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  1. Little Bird

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    The patchouli in this is so lovely, starting off like a smooth and chocolatey variety and then turning into more of a dry and spicy patch as it sits on my skin. I was worried about the golden amber being musky or powdery, but it isn't at all; it's a warm, resinous amber undertone that melds into the earthy patchouli and makes it feel well rounded and cozy. The cotton candy/sugar and honeysuckle nectar smell like a golden honeysuckle syrup poured over everything and the vanilla ice cream adds a beautiful, creamy, smooth vanilla to the drydown. I love this and am considering a backup bottle. It's like if Banshee Beat and Arcana's Titania had a baby. I like that I can pick out the patchouli, amber, sweetened up honeysuckle, and the vanilla for most of the day before it starts to fade, with the vanilla coming out more over time. It's a blend that really works for me.
  2. Little Bird

    Red Musk, Sugared Amber, and Red Berries

    I absolutely love this scent and I've been wearing it so much this past month. I hope that there are more sultry, sweetened red musk blends like this in the future. It's absolutely perfect on my skin, like red musk cotton candy with a background of the kind of deep, cool toned, resinous amber that makes me think of looking at a pitch black sky full of golden stars and wafts of beautiful, sugared incense. The red berries meld into the red musk for me and give it more of a candied, playful vibe. BPAL's red musk is one of my favorite notes because it's fruity-red-wine-like, smooth, warmly sexy, and slightly vanillic on my skin. The red berries meld into it pretty seamlessly for me. This kept reminding me of BPAL's Carnaval series and today I realized why - it reminds me of the original Mme Moriarty and Midnight on the Midway's sugared incense. It's not a dupe for either, but it feels like it would fit right in on BPAL's macabre midway (in the best way). Fun, bold, sexy.
  3. Little Bird

    Mallow Flower, Honeysuckle, and Vanilla Bean

    I think this smells like marshmallow, both in the bottle and on my skin. Very close to the puffy, airy, vanilla-ish sweetness of smelling an actual bag of marshmallows. The honeysuckle isn't quite as heady and intense as what I am used to, but has a cool, airy quality to it and a hint of fresh, green stem. It's still noticeably honeysuckle, though, all honeyed, soft floral and golden sweetness. The drydown is a slightly powdery vanilla marshmallow soaked in golden honeysuckle nectar. This is one of my favorites of the duets/menage series.
  4. Little Bird

    Bobbing for Blood Kisses

    I'm not a big fan of apple scents, but I love Blood Kiss. Unfortunately, I don't smell anything reminiscent of Blood Kiss from this. It's all apple and, to me, an impression of a yellow apple that leans sour and tart rather than sweet and juicy. I don't like it very much. It feels very simple and punchy.
  5. Little Bird

    Final Girl

    I purchased two bottles of Final Girl because it has so many of my favorite notes in it (vanilla, marshmallow, black currant, clove) and it wound up not being my favorite of this year's Liliths. Even slathered on, this is a very light scent on me, and it's sort of a light, warm, vanilla marshmallow scent drizzled in honey with a teeny tiny hint of dry clove. The currants surprisingly don't show up at all on me, and I think the scent kind of needs them. Powdery marshmallows and globs of honey.
  6. Little Bird

    This More Than Bloody Deed

    The honey in this is so strong and sweet. To me, it's like a mix of creamy, mellow, more refreshing wildflower honey and that super-sweet honey that you get out of those bear shaped squeeze bottles. The vanilla takes the sweetness way over the top, but the woody amber/labdanum tries to cut through the sweetness a bit. As soon as I smelled this, I had an image of walking into a little country craft store and seeing tons of bottles and jars of honey products, honey scented soaps and lotions and all the things, and vanilla scented candles all perched on wooden shelves. So much honey. Glistening gold.
  7. Little Bird

    Mean, Green Production Project

    Herbal-spicy, cool, smooth green, almost like tomato leaf mixed with misty fir. The red berries make me think of holly wreaths and the lavender here smells airy, refreshing, and delicately sweet. This one sits close on my skin and only lasts about an hour before I need to reapply, but I do like it.
  8. Little Bird

