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  1. LizziesLuck

    Superior Vena Cava

    I don't know what to think about this. I tested it thinking it was another scent, and totally thought I was smelling fruit and musk, and it made sense. Then it gradually morphed and I got confused and took another look at the bottle and realized my error. Now I don't know what I am smelling, or even really what I for sure put on...? No, it's for sure the right scent now, I have it slathered in several places to be certain. What I get up front is the chypre, which contains some lovely green notes. I get sweetness from the beeswax, and it's RED musk I am smelling, not white. It doesn't dominate in this like it often does. It's kind of a fruity blood musk, like a deep red or purple fruit. It's a great scent, very complex. I have discovered I love chypre a lot. There's a slightly spicy element to this as well - a perfumey spice like cardamom almost, or maybe a spicy floral note. Doesn't smell like the tuberose I am accustomed to (which smells like classic hairspray to me usually) so this may be a part of the chypre I am smelling. It's much less heavy tan some of those notes would suggest - I don't get hardly any opoponax. Overall, I really like it a lot and I think it will age great. I also find it really funny that I was briefly ready to accept that this was a black currant and white musk scent...
  2. LizziesLuck

    Unicorn Junk

    I'm annoyed with myself - I fell hard for another scent I was testing and slathered it everywhere, headless of the other things I was trying to test...I ended up reapplying this in a weird spot on my shoulder, and while it was stellar when I applied, I can now hardly find the spot...I guess I'll have to do it over! Wet: Mmm, this is good wet. Marshmallow and coconut. Reminiscent of Maiko with Hair Unbound on me, but more beachy and less foodie. The wood adds to the beachy vibe. I don't get any lilac, sadly. This is great though. I keep telling myself no more coconut, and I NEVER LISTEN. Dry: Really does remind me of Maiko, I'll have to do a side-by-side to see if I need to keep both. I love it though. Slightly gourmand, slightly beachy coconut and marshmallow. It somehow manages to be "airy" as well. Great! (But seriously, I do not need any more coconut!!)
  3. LizziesLuck

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    This was a blind bottle - I almost didn't but sometimes I get this feeling and I have learned to listen to it. Glad I did. Wet: The amber in this is stunning. The second I open the bottle I know I will love it. It's a rich, heady, sweet, perfumey amber. It's glorious. The peach musk isn't "fake" peach on me, which is what sometimes happens, it's perfect. Tart but also sweet, fresh and juicy. LOVE. I immediately slathered it everywhere, headless of the other things I was trying to test today. Trying to decide if it's back-up bottle worthy. Dry: The deciding factor ended up being strength - while I love this, it's not very strong on me, so one bottle will likely be enough. I do think it'll age wonderfully, and I adore that amber note! Gorgeous.
  4. LizziesLuck


    I love apricot so much, and I haven't found a new one I loved in ages, so I wanted to give a decant of this a go. Wet: Out of the bottle this is all glorious tart fruit, but the second it hits my skin, it's sour vegetal vetiver. Then it wavers back to fruit, then dirty sour vetiver. It can't decide!! Dry: The vetiver fades and it's all about the fruit. It's nice, but I don't adore it - I am not a fan of most fruit scents, and somehow the combo of apricot and plum, two of the fruits I do sometimes like, comes out as very "generic" fruit. Not for me!
  5. LizziesLuck

    Elegant Vulvas

    I didn't think I would like this - both cherry and lotus blossoms are not my friends. But..Vulva! So I at least got a decant. As soon as I opened it though, I felt like I may regret not getting a bottle... Wet: Lots of honey (and it's a gorgeous honey note) and marshmallow, bit of lotus, but not too strong. This is really nice. It's not utterly amazing on me, I don't need to rush off and buy many bottles, but I do think I may see if I can scoop another decant...I love honey so much, and this honey note is different than most. It's not floral like I expected, it's just....different. Hazing a hard time pinpointing it. Dry: Still nice, but quite faint on me - honey dominant. If it were stronger, I would likely really want more, as I don't have a honey scent quite like this. Maybe it will strengthen with age.
  6. LizziesLuck

    Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

    I could not resist this - lavender scents are likely my most worn, as I wear one every night for bed to help me sleep. And beeswax is one of my biggest comfort scents, so this was a no brainer for me. Wet: The beeswax in this is super smoky, like another scents I have and love that I can't remember the name of (oh how I desperately miss my spreadsheet. RIP. I want to say the scent it's reminding me of is Loi Krathong, but that may be spelled horribly wrong. ) The lavender is herbal without being astringent as it sometimes is. The stone is cool and dusty. This doesn't have the sweetness I have come to expect from beeswax, it's a different note entirely. It smells sort of like a freshly snuffed candle, mixed with lavender. It's gorgeous. Not remotely what I was expecting, but gorgeous. Very unique. Dry: Stays true - smoky herbal lavender with a bit of cool dusty stone. This is an incredibly unique scent. While the smokiness does remind me of Loi Krathong, other than that I have never smelled anything like this. Beth is still blowing me away after all these years. I will cherish this one on nights when I need some extra comfort for bedtime.
  7. LizziesLuck

