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  1. DiesMali

    Ceylon Cinnamon, Olibanum & Cacao

    In the bottle: Dry, slightly boozy cinnamon and a whiff of resin and dry cacao. Wet on my skin: Dry, warm, woody cinnamon with slightly lemony frankincense and a hint of dry, slightly powdery cacao. Dry: This dries down as an equal partnership between that dry, warm, woody cinnamon and slightly lemony frankincense. The cacao is a secondary player on my skin, adding just a hint of bittersweet, powdery cacao to the back edge of the scent. First part of the inhale = cinnamon-olibanum. Second part, as you're done inhaling and it's already in your nose = cacao appears. I was thinking this might be slightly similar to a couple other beloved LEs I have that involve some/most of those notes, but it's actually not too similar to any of them, and I'm not even mad. I am a huge sucker for good frankincense scents, and that's exactly what I got. My *only* quibble with it is that it's fairly close to the skin and doesn't last terribly long, but I suspect a few months of aging will fix that.
  2. DiesMali

    Libra 2007

    This was a frottle from the Lab, and I'm so thankful for it because it's beautiful! In the bottle: Sticky rose. IDK how it's sticky, it just is. Wet on my skin: It starts out as a sticky-sweet rose, with some carnation and dark fruitiness. Dry: Much the same as it is wet. Lush, darkly fruity/jammy rose-carnation with a hint of sticky sweetness from the honey. Not a terribly complicated blend, but definitely a really nice one for someone who, like me, loves them some rose. This is actually a lot more fruity-floral than I usually go for with my rose, but I'm not even mad. This is beautiful, and I am thankful to have it!
  3. DiesMali

    Plague Doctor v13

    This was a frottle from the Lab! Oh my goodness! In the bottle: Grassy, herbal greenness. Wet on my skin: This smells like a whole herbal apothecary shop. Whooooah. I'm getting hints of notes I strongly suspect to be rosemary or something else minty-piney-camphorous, parsley, rose petals, nutmeg, clove or allspice, and various other green herbs and spices. Dry: Herbs and spices, and a bit foresty! This is really, really gorgeous, and unlike pretty much anything else I have tried so far, at least that I can remember. I can for sure pick out some kind of mint, parsley, rose petals, nutmeg, clove, myrrh, and I believe opium. The rest (and there's quite a lot of that) is a medicinal melange of ???? green herbal ???? resins ????? musk ???? pine???? Strange, dark, and a little unsettling, but also quite beautiful on my skin. Definitely evokes Plague Doctor, and/or Bog Witch. Nice. Very nice. Thank you, Lab, for sending me this unexpected treasure!
  4. DiesMali

    Rose-Tinted Mirror

    In the bottle: Cool, powdery rose and something almost aquatic. Wet on my skin: It's strong but gentle, cool, powdery tea rose with some honey, benzoin, and still something a little glassy and aquatic. Dry: This scent is gentle, but very present. It's got a pretty good amount of throw, not something you have to really lean in and sniff like some of the "calming" scents tend to be. Rose-tinted honey dust with gently floral mallow and soft violet leaf, with a gentle, shimmery benzoin-frankincense-balsamic resin layered over/around it. I think the balsamic note is from the balm of Gilead, which I'm not otherwise familiar with. Powdery, but not like baby powder. It's a fairly "antique" feeling scent, like a comforting hug from a favourite grandmother. Pink and gold and feathery white, and very pretty. I really like this, and it actually does make me feel a little better, whether from the soothing frankincense or the power of the words attached to it.
  5. DiesMali

