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  1. HerbGirl

    Allen's Big Eared Bat

    Oh, this is glorious! Just scored a bottle from Etsy! I cannot remember what it smelled like at first, but it has dried down to a beautiful smooth sandalwood. I love it! Surprised it doesn't have more reviews!
  2. HerbGirl

    Moon When The Cherries Turn Black

    Mother of Cats, why didn't I get two bottles of this?! All notes present with the juicy cherry disappearing/melding ten minutes on my skin. I absolutely love this - so dark, so resinous and not overpowering. I was scared when I smelled this in the bottle - that cherry was fierce!!! Ooohhhh...the black currant, black musk and tobacco are fantastic together!!! Wow!
  3. HerbGirl


    This bottle just arrived today but I wanted to say how much I love it. It is so unique - I have nothing like it in my collection - and smells like a creamy, sugary, non fruity cereal in the best way possible. Lovely. Cap'n Crunch!!!
  4. HerbGirl

    Grief Moth

    In the bottle it is very very fig. BIG FIG. On the skin, it morphs into a crazy beautifully soft fig mooshed into vanilla woods. After a few minutes I smell a touch of patchouli. This bottle just arrived but it already smells amazing. I'm looking forward to smelling how it ages!
  5. HerbGirl

    Grief Moth Part II

    This smells like posh luxury! The rosehips give it a tart bite, smoothed over by a bit of patchouli with a hint of mushroom and balsam to ground. I can't pick out the hemp, which is fine by me. I can't compare it to anything although I think there was a similar set of notes for a Weenie or Yule that I missed out on last year. When I smell this and close my eyes, I'm in a beautiful traditional Japanese room with precious lacquered wooden items and books. Very comforting. Very posh/plush. Very glad I got a bottle!
  6. HerbGirl

    A Summer Night

    This is beautiful. It needs travel rest but it was one of the two I had to try immediately. Lovely and definitely blue. I smell the driftwood and whichever florals/musks are used to evoke the sea. It reminds me sooo much of Astrid's Canyon Paths at Dusk but I don't know how. I will add more if I am able to tease out any other notes. Really really nice.
  7. HerbGirl


    Gorgeous sugared clove and a light amber with a nice throw and long wear!
  8. HerbGirl

    Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum

    I bought two bottles... They arrived today and I KNOW they need time to recover from travel but... I just smell grass. Green grass. Strong. Fresh. Green. Grass. I literally hate that smell and am holding on to hope that in a week or two some of the other notes will come forward. Dry grasses are fine but I was so excited about the other notes and am disappointed that none of them are present. That'll teach me to blind bottle anything with any type of grass note. If you have trouble with grass taking over, you have been warned. The headache is fierce. I will update here if anything changes.
  9. HerbGirl

    Labdanum, Red Musk, Scorched Vanilla

    Juicy red musk. Yummy cola Labdanum. Doesn't get much better than this.
  10. What a perfect Autumn scent! The nagarmotha is barely detectable underneath the red fruits (I smell pomegranate, cranberry and tart cherry) and that is how it dries down for me. Very similar to one of the HM scents. I am so glad to have a bottle and have already made a dent in it in less than a week, lol. Very nice.
  11. HerbGirl

    The Governing Dark’s Begun

    I love love love this. The eucalyptus is strongest at first, but ends up giving way to the deep, chewy patchouli /amber/opoponax combo. I unfortunately never pick up on the black currant. Still, sooo good.
  12. HerbGirl

    Blackberry Moon 2022

    If you enjoy BPAL's blackberry note, do not pass this up. It is the star, for certain. Mine arrived today and I had to wear it - I know I smell things other than blackberry but it will take some settling for them to unjumble. I really really like it.
  13. This is the best sandalwood vanilla I have ever smelled. Finally!!!
  14. HerbGirl

    You May House Their Bodies But Not Their Souls

    This amber-patchouli-vanilla is very well blended and takes a while to bloom on my skin. The amber waft is truly incredible. Gorgeous.
  15. HerbGirl

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    My bottle arrived today and I love it. In my book, this is the perfect 'straight up' vanilla. Doesn't get any better than this. (For nava lovers - this reminds me most of moonstone with some creamy crystal thrown in and a hint of kobalt.)