    Yuletide at Heathrow

    I've been obsessed with finding the perfect white musk scent lately. In retrospect, I have no clue what possessed me to think this could be it - it will smell like some version of "snow note" on me unless I get horribly lucky, because I amp all snow notes to high heaven. Wet: Yep, snow. Now granted this is my fave snow note, the one that's in Mat Night, or similar to my nose. Hints of sweetness from the fruit. But so far the white musk I was so hoping for has been stomped all over by snow. I am clearly super rusty at blind bottling things.... Dry: It's for sure morphing a bit, and I am getting a bit more of the other notes now as well. The fruit is faint but sweet and true, not turning plastic like plum sometimes does on me. I do get hints of slightly powdery white musk, but it's not the white musk punch in the face I was hoping for. I wish all snow scents weren't so similar on me. (Also wish I had clued in that snow was a note and not a descriptor of the colour of the musk - lol)
  8. LizziesLuck

    Overlooking the Garden

    I can't resist the idea of grass mixed with amber. Just in time for spring! Wet: Unfortunately the rain aspect is veering this into laundry detergent territory. Hopefully the amber comes through to ground it eventually. The grass note is a bit bitter initially. So far this is not what I was hoping for am not loving it. Dry: This dries slightly better, but still totally smells like laundry to me. It's very nostalgic. Not sure if it's soft enough for me to get away with wearing it to work, but I might give it a go. Regardless, I don't need more than my imp, I have other grassy smells I love more. Sadly the amber never showed up, which is odd because I amp it to high heaven usually.
  9. LizziesLuck

    Hello, Salzburg!

    Wet: Tangy fruit, piney snow - one of the fruit notes immediately wants to go all plastic doll heads on me. Not totally, it's wavering back and forth. It's an interesting scent, I like the coolness of it. Dry: Soft, slightly powdery purple fruits. It's OK, but this one is not awesome on my skin chem.
  10. LizziesLuck

    Salzburg Krampuslauf

    Wet: Snowy, clean, bright. Lots of lavender. Tiny hints of Snake Oil and wood. Lovely. The snow note is somewhat minty. Very cold and fresh. Dry: Dries down to mostly a snow scent on me (I am snow notes to high heaven) with just a touch of lavender. No Snake Oil or Dorian in the dry down because my skin makes the snow stomp all over the other notes. It's nice, but ends up smelling very similar to most of the other snowy scents I have.
  11. LizziesLuck

    Lilith De Milo

    I promised myself "no more coconut scents!". I lied. Wet: Wood, sandy beaches, and coconut cookies! This is amazing. Why didn't I get a full bottle? Ugh, I never should have tried to put a limit on my love for coconut. Also, anyone who loves Arcana's Black Sand note may want to give this a whirl. Dry: This is so gorgeous. Warm woody coconut. Slightly incensey. Sexy. SO GOOD. I ordered more. Because I am such a liar....
  12. LizziesLuck

    Carry Me

    Wet: Mmm. As promised - sugar cookies and lavender. It's delicious and soothing. I got this as a bedtime scent, and it will be perfect for that if it stays true as it dries. I sure do want a cookie now... Dry: Dries to stronger lavender than cookies. Still sweet and lovely. It's pretty much perfect for me, in terms of bedtime smells. Soft, sweet, very soothing and relaxing. Going to slather more on for bed tonight!
  13. LizziesLuck

    Kapitelplatz Chess Match

    I could not resist this! I love snow, and wood, and Snake Oil. Hoping the three combined are amazing. Wet: This reminds me a bit of Snake Can, it's salty somehow! Like Pirate Snake Oil - salty wood! It's fantastic. Instant love. I don't get the snow note though. Dry: Dry this is no longer salty. The wood has faded a bit, and a slightly aquatic snow note has come out. It goes wonderfully with the Snake Oil. I really love this. It's amazing to me that Beth and Puddin can still come up with unique Snake Oil blends!
  14. LizziesLuck


    I have no memory at all of having ordered this...I think I am losing it! I am assuming I thought it would make a great bedtime scent, I love the combo of lavender and mint. Wet: Soft, cool, clean, sweet lavender. Lovely. It smells the way slipping between cool clean sheets feels. Glad I did order this, even if I can't remember it. The mint is not terribly strong, but it's present. Cool rather than COLD the way the lavender/mint combo of Anesthesia is. This is so refreshing. It would actually make a great summer bedtime scent, on a hot sticky night. Dry: This will be an amazing sleep scent. It goes through several phases - first strong lavender, then the mint amps up and gives it a great cooling vibe. Then the lavender comes through strongly again but mixed with gorgeous sweet amber, also giving it great lasting power. New bedtime fave!!
  15. LizziesLuck

    Song of the Otherworld

    This called to me - a combination of the name, which I love, and the prospect of a cool-woody-oppoponaxy blend that might be similar to Savage Forever (at least in my head) which I adore so much and so unexpectedly. Wet: The sleet note is a lemony clean one rather than a minty cool one, which is somewhat disappointing to me. I don't get much opoponax or wood at all either, which is also disappointing. I hoped this would be a bracing outdoor blend, but on me it's more of a cold and clean scent. Dry: This was not at all what I had hoped for, but when it dries down it's still quite nice. A cold slushie scent. Hints of woods. Good for winter, though not my favourite snow scent. I like it, but wonder if it would be better loved by someone else.