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  1. LizziesLuck

    Enchanting Diversion with a Wakashu

    Wet: This is a light skin scent on me, mainly tart apricot and dark musk. It's getting a bit stronger as it warms on my skin. It's different than any of the other apricot scents that I have, much darker. This is the only Luper I got this year, because I have been on such a strict low-buy, and I think I gambled wrong. it's just so faint on me! Dry: The musk is nice, but still really faint. I enjoy this, but I don't love it. And at this stage when I have more perfumes than I can even wear in a year, I think I have to love it to keep it. Sad I picked wrong! But hopefully someone else will love this.
  2. LizziesLuck

    Lola Lee Loo

    Wet: Sweet, kind of soapy and perfumey - not at all what I expected. I don't know what I'm smelling? Almost reminds me of lotus. Or bubble gum. I guess it's the fig? It's not happy on my skin, I can tell you that. It's actually really unpleasant, which none of these notes should be on my skin, so I dunno what's up! Not at all expected. I get no coconut, no vanilla cream, no clove or patchouli. Just sickly sweet fake candy powder and soap that I have to assume is the fig, which I generally love but has gone very wrong on me in this. Dry: The fig is more recognizable, less sweet, more green. Still very perfumey. And still totally dominating the other notes on me, might as well be a single note. Usually I amp both patch and clove, but they are non-existent. All green fig! I so wanted to love this, but it's gotta go in the sell box.
  3. LizziesLuck


    Quite embarrassing, but I have had this since it came out, tucked in a random box somewhere, never worn or ever tested! You know you have too much perfume when....lol Wet: Sweet honeysuckle and coconut in almost equal measures. I love both notes, but this is a little sweet for me initially. Dry: Much less sweet once dry. It has a fresh, breezy feel, maybe from the ambergris? Feels a bit beachy. Honeysuckle is the dominant note on me. I quite like it and can see wearing it in the summer.
  4. LizziesLuck

    Utter Sophistication

    Wet: Dorian, Snake Oil and Popcorn! It's sweet, and rich. Hints of wood and salt. Interesting! I've had this since it came out in a box of perfumes I somehow never got around to testing. Might be a good thing, as I think this one probably needed some age. It reminds me of Snake Can (I think?) a bit, the one with Snake Oil and salted nuts. Also kind of feels like if Snake Oil and Midway had a baby, which I don't hate. The Dorian has faded away. It must be the beeswax rosin that's making this so much sweeter than regular snake oil? It doesn't smell like the Lab's usual beeswax note, nor does it smell like honey. The vanilla is understated and lovely. The oak keeps it from being too gourmand. I think I quite like this. Dry: It does remind me a lot of Snake Can, maybe too much to need both? I may need to compare. Salty sweet Snake Oil with hints of wood. I like it, but not as much as when it was fresh.
  5. LizziesLuck

    Coffee Bean, Cardamom, & Vanilla Pod

    I have way too many coffee scents already, but I love cardamom SO MUCH and I love cardamom in my coffee, and of course vanilla is pretty much my fave, so I had to have this. Wet: Sugar isn't listed, but to my nose this coffee is sweetened, and it smells delicious. The cardamom is very prominent. I don't really get much vanilla, unless that's the sweetness. This is amazing. I want to eat/drink/lick it. It smells like comfort and warmth and happiness. I sniff it and I feel content. Dry: This is kind of everything. If you love cardamom, it's worth a try. It's sweet, slightly perfumey and very comforting. The coffee reminds me of The Worst Pillow. Fantastic!
  6. LizziesLuck

    Cedarwood & Smoked Vanilla

    Y'all, I have a lot of perfume at this point. Like, way too much. I am to the point that pretty much everything kind of sounds like something I already have. But this...THIS. Wet: The vanilla has a syrupy, almost benzoin like quality. The woods are sweet and beautiful, no pencil shavings here. It smells sweet yet also dry and also clean somehow. It's simple, but beautiful, and I am a wee bit obsessed. It feels comfortable on me, yet subtly sexy. I love it. LOVE. Dry: The woods fade a bit and the vanilla comes to the front. It's a really rich vanilla, sweet without being gourmand. I really love it.
  7. LizziesLuck

    Frostbitten TKO

    I had to have this, and I had hoped this years Frostbitten note would be the same as last year's, which everyone seems to agree is the snow note from Snow White. I was really glad they kept that consistent, as I adore that snow note! (it smells kind of like frozen coconut water to me, its amazing). It blends so great with TKO. This is a new bedtime fave.
  8. LizziesLuck


