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  1. HerbGirl

    Cold Moon 2020

    Oooh! Slushy, snowy evergreen notes combined with frosty chocolate! I have reached for this one quite often this month and love it.
  2. HerbGirl

    Lan Yueliang

    I have nothing helpful to say but I wanted to exclaim how much I love this perfume and there is nothing else like it. It is genius, expertly blended and perfect for the days surrounding the full moon. I love this so much.
  3. HerbGirl


    I love this so much. It was an 11th hour purchase and I am so glad I took the chance. I thought, I have plenty of red musk and amber blends, this one probably isn't gonna wow me. Well, it did. I wonder, am I the only one who smells a component of Black Opal here? Seriously. If I huff, about 5 minutes after applying, I smell a similarity and it makes me smile. No, they aren't similar scents (obviously) but there's a fleeting moment of oooh I know that from somewhere. Anyhoo, this is gorgeous and I wasn't planning to review but wanted to add my 2 cents. 🙂
  4. HerbGirl

    Verteilt Euch, Wackre Männer, Hier

    I have worn this quite frequently since it was released and it is becoming an old friend. I smell all of the notes, in turn, as they are listed, which is pretty neat. The cedar doesn't amp, but when it warms up on my skin it turns just a bit musky and one of the green notes goes just a bit powdery and it ends up being quite beautiful. Very forest floor like without the bright conifer needles and mushrooms. I agree with everyone who has used the word mossy. 🙂 I really like this. The drydown reminds me of Theoi Nomioi but with moss instead of rock. They both have a musky drydown.
  5. HerbGirl


    Honestly? I think this is the best oil I've ever smelled. I truly wish it was available for sale in imp or bottle form. Truly stunning. Polished woods (but not 'mahogany', I guess the teak) and gritty, beautiful, glorious patchouli. There's a lift to it as it dries which I can't describe other than a lift. This is fantastic. Eta: It is the clove. I rarely like clove, ever. It is the airy bit giving the blend that lift. I need more.
  6. HerbGirl

    Fir Needle & Smoke

    Early first test: this is beautiful. Usually with smoky blends they come on strong and settle with age, but there's barely any smoke, just a hint which seems to support this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Fir needle, which seems sweeter than I was expecting. If you are a conifer lover (as I am), this is worth trying. Right now (two days after arrival) it is an instant love for me. I actually hope it doesn't change because I love it. ETA: Well, the wispy smoke has turned into a champaca and the fir isn't as sweet as it initially was, but I still like it.
  7. HerbGirl

    Marshmallow Snow

    For anyone that has been curious, this does indeed have an icy, slushy evergreen note in addition to the not overly sweet marshmallow. Those notes are balanced nicely. This smells nothing like Snow White, at least none of the 6 vintages that I've worn! Eta: I love it 🙂 Eta2: I'm pretty sure the evergreen note is Spruce dominant. 🙂
  8. HerbGirl

    Étienne De Boray Oak

    I was hoping that the honey would be quiet. This would have been amazing for me if the honey had been omitted. I need to just give up and remember that, no matter how amazing all of the other notes are, the stinky honey will ruin it every single time. 😭
  9. HerbGirl

    Berry Moon 2011

    There's honey in here. It isn't listed but I know that awful scent when I smell it. I'm not getting anything that smells like red musk to me. The berries are drowned out by sickly honey. The only reason I went for this bottle was because there was no honey listed. Disappointing.
  10. HerbGirl


    This is very interesting. I just got it in the mail and it has travelled far, so this is just a first impression. This smells like a sweet cola frankincense with a bit of patchouli underneath. This isn't a smoky frankincense, it's a glowing frankincense. I wonder how much this will change as it settles? I would be happy if it stays exactly the way it is. This is the frankincense perfume of my dreams. Glorious. This just continues to bloom on my skin!!! Wow.
  11. HerbGirl

    In the Shadow Room

    I just got my bottle today, and it needs time to settle from its crazy journey. In the bottle all I smell is cranberry but I guess it is actually pomegranate, lol. It is very juicy, sweet and prominent. I am looking forward to testing this over the next few days! On skin: all pomegranate! Velvety. After about 15 minutes I start to smell a bit of the amber. Definitely red velvet. Eta: The black currant and pomegranate are melding nicely and this is turning into a creamy blend. Interesting. I'm looking forward to trying this again soon.
  12. HerbGirl

    Rope Pulley

    Strawberry marshmallow! I've been wearing this since June (ish?) and I just love it. It wasn't very strong when I first got it but it has become stronger with a few months of age and it is just gorgeous.
  13. HerbGirl

    Every Day You Play With the Light of the Universe

    Creamy honeysuckle with just a hint of cherry blossom on the very edge of the scent. Beautiful. I'm actually thankful I don't smell any plum. I just realized this has amber cream. No wonder it reminded me of Golden Sunrise!
  14. HerbGirl

    Leather, Indigo Incense & Red Amber

    I will skin test this later but I wanted to say that the incense here reminds me very much of the incense in All Souls. I cannot wait to try this.
  15. HerbGirl

    Ceylon Cinnamon, Olibanum & Cacao

    I love this. It is very similar to Pliny's Phoenix (so, definitely Frankincense and a very nice one) but the cacao smooths any sharp or rough edges here and, instead of smelling it, the cacao is just supporting the best aspects of the cinnamon and frankincense. This is lovely.