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  1. groovyrooby


    I also got frottled the MML2 Prototype with my last order! This is a woody floral on me. The flowers are soft and powdery floating over the top, no distinct floral note, but very aromatic, more like a tea blend. Grounding it is a spicy wood note, maybe balsam? It's got that green peppery burst that quickly turns dry and spicy on me, a favorite. This is soft, dry, subtle. I could see wearing this in the Fall as your mind turns to flannel sheets and a steaming mug of black tea, like a nice English Breakfast.
  2. groovyrooby

    Snake Smut

    I know nothing of straight up Smut nor of Snake Oil. I have only known either in a blend, and I've enjoyed those blends immensely! That said - this is not at all what I expected! Right out of the bottle, this is unmistakably Dr. Pepper. 😮 Sweet cola and bitter rooty candy, of the sarsaparilla or horehound variety - a little herbal and a little fruity. Not root beer - Dr. Pepper. I've had this experience once before - The Isles of Demons, which on me was a spicy floral I really enjoyed. Rich cocoa is somewhere lurking in back. Husband thought he smelled something lemony, too. Maybe that's the cardamom? Bright version, not the warm baking spice version. I got no detectable leather, which is very good news for me. Patchouli crept in slowly but still withheld its power. Surprisingly soft for all the elements here. This is going to age like a beast!
  3. groovyrooby

    Peach Vulva

    As a peach lover, I blind bottled this one. This peach isn't particularly juicy, but it's very aromatic, a perfumey peach, which I'm guessing is due to the apricot and frankincense. As a result, I imagine this more as a white flesh peach, and like @Kanra mentioned, I too can imagine the fuzz here. The sweetness is almost honey, except honey doesn't usually play nice with me, and I didn't have that experience here. No so-sweet-it's-sour. It's actually rather delicate. I adore peach notes, and this one is certainly nice, but I like the straight warm juicy peach - Obligatory Peach, Peach Chypre, and above all Alleviate the Frenzy. This feels almost a little too pretty for my preferences. It's a peach intact, not yet had any teeth sunk into it. It's probably a little more publicly decent than the obscene peach I love. But for those who don't want to smell like a dripping fruit (I understand, that's not for everyone), this will be a good fit.
  4. groovyrooby

    Surprise Ejaculation

    This is SO much fun! I only wish it lasted longer on me. Tested a couple times from a bottle that rested. Too aptly named, this one. Open the bottle and it is a burst of sweet ruby red grapefruit and bubble gum. So much pink! But also soft and sweet, with a cottony bedding feel. Really lovely and makes me giggle. Just a blast. Sadly, the first impression is the strongest, and it fades away quickly. I tested again with a heavier application and once more at a different time of day - same distraught effect. The remnants are a slight pale pink floral, and I would even be satisfied with that if it weren't so darn faint. Funny enough, I decided to re-test Night-Gaunt this morning, as I just got a second imp as a frimp, and I couldn't remember my impressions the first time around. It is so much like Surprise Ejaculation! And I realize now that my first imp was too old and had lost that grapefruit burst. But very similar experiences with both, except this has that absolutely delightful sweet pink explosion to start. Just a lot of fun. Really enjoyed this.
  5. groovyrooby

    Wolf Moon 2021

    I haven't tried many of the moons, so I can't really make comparisons. But this reminded me of a greener Dead Leaves, Tunisian Amber, and Smoked Balsam. Tested from a decant that rested a few days. A bit sweet, but also astringent. Vegetal like fresh-cut stems or a florist's shop. I like fresh, high sharp vegetal green. I don't love the Dead Leaves note and similarly didn't enjoy the bitter here. But I really liked where it ended - balsam spicy.
  6. groovyrooby

    Hanging Johnny

    Simple and very pleasant. I was very surprised at how much my husband liked this one! Tested from a decant that rested a few days. This starts as warm, spicy sandalwood. A little incensey. I was really interested in getting to know the 'hemp' note, as I've seen folks get really excited about it. I'm not sure if it didn't come through or smells too much like other notes that I can't distinguish it, but nothing novel here. Eventually the cedar gains a little too much ground and tips this in the direction of mothballs for my liking. I really enjoy cedar sometimes, but maybe that's how the hemp rope note presented to me, as damp and industrial. Sadly, the sandalwood & spice lost ground on me.
  7. groovyrooby


    This is a jasmine-musk bomb on me! Tested from a decant that rested a few days. Big, wet blooms start out slightly funky (which I love). The leather builds up from underneath and combines with the musk to give it a hot & spicy cinnamon feel, without the burning arm feel that the real deal gives me 😢 This is super sexy. Almost too sexy and grown-ass-woman boss-bitch sexy for me. But I know that's a lot of people's jam, and if its yours, you are going to LOVE this. It's outside my norm, but I will definitely have fun playing with this imp and test-driving that feeling a little more. As a great spicy floral, this reminds me a bit of Midnight Bonfire, which was similar but more smoky than spicy, and more in my comfort zone.
  8. groovyrooby

