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  1. doomsday_disco

    The Osiris Club Atmosphere Spray

    I tested this twice (by spraying it on a paper towel), but I neglected to write a review after each of those times, and I no longer have the decant, so this review is just going by memory. I was curious about this one because of the ancient tomes in the description. And at first, when initially sprayed, I do smell leather and what I think is a dribble of beeswax. But then the scent is made more like a gentleman's club with the entrance of the tobacco, bourbon, and cologne, and it ends up being the cologne that dominates in the end. The description for this one is pretty accurate, but if you are mostly hoping for old books, you will probably be disappointed. If you're looking for a really manly atmo, though? This one is for you.
  2. doomsday_disco

    Trevor Bruttenholm

    In the vial, I smell the incense and yellowed books. On me, I get a dark, sharp, woody note, which I think may be a dark myrrh or oak, along with some cologne. It softens after a minute and becomes more like an incense-y cologne scent over the pages of old books. After a while, the bay rum emerges and ends up becoming the dominant note, with a faint trail of incense lurking behind. Not bad, but I wish the parchment note had decided to stick around, as that's what I was here for. I think this would smell great on a guy, though.
  3. doomsday_disco

    Plague of Frogs

    This is a clean, green, cologne-y, somewhat salty aquatic. I don't get anything rubbery at all from this, fortunately. It gets more soapy on me over time, as aquatics are wont to do, but if you're an aquatic fan, don't let the description scare you away. It's not scary at all!
  4. doomsday_disco

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    2019 version. Description for 2019 version: German fir and forest herbs, incense and bonfire smoke, broom straw, and the wet, glimmering scent of skin warmed by dance. Note: I have not tried the previous versions. In the vial: Somewhat salty skin musk, herbs, and a wisp of bonfire smoke. Wet: It's mostly salty skin musk, incense, and herbs with a tinge of smoke. As it sits on my skin, the bonfire smoke note gains strength, but it doesn't make the scent too smoky. Dry: Mostly salty skin musk and incense, with hints of smoke, fir, and herbs. Verdict: I was really hoping to get more fir from this. It reminds me of The Standing Stone at Pendle Hill Atmo due to the salt and incense notes, although this one is more musky. If you're looking for a salty incense scent, this should be up your alley.
  5. doomsday_disco

    El Dorado

    This smells like a heavy, golden resin, but I agree that it has a cologne-y vibe to it. I think it's a sharp wood note. It has been ages since I smelled it, but I think it may contain a note found in Lush's Icon? It gets earthier (it's very patchouli-like) and slightly smoky with wear, which I think may be due to the same copal note found in Greed. If I had to guess as to which notes this contained, I'd guess copal, oak, and possibly a dark myrrh. Or maybe a metallic note made it so sharp in the beginning? It's strong, too. I tried to wash it off, but it would not budge. El Dorado is too sharp on me in the beginning, and too earthy for me later on, so it is not for me, but I am glad a lovely BPALista gave me some to try to help me in my quest to try the GC.
  6. doomsday_disco

    The Standing Stone at Pendle Hill Atmosphere Spray

    I smell crushed grass, fir needles, and the salt-and-incense-filled air. I agree with torikitty: this is much lighter than the description would leave one to believe! The salty air note ends up being the most prominent note after this has been sprayed on something for a while, and it's a nice, salty, green scent. This will join the 4ml sprayers I have at my desk at work. It's a fresh scent that will be great for pretending you're outside, in a place where there's grass and trees, and the sea is not far away.
  7. doomsday_disco


    In the decant, I get lots of aftershave, backed by a bit of brimstone and musk. On me, the aftershave and musk are the stars of the show at first, with just a hint of brimstone, but then the aftershave calms down, the brimstone goes away, and it's mostly a dark or black musk scent on me (it reminds me of the musk in Haunted). The musk remains the dominant note on me after a few hours of wear, backed by some aftershave, which seems to have regained some of its footing. I never got anything that made me think of a candy wrapper, though! When I tried this at Drag Con last year, it was all aftershave on me, so I am glad I gave it a proper test outside of a con setting. It's not something I'd wear, but I was really curious about that cat note, and it showed up for me this time! This would be good for someone who wants a musky cologne scent, or Haunted plus some aftershave.
  8. doomsday_disco

