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  1. a_bear

    Your most evocative Halloween/Autumn scents 🎃

    Samhain is such a good Halloween scent, but black patchouli doesn't work for me, so I can't really wear it. Wish I could, though. Escape from the Autumn Carnival is also a good one, though the leather note starts off pretty sharp.
  2. a_bear

    TKO Atmosphere Spray

    I haven't tried the oil, but I received a sample of the atmo spray. It smells like a fluffy lavender marshmallow cloud, but isn't too sweet. I spray it on a cloth, let it dry, and then choloroform myself with it - highly effective.
  3. a_bear


    I have not asked Baku to eat my dreams, but Baku has definitely helped me when I have a headache. It's relaxing without making me sleepy and is one of like two scents I can tolerate when I my head hurts. It has a pretty short life on me, but again, since I mostly reach for it when my head hurts or I just need to take a few deep relaxing breaths, I don't see that as a problem. The scent is a slightly anise-y Lavender. I don't get eucalyptus or any other notes really.
  4. a_bear


    most unsexy leather blends to me are probably Dwarf from the RPG series - really smells like leather and soot Coffee & Old Books - mostly because for some reason that leather/old book note goes wonky/sour on my skin
  5. a_bear

    Elegba w/o coconut?

    Thanks! I haven't tried any of those yet
  6. a_bear

    Elegba w/o coconut?

    I really like Elegba - the one from the Excolo collection - but I don't love the coconut. Any recs for similar scents without coconut? I'm thinking Wellerman might be a candidate.
  7. a_bear

    BPAL for a newbie

    GC: Morocco (carnation), Blood Kiss (cherry & clove), Bengal (clove), Plunder (clove) LE, but currently available: A Vigilant Eye at Heaven's Center (mint), Gingerbread & Leather (clove), Let America Be America Again (clove) I also like clove, hence so many recs. I'm also not crazy about florals, so I didn't think I would like Morocco, but I guess I like carnation, too. I like pairing it with Plunder for extra spiciness.
  8. a_bear

    Gingerbread Witch

    Gingerbread Witch starts off predominately apple and a pumpkin note that reminds me of the pumpkin in Pumpkin Pie Musk, but instead of musk and pie crust, it's accompanied by a witchy combination of rosemary and lemon. If it wasn't called Gingerbread Witch, I'm not sure I would pick it out as a gingerbread scent. Once it's dry I also get the apple cereal vibe. The pumpkin and rosemary recede, but a lightly spicy breadiness comes out to accompany the apple. I prefer the slightly funky way it starts, but overall it's enjoyable. I keep forgetting that it's a Winter/Yule scent rather than a Halloween scent.
  9. a_bear

    Mata Hari

    When still wet, this is a really surprising and delicious blend of sweet, creamy coffee and florals. Dry, though, it's mostly ever so slightly indolic jasmine and with a bit of perfumey rose (not the lovely fresh rose from The Rose). I can't pick out the other notes at this stage, but I think they're there in the background. Ultimately, not really my thing, but I'm glad I tried it.
  10. a_bear

    Mag Mell

    Wet, this reminds me of A Vigilant Eye at Heaven's Center without the apple. I think my brain is interpreting the sage as minty? For a split second I get the grass, and it quickly becomes rain with a hint of verbena. If I really inhale, I get a bit of ginger. At this stage it reminds me of Leanan Sidhe without the florals (to me this is a good thing). After about 40 min I get the amber. Lasted longer than I thought it would. It has hardly any throw, but I'll be curious to see if that changes as the bottle ages a little.
  11. a_bear


    Wet: candied citrus Dry: the citrus doesn't last very long, but there's a nice phase where it smells less like candy. At least when it disappears the other notes stick around (unlike what happened for me with Baobhan Sith). The patch, rose, and musk pull it into more traditional perfume territory, but I still like it. I don't get the soapiness that others do. Overall, it's kind of this whimsical tug-of-war between the bright citrus and the perfumey elements.
  12. a_bear

    Baobhan Sith

    Got my imp second hand, so not sure how old it is. Starts with a lovely, fresh blast of grapefruit, and fairly quickly goes flat. Rather than the other notes coming out to play as the grapefruit fades, they sort of mumble and then also disappear. Quite a bummer as they are all notes I like.
  13. a_bear

    Apostrophe of Time

    For me, this perfectly captures the inspiration, dark and deep, but also bright and glittery. Neroli is the most prominent note, though the amber was also strong when I tried it in warmer weather. Overall, a fancy woody citrus blend. A little bit goes a long way.
  14. a_bear

    The Flame of the Bear

    This is THE scent of the winter holidays for me - lots of fresh, natural greenery. Softer on than in the bottle, but overall doesn't change much through wear. I'm not sure how much I'll wear it outside of the holiday season, but it'll be on repeat with the "A Charlie Brown Christmas" music from the end of November to New Year's Day.
  15. a_bear


    Wet and initially as it dries this reminds me of a more sophisticated version of a bath&bodyworks spray I had ages ago, that had a waterfall or something on the label. Extremely fresh smelling. Threatens to go a bit soapy the longer it's on, but stays largely consistent. I'll reach for this more in hot weather when I want something cooling, but maybe in small quantities as I suspect it will bother my sinuses in large doses.