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  1. groovyrooby

    Execute Confession Module

    I haven't read this series (although this inspired me to add to my reading list), so I can't speak to how evocative it is, but - I love this! I wanted to try for the black pepper and clove. I had no idea I was getting something so complex and intriguing! This started with a dry, cool vibe, like a very herbal lavender, like White Oakmoss & Lavender, which I love. Then it shifted to a cottony, lemony vibe, almost like Lazy Daisy (<3), and ended on the loveliest, lingering sandalwood, much like my beloved Solved Mysteries. I'd venture the two biggest standouts overall were black pepper and white musk in a tussle throughout. I sniffed my self all day, wore it again the next day, dropped a big bottle in my cart, and poked some BPAL mates to bring it to their attention. It's wonderful. I don't know how well it relates to the book, but based on the label, I'd say this does have an enveloping, encompassing quality. Outstanding.
  2. groovyrooby

    Beholder Optician

    Oh this is so fun! Starts a deep, syrupy fruity, with orange - or I suppose that's the pink bergamot - singing the loudest. The musk brings this to a resinous sweet, and the eucalyptus takes this to a dead ringer for Juicy Fruit gum. YUM! A wonderful fruit punch, with the strawberry joining in the chorus last. I am not a big fruit scent wearer, but I'm trying, and I was so intrigued by this combination. This is probably the best luck I've had with strawberry! (and I have been TRYING lord i have tried - Maenad, Rope Pulley, Hollywood Babylon, Strawberries & Honeycomb... Laura came the closest). But I will enjoy every last bit of the decant! I would definitely wear this during summer days - would be great for strolling through the park or shops, drinks with friends, heck I could probably even pull this off at work. What a joy!
  3. groovyrooby

    Lizardfolk Park Ranger

    I was most excited about the stone, moss, and hazelnut here, least encouraged by the pine and blackcurrant. To start, this confirmed my fears - that scratch n sniff book pine smell, with a hint of something lemony. Seriously, this was like sinus-clearing freshness, so herbal green it was almost sour, turned mentholated. Once that calmed down, this is a beautiful woods, slightly sweet from the hazelnut finally peeking through. Not at all Christmassy, which was my greatest fear. I would think fans of real, authentic forest/woods smells as well as stone-note fans will appreciate this. Very brisk, natural, and crisp.
  4. groovyrooby

    Kobold Barista

    Yes! Not what I was expecting to get from these notes! This read to me as something more like a chai latte - which risked going horribly wrong for me! But, no - this is a dry, scratchy woolly spice. I can pick up the coffee if I try, and it's a really dark, almost burnt but not at all unpleasant, coffee. Maybe milk dumped in to light beige? But very little cream for me - for which I am thankful, as it tends to give me burnt plastic. The cardamom and black pepper are the most distinct of the spices for me - a great thing! But these spices are like just-ground, freshly cracked, and so a little bit astringent. Not sweet and not-at-all gourmand. It's warm woody spice - scratchy wool from the cardamom and dry bitter from the black pepper. Really wonderful stuff.
  5. groovyrooby

    Drow Yoga Instructor

    What a treat! Upon first test, this was a light creamy, sweet floral with a little bit green and herbal feel. Very clean, soft, and calm. Second test, I really got the lavender to start, warm and sweet. It developed into a strong, stable, snuggly cologne - something you want to bury your nose in and take deep, soothing breaths. It's not a dry woody lavender but a sweet and fuzzy version. I have since worn this during yoga practice, to bed, and for general unwinding on the couch at the end of the night. I also would wear this to catch up with an old friend and whenever you need a grounding boost of peaceful confidence that everything is as it should be. I didn't even realize how excited I should be for these new RPGs! They and seem to work both as a terrific standalone as well as a great base for layering. This feels like the base for many of my favorites.
  6. groovyrooby

    Buck Moon 2021

    Ahhh this is so nice and comforting. To start - sweet corn. Next - popcorn! Salty and buttery. I worried this would go plastic on me, as most delicious buttery things do. Then - warm grain cereal. There's that sweet hay I was hoping for! It's that particular sweetness from Scarecrow Turned Philosopher - a natural grassy, grainy sweet. I would almost call this a foodie smell. Also reminds me of my beloved Brood XIX in that way. I've worn this quite a few times now and only once detected the Fruit Loops scent (which I actually was kind of excited for!), but I keep reaching for this when I want a calm, cozy smell, often at night, when hanging with friends or family, very casual heartwarming gatherings, or even when going to bed. It puts a smile on my face and smells like a big hug. Yummy, salty, and sweet.
  7. groovyrooby

    Blackberry & Oudh

    I'm trying to make friends with some fruity scents, and I like oudh, so gave this a try. Definitely fruity, but also a little dusty/musty. I think this is a blackberry pattern I'm encountering. Got a similar vibe from The Elephant is Slow to Mate. It's like traces of blackberry in an old jug. The oudh didn't do much here, unfortunately, not a trace of sour. I was hoping it would brighten the blackberry as @fairybites experienced - that dark chocolate fruity funk I love so much. But I didn't get there. Just kind of crusty old fruit.
  8. groovyrooby

