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  1. DiesMali

    Gingerbread, Patchouli, Leather, & Dark Musk

    In the bottle: Spicy-musky leather. Wet on my skin: The musk + leather in this take on an almost vanillic quality on my skin, for a few minutes. At that point, it's a gorgeous, chewy, spicy leather-musk blend. Definitely gingerbread and molasses type spices, but this isn't a gingerbread-forward scent while wet. Dry: ...Or while dry. This is a very masculine scent on me, which I am totally fine with! The leather, patchouli, and dark musk are smooth, deep, and dark, and the gingerbread is more of a supporting role. There's this incredibly sexy, chewy, and spicy molasses gingerbread underneath the smooth, dark leather/patch/musk combo, giving it a little bit of grit. The almost vanilla-like sweetness to the leather + musk combo does linger on my skin, but becomes more obviously leather as it dries. This is a very, very sexy scent. This is something a large, intimidating, but also very handsome Viking-looking Scandinavian death metal band member might wear to a winter holiday celebration with their significant other.
  2. DiesMali

    Coffee Bean, Indonesian Vetiver, Black Oud, & Patchouli

    In the bottle: Thick, spicy, slightly earthy coffee. Wet on my skin: Thick, sweet, spicy, slightly earthy roasted coffee beans. Dry: First, I should say that oudh, vetiver, and patchouli are all notes that almost invariably work well with my skin chemistry. Patchouli is the second most common note in my bottle collection, behind vanilla, and both oudh and vetiver have very healthy representation as well. So, this scent pretty much was guaranteed to be a winner on me. AND IT IS. It's absolutely gorgeous. A rich, sweet, almost chocolatey or caramelized black coffee with spicy oudh and smoky vetiver, and a layer of earthy patchouli beneath the rest. It is definitely a sexy scent, probably best suited for dates or post-dates. IfyouknowwhatImean. The only possible negative I can find with it is that it's somewhat short-lived on my moisture-sucking skin, but I don't mind reapplying since it's just. so. gooooood. Yummy.
  3. DiesMali

    Neptunite Phoenix

    In the bottle: Salty aquatic cologne. Almost like one of those really really nice aquatic candles you'd find in a high-end oceanside rental condo, actually, but in perfume form. Wet on my skin: This is very much a masculine, salty aquatic cologne as it goes on my skin. It's allll musky-salty sea water and kelp right now. Dry: Okay, so I took a risk and blind-bottled this because of the reviews that stated things like "homicidal mermaids" and "Murmaider II: The Water God" (BRB gonna go play some Dethklok on my bass). Aquatics tend to be disappointing on my skin, especially the kind using grapefruit as a base. Here, however, I am not at all disappointed. After a few minutes of smelling like Jason Momoa as Aquaman, it settles down and becomes somewhat more unisex as the floral elements join the musky, kelpy salt water. Out of all the flowers in this, I'd actually say the orchid is the strongest of the three on me, then the jasmine, and just a hint of lily. None of them are particularly strong on me, however, and the floral notes are evenly matched with the salty black musk and kelp. Jasmine can amp on my skin a little (I still wear it tho) and lily tends to go soapy, but it appears that those properties have been well and truly reined in! I'm so glad for that, and that this is an aquatic that actually works well on me! It's a dark, cool, slightly dangerous sort of scent that wouldn't be out of place on a homicidal mermaid...or Jason Momoa as Aquaman, I suppose. We're equal opportunity here. This scent lasts ~5 hours on the backs of my hands/wrists and ~6-7 in the crooks of my elbows. That's actually very long-lasting for an aquatic on my skin, so another bonus there.
  4. DiesMali

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    In the bottle: Wet leather? Wet on my skin: Black leather and Snake Oil, with the leather taking the lead. Dry: This one is going to need some aging, and probably should be worn on warm/sweaty skin to get the full benefit of the Snake Oil, at least for me. As it is, fresh from the Lab, it's an oiled, musky black leather with Snake Oil spicing things up a bit. I'm not getting much of the black amber, sandalwood incense, or ambergris as individual notes, except as contributors to the overall "feel" of spiced oils anointing the black leather and its wearer. It's darker and richer than Western Diamondback, my other SO/leather blend, but it doesn't last as long. It's actually quite nice as it is, but I think I'm going to stick it in the BPAL drawer and let it age for a little while before putting it solidly into wear rotation.
  5. In the bottle: Sharp moss and rose. Wet on my skin: ROSE. Deep, dark, almost-purple/black red rose, with some gorgeous woody/herbal moss. Oh, it's niiiice. Dry: This is instantly in my top 3 rose scents. It's so, so pretty. I had a suspicion that it might be, because my #1 favourite rose blend (Beauty the Aggrieved) also has oakmoss and non-ink "dark" notes. This is a dewy, luscious, velvety deep red rose, almost purple like other reviewers have said, with a woody, herbal richness from the moss, and another almost oudh-like note that must be the ink. This is, as far as I remember, the first BPAL ink scent I've tried, and I have no regrets. Surprisingly, I get none of the "dill pickle" weirdness that some red rose notes start off with on me (ever since I got my IUD), which is very nice. As it wears, the rose keeps its spot as the primary note with the oakmoss and ink supporting it and darkening it up nice and good. Mmmm. The only trouble I have with this one is that, as happens with some rose-forward scents, my skin amps it like CRAZY. I'll definitely have to be careful with when and where I wear it, because two drops (one shared between the backs of my hands and one shared between my forearms) seem to have scented the entire room I'm sitting in, plus some of the hallway. Probably something that would be best worn at an outdoor event or as a nosegay in a metal concert full of huge, stinky dudes.
  6. DiesMali