    Good Ship Venus

    Where Haul on the Bowline was all canvas sails, this is all wooden planks! Fun! Tested from a decant that rested a few days. Very fresh, almost fir smell to start. Tart oak and crisp, bracing ocean air. This is the vessel at sea - spicy, woody, and breezy. As others have mentioned, neither the tonka nor the patchouli jumped out at me, but I'll hang onto this imp for a bit and revisit to see what happens!
  9. groovyrooby

    Haul on the Bowline

    YUM of the 6 that I tried, this is definitely my fave. Tested from a decant that rested a couple days. This is a good example of one of my favorite combinations that BPAL creates. It's greater than the sum of its simple parts, well-balanced, and delicious in that savory dry cocoa-vetiver way. At first, I thought this might be vetiver gone too far. It almost smelled mildewy, which I think is the cedar in combination with vetiver, but it also makes for a most convincing boating smell, like damp canvas! Dried into a lovely, coastal vegetation smell once the patchouli started singing - it really warmed up and smoothed out the cedar and damp tobacco. On the second test, the cedar & tobacco were a bit calmer to start. Still kind of tart, but a rich tartness that I love, like a nice Oud Bruin or Flanders Red, if you're into beer. I usually fail big time with red wine notes, but the other earthy notes give that tangy effect to a degree that I really enjoy. I will probably go big for this one, as I think it will only get better with time!
  10. groovyrooby

    Cruising Through Bedlam

    So, I feel I haven't been approaching TAL scents properly. I haven't used them for ritual purposes, but I can speak to the scent and how it made me feel, which apparently is spot-on for its intention. Tested from a decant that rested a few days. Husband and I both instantly felt this a precise, familiar smell. Bitters! Like you'd put in a cocktail. Specifically, and old fashioned, which I love the smell of, but the bitters taste in this cocktail is usually too strong for me, astringent and waxy. But I love the smell! Old fashioned with an orange twist. The dry bitter spicy mace stands out, followed by anise. Even more precisely, this reminded me of a bar we used to haunt when living in Miami, which was a really weird time for us. Our grad program was amazing, but the rest of the city was very very not-us. But this old, dim, slightly grimy, old-timers bar with wrap-around wooden bar top was a haven for us to feel in our element for a moment and to plot the course of our uncertain futures, to feel like it was OK we didn't play the rat race, because there was another way of getting where we wanted to go. This scent is incredibly comforting and grounding for me, makes me feel like I know myself and my strengths, and that swimming upstream is my fate but also a key to my success and happiness. Very thankful to have this tool handy when I need a reminder.
  11. groovyrooby

    Roll the Old Chariot

    Right off the top - butter rum lifesavers! YUM! Herbal/woody notes from the oak planks creep in next. Then the iron starts showing itself, which added a little metallic tang. Not usually an effect I look for, but I liked it here. Blended with the brandy & rum to have an almost tropical effect, fruity, reminds me of a pineapple cocktail, but with that solid iron keeping it from being too foodie. Lower throw once the rum mellows out. Tested from a decant that rested a day.
  12. groovyrooby

    A Hundred Years Ago

    Green, yes! Fresh, a bit sweet, and classic cologne vibe from that vetiver + verbena + bergamot aromatic. Like @Casablanca, I didn't get much life out of it. It disappeared quickly and left traces of dry wood/old books paper. But little throw and short-lived on me.
  13. groovyrooby

    Sunrise in Winter

    Absolutely captures the vibe of the painting and the mood. Dry, woody, leafy, and a little bracing. Really conjures a cup of tea - more of an English Breakfast than an Early Grey. Hint of citrus is a squeeze of lemon rather than bergamot. Steaming, aromatic vapors grace your face hanging over the cup, catching the steam but not getting much warmth from the cup yet because your gloves are in the way. Bitter, no sugar. Still curled up in your pajamas, crabby to be out of bed in the cold world, but the tea will force you to snap out of it. Very evocative. Nicely done.
  14. groovyrooby

    Partridges in the Snow

    This is warm and rich. I wasn't sure how the chestnuts would come off - I imagine them more waxy than nutty. But this was buttery, nutty, sweet, and warm. Didn't change much over time, but hung onto the brown musk with a rich, sweet spin. Very yummy.
  15. groovyrooby

    Gingerbread Invisible Man

    Wow ginger ale fizz! Fascinating! Wish it lasted longer, but that first whiff is just delightful! Wet and spicy. Spot on and super festive.