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  1. groovyrooby

    I Am As Lyght As Byrde In Bowe

    Relatively cool morning and a weekend spent outdoors make me happy to start this one out for the season. At first test, it was gorgeous but too heavy for 95 degrees. But now I'm ready! It's a wonderfully sweet unisex and work-appropriate blend that my nose reads alternately as sage-forward cologne (yep, as @starbrow guessed, I prefer my Eve with the Sage Fuck Up ;) ) and a warm, sweet earthy vanilla. I get no cinnamon really, in smell or in the burning effect it tends to have on my skin. YAY! It's sophisticated but still has a wild feel to it. Great throw. Maybe that's how the feathery bit comes across. I don't care much for powdery smells, and myrrh can be an offender for me in this respect, but I'm not getting that here. Soap neither, which is also a tendency of mine that I wish wasn't. None of that here! Just a cloud of warm, ethereal, herbal sweetness.
  2. groovyrooby

    The Fairy Lovers

    Oh this is so lovely totally agree with @feyofthefellwood - reminds me of The Unicorn, which I love. I like all my flowers damp and my roses really sugary. The gardenia and rose are both right up my alley and together here make this a sweet, vibrant floral. There's an extra fresh, green note to it, too, like the Grass fragrance from The Gap of my teenage years - I imagined this was the "wild lettuce" in The Unicorn, but I'm wondering if it's the 'dewy' factor here. The vanilla in this and the coconut in The Unicorn add to the sweetness. I adore it. My husband says it smells 'clean' which is generally a good thing. The big, sweet flowers calm down a bit after the initial punch, but I still got wafts of it hours after application. Sweet, dewy green stems, and delicate but powerfully fragrant flowers make this really feel like woodland creatures having a romp. Best of all, I saved this for testing after a weekend of backpacking, and good golly does it capture that magical feeling. Gorgeous. Wore it last night and put it on again first thing this morning. ❤️
  3. groovyrooby

    Under The Silvery Moonbeams

    This was lemony clean as all get out and did not really morph much for me. Bright, crisp lemon and a little piney, screaming to start and still a wail to finish. I didn't get any of the cardamon, chestnut, or really anything sweet as I had imagined. Just the things I hoped would be sedate, all at the forefront. Knowing it should have matcha and jasmine, I can find a dry green tea if I look for it. No mint. It reminds me of The Silver Parlour HG, so I'm guessing it's consistent with the Lab's 'silver' and 'moon' vibes. Should've been a cue to me, but I was wanted to see how those notes blend with the other interesting bit here. For me, they just didn't appear. If you like a cool, shivering, astringent lemon, this is really going to hit the spot. But for me, I have negative associations with a particular lemon/lime/pine floor cleaning product, and this nails it.
  4. groovyrooby


    I don't often go back to review GCs that have been around awhile, but then again, I don't often like pine- or juniper-forward smells, and this one I LOVE! It's one that I never would have selected for myself and makes me ever grateful for lab frimps. Put it on at work as my post-lunch scent refresh (My Wise Beauty was the a.m. smell today ) and as I sit here thinking about how wonderful I smell, I figured I should give this one some props. I love a good musk, but earthy smells are love/hate for me - I don't enjoy the Lab's dirt and dead leaves notes. This, however, is a gorgeous blend to my nose. Reminds me a bit of Alviss and Troll - my other unlikely woodsy loves - but more grandiose, very confident, and soothing. Almost cozy compared to those two, but it's not withdrawn. It makes me feel more contented and peaceful. It captures the poem's feeling of life as something larger than our comprehension, and it puts me in a mood to detach from petty and mundane gripes, focus on the bigger picture instead. The musk really ties this all together nicely as a comforting reminder of the natural order of things. Wonderful stuff.
  5. groovyrooby

    Just as the Clock Struck Twelve

    I had to try this one several times to figure out what's going on... still not sure. There is some particular BPAL combination that comes across as a salty, peanutty smell, and it's here! Reviewing my copious notes, I can't find a clear pattern, but I'm thinking it has something to do with the way cocoa plays with white musk on/to me? It's a weirdly savory smell to my nose. The first test may have been too soon from the mail, and the rose was nowhere to be found, just a suggestion of floral in the white musk. When the floral element finally came in on a later test, it's a soapy, sharp, shrill rose that is not my favorite version. Duly noted, damask rose. I had the same problem with To A Dead Friend. And The Madam. And Eve. The elements in this really don't seem to gel for me, but it's so odd I'm interested in trying again with time. Feels like this is just not where it was intended to be. Except - nevermind, that dry rose is kind of a dealbreaker for me, and I don't imagine the quality of rose changing with time. This has potential if you're a dried rose lover. But I like them humid and plump. Not for me.
  6. groovyrooby

    Crystal Gazers

    Dang lemon verbena stomped all over everything that was supposed to happen in this for me. It was the one note I was afraid of, and it's mostly what I got. That said, it wasn't too bad for a screeching lemon on me - the neroli softened it up a bit to lemonhead/lemondrop status rather than just straight up cleaning products. But to my nose it was more bitter and sharp than I expected. I was hoping for something richer and fruitier, but I think I should have read this outcome in the "crystalline" bit.
  7. groovyrooby


    This started out with a familiar warm glow of a smell, kinda cola, kinda orangey. I remember Snake Smut starting out like this for me. Effervescent but gloomy with a spicy bark, sarsaparilla kind of smell. Overall, I'm gonna say I got: Alice = creamy, maybe carnation, bergamot to start Sherezade = spicy, no red musk, maybe the cola culprit heavy on Rakshasa = sandalwood rose patchouli I thought it was just fine, not great and not bad but not speaking to me. My husband really liked it, though.
  8. groovyrooby


