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    Favorite scents: Rose Cross, Mrs Lewis, Spooky Action at a Distance, Autumn Overlooked My Knitting, Devil's Night, Mat Night, Beautiful Death. Notes I like: vanilla, roses, orris, sandalwood, amber, ambergris, frankincense, dead leaves, and skin musk. Notes I don't like: cinnamon, spices, foody scents, red musk, white florals, peony, and champagne. My skin sometimes does bad things with: cream, sugar, and myrrh.

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  1. brineydeep

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    I agree with all of the others that this is lovely. Complex vanilla with a slight lift of a clean top note. It smells like a much mellower Edith Cushing to me; same balance of vanilla with refined top notes but Flickering Lights is softer, smoother, and more well balanced. Decent wear and low throw — it’s not a lasts-all-day blend on me.
  2. brineydeep


    I need to use this blend more because it's great. Smell: I get ylang ylang, a hint of sharp elemi and a floral, and a base of chamomile when it's fresh. This scent morphs a bit throughout the day. I like it best when it's fresh but I can't change my skin chemistry. Purpose: I'm dealing with anxiety-induced doom scrolling (election results -- eek) and put Isychia on. From the first moment that I smelled it, I started feeling more relaxed. It pulled me back from the edge of Twitter and recentered me so I can focus on what I actually need to get done.
  3. brineydeep

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    I think I won the skin chemistry lottery here because Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil is playing very nice on me. In the bottle, this is mostly fried dough but on my skin it's Snake Oil mellowed by funnel cake. I was worried that there would be too much of the "fried" note, but it's really more sweet bread dough with a hint of "this isn't good for my arteries." It's a subtle balance, with the Snake Oil being supported by the funnel cake, and a strangely comforting combination. This has the usual Snake Oil throw but a small dab is really bringing a smile to my face this afternoon.
  4. brineydeep

    Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's Tea Leaves

    The core of this perfume is white tea, as it's a little lighter and less earthy than green tea. It's light on the skin but present enough to actually get whiffs of. I definitely get the citrus/floral note that the other reviewers mention. It's a top note that lifts the scent. I'm also wondering if there is a pinch of biscuit here? It's nothing definite, but there's a hint of something grounding the scent once it's dry that's keeping it from being 100% fresh and bright. I'm honestly suspecting it's there because the other Spink and Forcible perfumes have biscuit crumbs in them. It could also be skin chemistry. Overall, it's a nice addition to the collection of this tea drinker.
  5. brineydeep

    Hashigo-Nori Hair Gloss

    If I had to describe this gloss in one word it would be: dry. I’m getting a bit of a powdery vibe when it first goes on; it almost reminds me of rice powder or orris but not quite. Scent-wise, the gloss is mostly dry sandalwood rounded out with vanilla. The rose petals eventually come out but do not dominate. Overall, powdery dry resins meet subtle roses. A bit old lady but elegant about it.
  6. brineydeep

    Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, & Vanilla Absolute

    Yep, this is nice. Initially, it's a blast of ylang ylang, then rounds out to be balanced with vanilla and sandalwood. Very nicely blended. I just wish this perfume had more throw and lasting power. After a couple hours I really have to get my nose into my wrist to smell it, which is disappointing because it's just that darn good. Edit to add: this is fabulous in a scent locket and has better throw and lasting power. I get a little more ylang ylang than on my skin but it’s still nicely blended. Scent locket for the win!
  7. brineydeep

    Thirteen (13): March 2020

    This perfume is a winner. It's my first 13 and a real keeper. Sugar tends to dominate on my skin when it's blended into a perfume but on its own, it's stellar. I agree with the other posters that there's an initial citrusy note when wet, but when dry this blooms into something comforting and with some depth. Almost vanilla-y but not. I don't have words to describe it accurately, but I keep getting whiffs of it throughout the day and it just smells so damn good. I know people are talking about layering, but I'm going to wear this puppy solo, it's that good. Nice throw and longevity.
  8. brineydeep

    Treasure Room of Love

    I'm always hesitant to blind buy rose perfume; I love roses but they don't always love my skin. This one thankfully works! Wet, this is Rose! with lots of throw. I think it's a pink or yellow rose: fresh, a bit sharp, and sweet. It's not a lush red rose or a demure tea rose or a soft white rose. Of those three, it's closest in type to a tea rose but Treasure's rose is more assertive. As it dries, the other notes bloom and round the scent out but never dominate. I think I'm getting the aldehydes that the other reviewers mention in a bit of sharpness from either the rose or labdanum. Overall, this is a nice addition to my BPAL rose collection.
  9. brineydeep

    Frostbitten TKO

    So TKO is great but Frostbitten TKO is even better. The snow note here is the light and sweet one, in the vein of Snow White and Fresh and Blooming as a Rose from a few Yules ago. It marries so well with the base TKO. A real winner.
  10. brineydeep

    Mountain Temple

    This is the surprising winner of my Yule bottles. This is a light incense blend base capped with an evergreen snow note. The evergreen is lifting with a hint of sweetness. The Mountain Temple is light and comforting and perfect for winter in a very subtle way. The perfume has low throw. I keep burying my nose into the skin where I applied it and smiling.
  11. brineydeep

    V'al Hanissim

    Hello beeswax! The beeswax is the top note and really blooms as it settles on the skin. The amber is playing a support role and helps round things out; it’s soft at first but develops over the course of the day. My bottle is very fresh so I’m looking forward to seeing how the amber ages. Moderate throw. (Added 5 months later: Wow. Aging has really calmed this bottle down. The overwhelming wet note of beeswax has settled and this perfume now goes on a lovely honey amber envelopes in wax. Just lovely. I highly recommend sitting on this bottle and giving it time to develop.)
  12. brineydeep

    Cafe au Lait & a Wool Blanket

    This scent is very wooly and comforting. I’m definitely getting a snuggly wool blanket underlied with smooth milk. The blanket has a hint of clean to it. There’s not much coffee at the moment, but this is fresh from the mailbox so I expect this to develop as it settles. Overall, a very cozy scent.
  13. brineydeep


    This blend is awesome. It’s very... comforting. It reminds me a little of something from the bakery — not really foody or sweet but like a warm scone from the oven. Over top this is a thin thread of mint. Comfort is special like White Light is special. But where WL lifts, Comfort soothes. It’s pretty great.
  14. brineydeep

    Apple Sugar

    I'm not an apple person but holy wow is this good. I tried it on a whim at the Lab's Lunacy event and liked it so much that I took a bottle home. The apples are forward in the wet stage. I'm not an apple connoisseur but these are lovely -- slightly sweet, fresh, and with a little lift. They are identical to the apples in one of my favorite NAVA blends (Vanilla & Apple Spice). These apples are amazing. The sugar starts to come out with dry down and makes this scent warm and comforting. Sometimes sugar runs rampant on my skin but it's held in check here. This blend is perfect for the fall and the holiday season, without being holiday at all. The scent has medium throw and wear length.
  15. brineydeep

    Black Pepper and Sandalwood

    This is fresh from a hot mailbox so take this review with a grain of salt (or pepper, as it were). This starts off as a blast of fresh pepper but then calms down to a more balanced blend with the sandalwood serving as the base. The two notes work surprisingly well together. It’s cozy but with a bit of peppery edge to it; maybe a bit more mohair than angora? This is comforting, interesting, and something I would wear what I want something cozy with a hint of spunk to it.