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    Gah this so did not work for me. I really wanted to be on this train! The tobacco, patch, and smoke were calling me, but the red fruits, berries, and wine were red flags. I'm not sure how the sum of all those parts gave me old musty country house, but that's what I got. It started like rich sweet maple and eucalyptus, brown and woody. But the Tussin cherry vibe revealed its predictable self and coalesced in the old room in in the upstairs of an old house that nobody goes in anymore. Or an abandoned church. Pretty good throw, and lasted longer than I wanted to smell this. Very sad I missed this train.
  9. groovyrooby


    Received this as a decant, and I'm going to need a big one. This is a nice fruity plum with a little minty greenery from the florals. This is more what I imagine when I think of 'perfume' in a classic sense. It's a rich, complex scent with great throw but still feels light and airy. Floral stays on top with a sweet-tart plum honey combo floating on top. This totally scratches my plum itch, and I'm glad to see it won't induce an LE panic. I definitely would wear this out with friends, but feels too personal and exposed for work, and a bit too intimate for family.
  10. groovyrooby

    Cacao, Dark Fruits, and Oud

    I tried several of the Cacao Pods this year - I just love that cacao note! But this was my winner. Smells like a cordial cherry! Rich fruity dark chocolate. Smooth and a little funky thanks to that oud - but it's a sour funk, like a nice dark Belgian beer, a Flanders red or a Flemish sour. It reminds me of the tang in Belgian Chocolate, Orange Blossom, Marshmallow, and Jasmine, which is another favorite of mine. But this feels more late summer, sultry heat in the afternoon, whereas I feel the Belgian Chocolate etc. more in the wintertime, around a fire. This is not a particularly powerful throw, so it still feels safe for those warm temps. Delicious.
  11. groovyrooby

    Cascading Silks

    Gosh, this was such a tease! Just adore this out of the decant. Starts a light honey sweet, damp and green stems that develop that violet character. It's got a shimmering quality -that flash of silk - that reminds me of The Diamond's Gong. But really this strikes me as Serpent Qui Danse lite, that kind of sweet, rich, creamy violet, but not as syrupy heavy. More of a flicker out of the corner of your eye than a head-turner. And I guess that's why it up & disappears on me. 😢 The butter just isn't holding it down long enough to enjoy more than 30 minutes or so. It's still wonderful! And I will use every drop of my decant! This actually was my No. 2 of the Lupers this year. But I really wish it wasn't quite SO ethereal.
  12. groovyrooby

    Butterfly Dancer

    Can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet! This turned out to be my favorite of the Lupers this year. I blind bottled a few things with mixed success this year, but this is the only one I scaled up to a big bottle. I've been searching for something perfectly coy, innocent feigning but really wild beneath it all, and this totally hits the spot! It starts out pink, fruity, almost bubblegum sweet on me, but it continues to develop a creamy sweet richness with just a little funk to suggest the humidity and lust below the surface. Love love love it. Not something I would wear to work, with family, even just with friends unless I was trying to put the red light on. That oud is really quite suggestive. But absolutely a go-to in the bedroom.
  13. groovyrooby

    Kimi Ga Dai Wa

    I think I like all the elements here, though I'm not sure how saffron is supposed to come across. This was a spicy, scratchy sandalwood on me. Furry, prickly brown & spicy. Had a sweetness to it like cola, but more from the woody elements, like a root beer without sugar. Similar in smell to Brown Jenkin or Small Brown Cat but subtly different vibe - not particularly cozy, but more woody, shaggy, and rooty spice. Really close, bittersweet, and dry.
  14. groovyrooby

    Honey, Sweet Orange, and Orange Blossom

    Orange blossom is usually a win for me, but the balance was just off in this, for me. My experience started much like @splendidissima's - sweet but also sharp, almost medicinal. Next stop was syrupy sweet, like a reduction on a dessert, oily syrupy baklava sweet. Husband smelled dried fruit, think: candied orange peel. But like many delicious things, ended toasty burnt and hyper saccharine sweet. Close, but no cigar.
  15. groovyrooby

    The Unicorn 2021

    I am so delighted with this had to come & review! Tested a couple times now from a bottle that rested a few days. The list of notes has so many things up my alley - lilac, iris, violet, gardenia - and a few red flags - chocolate, coconut, which tend to go burnt plastic on me. At first whiff from the bottle when it had just arrived, I panicked. The chocolate was leaping out, and I was certain this was going to be a heartbreaker. But oh no! Chocolate didn't stick around too long and didn't go awry. It's light and a lovely start. This quickly morphed into the loveliest sweet green floral and it makes me smile. It's grassy, like the Gap's Grass fragrance that I loved so dearly and still fantasize about. The coconut is there, but young! Not toasty! This might be the first time coconut has worked for me. Together, the lettuce & coconut give the florals a delicate, natural sweetness that is uplifting and encouraging. Not a whole lot of throw, but I need this in my life, so I'll just keep swiping it on. Just wonderful.