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  1. a_bear

    Muddy Armadillo

    This doesn't smell like actual dirt to me. Instead, it smells like a very expensive dessert with fancy single-origin, fair trade, organic ultra dark chocolate that's only sweetened with the tiniest bit of barely refined sugar in the bourbon cream. It's food-y enough that it's not one I will wear often, but the wood and tobacco really help balance it out and make it wearable for me, so I think I will keep and enjoy my imp. My imp has a good blob of what I guess is cocoa-related oil? It requires some pretty aggressive shaking to disperse it.
  2. a_bear

    Strangler Fig

    Where Tweedledum is a ripe, juicy fig, this one is much drier. It reminds me of a dried fig dropped in dirt/dust, which is not the most appealing visual, but I like the way it smells!
  3. a_bear


    White tea and pepper can be really sharp notes on me, but when they behave this is a bright, juicy citrus scent as the reviewer above said. I like pairing it with Tweedledum to soften and ground it.
  4. a_bear


    Juicy fig backed by a soft patchouli. I don't get much mango or tea, but I really like this scent. Satisfying on its own or with Tweedledee to brighten it up a bit.
  5. a_bear

    My Tiger

    This is one of my favorite relaxing evening scents, though it's interesting enough that I would consider wearing it at other times. It has a slightly funky edge - maybe from the sugar cane? Whatever it is and the lavender help cut through the sweetness. I agree with other reviewers that there's something masculine/cologne-y that comes out in some whifs, but mostly it's pretty neutral, and I feel like I get all of the notes at least a little bit throughout wear.
  6. a_bear


    I was worried this would be a smoke bomb, but I don't smell smoke at all. On wet, it's predominantly astringent lavender. As it dries it fades to mostly a dry tobacco backed by labdanum and incense.
  7. a_bear

    Squirting Cucumber

    When I first tried this I found it weirdly sweet, like sweetened cucumber juice. Retesting my imp, that extra sweetness has gone away, and it's refreshing cucumber with maybe a touch of grass. A good one for hot weather.
  8. a_bear

    Life, the Sculptor, Moulds Unceasingly

    This scent makes me think of morning at a fancy resort in the desert with a picture-perfect succulent garden (it's funny to me how some scents just smell like the notes, and others conjure weirdly specific scenes). It's dry, but still green, with a hint of dew or something. After a couple hours the tulsi becomes more prominent - it's simultaneously a very sweet and kind of bitter herbal smell that I'm not crazy about (it's like sweet basil's funkier sibling). I preferred it when the sandalwood was reining it in.
  9. a_bear

    The Sun Rising

    I was worried this would be too sweet, and it is not at sweet at all. The amber, which dominates, is very mineralic and dry. Unfortunately I think this has the same mandarin note as Carnal, which smells a bit like cleaning solution to me - it's a relatively short-lived note, though. The amber becomes slightly powdery, and the orange blossom and bergamot threaten to pull it into "perfume-y" territory. I'm on the fence about this one because the amber is fascinating, but the supporting notes aren't really working for me.
  10. a_bear


    I don't get any fig from my imp, just slightly cleaning solution-y orange. Bummer. Low throw and wear time.
  11. a_bear


    I get a little bit of everything when first applied, but this quickly becomes all about the green herbs. I can't pick out the individual herbs in the blend, but they are slightly bitter in a refreshing sort of way.
  12. a_bear

    Sweet Orange

    Sweet, but realistically so - not too sweet or candied-smelling. I don't really get peel/pith, but it is ever so slightly floral. Very pretty, light, and fresh. Low throw and very low wear length, but extremely slatherable.
  13. a_bear

    What would you put in a BPAL starter pack?

    Ooo fun! Trying to think of a selection of things I think show off the breadth of BPAL's catalogue - biased towards scents I've actually tried myself. Probably mostly GCs just because they are easier to find. When I think of BPAL I think of something Tom said in one of the 15 min of Fume videos about being clean but smelling dirty, so there's capturing that, but also a little something for everyone. In no particular order: 1. No. 93 Engine from Steamworks - a bunch of notes you may not have heard of but should definitely try 2. Alecto from Excolo - also kind of weird and unique 3. Les Bijoux from Ars Amatoria - sexy without containing red musk 4. Mag Mell from Wanderlust - refreshing 5. Plunder or another one of the GC pirate related scents 6. A black patchouli blend like Depraved, Nephilim, or Sin - get a little dirty 7. Anything from The Mad Tea Party - I haven't tried everything from this collection, but it seems generally kind of fun/playful 8. Anything from Picnic in Arkham - Something horror inspired seems appropriate 9. Something from the Liliths, since that's a recurring collection that's 100% unique to BPAL 10. An activism scent (personally, I'm partial to Theoi Nomioi, but I think Civil Twilight is a popular one) 11. Snake oil and/or Smut or a variant of either/both
  14. a_bear

    Hay Moon 2020

    This is one of the first BPALs I purchased and was actually the one I was most nervous about since I'm not really into gourmands. It turned out to be the big hit from my order, though! I love it. If my house were on fire, this is one I would absolutely have to rescue. It's not too foody or sweet - I get more oats than cake, and the honey and amber are subtle. It's mostly cardamom with dry grass and grains on me. It's the perfect pleasantly warm early Fall day scent, though I've been wearing it here and there the rest of the year as well. I also have the Hay Moon from 2008. I find it's not as warm or sweet smelling on intitial application, but after a couple hours they smell pretty much the same.
  15. a_bear

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    Sjöfn to me is a fresh, slightly floral apple scent, and it's in the GC. Our Little Crypt Ghoul from the most recent Liliths also smells like fresh apple to me without cider/spices (although I think it says the apple note is cider, so YMMV).