    I bought this from the Lab last Yule, somehow lost it in a box of decants waiting to be listed for sale and just found it now - get it together, Liz! LOL. Wet: This does not smell like a Yule scent at all, it's all summery coconut and honeysuckle. It's really gorgeous. I was actually having an issue where none of the honeysuckle scents I had were quite doing it for me this past spring, so I feel like this might replace them when spring rolls around again! I am loving the combo of coconut and honeysuckle, it's tropical and fresh and lush. Lovely! Dry: The honeysuckle kind of takes over, but it still has a creamy, tropical vibe that I really like. I can see reaching for this a lot in the spring.
  9. LizziesLuck

    Anathema Device

    I've had this for ages and have been avoiding it - every time I open the bottle I smell bubblegum! I hate bubblegum so I kept thinking, why on earth did I buy this? Wet: OK so it only smells weirdly of bubblegum for like, 2 seconds, and then I get that amazing tart-sweet blackcurrant that I love so much, and the amber that I love so much, and hints of amber and sandalwood, all of which I love and which caused me to purchase this (duh!). The blackcurrant in this has this added perfumey edge that is to-die-for! It smells so real. The undercurrent of dry sandalwood-vanilla is lovely. The amber lends just the right sweetness, without taking away from the tartness of the fruit. Gorgeous. Dry: Doesn't morph much, loses a bit of its tartness, but the currant note stays true. I quite like this, and am annoyed with myself for not testing it sooner.
  10. LizziesLuck

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    I totally forgot I even ordered this, I am so scatterbrained lately. Then I totally forgot WHY I ordered it. Now I have remembered and am stoked to actually try it! This starts out a clean, slightly woody, slightly "green" vanilla on me, which is lovely. It brings to mind early spring, which sounds lovely as I watch the snow out my window. I was worried about the Frankincense (I am also worried about the Frank, he's loud and stompy and obnoxious and he drowns everyone else out) but so far I can't even detect it, except for maybe a hint of golden richness underneath the clean vanilla and green - a tiny ray of sunlight through damp leaves. This feels so much more outdoorsy than expected. I quite love it. It's rich yet light, sweet without any sense of being cloying. I could happily smell like this most days. Lovely.
  11. LizziesLuck

    Harlow's Lace

    Something in this is very caramelized. And the cognac is almost effervescent, or maybe that's the musk. So far, totally not what I was expecting of anything including "puppy musk", but I don't dislike it. It has that unmistakeable sweet and clean yet somehow also gritty and dirty "lace" quality that I have come to love so much in most of the Laces I have. More and more it weirdly reminds me of something - it look a while for me to put my finger on it. I had this old slightly "stale" bar of Lush Honey I Washed The Kids soap - this smells like that did, which is still pretty fantastic. It's not a honey note that I have smelled from BPAL before. I'm into it. If I had to describe this is would be "weirdly antique caramelized honey". I am sure I will wear it, but I don't need the two bottles I accidentally ordered.
  12. LizziesLuck

    Sip of Glass

    I amp the lab's champagne note to the very highest heaven, and so I can tell you without a doubt that the "grapes" note is very much in the form of champagne, or a note so similar to be identical to my nose. That's all I get here. The Lab's champagne note always manages to be effervescent, while also being soapy and "buttery" at the same time. I should hate it, but I don't. Still, it's single note champagne on me, I don't get any other notes.
  13. LizziesLuck

    Alice Monaghan

    This is lovely - a light, perfumey, elegant, sweet, soft floral sort of vibe. It feels classic, somehow familiar. Comfortable. Like when you get a hug from a beloved relative and you catch a whiff of her scent on you later. I guess in that way, it smells like someone else, and not me. There's something pale and creamy underneath. I like it, but I don't know that I will reach for it often - I can tell it won't last on my skin, it's already fading away. Still, it's very pretty and comforting, though also very not me.
  14. LizziesLuck

    Mother's Hot Ghosts

    I don't know why I felt the need to try this (OK, yes I did, the name is hilarious and I refuse to accept that oudh/agarwood is always going to smell like poo to me) Amber and white musk sounds like my dream scent right now, and I do like petitgrain, and for whatever reason I just decided to pretend this was not going to smell like poo. It smells like poo. Poo and glittering musk. UGH. Why did I actually put it on my skin? I don't know what I thought might miraculously happen, but it didn't, this still smells like poo, it will always smell like poo. I think if the purpose of this review were to see how many times I could use the word poo, than it has been a success. Poo!! Side note: A bit later, it does smell a lot less like poo, but I am still never going to be willing to go through that initial phase to get to the place where it's less poopy.
  15. LizziesLuck

    Rapture Pig

    As soon as I open the bottle, I smell something very similar to Lush's Rose Jam and wish I had bought a full bottle instead of partial! I have so many rose scents though... On my skin this is not as similar to Rose Jam as I thought, but still as close as I have found in a BPAL. It's great. Super sweet sugary candied rose. Syrupy. You can almost feel the powdered sugar on your tongue. Delightful!