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  1. Little Bird

    Pinning Up the Shimada Hair Gloss

    I usually don't go for fragrances that are this outright floral, but I actually like all the floral notes listed for this, because they tend to be sweeter flower scents. It's mostly a beautiful, creamy, honeyed lilac in my hair, with hints of peach candy, sweet rose, and tropical plumeria that swirl in and out of the lilac. It's sweet and playful, and it makes me think of springtime. Like wearing a crown of beautiful flowers.
  2. Little Bird

    Pugsley Hair Gloss

    Now that my hair is down to my waist, I find that I am loving the hair glosses for the dryer ends of my hair. I also love the lab's black musk, and it's featured prominently in this blend. It smells deep, warm and darkly resinous, with a powdery undertone that makes me think of crushed incense cones. Sort of like black amber and incense with a hint of cologne and a whisper of leather. The black tea smells warm and a little clean, and the creamy, honeyed-vanilla tonka and hint of black licorice add a fun, sweet edge. Sexy black musk and warm, sweetened, black licorice tea.
  3. Little Bird

    Con Questions

    Bpal's plum and black currant notes are just so good. The plum is juicy and slightly creamy smelling, and the black currant reminds me of sweet berry jam. I'm not crazy about mint + fruit and wish I could get rid of the mint, as minty fruit will inevitably remind me of cough drops. As it dries down, the red currant gives things more of a tart, sour edge. If you like candied fruit scents, though, this one is really fun. It's like a handful of exotic gummis (maybe wine gums!) with some mints thrown in.
  4. Little Bird

    Birthday Surprise

    I was trying to talk myself out of buying a bottle of this because I own so many chocolate scents already, but this really smells like chocolate lava cake or brownies that are purposely underbaked so that they are still gooey on the inside (my favorite!). Warm, cake-y, fudgey chocolate that lasts all day on my skin. It does remind me of Chad a bit, but Chad has more of a caramelized edge to it (like fully cooked brownies with a swirl of caramel on top) and this has more of a creamy, pure, gooey chocolatey feel to it on my skin, if that makes sense. In any case, you can never have too many chocolate fragrances.
  5. Little Bird

    Utter Sophistication

    The Dorian and Snake Oil are hard for me to pick out in this one. The lavender is a little on the herbal side, but still creamy and pleasantly cool smelling, and I love how the other notes sweeten it up and make it into an unusual gourmand-ish blend. The beeswax is sweet and golden and the vanilla and popcorn meld together into a milky caramel type of scent on my skin. The buttery quality smells more like a fancy dessert on my skin than movie theater popcorn. I'm always interested in recipes that work flowers into desserts and this is like a fancy lavender dessert with vanilla-caramel custard and a dusting of honey powder. Then there's a sort of dark, spicy muskiness from the Snake Oil and a dry, dark woodiness from the oak that keep it from being fullout gourmand on my skin. Very complex and unusual, in a good way.
  6. Little Bird

    Cat-Lilith and Cat-Dad

    Starts off as moist and warm from the oven chocolate cake and then dries down to smell like a frosted chocolate cake with oodles of real buttercream frosting made simply with icing sugar and butter. After a half hour, I can smell more of the coconut cream, and it gets stronger on my skin over time. Buttercream frosting flavored with coconut and a hint of the chocolate cake underneath. Sort of like an extra coconutty German chocolate cake with a very generous heap of frosting. I don't find that the coconut smells too artificial or reminiscent of suntan lotion on my skin, so I like this one.
  7. Little Bird

    Voluptuous Wantonness

    I don't tend to like bpal's oud notes, but their 'wild plum' note is absolute heaven and I liked the other notes listed for this blend. Much to my delight, this is about 90% plum on my skin. Sweet, juicy, mellow, almost creamy, purple fruit. It's sensual and exotic, but also comforting and familiar. The other 10% is hints of dry, earthy, gritty tobacco, dry wood and slight smokiness, and what smells like black pepper. Dries down to plum on a dry, woody base.
  8. Little Bird

    Apple Sugar

    Apple can easily be too much for me (too clean or downright soapy, too tart, too reminiscent of cheap air freshener), but I'm really enjoying this one. It does smell sweet and like it has been sprinkled with sparkly, crunchy sugar, and it has a deep red, glowing sort of feel to it, like the prettiest apple skins. I agree that it has a hint of something like rose jam to it. Very sweet and juicy with that natural, rose-like hint that real, ripe apples have. This starts off very strong on me for about 2 hours and then suddenly starts to disappear and is gone by the 3 hour mark. Worth reapplying, though. I'd say this is my favorite bpal apple after the LE Sugar-Slathered Candied Apple. It smells like real apple with nothing off about it, just sprinkled with sugar.
  9. Little Bird

