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  1. doomsday_disco


    I'm sorry this review won't be very helpful. This is mostly about the floral aldehyde throughout wear on my skin. The burst of lavender with the musk and aldehyde made me think of Skyborn on initial application (but I no longer have the decant around to compare). Aside from those notes, I noticed the violet leaf and muguet later on in the day, but they were beneath the floral aldehyde. Although vanilla is listed as a note, I wasn't able to pick up on it, so it's not an ethereal vanilla musk and lavender type of scent like I was hoping for... but those who would like a classic, sparkling floral musk may find this is up their alley.
  2. doomsday_disco


    2018 version. I once tried this at Drag Con and loved the vanilla musk in it. I thought it was like Morocco with a ton of vanilla musk and had planned on buying a bottle for years, but kept putting it off. I bought a bottle secondhand through a decanter and just tested it yesterday. Sadly, I don't get get any vanilla musk from it at all. It smells like the musk from Morocco with the same sandalwood and carnation, but less spice and with some cedar. I don't find it to be as alluring as Morocco. Maybe the bottle I tried at the convention was magical because it was aged. I don't dislike this, but I'm not sure that it is worth keeping around since I like Morocco more and am not sure how long it would take for aging to bring the vanilla out.
  3. doomsday_disco


    I received a tester of this in a decant order. Take the Lab's toffee-like honey dust note from scents like Boop and Portrait of Princess Marthe Bibesco and swirl it with some aquatic notes, and you get Treasure. It is mostly honey dust meets salty sea spray at first before it becomes more aquatic than honeyed, although the honey dust is present throughout wear. I do think that the way that the aquatic notes combine with the honey dust is evocative of the scent's namesake, with the honey dust representing the chest of golden treasure that the mermaid is looking at in the painting. It's hard to pull apart the specific aquatic notes from this, but it was more aquatic than floral on me, and the orris, while present, didn't make me smell like I fell into a vat of baby powder this time. I'd recommend this to fans of the Lab's honey dust note that also curious about an aquatic take on it. This isn't something I could see myself reaching for, but it was nice to be able to try it.
  4. doomsday_disco

    The Extraction of the Stone of Madness

    This starts off with a blast of lavender and woodmoss, a bit of cypress, and what I originally thought was BBQ-y cedar, but I retested it and noticed there's some stealth smoky vetiver in here. So it's lavender, moss, cedar, and stealth vetiver for a while, before it becomes mostly about the moss and amyris (which is dry and woody and somewhat powdery on me when mingling with the moss) touched with a bit of brightness from the bergamot. The labdanum was not a main feature on me, even though it usually likes to take over. No flat cola here. The smoky vetiver and cedar was really not for me, and the moss and amyris made this too dry for me, so I'm not keeping the decant. I did enjoy the lavender, though.
  5. doomsday_disco

    Pink Moon 2024

    This mostly smells like very red, fresh, ripe strawberries on me, sweetened with some sugar. I'm surprised I only got a little bit of creaminess from this, but at least it wasn't a funky dairy bomb like Fairy Lobster Foam. I like this, but it's not something I'm sure I need more of... I'll retest it before it goes away just to be sure, but at the moment, I think I prefer Strawberries, Sugar, and Lime.
  6. doomsday_disco

    With Stars Surrounded Hair Gloss

    White gardenia petals, coconut meat, tobacco flower, white amber, orris root, violet absolute, red benzoin, tuberose, white tea, mugwort, and sheer vanilla.
  7. doomsday_disco

    Garnet Hair Gloss

    13-year aged red patchouli, Damascus rose resin tar, blackcurrant syrup, Egyptian myrrh, and crimson musk seed.
  8. doomsday_disco

    Fest der Bogenschützen

    Fest der Bogenschützen is all about the green apple and the crushed green grass on me. I am not able to detect any red currant whatsoever. The green apple is a true green apple that doesn't remind me of jolly ranchers or shampoo. I deathmatched this against The Garden of the Hesperides. That one features a sweeter golden apple and the grass is more noticeable in this scent than the greenery was in that scent. This was absolutely glorious the first time I tested it (on the back of my hand), but it went wonky on my during the second test when I deathmatched it. I'm not sure why. I'm going to have to give it a full-day slather and see how it goes. If I don't get any wonkiness from a full-day slather, then there will likely be a bottle in my future (even though I have way too many apple scents, I don't think I have a true green apple like this in my collection). This is my favorite of the Surely You Jest scents that I tried.
  9. doomsday_disco

    Cynocephalic Fool with Bladder Stick Giving Jesus a Hard Time

    The wine is so sweet that it reminds me of red Kool Aid backed by some frankincense at first. It gets less fruit punch-y as the frankincense gains some strength and eventually overtakes the wine, but I am not smelling the marzipan in this (woe). I don't think I need more of this in my life (I really wanted the marzipan from this), but I do feel like this could fit in with past Liliths that featured something church-y with something sweet.
  10. doomsday_disco

