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  1. doomsday_disco

    Madagascan Vanilla Rum

    I like this more than I was expecting to! I love vanilla, but rum generally isn't my thing. At first, it's kind of like a vanilla-infused butter rum Lifesaver, and then it becomes a pretty evenly balanced vanilla rum scent. But over time, the vanilla note comes out more, and it becomes this really nice vanilla that mingles with the warmth of the rum. This is the best rum scent I have tried! Thanks to the lovely person that sent me some to try.
  2. doomsday_disco

    This Battered Old Felt

    The lime cream is the most prominent note, followed by the bourbon vetiver and the smoke-tinged candle wax, which gives it that wooly vibe. It becomes very cologne-y very quickly. This scent is really strong on me. It remains a really overwhelming cologne for a while, until the lime cream and vetiver calm down and the candle wax returns, adding a touch of fuzzy warmth to the lime and vetiver cologne. The cologne is too strong for me, but I bet this would be lovely on a guy.
  3. doomsday_disco

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    Halloween: Las Vegas features copious amounts of red wine sloshed with Snake Oil's spices, Dorian's tea, and a smear of frosting. But mostly, red wine. It's a party in a bottle, in which red wine is being had by all. It's like this for a really long time, and I was starting to think that the red wine just wouldn't stop flowing, but after four hours of wear, I get Snake Oil's vanilla mixed with the buttercream-covered cake and the red wine, and it is really nice. I bet it would be even better on someone whose skin chemistry doesn't run away with the Lab's red wine note, but I'm going to be hanging on to this, at least for now, because that Snake Oil vanilla and cake phase is WORTH IT. Thank you so much to the lovely person that frimped this to me.
  4. doomsday_disco

    The Mystery of Giant Testicles on a Brothel Visitor

    In the decant, I mostly smell the beeswax and the roasted nuts with a bit of ti leaf. On me, I get a ton of bright ti leaf at first. Once the scent is dry, the roasted nuts make themselves known (they're a little salty), and then the sweet beeswax emerges, followed by the sandalwood incense. These three end up being the main players on me, with the roasted nuts taking the lead. The sandalwood incense is the same one that was used in Meditation Buddy, so if you liked that note, and you like beeswax and don't mind roasted nuts, you might enjoy this one, too. The ti leaf returns after a while and joins these notes, lifting the blend a little. I like this (and I love Beth's humor), but I prefer the beeswax and sandalwood of (Not So) Penitent (Mini) Magdalene, with its vanilla ice cream instead of salty nuts, so no bottle for me. I think I'll hang on to the decant, though!
  5. doomsday_disco


    In the vial and on me, Atsui-Mono is strong on the fig milk. It's the same one from Sudsy She-Wolf Bath Oil, only there's a lot more of it here. The honey is next in prominence, with some warm hay and black tea peeking out in the background once the scent is dry. The fig milk never stops being the dominant note on me, and I just seem to be getting more fig over time. I never get any vanilla. This ended up being, as I suspected, too figgy for me, but those that love fig should give it a try!
  6. doomsday_disco

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    This starts off being like strawberry candy at first, backed by some green grass dotted with dandelions. The strawberry note then becomes juicier and more realistic, but my skin chemistry is having problems with it or a combination of the notes, because I am getting a plastic vibe from this one, sadly. I bet this is a lovely spring and summer scent on someone who has better luck with strawberry, though!
  7. Japanese black pine, clove husk, and honeyed oudh. I can't resist tree atmos, but since I already ordered a full bottle of Excessively Cheerful Christmas Tree Lot during the Yule update, I decided to just get a 1oz decant of this one. The black pine note is the dominant note here, backed by the clove husk and a bit of honey. The oudh note comes out more after it has settled for a while, but it's not a stanky oudh, fortunately. The pine, while softer at this point, remains the star of the show. This is a nice spiced pine and resin atmo. I don't need to upgrade to a bottle, but I'll certainly be hanging on to my decant. I definitely recommend this one for pine fans.
  8. doomsday_disco

    Queen Mab's Lace

    I let mine settle for a day before testing it. In the bottle, I smell the honeysuckle, poppy, jasmine, and cut grass. On me, the honeysuckle is the dominant note, backed by a light (non-heady or stinky!) jasmine, and crushed grass. I was worried about the poppy note, but it is not problematic on me in this one. After a while, the honeysuckle calms down, and it becomes mix of floral notes on a bed of musk and a much softer grass note. The vanilla note finally shows up after about four hours of wear (I was beginning to think it wouldn't show up on me) and mingles with the floral notes. This lovely lace is perfect for spring! I love honeysuckle, so I am glad that I grabbed a bottle of this, since the jasmine and poppy in this are well-behaved. I just hope that the vanilla comes out more with age!
  9. doomsday_disco

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    I was originally curious about Alleviate the Frenzy because of the sugared amber, but I was worried the peach musk would be too heady, as Tamora and Aglaea are too sweet for me. But it ended up being cut from my decant list, so I wasn't sure I'd get a chance to try it. Thanks to the kind BPALista who sent me some to try. Alleviate the Frenzy features a very perfume-y amber and peach musk, and I get a bit of something else in the background that keeps making me think of another fruit -- maybe it is strawberry, as zee_zee suggested, and maybe a bit of orange. This is sparkly, somewhat high-pitched, and not nearly as sweet as Tamora or Aglaea. It's definitely a peach PERFUME, like something I'd expect to find in a department store. It's not something I could see myself reaching for, but I am glad to have gotten to try it! I bet my mom and/or my sister would love this, so I am going to give this to my sister next time I see her.
  10. doomsday_disco

