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  1. doomsday_disco

    The Rat Speakers

    The Rat Speakers is super herbal and earthy. In the decant, the patchouli, sage, sandalwood, and lemongrass stand out to me. On me, it's a blast of sage, followed by patchouli and lemongrass, both of which increase in prominence with wear. The patchouli, lemongrass, and sage remain really strong on me, but after several hours of wear, I am able to pick out some of the fig leaf in the background as well as some dusty sandalwood. I'm not really getting any of the leather, but that may be because this decant is very old and this is what the small amount of oil has aged into over the years. It's too herbal and earthy for me, but I adore Neverwhere, so I am really happy to have gotten to try it!
  2. doomsday_disco

    Crinoline and Lace

    I am so glad that I didn't succeed in trying to resist this lace. I am testing it after letting it rest for a day. In the bottle, I can smell the vanilla cream, tea rose, cognac, and a touch of light tobacco. Those are the notes I get on my skin as well, but the tea rose is stronger on me than it was in the bottle. (I'm beginning to think maybe I amp rose lately, but I don't mind, because I enjoy rose!) I am actually somewhat reminded of Pediophobia from the 2016 Yules, but without the porcelain and with a creamier vanilla and the addition of rose. This is warmer and pinker than that scent, but I'd put them in the same scent family. It takes about an hour for any coconut to emerge, but it never ends up being a main player on me. The vanilla cream becomes stronger over time, and after several hours of wear, it's mostly a billow-y vanilla cream musk with a touch of tea rose. I adore sugary floral scents, and I am so happy to have this vanilla-heavy, rose-touched lace in my collection.
  3. doomsday_disco

    Reflections Under Bereavement

    I initially cut this from my decant list because I reminded myself that I generally don't go for floral + resin combos, but then I couldn't stop thinking about it. The name, the wilted roses, and the lace aspect called to me. I was debating blind bottling it, but I ended up ordering a leftover decant. If I had gone the blind bottle route, I would not have been unhappy. The first thing that leaps out at me from Reflections Under Bereavement is the resinous smoke note, which is actually a pretty light incense smoke (I get more frankincense than opoponax). Then the rose note emerges. It does not make think of wilted roses, but something like fresh pink or tea roses. There's an astringency to the rose note that is evocative of tears, in the same way that the herbal rose geranium gives off the impression of tears falling onto soil in Deep in Earth (but of course, there's no rose geranium here!). The vanilla resides in the background, adding a light sweetness to the scent, and it is indeed the sugar-spun vanilla from the lace family. The rose softens over time, so that after several hours of wear, it is a gentle rose scent with an even lighter resinous smoke and that lovely vanilla. I really like this and am not sure my decant will be enough!
  4. doomsday_disco

    The Ghost of a Ghost’s Ghost

    This was originally cut from my decant list, but when I saw a leftover decant available, I had to grab it. In the decant, I mostly get the oakmoss and patchouli, backed by the lavender. On me, the oakmoss and lavender are the stars of the show, with a gently earthy patchouli. The lavender really does have a misty quality to it, and it's really nice, but eventually the oakmoss asserts itself and becomes the dominant note, backed by the lavender, patchouli, and a touch of the white oudh, which just contributes a woody warmth to the scent. I agree with VetchVesper's comment about this being a gender-neutral chypre, although in the end, it leans a little masculine on me due to the oakmoss being so strong on my skin. I do not think that I need a bottle of this, but I plan on keeping the decant!
  5. doomsday_disco

