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  1. Little Bird

    Thirteen (13): August 2021

    This.. isn't my favorite Thirteen. Actually, it might be my least favorite. This feels like someone took good chocolate, herbal lavender, bone dry parsley and a little sour lemon and rosemary, and whipped it up with some sticky, overly sugary goo, and then poisoned the whole thing and crammed it into your mouth. Sticky, poisonous herbs that someone tried to cover up with chocolate and sugar, and now it's stuck in your mouth with all of those dry herbs. It had a mid stage that reminded me of bitter, green dandelion and dandelion sap as well. Poisoned chocolate and lots of dried herbs. A little sour.
  2. Little Bird

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    On me, this is sweet gummi peach rings with a tangy, slightly sour edge and an undertone of what smells like a clean, freshly laundered blanket. I get nothing like London Fog (no milk or vanilla syrup), but I get a lemony bergamot feel that makes me think of bpal's crisp white tea note. It's like eating peach gummi candy while rolled up in a clean blanket on the couch. It has that clean, generic, "spring fresh" scent that's clean and sweetly, tartly floral, present in so many laundry products. I haven't tried Dirty in a long time, but that's what this is reminding me of. Snuggly, clean laundry and sour peach gummi candy covered in sugar crystals.
  3. Little Bird

    Sugar Cookies in a Snowdrift

    I don't get any cookies from this. It starts off like the lab's melty snow note, cold and refreshing and slushy, and then dries down to a slightly soapy, clean scent with a tiny hint of peppermint.
  4. Little Bird

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    Strangely, I don't get a burnt or bakery sugar from this at all (no creme brulee or baked goods). Burnt Sugar & Blackberry reminds me a lot of bpal's Sugar Moon series of scents. I wear this and I'm instantly transported to being 6-years-old and my mom picking me and my cousins up and setting us on the kitchen counter so that we could "make Kool-Aid." We would mix berry and cherry kool-aid and then sneak in extra sugar so that it was hyper-sweet and the sugar granules couldn't even dissolve and the sugar was still crunchy while you drank the mixture. Super sugary, very juicy, berry-cherrry Kool-Aid. This smells like that Kool-Aid tasted.
  5. Little Bird

    Cardamom & White Sandalwood

    The cardamom here is spicy, bright & sweet and the sandalwood is powdery and softly woodsy. The overall impression is like rolling out holiday spice cookies on a floured wooden cutting board with sweet powdered sugar glaze at the ready. I was surprised at how complex and gourmand this actually is on me. The cardamom doesn't smell quite like itself and actually reminds me of last winter when I was obsessed with making lebkuchen spice cookies (which was a mix of cardamom, clove, allspice, cinnamon and ginger). I love cardamom and I smell the cardamom, but it almost feels like this is a more complex blend of spices.
  6. Little Bird

    Scorched Oak & Blonde Tobacco

    I'm surprised at how much I love this one. I expected the "Scorched" part to equal some smokiness, but this isn't smoky or burnt at all. This definitely leans masculine (but I wear a lot of traditionally masculine scents and love them) and is all sorts of warm and snuggly, like a sexy lumberjack fantasy in a bottle. Scorched smells like soft, cuddly, brown leather, freshly cut oak, sweet tree sap, and earthy sweetness from the tobacco. Warmly woody. No green notes and no ash or smoke. In the drydown, the tobacco note does have a hint of astringency and a metallic, gold glint to it, but only a hint of something sharper. It feels comforting and casual.
  7. Little Bird

    √Čtienne De Boray Oak

    Woods, mushrooms, moss and honey combine to make this swampy, off, slightly sour scent. Makes me think of mud, algae and rotting plant matter.
  8. Little Bird

    Blissful Domesticity

    I'm getting mostly apple and ylang-ylang at first, which sort of translates to a mushy, overly sweet apple and perfumey smelling floral on a base of powdery sandalwood. Together, it smells very 'apple blossom air freshener' to me. No jasmine, tea or lilac. It dries down to this overly sweet, nondescript, perfumey/sharply musky, powdery thing. A scrubber for me.
  9. Little Bird

    Woman as Dragon

    Very dry and spicy at first. I would have guessed black pepper, clove and red ginger over dry woods. The tar, tobacco and vetiver give it a gritty, smoky, ashy edge that only gets stronger on me over time. I actually wish that the red musk and dragon's blood were stronger on me because I like the glowing, red quality of them and the red musk gives this scent its little bit of sweetness. As it dries down, I really don't care for this too much because it smells so much like a smoldering pile of ash on my skin and leans a little towards dirty ash tray scent.
  10. Little Bird