    Tea Roses and Lace

    I let this settle for a day before trying mine. In the bottle, I get vanilla, cream, pink peony and rose, a bit of tea, crumbs, and chocolate. The cognac was much stronger the day it arrived, but the scent is softer and creamier now. On me, I get the rose and peony, vanilla, lavender-iced cookie crumbs, and cognac. There's some tobacco and black tea lurking in the background. The chocolate really is just a smear. The vanilla becomes stronger once the scent is dry, and the main players are the vanilla, peony, and tea rose on me. The vanilla, peony, and rose make it a more vanilla-ed cousin to De Vos' Unicorn. I get more of the peony at first, but the rose is the stronger of the two flowers after a few hours of wear. They aren't sharp whatsoever, thanks to the vanilla. The chocolate has returned to mix with the vanilla and floral notes, but there's just a touch of it. It's the perfect Lace for Easter! I'm so happy to have this Lace in my collection!
  11. doomsday_disco

    Cool It

    An oil for helping ameliorate anxiety and soothe nerves stressed to breaking. Wild frankincense essential oil, lavender absolute, and copaiba balsam with chamomile and jasmine flowers and peppermint leaf from the TAL garden. A lot is going on right now – A LOT – all over the world, and the upheaval is reflected in our personal lives. We’re coming out of 2018’s Tower’esque maelstrom, and many of us are still struggling to get our bearings. This small set of oils has been designed for ritual and can also be worn as perfumes because we could all use a helping hand right about now. Cool It was created, composed, and consecrated under the healing, calming auspices of Luna. As she wanes, may she remove the terrors and grief that clutch at your heart, and as she waxes, may she fill you with peace and tranquility.  Cool It kind of smells like Anesthesia, Twilight, and Three Impossible Errands had a baby. The lavender and peppermint are the strongest notes at first, and then the jasmine joins the party, with the chamomile and frankincense coming out more after it has been dry. The peppermint in this has cooling effect, but it does not burn. The frankincense ends up being one of the main players on me after a while, but I fell asleep and did not get to sniff this over several hours, so I'll update my review if I have more thoughts on the scent during future wears. I find Cool It to be very soothing, and I am thrilled to have a bottle. If it were still available, I would get more, because I have a feeling I will be reaching for this one a lot.
  12. doomsday_disco

    Excellent Pancakes

    Before my decant arrived, I had a dream that Excellent Pancakes was a big win for me. But I actually prefer The Pancake Bell. Excellent Pancakes is super strong on the apple note on me for the first few hours of wear. The spices are behind it, but I'd say this is a lightly spiced apple scent. Then some of the actual pancake starts to come through. I applied it at 9 PM last night, and like The Pancake Bell, I can still smell this at 12 PM the next day. This one is an apple and buttery pancake scent, though. It also smells like some syrup has been drizzled onto it even though no maple syrup note is listed. I have a lot of apple scents, and I can't see myself reaching for this over them, so I won't be hanging on to my decant. If you want an apple and pancake scent, though, this one is for you!
  13. doomsday_disco

    The Pancake Bell

    The Pancake Bell is a honey-covered (almost maple-like?), gingerbread-y, custard-y pancake scent. And it has some longevity. I applied it to the back of my hand at 9 PM last night and I can still smell it at 12 PM today (by which point it mostly smells like maple and honey-drizzled pancakes). Smelling it makes me hungry. It's a realistic pancake scent. I like this a lot more than Excellent Pancakes. It's not something I need more of, because I don't think I'd reach for it often enough to warrant a bottle, and King Cake pretty much ends up being like waffles on me, but I think I'll keep my decant.
  14. doomsday_disco

    Mischievous Cat Hair Gloss

    Mischievous Cat HG is mostly golden amber and peach juice on me with a bit of green cardamom. The peach juice is present, but I feel like the golden amber (one of the ambers in the lovely Pa-Pow HG) is the star here. The peach juice in this isn't too sweet at all. It pairs wonderfully with Fair Maiden Side-Eye. I already have Pa-Pow HG and White Peach and Incense HG, so I am not sure I need a full bottle of Mischievous Cat, even though I love the cat on the label. If I didn't already own these, though, I would need more of this.
  15. doomsday_disco

    Smokers Hair Gloss

    I love Dorian and Hag Grey, so I had to grab a leftover decant after reading the above review. Smokers features a strong, citrusy elemi note that mingles with the tobacco, black pepper, and white musk. I wore this two days in a row, and I was never able to pick up on the ambergris or vanilla husk in my hair. The elemi note has some serious longevity, but the tobacco and black pepper dirty up the blend and become more noticeable throughout the day. I can see the comparison to Dorian, because the elemi is citrusy in the way that Dorian's white tea is, but this is not nearly as sweet as Dorian. My decant has gone to a new home, since I know I would not reach for this over the many other hair glosses that I have. I wish the ambergris and vanilla musk had shown up in my hair!