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  1. Lunasariel

    I Die of Love

    In the imp: I don't think I'm getting any leather at all??? Instead, this is a soft, cologney-y/perfume-y scent, with light, almost aquatic florals, an enticing hint of a smoky/peppery kick, and a general feel of soap just washed off of skin. Wet: An initial flash of aggressive black leather and smoke, tempered by lilac, before it settles down into a very close-to-the-skin scent, with everything very soft and well-blended. I think I can pick out the leather, musk, lilac, and maybe even the bay rum, but it's actually hard to tell. Dry: Ah, now this is the black leather/bay rum/musk scent I was expecting, with an unexpectedly prominent but undeniably sexy smoky note. As time goes on, the leather and smoke fade away, leaving a soft, resinous, faintly musky scent. Looooooove this!
  2. Lunasariel

    Come Slowly—Eden!

    In the imp: A voluptuously floral apple - I'm totally willing to see jasmine in this, but sniffing it blind, I'd be tempted to say apple blossom. I'm also getting notes of honey (light and springtime-floral, not heavy or sticky) and beeswax, as well as a hint of uplifting, clarifying sage, with amber way down at the base - present, but not overwhelming. Overall, this scent reminds me quite a bit of Brisingamen, one of my all-time favorites. Wet: Way more herbal, albeit with a floral edge. I think I'm mainly getting the sage, with copoiba and champa giving it a vaguely incense-y (but not hippie) vibe. More beeswax than honey now, and amber still glowing at the base. I get occasional, surprising hints of apple and (more commonly) jasmine. I definitely need to test this one against Brisingamen. Dry: A good balance between honey, floral, and amber notes. The champa becomes more prominent over time, and an interesting honey-fig(-sage?) scent develops on my right wrist, but not my left. Fascinating! Eventually, it , deepens into a sexy, herbal-honey musk.
  3. Lunasariel

    Sinoatrial Node

    In the imp: My first thought, straight out of the gate: gummy bears! Fancy gummy bears! My sister concurred, and sad "artisanal sour gummy worms." It really does remind me of some fancy gummy bears I once saw at an upscale grocery store - they had flavors like champagne & strawberry, or brut & nectarine (I think?). A bright, citrusy-fruity sweet scent. I really love the effervescence of the champagne! Champagne is one of those notes that usually doesn't play well with my skin, but it's been a few years since I tried anything with a champagne notes, so here goes... Wet: Mainly lemon verbena (definitely *not* lemon - more herbal, less astringent), with a lively-but-not-overpowering little kick of ginger, and some omnidirectional fruit that I wouldn't be able to identify as apple without reading the notes. The sparkly, effervescent feeling remains, but I can't tell whether that's the champagne actually hanging around and doing something great on my skin, or the generally fun & uplifting combo of lemon verbena/ginger/fruit. This is a great spring/summer scent, light without being insubstantial. Dry: After only about four hours or so, this is a barely-detectible, lightly fruity scent, not strong enough for me to determine what kind of fruit. There's also just a hint of something...resinous? herbal? Anyway, something else complicating the fruit, but like I said, it's barely the ghost of a scent; I really have to shove my nose into my wrist and huff to get anything at all. Overall, this was a "light, bright, and sparkling" scent; grown-up gummy bears.
  4. Lunasariel

    Bears of Berlin

    In the imp: A luxuriously spiced, buttered rum, with emphasis on the "buttered." The spices are subtle but present, and the butter is REAL butter, hot and melting - the kind you get in extremely fancy restaurants, in a little crock. No preservatives, dyes, or additives here, and as DiZZysTARdust mentions above, if you're afraid of a movie theater popcorn-ish note here, fear not! That butter note is dominant but not omnipotent, and the honey is also putting itself forward - so much so that I almost want to call this a spiced mead scent instead of rum. Wet: Ah, there's that brown musk! It's not quite the same warm-kitty-fur note as in Coyote, but it still produces a warm, cuddly effect, especially as it melds wonderfully with the honey. Overall, the scent moves away from foodie land and more towards something resinous. The tonka and labdanum make themselves known, and that wonderful buttered note takes a big step back - it's still present (although it does a slow, graceful fade as the scent dries down), but no longer the main player. Dry: It goes through an interesting spiced honey phase, with musk playing backup and some lingering warm creaminess from what could be either the butter or the tonka. After about three hours, it settles into a surprisingly hippie-reminiscent musky clove scent with a hint of honey, and my nose wants to say there's some patchouli in here as well, but it's likely just my very hippie upbringing talking. There's definitely some tonka, or perhaps labdanum, to smooth things out, but it's more of a background note. Huh, this was a turn I didn't expect, but I'm glad it ended up here! It's a warm, comforting, textured scent.
  5. Lunasariel

