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  1. HerbGirl


    This is gorgeous...until that honey becomes detectable, which takes about 3 minutes. I kept hoping and hoping that I wouldn't smell it, that it wouldn't stomp all over the blend and ruin it but, for me it did. ☹️
  2. HerbGirl

    Got The Morbs

    I always jump at an opium tar scent! And with black musk this should have been amazing. The clove ruins this for me. Aside from smoking djarums years ago, I have never really enjoyed clove. I certainly didn't enjoy it in this oil. Myrrh is ok most of the time but felt out of place here. This was a complete miss for me.
  3. HerbGirl


    This is much deeper than its notes. I'vd had my bottle since its release and have been wearing it lately. The depth must be coming from the tobacco and vetiver, but I'm not smelling them: they don't stand out to me. I do smell the amber, red musk, wisteria and rose hips, and they make the scent what it is for me. I believe this is orange blossom doing what it does so well in Vixen. It makes it deeper with a floral tinge but it doesn't scream 'orange blossom!' like it does in so many other oils. Conjure is gorgeous, especially for folks who avoid patchouli (which I don't, lol). I've been wondering when the right manifestation oil would present itself - yesterday Conjure made it clear that I had found one. This isn't just a perfume. If you're magically inclined, this might be a great oil to work with. I certainly will.
  4. HerbGirl


    I have been wearing Aureus for more than a decade and am finally getting around to randomly reviewing my loves. I love this. It truly glows. Maybe more like smolders. Amber and copal are obvious, possibly a touch of white oakmoss, maybe a bit of patchouli. I see many reviews mention 'church', 'incense', sandalwood and/or cedar but I don't feel or smell any of that. I do love Viiinylflowers' review mentioning FFVII...and am in total agreement because of the feels (nothing to do with typical 'church' though)! There is a definite older BPAL vibe that exists in the older GCs that is completely absent in the collaberations and trademarked series oils that I love but can't pinpoint. It's a shame there's so much more focus on the LEs and the ginormous releases than the fabulous GC that showcases the true gloriousness behind the brand, but that's an unpopular opinion, and my own.
  5. HerbGirl


    The combination of the first seven notes is a recipe for dark, mysterious beauty. I am a huge fan of opium tar in perfume so I am thrilled it is the star for me here, supported by the black musk, patchouli, cypress, frankincense and vanillaic oils. I feel like the frankincense and patchouli almost cancel each other out. I can tell they're both here, but neither dominates. It's more of a feeling but that's hard to explain. Beautiful.
  6. HerbGirl

    Dragon's Blood Incense

    This is it. Head shop. Dragon's Blood incense. Yup. No weird. Just the good. Also- yes, separate layers in the bottle. I haven't played with the nuance of the wearing shaken or unstirred (lol), but I put just a dab on after I gave it a good swirl and it was wonderful. Just a bit sticky. Very enjoyable. It's a shame the bottle was only full to between the label and the shoulder though. Editing to add a comparison between this and Garnet, since there isn't a review thread up yet... Garnet and Dragon's Blood Incense are very similar. In fact, the only difference to me so far is that Garnet is sweet and DBI is amber/champa-y. Yikes. Also worth noting is that my bottle of Garnet was also filled to below the shoulder and, for $35, that's crap. Garnet is extremely similar to Nocturne Alchemy's Kashmir. I would say Kashmir is inbetween Garnet and DBI. Nothing revolutionary going on with DBI or Garnet.
  7. HerbGirl

    London Smoke

    Well, I have no idea what this has to do with London or smoke but I love it. This tea is actually black tea (!!!) with no anise/licorice leanings. The tobacco flower (which, I believe, is also called nicotiana) is gorgeous and melds so well with the tea. I was looking forward to the grey amber (Grey Columns is one of my favorites!) but I don't smell any here. That's ok...it is lovely. I don't smell any lemon mentioned above, and I don't find the tabac flower to be overwhelming at all. This was my first true wear but I have had it since early January. I love it.
  8. HerbGirl

    A Doll's Doll

    I am curious to see how this ages- the drydown is beautiful but it takes a while to get there. Oddly enough, I'm not getting anything I expected from this. It does remind me of Marshmallow Snow (I haven't tried this year's version), but starts off as a semi indolic floral fruit punch. ??? Interesting. Settles into the evergreen version of bpal snow with a hint of berry. Not sure how I feel about it but I am upset that my bottle arrived filled to well below the shoulder of the bottle. As it wears, the 'indolic fruit punch' does fade into a really nice scent. I'm trying to pick the scent apart for notes but just can't. And that's ok. This is turning into a beauty. The waft is gorgeous.
  9. HerbGirl

    Snow Snake 2023

    I am pleased to report that this is quite an amazing mash up of Snake Oil and Snow White. No red musk weirdness, no minty slush. This is gorgeous and exactly what I hoped for!
  10. HerbGirl

    Pomegranate Ink

    If you enjoy bpal's ink and pomegranate notes, this is an obvious win. I cannot stop sniffing the back of my hands...quite addictive. Not too sweet, candied yet mellow. This might be my favorite of the Yules I chose. That ink note goes perfectly with pomegranate. There is something extra going on here that I cannot explain but it is fantastic. I will watch reviews to see if someone else can explain the 1+1=3!
  11. HerbGirl

    Slushy Snowballs

    This is really very nice. I am looking forward to a full day's wear of this one sometime soon. Yes to all of the notes! To me, the 'chilly' is Snow White, not the minty or evergreen versions of chilly, if that matters. The vanilla, cacao and labdanum are strongest but this is very well done and I was able to smell all of the notes. It's almost too busy? But I really enjoy it. Eta: similar to Velvet Snow but different enough to enjoy having bottles of both.
  12. HerbGirl

    Vintage Snowman Blow Mold

    Well. It definitely fits the description! The spruce is fierce and for the first 15 minutes the amber fights with it 🫣. Then it calms down a bit, spruce always strongest, but never quite smells 'good' to me. The plasticky element is definitely present which gets the point across but might render it unwearable for me. This would, however, make an excellent room spray. Might have to try this in an oil warmer...
  13. HerbGirl

    Gingerbread Snek

    If you remember and love original Snake Oil, this should bring a smile to your face, as it does for me. Ah. There you are! Original Snake Oil with a touch of gingerbread. There is thankfully no crazy red musk vibe here (as there has been in the Snow Snake variations) and I very much enjoyed my first wear of this. Eta how I love reading reviews after mine and how wildly different we all are! Unless there's a variation or mispour...
  14. HerbGirl

    Lavender Brownie

    Perfectly balanced lavender and brownie...exactly what I hoped for. Eta: The next morning I was disturbed by a sickly sweet smell...it was the extreme dry down of the Lavender Brownie. I hope this ages out because the first few hours (reapplying to get that hit of lavender) are awesome. Another edit: I tested this again yesterday (25 December). My husband and I both have an aversion to honey notes. I feel like there must be some unlisted honey lurking in here because we both smell it. I will have to decide if it ruins the scent for me or not.
  15. HerbGirl

    Coffee Cream Pie

    This is about as good as a chocolate and coffee perfume oil could ever hope to be. Eta: but the dry down smells chemical. I usually have this issue with bpal coffee (the only exception being El Dia de los Reyes) and this, sadly, is no different. The initial scent is great and maybe it will get better with age.