), not too sweet or perfumey, just green and succulent. Also similar to Enkindled Spring, Solanine The Flower Girl and Green Tree Viper somewhat. It's pretty alien I suppose! I have a few green scents like this, Meadow by Sugar and Spite and Pickeral Frog by Stereoplasm that I enjoy more, but I still like 51 enough to play with the imp. Plus, aliens dude. 👽 Fans of Gap Grass, Avon Forest Fern, and the above blends check this out!
  7. RoseThornAndOak

    Dragon Moon 2008

    Starts out light green medicinal like Avon Skin So Soft then dries down woody with more cedar than BPAL's fruity floral dragon's blood. Not floral, just a powdery edge. Not pepperminty, just brightened. The herbs lend a bit of a magickal, ritualistic feel, although I would enjoy more sage and sweetgrass in this. It's okay, more atmospheric. Might use for meditation or ritual.
  8. RoseThornAndOak


    Starts out very woodsy, but somehow dries down to a handsome, almost vanillic woods cologne. I feel like this should be next to all those conventionals in the pour homme section, I think this would smell incredible on a guy. Will try with Mr Roo and see what he thinks. It has an indolic punch similar to oud but not quite as pooey, with the lemon rind giving it a lift into a brighter and more wearable blend, almost slightly adjacent to Dorian, if Dorian was darker and brooding in the dark woods. I like it but it's strong, so be careful. Much prefer Deep Midnight's Professor M for a vanillic, dark woodsy musk blend w/o indoles but may still hold on to the imp. Might work better on clothes.
  9. RoseThornAndOak


    Strong, dry wood from the get-go. Dried down with more rose. Reminds me of the Little Wooden Doll but both are nuanced in different directions. I don't get pencil shavings from the wood, but it is headily mixing with the powdery rose and ends up being a bit too much. I will apply with a lighter hand. Still, it is pretty creepy and haunted house like. I'll keep the imp. For fans of The Little Wooden Doll and Rose Cross.
  10. RoseThornAndOak


    The oak in this comes across as more like a bitter vetiver then dang, where the heckedy heck did it go? Meh it's an okay woody frag. I like Twisted Oak Tree better, but this should layer well regardless if you slather it on
  11. RoseThornAndOak

    The Black Tower

    Another blend of ye aulden BPAL days I passed on before, that now is suprisingly nice and more wearable then I remember it being. It starts out with a darkened blast of evergreens, like an atmospheric or candle blend. Has a strong waft. However the final drydown is very intriguing to me. It is like a nice, almost leafy, oak-like fougere, like if a fougere was an autumn shade of soft brown. I don't remember this from years ago, and I like it enough to keep the imp this time.
  12. RoseThornAndOak


    Wanda was one of the first BPALs I ever tried back in 06-07. I came across another imp recently, unsure of the date. It is like I remember, a deep, dark reddish purple fruit with tons of sugar on top. Goth fruit. I dunno, lol. Final drydown a bit airier but maintains its sweet fruitiness. Fruits go a bit sour plastic on me and so does this one slightly. Would be gorgeous on the right skin. It's unlike most others, maybe fans of Jaillbait would enjoy it.
  13. RoseThornAndOak

    Leanan Sidhe

    A pretty, heady, clean white floral for summer, like a pale, gossamer Pele. Slightly indolic, not fecal but it reminds me of a nice jasmine cleaner somewhat. I enjoy Pele more but still like this. Unsure if a bottle is needed. For fans of Pele, Lady of Shalott, and Shattered.
  14. RoseThornAndOak

    Crimson Peak

    Ozone + evergreen over dark woods with thankfully no leaf note. This has incredible staying power. Creepy and atmospheric. For fans of Cloister Graveyard in The Snow.
  15. RoseThornAndOak

    Ruddy Daggerwing

    Ruddy Daggerwing is a nice chocolate orange blend with dry tobacco and woods and an almost green note that comes across as musty or somewhat herbal. It could read as stale or mildewy to some, but is more reminiscent of oakmoss than mold, kind of that dry, green, slightly powdery vibe. It lifts the blend from being straight chocolate orange into something more outdoorsy and brings to mind soft natural things like moss, fuzzy caterpillars, and butterfly wings. It's a "strange and unusual" blend that steps juuuust outside my comfort zone enough to be a unique, beautiful, and fun blend to wear. Also dude WTH. This blend will bring random butterflies into your life. After receiving Ruddy Daggerwing we saw the first butterfly we had seen for a long time. The day I wore it, I bought two glittery Claire's butterfly necklace sets at the pharmacy on a complete whim, not even connecting the two. I never, ever buy this type of jewelry, they're not in my usual wheelhouse at all, but like Ruddy Daggerwing are also unique, beautiful, and fun to wear. Completely random action, and I didn't connect the two until I got home. Beth and her magic. 🦋