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  1. LizziesLuck

    Sip of Glass

    I amp the lab's champagne note to the very highest heaven, and so I can tell you without a doubt that the "grapes" note is very much in the form of champagne, or a note so similar to be identical to my nose. That's all I get here. The Lab's champagne note always manages to be effervescent, while also being soapy and "buttery" at the same time. I should hate it, but I don't. Still, it's single note champagne on me, I don't get any other notes.
  2. LizziesLuck

    Alice Monaghan

    This is lovely - a light, perfumey, elegant, sweet, soft floral sort of vibe. It feels classic, somehow familiar. Comfortable. Like when you get a hug from a beloved relative and you catch a whiff of her scent on you later. I guess in that way, it smells like someone else, and not me. There's something pale and creamy underneath. I like it, but I don't know that I will reach for it often - I can tell it won't last on my skin, it's already fading away. Still, it's very pretty and comforting, though also very not me.
  3. LizziesLuck

    Mother's Hot Ghosts

    I don't know why I felt the need to try this (OK, yes I did, the name is hilarious and I refuse to accept that oudh/agarwood is always going to smell like poo to me) Amber and white musk sounds like my dream scent right now, and I do like petitgrain, and for whatever reason I just decided to pretend this was not going to smell like poo. It smells like poo. Poo and glittering musk. UGH. Why did I actually put it on my skin? I don't know what I thought might miraculously happen, but it didn't, this still smells like poo, it will always smell like poo. I think if the purpose of this review were to see how many times I could use the word poo, than it has been a success. Poo!! Side note: A bit later, it does smell a lot less like poo, but I am still never going to be willing to go through that initial phase to get to the place where it's less poopy.
  4. LizziesLuck

    Rapture Pig

    As soon as I open the bottle, I smell something very similar to Lush's Rose Jam and wish I had bought a full bottle instead of partial! I have so many rose scents though... On my skin this is not as similar to Rose Jam as I thought, but still as close as I have found in a BPAL. It's great. Super sweet sugary candied rose. Syrupy. You can almost feel the powdered sugar on your tongue. Delightful!
  5. LizziesLuck

    Pine Smoke Hair Gloss

    (Sprayed on skin) Smells pretty much like I hoped, which is to say, like a forest. The pine is really true, no "cat pee" pine here. The incense is soft and subtle, letting the wood shine. The woods are my favourite place on earth, so this scent makes me happy.
  6. LizziesLuck

    Snickerdoodle Coffee with Hazelnut Cream Atmosphere Spray

    There's a weird burnt note in this that I don't love. Under that is a super realistic cookie note that I do love. Add them both together and it's just OK. I'll use up my decant.
  7. LizziesLuck

    Le Coucher de la Mariee Hair Gloss

    I'm not using hair gloss on my hair anymore, and already have more than I can ever use up as body spray, but I somehow couldn't resist getting a wee decant of this. On my skin, this is really light and faint, and not at all as awesome as I hoped. Smoky vanilla. I was hoping for something like Liz. There are some similarities, but this is very light. Gossamer, almost. It's nice! I will use up the decant as body moisturizer, but I won't cry when it's all gone.
  8. LizziesLuck

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    All of these notes sounded great to me, but leather is always iffy. Some is great on me, some horrific and totally unbearable. When this first came in the mail, opening the bottle even gave me a headache from how strong the leather was, so I let it sit a bit before even thinking of trying it on my skin. Wet: Still a lot of leather. The muskiness of the ambergris is really strong, and at first I like the aquatic muskiness of it, but then it reminds me of...some kind of cheese? Not good. NOT GOOD. Dry: The leather calms down a lot and is not too overpowering once it's dry, but there is still some sort of aquatic musky ambergris thing happening that I don't love and still makes me think of cheese. I think this is a chemistry fail. I won't be too sad since I already have so many SO blends.
  9. LizziesLuck

    Snake's Tongue

    Wet: Rich, sweet, smoky, hints of wood and caramelization. Light on the Snake Oil so far. Somehow reminds me of Red Lantern plus Snake Oil, which is all kinds of awesome. Sexy. Dry: Dries a lot softer than plain SO. Still smoky, sweet and sexy though. I like it, and am sure it'll only get better with age.
  10. LizziesLuck

