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  1. DiesMali


    In the imp: Clean, sweet, slightly soapy florals. Wet on my skin: This goes on very much lily and pear, with an undertone of sweet pea. Dry: As far as lily and/or pear blends go, this is actually a well-behaved, inoffensive one on me. Youthful and light, pretty, and sweet. My skin often blows up pear and lily notes into "entire mortuary worth of flowers" and/or soap, but here, it's fairly quiet, realistic flowers and a hint of juicy pear. I can pick out lilies, honeysuckle, and sweet pea if I try, but overall it's a well-blended bouquet. I think the white musk and some hints of 'green' stem notes in the flowers must be taming this just enough that it actually works on me! There's a slightly powdery quality to it as it wears, and that is (to me) reminiscent of the thick, fuzzy yellow pollen you get in those big, floppy lilies of various types. The scent overall isn't really something I would wear more than once in a blue moon, as fruity-florals are not quite "me," but this is really pretty and I'll be happy to have it on my skin while (re)testing it! Might pull out the imp from time to time, who knows.
  2. DiesMali

    Black Annis

    HOLY HECK HOW DID I NEVER TRY OR REVIEW THIS BEFORE? OMG. I'm gonna preface this review by stating I need a bottle of this yesterday. In the imp: Thick, dark, spicy-musky anise. Wet on my skin: Thick, dark, spicy-sweet anise with a musky, feral edge to it. Oh, it's gorgeous even at this early stage! Dry: This scent doesn't change a whole lot for the first hour or two. It remains that thick, dark, sweet anise with a feral musk, now with the dark vetiver forest and deceptively soft clumps of lichen and oak leaves, which combine to be quite reminiscent of oakmoss. These are all notes that are generally good to great on me, and SOMEHOW I skipped trying this one for years, even though I got my first imp of it in...2015. Oops. Anyway! I like this even better when dry, because those oakmossy oak-lichen and vetiver notes are *such* a fantastic complement to the sharp, spicy-sweet, feral duet of anise and civet. It's a dark, dangerous, probably seductive blend whose seductive properties I wouldn't mind testing at some point. At least, I'd be seduced a bit if someone I was getting to know wore this. Maybe it'll work the opposite way...? Time to go order some GCs this week, I guess! Black Annis can't ride alone.
  3. DiesMali

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    In the bottle: Spicy shampoo and dry wood. Wet on my skin: This is fairly shampoo-like for the first few minutes, for some strange reason. Like, expensive herbal shampoo though, not cheap Suave or something. It quickly morphs into something sensual, sweet, and boozy. Dry: I think my skin might be weird tonight, because this smells like a close cousin to Perversion and Pleasures of the Imagination III, despite only sharing a couple of notes with either. Apparently, something in this combines to smell like sweet booze on me - honey and something, because it's fairly mead-like. It's a lot sweeter and, well, boozier than I thought it would be, and while I can pick out the honey, vanilla, goat's milk, and tobacco, the darker/heavier notes are kinda just supporting them in the background at this point. I think that wood/vetiver/cardamom combination is going leathery on me, which, when combined with the spicy, boozy top notes, would explain why it smells oddly related to Perversion and Pleasures III. Not quite what I was expecting, but not bad at all! Hopefully that vetiver and tobacco come out a little more as this ages, but I'm happy with it now as well.
  4. DiesMali

    Gingerbread Wolfman

    In the bottle: ...BBQ sauce? Huh? Wet on my skin: Peanut butter and BBQ sauce. Oh dear. Dry: 5 hours in, and this has faded from strong peanut butter and BBQ sauce to slightly spicy peanut butter with a hint of what I can only describe as ball sweat (sorry). I can't smell any of the sweet notes; it's all salty, sweaty nut butter and a bit of spice, no hint of gingerbread. I...think this one's gonna need to age for a while. This is the first blind bottle purchase that has gone this wonky on me since Pumpkin Chypre in 2017, which eventually aged into something wearable, so it's gonna go sit in the timeout corner aging box for a month or three (or more).
  5. DiesMali

    Winter Night. Figure on the Bridge

    Of all the Yules I ordered this go-round, THIS - not the sexy gingerbreads or the sufganiyot - was the one I was most looking forward to! Indigo musk is my favourite of the BPAL musks, and yes. Yespls. In the bottle: Dark, slightly soapy-aquatic lilac and plum. Wet on my skin: My immediate thought is "this could be something from The Last Unicorn" series. Dry: This is a deep, dark, evocative lilac with a gleaming edge of purple-black plum. Indigo musk, opium, and tobacco flower give it a very velvety-smooth, slightly hypnotic quality, and the slushy snow note gives it a very slightly ozonic/aquatic feel, like a snowy bridge over a half-frozen creek that looks black and shimmery under the moonlight peeking out from behind grey-black winter clouds. The dark lilac and plum remain at the forefront, tempered mostly by the opium and musk, which is what I was hoping for, and I love it. Just a beautiful scent, and it will definitely be going into wear rotation as we get into the spring lilac season here.
  6. DiesMali