    Oda a la Luz Encantada

    I don't get any lavender or chamomile, but those were the notes I was least excited for, so it suits me. This actually reminds me of Pediophobia quite a lot for some reason, which is one of my all time favorite bpal fragrances. It smells like amber somehow whipped into pink cotton candy with creamy vanilla and warm, perfumey musk and a youthful fruity-floral tone from the pear blossom. Complex, cheerful and lovely. One of the bottles I'm considering backups of currently.
  9. Little Bird


    I love this scent so much. I don't like powdery scents when they smell of baby powder or go overly bone dry and dusty, but this is exactly the sort of powdery, creamy, sensual, elegant perfume that I swoon over. I actually thought that this had dragon's blood resin in it when I gave Luceat a full wear today, but perhaps it's the resinous, slightly woody, warm amber giving me that impression. It also reminds me of Prada's Infusion d'Iris, but more velvety, creamy and dark, not as fresh and silvery. Luceat is one of those bpal fragrances that could pass as a classical department store perfume, but it's a little darker and much more interesting, with none of the sharp, cheap musk that tends to ruin department store fragrances for me. I'm having a hard time describing it, but it's so warm and beautiful, resinous and somehow flirty. I love the lab's sweet amber note. I adored it in My Wise Beauty from last year too.
  10. Little Bird

    Last Day of Summer Froyo

    I love frozen yogurt. My sister worked at TCBY when I was little and she would always bring home treats for me, and I still love frozen yogurt at age 35 now. In the bottle, this reminds me of 'tart' flavored froyo, which is almost just... plain yogurt flavored... mixed with something like sweet tarts candies (tart, a little sour, a little chalky, very artificial). On my skin, something goes decidedly soapy, something a little burnt plasticy, and something like Bath & Body Works' artifical berry fragrance? It does remind me of being in the mall, but not exactly of frozen yogurt. It doesn't smell edible or creamy to me, though it does have some sweetness to it. Hot plastic and Bath & Body Works' Sun Ripened Raspberry?
  11. Little Bird

    The Roses of Heliogabalus

    I bought this because I want to be at this party and I just love the painting so much. I applied the oil this morning without remembering any of the notes except wine and roses and I kept thinking that it smelled like spring roses (almost a fresh, lemony edge to them) and creamy, sparkly white musk. I get no wine at all, but I do recognize the violet in the drydown as something more cool toned floral and slightly powdery. It has a perfumey, musky quality, but nothing really sharp or screechy about it. A pretty spring floral that starts off fresh and dries down more powdery. Shifting from roses to violets. Only lasts about an hour on me before it fades into a whiff of powder that sits close to the skin and isn't noticeable much after the 2 hour mark.
  12. Little Bird

    Honey Babka

    This smells of almonds in the best way - not that cherry extract almond smell, but soft and creamy like marzipan and warm almond cake. The dough part smells fluffy, moist and freshly baked, almost like donuts, with the honey coming in super sweet and reminiscent of powdered sugar glaze. I don't get any spices, thankfully. This is very different from Chocolate Babka, but I love them both.
  13. Little Bird

    And Here I Hear the Fowles Singe

    The description for this one is spot-on and I can smell all of the listed notes. It goes on as rich, distinctly dry, red rose petals drizzled in golden honey with hints of warm clove, earth, sweet incense, and perfumey floral reminiscent of fancy orchids. It smells like a goth femme fatale, especially as it dries down, where the rose becomes slightly more subtle and the clove and incense get a bit stronger. Clove cigarettes, Romanti.Goth incense, dead roses and sultry black orchids with a drizzle of sugared honey. I might need a full 5ml.
  14. The tobacco smells like spicy, dry, crunchy dead leaves, but the clove never shows up on me (and clove is one of my favorite scents) and the cinnamon is too much for me. My skin got red and welted where I applied this and the cinnamon is a very bright, sharp, dry, cinnamon potpourri and kind of like an overly spiced cider where the fruit and citrus notes aren't showing up.
  15. Little Bird

    Cat Chasing Butterflies

    I wore this the other day without looking up the notes and thought it smelled like fresh pear dipped in cool cream, breezy white blossoms, and a warm, nutty, grainy, golden quality. It's what I wished Almond Blossoms had smelled like. Very pretty and evocative of spring. The "almond cream" is very beautiful and not cherry-like at all.