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  1. groovyrooby


    I love & collect black licorice blends. Same with grapefruit, my favorite citrus note! however... black licorice + grapefruit = celery?? Eventually faded to a chewy licorice candy, like I can almost see the yellow/green tooth marks in a bite of that good Australian licorice. Aniseed & molasses. I will have to give it a few more tries before coming to a final verdict on this one.
  2. groovyrooby

    Bringer of Evil

    Just adore this. I love citrus scents in the morning, and this is a great addition to my current selection. It is uniquely floral citrus - the violet is sweet and not at all soapy - and it lasts longer than most of my favorite citrus blends - including the grapefruit note! Wonderful and a must-have for me. Upgrading from a decant to a full size.
  3. groovyrooby

    Dream Skin

    I just adore this. I was so sad there were no Liliths this year, as they are easily my favorite collection. But this will tide me over! Herbal lavender and sweet floral incense - nothing smoky, just really cozy and soft. It's got great, gentle, lasting waft of warm and snuggly lavender. I can't decide when I most enjoy wearing this - in the afternoon with a fuzzy sweater or at night to send me off to sleep. The name is really apt: close, like second skin, effortless and gracefully haunting. Wonderful & the most reached-for bottle I have right now.
  4. groovyrooby

    Hard Candy Bath Oil

    Put this on after swimming laps at the YMCA. Husband walked in the room when I got home and said - Ooh! Smells like candy in here! Life Savers! Red Life Savers!! I have been searching for a way to overpower the chlorine aroma from the pool. Slathered this on immediately post-shower in place of lotion, and the clothes I wore afterwards still smell like delicious red candies. We have a winner!!
  5. groovyrooby

    Early Affection

    I am just loving BPAL's honeyed red fruits scents! And this one with rose!! The Triumph in My Song scents have been overwhelmingly winners for me, and this is no exception. On me, this is very rose, the kind I like, velvety and sweet right on the bush, not dried. The honey makes it extra resinous and rich, and the fruits give it yet another layer of sweet-tart sweetness. It ends on the red sandalwood, a nice lingering sweet incensey note. Really beautiful. Blind bottled like a freaking boss and patting myself on the back for it!
  6. groovyrooby

    White Cat

    Well this is a win! Lemon marshmallow! No plastic!! Mellows out to faint sweet lemon with a little toastiness, not unlike Boozy Lemon Bars on me, but with sweet marshmallow cream rather than cookie.
  7. groovyrooby

    Call of the Geese Meeting at Night

    Coconut! Not at all tropical. Cozy and snuggly. This actually reminds me of an old imp of Brown Jenkin that I've been hanging onto forever. I got myself a fresh big bottle of Brown Jenkin, because I love that imp so much, and I've been patiently waiting for it to age to the same point as that imp... It's taking forever, and I'm still enjoying the sweeter, more potent coconut for now, but this THIS is like fast forwarding to the aged version! Just what I wanted! First bottle sniff was a bit rough - green banana acetone, to my nose. Super aromatic. But it ended dry, scratchy and a hint sweet, almost makes me think this has cocoa, but I think it's just the combination with coconut. I don't think I get any red currant so far, but this was a fairly fresh-from-the-mail test, and it's really nice as-is. Glad I went for this.
  8. groovyrooby

    Performing Cunnilingus on a Colleague

    Oh boy oh boy this scent is a dream come true. It's like they took all the best parts of some of my favorites and rolled them into one magnificent blend! The rich, resinous fruits of Like the Very Gods or The Wish, plus the candy-sweet red musk of Heartshow, with an extra kick of spice from The Sky Quivered Red Like Flames of Fire HG. Up close, it's dry and toasty, red hot desert spice musk. But the waft is all honeyed fruit. Candied fruits, red musk, and pink spice. Gorgeous. Delicious. Tested it first thing in the morning, just a couple dabs on a wrist, and I could smell it all day while doing yardwork, under my gardening glove, above the sage bushes and the dirt. Exceptional. So glad I blind bottled this. It is love.
  9. groovyrooby

    Lines to a Nasturtium (A Lover Muses)

    This reminds me a lot of one of my favorite Labors of the Months: And I Wede My Corne Well I-Know. The cardamom is gorgeous and the balsam gives it a spicy even-greener kick. The honey sweetens it to an almost maple-like effect. Husband describes it as a honey-musk. And the patchouli gives it that cozy, scratchy wool feel. It's earthy-sweet, green not dirt, spicy warm, dry, rich and delicious. Love this. definitely a keeper!
  10. groovyrooby

    Falling Stars

    Note to self: blue & white musks are not my jam. I prefer red & black, spicy musks. If I had been able to see past the jasmine & benzoin blinders, I would have realized this is pretty much the opposite of where I usually go. Sometimes that's good! But here, it means I came to this for exactly the wrong reasons. This is very blue and floral, fresh, cool, and aromatic. It is exactly as described - emphasis on the blue, crystalline, nighttime. If those are your vibes, you are going to love this!
  11. groovyrooby

    Cat Seen From Behind

    Very woody. Almost bitter, dry wood. Heavy on the toasted aspect, along the lines of bitter, toasted spices. Twiggy, like dried sticks. Powerful for a couple hours. Sweetens up to a lingering rice milk to finish.
  12. Really those first few notes sum this one up for me - French lilac perfume. Very aromatic, this one floats high above the skin, very floral. More blue than rose. I didn't get much of the warmth here - no spices. Ambergris, maybe. But tinkling bells, I can totally see. A light but distinct announcement when entering a room. Delicate but forthright. This is very close to my kind of lilac, but I like it a little more damp & fresh, more greenery and less precious.
  13. groovyrooby


    So weird, this one! Right out of the decant, it's got a sourness that reminds me of A Sorceress - I'm thinking it's something to do with the fabric here and silk there? I got a similar (softer) sourness to start here. Kind of like feet? Mixed with the mint. Warmed up to a lovely sweet waft, assuming it's the mallow flower & bourbon vanilla. But up close, I couldn't seem to shake that minty sour smell. Almost worth it for the sweetness! Stuck around a good couple hours.
  14. groovyrooby

    By Day She Made Herself into a Cat

    This is so black musk! Love it to start - cool & spicy. Softens up to a more powdery musk. I adore black musks at the cold-spicy black peppercorn end of the spectrum, and this just isn't sharp enough for me to keep. Very nice! Don't get me wrong! But I think I'd still reach for my others more often.
  15. groovyrooby


    I had pretty much 0 expectation that this would be for me, as I don't really enjoy Whip or leather notes and haven't had much success with champagne. The plum and blackcurrant were my only hopes here, but I had the opportunity to swap for it, and that's what swaps are for! Risky trials! Much to my surprise, I REALLY enjoy this! Straightaway, it reminds me of Berlin Girls. Must be the leather/blackcurrant combo. Husband loves Berlin Girls on me, probably even more than I do, and there is a time and a place for that. It's got a nice cologne edge to it, slightly fruity, medium throw, just enough to remind me that I'm am in charge. This one I'm wearing for me today, to work, for some extra boss power. It's a little bold, inspiring, and empowering. And this is exactly why I love swaps!