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  1. LizziesLuck

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    Being obsessed with both Snake Oil and all things vanilla, there was no way I was passing this up. I have put off testing it because I am one of those who actually can barely stand fresh Snake Oil. I am still thinking this hasn't been long enough, but I am dying to try it! Hoping it doesn't just smell like medicinal and dirty patchouli to me (aka fresh Snake Oil on me). Wet: Yep, still a bit too fresh, but not so much so that I can't see how glorious it's going to be this time next year. The vanilla cream soda note is KILLER and I want Beth to accidentally dump it in like, everything. I get hints of spiciness that remind me more of a root beer or sarsaparilla than cream soda, but I do get a cream soda note too. I haven't had a cream soda in like, 10 years, so maybe I have also just forgotten exactly what it smells like. Either way, love this! Dry: Once dried I this almost doesn't need any more aging to be glorious! It's not as strong on me as straight up SO is. The spicy vanilla dry down is fantastic. I love it. Can't wait to see what it smells like in 5 years time!
  2. LizziesLuck

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    I cannot resist either vanilla or grass, nor can I resist a very simple blend with just a couple of beloved notes, so I was DOOMED the second I saw this to blind bottle it. I am trying to only get 1 scent per update (so haaard) and this was it for the anniversaries. Wet: Ungh. This is eyes roll back in your head good. That vanilla!! And there is a gorgeous combination of fresh dewy grass (so realistic!) as well as a dried grass note (to my nose, the same one as in Tarantula Fascinator and Woodnymph). It's an almost perfumey, slightly spicy sort of hay note that I ADORE. It's gorgeous with the fresh grass scent and that rich, almost chewy vanilla. This. THIS. Dry: The fresh grass fades a bit as this dries, and the dried grass/hay comes to the forefront. The sweet vanilla is beautiful with the dried grass. This is simple and so so lovely.
  3. LizziesLuck

    Pomegranate Grove: Snake Oil

    I really dislike pomegranate, and yet I feel compelled to try all things Snake Oil, so here we are. Wet: Ugh. I also often forget how much I dislike the patchouli note in Snake Oil when it hasn't aged at least a year. This is all dirty (literally, smells like dirt on me) patchouli and bitter pomegranate on me. Not good. Dry: Nope, not or me. I am sure if it aged half the problem (the patch) would be solved, but that wouldn't fix the fact that I just don't like pomegranate. You would think I would learn my lesson one of these days!
  4. LizziesLuck

    Truth Will Prevail

    Wet: I loooove cardamom, so I could not pass up trying this, but milk hates me and that is all I am getting here. Blarg. I can't even smell the cardamom. I get tiny hints of nutmeg, but am amping the milk like crazy - and milk notes often smell sour on me so it's not pleasant. It seem to be settling a bit over time though, so maybe there is some hope... Dry: Dries down much the same, all milk with only hints of spice. Not for me!
  5. LizziesLuck

    Amber & Lace

    Wet: Immediately identifiable as a "Lace" scent. Then the amber comes through and it gets even more glorious. This may be my favourite Lace of all time - it's like Black Lace and Hesiod's Phoenix had the most gorgeous baby...WIN Dry: I really like this. Black Lace (Res, specifically, and the one I identify as being slightly "apple-y" plus really warm, lovely amber.
  6. LizziesLuck


    Wet: Soft, musky, perfumey. Slightly powdery. It opens with prominent lavender but seconds later it melds with the musk. This is very light, somewhat clean. "Sheer" is a good overall descriptor. Totally wearable. I would think this would be appropriate anywhere. Dry: The lavender fades mostly away, and this becomes a gentle, glittery musk scent. Really soft and feminine and pretty. I quite like it.
  7. LizziesLuck

    Blacklight-Reactive Poster

    I don't know why I felt compelled to try this - I actually really hate the smell of weed. I guess this just seemed like a "must try". WOW. That is accurate. It smells like someone is sitting beside me smoking weed. Faints whiffs of a really great patchouli note and some incense which I am really liking, but still overwhelmingly WEED. It's fading out as it dries. I think I would really like this without the weed, but with it....nope. Not for me!
  8. LizziesLuck


    The golden vanilla and hints of amber cream in this are lovely, but sadly the oudh and very bitter neroli ruin it on my skin. I need to learn my lesson about oudh….
  9. LizziesLuck

