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  1. doomsday_disco


    This starts off as fruity woods on me, but over time, the fruit fades and it becomes more woody and masculine. I do think there is some rosewood at play here, and possibly some cedar.
  2. doomsday_disco

    Cranberry Mango Pumpkin Floss

    This one... started off pretty wonky on me. It was somewhat medicinal with the mango and cranberry vying for center stage, backed by the syrupy pumpkin floss. In the end, it settles into a sour, fruity cotton candy, with the cranberry winning out, and the pumpkin candy floss being very lightly spiced. If you're looking for a fruity sour candy sort of scent that's more cranberry than mango, this might be up your alley. Alas, the early phase of this scent was pretty rough on me, and I'm not a fan of sour candy.
  3. doomsday_disco

    Animals at the Bottom of the Sea

    The bubbling part of this scent is the Lab's champagne note. It's like a watery champagne on me, tinged with fruits -- I get pineapple the most at first, then cranberry, and finally, some mandarin. The coconut part of the coconut water is really tame, but it helps smooth over the bubbly champagne. I'm not able to pick out the carrot. The notes in this sounded so weird that I just had to try it, but it was an unexpected fruit-tinged champagne on me!
  4. doomsday_disco

    And Here I Shere My Corne Full Lowe

    This one has a late summer/early fall vibe. I get lots of honeyed oats and beer on my skin. The beer kind of reminds me of the ale from Lambs-Wool, and while the honey increases in strength with wear, I swear there's some brown sugar in these oats, too? The scent just gets sweeter and sweeter over time on me. I think this is nice, and different enough from the other honeyed oats scents that have been released this year, but there were moments when I wished the non-foodie notes would come out and tame some of the sweetness.
  5. doomsday_disco

    Supposed to be a Pretzel

    This isn't popcorn or pretzel to my nose, in the vial or on my skin. It's aquatic salt for days. It's not buttery at all. It's very clean. and beneath all of the aquatic salt, I get the barest hint of what could be bread, but the aquatic salt is so strong on me that I cannot call it a gourmand. If you're looking for pretzel, or even popcorn, you might be disappointed. But if you're looking for a stealth aquatic, here you go.
  6. doomsday_disco

    Chocolate Doobsickle

    The chocolate in this is very fleeting on me. It quickly becomes just doob smoke on me (similar to, but much stronger than the doob smoke in this year's blacklight reactive posters) and stays that way for a while, yet it eventually settles into a cologne-y weed scent? It is not Cold Moon 2020 + weed smoke, like I thought it would be. I wish the chocolate had stuck around on me, as I was really loved the brief chocolate + doob that I got and would have liked more of it before it turned into doob city, and finally, doob: the cologne.
  7. doomsday_disco

    Horse Chestnut Honey

    Horse Chestnut Honey features a dessert-y, sweet chestnut note slathered in honey. Because it has that caramelized, brown sugar-y chestnut note, it makes for a pretty rich honey scent. It remains as this dark, thick, sweet chestnut-infused honey scent for a long time, but the honey ends up overtaking the chestnut by the end of the day, and the honey note itself is much lighter and has a floral quality to it. I don't think think I'd reach for this, but I do think it is one of the better apiary scents, and I'm glad I got a chance to try it!
  8. doomsday_disco


    This is an aged imp, so I suspect the citrus notes were more noticeable when this was fresh. As it is, it is mostly a powdery orris and amber on me backed by some jasmine and a little bit of rose. I only get the barest hint of citrus, which I think lifts the scent a little and makes my powdery fate a little more interesting. Versailles is too powdery for me, but I am glad I got a chance to try it!
  9. doomsday_disco

    Serpent's Kiss

    Serpent's Kiss is very much a dragon's blood and cinnabomb on me for most of the day, although somehow, the grassy vetiver ended up becoming the dominant scent by the end of the day, backed by the cinnamon and a much lighter dragon's blood? The dragon's blood and cinnamon were too loud for me for the first few hours, but it was fun to get to try this.
  10. doomsday_disco


    Desdemona starts off strongest on the sweet pea (woot woot!) and lily, but the lily overtakes the delicate sweet pea note over time. The carnation in this is really subdued, just adding a light spice to the scent. It does gain prominence with wear, but mainly its smooth petals, not the spice. It's mostly about the water lily. I think this is nice, and I'm glad to have tried it, but I know I won't reach for it over other sweet pea and lily scents in my collection.
  11. doomsday_disco

    Girl at the Beach

    This is a smooth, salt and rose-touched stone-y aquatic on me. It really does have a watery feel to it, and although I am not able to pinpoint what comprises of it, I get the indigo vibe as well. The amber is more noticeable after the scent has been dry for hours, and while I get more salt than linen, the linen does give it a clean feel. I don't know if the smoothness is the result of the water note, the pearl note, or both, but if you don't mind salt or rose and are looking for a mineral-y aquatic, this might be up your alley. I enjoy the smoothness of this aquatic, but wish I got a little less salt.
  12. doomsday_disco

    All Joys Are Due to Thee

    The skin musk in this is quickly beaten back by the honey dust on me, as my skin runs away with this note and lets it declare dominion over all. The honey dust is a thick, toffee-like honey reminiscent of Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids. It's the same honey from scents like Phallus Acrobatics and Harlow's Lace... which is... not my kind of honey. But if that kind of honey is your jam, this is the closest you might get to a single note.
  13. doomsday_disco

    The Elephant’s Leash

    This starts off strong on the peach blossom on me, but then the red musk barges in and it becomes a peachy red musk party with only a hint of the cherry from the cherry blossom and a touch of the resins (I get more of the smoky copal than amber or sandalwood). Oddly enough, lilac, which is a pretty heady floral, isn't very strong here -- I don't know if it's age or my skin just running away with the peach blossom and red musk notes. I only get the barest hint of it once the scent has been dry for a while. This was fun to get to try, but not really in my wheelhouse. If you're a fan of musky florals, though, this might be up your alley.
  14. doomsday_disco

    The Fairy Lovers

    This is all about the white florals, which reside on a bed of dewy moss, and are just lightly touched by the resins. There is no vanilla in this -- it is truly just the flower, so don't go in this thinking that it's a flormand, because it's not. The rose becomes noticeable after the scent has been dry for a while but is rather subdued and never takes over at any point. The Fairy Lovers is truly an ethereal, dewy, mossy floral scent befitting of fairies. As someone who prefers sugary florals, it's not a scent I could see myself reaching for, but I am glad that I decided to try it.
  15. doomsday_disco


    I get a musky, golden amber swirled with some light clove. The sugar isn't super noticeable on me, and while the clove is present with each sniff, I still find myself wanting more of it... mainly because I love clove so much. But even though I find myself wanting MOAR CLOVE, I've still found myself swooning when catching a whiff of this. I'll be keeping my bottle and layering it with Sweet Clove SN for an even more clove-y experience.