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  1. HerbGirl

    The Tea House

    Finally getting around to testing my decant. I love this and wish I had bought a bottle, but the plum note scared me off. It's there, but very subtle and just adding to the sweetness. The tea and bamboo and sandalwood are lovely. Very smooth and comforting to me. A bit of lift from the lemon, a bit of smoky woody-ness from the hinoki. Love it. Actually, during the drydown phase I started smelling the Bordello plum...yup, the good one. I'm not sad about it. 💜
  2. HerbGirl

    The Queen and the Page

    This is terrible in the bottle and on my skin for the first 20-30 minutes. I can't even describe the horror. But. I knew this list of notes couldn't possibly fail me, and my patience was rewarded. I've been letting this rest since it was released, so it isn't a fresh out of the mailbox impression. After about an hour I started picturing one of my beloved high country Olympic Peninsula trailheads and after a minute realized that the oil on my wrists was wafting a familiar scent...all I can say is it must be the pine and mosses working their magic. I'm glad to have a bottle.
  3. HerbGirl

    Thunder Moon 2023

    There is a subtle amount of cocoa that disappears within 30 minutes on me. This reminds me so much of Our Lady of Pain after 30 minutes...just switch the florals. I love it. The labdanum is most prominent for me, but there's something that makes me smell an opium-esque note, too. Very nice, resinous and long lasting.
  4. HerbGirl


    This is beautiful. Smells how Moldavite looks to me. Some of my ancestors are from the area Moldavite is most extracted from so I feel a closeness with the material and had to get the perfume because the notes sounded amazing. Scent is great, bottle only full to the top of the label is...disappointing.
  5. HerbGirl


    Ok. So, I came here to write nearly the same thing! Also agree about Dior's Addict. This incarnation is such a beautiful powdery vanilla (not in a musty way or a baby way but in the way that on a hike you can smell rocks baking in the sun) and there's just barely a hint of milky black tea...I love it, but this is not anything like the original. I've been alternating between my 2013 bottle and my newer one so I'm not basing this on memory. No fougere in the new version. And that's ok too. 💚
  6. HerbGirl

    Morning Sunlight on the Snow, Èragny-sur-epte

    I *just* got this in the mail and had to try it after I smelled it in the bottle. The leaves are wonderful and smell like the brown leaves under melting snow. Incredible. That's my first impression and I will add more if there's more to add. Right now I love this. 15 minutes on- there's a sweetness from the chestnut and amber and I think I smell the sandalwood. I'm so glad this is incredible because I was so excited to smell it.
  7. HerbGirl

    Sleeping Cat

    I agree with spiced- quite. This is a very loud spiced scent- honestly it doesn't smell like any amber I've ever smelled, has big throw and sticks around.
  8. HerbGirl

    By Day She Made Herself into a Cat

    Gorgeous black musk with a hint of amber.
  9. HerbGirl

    Monastery in the Winter Night

    I was recently sent a bottle of this by accident (gift!) and decided to give it a try. This is lovely. It is what I have wanted from every Frankincense/Myrrh blend and where they have all failed, this one succeeds. Over the hour that it takes to settle, I smell every note! And it settles as mostly ambergris, ambrette seed and frankincense, which I love. Nothing harsh, everything mellow: a warm, comforting scent. I keep reapplying to repeat the journey. Love. What a wonderful accidental gift. Still a love on 19 July '23
  10. HerbGirl

    White Chocolate, Mysore Sandalwood, and Lemon Peel

    This is one of my favorites of the past several years. The sandalwood and white chocolate are creamy and sweet and the lift from the lemon is just perfect. ETA: I smell like a gelato shoppe and I love it.
  11. HerbGirl

    Cherry recommendations

    Hmm...I agree with doomsday_disco but, I would add Hollywood Babylon as a GC rec. It is a favorite of mine- very berry with red musk and patchouli but no clove. 🙂 So...it is actually amber, not patchouli but my recommendation stands!
  12. Haha. I was testing the Vanilla, Nutmeg, Hay trio...oops
  13. HerbGirl


    I was very excited about this one. I'm still trying to figure out if that terrible glass note will ever calm down so I can wear and enjoy it. Grr.
  14. HerbGirl

    Zima V Lese

    It's everything you want it to be if you drool over the listed notes. Excellent. However... Eta: this dries down to an evergreenish red musk scent. Not sure where the red musk came from...
  15. HerbGirl


    I'm wearing Greed this morning. It has been one of my favorites since 2010. I came here to check the notes...I always forget that this gets really strong after 30 minutes! I keep reapplying for the first 10 minutes because it seems light and I need to remember that it just takes a while. This is a truly gorgeous and yet almost off-putting patchouli. The copal and oakmoss are lovely, dark and deep. I never really get the heliotrope. If you like gnarly, earthy patchouli blends with a glow that isn't amber- this is a win.