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    Amber, vanilla (especially the non-foody variety), sage (and other herbal notes), cedarwood, old books/parchment, well-worn leather, ambergris, most white florals (especially jasmine), citrus (especially bergamot), tobacco, musk (especially black and brown musks), tea, some boozy notes (whiskey, rum, bourbon). Also, unexpectedly, coconut and creamy notes, which I dislike the taste of, but my skin LOVES the smell of. Nope notes: fougeres, aquatics, mosses (possibly the culprit in fougeres), any type of lily.

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  1. Lunasariel

    Cedarwood & Smoked Vanilla

    In the imp: I think my eyes may have rolled back in my head when I took my first whiff of this. This is liquid gold - the vanilla is subtle & smoky, and the cedarwood is mellow & aged (no lumber rooms or pencil shavings here!). Wet: A little drier and more woodsy. It starts out about 65/35 cedar/vanilla, but quickly equalizes until it's this beautiful blend that's something entirely its own. The vanilla here isn't as crystalline or ethereal as in Zorya Polunochnaya, but it has a similar elusive, smoke-on-the-wind kind of feel to it. Dry: Very well-blended, equally balanced between the two notes. It's not quite a warm & snuggly scent, but there's something comforting about it nonetheless. Stability, maybe? It's a pretty Lawful Good kind of scent.
  2. Lunasariel

    Red Oud & Balsam

    In the imp: Woody, but a dried and dusty sort of woody - maybe more dried resins? I get the impression of my old wooden incense burner, where so many sticks have burned down that there's a little ring of resins built up around the hole. Wet: The dustiness/dryness has mostly gone, leaving straight resins/woods. It now smells like the incense casket where I keep unburned sticks - years of residual resins building up inside aromatic wood. (Although I believe my incense casket is cedar, and this scent isn't specifically cedar.) Dry: Pretty linear - dry-ish woods and aromatic resins. Although perhaps leaning more towards the resins as time goes on?
  3. Lunasariel

    Whiskey & Apple

    In the imp: Apples definitely, and whiskey, yes, but there's a delicious, almost caramelized note that I think is the interplay between the two. An elegant, sexy, fruity combination. (Man, I wish that whiskey tasted like it smells! Like coffee, I can't stand the taste but I loooooove the smell.) Wet: Much boozier and traditionally "perfumey," while still distinctly fruity. This smells like something that should come out of a cut-glass bottle on a lady's vanity. Dry: The apple burns off after a few hours, leaving an oddly...perfumey whiskey? It almost reads as leather or smooth woods; it brings to mind the phrase "barrel-aged."
  4. Lunasariel

    Honeysuckle & Patchouli

    In the imp: Simple, as Duets tend to be. In this case, it's honeysuckle and wet earth. There was an initial strong blast of patchouli as I uncorked the imp, but this dissipated quickly, and the patchouli read as earthier. Wet: More honeysuckle, less patchouli. The earthy elements are still there, but much toned down - without knowing what it was, I'm not sure I could even identify it as patch. Dry: Seems to kind of swing between the two extremes. Sometimes it's straight-up honeysuckle, and sometimes it's a seriously earthy patchouli, but most of the time it's honeysuckle and wet earth, fairly similar to ITI.
  5. Lunasariel

    Hay & Clove

    In the imp: Mainly clove, but...alcohol-y clove? Clove extract? It smells the way vanilla extract tastes, with that sharp, surprising bite of alcohol under the sweetness. Otherwise, it is a very holiday-sweet kind of scent. Wet: Still primarily a clove scent (reminds me of pomanders, actually!), but hey, the hay shows up! That particular soft, golden, dried-grasses scent plays wonderfully with the clove, taking it out of the kitchen and into the field. Dry: A warm, golden, slightly spiced scent. If I didn't know better, I would call this amber instead of hay.
  6. Lunasariel