    Black Opal

    When I was new to BPAL, I attended a meet and sniff where I was told to take any imps that I wanted. There was an imp of Black Opal in the pile, but I didn't take it, because I knew that it was discontinued and beloved. After that, I thought I would never get to try it! Well, I found a half-bottle (it's a cobalt!) for sale recently and jumped at the chance to buy it, knowing I may not have another chance to try it again! I can see why this one is sought-after. It features a cool (but not chilly or minty), mineral-y vanilla (or something vanilla-like, like tonka?), possibly a touch of coconut, and I think what may be a silvery musk. There's definitely some kind of musk at play here. At first, I thought it reminded me of Pediophobia from 2016's Yules, with its vanilla and porcelain, but that one is sweeter and not as mineral-y. It did go through a phase of being very sharp and perfume-y, almost hairspray-like, as Balame mentioned. Fortunately, it managed to mostly veer out of that phase and return to the scent I described. I really enjoy the mineral note and the vanilla, although the sharp, perfume-y stage was kind of alarming. Maybe it just needs more time to settle? I will let it rest and come back to it in a few weeks. I think it's really pretty and unique, but I hope that the sharp, perfume-y stage was just a fluke because it traveled across the ocean or because of hormones.
  6. doomsday_disco

    Sweet Clove

    I saw a bottle (!!!) of this for sale in a non-BPAL sales group recently and had to grab it, even though I was trying to be on a low-buy. I love clove, and I know that coming across the old single notes (especially a whole bottle!) is pretty rare. This is a spicy type of clove, but it's not a cinnamon-y clove like Indonesian Clove SN. It's actually pretty gentle and sweet. It stays fairly close to the skin, but that may just be due to its age (I mean, it has to be 14-15 years old now). That said, it hasn't disappeared after several hours of wear. I vastly prefer it to Indonesian Clove. This one is much more clove-y. I will happily wear this on its own, but I think it will also be nice to layer it with some other scents from which I wish I got more clove. I am so happy that this beautiful cobalt bottle made its way into my collection. Now I just have to remind myself to use it and not just sniff and hoard this beauty.
  7. doomsday_disco

    Ocean of Dreams

    I am reviewing the scent only. This starts off as an intensely herbal blend. Mugwort, lavender, and bay are the notes that stand out to my nose. It is somewhat medicinal, but very relaxing, and smelling the scent during this phase really did evoke this feeling of submerging oneself in a dark pool of water. It's definitely not something I would wear as a perfume, but I thought it would make a nice, herbal sleep scent. I say 'thought' because then the oudh showed up, and it is a variety that makes me think of a dirty red patchouli type of oudh, like the kind in Half-Elf. The end result was oudh, backed by the herbal notes (especially the mugwort and bay). It still feels relaxing, but I am just not feeling the herbal oudh scent that it morphed into on me. But at least it wasn't an orris party on my skin? I'm glad I got a chance to try this, but it's not something I could see myself reaching for again because of the oudh.
  8. doomsday_disco

    Take the Moon

    The fir needle, lemon peel, and frosted apple blossom are the first notes to make an appearance on my skin. It's bright and crisp, and the lemon peel and apple blossom end up being the dominant notes. It takes a while for the silvery musk to make its presence known, but after a few hours, it joins the lemon peel, apple blossom, and fir on the center stage. I am not able to pick out the mugwort. It does have a bright, silvery, lunar feel, evocative of moonlight. I am not sure that I need a bottle just yet, but I do think it is really nice and that I'll probably want more of it at some point down the road!
  9. doomsday_disco

    Excessively Cheerful Christmas Tree Lot Atmosphere Spray

    This was my one Yule blind bottle atmosphere spray purchase. And it did not disappoint! I love the smell of evergreens, and now that I live somewhere without them, I always feel pulled toward coniferous scents. The pine in this is a lovely, bright pine. It reminds me of the pine in either Schwarzwald Atmo or Blue Spruce and Snow-Capped Pine Atmo, but I no longer have the empties to sniff to say which one it is for sure. But if those were up your alley, this will be, too. It doesn't smell like pine cleaner or like a pine branch slapping you in the face. It's just a beautiful, realistic, bright pine scent. I am so glad I bought a bottle!
  10. doomsday_disco

