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    Amber, vanilla (especially the non-foody variety), sage (and other herbal notes), cedarwood, old books/parchment, well-worn leather, ambergris, most white florals (especially jasmine), citrus (especially bergamot), tobacco, musk (especially black and brown musks), tea, some boozy notes (whiskey, rum, bourbon). Also, unexpectedly, coconut and creamy notes, which I dislike the taste of, but my skin LOVES the smell of. Nope notes: fougeres, aquatics, mosses (possibly the culprit in fougeres), any type of lily.

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  1. Lunasariel

    Lizardfolk Park Ranger

    In the imp: A spicy-woodsy scent, fairly dry, with pine prominent but not conquering all it sees the way it sometimes does. I also thought I got a sort of musky, animalic note, but there's nothing listed that matches it. Maybe some unlisted musk, or maybe some combination of amber, mosses, and woods? It's a wonderful sort of fur-ruffling scent, whatever it is. Wet: If I had to describe this scent in one word, it would be "organic." This is the scent of a damp forest floor, complete with leaf mast and decaying wood. It's very weirdly cozy, but not homey, if that makes any kind of sense - it's not a "fuzzy sweaters and baking bread" kind of scent, which is what usually makes me think "cozy," but it kind of wraps its arms around you and sinks into your skin. Maybe this is the hazelnut and/or amber talking? I had no idea what nooka is, so I looked it up, and according to Fragrantica, "Nootka, or Alaska cypress, is a cypress tree native to the coastal Northwest. The oil has a strong woody aromatic smell with hints of grapefruit and blackcurrant." While I'm definitely getting plenty of aromatic woods, I'm not getting any grapefruit or blackcurrant (which is a little odd, since blackcurrant is a listed note in its own right). Maybe they'll come out on the drydown? Dry: The scent moves up from the forest floor, going from damp leaf mast and gently decaying wood to living tree trunks, complete with moss and lichen, and bars of sunlight slanting through the canopy. It's a beautiful gold-green-brown scent. After eight hours or so, it does a particularly graceful fade into a sort of musky amber, with that "organic" feeling still going strong.
  2. Lunasariel


    In the imp: Spicy-herbal and resinous, with the lavender very prominent and medicinal-smelling. There's something sweet stopping the whole thing from smelling too sharp, but it's buried under all the other, pushier notes. I think it might be the blood orange and/or the dragon's blood, which has always read strongly cherry-vanilla to my nose, but I can't tell which. Wet: A big flash of woozy-sweet lavender, like The Dream or Good Morning, London, quickly gives way to an absolutely glorious blood orange and amber, with more than a whiff of incense. I wish I was getting more of the cacao, though. Dry: The blood orange burns off after an hour or two, leaving mainly amber and omnidirectional incense/resins with maybe just a hint of cherry-vanilla dragon's blood.
  3. Lunasariel


    In the imp: That's a nice well-worn leather! I'm also getting some very deep resins - I almost want to say something fruity and/or floral? And maybe a flash of metal and/or ozone. Wet: Huh, this is interesting! From afar, I still get that lovely well-worn leather and fruity-floral resins, but the closer to the skin I get, the more I pick up on a deeply unfortunate soapy/cleaning note. So as I'm sitting at my computer typing, I'm doing so in a cloud of "sexy but dangerous assassin," but as soon as I lift my wrist for a closer sniff, the assassin is replaced by a hospital janitor. Dry: Thankfully, the unfortunate soapiness fades after an hour or two, leaving darkly fruity resins and that lovely well-worn leather note. It's a darkly, quietly elegant scent, and I love it!
  4. Lunasariel

    Vial of Holy Water

    In the imp: A very light, watery, almost cologne-like scent. Makes me think of white light, and pale greens and blues. Wet: Not cologne-like, but still watery. I almost want to say something green and/or floral? It reminds me of light reflecting off of water. Dry: OK, now it's less watery/green and more cologne-like. There are still some florals hanging around, but it's now more clean-smelling and "perfumey." Still lovely as a light, clean, refreshing scent, though!
  5. Lunasariel

    Thieves' Rosin

    In the imp: Smooth resins, with a strong beeswax note. I almost want to say honey as well, but I think that's just the beeswax talking. Overall it's a mellow, burnished-gold sort of scent, almost goopy. Wet: A lot drier; more resinous and less beeswax-y, although the beeswax is still present. The resins really are wonderful, though - smooth, mellow, and sweet, with maybe the slightest vanillic edge? Dry: Pretty linear - turtles resins and beeswax all the way down. A softly glowing golden scent, simple and lovely on its own or great for adding warmth, depth, and coziness to other scents.
  6. Lunasariel

