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    Hay Moon '20!
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    My favorite oils are Buck Moon, Black Lace, Monster Bait: Underpants, and OLLA Adam. Other than that, I enjoy Banshee Beat, Dorian, Dragon's Milk, Alice, Chaste Moon, Monster Bait: Underpants, Our Lady of Pain, and Chimera (but i can't wear this one, allergic!) I'm also in love with BPTP Mrs. Palmer's Establishment atmosphere spray.

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    Books, books, and more books! i love fantasy and sci-fi. i love foody scents in the abstract, but have spent a lot of time over at the MUA B&B board learning that most straight up foody scents disagree with me in reality.
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  1. Seajewel

    A Noiseless Patient Spider

    I love this scent. It's the ti leaf that makes Ti Leaf & Champaca Petals and Bugbear Doula so perfect for me, but deepened, sweetened by cardamom, bourbon vetiver, tonka, and sandalwood. The lavender is barely there. It all comes together so beautifully.
  2. Seajewel


    I had high hopes for this one but it doesn’t quite work on me yet, though perhaps aging will bring out more aspects. It starts off with a note that I think is the sweet oud, and it has a hint of that overly sweet bathroom cleaner smell that oud can lead off with, the way You Get What Anybody Gets, You Get a Lifetime starts with (but much stronger in that case), but without the beautiful payoff of that scent. It then settles into largely a black leather scent with some sweetness. I wish I got more of the other notes.
  3. Seajewel

    Lights, Camera, Something

    It's an almost lemon-y vanilla with lavender and cardamom. It almost goes marshmallow on me, I think it will be a crowd pleaser!
  4. Seajewel

    See Thyself, Devil!

    This was a bit of a gamble. I'm not sure why I chose to blind bottle it instead of going the decant route, but I did, and the gamble paid off. I think it's primarily sugared opium magic water. There is lavender, but it's subdued and behaves. It just smells like sweet magic to me. My 6-year-old was entranced as well, and proclaimed "it almost smells like chocolate!" (That's not what I get, but I think it's a form of high praise from a child.)
  5. Leather, polished elder wood, and bleached bone with a glut of peaches, apples, cherries, and wine grapes.
  6. Seajewel

    Vanitas With Playing Cards

    Blood red musk with lacquered vetiver, mahogany, and black labdanum.
  7. Seajewel

    Still Life With Dooting Skull

    Bourbon vanilla with wildflower honey, licorice root, coconut milk, and nutmeg.
  8. Creamy yellowed paper, pink tuberose, star jasmine, and blue cypress with incense, eucalyptus leaf, and iridescent sap.
  9. Seajewel

    Skull With Discarded Gorget

    Steel, leather, and bone.
  10. Seajewel

    Signum Crucis

    Rosehips, ambrette seed, leather, and mushroom.
  11. Seajewel

    Pyramid of Skulls

    A blend of four sandalwood oils stained by tobacco absolute.
  12. Seajewel

    Pandemic Vanitas

    Fresh baked bread, takeout fries, raw cookie dough, and cotton blend sweatpants.
  13. Bay leaf, shimmering amber, tobacco flower, golden fig, Italian cypress, silvered ambergris, and warm balsam.
  14. Smoldering incense, scorched brown sandalwood, drooping petals, noxious English ivy berries, and a tangle of leaves.
  15. Bourbon vanilla, mallow flower, red patchouli, and cream mousse.