    Gingerbread Vampire

    So I didn't just buy one sexy gingerbread...I bought three. This is the second I'm testing. AHEM. In the bottle: THICK, dark molasses gingerbread with extra spice from the cinnamon. Wet on my skin: STAR ANISE is very star anise for the first few minutes, and that's a bit concerning, because I had a slight incident with sambuca a few years ago and have been a little wary of anise scents since then. Thankfully, as it starts to dry, that molasses gingerbread and cinnamon rejoin the show. Dry: The dark, dark chocolate (like 85% cacao dark chocolate) tempers the spiciness of the cinnamon-anise-gingerbread, which was close to being overwhelming when I first put it on. It's very much a dense molasses-heavy gingerbread, with extra oomph from the star anise and cinnamon. Darkly seductive, not at all subtle, and probably something you'd want to wear if you were on a date with a foodie and wanted to test whether or not the "vampire" part of the title meant getting bitten later. I wanted sexy gingerbread, and I got ANOTHER sexy, dark gingerbread! HUZZAH.
  7. DiesMali

    Gingerbread and Leather

    In the bottle: Spicy tobacco gingerbread. Wet on my skin: Spicy, clove-heavy gingerbread and sweet tobacco...and leather! Soft black leather. Mmmm. Dry: Okay, so I have a thing for these dark, sexy gingerbread perfumes. I don't even care that I already own Gingerbread Tobacco, Gingerbread, Patchouli, Leather, and Dark Musk, and Gingerbread, Vetiver, and Black Clove. I NEEDED THIS. This is dark, spicy, sexy clove gingerbread with sweet, smooth tobacco and soft black leather. I wanted sexy gingerbread. I got sexy gingerbread. YEAH!!!
  8. DiesMali

    Muddy Armadillo

    In the bottle: Dry chocolate and tobacco...and DIRT. Wet on my skin: DIRT. And cacao-tobacco! But lots of mud! Dry: This calls up a specific memory for me! The dirt note in this is, at least to my memory, reminiscent of the Crayola dirt scented crayon from when I was a kid! 1994ish, colouring and drawing in the spare bedroom in my grandma's house (the summer after grandpa died) while my parents and uncle chatted with her in the living room. They were watching and discussing Beavis and Butthead, horrified that people would let their kids watch such a show, and I was secretly listening to the episode playing while colouring all that dirt and trees and sky. I LOVED that dirt crayon, and the leather one, and a few others! It was actually quite a realistic dirt smell, for being a crayon. And this...is like that, at first, and then becomes this ball of thick, mud-caked tobacco and dry, woody cacao. I actually really like this. And I love the memory it conjures up. ❤️
  9. DiesMali

    Baby’s First Chainsaw

    In the bottle: Gooey cookies and thick, black grease. Wet on my skin: This starts off with strong, black, slightly metallic grease glooped all over a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven. It's almost a bit concerning at first! Dry: The grease, thankfully, mellows as this dries down, and now it is very unusual but also very yummy. It smells like eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies inside the workroom of an independent auto shop! Not the huge, slick, unusually clean sort of auto shop, but rather the sort that you'd find in a small town or a backroad in a larger city, run by a couple of guys who just really love tinkering with cars. I take my car to one of those shops, and this smells like I brought a plate of cookies to them...which honestly isn't a bad idea, actually. The grease remains prominent but not overpowering for a while, but as it wears, it smooths out and sort of melts into the cookies, and gives the impression that maybe one of your batches of cookies got a little more dark and crispy than you were going for...but they're still delicious, even if a few of them have burnt edges. Dark, foodie, strange, and strangely delicious. I'm not even gonna test anything else tonight; I wanna just slather this on and wear it to bed.
  10. DiesMali

    Leave Her, Jonny

    In the bottle: Soft, figgy-sweet spiced rum and cedar. Mmmm. Wet on my skin: Goes on the same, with a soft, fig-sweetened spiced rum and a really nice cedar. Mmmm. Dry: I will preface by saying that my skin usually does great things with patchouli and oudh, so I was expecting this to be good. I was absolutely right. This is very well blended, with each note contributing about equally to the whole of the spicy, woody, slightly chewy-sweet scent! This is definitely a dark, chewy fig and coconut rum sort of sweetness, not a sugary sweetness, and it's also gloriously warm and spicy. I'd say it is in the same "scent-mood" family as Palmyra, Gluggagaegir, Mary Read/Anne Bonny (layered together), and St. Clare. Warm, spicy, fragrant, and a bit on the masculine side of the unisex center of the perfume spectrum. This is just gorgeous on me, and I can definitely see this going into the more frequent wear rotation! I bet some aging and summer warmth will make it even better, too!
  11. DiesMali


