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  1. doomsday_disco

    Lights, Camera, Something

    In the bottle, I get the cardamom, backed by the light bourbon vanilla and a bit of lavender. On me, the cardamom is the first note I get as well, backed by the lavender (which is a little more noticeable on me than it was in the bottle) and some light vanilla. But then it quickly becomes mostly cardamom with the sheer bourbon vanilla note for the longest time. For those that have tried Perfectly Normal Childhood, this is the cardamom from that scent, but it is accompanied by less sweetness as there is no cake batter or marshmallow in this scent and the bourbon vanilla isn't a foodie one. Later in the day, this becomes more bourbon vanilla tinged with cardamom. There's a bit of lavender in the background, but it is very subtle on me. I like cardamom, and I like the Lab's bourbon vanilla (and am glad it was present here as sometimes it doesn't show up on me!), so I think this is nice, but I was really hoping for more lavender from this one. It's still a keeper, but I hope the lavender will come out more after this has had more time to settle (I tested this after a day of rest).
  2. doomsday_disco

    The Empress and Their Heckhound

    In the bottle, I get creamy hazelnut and a smattering of lavender buds. On me, the hazelnut and coconut milk are the first notes to leap out, followed by a bit of lavender. The hazelnut makes this rather rich, and it is the dominant note throughout wear, with the coconut milk right behind it. It doesn't smell like toffee, but the sweet nuttiness keeps making me associate this with it at times. After several hours, the white sandalwood pops up and helps tame some of the sweetness, but it is subtle and not too dry. The lavender and vanilla bean are also more noticeable by the end of the day, and I am thankful for that, because I wasn't sure if they were going to be buried by the hazelnut and coconut milk the whole time! It's not a lavender-heavy scent, though, for those who are afraid of lavender. Actually, I'd say this is more like a Lilith-y version of Ivory Vulva (Marshmallow root, coconut, macadamia milk, cream accord, and a drop of golden amber), but with hazelnut instead of macadamia. This is a nice, rich, warm, nutty gourmand scent with a bit of lavender, and I'm happy to have it in my collection. It's going to have to be a daytime blend for me, though. There's not enough lavender here to put me to sleep, and wearing this to bed would just make me hungry.
  3. doomsday_disco

    It’s All So Damn Beautiful

    In the bottle and when first applied, I get petroleum-soaked oakmoss mingling with cola-like opoponax. Then the charred lavender joins in -- it's not too charred, more like an amped up version of the smoke in Fir Needle and Smoke, for those that are familiar with that duet. It's more smoke than lavender, though. After a while, the white amber emerges and adds a bit of a dry, perfume-y quality to the scent that I recognize from Pollution and 51. By the end of the day, my skin has decided to runaway with the oakmoss note, which is backed by a now stronger white amber. When my boyfriend sniffed this in the bottle yesterday, he thought he smelled leather. There's no leather here, but it does smell kind of leather-adjacent with the way some of the darker notes swirl together. This is not a lavender-heavy Lilith blend, so if everything sounds good to you here except for the lavender, this scent is worth a try. But you have to like moss, as it is prominent throughout. I really enjoyed the wet phase of this when it was like a dirty, mossy, petroleum-splashed cola. I began to enjoy it less when the smoke appeared, and I wish it hadn't become mostly oakmoss on me several hours later. But I tested this after only a day of rest, so I'm going to set it aside and see how this one ages. I suspect I may end up having to scent locket this one, though.
  4. doomsday_disco

    A Place of Seeing Lilith

    In the bottle, I get lavender, rose, ambery sandalwood, and some marshmallowy sweetness. On my skin, the ambery sandalwood and pink rosebuds are the first notes that appear, followed by the marshmallow and the lavender. When I saw the notes when this scent was released, I thought it could be in the same family as De Vos' Unicorn and Rose Quartz Bedroom, but with some resins thrown in. But it is more like Good Morning, London with pink rose and lavender marshmallow pillows. This makes me so happy, because I have been hoarding my last few drops of Good Morning, London and have been looking for more for years. Over time, it becomes less sweet and more about the amber and sandalwood, with the lavender and pink rose cozying up to the resins. If you loved Good Morning, London, and you like pink rose, you will love this. I have been kicking myself for only getting one bottle of Good Morning, London from the Lilith 2016 update, but I will not make that mistake with this scent. This is multiple-bottle worthy.
  5. doomsday_disco

    Inspecting the Lantern

    This one did not work on me at all. It remained a really strong, farm-y, oudh-y incense for many hours, and when that finally subsided, what was left was a ton of powdery orris. I so wish I had gotten to experience the cardamom, beeswax, and chamomile!
  6. doomsday_disco

    God's Own Country

    I tested this one last because it was the one that was most unappealing in the decant. And alas, that proved to be the case on the skin as well. At first, I get a blast of, like... industrial citrus. I think it is backed by some clove-y blood? And then, AND THEN!? I smell like I fell into a vat of cumin, which coupled with the acidity, is godawful and a little vomit-y. I stuck it out, and the end result is cumin backed by some sort of metal note. So... evil taco? This... I would not put on my skin again.
  7. doomsday_disco

    The Center

    Whiskey, paint, and a latex-like neon note are the first notes that leap out at me. Then the beeswax emerges after a few minutes. It adds a welcome sweetness while also helping to smooth over the sharper notes. But the latex-y neon note reasserts itself. So there is some tug of war between the sharper, weirder notes and the sweet beeswax. But by the end of the day, I get some carpet with a splash of whiskey and candlewax. It smells warm, sweet, and a little dusty. Of the weirder American Gods scents, this one is more wearable thanks to the beeswax helping to tame the harsher scent notes. It's not something I need more of, but I do think it is an interesting scent experience (and I'd wear this over God's Own Country any day).
  8. doomsday_disco