    Touched Twice

    In the vial, the notes that stand out to me are the sheer musk, sandalwood, champaca flower, and rose. On my skin, the champaca reigns, and behind it, there is this herbal-resin-floral mix. It smells clean, powdery, incensey, and somewhat bitter on me. Then the rose sidles up to the champaca and also becomes a main player. I was really hoping for vanilla musk and florals, but on me, it's a somewhat powdery incense-y champaca with some rose and sheer musk (minus any vanilla) scent, with the resins, and frankincense in particular, being rather prominent after several hours of wear. I think there's too much going on here for my skin chemistry to handle, hence the powder, and florals plus resins (without any sweetness) are not really my cup of tea. I'm really glad I got the chance to try it, though!
  11. doomsday_disco


    Thanks to the lovely forumite who sent me a decant of this to try. In the decant, I only get the cherry and almond. Those are also the first two notes to emerge on my skin. Then the rose water joins in and quickly becomes one of the dominant notes. The honey ends up joining in not too long after that, but the rose water and cherry continue to reign. They remain the dominant notes throughout wear, with touches of lemon peel, sugar cane, honey, and balsam. No vanilla bean on me, sadly. My skin seems to have run away with the rose water note, so I am not getting the honeyed vanilla cherry almond goodness that I was hoping for, but it is nice! I may retest it again in the future or try it in a scent locket, because this one has potential. I bet this would be really wonderful on someone with different skin chemistry.
  12. doomsday_disco

    Insupportable Misery

    In the decant, the notes that jump out to me are the lavender, violet leaf, tea, and lilac. On my skin, those are the notes that I get at first as well, with the lavender and gunpowder tea being the most prominent, making the scent pretty astringent, with some violet leaf thrown into the mix. Violet is a note that often stomps on other notes and makes things a sweet, powdery mess on my skin, but so far, violet leaf doesn't seem to be doing the same thing. Then the lilac joins the party, and overall, it reads as a sharp, purple scent. It doesn't take long for the lilac to steal the show, and it remains the dominant note after several hours, with some tea, lavender, and violet leaf behind it, and just a touch of saffron. I think this is evocative of its name and inspiration. I feel like it would be too sharp to wear during the day, but I may try using it as a sleep scent, as I do like it, but don't think it's something I'd reach for very often. I don't need to hunt down more of it, but I plan on hanging on to the decant!
  13. doomsday_disco

    Drops of of Amontillado

    This is the grapiest BPAL I've ever tried. And although grape isn't something I want to smell like and is a note I typically dislike in a perfume, I have to say that this is the best grape perfume that I've tried. At first, it's a strong, candy-like grape, like grape hard candy, but then it smells like grape juice, with perhaps some musky oak behind it? There's definitely a woody note lingering in the background. I probably wouldn't wear this, but I am really glad I got a chance to try it! I am going to send one of my imps to a friend, who enjoys grape scents, artificial or otherwise. I have a feeling she will love this!
  14. doomsday_disco

    Frostbitten Dandelions & Concrete

    I was really hoping that this would be Dandelions and Concrete mixed with Snow White's sweet snow note. Alas, it's the sweet pine-y snow note that's present in this scent (the same one found in this year's Frostbitten Zombi and scents like NYC Snowball Fight and Marshmallow Snow bath oil). It is very strong on the frostbitten component, with some green dandelion and asphalt behind that. Then, the white musk joins in, giving it somewhat of a cologne-like vibe. The piney snow note never goes away, but it does soften after several hours of wear. The scent has a warmer feel to it by that point thanks to the musky ambrette seed that now resides in the background, and a hint of sweetness from the blackcurrant bud (the same one found in Bubbles and Unicorns). I am glad that I was able to try this, and I am happy to have supported the cause! But I have enough scents with this snow note already, and I prefer the original Dandelions and Concrete because I get more dandelion from it (unlike this, which is mostly about the snow on me), so I don't think it will be staying in my collection.
  15. doomsday_disco

    The Snow Maiden

    I'm not sure which year I'm reviewing. This started off as a floral snow with a hint of berry, but it quickly took a turn for the worst in the same way that Winter Landscape did on my skin, so perhaps they share the same snow note. I was really hoping to enjoy a nice daffodil and snow scent; alas, the hoarfrost just doesn't agree with my skin chemistry.