    Flesh of My Flesh

    Reminds me of several department store perfumes from Dior and Versace, like it could be nestled in between Dior Poison and Versace Crystal Noir. The almond is a sweet, grainy note and the vanilla is not very sweet, but it is present, and mostly this just has a very baby powdery amber and clean floral feel. I usually enjoy black orchid, but this has more of a generic, hazy, clean, nondescript white floral smell. Powdery, clean white floral that is barely sweetened with vanilla and almond. I don't care for how powdery this turns on me.
  10. Little Bird

    Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil

    I don't like pumpkin spice in food, drink or fragrances. I don't even like regular OG pumpkin pie. Cinnamon is hard for me to pull off in perfume, because it tends to stomp out any other notes in the blend. I do like the idea of a spicy Snake Oil, but this didn't have great odds of success for me. I get all cinnamon and no Snake Oil, and it's like huffing cinnamon straight out of the spice jar and choking on it. Dry, super spicy, tons of cinnamon. All the cinnamon. So, not exactly my style, but cinnamon lovers should definitely check this one out. I'm keeping mine for the cute label anyhow, and maybe I can mix a tiny dab of it into something else, lol.
  11. Little Bird

    Popcorn Ball Snake Oil

    This is great. I've been disappointed with popcorn scents lately, because they've smelled like caramel and not popcorn, but this is buttery, salty, fluffy popcorn, just made with Snake Oil, which is unusual and wonderful. I get lots of creamy, grownup, non-gourmand, Snake Oil vanilla and a little of that dark, musky sugar, mixed into fluffy popcorn. Very vanilla-y and satisfying.
  12. Little Bird

    Caramel Apple Snake Oil

    I knew I would enjoy this, because I love Coral Snake. The original version of Coral Snake is like spiced apple cider Snake Oil with hints of vanilla and floral and the new version of Coral Snake is like red candy apple Snake Oil with candied citrus and juicy, tropical fruity-floral tones. Apple + Snake Oil is surprisingly lovely. Caramel Apple Snake Oil is just what it says on the tin. The caramel is rich, creamy and sweet, and the Snake Oil part is like a dark, sugared musk, and there's a hint of bright, red, sugary candied apple drenched under the caramel. It reminds me a little of the sexy caramel of Red Lantern, but this is overall sweeter and more in-your-face gourmand. Everything about it is sugared and over-the-top festive. Sweet, but with an undertone of darkness. That's why it's my scent of the day today ^_^.
  13. Little Bird

    Devils of the Pit Hair Gloss

    The leather and patchouli in this meld together to give off an impression of wonderful black patchouli, which sort of smells like damp, black, forest soil to me, but not that straightforward and dirty, because it still has that rich, perfumed character of patchouli. There's a ton of honey in this, and it smells like rich, creamy, sweet, wildflower honey. I sprayed this through my hair and immediately thought "Taurus hair gloss!" Natural smelling, earthy gourmands often feel very Taurus appropriate to me (a Taurus, of course). I also love sweetened earthy blends in general and this reminds me of bpal's Wildflower Honey & Patchouli, Possets' Sex Juice, and Poesie's Honey Honey and Wild. I'm glad the leather doesn't come through strongly for me. I use the hair glosses sometimes as a hair treatment and then wash my hair like normal, which usually washes away the fragrance, but I noticed after my shower yesterday, my hair still smelled delightfully of honey and a hint of patchouli, so this stuff is strong. I probably need a couple more of these before they leave the site. If you like honey & patchouli at all, I highly recommend this one.
  14. Little Bird

    Wax Cylinders

    Surprisingly clean, like a golden, gleaming, metallic cologne scent, with a creamy, honeyed sweetness from the wax. The leather and woods are subtle, but noticeable, and sort of swirl together with that clean cologne and creamy sweetness to make this an excellent 'clean man with an edge' type of scent. It's a department store men's cologne scent, but better, because it's not overly musky or sweetly citrusy or cheap smelling. I kind of imagine every noble fairy tale knight smelling like this before battle. It's wholesome and clean, and covered in gleaming metal, but also knows how to fight. It also reminds me a little of Sara Pezzini, but I like this more, and this isn't as honeyed or sweet. Zesty, clean, lightly sweet, but with dark elements. I was worried that this would smell like a dozen leather fragrances that I already know, but I was pleasantly surprised by this blend. I love wearing fragrances that smell more traditionally masculine or conjure up a male persona to me, because I like pushing all of those gender boundaries.
  15. Little Bird

    The Host

    The Host reminds me of the cedar-y, woody parts of Cathedral (church pews) and the soft, almost powdery-smooth incense and warm, subtle incense smokiness of Midnight Mass. It smells solemn and quiet. I smell a hint of sour red wine every once in a while, but it's mostly about a golden, resinous feel and warm, sweet incense. Has soft, creamy, vanilla-ish tones on my skin. Very pretty.