    The Butterfly 2021

    In the imp: A big, bright, effervescent blast of something fizzy - at first I wanted to say ginger ale. There's also some sweet tonka in there somewhere, but the petitgrain/ginger ale note is very nose-catching - it actually feels like bubbles going up my nose! Wet: The ginger ale-esque bubbliness quickly burns off, leaving a more distinct citrus note. It blends *beautifully* with the glowing golden amber and soft, fuzzy, brown-gold tonka - most of the time. The citrus occasionally veers a little high-pitched for me, especially at the beginning, but overall I found they balanced very well. Dry: As usual with most citrus notes, almost all of them have burned off an hour or so in, leaving only a hint of petitgrain to round out the amber and tonka. I'm also getting whiffs of something my brain keeps wanting to interpret as baking bread - so the nutmeg, maybe? My husband picked up on vanillic notes, which I didn't, so it might be the tonka as well.
  7. Lunasariel

    Schmendrick 2021

    In the imp: A very sweet and chewy tobacco (with maybe caramel making it extra-sweet and extra-chewy?), with soft, fuzzy herbs underneath. Wet: The tobacco is much more restrained, and is playing very nicely with a swirl of herbs (I would believe sage, but I couldn't pick it out immediately) over a rather dry, woodsy base. I get very occasional hints of bubblegum, which is what chamomile usually does on my skin, but thankfully not many - I was a little worried about this when I ordered, so I'm glad that the other notes are having a chance to shine through! After a few minutes, from afar, it's a a rather lovely balance between gray-green sage and dried brown tobacco leaves, with no raisins or caramel that I could pick up. The sandalwood started out almost nonexistent, but has become more prominent. Dry: This is the scent of dried herbs and tobacco leaves hanging among old wooden rafters - surprisingly dry and homey! At first the herbs (again, mainly sage but not distinctively so) are more prominent, accented by the tobacco leaves, and then they slowly shift places over several hours. When the tobacco becomes prominent, it becomes sweeter and chewier, like ITI. And maybe there's just a hint of fruity sweetness? Not enough for me to be able to say so with confidence, though, which I'm extra-glad of - I occasionally amp sweet notes, and I was a little afraid that the foody sweetness would stomp all over the tobacco and herbs, both of which I adore. Huh, this ended up being a lot quieter and more grounded than I'd anticipated. It's a sort of homey, quietly confident scent - not quite how I think of Schmendrick, although I suppose I did take a "magic, do as you will" chance on the camomile and foody notes not overwhelming the tobacco, sage, and sandalwood.
  8. Lunasariel


    In the imp: A very pretty, perfumey, leather and juniper scent. It's lovely, with enough of a rough edge to make it interesting, but doesn't exactly fit my mental image of a berzerker. The juniper is a particularly nice touch - when I was ordering this scent, I was worried that it was going to boil down to Fighter 2.0, which on me smelled exactly like my elegant grandmother's fancy shoe closet. This is definitely not that - much more herbal and multifaceted. I also suspect that the "blood" in the description is dragon's blood; there's a sweetness here that I can't otherwise place, but I don't get the CHERRY-VANILLA PUNCH that I usually do from dragon's blood. Wet: A big ol' blast of I AM LEATHER, HERE ME ROAR!, that quickly settles down into a much softer, more well-worn leather that plays well with juniper and poplar bud. Or at least, I think that's poplar bud - it's a gently green/herbal/almost floral scent, and I really like it. The sweetness that may or may not have been dragon's blood from ITI is missing, and overall it's much less "perfumey"-smelling, but it does settle down very quickly, and wears quite close to the skin. Surprisingly demure for a berzerker! Dry: The leather goes through an unfortunate newer, kind of chemical-y phase that is indeed reminiscent of a high-end shoe closet, with some omnidirectional woods to complete the illusion, but after a little while it settles into a lovely well-worn musky leather and juniper scent strongly reminiscent of l'Idole from the 2017 Lupers, which was one of my favorites. Surprisingly soft-spoken and demure for a berzerker - this feels more like a druid who is mostly happy sitting in their glade in their well-worn leather robe, but can go on the occasional rampage as needed.
  9. Lunasariel


    In the imp: A zingy and clean blast of eucalyptus and ever-so-slightly-sweet mint. I know this sounds like a one-way ticket to Cleaning Fluid Town, but right now it's just refreshing and pleasant. (Or maybe it's the muggy, hot, smoke-laden day that's making me crave anything cool.) Wet: It starts out as a much stronger eucalyptus note with less mint and MUCH more frankincense, but after half a minute or so an unpleasantly soapy note emerges; I can both taste and smell it. Luckily, that settles down after another couple of minutes into a mild eucalyptus note backed up by some white musk. Throw is decent and almost entirely eucalyptus. Dry: A surprisingly low-key cologne-like scent, soft eucalyptus toned down by gently resinous frankincense and white musk (and maybe blue musk? I don't have a great scent profile for blue musk). It's now wearing much closer to the body, and I'm surprised by how chill (heh) it feels, given the number of notes that tend to go high-pitched and shrieky on me.
  10. Lunasariel