    In the bottle: Honeyed jasmine and carnation. Wet on my skin: Honeyed jasmine, carnation, and hay! I recognize this hay note from Hal and Kubla Khan! Dry: A-Rovin' is like Hal and Kubla Khan had a baby, and maybe For Each Ecstatic Instant was watching through a window or something. It takes the best parts of each of those two scents and makes a sultrier, slightly darker and headier sibling to both. Honeyed jasmine, spicy carnation, and sweet hay are at the front of this for me, atop a bed of warm, sexy red musk, sandalwood, and sweet-smoky tobacco. Not really getting any leather at this point, at least not as a discernible note of its own. It's a sexy, warm, mature but not antique musky floral with something more exotic about it than your typical jasmine-based floral. Very red-purple, not at all a white floral. After a few hours, it has barely morphed at all since drydown, aside from the warm leather coming out just a bit to support the other notes, which is really really nice. Jasmine and red musk usually behave pretty well on my skin, but I have to agree with above reviewers that this is NOT an overpowering blend for either of them. Well blended, neither timid nor unnecessarily overpowering, and ...someone above mentioned boss-bitch sexy? Yeah, that's a good descriptor for this.
  12. DiesMali

    Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace

    In the bottle: Delicate pink-blue lotus. Wet on my skin: Stronger pink-blue, creamy lotus and mallow. It's a bit reminiscent of Poor Monkey for a minute there. Dry: If you liked Minamoto No Yorimasa and the Lotus Flower and/or Poor Monkey, you're probably going to like this. Creamy, sweet, delicate lotus and mallow, and just a poof of amber powder. It's a very pastel blue and pink scent, and despite being soft and delicate, is actually fairly strong in terms of throw. Not overpowering, but you're definitely going to have clouds of poofy, creamy lotus and mallow making themselves known to you and anyone around you whenever you move. The lotus ends up *very* slightly on the floral shampoo side, but only if you get in pretty close and take a big sniff. Soft, lovely, creamy-sweet. Just a beautiful scent, and I'm glad I have a bottle. ❤️ Edit: 9 days later, this has had time to settle a bit and it's even better! And I came to a realization. After this has been on for a while, it mellows a little into something that smells reasonably like a bowl full of Lucky Charms marshmallows soaking in milk. Not the cereal, just the marshmallows after they've had time to soften and melt a little into the milk, sweetening it.
  13. DiesMali

    Asleep in the Deep

    In the bottle: Salty opium. Wet on my skin: Salty, plummy opium. Dry: Aquatics are a bit of a gamble on my skin, but this one is quite nice! It goes on as salty opium that quickly sweetens with that dark plum note, and the labdanum and indigo benzoin seem to be combining with the salt to bring it that dark, cold, oceanic feel. Definitely ocean, not a lake or river. That salty opium-plum combination is just beautiful, though, and is definitely the standout of this scent. It's not overly briny or fruity, and the labdanum and benzoin are a cool breeze atop the deep, dark water. This is a fairly unisex blend. For me, between the inspiration and scent, it is calling up mental imagery of friendly but slightly creepy deep-sea merfolk catching the bodies of drowned sailors, and then magically reviving them as newly-minted merfolk.
  14. DiesMali

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    In the bottle: Yeasty buttery rolls! Fresh from the oven! Wet on my skin: Savoury, buttery, freshly-baked rolls with anise seed and cardamom sprinkled on top. Dry: This is bread. I smell like, well, freshly-baked, buttery Japanese milk bread with spices and just a hint of creamy almond. This is definitely more savoury than sweet, and very foodie/gourmand. I definitely have nothing like this already, but I'm glad I have this, because what foodie wouldn't like to occasionally smell like a bakery? Herby-seedy bakery bread. Yummmmmmm.
  15. DiesMali

    Levitating Phallic God

    In the bottle: Wet ashtray vetiver! Wet on my skin: Wet ashtray vetiver! Luckily, my skin usually tames even the gnarliest vetiver pretty quickly. I'm already smelling a hint of the licorice and woods. Dry: There we go! My skin has successfully tamed the wet ashtray monster! This is now a quite dark, masculine-leaning blend, with smooth wood and smoky vetiver up front, softened and sweetened just a bit by opoponax, licorice root, and faintly lemony tea as a whisper in the back edge of the scent. It's a little bit leathery-musky feeling, despite having neither leather nor musk in it, but the combination of a few of these notes (mostly vetiver and tea/wood) can do that on my skin sometimes. It's dark and menacing and masculine, and actually rather sexually suggestive. Fairly close to the skin, not a huge or strong throw, but I bet it'll strengthen a bit as it ages. This is what a darkly charming villain or antihero played by 90s Antonio Banderas, or maybe The Crow, might smell like if you got up close and personal enough to hug them.