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  1. groovyrooby

    No Man is an Island

    I think @starbrow nailed it. This is the sweet spot of dusty earthy & yummy sweet for me. And yes, I also adore Cafe Mille et Une Nuits. I blind bottled this one when I heard the Dum Spiro Spero line was coming down. All the notes were promising for me, except the cassis was a little questionable. SO glad I went for it. The patchouli comes off tweedy, the sage green and slightly vegetal like celery, and they are a brilliant bitter balance for the sweet hazelnut coffee. Altogether it's a confident and composed coffee cocoa woody spice, and reminds me a bit of another favorite - Aged Vetiver, Chocolate, and White Sandalwood. Moderate throw, good wear length, and I feel I can wear this in a lot of contexts. Very thankful I grabbed this when I had the chance.
  2. groovyrooby

    Midnight Bonfire

    This was a total shocker to me. Tested from a decant that rested for days. My initial impression was smoky and spicy, almost food spicy, something tasty in there, like a burnt hot dog over a fire? That didn't last long. This turned 95% floral and a faint hint of smoke. Big blooms, all jasmine, and I really like it. Husband says "earthy," so maybe he found the patchouli. If I look for it, I think I can pull out maple dark sweetness, maybe a trace of pine. But I would absolutely consider this a floral on me. Tested again a couple days later - same experience. Smoky floral. Considering upgrading to the big bottle to fill my current big-floral need.
  3. groovyrooby

    Rickety Staircase

    Fascinating smells and an impressive feat. Tested from a decant that rested over a week. This one has a lot going on! Starts with a green woody smell, freshly cut wood. Gets a marbly cool polished stone vibe and turns into a high-end shampoo smell, very clean and foamy. Ended kind of waxy, just like lacquered wood with a hint of varnish. Overall had a nice amber glow with that legit polished wood smell up close. Husband was impressed when I told him the name - "it's cool they can actually make something that smells like that idea." I say sm
  4. groovyrooby

    The Wish

    Adore this. Tested from a decant that rested for a week or so. This convinced me I must be a red musk fan. Started dry incense but turned the perfect blend of warm, dry spices. Black pepper, cumin, like a toasted & freshly ground masala. Just love this. Gave up on testing for the day and just put on more when it died down a bit a few hours later. Close, furry, nutty, and sweet. I was hesitant about the 'smoked' and 'fruits' bit of this, as I haven't had much luck with fruits, and smoke can be too much. But this was gorgeous. Going big with this one.
  5. groovyrooby


    Gosh, surprised this one hasn't gotten more love and attention! Tested from a frimped decant that's been resting some days. This is all sweet and dark vibe on me. First whiff is maple, then I get a sense of something aromatic and floral, but also darkly sweet. Like a soft, lurking, subtle lily, or the black narcissus of Hunger. I almost had a deep fruits sweet, stone fruits early on, but again, very subtle, which was welcome, because fruits don't usually work well on me. Beyond those first flourishes, not a whole lot of evolution in this one, but good throw and staying power. Adding to my GC faves list.
  6. groovyrooby

    Bookcase Passage

    Wow not at all what I expected! Tested from a decant that's been resting about a week. I expected dark and musty (which I kinda like) but this is not at all that! Which I also like! Bright and fresh to start, herbal, almost minty. Husband said it smelled "kind of clean. I like that. That's nice." Dries down to a faint smell of books, soft and clean, sandalwood papery and leather spines, just a touch lemony. Really pretty, very close to the skin. Went back for more and wore it out to the store today. (this being Covid times, wearing a smell on an outing is kind of a big deal) I get a bookcase passage that opens with a gust of wind that suggests whatever's going on at the end of the passage is more current, clean, and contemporary than the room in which you found the passage. You thought the musty old place was long abandoned, but when you pulled that volume off the shelf and the door popped open, you realize there is life and activity hidden behind the walls.
  7. groovyrooby

    The Ghosts of the Year

    Dangit this just did not work for me. Tested from a decant that's been resting about a week. Lemon-y notes are one of those groups that can go either way on me - either they sing (anxiously ordered Lemon Peel, Marshmallow, and Orange Blossom before they take it away, I love the bergamot in Figure in the Attic Window) or they scream. This is a screamer on me, drowning out all those other beautiful notes. All I get is LEMON of the harsh cleaning product variety. Once the lemon finally quiets down, I get a whisper of musk, but that's about it. Doesn't last long on me, which was good in my case.
  8. groovyrooby

    Black Licorice Smut

    Well I love black licorice and apparently I love smut, too. Tested twice from a decant. It's sweetest at the very outset, almost grapey. But once the anise comes in it completely takes over, and this is not really sweet at all! More rooty. Almost sarsaparilla. On me, it's like the good, thick Panda licorice, not the candy sweet twists. It's a sharp, high anise with great throw over a lusty, spicy base. Really nice. I just love how I smell right now.
  9. groovyrooby

