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    Hay Moon '20!
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    My favorite oils are Buck Moon, Black Lace, Monster Bait: Underpants, and OLLA Adam. Other than that, I enjoy Banshee Beat, Dorian, Dragon's Milk, Alice, Chaste Moon, Monster Bait: Underpants, Our Lady of Pain, and Chimera (but i can't wear this one, allergic!) I'm also in love with BPTP Mrs. Palmer's Establishment atmosphere spray.

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    Books, books, and more books! i love fantasy and sci-fi. i love foody scents in the abstract, but have spent a lot of time over at the MUA B&B board learning that most straight up foody scents disagree with me in reality.
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  1. Seajewel

    Black Amber, Oakmoss & Terebinth

    I ordered this because the wonderful Tom mentioned it recently in one of the BPAL testing videos as something he wears often. And it's really lovely. It doesn't have PINE!, it's more of a subtle, subtly sweet scent. I agree it is like a beautiful floral male scent but not really heavily masculine. It's much softer than I expected and although it's not really the type of scent I normally wear, I like having it and will definitely test out on my partner as well. It makes me super excited for the Black Amber & Sugar Cane duet that was just released, too. to add: I am not great at describing or distinguishing notes, but I would say that this leans much more black amber and oakmoss with some pine (but not sharp or pine-sol cleaner) at the start that gives way to the black amber in the drydown. So if you like black amber and oakmoss but weren't sure about the terebinth.. worth grabbing before it comes down in a few days!
  2. Seajewel


    I can’t describe what this smells like because I’m bad with notes, but is is a really beautiful scent. Maybe like a subtly sweet incense scent? I love the intent behind it and am really enjoying putting it on to reflect on the intent and enjoy the scent. I don’t really see it as something I wear as perfume but more to calm and ground myself. The only downside is that the beautiful opening wet stage goes away and leaves something far more faint behind. Getting at least one backup!
  3. Seajewel

    Haul on the Bowline

    Patch lovers probably already knew this from the notes, but this is for you. It's thick, chewy, sweet patchouli. The cocoa doesn't go funky on me as it sometimes does. The cedar is not prominent. The tobacco is not caramelized. It's just one of those sweet patch blends that BPAL does so well. Not really in my wheelhouse, but it did make me sit up and pay attention.
  4. Seajewel

    Life, the Sculptor, Moulds Unceasingly

    I'm obsessed with the 2020 Liliths and have slowly been ordering more with every order I place. This was in my last batch. I love this. It's a subtly sweet scent with something almost minty in the mix. It's meditative. It almost reminds me of the dough note in Waiting that I love so much, but without being foody. I keep coming back to it again and again.
  5. Seajewel


    Absolutely gorgeous. Bright floral sandalwood that has my wrist glued to my nose. I've really loved the various iterations of sandalwood incense perfumes (such as Challenge of the Ascetic and Mystery of the Giant Testicles on a Brothel Visitor), they all manage to be quite different. This one is the bright beautiful one of the bunch. Showy but still elegant. I don't know how to describe it, but I'm glad I was able to find a secondhand bottle, and hope it comes back in stock soon.
  6. Seajewel

    Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, and Pistachio Cream

    This one is very good. Mostly soft sweetness and pistachio cream with a hint of something bringing it into more sophisticated territory. The Dead Leaves note here is thankfully not the bell pepper one that I get from many other leaf blends. The downside is that the throw is very low on me. It seems to last well but is so quiet (and also not really the type of scent that I usually reach for) that I'm debating whether I need more than my decant.
  7. Seajewel

    Rose-Tinted Mirror

    Rose is one of the notes I usually do not like (violet too). I took a chance on this one anyways because of the description. No regrets. It is rose, but it is gentle and sweet honeyed rose. It's beautiful and comforting.
  8. Seajewel