    In the imp: Fizzy, gingery, and effervescent, with a nice little kick from the pepper, while still avoiding the nose-biting elements of both ginger and pepper. There's something tempering the ginger here, which I think is the balsam? It's taking the scent out of foodie/craft cocktail territory, and into something much more multifaceted. Wet: A BIG punch of ginger, tempered by a much more distinctive balsam, right out the gate. The pepper is still giving it some (more) kick, but the sarsaparilla leans slightly soapy on me. After a minute, a very distinct machine oil note merges, which plays surprisingly well with the ginger and balsam. Dry: Starts out still very ginger-forward, tempered with an interesting smoky note (this is definitely metallic/diesel smoke, not woodsmoke). As time goes on, however, the ginger fades out and the balsam (and nutmeg, I think?) take a big step forward. The metallic smokiness note remains constant, though, and it turns out that balsam(/nutmeg?)/smoke is a really nice combination on me - it's not exactly snuggly, but it is kind of weirdly cozy, in an odd, unisex sort of way.
  11. Lunasariel


    In the imp: Surprisingly cologne-like. Fresh out of the package, I noted down a lot more metallic and machine oil notes, but now that's it's been settling for a few days, it's much fresher and cologne-y. Is this the "blue flickers of arcane power?" Wet: Fresh, light, and cool - I initially thought lily of the valley, but I see others saying eucalyptus, which I could also see. Something light green and almost aquatic, anyway. It's oddly reminiscent of Sea of Glass. Dry: A light, vaguely metallic cologne, with the metallic/machine oil note growing stronger over time, but never overpowering the cologne. It does give the cologne a very interesting dimension - a sort of stability or grounded-ness (heh, maybe to counteract the "sparking wires"). I never did pick up on the eucalyptus notes that other reviewers have noticed, though.
  12. Lunasariel

    Cedarwood & Smoked Vanilla

    In the imp: I think my eyes may have rolled back in my head when I took my first whiff of this. This is liquid gold - the vanilla is subtle & smoky, and the cedarwood is mellow & aged (no lumber rooms or pencil shavings here!). Wet: A little drier and more woodsy. It starts out about 65/35 cedar/vanilla, but quickly equalizes until it's this beautiful blend that's something entirely its own. The vanilla here isn't as crystalline or ethereal as in Zorya Polunochnaya, but it has a similar elusive, smoke-on-the-wind kind of feel to it. Dry: Very well-blended, equally balanced between the two notes. It's not quite a warm & snuggly scent, but there's something comforting about it nonetheless. Stability, maybe? It's a pretty Lawful Good kind of scent.
  13. Lunasariel

    Red Oud & Balsam

    In the imp: Woody, but a dried and dusty sort of woody - maybe more dried resins? I get the impression of my old wooden incense burner, where so many sticks have burned down that there's a little ring of resins built up around the hole. Wet: The dustiness/dryness has mostly gone, leaving straight resins/woods. It now smells like the incense casket where I keep unburned sticks - years of residual resins building up inside aromatic wood. (Although I believe my incense casket is cedar, and this scent isn't specifically cedar.) Dry: Pretty linear - dry-ish woods and aromatic resins. Although perhaps leaning more towards the resins as time goes on?
  14. Lunasariel

    Whiskey & Apple

    In the imp: Apples definitely, and whiskey, yes, but there's a delicious, almost caramelized note that I think is the interplay between the two. An elegant, sexy, fruity combination. (Man, I wish that whiskey tasted like it smells! Like coffee, I can't stand the taste but I loooooove the smell.) Wet: Much boozier and traditionally "perfumey," while still distinctly fruity. This smells like something that should come out of a cut-glass bottle on a lady's vanity. Dry: The apple burns off after a few hours, leaving an oddly...perfumey whiskey? It almost reads as leather or smooth woods; it brings to mind the phrase "barrel-aged."
  15. Lunasariel

    Honeysuckle & Patchouli

    In the imp: Simple, as Duets tend to be. In this case, it's honeysuckle and wet earth. There was an initial strong blast of patchouli as I uncorked the imp, but this dissipated quickly, and the patchouli read as earthier. Wet: More honeysuckle, less patchouli. The earthy elements are still there, but much toned down - without knowing what it was, I'm not sure I could even identify it as patch. Dry: Seems to kind of swing between the two extremes. Sometimes it's straight-up honeysuckle, and sometimes it's a seriously earthy patchouli, but most of the time it's honeysuckle and wet earth, fairly similar to ITI.