    Figure in the Attic Window

    This was a bit of a risk for me. Lots of elements here can go really wrong, but somehow this is a best-case scenario for all of them! Tested from a decant that's been resting about a week. Starts out really chilly. Almost minty cool and green with a hint of lemon. I'm 50/50 on lemon being a love or too like a cleaning product. The bergamot is a winner here for me, not sharp or shrill, but very close. I get a light powder from frankincense, but not the powder that can be a major turnoff for me, just soft and dusty. Anise is the last to appear for me, and it blends beautifully with the lemon. About 2 hours in and it's mellowed into a faint green spice. This is one does well to capture the haunted house vibe. A shiver in the beginning and a lingering, warm hint of presence to finish. Lovely.
  10. groovyrooby


    2020 version - tested from a decant that rested a few days. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who says green pepper! Spot on! Just like I got from Dead Leaves, Tunisian Amber, and Smoked Balsam, this starts out with a distinct whiff of green pepper! Amazingly green and crisp. And just like the DL, it morphs quickly away from chlorophyll to dry, woodsy leaves. I love it.It's like all the smells that strike me with awe when hiking through the woods in the Fall - dry, crackly leaves and the spice of oakmoss - the smells that make me gasp *oh gosh what is that can I please smell like that* are here. Nailed it, y'all. I will add this to the rotation of bottles I reach for to keep that fresh, autumn hike vibe when I get home and take off my boots.
  11. groovyrooby

    Doleful Pipe Organ

    I might have found a vetiver that doesn't work for me with this one. Tested from a decant that's been resting a few days. Starts out spicy and herbaceous, almost like cinnamon but without the burn, sharper and greener. This one fits the haunted house vibe best of all those I've tried so far. Settled dust in a cluttered old mansion. The incense comes through later, smoky and high. I'm afraid I like my vetiver with a hit of something sweet, and this doesn't have it. I'm not getting any of that from the burgundy or cacao, and nothing velvety smooth. This precise combo is giving me all the bitter version of the notes. Doleful, yes. But more bitter incense plume coming though on me than I enjoy. Not for me, this one.
  12. groovyrooby

    An Open Grave Underneath the Heavy Leaves

    Not at all what I expected! Tested from a decant that's been sitting for a few days. This starts very green-smelling to me. Wet like bamboo or soy. Makes me think the leaves are so heavy because they're damp, but not a petrichor rainy wet. Floral and almost fruity, like a melon. Almost got a ripe lily for a second there. As it warms up a bit, the green tamps down and it's just a light, sweet, wildflower floral to my nose. Kind of like Wer Opfer Heut Zu Bringen Scheut, which I love, but not as dry grassy. This is a little sunnier. Very pleasant.
  13. groovyrooby

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    I am unfamiliar with the Laces, but maybe I need to get there. Tested from a decant that rested a few days. My first thoughts were sweet and maybe violet, for the soap bubble solution vibe I was getting. And almost something like sweet orange oil. The bubbles didn't last long, though, and it's turned into a warm, sweet golden glow that reminds me of Zorya P. It's a classy perfume smell, and I'm guessing it's the pale/white amber and cognac/tobacco they have in common. It's like a rich, creamy dreamsicle with something floral dressing it up. Casts a nice aura of scent. Really pretty, would be nice for formal occasions but perfectly lovely to sniff while working from home all day, too. Gonna hafta dig into the tomes of Laces now, I suppose.
  14. groovyrooby

    Endless Corridors

    Oh gosh I love this. Tested from a decant after several days sitting from the mail. I love me some vetiver, but it seems I need a hit of sweet to go with it. Doleful Pipe Organ was a little too musty for me, to the point of mildewy. This one, however, is really my jam. I don't usually have luck with honey, either. I get old sweat sour with most of them, but this is exactly how I wish it would smell on me - high, thin syrupy sweet and slightly floral. Add a whiff of recently snuffed candle to the air, and I'm in heaven. First impression was incredibly sweet, almost caramel. Has mellowed into a super cozy, enveloping, warm glow labyrinth that would rather you charm you into exploring its chasms indefinitely than permit you to leave. Great throw and little morphing.
  15. groovyrooby

    Life, the Sculptor, Moulds Unceasingly

    Wowee I had a sense my skin amps licoricey smells but this definitely seals it. Tested twice from a decant - once just before bed, again several weeks later, early in the day. This smells very bittersweet on me. Almost like Good n Plenty candies, but much more on the bitter side. Guessing that's the tulsi? I'm getting the bitter basil lemon, but very little sweet. I get the clay smell, too. Mineral and earthy, but it just lends more heft to the bitterness. Every once in awhile I get a waft of the hypersweet I would expect from tulsi, based on my experience drinking it in tea. But mostly bitter and dry. Sharp and austere. I should say, the first time I tried this just before sleep, I had some righteously wicked and, frankly, kinda trippy visions while fading out. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like that coming from a fragrance. Didn't hate it.