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  1. Little Bird

    Frankincense, Copal and Cacao Home & Linen Spray

    I only have a decant of this, but I love it so much and wish I had a bottle. I used it today and it finally dawned on me that the citrusy, sweet, slightly herbal qualities of this smell a lot like citronella (which is a scent that I really enjoy). It's like citronella candles, white chocolate, and really smooth, warm resins and a hint of sweet incense smoke.
  2. Little Bird

    Blue Curtain at the Brothel Home & Linen Spray

    It's interesting that this does give off a deep, dark blue color impression at first, likely because of the very present violet note. It's a cool, slightly powdery, sweet violet with a little fruitiness from the plum blossom more than the red currant (which always smells sour to me, and I'm not getting any sour fruit here). On the initial spray, it reminded me of watery, cool, smooth blue musk, but it settles into more of a grand, perfumey floral. The peony is rose-like and perfumey-sharp and the carnation adds a dry, slight spiciness to the sweet violet and fruity plum blossom. It feels like a very adult, grownup floral scent even with the sweet and fruity tones.
  3. Little Bird

    Ambrette Seed and Prune

    Ambrette Seed & Prune smells like an intensely sour, tart, unripe plum to me. I like it for the first few minutes of wear and then it's just too much for me. I find myself wanting some sweetness or anything to turn down the sour qualities.
  4. Little Bird

    The Tea Room

    Slightly spicy, slightly smoky, dry, black tea leaves and citrusy bergamot with maybe a watery green tea and hint of mint after a while. Has a masculine leaning quality and, after a few minutes, also kind of reminds me of a generic bathroom cleaner smell with the minty, citrusy, watery tones.
  5. First on, this smells like apple fritters and is so delicious. Caramelized, baked, warm apples with a sugary glaze and a hint of cinnamon. Then, within seconds of sitting on my skin, the cinnamon amps way up and the whole thing turns dry and reminiscent of cinnamon potpourri. Sweet, dry, strong cinnamon, but nothing else.
  6. Little Bird

    In Dubiis Libertas

    I got an imp of this direct from the Lab in a recent order, but it doesn't smell much like what other people are describing. I get something from this that's pink/red and tart and reminds me of pomegranate, along with a very powdery amber, slightly resinous, and a musk that reminds me of mainstream perfumes and colognes. Warm and sweet. It reminds me very much of another perfume that I cannot place (maybe Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir without the patchouli and spice, but a similar warmth, fruit, resin and powder?).
  7. Little Bird

    In Omnibus Caritas

    This is such a lovely, sweet, cuddly scent. It smells like clean skin slathered with a soft, honey scented lotion and climbing into your cool bed of soft sheets scented in realistic lily and marshmallow-y vanilla cream. It has a cotton-y, cool quality and lots of delicate sweetness. The white sandalwood and orris aren't turning to a powdery mess like they usually do for me and the scent overall is not sickly sweet in spite of having lots of vanilla and honey. It's sweet and clean, but not soapy or overly sweet. I wish that I could get a bottle of this, but it reminds me of scents like Traditional Sheet Ghost.
  8. Little Bird

    Triumphant Vulva

    First on, Triumphant Vulva smells like Sweet Tarts candy on my skin, sort of powdery, nondescript fruity, and leaning tart and sour. As it settles in, a breezy floral rolls in and *almost* smells like lilac, but it isn't as sweet or honeyed as lilac. Bpal's lotus often smells like pink bubblegum and a hint of sour water on my skin and I eventually start to smell that here as well. From pretty much 20 minutes to 7 hours of wear, I get that watery pink bubblegum and a hint of sweet tarts candy.
  9. Little Bird

    Ice Age Baton

    I'm confused by all of the comparisons to Muddy Armadillo because I don't think that this smells like Muddy Armadillo at all. There's a whiff of chocolate and bone dry, powdery sweetness at first, but the chocolate fades entirely within a couple minutes and I'm left with powder that reminds me of really dry wood, baby powder, and a violet-y scented cosmetics powder. As it dries down, I also get a weird spiciness that reminds me of curry and an off tone that reminds me of hard boiled eggs and plastic burning on hot metal. The drydown is almost unbearable on me. This had certain qualities that reminded me of Pediophobia, but Pediophobia is one of my all time favorite bpal scents and this doesn't have the fleshed out sweetness that Pediophobia has, instead having sour, savory qualities and industrial qualities to it. I'm glad that I only went with a decant of this.
  10. Little Bird

    My Wise Beauty

    I didn't order this because the lab's white sandalwood is one of my least favorite smelling things, but someone sent me a decant and of course it is somehow wonderful on me, lol. The sweet amber is woody, vanillic, warm and snuggly. Elegant, creamy and bronzed gold in feel. It smells like it could be in Nocturne Alchemy's Royal Amber line (my favorite amber oils) and reminds me a bit of their Prince Amber scent (my favorite amber oil overall). Bpal's white sandalwood turns a blend to strong baby powder on me 99.99% of the time, but this isn't baby powdery on me at all and leans more creamy and warmly woody than dry and powdery. I should have ordered a bottle 🤨.
  11. Little Bird

    Bridge Trolls

    Goes on as a misty, somehow juicy, cool pine with what smells like sweet lime on my skin. As it dries down, the clove smoke comes in and smells so good, spicy and sweet with a warm, subtle smokiness. Troll on its own is aggressively smoky and reminiscent of a pine forest on fire and the pine has a menthol edge to it. Bridge Trolls is all around gentler, sweeter and cozier. By the half hour mark, wafts of Dorian's smooth vanilla cologne join the sweet, misty pine and sweet clove smoke and I am swooning. Dorian smoking clove cigarettes in a damp pine forest. I wish that I had more than a decant.
  12. This is savory and strange on me and smells nothing like fried ice cream or coconut cream pie or even anything sweet. It smells like tortillas, cilantro, green onion and curry. Herbal, spicy, fresh. It's so weird and I can't stand the cilantro-ish scent.
  13. Little Bird

    Tiramisu Funnel Cake

    A big blast of dry, sweet cinnamon, so it doesn't really smell like tiramisu or funnel cakes to me. On the skin, it has a little bit of that oily, fried smell and it kind of reminds me of churros, but churros with way too much cinnamon on them. Dries down to tons of cinnamon and a little bit of sugar. This really irritates my skin and is too strong and spicy, unfortunately.
  14. Little Bird

    Tea Roses and Lace

    I was so delighted to get a bottle of this recently. I previously had a (now mostly empty) decant and the sugary vanilla was the main player with sweet rose jam and hints of dry black tea and tobacco smoke. I loved the thick sweetness mixed with the darker, slightly bitter notes. The bottle that I have now comes across as less vanilla and sugar, no black tea, and more of a spiced, woody tobacco with a stronger red rose. It's darker and almost menacing and made me think of blends like Rose Red and Pulcinella & Teresina. I wish that it were closer to the scent of the decant, but it's still a lovely scent and I love the label artwork.
  15. Little Bird

    Amoretti LXXV

    I rarely wear apple scents because they're not often very complex or interesting to me. I really like Amoretti, though. It's like a mushy, overripe, red apple (or one baked with no spices) with warm, sultry, red musk that lingers in the background, hints of woody, sweet fig, and a little bit of creamy vanilla. I also get something that smells like a hint of sweet incense smoke in the drydown. I really love red musk, so the undercurrent of red musk is what holds everything together for me. It's a sensual, complex apple scent.