    In Omnibus Caritas

    In the imp: A creamy, honey-sweet scent, reminiscent of Good from the RPG line. Wet: A golden core of strength (I think this is the sandalwood?) with a golden, hazy cloud of sweetness wrapped around it. I'm getting quite a bit of honey and creamy mallow flower, but also some vanillic sweetness. If the orris is here, it's as a subtle backup note, reining in the sweeter elements and stopping them from going syrupy. Which I'm both delighted and surprised by, because orris has a tendency to go overwhelmingly powdery on me. There's also an interesting zingy, lively note, almost like citrus but not quite; this could be either the honey (especially if it's orange blossom honey, which smells quite citrusy IRL) or the mallow flower (which I'm not super familiar with). Dry: The creamy mallow flower note is more dominant, making this mainly a mallow and honey blend with hints of vanilla. Still very sweet, in a zingy, uplifting kind of way.
  7. Lunasariel

    In Dubiis Libertas

    In the imp: An elegant, cool amber, backlit by benzoin and embellished by wafts of a delicate and, yes, smoky vanilla. Wet: Primarily a fresh, outdoorsy cypress and that lovely smoked vanilla, with the resins as a glowing golden backdrop. Apparently vanilla + any sort of (non-abrasive) wood = a total win on me, but the combinations of the cypress and the smoky elements of the vanilla is particularly delightful. Dry: Soft amber, with just a touch of vanilla.
  8. Lunasariel

    In Necessarias Unitas

    In the imp: A big ol' swirl of resins and woods. I think I'm picking up on the patchouli and honey, but otherwise, individual notes are hard to distinguish - it's just one big, golden mélange. And yet, it's cooler and lighter than you would expect - I don't think this would feel heavy or overwhelming on a summer day. Wet: Aha, there we go! The patchouli is still playing *very* nicely with the honey, but the oud is now more distinct, as are warm, polished-to-a-shine woods. I'm not getting any vetiver or oakmoss yet - unless it's the oakmoss giving it that lightness? This is a rich, expansive, generous scent - what I imagine the Ghost of Christmas Present would smell like. Dry: Huh, that was quick! Within four or five hours, it's dried down to a very soft honeyed patch, with maybe the barest hints of oud and woods. But really, I have to huff to get a scent at all - this is a surprisingly quick fade for a woody/resinous blend, which tend to stick around on me for a while. It is a lovely scent, though - warmer and cuddlier than the wet stage, although not as sophisticated or complex.
  9. Lunasariel

    Bits of Birnam Wood

    In the imp: A good honest apple scent, with an underlying woodsiness. And I almost want to say a hint of caramel? Something goopy-thick and sweet, anyway; looking at the other reviews, I can easily see either mashed or baked apples. Wet: Still primarily apple, but an It's Complicated apple. There's an almost woozy note, like cider or fermenting apple juice, the woody notes are stronger, and a lovely, delicate apple blossom note wafts in and out. There's a lot going on here, but it's harmonious - like Soupy Twist says, it's all of appledom in one perfume. Dry: A softer, warmer apple scent, slightly spiced and definitely woodsy. I'm still getting a cider-y/fermented feel, and the florals have faded almost entirely.
  10. Lunasariel

    Lazy Daisy

    In the imp: Light and clean, almost soapy but not quite. There's a waft of jasmine but no more, and if this is tea, it must be the dried leaves rather than a cup of brewed tea. Wet: A flash of astringency, and then it settles down into exactly what I imagine an airing cupboard full of freshly washed cotton sheets would smell like, with maybe a couple of dried jasmine and lavender flowers sprinkled between them. The florals are very light and non-intrusive, but present nonetheless. Interestingly, I asked my fiancé what he thought at this stage, and he, not knowing any of the notes said, "like wet tree bark, just after rain." I can...kinda see it? The tea comes out after a few minutes, and I could see that reading as woody. Dry: Very soft tea and cotton, very clean, but in an...organic kind of way, not like soap or laundry detergent. Like sun-dried sheets, as above. Quietly responsible, demure, and understated. A great scent to wear to brunch with your in-laws when you don't have time to shower (like I may have done today).
  11. Lunasariel

