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As silent as the deepest cavern, as serene as a twilit shadow, as graceful as a spider, and as resilient as a web: wild plum, indigo lavender, and a tranquil tendril of sandalwood incense.

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I really don't like being first, but yah, okay :nervous:
Reminds me of Lush Plum Rain at the start, at least the memory of Plum Rain cause I used up my body wash a couple years ago. Maybe its just the idea of it, dark purple and Ka-BLAM! up front. It's a fresh fruity plum with a slight tart tang. Big fruit rolling in straight out of the bottle. The lavender becomes more apparent after a few minutes, and its the sweet kind, not medicinal. This is a deep, dark lavender if that makes sense. Hence the name "indigo", like the deepest darkest lavender night sky. OM~
So here's the buildup.....once this gets on the skin and starts to warm up, it literally blossoms. The best part IS the dry-down. This is seriously divine smoky sandalwood. It's like sticking your nose in an empty wooden cigar box. Just a little chewy, rich golden smoke with a plump purple floaty floral sweetness. I LOVE DYI once its warmed up on the skin and the sandalwood deepens. I can see this being cuddly enough for bedtime, YES for yoga practice, and being a very sensual goddess experience wafting around you during downward dog. Namaste~

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What a treat! Upon first test, this was a light creamy, sweet floral with a little bit green and herbal feel. Very clean, soft, and calm. Second test, I really got the lavender to start, warm and sweet. It developed into a strong, stable, snuggly cologne - something you want to bury your nose in and take deep, soothing breaths. It's not a dry woody lavender but a sweet and fuzzy version. I have since worn this during yoga practice, to bed, and for general unwinding on the couch at the end of the night. I also would wear this to catch up with an old friend and whenever you need a grounding boost of peaceful confidence that everything is as it should be.


I didn't even realize how excited I should be for these new RPGs! They and seem to work both as a terrific standalone as well as a great base for layering. This feels like the base for many of my favorites.

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"Serene as a twilit shadow" aptly describes this smoky lavender-plum incense. 


The lavender and plum stand out to me first. The lavender is airy and a bit sweet; it's also dark with the indigo note from some blends with "indigo musk" and similar designations... although I can't think of what those blends have been. The plum is mild and a bit surface-level, rather than the deeper, richer plums of some limited edition blends.


Smoky incense is also prominent, though, especially beginning in drydown. I'm loving the smoke note of this one.


A while after drydown, I seem to amp a ton of indigo musk from this, bringing it to a much more perfumey place. Too perfumey for me... but I did enjoy it before this point.


For those who wear it better, this would be a good blend for evenings and rainy days. The blend as a whole is a bit simple, but it's in no way a bad thing. This drow is perfectly up to either layering or standalone wear.

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