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  1. a_bear

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    It was a Limited Edition, so not as readily available as some of the scents others have mentioned, but Himalayan White Tea, Lemon Peel, & Grass reminds me of CK1.
  2. a_bear

    Marshmallow Candy Canes Hair Gloss

    This was not quite what I was hoping for. The peppermint reminds me of the one from the Peppermint and Pine duet, which to me has a sort of sour/funky edge to it. The marshmallow is more vanilla than recognizable marshmallow to my nose. The marshmallow/vanilla base does last a long time in my hair - a couple days after application, I was wondering what smelled like cake, only to realize it was my hair.
  3. a_bear


    Mostly sandalwood, reminds me of a scent memory I have involving sandalwood incense. I tested before seeing the notes and didn't realize it had florals. The lemongrass is a bit sharp, but it'll help keep you awake while you're meditating.
  4. a_bear

    Leanan Sidhe

    Cool floral mist. The mist element reminds me of Mag Mell, but since the florals in this one go screechy on me, I much prefer Mag Mell.
  5. a_bear


    I mostly get peach rather than pumpkin from this one, which isn't bad, but warm, lightly spiced peach is more of a summer than a fall scent to me.
  6. a_bear


    The rose is almost herbal, and the tea really comes out on the skin (vs. just sniffing it in the imp). If you like any of these notes, this one's worth a try. A really good scent for spring.
  7. a_bear


    With musk and carnation, I expected a bolder scent more like Morocco, but on application I got a light, soapy floral. It opened up a little bit with wear, and I could recognize the carnation and plum, but between the two, I think I prefer Morocco.
  8. a_bear


    Unsurprisingly, it smells like rose, but I don't really get any cinnamon or anything resembling incense from this one.
  9. a_bear


    So much patchouli, and it is a really dirty, filthy patch. I got a bit of apricot on application, but it's really all about the patch with this one.
  10. a_bear

    Epidote Phoenix

    Smells like standing in a coniferous forest on a sunny day. Sort of similar to Theoi Nomioi, but warmer and without the campfire and stone.
  11. a_bear

    Only a Sip

    Smells like Christmas potpourri, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Lasts less than 1/2 an hour on me, though.
  12. a_bear

    L.A. River Pumpkin

    Big bold perfectly ripe pineapple up front with a hint of dried grass. I don't know what prickly pear smells like, but the fruity elements of the scent have decent staying power. I don't particularly smell anything vegetal like pumpkin, and there's no spice to be found. The green musk is pretty tame - this does not seem to be the Irish Spring green musk from Frog Moon.
  13. a_bear

    Lollipop Smut

    This is delightful. Surprisingly light given the listed notes for Smut. I couldn't pick out the exact flavor of the lollipop, but it is sweet and fruity.
  14. a_bear

    Bobbing for Smut

    Light and sweet, not particularly boozy. The red musk doesn't stand out too much to me, and it's definitely not heavy or savory as it can sometimes be. In general Bobbing for Smut reminds me a lot of Lollipop Smut but with a bit of crisp apple instead of candy.
  15. a_bear

    Pomegranate, Brown Sugar, and Tobacco

    This also smells like a pomegranate single note to me. I get maybe a hint of the brown sugar at the back when it's dry. My bottle is really new, so we'll see how it develops. I don't have high hopes, though, since brown sugar and tobacco are not shy notes in my experience.