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  1. HerbGirl

    Witches Lace 2022

    I love this so much and wish I had bought 2 bottles instead of one, but I'm so happy to have this. I smell something akin to apple as a few folks have mentioned, but it is most likely the petals (?), opium and cognac doing something wonderful. Zero patchouli. I bought this immediately and have been wearing it since May '22 and still zero patchouli. I'm ok with that because I feel patchouli would not fit in here. This is one of the most addictive perfumes I have ever worn. It smells like May to me, can't explain, but definitely not an Autumn scent. Enchanting, for sure.
  2. HerbGirl

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    I have had this since the end of it's release, and am wearing it today so I figured I would chime in. I love a good dark fruity red musk blend so this is lovely. Definitely red musk and dark berries, reminds me a lot of Hollywood Babylon with a twist of Mania (I love both). I am so glad I decided to get a bottle.
  3. HerbGirl

    Gooped Familiar

    Now I get it. When I first got this, and even the first few weeks, it was an Old Spice jumble of a scent. Now, I smell almost all of the listed notes, interestingly in the order they are listed, which is neat with a long list. Mostly I get the black musk and cedar (lovely), with a touch of carnation, amber and cinnamon as an afterthought with the clove as the punctuation. This is really nice.
  4. HerbGirl

    Read 10:42 PM

    I really like this and have been wearing it the past few days. Mild blackberry meshed with cade (not a huge fan but it isn't a deal breaker here) and just barely a hint of ylang ylang and possibly patchouli (if I really try). Not sure why it is soooo light though. The scent is amazing, if only it was a bit stronger. Waft is non existent, I have to sniff my hand/wrist if I want to smell it. Eta: my decant is stronger than my bottle...hmm, ok. Still the same - blackberry and cade, and a tiny bit of ylang and possibly patchouli.
  5. HerbGirl

    Illuni Nocte

    Yes to all of the notes. This is beautiful. I thought I was smelling an opium/poppy deepness/darkness but it is not listed. The rose doesn't take over, actually, everything is nicely balanced and I enjoyed this for the New Moon in Capricorn. I am personally hoping the oak bark and black currant get stronger and stand out because I love those notes together. Very nice. (Also, pairs well near In the Shadow Room)
  6. HerbGirl

    Silver Now With Clinging Mist

    Must enjoy bergamot. The ambergris is extremely light handed and I can find the incense if I really try. Not sure how this implies silver or misty. It is bright and reminds me of Stella by Tocca if I'm not paying attention.
  7. HerbGirl

    She Loves the Bare, the Withered Tree

    Absolutely beautiful. The carrot seed turns the rooty patchouli vegetal and it is delightful.
  8. HerbGirl

    Fir Needle, Peony, and Indigo Musk

    Very nice blue tinged musky fir needle. I don't smell peony but I do smell a faint tulip note. I wonder how strong that note will be for others. I am a fan of consistency in my perfumes and have become extremely wary of all of the extreme bottling errors, mislabeling and variations most likely due to speedy bottling without stirring/recombining components, etc.
  9. HerbGirl

    Red Musk, Sugared Amber, and Red Berries

    I was so excited for this. I have tested it twice and had the same experience both times. This seems very tame for the notes listed and I actually can't smell red berries at all. The dry down is a kind of sweet, faint red musk and it must be a different amber than any I have smelled because it doesn't read as amber to my nose. Meh. Also, there were folks talking about this oil being milky or opaque and seperating but mine is NOT. Eta - I am jealous of the third reviewer! Sounds like they got what I had hoped for. Eta 08 Jan- there is a slight hint of berries now, actually there is a slight hint of the three listed notes now. Have to bring my wrist to my nose to smell anything. Why so light? Eta - after reading later reviews, I bet I got a dud. Sad.
  10. HerbGirl


    This is beautiful but very vague. I don't know how else to describe that...meh. I can't smell any individual listed notes.
  11. HerbGirl

    Scene with Witches

    Oh that cotton tromps all over everything. High pitched herbs and cotton. 😞
  12. HerbGirl

    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    My bottles are easily identifiable as mislabled Every Day is Halloween. So, for folks that aren't getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte experience, that might be why.
  13. HerbGirl

    Haunt 2021

    Haunt 2021 smells like a candied version of BPAL's dead leaves (though not this year's incarnation, which I cannot even describe...), plus a hint of Dorian and the new Snake Oil and it all fades down to the new SO in about 10 minutes. This is a decant, but I'm sure the bottle acts similarly. Well yeah, this is gorgeous. Of course it sold out fast. And it can be closely reproduced if you have the necessary arsenal and a decent nose. I'm sure the OG Dead Leaves would be best, but I have Dead Leaves, Moss and Mushrooms, Dorian (I wonder which notes she used since it is oos), and Snake Oil. I think I might try it with old gooey 2006 Snake Oil sometime to see if it will last... ETA: Aha! It smells like Devil's Night with a touch of Snake Oil (but with no longevity).
  14. HerbGirl

    Torta Setteveli

    Magnificent chocolate ganache torte!
  15. HerbGirl

    Hearts Are Not Had as a Gift But Hearts Are Earned

    I have been letting this one rest for weeks. This is one of those sharp, strong, raspy red rose scents. Nothing soft here. And it is a spicy strong edgy rose. I will hold on to this for a while in hopes the patchouli, labdanum and/or vanilla are detectable at all at some point. My hopes are not high. After 45 minutes the rose does soften a bit and I can smell the labdanum. Cool. Eta: testing again after about a month, there is nothing but burn your nose rose, a hint of labdanum and something sour underneath. I guess I didn't earn a heart. Maybe someone else will enjoy this bottle but I certainly am not. I guess pepperberry can join cumin in the avoided notes club.