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  1. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Wooden Recorder With Fruits, Skull, Books, And A Feather

    Whew, this is strong! I was hoping for more of a soft, fruity scent with a backdrop of leather and wood, but the leather is really strong in this when worn. In the bottle the combination of scents is really sharp like some kind of cleaner. When worn, the combination of leather and fruit leads to a kind of overwhelming, overripe aroma. Not for me. Maybe it will improve with age.
  2. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Autumn Song 2021

    This is a new favorite for sure and I hope it makes a return for this year's Halloween scents. It's a soft, dusty, sweet scent. It makes me think of leaves fluttering by, sunshine on a cold day, and a whiff of pumpkin.
  3. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Brusque Violet

    Fantastic scent for anyone who likes violets! And irises. This is the perfect blend of violets and irises. It's a deep, clean, purple scent that lasts a good, long while.
  4. Claire-of-the-Valley


    Got this as a frimp and it's just lovely. I would not describe it as feral, however, which is a good thing for me. It smells very much like a couple years' aged Harlot weirdly: smooth, clean, sweet. Smells like a lightly citrusy tart.
  5. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Al Azif

    It took me a second to identify what this reminds me of, but the answer is figs! It reminds me of Pacifica's Mediterranean Fig scent in particular. It's not identical, though. That scent is more earthy, while this one has a sweet, almost cake quality in the bottle followed by the figs and fruit when it's worn. Very clean smelling and smooth. I get the faintest wisp of light incense, maybe a touch of resin. A fantastic scent although I'm not sure if the gods of darkness and chaos are what I think of when I wear it. It does make me think of the Middle East and there's a touch of mystery about it, though.
  6. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Snake Oil

    For the 2022 version Everyone raves about this scent, so when it came back in stock I got an imp to try it out. The first day I didn't like it much. Too strong. It's now been a week or so and it's definitely better, but it's still not a top favorite for me. It's not bad, but on me it smells like popcorn at first. When it dries it becomes more like dark vanilla (think a New Age shop) with a touch of popcorn and something powdery. Definitely an unusual scent, but unlikely to become a regular for me.
  7. Claire-of-the-Valley


    I can see why this one is marked as a beloved favorite! I've avoided this one because it lists honey and so far every scent I've tried with honey has not really worked out, but it's not a bad choice here. Carnation is what comes through most strongly, I think, but it's softened by the milk backdrop. There's a general sweetness to it and it definitely captures something tea-like. I really like it! Definitely a keeper.
  8. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Sea Smoke

    In the bottle this smells almost exactly like Psionicist, which was promising because I really enjoy that scent. Interestingly, they don't list any similar notes, but there you have it. On the skin it starts out smelling like Psionicist still. Very much that blue/white musk: hazy, aquatic, refreshing. It then settles into a more subdued scent. The ambergris really comes out, which is a note I consider "okay" and there's an oceanic element, probably the kelp. Not bad. Between the two I'd probably stick with Psionicist as my preferred choice, but this is a good scent and, I would say, captures "Sea Smoke" quite well.
  9. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Upslope Fog

    This ended up a little disappointing. I was hoping for a more pine-y, woodsy/oak scent with some stone. What it really smells like is a certain sharp wildflower (possibly the common sunflower? or potent dandelion?), sage, and musk. So, it fits the description, more or less, just the emphasis ended up being on the wrong notes for me. It's long lasting, decent throw.
  10. Claire-of-the-Valley

    El Dia de los Reyes

    This is for the 2021 edition: I was hoping this would smell a lot more like coffee than it does. In the bottle, the chocolate is the strongest scent and it's a rich, dark chocolate. Very strong. When I put it on I mostly get cinnamon and a backdrop of rich chocolate. To me it smells pretty similar to Mouse's Long Sad Pumpkin, though not as pastry-like. It absolutely has cafe vibes, but not really coffee vibes, in my opinion.
  11. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Temple of Dreams

    This makes me think of ferns and herbs and a field in the middle of a rain storm. It's quite nostalgic in some ways. I can smell rained-on rosemary and basil primarily; it's very earthy. I'm not sure rain is supposed to be a note here, but something about it really brings it to mind. Other people have mentioned lavender, and I can sort of make that out as a background note. It's not as prominent as it is in in Baku, for example. Out of the Somnium scents, this is one I've actually tried before bed. I've noticed deeper rest when I wear it.
  12. Claire-of-the-Valley


    This is overt lavender and eucalyptus with just a touch of anise and it's great. In the bottle it smells way too strong, I'll admit, but on the skin it's perfect. Lavender and eucalyptus is a combo I've liked for ages and I've always found it relaxing. The anise comes out more on the dry down. All in all, I can absolutely see how this would be good for meditation or clearing one's mind and I'll likely be using it for just that.
  13. Claire-of-the-Valley


    Definitely very floral. I'm thinking lavender, jasmine, and verbena, perhaps? Jasmine is the strongest for me, but I tend to amplify jasmine in general, so that's not much of a surprise. In the bottle it's really sharp and not terribly pleasant. On my skin it tones down and is better, but still not my preferred scent. I haven't tried it out for sleeping yet, but I can see how it's the right notes to help with that.
  14. Claire-of-the-Valley

    The Harlot's House

    I really didn't think I'd like this scent, mostly because when I've received other imps that are supposed to be more sensual I often end up finding them kinda repulsive on me. XD I was very pleasantly surprised to find that isn't the case with this one at all. Bear in mind that the imp I received may be a few years old at this point, I'm not totally sure. Regardless, it reminds me of the Manhattan scent and I'm thinking it's that they both share white tea as a note. I really thought this scent would also list something citrusy given how it smells to me, but it looks like that isn't the case. If I had to describe the notes I'm getting, I would agree that tea is one of them, something faintly floral, and bergamot. The whole thing is very smooth and delicate. I think I like it a bit more than Manhattan, and I'd like to get a full bottle sometime if this is how it generally ages.
  15. Claire-of-the-Valley

    Brood X

    Quite unusual in my opinion! It's a very fresh scent. The hay absolute and sugarcane stand out the most to me and make it quite sweet in a natural way, but I can detect the earthy backdrop as well, which gives it an odd quality. I think, looking at the description, that what makes it strange to me is that there's an aquatic note to the earthiness and aquatics can be a little hit and miss with me. Overall, I like it; it's uplifting and fresh. My sister commented that it "smells how she thinks perfume is supposed to smell or maybe like a candle," which was a different take from my own, but I quite liked it! Once I thought about it, I could absolutely see where she was coming from as well. I think it's that strong sweet/fresh note. Regardless, I think this is a great dedication to these unusual cicadas.