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    obsessive precious hoarder
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    Hay Moon '20!
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    My favorite oils are Buck Moon, Black Lace, Monster Bait: Underpants, and OLLA Adam. Other than that, I enjoy Banshee Beat, Dorian, Dragon's Milk, Alice, Chaste Moon, Monster Bait: Underpants, Our Lady of Pain, and Chimera (but i can't wear this one, allergic!) I'm also in love with BPTP Mrs. Palmer's Establishment atmosphere spray.

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    Books, books, and more books! i love fantasy and sci-fi. i love foody scents in the abstract, but have spent a lot of time over at the MUA B&B board learning that most straight up foody scents disagree with me in reality.
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  1. Seajewel

    The Witches go to Market

    The perfect scent to wear while you prepare for your Walpurgisnacht shindig: a squiggle of mandrake and belladonna accord with mushroom, lemon peel, fig meat, frankincense, galbanum, nutmeg, pine pitch, barley, and wild dates.
  2. The sun hanging low over an ever-darkening harvest of cold stone, blood red musk, inky opoponax, smoky clove husk, and vetiver root.
  3. A serene, inspiring, contemplative blend of osmanthus, water lilies, white sandalwood, cypress, and pale incense.
  4. Seajewel

    La Pluie d’or Léon

    Divine gold: yellow champa, white tea, lightning-struck amber, sparkling honey, frankincense, pearlescent orris, and skin musk.
  5. Seajewel

    Gioco Del Volano

    A cascade of buttery pastels: pale mosses, creeping thyme, violets, carnation, white mint, lily of the valley, white jasmine, pear, and heliotrope swirled in a mist-pink sugared musk haze.
  6. Seajewel

    An Orchard in Spring

    Apple blossoms sway before a backdrop of French lavender, lilac buds, spring grasses, and a flash of crimson blossoms.
  7. Lemon-yellow sunbeams streaming through evergreen boughs, waving on wild grass. A rustle of linen, lace, and cotton, and a soft breath of fae blossoms.
  8. Seajewel

    White Cat

    A portrait of feline dignity painted in bourbon vanilla cream, mallow flower, golden musk, with eyes of lemon amber.
  9. Seajewel


    In which the fate of one’s entire garment rests on a stray flick of a feather: mallow flower, peppermint cream, blue lilac, bourbon vanilla, benzoin, English roses, teakwood, and nutmeg.
  10. Seajewel

    Sleeping Cat

    Get comfy, you won’t be going anywhere for a while! Sweet, soft, somnambulant amber.