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  1. doomsday_disco


    This starts off very grape-y honeyed wine on me, backed by some resins, but over time, the wine calms down, and the resins come out more, along with some lilac, and it ends up smelling rather sour on me (not sure if it is one of the resins doing that on me or the resin/lilac combo). Eros ended up being a skin chemistry fail for me (I swear it doesn't smell sour whatsoever in the vial), but it was nice to be able to try it.
  2. doomsday_disco

    Humpback Whale

    I tried this when it was initially released, but apparently never reviewed it. I ended up gifting my brother a bottle, who enjoyed it and sadly ended up spilling the bottle, so I wasn't able to smell/review it until a decant came across my path again. Humpback Whale starts off with the white myrrh and tobacco leaf being the strongest notes on me, but then the peppermint and a bit of the sea buckthorn berry join in (which isn't an overly berry type of note -- it kind of acts in the same manner as the berry in Coraline Jones) after a bit, making it a refreshing type of scent. Eventually, the ambergris shows up, giving it a cleaner, more aquatic feel. The myrrh remains prominent, but it is smoothed over by all of these other notes, which somehow make the scent smell cool and watery. While I don't love it, I'm really glad I got a chance to try it again. Aquatics don't typically work on me, but this is one of the nicer ones, IMO.
  3. doomsday_disco

    Four Seasons Alchemy Lab

    Odd to be the first review when this scent was released months ago. One of the herbs in this is lemongrass, so it is mainly lemongrass and incense on me, and it combines in a way that smells just like Lemon Pledge. I know that is a thing commonly said in reviews about lemon scents that aren't sweet, but this was the first time I have felt that a scent has smelled like that specifically. Over time, the scent softens manages to veer out of that territory, and it becomes predominantly incense, with some non-lemony herbs, a bit of concrete, and just a hint of sweetness from the honey ale. (There's also a touch of effervescence, but I'm not sure if that is from the ale or something else in this case.) But you've got to power through that early phase of the scent to get to that point. This isn't something I'd gravitate towards, but it was fun to try.
  4. doomsday_disco

    Bookcase Passage

    Bookcase Passage is more about the polished woods on me than anything else, with a soft leather note from the books and some dusty sandalwood in the background. Over time, the sandalwood gains strength and the scent becomes powdery on me, but the polished woods note is still there. It's definitely more bookcase than book, as the same suggests. I was hoping for more book from this, and less furniture polish, so it is not a win for me, sadly.
  5. doomsday_disco

    Don’t Lick It

    This is wonderful, and just like the description! It is extra sweet, much more so than Lick It With Consent (yay!), and more candy-cane like thanks to the extra powdered sugar and vanilla. The mint is bracing enough to leave a cooling sensation, but it's not as intense thanks to the extra vanilla and sugar. I haven't tried all of the Lick Its, but of the ones I've tried (Lick It Softly, Lick It Now, Lick It Vigorously, Lick It Til It's Sticky, and Lick It With Consent), I feel like it may be most comparable to Lick It Now, but even more sugary than that. But I can't be certain, since my bottle of that was used up many years ago. If you're a Lick It fan, you definitely need this one in your collection!
  6. doomsday_disco

    Oatmeal and Apple Spice Cookies

    My original impression of this when it arrived was that it featured the same roasted apple note from Lambs-Wool, but this features a much fresher apple note than that one. It's very apple-forward and brown sugary, with some oats lingering in the background, but not very cookie-like on my skin, sadly. There also isn't much spice to it, so those with sensitive skin need not worry about this one being an irritant. I think those that are wanting apples and brown sugar will be pleased, but those hoping for more cookie than apple might be a little disappointed. I'm going to let this rest for a few weeks and retest it and see if it has changed with more time to settle. Because it is nice... but I was really hoping for more cookie.
  7. doomsday_disco

    Lavender and White Chocolate Madeleines Winter

    This is my favorite scent that I've tried from the Yule update, but I knew that it would be. Anyone that loves the Lilith lavender scents need this. It has that lavender accompanied by white chocolate and the lightly buttery, soft, sponge-like madeleine. It's so comforting, and it could be used as a daytime or nighttime lavender scent. If I had to compare it to previous scents, I'd say it's most like Carry Me or Lilith's Love Low (a Lilith creation that rarely ever pops up since the recipe was lost). It's daintier than Two Frames, because the cake note in that one is much stronger. I doubt one bottle will be enough.
  8. doomsday_disco