    Gingerbread, Coffee Bean and Smoked Vanilla

    In the imp: If this is gingerbread, this is a fascinating nutty, smoky, maybe even chocolatey gingerbread. Now that Soupy has pointed it out, I do get the El Dia de los Reyes comparison - it's the same kind of smoky, gritty-smooth chocolate-coffee combo. I really, *really* hope this continues on the skin, because El Dia de los Reyes is one of my favorite BPALs of all time. Wet: A candied citrus note emerges, giving the impression of Mexican hot chocolate garnished with a twist of candied orange peel. I think I'm picking up the ginger from the gingerbread as cinnamon? Dry: The candied orange peel fades, leaving a pleasantly dry, smoky vanilla bean/coffee bean (not vanilla extract/brewed coffee). The cinnamon-but-probably-really-ginger is more noticeable at skin-level, but still present.
  6. Lunasariel

    Jacob's Ladder

    2017 edition In the imp: As classic an amber as you could wish for - light, perfumey, and just a little powdery, with a lovely, subtle floral note as an accent. Wet: Soft and subtle amber and resins. This almost smells like one of the RPG scents meant for layering - it's so soft as to be elusive on its own, but I'm worried that actually layering it with anything would overpower it. This smells like something out of a cut-glass bottle on your glamorous grandmother's vanity. Dry: A little warmer and dryer, but pretty linear overall. It's amber all the way down, with some tonka and benzoin also notable, and less rockrose than ITI, but still present.
  7. Lunasariel

    The Musical Seances

    The second series commenced at 15, Southhampton Row, on Wednesday evening. Into the present course, the medium, Mr. Shepherd will introduce some of the more marked peculiarities of his singular performance. He sings at each concert in the soprano voice. A marked peculiarity: tonka bean and red sandalwood with orris, lemon peel, and leather. In the imp: A very light, almost powdery scent. I'm getting mainly the orris, with just a touch of leather and vague sweetness - maybe the tonka? There's a hint of a zing at the tail end, which I'm guessing is the lemon peel, although it's not identifiable as so at this stage. Wet: The orris is still dominant, although now the leather runs a close second. No zing, lemon-y or otherwise, though. No tonka or sandalwood that I can detect, alas. Dry: Tonka and sandalwood arrive to save the day! Now the orris/leather (mainly orris at this point, tbh) combo is elegant and subtle, not overwhelmingly powdery. This now smells like the dusting powder an elegant Victorian or Edwardian lady would use. Still no lemon peel that I can pick up, but perhaps that will improve with age.
  8. Lunasariel


    In the imp: Gingerbread???? The oil itself is a gorgeous mossy green, and reading the listed notes, I was expecting something along the lines of Hemlock - a dark, musky-green scent. Instead, I have straight-up gingerbread, fresh out of the oven and gently cooling beside a cup of chai with plenty of milk and honey. I guess this is the saffron and "wood spice" at work, but this is definitely a foodie blend right now. Wet: Briefly balanced between foodie-spicy and woody-spicy, before the woodiness takes over and the musk comes out. Especially close to the skin, I definitely get the cologne comparison - it smells clean and woody-musky-fresh, almost austere but not unfriendly. From farther out, I get some of the warmer notes - patchouli, labdanum, maybe even an echo of gingerbread and chai. Dry: The spices become woodier, and I can see the incense comparisons now. It's heavy on the patchouli, labdanum, and musk, more or less in that order. From afar, however, I still get the occasional whiff of gingerbread/foodie spices. Interesting, and comforting, in a weird sort of way.
  9. For the Solstice, I wore O and The Lights of Men's Lives for the journey back towards the sun, but for Christmas, I wore my traditional El Dia de los Reyes 2015, my ultimate happy scent. Well, that and Paladin, which my wonderful boyfriend bought me a bottle of!!!