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    I've had a few workouts over the past few weeks but didn't check in! despite that, I appreciate all of you. @Madame Mew for the kind words the last time I posted and giving me hope that this lingering injury can be addressed, @Amazonia for checking in on how things are, @VetchVesper for starting this thread and encouraging everyone, and all of the rest of you, working out and enjoying BPAL! Yesterday I did a 3 mile run for the first time in two weeks and it felt good to get out there, and my BPAL of choice was Destructive Vagina of the Fox Spirit, which I am obsessed with since obtaining one from my BPAL fairy godmother. It isn't really a coffee scent other than at the start but more of a resiny oudh scent. Nag Champa is often too sharp for me but here the scent is so smooth and so beautiful. The oudh reminds me of Unicorn and Ram, which I adore, but with more oomph, more sharpness, but not in a bad way. What can I say, it's intoxicating.
  9. Seajewel

    The Choirs of Angels

    I don't know how to describe this except in terms of feel. It's golden, softly sweet, and ethereal. I can't really pick out the lavender and the bergamot and neroli are simply adding to the warmth and depth. It's a stunningly beautiful scent.
  10. Seajewel


    Sadly, this one didn't work for me, as it reminds me too strongly of grape juice. There is some leather lurking there and other notes that might deepen this and make it into something beautiful for others, I just can't break the grape juice association.
  11. Seajewel

    Lan Yueliang

    This is beautiful. And despite the notes, it ends up being a "deep" scent to me rather than a high-pitched one. It's sophisticated and deep and a little mysterious. Maybe more unisex than feminine. I dig it.
  12. Seajewel

    Thrills and Junk Food

    I get the notes exactly as described. A blast of fruit punch, blue cotton candy, and then salty pretzels. I like it, but salt has started amping on my skin (including in blends that used to work well, so it's not just this or recent salt notes), which means no bottle upgrade for me, but if these notes are happy notes for you, I would recommend!
  13. Seajewel

    Velut Luna Statu Variabilis

    I loved the initial wet stage of spicy carnation with something extra - deep and sophisticated, but the blend quickly morphed into a cousin of Red Benzoin, Ylang Ylang, and Tobacco, which just didn't work on me. Something about the Red Benzoin or Ylang ylang, or combo thereof, went sharp and slightly bitter and hurt my nose. The same qualities are here (along with those same notes), and a little extra indole. Sadly, not for me, even though my eyes lit up when I first applied. But fans of the Red Benzoin trio should take note!
  14. Seajewel


    Okay, something about this called to me and I almost blind bottled, but I downgraded to a decant while agonizing over my must-have list. I should have gone for it, because it is *delicious*. It goes on with an immediate blast of coffee, but doesn't go barnyard the way coffee sometimes does. Then there's pumpkin and spicy gingerbread and slightly doughy (but not too doughy) waffles, except nothing is too much, it all mixes into something positively delectable. After never buying any pumpkin scents, I went and bought a bunch off the secondhand market and felt like I had more pumpkin than I need in my lifetime, but this is one I'm going to be happy to add. The Liliths this year have been out of the world, and this one is another in the must-have list. No chocolate on me, which is good, as chocolate tends to go funky. ETA: I think at the very end of the day the deep drydown has hints of barnyard or bitterness, which is something, for example, Guatemalan Coffee Bean SN did on my skin, but overall it's so well blended and everything harmonizes and it was so worth it. Did not happen the second time though, although I do prefer the initial stages to the deep drydown, it's still good, just faint after a while. ETA2: Waiting is just SO GOOD. It might be the best pumpkin scent I've tried and by that I mean the pumpkin is there but not the star. It's such a perfect blend of coffee, dough, pumpkin, spice, without being too strong or sharp in any direction. Every time I apply it I am amazed.
  15. Seajewel

    The Witch/Strega

    This won't be very descriptive, but here's what I'm getting: it's a quiet, skin-close blend. The rose is undetectable to me, which is a good thing, the leather is also behaving very well, the oud is not bathroom cleaner oudh, I think it's mainly the black beeswax I am getting right now after some smoke and leather in the wet stage (not bbq smoke). It reminds me of something.. I think Loved to Death, but without the strong anise note (not sure what it was that came off that way to me as anise is not listed) that really turned me off of LTD. There's a shadow of that anise note here too but it is much less prominent. The jury is still out on this one: I definitely don't dislike it, but I don't know how I feel about it yet either. Will retest!