    True Love

    Wet: Tons of lavender. Hints of coconut. I haven't worn Daybreak (a fave) since summer, but I think this is fairly different. It's a colder coconut. More tropical. I can detect hints of jasmine, but only because I know Beth said it was there. Otherwise it would just be something floral I couldn't put my finger on - no hint of cat pee here for those worried about it, this is the tiniest bit of jasmine. I can't smell the lemongrass Beth mentioned. This is primarily sweet herbal lavender with cold, frothy, tropical coconut. Dry: The lavender goes through a weird "BO" stage that sometimes happens on my skin - not pleasant. Then it settles and the coconut and jasmine become dominant. It's nice and tropical, and I sort of enjoy the jasmine in this, which is rare, but it's something I really will want to wear to bed often (I got it as a sleep scent for summer). I'll keep what I have but don't need more.
  10. LizziesLuck

    The Queen of Hel

    So I lost my computer, and my BPAL spreadsheet along with it, and now I am a disorganized mess and have missed testing like, a zillion things *sigh*. Now I am so behind that the stuff I am testing is no longer available...pitiful. Wet: The green amber smells green in an almost limey way - or my mind is playing tricks on me because I am thinking "green". The leather is noticeably black, but not horrible and chemically on me like black leather sometimes is. It's not quite the crisp black leather or Whip. I can't place it to another scent for comparison. It's interesting though. Soft and muted. The musk is more of what I think of as a "wooly" sort of musk. At moments this is a soft, comfortable skin scent on me and at other moments it's somewhat unsettling and sinister. Very interesting. Little throw, and it's sadly already fading quickly. Dry: So I was crazy, there's no lime. Just soft leather, with hints of wooly musk, and just a touch of sweet amber. It's really pleasant, but not jumping out as something I would reach for frequently.
  11. LizziesLuck

    When All Colors to Black Are Cast

    All of these notes are loves for me, so I admit I have high hopes. Also, on a side note, this scent is actually called "When Colors All to Black Are Cast" according to both the bottle and the poem. Wet: Yassss. This was just what I wanted. Evil , sexy blackberries. Dark syrupy opoponax and labdanum, hints of gritty black musk (this is not that clean, somewhat lemony black musk the Lab sometimes uses, at least not to my nose) and tangy-sweet-tart blackberries. As advertised, but with a hint of...angst. Yes, this scent is angsty. Dry: This takes quite a while for the notes to all really warm and blend together beautifully on my skin, but once they do, this is magic. Dark, tangy blackberry and syrupy resins. This will get even better with age. I really love it, and hope those who thought it would be amazing but were underwhelmed find they love it too with some age. I am actually really glad this has sat waiting to be tested for several months now, otherwise I could have passed it up! A reminder of the magic of aging some scents...
  12. LizziesLuck

    A Certain Nameless Awe

    I am woefully behind on testing/reviewing/sorting out my BPALS - woefully! I have been on an extremely low-buy for months, but could not resist the combo of sandalwood and ambergris. Wet: This goes on like straight up white bar soap. There is something so clean and classic about it. Very pleasant and nostalgic, but not at all what I was anticipating. Quite wearable though, and will be great for work because it's so light and clean and unobtrusive. Dry: Much the same. Slightly powdery, classic perfume. Clean, but no longer soapy. It reminds me of Closet Raid, only much softer. It reminds me of my grandma in a wonderful way. I will wear it to work and be comforted when I catch a whiff.
  13. LizziesLuck

    Dead Leaves and Vanilla Incense

    Wet: This is the dead leaves note that is my favourite out of all of them (well, the only one I like, really). It's not aquatic or cologne-like as a couple of them are. It's lovely. I get faint hints of sugary vanilla. It's nice, but not wowing me. Dry: Poof! Gone, so I can't tell you.
  14. LizziesLuck

    Dead Leaves, Apricot, Ambergris, and Tobacco

    Wet: Oooh. The apricot in this one is gorgeous - bright and tart, and at the forefront. Hints of musky ambergris. I don't get any of the leaves, but I am not even mad about it. Dry: Dries down to a very quiet, soft apricot and ambergris. I never get the tobacco or leaves. It's somehow melancholy. I like it. I need to give it a full slather test, but I like it.
  15. LizziesLuck

    My Little Pop Star

    Anything with vanilla and honey is pretty much instant blind bottle.... Wet: Wow, that's instantly gorgeous. I was expecting something like O with leather, but this is a totally different honey note, more floral, and it blends with the sugar note to create something really special. The leather is soft, well worn, the exact leather note I love. This is exactly what I had hoped so far. It's feminine and sexy. Dry: LOVE this. Leather, sugar, and soft floral honey. Gorgeous. It's simple and sexy and super wearable. Really glad I snagged this.