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  1. Little Bird

    Sweet Potato Musk

    Purchased a bottle of this with the 2019 Yules and I actually do think that it smells like sweet potato pie. It's mashed sweet potatoes (slightly earthy-vegetal), whipped and soft, filled through with cinnamon sugar, and topped off with fluffy marshmallow cream and maybe walnuts? The cinnamon burns my skin where applied, so it'll be a scent for the ends of my hair or smudged on to the sleeves of jackets, but I love how soft and sweet the cinnamon in this is. It smells very cuddly, even while being skin burny, lol.
  2. Little Bird

    Gingerbread & Candyfloss

    Shub-Niggurath is my favorite gingerbread scent. This is more dry and spicy, like burnt gingerbread cookies that have been dusted with cinnamon sugar. First on, it reminds me of the cinnamon potpourri that my grandma used to have, and then it dries down to a much more sugary scent. The cotton candy, I think, is giving me that burnt sugar impression, but it doesn't smell like pink, fluffy cotton candy to me. It's burnt gingerbread cookies with caramelized, burnt sugar and a dusting of cinnamon.
  3. Little Bird

    Butterscotch Latte

    My guilty pleasure is a caramel latte and this does remind me of drinking a latte, so I must pick up on the hint of coffee in here somewhere, but it is hiding underneath a whole lot of butterscotch. This is intensely STRONG, long lasting, and smells like butterscotch amped up into a beast mode type of scent. It doesn't remind me of Werther's hard candy type butterscotch, but something like the butterscotch flavored syrup you'd use on ice cream or, I suppose, in lattes. It is so intensely sweet that it's kind of hard for me to wear, but I do notice this smelling more creamy and mellow as the months go by.
  4. Little Bird

    Egg Nog Cheesecake

    Bpal makes the most realistic cheesecake and the most realistic eggnog scents; I love having a mix of both in one delightful bottle. I love the creamy, sweet, custard-y smell of eggnog, but most companies' eggnog fragrances are loaded with cinnamon and just smell spicy. Bpal's eggnog doesn't have that spiciness and smells like real egg nog. The cheesecake is vanilla-y and actually has that cream cheese tang with a little bit of buttery graham cracker crust. It truly smells like you're sitting in front of a vanilla cheesecake and just dumped a gallon of eggnog on it. Gourmand heaven. If you like vanilla gourmands, you need this.
  5. Little Bird

    The Poinsettia Gown

    This was the first Yule scent that I added to my cart and it does not disappoint in any way. The description just sounded so unbelievably pretty, and the scent lives up to the description. I don't have the greatest track record with bpal's jasmine (often going soapy or very sharp on my skin), but this one smells just like the jasmine bushes in my yard. It smells sweet and almost like honeysuckle, but more sensual and heady. Then the vanilla foam smells like a non-soapy aquatic and sweet, creamy vanilla. After a couple months of aging, I love this even more, and I get lots of the vanilla and jasmine with this clean, but not soapy undertone that makes it feel so refreshing. It feels like wearing sunshine and being outside and it's so beautiful.
  6. Little Bird

    Amber Incense & Honey Cakes

    This reminds me quite a bit of O, but I think I prefer O, because Honey Cakes turns rather powdery on me in the drydown. Like a brighter, more light gold toned amber and thick, sweet honey (reminds me of those bear shaped bottles of honey) that's been dusted with baby powder and some dusty, warm incense. I don't get much of a cake or baked goods impression from it, other than it being a warm scent. The incense comes out more over the hours and I do enjoy that part, where it's almost earthy and like dusty temple incense. I made a friend smell Honey Cakes on me and they told me, "You smell like fancy hand soaps in a fancy restroom." I have no idea where that's coming from.
  7. Little Bird

    Frostbitten TKO

    I like this better than regular TKO, which often feels a bit too sweet for me (like lavender syrup, sweet vanilla and cotton candy). Snow White / Frostbitten is sweet and vanilla-y itself, but it actually tones down the vanilla sugar sweetness of TKO by adding this cool, creamy layer to it. It feels more light and airy with the Frostbitten part. Even more cool toned and calming.
  8. Little Bird

    Frostbitten Alice

    Alice and Snow White are two of my favorite bpal fragrances. Snow White smells like super creamy, chilly, vanilla magic with the chilled green stems from a florist's fridge. Alice is deliciously spiced carnation (close to the scent of a bouquet of real carnations, but just a tad warmer and spicier) with honey, cream, and cup of warm, mild tea. Frostbitten Alice is all the beauty of the original Alice, but with a veil of chilly vanilla and a hint of green, cold stem. Throughout the day, I get more Alice or more Snow White, and back and forth, but one never completely overwhelms the other. A beautiful, creamy, gourmand floral. I was worried the Frostbitten part would be minty, but there is zero mint (yay!). This is one of my favorite Yules ever.
  9. Little Bird

