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  1. HerbGirl


    I received a frottle of this in my last order (wow, right?!) and have only managed to sniff it in the bottle. It smells like stale cigarette smoke (almost ashtray) in the bottle and, as I just quit smoking in January, it is a major turn off to smell that. I will update this review if I ever have the balls to skin test.
  2. HerbGirl

    O Spirit of Love

    This is beautiful. I'm not sure if anyone else gets this but, this is the pink rose that burns my sinuses when I inhale too deeply, lol. I still love the scent. The chypre is there, under the rose and I'm sure the vanilla is there, smoothing things out but I can't pick it out. Very lovely.
  3. HerbGirl


    Now, this is my favorite red musk: reddish brown, not red or dark pink, coupled with a hint of dark pink florals and just the barest hint of patchouli, which is much lighter than I anticipated from looking at the notes!
  4. HerbGirl

    Civil Twilight

    The burst of peach is real. The other notes play supporting roles but that peach. That peach. I love it. The honeysuckle is fairly prominent and goes through a finicky stage but it smooths out. This perfume reminds me of the perfect sunset.
  5. HerbGirl

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    Yeah. So. I've been a fan of Snake Oil since 2008. A BIG fan. I love most of the variants I've tried. This? This is fantastic. This is SNEKITY SNAKE OIL with added pastry sweetness. I don't detect extra cinnamon, I just get sweet pastry. Nom nom nom, Scream Inside Your Snake Oil, indeed. Nom. I forgot to add: in the beginning there was an interesting thing going on. I could have sworn I was smelling Snake Oil and pastry scent floating in the breeze on a summer's day. That might sound weird, and it was fleeting but, it was there. Very neat. ETA: this dries down to a delicious pastry. Nom nom.
  6. HerbGirl

    Couple Reading Erotic Scroll

    This is fantastic. The blackberry is certainly the stand out, which is lovely. This isn't a jammy blackberry, it's more of a blackberry tea which makes sense considering the notes. The notes meld perfectly into a common scent so it just smells like a semi tart, sparkly (not fizzy), soft dewberry scent. The waft is wonderful! It took me a while but this reminds me of a Dewberry perfume I bought at a Body Shop in Seoul back in 2000 that I loved. I am very glad I finally decided to get a bottle!
  7. HerbGirl

    Cacao & Black Moss

    This is stunning. Subdued, but stunning. I can't compare it to anything. Mossy dry cocoa. If this sounds up your alley at all, go for it! I will enjoy wearing this one out for crisp autumn walks after the bears have started to hibernate. I love this so much.
  8. HerbGirl

    The Challenge of the Ascetic

    I suppose I'm the unlucky one who gets the indolic scent from the aloeswood. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case and took a chance. I will wait to let it age a bit but honestly, I'm not smelling any of the other notes...at all. ETA: I keep smelling jasmine (grandiflorum, not sambac) and I'm not sure what I'm smelling anymore. It certainly isn't unpleasant, it just isn't at all what I expected. I'm crossing my fingers that sandalwood and frankincense come out at some point. ETA2: This one wins the crown for morphing. It took an hour of sniffing, eh, sniffing, eh, and then whoa, that smells pretty great but nothing like it did an hour ago. Maybe mine is bipolar? Whatever happened, I'm really excited. I will set this guy aside to age, possibly till next Lupers come around. Yay!
  9. I love this. If you enjoyed The Instructional Manual, you will enjoy this. Great waft and staying power. I was excited to see this and am glad to have a bottle.
  10. HerbGirl


    Scent review: I can smell the 4 notes listed. Thankfully the Ylang is most prominent. There's a touch of Blue Tansy (which, I hate to say, I strongly dislike the scent of, despite using it for skin care and aromatherapy at home) but the Chamomile is just underneath the Ylang and Elemi is just barely perceptible as a lightly astringent higher pitched wood scent (that is not a favorite of mine). So, Ylang and Chamomile. It smells lovely and has sweetened up on my skin in the last 30 minutes. I am truly glad to have a bottle of this because it called out to me for it's intended use. I'm just glad it smells good, too!
  11. HerbGirl

    White Rose

    White Rose smells beautiful. Gossamer, paper roses in white and perhaps yellow. I feel like I'm actually smelling the borage, too. Sweet and truly a beautiful scent. I think I started really smelling the magnolia and coriander after about 30 minutes but all of these notes are so perfectly blended that it just creates a perfect blend. Very cool. I actually meant to test another oil this morning but, somehow, White Rose was the bottle I opened. I guess it knew I needed it today? Gotta love TAL oils. I'm sure this oil 'works' in addition to just smelling awesome but I'm not sure how it will work for me yet. Indulge me for a second while I muse that this oil smells necessary. I've never had that feeling before but it is really powerful. I feel bad that my scent review is really not doing this oil justice: it is truly beautiful and one of a kind. Also, for anyone worried, I don't smell soapy rose here. Just lovely. I'm very surprised to be the first reviewer. I was hesitant but had to write something. 🙂 Beautiful.
  12. HerbGirl

    Epidote Phoenix

    Exactly what the description says. Holy moly I love this! It smells like the perfect hike: sun warmed evergreens wafting in the air, a hint of amber with a bit of the best cologne I've ever smelled. Sorry this review isn't great, I just needed to exclaim how amazing this is. I love it.
  13. HerbGirl

    Cocoa & Oak Bark

    I had high hopes for this and am not disappointed. This is gorgeous. I feel like it's the femme version of The Ninth Cage. Just sweet enough, just oaky enough, dusting of cocoa, wow. Exactly what I was hoping for.
  14. HerbGirl

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    This is light but stunningly beautiful. Not much frankincense (it should develop with age, I'm certain) but horchata is a pretty good comparison. I love this!
  15. HerbGirl

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    ETA 26 September: This has finally come into its own. Glorious. Lemony semi sweet hay. I love it. (This was the only disappointment of the Lupers that I bought, and it may just be my skin chemistry. I get the hay, and it's nice but there's nothing here to sweeten it. No sugar. I don't smell rice milk. I keep testing but nothing changes 😞 It's nice but I was hoping for the sugar to add another dimension to the hay.)