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  1. doomsday_disco

    Dragon Doodle

    I tested a sniffie of this, so I am not sure if that affected my experience of the scent, but this was very honey-dominant on me, followed by the pear, and then the strawberry, which doesn't get to come out more until later as it is so buried by the honey at first. This is an intense floral honey, and I believe it may be the same one from C%^T. I'm kind of surprised to get more pear than strawberry, as strawberry is usually such a powerhouse in a scent. If you're looking for honeyed fruit and enjoy pear and strawberry, you might like this one! I'm glad I got the chance to try it, but the intense honey and fruit combo is not for me.
  2. doomsday_disco

    Battle Fairy in Training

    I tend to avoid strawberry. As much as I love eating them, I don't tend to enjoy berry-dominant scents, and some strawberry notes just turn to plastic on me. But the rest of the scent sounded really good to me (after Thrills and Junk Food, I realize I may appreciate the Lab's blue cotton candy more than the pink kind), and a friend was kind enough to send me some to try. This is a strawberry dominant scent, but the strawberry in this is much nicer and more realistic than the one in Sticky Pillowcase, and the candy notes that back it up don't make this nearly as sweet as that scent. I get strawberry backed by a bit of vanilla icing, cotton candy, and just a hint of the peppermint candy. The mint is more noticeable after several hours, but the scent is so light by then that you have to get really close to smell it. It has low throw on me throughout wear and not a ton of longevity (although that could be different if slathered -- but the first time I applied it, it was gone after four hours). Of the strawberry and candy scents I've tried from the Lab, this is one of the best! It's not something I need more of (thank goodness!), but I'm glad I got to try it.
  3. doomsday_disco

    Sticky Pillowcase

    Sticky Pillowcase mostly smells like strawberry candy. The strawberry is the strongest note throughout wear, with the other candy backing it and making it super sweet at first, but the candy isn't distinct enough to pick out by type. Then the lint note emerges and becomes more prominent over time, making the strawberry candy and lint notes the dominant notes on me for a while, before it settles into a strawberry scent with some creamy taffy and a hint of lint. This one is way too strawberry for me, but it was fun to get to try it -- very evocative of its namesake!
  4. doomsday_disco

    Lilith the Explorer

    I've tried this several times now, and the only thing I know for sure is that this is a scent experience. It starts off with a cherry/almond marzipan cookie vibe, with some light coffee lingering in the background if I sniff it up close (but can't detect in the throw). Over time, the chocolate emerges, and it really does have a chocolate bar left in a backpack vibe that I can only describe as sorcery. SORCERY, I SAY! It ends up being a melange of chocolate bar, some coffee (I'm getting more of it today than I have the other times I tested this -- I know the first time I tested it, I didn't get any coffee at all!), and cookies with a realistic backpack smell. This is one of those 'how does Beth even do it?!' scents. I really like the way this scent starts off more than the end result, but I also appreciate the journey this scent took me on. It's not something I could see myself wearing often, but I'll be keeping the bottle I swapped for, just because it's such a unique scent experience.
  5. doomsday_disco

    Jinbari Nyûdô Bobo Dokisu

    This is mostly about the blueberry musk on me, with the musk becoming more prominent over time, backed by the lotus (which doesn't smell bubblegum-y!). There's some green tea lingering in the background, but this is not a scent that is heavy on that note like Embalming Fluid or Shanghai. Fans of blueberry (and musk) that aren't wary of lotus should give this one a go! This is a pretty scent that is a musky fruity floral that's also somewhat clean, and I'm glad I got the chance to try it! It's not something I need more of, but I'm kind of surprised that it hasn't gotten more love with that blueberry note!
  6. doomsday_disco

    Hammy Northern Mockingbird

    Violet and I are not friends, but I grabbed a decant of this for my boyfriend (who wanted to try it because it's a mockingbird scent) and decided to test it as well. On me, it's mostly about the violet leaf. There's a lot of violet in the violet leaf note, but the leaf aspect makes it sharper than most violet scents, which can be candy-sweet or super powdery on me. It dominates the scent throughout wear on me, although the white sandalwood and a touch of cedar join in after a few hours to give it a dusty quality, with some powderiness behind that thanks to the orris. I couldn't detect any of the cardamom, sadly. It smells much better on my boyfriend. It's violet leaf and cedar on him right out of the gate, but it eventually dries down into a sandalwood-dominant scent tinged with the violet leaf. If you're averse to violet, like me, this won't be up your alley, but those that enjoy violet and would like a dusty floral and woods scent might appreciate this one.
  7. doomsday_disco

    Streets of Detroit

    Streets of Detroit is a black musk party on me, sadly. There's only a bit of powdery myrrh behind it, and just a drop of motor oil if I go looking for it... otherwise, it's hard to detect under all of that musk. I'm glad I got to try it, but the musk is too intense for me.
  8. doomsday_disco