    Carnaval Rat

    In the vial, I smell fruity woods and some Snake Oil. On me, I get Phantom Calliope's cherry and cinnamon, Snake Oil's woods, Xanthe's guava, and some of Mme. Moriarty's plum. It's primarily fruity on me during the wet stage, and remains that way for a while, but I get more Snake Oil with wear, and after a few hours, I mostly get Snake Oil's spices and vanilla mixed with fruit. After several hours, it's Snake Oil spices and what might be moss and herbs? It's hard to pick things out by this point. This ended up being more pleasant and wearable than I expected it to be (moreso than Lab Rat, actually)! I'm going to hang on to my decant.
  9. doomsday_disco

    Worm Moon 2019

    In the vial, I get mossy grapefruit berry dirt. On me, the pink grapefruit note takes the center stage, backed by the dirt and moss. Then the overripe blackberry note gains strength, and it really does smell like overripe berries coated with dirt. After a few hours, the moss is the star of the show, backed by the overripe blackberry and dirt. I was afraid of the rotting coffin wood, rusting coffin nails, and decomposing organic matter in the description. But it is actually the overripe blackberry note in this that makes it not for me. If only it were blackberry free, because I actually liked the blast of grapefruit with the dirt in the beginning!
  10. doomsday_disco

    Harlequin Milk

    In the decant, I smell the orange peel, honey, ale, and goat's milk. On me, the bitter orange peel and goat's milk are the first notes that leap out, followed by a light honey. The orange peel is so bitter that it makes me think of neroli. Fortunately, the honey gains strength and helps smooth it over. In the end, it's strong on the buttery goat's milk, which is sweetened by the honey, and contains traces of the orange peel, ale, and just a tinge of red currant. I feel like I normally amp currant, so I am surprised that it's so quiet on me here. I can smell the silvery musk in the background, behind the goat's milk. While I enjoy where this one ends up, I was not a fan of the bitter, neroli-like orange peel opening, so I don't think I'll hold on to my decant. I know I'd rather reach for My Baby and a Baby Goat for my goat's milk and honey fix. I do think this is nice once the orange peel calms down, though!
  11. doomsday_disco

    Cat Event Exorcist

    In the vial, I smell the holy water, backed by some light woods. On me, the holy water and olive wood are the first notes that stand out to me, and then the clove husk joins in and becomes quite prominent really fast. The brown musk is the next to join the party and quickly becomes one of the main players as well. It ends up being a light, watery brown musk scent backed by the woods and a tinge of clove. After a few hours, it's mostly brown musk backed by woods (the frankincense is more noticeable behind the olive wood at this point). This is in the same scent family as The Small Brown Cat, but I already have a bottle of that one and like it more, so I don't need to hold on to my decant of this one. But if you're looking for a hairball-free, woody brown musk, this one is for you.
  12. doomsday_disco

    Blood for Cat

    I mainly wanted to try this because it was a cat scent. I thought for sure the red musk would amp and this would be intensely fruity red musk on me. I was wrong. The almond, cherry, and dried mango pulp are the notes that stand out to me at first, but the tonka and amber join in later and end up becoming main players along with the cherry and dried mango (it definitely smells dried), adding a creamy warmth to the scent. The red musk isn't a bully at all, and I do get what tmichele means by saying it has a bit of a red Starburst vibe to it. I'm going to keep my decant and try pairing this with Pa-Pow HG! ETA: The rooibos becomes noticeable after a few hours!
  13. doomsday_disco

    Blood and the Lemon

    This features a mildly spiced, coppery blood musk with the addition of lemon. The blood musk is far more prominent than the lemon on me, though. I had to try this because of the name and the artwork, but the blood musk is too strong for me.
  14. doomsday_disco

    Alice Monaghan

    This is a fresh, clean, floral fragrance. In the decant, I smell the white tea, followed by the pink clover, the ectoplasm, and then the white amber, with some musk in the background. The astringent white tea note dominates at first, backed by the pink clover, and a dash of ectoplasm, but the skin musk in the background smooths things over. The white amber note emerges after a few minutes and gains strength over time, but the white tea remains the dominant note on me. This is pleasant, but not something I'd probably reach for over other scents in that category in my collection. It does make me want to try something with pink clover in it again, though, perhaps paired with something sweet.
  15. doomsday_disco


    I agree with the lavender laundry reviews. Ganeida features a lavender that almost seems like it has been iced to me. I mean, there's no cooling effect, but it makes me thinks of a salty, clean, aquatic lavender. I tested this twice, and I wasn't able to identify the herbs in this either time, but I will say that it gets more herbal with wear, and I don't get much honey from this at all. Even though I am a lavender fiend, I don't feel the need to upgrade to a bottle of this one, but I think I'll hang on to my decant.