    Peppermint & Pine

    Peppermint and Pine smells like fresh pine needles backed by peppermint. The peppermint in this isn't sweet (it doesn't smell like pine plus a candy cane), and it's more pine than peppermint on both me and the boy. I tried layering this with Stekkjarstaur and loved it paired with Stekk's marshmallow-y goodness. I also tried layering it with a peppermint marshmallow scent from another perfume house, which took the peppermint up a notch. This is nice to wear on its own, but I am really excited about the layering possibilities with this one! The bottle is a keeper for sure!
  9. doomsday_disco

    Mayhem at the Battlefront

    This one is interesting. It's earthy, but not overwhelmingly so. The ginger and patchouli are the main players on me, backed by a touch of the realistic mushroom note at first, but I get more of the powdery benzoin and honey musk with those notes later on in wear. It's more pleasant than I thought it would be from the list of notes, and something that I think would be appreciated by patch fans in particular. But this is not something I can wear, because I think it may affect my allergies. The first time I tested it, I was sneezing so much that half of my nose became clogged and I had to take a break from testing scents for two days. Yesterday, I made sure I took allergy medication well before re-testing, and I didn't have that experience again, although when sniffing it, it sometimes gave me the feeling like I was about to sneeze if I kept at it. So I'm destashing it, but if you're looking for a unique patch, give this one a try.
  10. doomsday_disco


    Hymn is a strong rose + resin blend on me, with the rose and frankincense being the strongest notes. It starts off being somewhat sour, and I think that's due to the type of rose paired with the frankincense (it's not a deep, velvety rose; I think it's a tea rose or something similar). The lily is present, but can't hold a candle to the rose on my skin. It does become a little smoother as it becomes more resinous than rose-y with wear, but it takes a long time to get to that point. This one isn't really in my wheelhouse, but I'm glad I got to try it in my quest to try the GC!
  11. doomsday_disco

    To a Wreath of Snow

    This is gorgeous. It smells like Hag Grey Hair Gloss and The Air and the Ether had a baby. It features the same sophisticated white tobacco note from scents like A Vision of the Courtesan, Fake News, Hag Grey, Pediophobia, and Zorya P, which remains the star of the show on me throughout wear. I love the combination of this tobacco with the lavender. The white oudh in this isn't problematic at all (I never got an indolic quality from it), and the ambergris, while understated, becomes a little more noticeable later in the day. I'm so glad I blind bottled this. This is one of my favorite scents from the Yule update for sure.
  12. doomsday_disco

    Winter Scene in Little Russia

    Winter Scene in Little Russia is evocative of a landscape blanketed in bright snow. It starts off being pine forward. The smoke part of the pine is present, but doesn't become more prominent until later in wear on me. The pine is backed by the lavender and white tea snow, lending that bright, wintery feel. The Bulgarian lavender note isn't the lavender used in the Lilith scents, so like Tom and Galen mentioned in their review, this isn't a comforting type of scent. I wouldn't even classify this as a lavender scent to fellow lavender fans. Eventually, the smoke of the pine smoke takes over on me, which has some champaca in it. I'm iffy on the pine smoke due to the champaca, but those that aren't averse to it and are looking for a non-minty wintery scent with pine smoke wafting throughout should enjoy this blend.
  13. doomsday_disco

    Stonehenge at Dusk

    Stonehenge at Dusk is very strong on the grass, which is dotted with dandelions and springtime flowers. The grass and dandelion notes are the strongest at first, but it becomes more sharply clean floral with wear, backed by the lovely stone note. The first time I tried this, it was too sharp on me, but the second time, I got more dandelion and enjoyed it more. I definitely think it's a nice springtime scent, and I appreciate the dandelion and the stone notes enough to keep the decant (which was generously frimped to me ). But I, too, am in the 'wish this one were an atmosphere spray' camp.
  14. doomsday_disco


    2013 version. This version smells different than the 2019 version. There's no root beer aspect to it at all (alas!), just a ton of red musk backed by some leather and dust. The red musk is super strong out of the gate and never stops being the main player on me. I'm glad I got to try another version of this, but I'll be passing on my frottle to someone who might appreciate it more.
  15. doomsday_disco


    Severin is mostly about the dry black teas on me at first, backed by the bergamot-y Earl Grey. I wasn't sure the leather was going to show up, but it becomes more noticeable after several hours of wear and is somewhat sharp next to the tea. The leather ended up being too sharp for me in the end, which I wouldn't have expected given how light it was in the beginning. But I'm glad I got to try it (and that I didn't fall in love with it, since it is discontinued!)