    A Chance Meeting in Springtime

    Ugh, I am so behind on testing things! Wet: Something green and wet. Slightly soapy. Hints of wood. A tiny bit of fruit. I'm not making this sound great I'm sure, but it's very pleasant. Not really a smell I want to wear, but it smells like it would be a good "house smell". Clean, airy, sweet. Nice. Dry: The fig takes on a less green and slightly more floral note as it dries. It's very nice, soft and pretty, just not really me.
  11. LizziesLuck

    Pulmonary Valve

    Wet: Interesting. The tobacco is very dry and woody, also slightly dirty in a way that reminds me of one of the lab's patchouli notes. I'm sadly not getting the carrot seed or musk, which was what I was hoping for. This has none of that, it's all about the earthy tobacco. Which is really surprising, because usually tobacco flower smells nothing like actual tobacco to me, but that's the only note listed that could possibly smell like what I am smelling. Either that or this was labelled wrong... Dry: Much the same - mostly dry, earthy, slightly woody tobacco. I do get tiny hints of carrot seed, but not what I wanted. This type of tobacco is not my fave. Not for me! Smells almost nothing like the listed notes. Disappointing.
  12. LizziesLuck

    Zombi Sassafras

    Undead rootbeer? Heck yes! This is amazing. It has the dirty ginger effervescence of Eau de Ghoul, with sassafras mixed in. SO GOOD. It instantly puts a smile on my face. Not much of a morpher, this is much the same as it dries. It really does remind me a lot of Eau de Ghoul, but I am OK with that. Happiness in a bottle!
  13. LizziesLuck

    Galerie des Glaces

    I initially didn't get this because I was sure there would be a metal note, which is always pure awful on me. But then the hype made me do it....now I kind of think that I should have trusted my instinct. This is not good on me wet. It's not as awful as most scents with metal are. It's not the metal note I was dreading. But it's still...metallic. There's also something that vaguely reminds me of lily, which is also not good on me. Not off to a great start here. This dries down to a really faint sweet amber sort of scent. Sadly, it's not special on me the way I hoped it might be, the way it seems to be on others. I will let it age though and see what happens.
  14. LizziesLuck

    Superior Vena Cava

    I don't know what to think about this. I tested it thinking it was another scent, and totally thought I was smelling fruit and musk, and it made sense. Then it gradually morphed and I got confused and took another look at the bottle and realized my error. Now I don't know what I am smelling, or even really what I for sure put on...? No, it's for sure the right scent now, I have it slathered in several places to be certain. What I get up front is the chypre, which contains some lovely green notes. I get sweetness from the beeswax, and it's RED musk I am smelling, not white. It doesn't dominate in this like it often does. It's kind of a fruity blood musk, like a deep red or purple fruit. It's a great scent, very complex. I have discovered I love chypre a lot. There's a slightly spicy element to this as well - a perfumey spice like cardamom almost, or maybe a spicy floral note. Doesn't smell like the tuberose I am accustomed to (which smells like classic hairspray to me usually) so this may be a part of the chypre I am smelling. It's much less heavy tan some of those notes would suggest - I don't get hardly any opoponax. Overall, I really like it a lot and I think it will age great. I also find it really funny that I was briefly ready to accept that this was a black currant and white musk scent...
  15. LizziesLuck

    Unicorn Junk

    I'm annoyed with myself - I fell hard for another scent I was testing and slathered it everywhere, headless of the other things I was trying to test...I ended up reapplying this in a weird spot on my shoulder, and while it was stellar when I applied, I can now hardly find the spot...I guess I'll have to do it over! Wet: Mmm, this is good wet. Marshmallow and coconut. Reminiscent of Maiko with Hair Unbound on me, but more beachy and less foodie. The wood adds to the beachy vibe. I don't get any lilac, sadly. This is great though. I keep telling myself no more coconut, and I NEVER LISTEN. Dry: Really does remind me of Maiko, I'll have to do a side-by-side to see if I need to keep both. I love it though. Slightly gourmand, slightly beachy coconut and marshmallow. It somehow manages to be "airy" as well. Great! (But seriously, I do not need any more coconut!!)