    The Mystery of Giant Testicles on a Brothel Visitor

    In the bottle: Quite similar to salted caramel, interestingly. Wet on my skin: Sweet, creamy beeswax and a lightly salted nut note, along with something else I can't identify. Ti leaf, maybe? It still smells a little caramel-like. Dry: As this dries, a whiff of the sandalwood incense joins that sweet, creamy beeswax and the perfumey note that I think is the ti leaf. The slightly salty roasted nuts aren't as prominent now, becoming a background note. Now, the honey emerges from the beeswax, and that sweetens the blend. Once it reaches that stage, my brain finally stops trying to read it as salted caramel, for the most part. It's not quite gourmand, but also not quite perfumey, but it is very nice and I'm happy to have it. I don't have many beeswax blends in my collection, so this is a nice addition.
  7. DiesMali

    Elegant Vulvas

    In the bottle: Slightly herbal marshmallow and honey. Wet on my skin: Sweet, honeyed marshmallows and a wisp of lotus. Dry: Wildflower honey and marshmallow, primarily, with the amber and teak providing a gentle but solid base so the lighter notes aren't overly light and fleeting, and also not excessively sweet. The lotus and cherry blossoms contribute more to the floral aspect of the honey than they do as individual notes, but I can pick them out if I take a deep, analytic sniff. There's also something a little bit...musky/salty, barely there, but I definitely get something like a salty skin musk (sweat?) underneath the sweet marshmallow and floral honey. It's not unpleasant, though--exactly the opposite, in fact. I really like this perfume. It's quite beautiful, and my ONLY complaint is that it isn't very strong on my skin. Some aging should fix that, so I'm not too worried.
  8. DiesMali

    Humorous Copulation

    In the bottle: Lemon meringue pie! Wet on my skin: This smells for all the world like lemon bars and a hint of lotus at first. Within a couple minutes, it's like eating lemon bars while drinking lotus-infused green tea (I actually have some green tea with lotus flower, and it does smell like that). Dry: As this dries, the lemon curd fades a little and it instead becomes a creamy, lemony white tea with lotus wafting about atop it. A hint of that sweet dessert lemon does remain, but stays close to the skin in a blend that already seems to be more of a skin scent than a throw scent on me. It's a fairly soft and simple scent, and will be excellent for days when I want to wear a scent but need it to be unobtrusive and fairly undetectable more than a foot or two away.
  9. DiesMali


    In the bottle: Fig and tea. Wet on my skin: Soft, creamy vanilla tea with a bit of figgy sweetness. Dry: This is a subtle, fuzzy scent on me. It's a slightly lemony, honey-sweetened black tea with equal parts creamy vanilla and creamy fig, and a suggestion of warm, sun-dried hay making everything just a little bit golden. There is a surprising amount of throw for such a gentle, subtle scent, and I keep catching whiffs of it as I am typing and thinking "Oh man, that smells nice." The way the fig milk, honey, and vanilla combine together gives it a slightly bubble-gummy pinkness, making it a cousin scent to Poor Monkey. If you like tea and/or Poor Monkey, you'll probably like this. I like both, and mmmmyes. Glad I sprang for the full bottle!
  10. DiesMali

    Snake's Kiss

    2019 version. In the bottle: Sweet, honeyed Snake Oil. Wet on my skin: Heavy on the sugary vanilla cream, lighter on the Snake Oil. The latter is definitely present in it, at this stage. Dry: This is a scent that is more than the sum of its parts. Because I know Snake Oil is in the blend, I can pick it out, but a less familiar nose might not be able to make the distinction. On my S.O. loving skin, the S.O. takes a backseat to the sweet, creamy honeycomb, which has a distinct thick beeswax + honey feel on me. There's actually something slightly leather-like, like the really soft brown leather from Blood and Judgment So Well Commeddled, but I think that's a trick of my skin + Snake Oil. So basically, it's a slightly spicy, soft-leathery creamy honeycomb, and it's really quite lovely. My only issue is that it doesn't last terribly long (under 2 hours) before fading into a honey-sweetened "skin musk," but that will probably improve with some aging.
  11. DiesMali

    Unicorn Junk

    In the bottle: Buttery coconut. Wet on my skin: Buttery coconut and marshmallows! Tiny whiff of lilac starts to come out as it dries. Dry: I honestly had no idea what to expect from this, because it's pretty far out of my normal "style." It sounded so good that I just HAD to try it, however, and I'm glad I did. That buttery marshmallow coconut with a hint of lilac combines to form a sum of parts that smells, on my skin, like I doused myself in Lucky Charms marshmallows and a bit of the sweetened milk from the cereal bowl. It's unlike anything else in my collection, and I adore it.
  12. DiesMali

