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  1. a_bear

    L.A. River Pumpkin

    Big bold perfectly ripe pineapple up front with a hint of dried grass. I don't know what prickly pear smells like, but the fruity elements of the scent have decent staying power. I don't particularly smell anything vegetal like pumpkin, and there's no spice to be found. The green musk is pretty tame - this does not seem to be the Irish Spring green musk from Frog Moon.
  2. a_bear

    Lollipop Smut

    This is delightful. Surprisingly light given the listed notes for Smut. I couldn't pick out the exact flavor of the lollipop, but it is sweet and fruity.
  3. a_bear

    Bobbing for Smut

    Light and sweet, not particularly boozy. The red musk doesn't stand out too much to me, and it's definitely not heavy or savory as it can sometimes be. In general Bobbing for Smut reminds me a lot of Lollipop Smut but with a bit of crisp apple instead of candy.
  4. a_bear

    Pomegranate, Brown Sugar, and Tobacco

    This also smells like a pomegranate single note to me. I get maybe a hint of the brown sugar at the back when it's dry. My bottle is really new, so we'll see how it develops. I don't have high hopes, though, since brown sugar and tobacco are not shy notes in my experience.
  5. a_bear

    Recommendations for simple blends

    Several of the imp packs the BPAL has put together are available on the site again, but you might also have luck looking for second-hand samples of duets and menages from the last couple of years. A few simple (i.e. 2-3 listed notes) GC scents that come to mind are: There are several GCs that are rose and like one other listed note: The Rose, Persephone, Whip, Harlot Kumiho (ginger & white tea) Carnal (mandarin & fig) Darkness (Blackest opium and narcissus deepened by myrrh) Depraved (black patchouli & apricot) Neutral (skin musk) Rogue (leather, hemp, & rosin) Shanghai (green tea, honeysuckle, & lemon verbena) Definitely not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it's helpful.
  6. a_bear

    And I Wede My Corne Well I-Now

    Immediately on application this reminds me of Hay Moon but spicier. As it dries, the spices dance on the edge of cardamom bun filling/curry powder. Once it's totally dry, the spices are still recognizable and dominant, but they relax a bit.
  7. a_bear

    White Grapefruit and Black Tea

    Mostly grapefruit with a bit of tea, which makes somehow makes it smell like a very fancy grapefruit. The white grapefruit note to me is a bit less sweet/candied smelling than the pink grapefruit note, and between the two, I prefer the white grapefruit. I don't get any of the pith, so this is more idealized than fresh-peeled.
  8. a_bear

    The Wild Audacity of My Perfect Triumph

    As described, this is pretty much a lime and anise duet. Very refreshing, not too sweet.
  9. I got this as a frimp, and if someone had asked me if I wanted to smell like rootbeer, I probably would've said "No," but I would have been wrong. Quite a good comfort scent.
  10. a_bear

    Corn Riggs

    I was a bit hesitant about this one because my skin can do really terrible things with smoke notes, but this one plays nice. I don't really get much smoke and only a hint of incense. It reminds me a bit of Pinched w/ 4 Pumpkins, since they're both dark, smooth pumpkin scents (without any spice!). When first applied the apple stands out, but the notes are really well blended together and it's difficult for me to pick apart once it's dry.
  11. a_bear


    The rose smells fresh-cut and, indeed, a bit damp - similar to The Rose from the Märchen collection. Sadly, the leather smells plasticky on me.
  12. a_bear

    Drider Crossing Guard

    Freshly applied, this reminds me of some fruity/powdery deodorant I had as a teenager. The fig comes out more over weartime and begins to pull it out of teen-spirit territory, but it never turns into a love for me. As much as I like both fig and plum, overall, I think I prefer Drow Yoga Instructor.
  13. a_bear

    Don’t Lick It

    Sweeter and with more vanilla than Fuck It, Might as Well Lick It. A good one if you want a gentler peppermint.
  14. a_bear

    Sugar Skull

    Sugar Skull 2020: more or less as expected based on listed notes. A mix of dark, syrupy sugars that smell almost honeyed with a bit of something fruity and a tiny hint of spice. Sugar Skull 2021: smells like the dead leaves accord - vegetal, almost green peppery. honestly wondering if I got a mislabled decant. (eta: after conferring with some other BPALers, I think I may have received a decant of Dead Leaves on House Plants that was mislabeled)
  15. a_bear

    Signum Crucis

    MUSHROOM MUSHROOM. Ok, so I was expecting mostly rose with a bit of the other notes, but the mushroom is suprisingly prominent. Very earthy and reminds me a bit of Etienne de Boray Oak (probably because that's the only other scent with a mushroom note I've tried). I do get the rose initially, but it fades into the background. There's a bit of sharp leather as well, and I'm still not really sure what ambrette seed smells like, but there is a sweet musky perfumey-ness happening. The art for this scent is so pretty and soft, but the actual scent is giving me bouquet mouldering in the graveyard vibes.