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  1. Little Bird

    Pallid Bat

    Sugared, crisp, clean smelling white tea (that smells more like green tea in the drydown) with tart, lemony bergamot, a sharp and peppery bite from the ginger, and a little bit of golden, warm powdery amber. It's sweeter than I thought it would be, like a few spoonfuls of sugar have been added to the tea, but I'm not complaining. Similar to Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea scent because it has a perfumey muskiness to it as well.
  2. Little Bird

    Creeper Dragon

    Creeper Dragon is made of all things good. The dragon's blood and red musk form a sweet, red, resinous glow and warmth that I just love (like a resinous cherry scent), the leather smells like a snuggly, soft, black leather jacket, and the honeyed vanilla cream is strong and beautiful. A grown up Dragon's Milk scent. In fact, if you told me that this was Dragon's Milk with a little leather and red musk mixed in, I probably wouldn't argue too hard. Amazing throw and lasts all day on me.
  3. Little Bird

    Black Taffeta

    I don't like the sharp smokiness of opium, but it's rounded out with other heavy notes here, so I find it very enjoyable. The opium cuts through the thick, resinous, slightly maple-syrup-y sweetness of the opoponax really nicely. The vanilla adds a needed smoothness and cool creaminess in the drydown, and the geranium, patchouli, and musks form a really well blended base that makes the whole scent smell deep, complex, and like a twisted, dark, sexy, vampiric take on a fougere. Wonderful, sultry smoke and resins over a dark, come hither perfume. I am so happy that I finally got a full bottle of this on ebay.
  4. Little Bird


    When I first got Kiseru, it had a baby powder and plasticy lipstick scent that I hated, but I kept wearing it on different days to try to get a good impression for a review, and I think it needed a few months to really settle into itself. I noticed it was more vanilla-y and enjoyable every time that I wore it, the powder became more elegant and noticeably of dry sandalwood rather than baby powder, and a lemony tone developed in it while the plasticy cheap lipstick smell completely disappeared. It's sort of an elegant wood glossed with a creamy lemon polish and creamy, but not very sweet vanilla. Quiet and elegant.
  5. Little Bird

    The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel

    I finally got a bottle of this and.. I don't like it. It smells like someone crushed up sweet tarts candies and it's powdery, artificial, chalky, and sour-ish. Nothing about it smells like marshmallow to me. There's also an undertone of something pukey and off smelling about it, reminding me of what bpal's champagne note does on my skin.
  6. Little Bird

    Rose Moon 2023

    Lots of wine and it's similar to the scent of red wine, but not as sweet, and I find myself missing that sweetness. This has a dark, bitter quality to it instead of the indulgent sweetness. Then the rose comes in and smells like someone picked up a freshly cut rose and smushed it in their hands and tossed the petals and greenery into the wine. It's dewy with hints of greenery, but also has a powdery, sharply musky tone to it that I don't love, and unfortunately the powder and perfumey, sharp musk rose is what dominates the drydown on my skin. I never smell anything like resins or incense or clove, not even a hint of them, which is what really talked me into buying this one.
  7. Little Bird

    Lick it, Valentine

    The mint is sharp and mentholic and ruins about the first 40 minutes on my skin, and then it dries down to a strawberry hand candy drizzled with honey and I start to find the scent to be too cloying and somewhat cheap and childish, like it should be a Lip Smackers scent/flavor. This does nothing good on my skin and smells very disjointed to me with the sharp mint.
  8. Little Bird

    Thunder Moon 2023

    Violets sweetened and darkened with a dusting of cocoa powder, an atmospheric and realistic, slightly watery ozone that truly does smell like air heavy with the promise of lightning and rainfall, with edges full of wet soil and incense. Settles into a gourmand floral that's touched with cool, crisp, staticy air and fat raindrops hitting the earth, and curls of witchy incense smoke caught up in that electric air. It's very dark, unusual, and moody and I really like it. It doesn't remind me of any other scents in my collection, so it's very unique. I'm happy to have full bottled this.
  9. Little Bird

    The Dance of the Farfadets

    I'm unpacking and finding my Halloweenies from last year, but at least they're well aged now. Farfadets is tons of sweet myrrh and I love anything with a strong myrrh note. It's dark, reddish gold, a little spicy like cedar wood, and all syrupy sweet resin. There are hints of warm earthiness and balsam wood and evergreen sap tones, but they melt pretty naturally into the myrrh. In the drydown, the wafts of powdery, creamy sandalwood incense start to come through as well and just make the whole thing feel pretty and snuggly. It's a love for me.
  10. Little Bird