    Creaking Floorboards

    In the bottle: Murphy's Wood Oil Soap and some freshly-oiled oak cabinets. Wet on my skin: Freshly oil-soaped and polished oak furniture and a hint of gleaming ...leather? Yep. Something about the tea + blood + cigarette tobacco combines to smell decidedly like gleaming black leather, perhaps as a trick of my nose or because my skin sometimes does that to certain note combinations. Dry: This is definitely not what I was expecting, but I don't dislike it at all. It remains mostly the same as it dries, and smells very much like rich, freshly oil-soaped and polished oak chairs with polished black leather cushioning/backing. Clean, rich, and very masculine. This smells Vincent Price and Peter Cushing as they sit across from each other, at their immaculately-polished dining table, and drink black tea while discussing their concerns and curiosities regarding their friend Dr. Frankenstein's reckless new experiment. This is something I'd probably need to wear either to set a specific atmospheric mood or if/when I eventually get the courage to try the vampy drag king thing, but something that will be very useful to have on hand when I do need something just so. I bet this would be great for scenting my car, too, with a drop or two in a cotton ball stuck in my heater vent.
  6. DiesMali

    Liquid Gold is in the Air

    In the bottle: Golden delicious apples! Wet on my skin: Golden delicious apples with a little bit of floral honey and a bit of glimmery amber. Dry: Sjofn and Brisingamen had a glorious apple-amber-honey baby, and this is it. It's a soft, pale gold scent, with just a bit of extra depth from the oudh, cedar, and saffron that I can tell are in there somewhere, under the beautiful apple-amber-honey top notes. It's so well blended that I can't really pick up a sure whiff of anything under the apple-amber-honey, but it's somehow still there, if that makes sense? This is a lovely, lovely scent. Not actually very foodie, despite apple and honey. This is what you might expect a Swedish forest spirit masquerading as a beautiful, golden-haired maiden to smell like, as she steps out of the edge of the forest, just before sunset in the late days of summer, and offers an apple from her basket to a weary traveler who is still a mile away from the village. No trick, and that juicy golden apple somehow boosts the traveler's spirits as the golden late-evening sunshafts warm their skin.
  7. DiesMali

    Pumpkin Smut

    In the bottle: Dark, boozy Smut! With a bit of something extra. Wet on my skin: Smut, plus some wet pumpkin guts! Smut guts. Dry: The combination of Smut and juicy pumpkin guts almost smells like butterscotch or like...buttered pumpkin booze with a hint of spice. Smut in all its musky, boozy glory, plus wet, gooey, canned pumpkin and a bit of cinnamon, or maybe raw pumpkin pie pre-bake. There's just a hint of spice to it as it dries, or maybe that's just the musk/booze? Hard to tell, exactly. Either way, this is indeed filthy, somehow even smuttier than normal Smut. Not something you'd want to wear to take Grandma out for lunch, let's put it that way. Also, it's NICE. I will definitely be getting some good mileage out of this one. >:D
  8. DiesMali

    Please Scream Inside Your Pumpkin Patch

    In the bottle: Pumpkin pancake batter! Wet on my skin: Pumpkin pancake batter! With a bit of powdered sugar. Dry: Wet, sweet, goopy pumpkin pancake batter. Specifically batter, not cooked pancakes. With a bit of powdered sugar and cinnamon. Could also double as pumpkin pie, actually. But pumpkin pie with funnel cake crust...and a bit of powdered sugar and cinnamon. YUM. Foodie, gourmand, fairly simple, and delicious. I want pumpkin treats now.
  9. DiesMali

    Bleeding Walls

    In the bottle: Cherry cough syrup and/or cherry cordial liqueur. Wet on my skin: Same as in the bottle. CHERRY. Slightly chilly and medicinal cherry, actually making my skin feel a little bit icy-hot where I applied it. Not bad, just strange! Dry: This is a very cherry scent. It's like "I Kissed a Girl" in perfume form, honestly, rather than creepy walls dripping with blood. This scent is wearing cherry Chapstick (there is a slightly waxy feel, like Chapstick) while drinking cherry cordial liqueur, with a tiny hint of something bitterly medicinal just beneath the sticky-sweet cherry surface. Not getting anything like a velvet or wallpaper note, but this is semi-fresh from the mailbox, so I may come back to it later. As it is, this is actually only my second full-bottle cherry scent from BPAL, and it's very, very...cherry. Not a super strong throw on this, but it's nice and youthfully sweet, and a little more "commercial" than a lot of BPAL offerings. This would be quite popular with teenage goths, I feel like.
  10. DiesMali

