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  1. groovyrooby

    Summer Rain

    This reminds me of Urban Undine, which I love, and I think that's why I grabbed this. But UU is already pretty far on the fringe for me in terms of cold, wet, lavender. This has an added element of lemony fresh to my nose, and I generally don't enjoy lemony fresh. I didn't get any coconut milk, which might have brought this around for me. But this will probably be a big win for folks who like Urban Undine, brisk lemon, or clean laundry smells.
  2. groovyrooby

    Back in the Recording Studio

    I think the resin - lavender - driftwood combined to make this extra 'fresh' to my nose. Woody, herbal, and almost minty with the lavender. It's not pine fresh, not aquatic fresh, but fresh in a really cold sense. Brown and cold. It's a big clash with my tastes. I needed something to sweeten or warm it up - wax (but like beeswax) or tonka or honey. As is - not my jam.
  3. groovyrooby

    A Portrait

    I'm still finding my way around strawberry. Realizing the carnation + strawberry combo is the unique version here, just like a stick of incense, as others have mentioned. The strawberry stuck around longer than fruity versions do, which was nice, eventually shifting to a strawberry cola - more woody, less floral. It's pretty far out of my usual wardrobe, and I'm surprised how much I liked it!
  4. groovyrooby

    Tahitian Landscape

    Wonderfully executed. This has a fruity coconut perfumey sunscreen vibe. Reminds me of napping in the sun, doused in Australian Gold, described as "citrus oasis," not necessarily on vacation, but definitely in a checked-out state of mind. Everyday tropical scene. Well done!
  5. groovyrooby

    Be Happy Still Lil

    The Lab has had some just really lovely orange scents this year. This is another one! It's so smiley and sunny! Floral and citrus is a sweet spot for me, and this is just delightful. It could last longer, but I often enjoy light citrusy scents first thing in the morning, and I don't necessarily need them to last all day, I just want to start the day on a cheery note. This fits the bill perfectly. Such a joy.
  6. groovyrooby

    Bobbing for Snake Oil

    I'm not much of an apple fan, but I love some Snake Oil and have to try all the things. Like some other SOs, this one starts savory and salty. With the apple, it's like a peanut butter apple snack - juicy, red, and peanutty. Fascinating! I'm hanging on to this for awhile to see where it takes us!
  7. groovyrooby

    Gooped Familiar

    I love black musk, like Execute Confession Module. I think the 'sweet' and clove elements gave this an almost scratchy patchouli feel, and I was sure it was here! I can see how others would describe this as a fur musk. It's nice, and very similar to other favorites - Kobold Barista; Dark-Eyed, Delightful - but a little simpler, closer to Thorns Clove Cigarette, from the herbal and hay elements, I think. If I didn't already have several in this vein, because I do love this mood, I would be thrilled to have this.
  8. groovyrooby

    Easter Egging

    I get a big hit of white chocolate, boosted by the mallow flower that gives it a natural sweetness, like hay. The sandalwood is dry and kind of toasted but not roasty. I only wish it has a little more power/longevity overall, then I would wear it all the time! But I think this will be a great bedtime scent, when I really just need a hit of something lovely while I drift off, but don't necessarily need the staying power. Totally worth it.
  9. groovyrooby

    A Sorceress

    Challenging is a good word to describe this. I think I understand now what snake accord smells like, and that is something to be passionately for/not. To my nose, it was feet. A doozy of sour foot. Like pulling your hand out of a dirty glove. That particular bit calmed down to a leathery note about 30 minutes later, but thing is - I don't enjoy leather notes, either. Womp womp. On the bright side, the remaining elements merged into this lovely, cool, almost aquatic but more ethereal vibe, more silvery than black. Maybe like a pewter or hematite, eh? Soft and misty air, damp and cool scales. I realized later where I had smelled something similar = Kneel Down, Fair Love. Grey, gossamer, silk, shimmery, damp fabric. Spot on vibe. If that's your jam, you will probably have major feelings about this one.
  10. groovyrooby

    Radiant Abundance

    I get a creamy floral vibe from this. It's a couple of my favorite white flowers - sweet, deep, and familiar - must be heliotrope and orris both present and well-blended. The frankincense and bay laurel make it a richer scent, and the cedar comes in citrusy a bit later, almost giving it a delightful hint of funk. Love it. Perfect when I want to feel like I am radiant abundance.
  11. groovyrooby

