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  1. a_bear

    Pinched With Four Pumpkins

    Personally, I would have liked this to have a more prominent cinnamon note as it's very subtle, likewise the pumpkin. On me it's predominately tobacco with a bit of coffee. None of the woods jump out at me, but they probably help to keep the scent from being too sweet. There is a creamy smoothness to the scent, which I'm attributing to the coffee bean husk, since the Lab's assorted coffee-related notes tend to smell sweet and creamy to me. That said, I've seen some people describe the Lab's pumpkin notes as buttery, so maybe it's that? I agree it's quite cozy and warm on its own, but I'll probably experiment with layering it with something spicier, like Plunder or the Cinnamon & Clove duet.
  2. a_bear

    Pumpkin Booze

    Loads of sweet pumpkin spices, but no actual pumpkin to my nose, with a hit of brightness from the orange. The bourbon provides depth, and is boozy, but in a sort of idealized way, so it isn't harsh. This is becoming a regular in my warm, cozy, spicy autumn scents rotation.
  3. a_bear

    Cherry Cream Pie Chypre

    Almost exactly what it says on the tin. I'm not big on gourmand scents, so I don't have much to compare to, but this smells shockingly realistically like cherry cream pie, especially the crust. Not sure what chypre is or what its supposed to smell like, so I can't really say whether I noticed it or not.
  4. a_bear

    Pecan Pie Oud

    This is the oud that made me less afraid of oud; it's not poopy or barnyard-y at all, but rather provides a woody-ness that keeps the scent from being super sweet. Nutty, sweet (but not too much so), woody, with a hint of something bright that's almost citrusy. I don't smell the pie crust note in this like I did in Cherry Cream Pie Chypre. Pairs nicely with Pumpkin Pie Musk since it's not as sweet or gourmand as PPM.
  5. a_bear

    Pumpkin Pie Musk

    pumpkin pie filling. I don't find it to be heavy on the spices (but I like smelling like a spice drawer, so maybe I have a high tolerance), and I don't get any of the pie crust note I smelled in Cherry Pie Chypre. I'm not a big fan of musks generally, but I think here it provides depth to the vegetal pumpkin smell and pulls it out of purely gourmand territory. Pairs really nicely with Pecan Pie Oud.
  6. Bear Prince is a really lovely rose if you can find it or it comes back with this year's Yule/Winter collection.
  7. a_bear

    Our Little Crypt Ghoul

    I seem to remember being slightly disappointed when I first tried this scent, but I think I was just expecting something very different - mostly spiced cider and dried grass, and this is not that. Trying it again a year later, I really like it. Mostly apple, grass, and sage. The sage & grass combo is very fresh and reminds me a bit of Mag Mell. Although the notes say warm apple cider, this cider is not spiced at all and smells more like cool, fresh-pressed apple cider to me. I don't know what squirreltail smells like, but I don't pick up any dirt or dandelions. When first applied it has decent throw, but it doesn't last very long on me.
  8. a_bear


    Dominated by smoke, but with a zap of citrus. The smoke is ever so slightly acrid and surprisingly cold smelling - like the remains of charred wood left in a damp stone fireplace.
  9. a_bear

    Great Basin Woodnymph

    Hay & grass combo smells very similar to that in Hay Moon. The tonka rounds any sharp edges, and the cacao adds a bit of depth without being too foody. A soft scent for sunny late summer/early autumn days.
  10. a_bear

    Muddy Armadillo

    This doesn't smell like actual dirt to me. Instead, it smells like a very expensive dessert with fancy single-origin, fair trade, organic ultra dark chocolate that's only sweetened with the tiniest bit of barely refined sugar in the bourbon cream. It's food-y enough that it's not one I will wear often, but the wood and tobacco really help balance it out and make it wearable for me, so I think I will keep and enjoy my imp. My imp has a good blob of what I guess is cocoa-related oil? It requires some pretty aggressive shaking to disperse it.
  11. a_bear

    Strangler Fig

    Where Tweedledum is a ripe, juicy fig, this one is much drier. It reminds me of a dried fig dropped in dirt/dust, which is not the most appealing visual, but I like the way it smells!
  12. a_bear


    White tea and pepper can be really sharp notes on me, but when they behave this is a bright, juicy citrus scent as the reviewer above said. I like pairing it with Tweedledum to soften and ground it.
  13. a_bear


    Juicy fig backed by a soft patchouli. I don't get much mango or tea, but I really like this scent. Satisfying on its own or with Tweedledee to brighten it up a bit.
  14. a_bear

    My Tiger

    This is one of my favorite relaxing evening scents, though it's interesting enough that I would consider wearing it at other times. It has a slightly funky edge - maybe from the sugar cane? Whatever it is and the lavender help cut through the sweetness. I agree with other reviewers that there's something masculine/cologne-y that comes out in some whifs, but mostly it's pretty neutral, and I feel like I get all of the notes at least a little bit throughout wear.
  15. a_bear


    I was worried this would be a smoke bomb, but I don't smell smoke at all. On wet, it's predominantly astringent lavender. As it dries it fades to mostly a dry tobacco backed by labdanum and incense.