    Judgmental Longhorn

    Judgmental Longhorn is a nice melange of hay, smoked vanilla (the same one from the Cedarwood and Smoked Vanilla duet, I believe, which isn't is more dry than smoky to my nose), tonka, and warm musk, with the powdery benzoin and resinous labdanum coming into play after the scent has been on the skin for a while. The labdanum in this is not sweet and cola-like like it is in a lot of other scents, and it hasn't taken over like the type of labdanum I just described, which is a pleasant surprise. The brown musk in particular really asserts itself after a day of wear, so fans of cuddly brown musk scents will appreciate this one, because it is accompanied by all sorts of cozy, warm notes! Oddly enough, the cacao in this didn't really manifest on me, but maybe that's because his armadillo buddy hogged it all.
  9. doomsday_disco

    Muddy Armadillo

    He's muddy, all right! This is an earthy, woody, cacao and tobacco scent with a splash of bourbon cream. It somehow smells muddy even though there's no dirt note listed. The sharpness of the wood and the tobacco from the bottle is quickly smoothed over by the cacao and the cream. The cacao wood (which smells kind of like oak to me) makes this really different from other chocolate scents the Lab has released, so if you're looking for an earthy chocolate, or were one of those folks hoping for a dirt note in Muddy Puddles, give this one a try! (Besides, how can you resist that armadillo? He's adorable!)
  10. doomsday_disco


    Esbat starts off strong on the mugwort, with touches of moss and perhaps a bit of oak around the edges, but after a while, the rose mallow and moss help tame the herbal mugwort, softening and (in the case of the rose mallow) sweetening the scent. After a while, the moonflower joins in, and it settles into a lovely herbal, floral, woody scent that is evocative of moonlight shining on a grove like in the description. I enjoy mugwort, and I like Esbat more than I was expecting to! It's not something I need to obtain more of -- I'm not sure how often I'd wear it -- but I'll certainly be hanging on to my imp.
  11. doomsday_disco

    Tennis Match

    This one is super green. It starts off strong on the grass and the realistic dandelion sap, with the lettuce joining in after a bit, softening the scent a bit and giving the green a more watery quality. Over time, the oakmoss gains prominence as it is wont to do on me, making it mostly an oakmoss forward scent backed by the other greens and a touch of white pepper. I wish the dandelion sap would have remained as strong as it was when this was first applied! This is a nice green scent, but I'll be letting it go since I was hoping for more dandelion sap and wish it hadn't become so mossy on me. I'll stick with Smug Yale Alchemy Lab for a grass scent.
  12. doomsday_disco

    Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf

    This one starts off on the almond and cherry along with the apricot, but the almond and cherry are quick to fade away, and I'm left with a perfume-y apricot and some yeasty pastry. I was hoping for more cherry from this. Alas. And since the apricot in this does not stand up to other apricot scents in my collection (Aristocratic Couple, Apple VI, March Hare), I will be letting this one go. But I'm glad I got to try it.
  13. doomsday_disco

    Gingerbread and Leather

    This features the same sharp, dry tobacco from Tobacco and Pine accompanied by some leather and gingerbread spices. Surprisingly, my clove-amping self isn't amping the clove (or the gingerbread) in this, but my skin is running away with that tobacco note, which remains the dominant note on me throughout wear. It works better here than it did in Tobacco and Pine, but is still too sharp for my taste. Alas. It does smell pretty sexy, though, but it is something I'd rather smell on someone else, not me. Too bad my boyfriend would rather smell like fruit punch.
  14. doomsday_disco

    Boney Was a Warrior

    The almond is the first note I get from this one, but it is quick to burn away, leaving mostly rosemary and oakmoss. Eventually, the oakmoss takes over as it is wont to do on me, and it ends up being an oakmoss-dominant cologne type of scent with some jasmine petals thrown in after a while. I really wish the almond had decided to stick around longer in this one. It's too oakmoss heavy for me, but I'll see if the boy likes wearing it, as he enjoys both almond and cologne-y BPALs.
  15. doomsday_disco

    Wolf Moon 2021

    I don't think I've tried any of the previous Wolf Moons, but I decided to try this one because of the beeswax and balsam notes. But this is mostly about the crushed grass, so the wolf is more like a playful dog rolling around in the grass. The grass remains the dominant note for a while, backed by the musk, with a little juniper joining in, like there's a forest nearby. Over time, the scent becomes more resinous so that it is mostly sandalwood, musk, and some grass after a few hours. But the dry resins (which now have a bit of a bite to them) and musk (and perhaps what remains of the grass) are combining in a way to kind of smell like a I rubbed a pencil eraser on my arm, so it's not really for me. I didn't pick up on any beeswax, sadly. If you're looking for a grassy resin scent, you might enjoy this Wolf Moon. I had to try this because I always feel the need to try the Lunacy blend when I order the matching shirt, but alas, this one doesn't have enough sweetness for me. I was really hoping for that beeswax.