    And I Wede My Corne Well I-Now

    Golly, I have loved so many from this series - And Here I Sawe.. I Am As Lyght... they all have this wonderful earthy-sweet quality I love. The notes in this come together as a spicy hay note. Starts sweet like buttery corn and hot like red hots. YUM. Once in awhile I worry it's potpourri-y, but then I think, "Do I care?" It's delicious. I wear this one often for chill, cozy afternoon hanging out. Homey and not shy.
  12. groovyrooby

    Three People Plucking a Mandrake

    This is a fascinating blend! I first got the spicy green of plucking weeds in the yard. Spicy like a radish, not spices. Wet and juicy spice. And dirt, which is usually a note I avoid, but I found myself enjoying it here. Just a really vivid smell of the yard. After an hour or so, the patchouli and champaca resin rolled this into a gorgeous, bold perfume to my nose. I think it's the dirt note that turned kind of 'ashy' as @forspecial_plate mentioned, because I got that, too. Overall, it conjured some great memories of an elementary school teacher who I admired, who always spelled of a spicy oriental perfume and a faint trace of cigarette smoke. She was nurturing and also no-nonsense, brazen but tender. And I think that's an apt description of this scent. A unique kind of spicy. A little bit mysterious and glamorous, but intriguing rather than distancing. Great surprise frimp! Never would have chosen this and SO glad I got to try it!!
  13. groovyrooby

    I Am As Lyght As Byrde In Bowe

    Relatively cool morning and a weekend spent outdoors make me happy to start this one out for the season. At first test, it was gorgeous but too heavy for 95 degrees. But now I'm ready! It's a wonderfully sweet unisex and work-appropriate blend that my nose reads alternately as sage-forward cologne (yep, as @starbrow guessed, I prefer my Eve with the Sage Fuck Up ;) ) and a warm, sweet earthy vanilla. I get no cinnamon really, in smell or in the burning effect it tends to have on my skin. YAY! It's sophisticated but still has a wild feel to it. Great throw. Maybe that's how the feathery bit comes across. I don't care much for powdery smells, and myrrh can be an offender for me in this respect, but I'm not getting that here. Soap neither, which is also a tendency of mine that I wish wasn't. None of that here! Just a cloud of warm, ethereal, herbal sweetness.
  14. groovyrooby

    The Fairy Lovers

    Oh this is so lovely totally agree with @feyofthefellwood - reminds me of The Unicorn, which I love. I like all my flowers damp and my roses really sugary. The gardenia and rose are both right up my alley and together here make this a sweet, vibrant floral. There's an extra fresh, green note to it, too, like the Grass fragrance from The Gap of my teenage years - I imagined this was the "wild lettuce" in The Unicorn, but I'm wondering if it's the 'dewy' factor here. The vanilla in this and the coconut in The Unicorn add to the sweetness. I adore it. My husband says it smells 'clean' which is generally a good thing. The big, sweet flowers calm down a bit after the initial punch, but I still got wafts of it hours after application. Sweet, dewy green stems, and delicate but powerfully fragrant flowers make this really feel like woodland creatures having a romp. Best of all, I saved this for testing after a weekend of backpacking, and good golly does it capture that magical feeling. Gorgeous. Wore it last night and put it on again first thing this morning. ❤️
  15. groovyrooby

    Under The Silvery Moonbeams

    This was lemony clean as all get out and did not really morph much for me. Bright, crisp lemon and a little piney, screaming to start and still a wail to finish. I didn't get any of the cardamon, chestnut, or really anything sweet as I had imagined. Just the things I hoped would be sedate, all at the forefront. Knowing it should have matcha and jasmine, I can find a dry green tea if I look for it. No mint. It reminds me of The Silver Parlour HG, so I'm guessing it's consistent with the Lab's 'silver' and 'moon' vibes. Should've been a cue to me, but I was wanted to see how those notes blend with the other interesting bit here. For me, they just didn't appear. If you like a cool, shivering, astringent lemon, this is really going to hit the spot. But for me, I have negative associations with a particular lemon/lime/pine floor cleaning product, and this nails it.