    Server Gremlins

    In the imp: An earthy, mineral, vegetal scent with a bit of zip to it - is that ginger? peppercorns? I'm kinda leaning towards black pepper, as seen in Black Pepper and Sandalwood. Wet: A flash of greenery and ozone, before it settles into a musty, zingy kind of scent. I'm totally willing to believe sandalwood, and I'm thinking ginger or cinnamon for the zing, rather than pepper. Dry: That probably-sandalwood note comes to the fore, along with maybe a hint of patchouli or musk. A soft, mellow, woody scent, which I would not have expected from the zingy opening.
  12. Lunasariel

    Pomegranate and Vetiver

    In the imp: Pomegranate - dark, fruity, and juicy. It's not exactly a fruitsplosion (unlike The Red Queen, which I tried recently and started out as a CHERRY BOMB!), but it's very single-note-dominant, at least at this stage. Wet: Still mainly pomegranate. For a little while, there was an odd waxy note, like pomegranate-scented candles, but then it morphed into...vetiver, I guess? But I agree with zankoku_zen - I get more leather than vetiver. Pomegranate and vetiver. Dry: ...Huh. The leather note was unexpected, but so is where it ended up. A dark green, foresty blend with subtle fruity accents, not dissimilar to Druid or Bewitched. Both of which I LOVE, but I wasn't expecting to find a similar blend here.
  13. Lunasariel

    Strawberry and Rosebud

    In the imp: Mainly fruity, juicy strawberry, with some just-beginning-to-bloom rose around the edges. Both are very realistic and alive-smelling, if that makes any sense. Wet: It quickly does a switcheroo and becomes mainly rose, with some strawberry around the edges. Dry: Unsurprisingly, the rose outlasts the strawberry. But this isn't a "perfumey" rose - it smells like a rose garden in spring, before the heat really brings out the biggest, most voluptuous scents. It's soft, subtle, and very, very lovely.
  14. Lunasariel

    Lemongrass & Tonka

    In the imp: My very first whiff was almost foody - why TF do I get coconut from this?? After that, though, it's mainly lemongrass, although the tonka is definitely present as well. It's not a main player, but there's something smooth and almost creamy-sweet, but not quite, rounding out the edges of the lemongrass. Wet: Still like 80-85% lemongrass, but I do get the tonka. It takes the scent from pure, bright, citrus-y lemongrass to Lemongrass Plus. The tonka grounds it and gives it some body, and I love it! Dry: The tonka becomes more and more prominent, although it never eclipses the lemongrass. Sweet and earthy indeed! Although, in this case, "earthy" = "herbal and citrus-y."
  15. Lunasariel

    The Red Queen

    In the imp: Hello, daddy, hello, mom, I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! This is a big splash of sweet, syrupy, cherries, and that's about it. Occasionally I think I get just a hint of very perfumey rose, but I have a lot of blends that mix roses and fruit, particularly cherries, so I think that might just be my nose having certain expectations. Wet: Ah, there's the mahogany! It balances the cherry bomb out wonderfully. "Lacquered" is definitely the right word for this one - it's definitely a heavy, opulent, red-velvet-drapes-and-lacquered-furniture kind of scent. Dry: The mahogany becomes more and more dominant, going from 60/40 to 80/20. There's a subtle, fruity presence throughout, but now it's soft enough that I can't tell whether it's cherry, currant, or both. This one has a surprisingly good throw! All throughout today, I kept getting whiffs of something elegantly fruity and elusive, and towards the end of the day, I realized it was me. This rarely happens to me, so I learned two things today: that the throw is much fruitier than the skin level scent, and that, especially from afar, this smells AWESOME. The throw is such that I might not be able to wear it in to work, which strongly discourages perfumes or other strong smells, though.