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  1. Little Bird

    Mother's Hot Ghosts

    The reviews for this were scaring me, because I often find bpal's oud notes to be fecal and off-putting (which is weird, because I've never gotten that impression from any other companies' oud notes). I don't find this to be anywhere near as rough as some of bpal's other oud blends, though. I can see how this has a certain animalic dirtiness, but it's more of a dark brown, feral muskiness than.. poo. On me, at least. And I'm really enjoying the fossilized amber and white musk. On my skin, this reads like a deep, resinous, warm, only slightly powdery amber, with a feral, dark, animalic muskiness and an interesting, clean, glittery gleam from the white musk. It reminds me of an old fashioned chypre, the sort that is full of labdanum, oakmoss, spicy civet musk, and earthy woods. The oud has a hint of gray smokiness and pale, gray wood feel, and the white musk makes me think of shiny, mirrored glass. I actually enjoy this a lot. It reminds me of a heavy vintage chypre perfume with some oud and creamy white musk added in. I usually find white musk to be too sharply musky, but sometimes it's creamy and pleasantly clean with a hint of sweetness, and I'm getting that lovely white musk in Hot Ghosts. Cat Event Exorcist is a horror show on me, but this one actually smells great on my skin.
  2. Little Bird

    Cat Event Exorcist

    Hm. I'm not getting much of the listed notes. On the label, the cat is vomiting up some electric green slime, and that's the color impression that I get from this. It's like a sour, unripe, lemony, chemical scent. Over some woods. With a hint of green. It's sort of like polishing a wooden table with lemon pledge, but more chemical and not as sweet as pledge furniture polish is. I had an aversion to it for the first two hours, and then it faded into a barely there, warm, powdery, musky thing with a hint of that weird chemical, clean, lemony something. I bought this for the label art, but I'm not really enjoying the scent at all.
  3. Little Bird

    The Pancake Bell

    First on, I'm getting mostly a warm, cozy, honeyed, roasted chestnut type of scent from this, which I really like. Almost smells of gourmand woods. As it dries down, I'm getting a lot of the gingerbread cookies, and it turns very spicy on my skin, but still pleasantly sweet and honeyed.
  4. Little Bird

    Excellent Pancakes

    I don't really get pancakes, mascarpone, or a fried or jam type scent. This is all sharp, spiced apple on me, and unfortunately reminds me of a waxy holiday candle. Sharp cinnamon potpourri and air freshener apple to my nose.
  5. Little Bird

    Thirteen (13): July 2018

    I usually enjoy the 13 blends, but this one is very chaotic and jumbled smelling on me. The 'smoky cacao' is very smoky indeed, with the bitter coffee and boozy whiskey making it smell like a burnt chocolate and spilled liqueur accident in the kitchen. I can smell the spicy carnation and powdery, sugary, silvery orris as well, but they just don't fit in with the rest of the scent for me. It comes off as a very strange, burnt chocolate with some booze and floral perfume wafting about.
  6. Little Bird

    Right Atrium

    Fresh, springy, clean, cheerful, rather tart, and slightly soapy. The lab's white tea tends to have a sharpness and a sour, citrus edge to my nose. The cherry blossom adds a sweet creaminess that settles down some of those sharper tones, though. Pretty, sweet, creamy blossoms floating in a cup of lemony tea. As it dries down, the cashmere wood is adding a powdery, slightly white musky, clean sweater to the mix, and I don't like the dryness that it brings in. An undertone of laundry soap.
  7. Little Bird

    A Chance Meeting in Springtime

    No peach for me, and this turns soapy rather than milky on my skin. A very clean, perfumey musk with an extra jolt from the clean, powdery sandalwood. Hints of woody, sweet fig, but mostly this is having a 'clean laundry left out to dry' kind of feel to me. Breezy, soapy, powdery woods.
  8. Little Bird

    Honeyed Amber and Red Currant

    Bpal's amber almost always turns to baby powder on my skin (except the black amber, sometimes), which is sad, because amber is one of my favorite scents. This one is very powdery and dry, with a hint of sour, tart red currant. I can't pick out any honey.
  9. Little Bird

    Superior Vena Cava

    I'm not really a fan of tuberose, but was hoping the supporting cast of rich, heavy, sweet notes would be enough to drown it out. The red musk is the main player, smelling of heated skin and deep, red wine fruitiness, and I do like the extra creamy sweetness of the beeswax, but the blood chypre seems to be adding a metallic note that I'm not loving, and the tuberose still comes off as a screechy white floral to me. It's not as sweet or heavy as I was expecting overall. It sort of smells like a sheer, faded red musk with metallic, sharply floral nuances, and only lasts about an hour on my skin.
  10. Little Bird

    Closing the Bamboo Curtain

    No labdanum, patchouli or oakmoss to my nose, but I do like the lab's bamboo note. It's wet, pulpy, intense green, a little soapy and spa-like, with something like an edge of sharp lemon verbena.
  11. Little Bird

    Senator Barrial

    I really miss the bpal fragrances of my youth. I still love and hoard the original Monster Bait gourmands (Closet, Underbed and Underpants) and don't think that the newer gourmands really hold a candle to them. This blend doesn't smell at all like red velvet cake or buttercream or frosting to me. In a weird way, it smells faintly of walnuts, a dry and sharp spiciness, and a strange, woody, barely there chocolate. It doesn't really remind me of any of the other cake or buttercream scents that I've had from bpal. It goes through a weird, clean stage that reminds me of the aquatic dead leaves notes, and then settles into that woody walnut drydown. Fades away very quickly.
  12. Little Bird

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    My bottle has zero traces of vanilla anything in it. It smells like a slightly soapy green grass oil and a little dustiness in the drydown. Disappears by the two hour mark. Really sad about this one.
  13. Little Bird

    White Larry

    I agree with milo's review in that this smells quite similar to bpal's Stinky fragrance. I no longer have a bottle of Stinky to directly compare, but it's the same 'white honey and baby powder' thing to my nose and memory. A dry, powdery, lightly sweet honey that doesn't have the creaminess of milk or butter to my nose. Honey and powder. Sadly, I actually really wanted goat's milk and butter, and this doesn't remind me of either.
  14. Little Bird

    Cathedral Incense Atmosphere Spray

    I was hoping that this would be Midnight Mass in room spray form, and it does share similarities to Midnight Mass and Cathedral, but this is sort of warmer, dustier, and evocative of candles in an old church. Sweet church incense, powdery amber, and a scent like burning thousands of beeswax candles, lightly sweet and smoky in a way that's velvety and not acrid. It is the scent of being in an old church with amazingly high cathedral ceilings, old wood, and lots of lit candles. It's sort of amazing to be able to have this in a spray bottle.
  15. Little Bird

    Egg Nog Cocoa Atmosphere Spray

    Ungh. I love this. I keep trying to find eggnog perfumes that smell like cold, creamy eggnog with just a teeny tiny hint of spice, but they tend to be tons of nutmeg and no cream. This is that cold, creamy, sweet, vanilla-y gorgeousness of actual eggnog, perfectly captured, with a barely there dusting of nutmeg and just enough sweet, velvety cocoa powder to be charming. I wasn't sure I wanted cocoa in my nog, but I do. I was also worried about the longevity of this, because bpal's Eggnog perfume oil, while lovely, has very low throw and staying power on me, but a little spritz of this fills a room for hours. So good.