    Euer Narren lache ich allen, denn nur ihre Kolben tun gefallen

    This one didn't jive well with me. It is predominantly about the citrus notes and the mimosa, backed by the red lotus root. I'm not able to pick out the white peppercorn. But one of the citrus notes, perhaps the tangerine, combined with something else, perhaps the red lotus root, is making this smell somewhat medicinal to me, and the citrus is combining with the mimosa to make this smell like... somewhat medicinal citrus SweeTarts??? And I tried this twice, so it wasn't a fluke. I prefer my citrus sans florals.
  11. doomsday_disco

    Dreamer of Dreams

    This is mostly about the lavender, champaca, and resins on me throughout wear, on a bed of moss, with a touch of lime. The champaca and resins are pretty smooth, and the oud doesn't isn't an indolic variety. The labdanum does have a flat cola-like quality to it and does end up being one of the dominant resins by the end of the day. I wish I had gotten the cacao from this, but alas. I don't think I need more of this in my life, but I do think it is a more complex version of the lavender and labdanum scents that the Lab has been releasing as of late. If this sounds good to you, but you're worried about there being oud listed twice here (agarwood and Bengali oud), I think it would still be worth a try. I think for me to love this, there would have to be MOAR CACAO.
  12. doomsday_disco

    Cosmic Critters

    I wondered how this would compare to Narr from The Fool's Journey (I wonder if the tarot collection is going to resume?), as they share some similar notes. Well, despite them both containing fig, honey, and buttercream, they are quite different. Cosmic Critters is very earthy on me, as it is mostly about the patch on my skin, backed by the fig. My skin chemistry just didn't bring out the sweet notes, and ran away with the earthiness. There was a brief phase where I smelled a bit of creamy sweetness, but it was quickly beaten back by the patch and fig. Wahh. I really wanted those sweet notes and wish I had had Little Bird's experience!
  13. doomsday_disco

    The Storm

    I once had an aged imp of Lyonesse that was so glorious with its aged golden vanilla note that I had to immediately grab a bottle. But my bottle, even 11 years later, does not smell as wonderful as that aged imp did. But The Storm reminds me of that aged imp of Lyonesse! It's mostly a golden vanilla and rain-touched moss on me, with the silk in the background and the moss becoming the dominant note after a while. I didn't think I'd end up enjoying this as much as I do with moss listed as the first note. I am going to have to deathmatch it with Lyonesse, but I think Lyonesse is going to lose. I predict a bottle in my future.
  14. doomsday_disco

    Apple Vulva Hair Gloss

    I grabbed a decant of this instead of a bottle, because I already have several apple hair glosses (Apple Marshmallow; Apple Pie; Green Apple, Bergamot, Vanilla Orchid, and Tiare; Red Apple, Blackened Honey, and Opoponax). So I was like, uuuuuuugh, do I really need another? But golden apples are my favorite, so I had to try it. Well, my bitch ass should have just gotten a bottle. It is a true golden apple scent with a light honey. I don't get any bubblegum-y lotus from this, nor any buttery cream. And the scent is STRONG. Seriously, this is a hair gloss that I could smell just going about my day, without lifting my hair to my nose, and I was hit with a cloud of glorious golden apple when I washed it out of my hair two days later. And this pairs wonderful with The Garden of the Hesperides, another golden apple scent and the best apple scent that was released last year. I'm sure I could make my decant last, but I think I need to grab a bottle before it goes away because it's just so good.
  15. doomsday_disco

    Pink Moon: Marshmallow and Candyfloss Hair Gloss

    My bottle leaked in transit. (I ordered it through a decanter instead of through the Lab, but it still was in the Lab original packaging and the sprayer lid was off and that's where it was leaking from. The sticky stuff the Lab uses to cover the bottle didn't do anything to prevent the leaking, plus I find it to be a chore to get off bottles and it sometimes scuffs up labels, so I miss the colorful tape of yore. But I digress.) The reason I am mentioning this is that it arrived in triple digit heat, and I could tell that it was leaking through the package, which was wet in spots from it, and the smell was really strong. It ended up being so intense that I still felt engulfed by the scent after throwing out the packaging and wiping down the bottle of hair gloss and placing it in another room. I think some of it must have gotten on a blanket on the couch from the packaging, and plus a lot of it got on me after I tried to clean the bottle. After this experience, I was sure I didn't need to test it because the scent wasn't going to be for me. Still, I decided to wait a few days and test it on the back of my hand (I didn't want to put this in my hair and then feel overwhelmed by the scent). Fortunately, the scent wasn't engulfing me, probably because it was no longer being amplified by the heat it absorbed in the mailbox. This is mostly about the pink candyfloss, backed by some marshmallow. The marshmallow gains some strength over time, but doesn't overtake the candyfloss on me. I was really hoping this would be like Pink Wig Spray, but the cotton candy note in this is not the same, even though they are both pink. This has more of a powdery candy dip or children's vitamin vibe to me than fluffy cotton candy. I wish I had gotten a decant instead of a bottle.