    Criminal Glamour

    I got a bottle of this beauty on the Lab's etsy page, randomly decided to slather it on today, and immediately went and bought another bottle. Criminal Glamour is gorgeous, well aged and well blended, and it is one of those scents that immediately went on my signature scent list. It's like magic when you put on a fragrance and it just smells so "you." I can smell all of the listed notes and they are perfection. The leather is the dark, black-yet-snuggly, sexy variety, like slipping into a boyfriend's soft, well worn leather jacket. The patchouli is dreamy - earthy, slightly spicy (like how Mugler's Angel patchouli is spicy and complex), slightly chocolate-y. The oudh reads more like the scent of an antique cedar chest. There's a hint of thick, jammy, sweet, black currant and the drydown is like all of those notes over a chunk of melting, warm amber resin and a hint of smoky styrax incense. It's a leathery, patchouli-d, resinous dream with the rich, dark sweetness of currant and amber paste. Criminal Glamour has qualities that remind me very much of Banshee Beat, if Banshee Beat were wearing a leather jacket and had sexy, sweet resins, exotic woods, and darker, more mysterious tones instead of the sweet vanilla. It also brings Angel Les Parfums de Cuir to my mind. Back when Mugler was Thierry Mugler and they were releasing exciting flankers and high quality fragrances and gems that hadn't yet been reformulated, they created a leather flanker edition of Angel. Criminal Glamour is like that spicy patchouli and dark leather and sweet magic, but I feel like this is smoother, slinkier, and easy to wear. The leather is more snuggly. My only issue is that this sticks close on my skin and my hair and it fades pretty significantly around the 3 hour mark, so I have to reapply. I'm going to try putting it into a spray mister as that often helps with throw and longevity for me, and I'm pretty obsessed with smelling like this now.
  11. Little Bird

    Dragon Bell Z

    Violet candy, blackberries, and sugar mashed together into an intensely sweet, gooey pulp type of scent. Something in here smells like soapy dryer sheets and I don't know what it is because none of the listed notes have a history of going soapy on my skin. As it dries down, the clean soapiness melds into a hazy, slightly sharp incense smoke, so it's like burning incense that's supposed to smell like clean laundry? Next to a bowl of purple berry and sugary violet goo. The incense part doesn't smell particularly like dragon's blood or frankincense to me, so it's an odd experience.
  12. Little Bird

    The Hour of the Body

    Tart, sharp, sour grapefruit and yuzu with the pomegranate coming in through the drydown to give off its powdery sweet tarts candy thing. I get a little bit of sweeter strawberry after a while, trying to smooth out all of the tart, sour tones, but it's overall just too much for me.
  13. Little Bird

    Cluster of Cherry Blossoms

    Everything in this blend feels delicate and well balanced. The cherry blossom is clean and slightly soapy, but sweetened so prettily with the tart, juicy cherry and soft, creamy honey note. There's a hint of perfumey rose at first, but the drydown settles into an idealized cherry blossom where the cherry fruit and honey just melt perfectly into the springy white floral. The pink cherry note is making me love cherry blends (I hate when they smell like cheap maraschino cherries or cherry cough syrup). I adore the Pink Cherry & Jasmine Sambac from this year as well.
  14. I haven't had many blind buy fails from bpal lately, but this was one of my recent fails. It's all nondescript, intensely sour fruitiness, soapy floral, and sharp white musk on me, very high pitched and strong enough to give me a headache.
  15. Little Bird

    Pearl Necklace

    I usually don't like bpal's pear blends because they're so sweet, artificial, and candied smelling to me, and I feared that this would be even sweeter and more unbearable with the orris, vanilla and honey. I bought it because I liked the label, but it turned out to be one of my favorite Lupers. Pearl Necklace is the freshest and most realistic pear. It's a true, crisp, juicy, ripe pear with hints of rose and apple. I grew up with an ancient pear tree in our yard and this smells like those fall pears tasted. The hint of honey is seductive and warm, and the vanilla and orris are barely there, but definitely round out the scent into an elegant perfume with a sugared, powdery flair.