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  1. Little Bird

    Dead Blonde

    Dead Blonde makes me think of Tippi Hendren and her life in film (and being subjected to so much abuse by Alfred Hitchcock, yet still coming out so strong and speaking her truth). I admire her a lot. Dead Blonde smells like a strong, empowering scent to me. I love bpal's tea rose and white rose because they smell like being in a garden full of the most perfect, fresh, slightly dewy roses. Nothing sharp or musky, just the sweet, dewy character of real roses. And I especially love those rose notes when they're paired with some sweet notes. I was a little worried about the lip gloss and suntan lotion in the description because I don't tend to enjoy a waxy or oily scent and that artificial coconut in suntan lotion is one of my least favorite smells. I don't get that artificial quality from this scent at all, though. The honey and coconut add a creamy sweetness to the roses, but don't really scream honey or coconut. After a couple hours, the honey (I think) goes a little powdery, like a bouquet of beautiful white roses dusted in honey powder. I think that this is a beautiful, sophisticated scent.
  2. Little Bird

    Dies Patribus

    I enjoy this fragrance so much! It doesn't remind me of Fruity Pebbles at all because its not that sweet, artificial or simple smelling to me, and it doesn't have that citrusy sweetness of Fruity Pebbles or Froot Loops. I think that it might be similar to Crunchberries (but more natural and not as sweet), but it's been a long time since I was around Captain Crunch, so I'm not sure how accurate that memory is. It reminds me a bit of Villainess's old Birth Rite fragrance as well, which was berry frosting over a light spice cake and some resins (this is like that light berry/vanilla frosting and a softer bakery/grain note). The strawberry, cream and milk in this are so lovely, not overly sweet or sugary, and the cereal adds this nice, warm, airy grain scent. It's like fresh strawberries sliced into whole milk with puffed cereal. Delicately sweet and very natural smelling on my skin. I love milky scents and this one is just so good. Dies Patribus is my favorite bpal release of this year so far.
  3. Little Bird

    FORMULA GSH21: Sweet Blob in Flower Patch

    Smucker's strawberry jam with the strawberry overcooked and way too much sugar added in, with a hint of milk chocolate scented markers that's strong for about ten minutes and then it disappears. I don't get an impression of cheesecake, ice cream or florals (a little breezy, cool, floral bluebonnet in the bottle, but none on my skin). Sugary, artificial smelling strawberry jam.
  4. Little Bird

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    This was my favorite of this year's Lupercalia blends and the only bottle that I'm keeping from my orders. A Vision smells surprisingly mainstream, like a fluffy, pretty, sweet, pink fruity-floral and vanilla celeb scent from a department store. There's something pink, almost fruity, and vanillic about it, and something like a cuddly, slightly powdery, creamy, vanilla musk scent. It smells a lot like bpal's Pediophobia as well (one of my favorites). I wonder if they share a similar tobacco note that doesn't exactly smell anything like tobacco, lol. It has a warm, spicy quality to it as well without smelling exactly like clove or cinnamon or anything of the sort. A sophisticated yet comforting scent that I really like for the current chilly fall weather. Pink florals and a hint of sweet, pink fruitiness with creamy-powdery vanilla musk. A bit reminiscent of cosmetic powders.
  5. Little Bird

    Libidinous Encounter During the Rice Harvest

    I normally love every note in this, but this is a musty, powdery, heavy and gloomy scent to me. It makes me think of heavy, dust colored drapes and mildew. There's a hazy, sort of white smokiness that reminds me of sharp opium incense. I get no hint of anything like rice milk, rice flower or frangipani. The drydown has an odd spiciness.
  6. Little Bird

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    I always want to try anything that lists vanilla and patchouli, but the heavy and baby powdery sandalwood ruins this one for me. It's cloying, sickly sweet vanilla with a hint of earthiness from the patchouli, and tons of powdery, warm, heavy sandalwood. Very dry, slightly dusty smelling.
  7. Little Bird

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    Mostly hay absolute with a little sugar. Hay absolute has a lemony scent to it, like fresh lemons sliced over dried grass, leaning sour. There's a tiny edge of extra sweetness from the sugar. I was most excited for the rice milk (I love Nocture Alchemy's rice milk scents), but I don't pick up on that aspect at all.
  8. Little Bird

    Women Copulating

    I like a sweeter jasmine that smells like the bushes that I've planted in my backyard (NAVA's EA Purple and Ghost Velvet being my go-tos lately). I can't really pick out the honey or vanilla notes in this, though, which I think would have actually made this smell more realistic and wearable if they'd showed up to the party. This is a sharp, perfumey jasmine on me, leaning a little to a generic white floral smell on my skin.
  9. Little Bird

    Rope Pulley

    I only enjoy strawberry scents when they have the juiciness and tanginess of real strawberries. This smells like strawberry flavored nerds candies to me. It's very tart, intensely sweet, and artificial. It also goes a little plasticy and burnt/metallic smelling on me in the drydown. There's a hint of cream, but I wish there were more creaminess.
  10. Little Bird

    Waltzing Matilda

    I gave this one a few months to settle, but it still isn't working for me. I usually love the lab's fig notes and vanilla is my favorite scent ever, but Waltzing Matilda is sharply fruity (like sour blackberries) and soapy on me. It makes me think of tart fruity-floral shampoo and sour berries. Reminds me a little of Miller Vs. California, but soapy and sharper.
  11. This is my favorite trio. I've been enjoying floral scents a lot more in these past couple years and I really like bpal's Wild Honeysuckle note. This scent has a gleeful quality that makes me think of running around outside as a child and picking flowers, the scent of green sap and sweet petals crushed in my hands. It smells like a beautiful day outside. It has a bit of a sharp, perfumey bite to it, but it does also smell like actual jasmine, honeysuckle and wisteria flowers, full of breezy sweetness. The pale lilac of the wisteria really comes through in the drydown. Mostly wisteria with a good dose of honeysuckle and a hint of sweet jasmine.
  12. Little Bird

    Cacao, Black Amber & Black Copal

    The first time that I wore this, I thought that it smelled like a chocolate orange candy. Now I'm getting more of a bright, lemony scent from it, closer to the scent of Lemon Pledge furniture polish (which I actually enjoy, but not so much mixed with chocolate). Chocolate bars + Lemon Pledge isn't quite mixing for me, I think, and I don't ever really pick up on the amber. A very strong fragrance that leaves sort of a scratchy feeling in my throat.
  13. Little Bird

    Eucalyptus, White Mint & Lemon Peel

    I don't get any of the lemon and this winds up smelling like a bracing, minty toothpaste on me.
  14. Little Bird

    Blueberries, Cream, & Cardamom

    I have the opposite experience of some of the other reviews. I get no cream or anything milky or vanillic. Starts off like a sweet blueberry candy and dries down to all cardamom all the time.
  15. Little Bird

    Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, & Vanilla Absolute

    Mostly a very powdery sandalwood on my skin with a hint of vanilla. Like a lightly vanilla scented dusting powder.