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    First on, the amber and rose sandalwood meld together into this floofy, lightly sweet, powdery, pink cloud with a dry soapiness at its edges. I kept thinking that I smelled something dark, murky and a little gross, like seaweed (the mermaid in the name playing that trick on me, I think), but it was probably the patchouli creeping in around the other notes. As it dries down, all of the original notes and impressions disappear and I'm left with a dry headshop incense. It smells exactly like walking into an incense store in the mall with that dry, hazy, cheaper incense scent and something that reminds me of salty tortilla chips. It falls flat on my skin.
  11. Little Bird

    Thorns Clove Cigarette

    I'm obsessed with clove and therefore I am obsessed with this perfume. I would guess that I own well over 100 clove dominant perfume oils and essential oils at this point because I buy anything that mentions clove. I tend to hate cinnamon, but clove is my spicy best friend. I've never actually smelled clove cigarettes, so I don't know how accurate this is to that reality. On me, this smells like someone saturated a marshmallow in sweet clove oil and then blackened it over a fire. It doesn't smell like campfire or ash or intense smokiness, but it has a light whiff of charred sugar smoke to that lovely, spicy, sweet clove. It's a simple, strong, lightly sweetened and delicately smoky clove and I love it.
  12. Little Bird

    Haul on the Bowline

    There's a good amount of cocoa absolute in the bottom of my bottle and this scent really shines if I shake it up a little before applying. I love cocoa absolute because it smells like a shimmery chocolate syrup with glossy, woody undertones. It starts off quite strong and then just lends a gentle sweetness to the other notes. Haul smells like a lot of things that I love - cedar chests, dried patchouli leaves, and sweet tobacco leaves. It's dark, woody and earthy, but also very soft and warm as a fragrance. It's rare that I enjoy dry, woody scents, but I love the earthy patchouli and the sweetness of the cocoa and tobacco, and cedar is my favorite wood scent. Lovely and calming. Edit to add: I forgot to mention that I've had a couple people ask me how this compares to bpal's #occupywallstreet blend and, even though they share a similar notes list, they are nothing alike. I didn't care for #occupywallstreet because it went sour, bitter and sharply dry on me. Haul on the Bowline is what I wished #occupywallstreet was. This is sweeter, smoother, and has no sour or sharp tones. It's a very full, snuggly, sweet earthiness.
  13. Little Bird


    I'm starting to love florals as I get older, but I seem to either want them to be gourmand or super sexy. This one is super sexy with a thick, honeyed sweetness, so I love it to bits. The jasmine, honey and hay sugar wind up smelling a lot like honeysuckle on a humid Southern night, the red musk isn't super strong and doesn't have the wine-like fruitiness that I often associate with red musk, but it is very sexy and there's a definite muskiness here, and the carnation adds a beautiful, dry spiciness. It has a lot of beautiful depth to it that makes you want to keep smelling it and get in closer to it. If you told me that A'Rovin was a fancy vintage perfume, I would not argue. I'm so glad that I believed the well deserved hype and ordered a bottle of this beauty.
  14. Little Bird

    Roll the Old Chariot

    The oak has a dark, hard wood scent and the brandy and spiced rum smell like caramelized booze (butterscotch-ish) and cinnamon on me. The iron is a sharp, metallic cologne edge in the drydown. I love these idealized pirate scents, but Leave Her Johnny is my favorite for a sweetened, woody, masculine leaning pirate scent. This one is a little too spicy for me and much simpler.
  15. Little Bird

    Leave Her, Jonny

    I love this so deeply, especially after letting it age for a few months. It starts off like a sweetened bay rum cologne (all clove spicy and men's cologne-like) with dry wood and a tiny hint of caramelized rum sweetness. Over the hours, the sweet, warm and earthy patchouli, the creamy coconut, woody-sweet fig and an edge of salt start to come through, though, and then it's even more wonderful. I'm not sure where I get that saltiness from, but it's like dry, salt-crusted wood with spicy bay rum cologne, lots of wonderful sweet notes, and warm, cozy earthiness. I love sweetened patchouli scents and this is so unique and unusual in the best ways.