  10. Lunasariel

    Midnight Bonfire

    (Yes, I'm still reviewing Weenies. >.< I love my job, but only being able to test new perfumes on the weekends is one of my less-favorite aspects.) In the imp: My first impression was "fresh night breeze." I think this is the ti leaf and sage - BPAL's sage generally reads as softly, broadly outdoorsy to me, while ti leaf makes things fresh but not ozone-y or aquatic. I wouldn't immediately peg this as a floral, but there is some jasmine in there, twining around the sage. Maybe just a hint of woodsiness or smoke, but not an awful lot Wet: And there's that smoke! It wavers for a few moments before resolving into definitely pine smoke, but it's not at all sharp or astringent. The sage is most likely to thank for this - on my skin, sage generally provides a gorgeous green-tinted, soft-focus filter over everything, and this is no exception. I think the ti leaf is also still going strong, providing the feeling of elusive curls of smoke on a soft nighttime breeze, instead of the snootful of smoke that you get from standing right over a campfire. The jasmine becomes an unexpected addition here: at first it felt incongruously elegant and ladylike in what is otherwise a campfire-on-a-beautiful-summer-night scent. However, after a few minutes, it melds into the smoke and sage wonderfully, becoming a little wilder and earthier. Dry: As expected, the fresher, lighter elements burn off. This leaves the smoke more prominent, and the patchouli makes itself known. Overall, it's now a resinous, herbal scent, much darker and more appropriate for the witching hour.
  11. Lunasariel

    Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs

    In the imp: A cool, smooth, sophisticated, musky amber, very a la Haunted. And maybe with a hint of lemon, also as in Haunted? Wet: Musky, resinous, and maybe a little soapy? I'm definitely getting the ti leaf, which reminds me strongly of certain Shungas, White Rabbit, or maybe even Dorian. But Dorian goes *very* soapy on me, so that might be appropriate, too. Dry: After a few minutes, the soapiness fades and the musk comes forward, making it warmer, cuddlier, and, yes, fuzzier. It remains a musky amber throughout, with the ti leaf being a persistent accent. It's the ti leaf that takes this away from being a Haunted clone and into something softer and a little bit fresher.
  12. Lunasariel


    In the imp: A rich, fruity, spicy scent. Primarily apples, but these are warm, cooked apples, as in pie or cider, not fresh off the tree. It's a pretty sweet scent, but just the way fruit is sweet, not over-sugared. Wet: This scent showed up to the holiday party to have a good time, and boy is it going to. A boozy, festive cider scent, and whoever's making it was generous with the spices - whole cloves and cinnamon sticks, none of this wimpy powdered stuff. Dry: Sweeter and drier, but a honey-like or sugary sweetness, not just the fruit. The milky, creamy notes finally show up as the booze burns off, and the spices are now very mellow and blended-in, like the drink has been simmering for a good long time.
  13. Lunasariel

    The Goat and the Vine

    In the imp: A strongly green, sappy scent (if I didn't know better, I would say dandelion), overlaid by juicy apples. Wet: The vegetal green notes, now with woody overtones, clash with the almost floral and/or green apples for a few seconds before settling down into something smoother and richer. Now it's still a green scent, but a very "perfumey" green. It smells classic, like something my grandmother or great-grandmother would have worn. Dry: The green notes last longer than anticipated (usually they burn off within a few minutes on me), but after an hour or two they're mostly gone, leaving sophisticated rosewood/vanilla/benzoin - pretty, but a little soapy. Hints of beeswax still hang around, as does a certain woodsy greenness, but the latter in particular is very faint.
  14. Lunasariel

    An Encampment of Shepherds

    In the imp: A subtle, jammy rose and a dusty, vaguely organic scent that could be the clay, the tobacco, or both. Soft, elusive, and intriguing! Wet: Oh man, that rose tobacco! I don't think I've ever smelled this particular combo before, and I love it! It's rich and syrupy like rose jam, but drier, less sticky, with a wonderful smoky element. Further from my skin, I also get more of the oudh and tonka, rounding it out for a glorious oriental. This is a rose-dominant scent for people who hate rose. The clay note emerges after a few minutes, blending wonderfully with the dominant rose (rose tobacco?) instead of just drying it out. Dry: The tonka comes out a little more over time, as does the tobacco. The rose stays noticeable until the very end, though. It ends up with a sort of omnidirectional sweetness that's as much tonka as it is rose. I don't really get any clay at this point, unless it's whatever is reining in the rose and making it blend so well with everything else.
  15. Whenever I wear Hellfire, I am apparently compelled to hum the Disney song at least once.