    Doleful Pipe Organ

    Fresh-ish from the mailbox, but want to get a review in! May edit later! In the bottle: Soft, leathery-woody oudh and incense. Wet on my skin: A perfect combination of every listed note, velvety and resinous and smooth. Oh man, this is nice. The burgundy pitch and incense smoke are probably the most forward notes at this stage, but not by much. Dry: This is *really* really nice. It's not super strong, but as it just came off the mail truck earlier today, it may strengthen later. As it is, this is a gentle but present scent that is a perfectly blended combination of all the listed notes. Everything is there and accounted for when you pick it apart, but as a whole, it's a dark, deep, velvety smoke and wood/resin forward scent. The vetiver and oud aren't super strong, for those concerned about those notes. The incense smoke, burgundy pitch, and wood are most forward, with the velvety cacao and opoponax under that, and then the oud and vetiver deepen and darken everything. This scent isn't that strong, as I said, but it's definitely dramatic and doleful, and very very nice on my skin. If you like darkly resinous/woody scents and your skin likes vetiver/oud, this is a must-try! I have a feeling this will enter into my common-wear rotation.
  11. DiesMali

    Figure in the Attic Window

    Not long out of the mailbox, but wanted to get at least a starter review in for this! In the bottle: Light anise and frankincense. Wet on my skin: Pale, translucent frankincense and star anise, and something a little bitter emerges as it starts to dry. Wormwood? Dry: This doesn't really change much as it dries down and wears. It's a pale, shimmery scent like a ghost, but a ghost made of frankincense and star anise, with a hint of bitter wormwood. The bergamot doesn't seem to be much in play as a top note, but there's a very gentle, warmer, citrusy undercurrent helping to carry the cool frank and anise and give it all that pale, ethereal feel. This scent doesn't have a ton of long-distance throw, but it's actually quite present and even strong within ~12 inches of the skin. For those who've tried Three Dayes from 2015, this is a lot like the top notes from that, without the opoponax/vetiver base to darken it. Very unusual, but also pretty and very much a *mood* scent.
  12. DiesMali

    Help to choose earthy scent

    I'm gonna second The Grave-Pig, which is a touch fruity from the fig, but also delightfully earthy-mushroomy. Must-have for patchouli lovers.
  13. DiesMali

    Artist's Entrance

    In the bottle: Brown leather and rosin. Nice. Wet on my skin: Soft, lovely brown leather with sun-warmed fir and cedar bark, little bit of green from needles. Dry: This is really, really nice. Soft, musky-warm dark brown leather, sun-warmed fir and cedar - mostly bark, little bit of needle green, and rosin, which I think is contributing heavily to the "evergreen bark" feel of the fir/cedar. Once it dries fully, it's close to the skin and is a "my skin but better" sort of scent. Soft, warm, comforting, little bit fuzzy. ❤️
  14. DiesMali

    Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

    In the bottle: Gentle, feminine rose. Wet on my skin: Pretty, standard clove-tinged rose. This is really reminding me of something else in my collection... Dry: This doesn't change a whole lot as it dries and wears, so what you smell at first is pretty much what you get! It's probably the "least unusual" of the Liliths I ordered this go-round, but it's very pretty and I like it! It's in the same scent family as Crucifixion and In Time of Plague, and is actually very much a sister scent to the latter. It's a lush, velvety rose-tobacco blend tinged by gentle not-spicy clove. Red rose and tea rose forward, smells "round and red." Very pretty, would be a good scent for a professional award dinner or something, where you want to make an impression and smell great but also need to be traditional enough that the older folks don't side-eye you too much.
  15. DiesMali

    Banana Bread

    In the bottle: Sticky-sweet, overripe mashed banana. Wet on my skin: Sticky-sweet, overripe mashed banana that quickly fades to a perfect, lightly spiced, warm banana bread. Dry: Mmmmmmmmmmm, banana bread. If you've ever smelled a really good loaf of freshly-baked banana bread with a little spice to it, you've smelled this. It's perfect.