    Tonka Bean and Saffron

    This starts off as a somewhat syrupy combo of tonka bean and saffron (with the saffron being the dominant note throughout wear on me). Over time, it becomes drier and a bit woodsy... I swear I get a touch of cedar in this after a few hours of wear? Because that bit of woodiness in the background is reminding me of The Small Brown Cat, but much softer. I like this and will be keeping my decant, but I don't think I need a bottle.
  9. doomsday_disco


    Whoa, the oil in this decant is so dark that it looks black until you roll it. And my arm is an orange-y yellow where the oil was applied. Pandemonium smells like a musky resin blend infused with some ginger and herbs. The musks reign throughout, and the herbs gain strength over time, and I also get a bit of an ash-like note? There's a phase when I think the ginger goes a little sour, and then it is beaten back by the resins, and then the red musk, which becomes the main player and starts to stomp all over the other notes. It's fitting for the artwork, though! This one is for those who appreciate darker red musk blends.
  10. doomsday_disco

    Zombie Moon

    Apologies to anyone who saw this and thought a new lunacy dropped called Zombie Moon. This was one of those scents that Puddin' released on Etsy with a choose-your-own-medium a few years back. I used to have this as an atmo, and I used about half of that and swapped it away because it was on that person's wishlist and I wasn't super attached to it. But lately, I've been really into cherry scents, so when I saw this pop up in a sales post recently, I had to snatch it up! Zombie Moon perfume oil smells just like the atmo at first, which is to say that it smells like cherry candy (like a cherry lifesaver lollipop with a swirl). But over time, I notice the presence of the French Vanilla SN, which must be part of the ice cream. I amp it so much that it ends up mostly being that French Vanilla SN with some candy-like cherry thrown in, and I'm not sure how well those things mesh together. I may have to try this one in a scent locket, but I bet the cherry sticks around more in the other mediums (I don't remember this saffron-y vanilla being prominent in the atmo).
  11. doomsday_disco

    Bald Cypress & Spanish Moss

    This starts off strong on the cypress, backed by the smooth Spanish moss. Over time, the Spanish moss increases in strength and becomes the dominant note on me (my skin chemistry generally likes to amp moss). This is a lovely foresty duet that would be great to wear on its own or to add some foresty goodness to some other scents. I wish the cypress had remained as strong on me as it was in the beginning, because it is amazing -- but the scent still smells great even when the moss takes over. I may end up needing more of this one.
  12. doomsday_disco

    Coral Bean & Louisiana Phlox

    I am not familiar with coral bean at all, but I have tried the BPTP Phlox SN bath oil, so I am familiar with phlox, although I'm not sure if this is the same variety. In the decant, I smell a sweetness and a bit of dustiness, but it doesn't smell like dust, if that makes sense? On me, it quickly becomes a screeching powder bomb. It doesn't smell like I fell in a vat of baby powder like with orris, but it is powderiness on a whole other level that I haven't experienced in quite some time. And it is STRONG. I guess coral bean and I are not friends?
  13. doomsday_disco

    Trumpet Honeysuckle & Lemon Beebalm

    The honeysuckle and lemon combo in this reminds me strongly of those two notes in Blueberry Picking, so if you're dying to try that or are looking for a replacement and happen to have another blueberry-forward scent to layer this with, you might be able to produce a similar result! This is all beautiful honeysuckle, brightened and kept in check by the lemon bee balm, which complements it perfectly and does not smell sharp or like lemon cleaner at all. The scent stays like this for several hours, but eventually the honeysuckle overtakes the lemon bee balm and it becomes a very heady honeysuckle scent. But for most of the wear, when the lemon bee balm is cozying up to the honeysuckle, it is summery honeysuckle perfection. I'm going to have to deathmatch this with the Lab's Wild Honeysuckle SN in order to decide whether or not I need both, but this is really lovely.
  14. doomsday_disco

    Harvest Moon 2021

    First, I'm greeted with the Lab's dead leaves, which doesn't tend to work for me, but this was an obligatory 'I bought the shirt, so I must try the scent' decant. It is accompanied by a burst of bright nectarine, and then some juicy peach joins these notes. Then it becomes juicy peach backed by some somewhat cologne-y dead leaves. But eventually, the cologne-y leaves take over on me. Boooo. If you can wear dead leaves and enjoy peach, this might be up your alley. It would be a nice transitional scent between summer and fall.
  15. doomsday_disco


    In the bottle, I smell clove, mugwort, and the indigo labdanum, which has an sweet opium sort of vibe. I get the clove and indigo labdanum when first applied, backed by the herbal mugwort. Then the cola-like labdanum takes over for a while. During this phase, the scent reminds me of The Death Grapple from Lupercalia 2020, although there are times when the opium and clove make me think of Devil and Circe. The Lab's sweet opium is the indigo part of the labdanum and it becomes more prominent with wear, so by the end of the day, it is mostly opium-coated labdanum backed by a softer clove and some subdued, velvety black rose petals, musk, and some light patchouli. The notes are difficult to pick out by this point beneath the resinous opium haze, but they all swirl together to create a dreamy goth scent. I love the clove in this, but I wish the labdanum wouldn't have been as strong so that I could get more of the mugwort and the lavender (I didn't really get much lavender from this). But it has only gotten to rest for a day, so that could change with more time to settle/age! I'm going to hold onto my bottle to see how often I reach for it/if those notes come out more with age.