    Funny how different this reads for folks. I got bubblegum from the Blood and cinnamon from the Chimera = Big Red! Pretty much no trace of Shanghai, which is surprising that at leas the lemon didn't peek through. Overall came across like resin & cinnamon bark. I worried it would turn to potpourri, but no! Just warm cinnamon and maybe a hint of fruity sweet.
  9. groovyrooby

    On Wednesday, I Will Promise You a Phantom

    This is my favorite lavender I've come across lately. It - the lavender! - morphs a lot over time and has good staying power on me. It starts out like a dark & spicy woods. Very twiggy, and almost reminded me a bit of Troll. I couldn't quite place the lavender, just knew I loved the smell. As it warms up, it becomes apparent that it's lavender going through a phase, now turning woolly and austere, along the lines of We Wear the Mask, which I also love. It's a hint sweet and very dignified. I was already sold on a big bottle for the lavender version at this point, but then it developed one stage further into a gorgeous, sweet, cozy lavender like my the beloved Incolumitas! I have been hoping upon all hopes that they would make that free gift giveaway into a regular catalog item and HERE IT IS! I have been hoarding those little bottles, and this finally scratches that itch in a full size! The Air & The Ether was too cold and dry for me, but this!! I put it on at 2, bathed in it at 4, it was still around at 10, and detectable on my sleeve the next day
  10. groovyrooby

    Violet Fog

    As @Beary Strange mentioned hearing in the video reviews, I can totally see the 'greyed out purple' vibe here. I didn't get the smell of violets, but I got the sensation of chilly lavender. Sometimes I love lavender, but sometimes - like here - it goes sour on me. This has an ozone sourness that effectively suggests a thick, heavy, cold and humid quality to the air. But maybe it's the smoked bit that makes it sour to my nose. I hoped for violets and got none here. No champaca, nothing floral, just a bitter, herbal lavender and a dull, woody sandalwood.
  11. groovyrooby

    Cerise Fog

    I really enjoyed the candy cherry to start! Sweet & jammy. Kinda Ludens "throat lozenge", but in a good way, because we all know those are really candy "medicine". But the cherry mellowed out quickly into a gentler sweetness. Then, it went through a candle-y, waxy phase (my main struggle with red fruit scents)... and then it disappeared! And left me with something cinnamony! Not the real deal, which gives me the itchy red blotches, but just cinnamon, non-fruity cinnamon. The chilly, damp fog vibe that I got from Midnight Fog did not really appear here for me.
  12. groovyrooby


    I am generally not a leather-lover, and that is by far what jumped out at me here. Like a souvenir shop full of freshly conditioned leather purses and saddlebags, bright and bracing leather. And a hint of cherry? I love Snake Oil blends, but I didn't get much of that vibe here. Certainly no Maiden. I was hoping for more of either one. Hellfire is sweet & powdery on me, but maybe the two additions got the leather to scream on me. Not for me, mate.
  13. groovyrooby

    Midnight Fog

    This has become a late-winter/early spring go-to for me, especially at bedtime. So calm and soothing! It starts out with something like the wood polish vibe in Rickety Staircase, almost lemony clean, but in the nicest way, since I am generally cursed with screaming-Pledge-wood-polish-smell from most lemon components. I like lemon, but usually have to come at it indirectly, and I appreciate the flowers doing it for me here. The sandalwood is the base for this scent with a papery, old books and dusty library feel. Over top, I would have guessed this has orange blossom - another favorite of mine - but it must be this combination of florals that's coming across so bright and citrusy. That is to say, this is a brisk floral, not terribly sweet or perfumey. The fog comes through feeling chilly and damp. I love it after my bedtime shower for a clean, enveloping white floral with sandalwood. Husband commented on how nice I smelled at bedtime. Promptly ordered a full bottle.
  14. groovyrooby

    The Red Ribbon

    Another Shunga win! This reminds me of a red musk version of Womb Furie. It starts out *ugh* *drool* so sweet and rich and buttery. Then the red musk (LOVE) comes storming in and sexes up the whole thing. The final, lasting effect loses a bit of the sweetness and leans more on the patchouli and dry spice. Gorgeous. This was one I kept waving in front of my husband's nose going "Smell me! I smell GOOD!" BTW that was a dab. Excellent throw! This is a keeper, and I'm definitely gonna dab it like crazy, just to keep getting the full start-to-finish experience.
  15. groovyrooby

    An Assortment of Spring Pleasures

    Completely agree with other viewers on what a puzzle this one is! I am loving it and it's a wonderful springtime scent I have been stuck on since the first test. But like the others, I keep going back to the webpage asking, "Now what was in this again??" First sniff, I was certain it had fruits! Peach or sweet orange... something a little juicy, very floral, and sweet-tart. Then the flowers came, and I worried for a minute that this was not for me. I love certain florals - wet, heady, damp, slightly spoiled or a little green - and I cannot with others - pretty, dried, delicate. This was coming in like precious white flowers for a minute and a dry, dull, lemony wood. But it subsided just about as soon as it came, and the fruity floral smell is back! And now I just keep wearing it! Wonderful today paired with the Pink Peach Blossoms and White Plum Flowers Hair Gloss. ... but then I look at the notes and -- huh?? No fruits? No flowers?? I think the honey and white tea are singing a whole new song in unison, and it's delightful. Must've been the cashmere wood peeking through through briefly. But I would almost put this in a camp with Defututa, Fae, or Aglaea, which are 3 of my favorite GCs! Floral honey and fruity tea. Love.