    Chordae Tendineae

    In the bottle: Heavier on the orange blossom, amber, and carnation here. Wet on my skin: This starts out with a pretty good amount of poofy, spicy-ish orange blossom, amber, and carnation, quickly joined by that blood musk and a hint of cognac. All the notes are present at this point, but definitely more on the spicy floral side while wet. Dry: I got this partly because some of the notes reminded me of another Luper love I didn't get enough of, Daruma Doll, and I was hoping for a cousin scent. This is a bit more floral and less effervescent, but once it dries and has been wearing for an hour or two, it *is* the cousin scent I was hoping for. The orange blossom and amber remain key players for some time, with the carnation spicing them up, and the blood musk and cognac taking a back seat and mostly adding a soft base that prevents the florals from running away. At some point, the florals and amber retreat somewhat, bringing the blood musk and cognac to the front, gently sweetened by amber and a waft of summer flowers. This is where it becomes the cousin scent to Daruma Doll. I like it through all of the stages of its evolution, however! This is a scent that, in my opinion, would not be out of place at some kind of upscale art gallery event where everyone is sipping cognac and admiring abstract Oriental-themed floral paintings.
  13. DiesMali

    Snake's Tongue

    In the bottle: Resinous, tobacco-tinged vanilla with some spice. Wet on my skin: This is already fantastic, ooof. The Snake Oil isn't super apparent at this stage, unless I inhale deeply. Rather, it's this gorgeous, smoky, rich blend of vanilla, tobacco, ambergris, and oakmoss, with the SO supporting everything with that familiar base of sensual spice. Dry: This looks like it's my favourite of the Lupers I have ordered so far this year. There is a detectable base of Snake Oil beneath a masc-leaning and absolutely fantastic haze of smoky vanilla, tobacco, black amber, ambergris, oakmoss, and oakmoss in that order. They're all detectable if you search for them, but blend so beautifully in the throw that it's a delight for the olfactory sense. It's all rounded out and pushed to the masc side by the oak, oakmoss, and ambergris, with the oak providing something more of a supporting "polish" to the other notes rather than being a main player in its own right. Now that it's been on me for a bit, I think I can say that this is a bit like if a bottle of Snake Oil and well-aged (not fresh) Hellfire had a baby, wearing a hat made out of Antikythera Mechanism. If you like at least two of those three scents, you'll probably like this one.
  14. DiesMali

    A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder

    In the bottle: Smells like a new black leather jacket. Wet on my skin: The leather is definitely the prominent note while this is wet and drying down. It's a new, clean, black leather jacket that hasn't quite been broken in yet, with earthy but somehow still silky wisps of musky patchouli, vetiver, and oudh. The latter notes are fairly quiet here, adding some oomph and substance to the leather. Dry: I really like this, and I think it's going to be one of my go-to leather blends when I'm in that sort of mood. The red musk starts to come out a little and is joined by the cardamom to add just a touch of sweet/spicy as this wears on my skin, but it's definitely a leather, patch, vetiver, and oudh party first and foremost. The leather remains new leather jacket throughout the life of the scent, and those earthy notes remain soft and silky, yet still somehow...sexy. Sensual. It's a sexy, sexual scent, and probably not one you're going to want to wear to a fancy dinner party unless you know you're going to be sitting next to someone you wouldn't mind dragging into a dark closet for a few minutes during a lull in the other activities.
  15. DiesMali


    East sat the crone, in Iárnvidir, Fenrir’s progeny: of all shall be one especially the moon’s devourer, in a troll’s semblance. Hati Hróðvitnisson, He Who Hates, the Enemy, He Who Swallows the Moon. The son of Fenris, he feasts on the flesh of the dead and on the final day, he will devour the moon and spatter the skies with blood. He is sated with the last breath of dying men; the gods’ seat he with red gore defiles: swart is the sunshine then for summers after; all weather turns to storm. Frost-limned fur, hackles hunched with insatiable, implacable rage, and death-white fangs crusted with clove-tinted blood. In the bottle: Faintly aquatic. Wet on my skin: Soft, fuzzy, gentle snowy-aquatic. Dry: Despite the rather ominous-sounding description, this ends up being a soft, fuzzy, comfortable scent on my skin. I can't really pick out specific notes, aside from a whiff of what I believe to be slightly spicy blood musk, because this is exceedingly well-blended. There's a slightly lavendery-ozonic snow, I think, atop...fur. It's fur. Clean fur, smelling slightly of high-end pupper shampoo. Having three cats and three dogs, it's an oddly familiar scent that took a bit to place, but which definitely smells like it smells, at least to my nose. Plus that bit of spicy blood musk and snow. It's a darker side of comfortable and snuggly, like a big ol' fluffy, smiling husky who looks uncomfortably like a wolfdog as he eyes your Shih-Tzu with an expression usually reserved for a raw steak.