    Cacao and Patchouli Root Hair Gloss

    Patchouli and chocolate are a match made in heaven and one of my all time favorite combos. Patchouli notes often have a chocolatey sweetness to them and chocolate itself tends to have an earthy quality to it, so I always find that they blend together very seamlessly. The earthy, patchouli part in this reminds me of scaling up creekbeds in Missouri, hanging on to tree roots and smelling clay-rich soil. Earthy and rooty, but also warm and super snuggly thanks to the creamy sweetness of the chocolate and dusting of cocoa powder. The chocolate and patchouli are evenly matched. Of all of the lovely Luper hair glosses, this is the one that I will likely hoard multiple backups of.
  10. Little Bird

    Fudge Brownie and Butterscotch Hair Gloss

    This is so good and hoard-worthy. It smells like rich, fudgy brownies that are fresh from the oven and still sort of gooey in the middle. It has a really wonderful, realistic, baked chocolate scent. I was worried that the butterscotch would be too loud and sweet (I'm looking at you, Butterscotch Latte), but it is a well behaved, sweet, creamy hint over the brownies. It's nice and slightly vanillic here, like a pan of warm, gooey brownies with a butterscotch and vanilla cream drizzle. After an hour, it has more of a sugary scent to it, like butterscotch hard candies and brownies. Very sweet and perfect for someone who likes rich gourmands.
  11. Little Bird

    Wild Cherry Chypre and Smoky Patchouli Hair Gloss

    Cherry is a least favorite note for me (except in Solstice Scents' blends where I seem to adore all of their cherry fragrances), but I absolutely adored bpal's recent "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary," which is the best, most realistic, juicy, dark, tart cherry and deep, dark patchouli incense with a slight smokiness. Wild Cherry Chypre & Smoky Patchouli hg is basically that blend's hair gloss counterpart for me. Sexy, black patchouli with a non-sharp, non-acrid, sweet incense smokiness and a hint of tart, dark cherry sweetness. It reminds me quite a bit of the Raven Black hg as well (one of my other favorites), like a goths at Hot Topic sort of scent. Deep, dark, sensual patchouli incense sweetened lightly with a dark cherry. I love this so much.
  12. Little Bird

    Virgos Love Power Tools

    I think I was expecting a darker fragrance, but this is very much lavender-forward on my skin. It's a slightly soapy, bright, clean, lavender cologne type of scent. Sort of white musky smelling on my skin for some reason. I never can pick out the darker notes or resins.
  13. Little Bird

    Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

    I don't tend to enjoy cherry fragrances (too sweet and syrupy, or reminds me of cough syrup), but I adore patchouli, and this is a perfect mix of both elements for me. The patchouli smells really deep and dark, like black patchouli incense with that sticky, earthy tone and a slight smokiness that's sensual rather than sharp or gritty. It's so sexy and so good and it warms the gothic parts of my heart. If you love patchouli, you really should not pass this one by. The cherry is noticeable on me throughout the day, but it's this tart, juicy, black cherry dribble around the edges of the patchouli. It really reminds me of biting into a juicy, firm, dark cherry. Reminds me of black patchouli incense and the strappy black leather outfits that I used to wear back in the day. The touch of dark cherry adds just enough sweetness to make me fall absolutely in love.
  14. Little Bird

    Pinning Up the Shimada Hair Gloss

    I usually don't go for fragrances that are this outright floral, but I actually like all the floral notes listed for this, because they tend to be sweeter flower scents. It's mostly a beautiful, creamy, honeyed lilac in my hair, with hints of peach candy, sweet rose, and tropical plumeria that swirl in and out of the lilac. It's sweet and playful, and it makes me think of springtime. Like wearing a crown of beautiful flowers.
  15. Little Bird

    Pugsley Hair Gloss

    Now that my hair is down to my waist, I find that I am loving the hair glosses for the dryer ends of my hair. I also love the lab's black musk, and it's featured prominently in this blend. It smells deep, warm and darkly resinous, with a powdery undertone that makes me think of crushed incense cones. Sort of like black amber and incense with a hint of cologne and a whisper of leather. The black tea smells warm and a little clean, and the creamy, honeyed-vanilla tonka and hint of black licorice add a fun, sweet edge. Sexy black musk and warm, sweetened, black licorice tea.