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    Books & libraries and herbs (lavender! sage rosemary). Ambers and incense/resins (frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, etc) and cardamom and woods. Maple and leaves and oak. Leather!! Leather leather leather. Moss and earth and vetiver. Soft smoke and cashmere and snow. Honey and lush roses and beeswax. Grapefruit and sugar, brown sugar and creaminess. Jasmine and hay and sweet patchouli (!!!) Some musks, especially when it’s a cozy and sensual vibe.. Been diggin’ carnation, in particular, and would love a really nice green/dewy spring scent. and I enjoy me a rich, chewy gourmand, Nomnomnom... So far champaca (straight corn tortillas) and some rose (sharp & soapy) notes have been yuck on my skin :/ Coffee just disappears. Some vanillas go cheap candle. Straight fruity and candy scents aren’t usually appealing to me. Aquatics occasionally work, I usually stay away. I don’t usually like tropical scents, though I’m curious to smell something singularly guava or passion fruit-heavy

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    My babies ❤️
    Trees in the wind, sun in my eyes, books by my side, feelings welling and flickering inside.
    Tea and coffee
    Cats and birds and wolves and dragonflies
    Insects and herbs
    Breaking the programs, being true to I AM
    River and rain sounds
    Thunder and lightning shows
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  1. artisjok

    The Phantom Calliope

    OG version This blend started off with a juicy cherry, spiced by the cassis (probably cardamom too) & brightened by the lemon verbena, with the woodsy patchouli base. Then most of the fruity notes fade and a spicy patch is left.. and then, an hour or so later, the cherry comes back, yet not as juicy, like a fresher version… I think it’s melded with the verbena to create a new strand of cherry. The spices have settled cozily and are just adding a gentle spark to the scent. Pretty smooth blend, overall. I like it, though it has something a little off that happens with some aged scents on my skin. Not sure how to describe… I decided to sell the bottle, but I might pick up the newer version sometime!
  2. artisjok

    Muddy Armadillo

    This armadillo definitely rolled in the mud.. it’s strong earth, tobacco, and woods when I slather the oil. Gnarly. Then…. then, they all fade into a faint cocoa tobacco that barely has any throw on me at all 😱 maybe a tiny bit of the cream…. It’s such a shame! I don’t see any globs or flecks in my bottle…. I’m going to keep it around and try another day. I was also dreaming of layering with Ghost Milk, so will definitely wait to try that before making any decisions on whether to keep or destash. Come on, ‘dillo!
  3. artisjok


    Good prevails! Good is very clean, and very strong on me. I’m getting something like the linen fairybites mentions, and some sugary goodness. A fresh marshmallow- breezy and sparkling, fluffy and bright. I’m surprised at how strong it is, though most of the Lab’s other “clean” scents are similarly hefty in throw. The honey is translucent and gives a tinge of wackiness to the scent, more obvious to me in the later stages. This might be my go-to clean scent for those breezy sunshine days when all the windows are open in the house and the bed is made up in freshly-washed linens…. A casual and carefree day. For some reason I see a glass of orange juice in the vision… anyway, Good is a winner and has it’s place in my collection.
  4. I tested my bottle a few times, letting it rest for a good while…. Every time, the peach overpowered all the yummy sweet notes. It was a bit of a tart peach, still juicy. By the time the peach backs off, the other notes are pretty light, so I don’t get to enjoy the creaminess as much as I hoped. I’m waiting a while before wearing Vanilla Wafers & Peach Cream, in hopes that I won’t get the same result. Let’s switch @Soupy Twist
  5. artisjok

    Cat-Lilith and Cat-Dad

    Dense, sweet buttery coconut cakes, drizzled in thin strands of chocolate and sprinkled with a dash of toasted coconut flakes. That’s the impression my senses conjure with this scent, and it has me salivating. I bought this originally because I am searching for coconut scents that my daughter might enjoy… it’s now firmly in my possession, with some sharing potential. Haha Possibly my favorite coconut scent, as I generally get an artificial note with most others. (Also, I’m deep in a gourmand phase.) Also, it lasts very well. Lovely experience!
  6. artisjok


    Mary Shelley is the obvious one that comes to mind...
  7. artisjok

    Pumpkin Booze

    I agree that Pumpkin Booze is definitely heavy on the bourbon, in the first stage. It quiets down to an orange-tinted sugar & spice with a gentle drop of bourbon and threaded with a sense of pumpkin warmth. A refined mood. I walked up to my partner while testing this and he said, “It’s the perfect Halloween scent!” before I even told him anything about it. Mission accomplished. Autumn party scent acquired.
  8. artisjok

    Very Pink Surprise Cake

    My partner’s response~ ”You smell good, like Christmas, the best Christmas. The Christmas where candy canes are the main theme, just without mint. You smell like the fruit candy canes.” Then, we both confirmed we never liked the fruit candy canes, laughing. “You still smell very good.” It’s boxed strawberry cake to me, with creamy icing. I’m surprised the sugar isn’t too much! Some how it’s all working well on my skin AND has lasted a good while. That’s impressive. It’s rare for me to find a cake scent that works well and lingers long enough to enjoy. And now, I’m getting flashbacks to birthday parties when I was young..... that’s what I get for reading through all the reviews. One of the most fun scents I’ve tested in a while!
  9. artisjok

    Escape from the Autumn Carnival

    I’m excited to try this scent, as Hoggle is a favorite. Escape features a pumpkin note that doesn’t work well for me, something about the spices. It quickly dissipates, though, and is overtaken by a lovely brown leather, very slightly spiced. I think I’m getting a bit of warmth from the hay, not much. No smoke here. Not bad, but I have other brown leathers, and Hoggle still trumps as a pumpkin leather scent.
  10. artisjok

    Swing Carousel

    I’ve kept my decant of Swing Carousel since it was first released, hoping that some age would strengthen the scent on my skin. Sadly, it’s just as faint as I remember. 😕 Upon application I get a burst or orange and osmanthus, they gently fade back and in the waft around me I can slightly detect some cedar and the orange is lingering around the edges. On my wrist I still smell a brush of floral. And then I can’t smell anything after 30 min. I really wanted that gingerbread to show! All of the notes sound delightful as a group. I wonder if it’s my skin or my decant....
  11. artisjok

    Red Peach, Sweet Oudh, Honey & Saffron

    I have a decant of this peachy delight, and slathered it on today in celebration/anticipation of the new Dragon Con scents. It is a great peach incense, though I don’t enjoy the scent up close for the first hour, as saffron & Oud combo goes a little plastic (eventually they start harmonizing better). The cloud that wafts around me doesn’t have any of that effect and remains a slightly sweetened woodsy meditation of peach. The honey isn’t very prominent at all, letting the peach shine, which I am grateful of. Don’t know if I would ever use enough for a whole bottle, though another decant or partial I’d jump for to have this soothing fruit present a little longer in my life.
  12. artisjok

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    I’m getting a dry marshmallow cake scent slightly touched by cardamom. Cardamom fades quickly on me, much to my disappointment, and that’s definitely happening here. I’m thinking it would be a good layering scent for when I want to make another more gourmand (patchouli sounds so good with marshmallow cake!), and doing so might extend the life of cardamom, too. I have a partial bottle of My Little Grotesque that I often open & sniff to improve my mood (aromatherapy can be delicious!), so I’ll have to see if the marshmallow addition makes this worth keeping, as well. To wear, instead of just huff lol
  13. artisjok

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain

    #135 decant from alterosen~ I definitely smell the cherry in the vial, and it’s strong while wet on my skin. The scent becomes kind of tart and powdery upon drying, not as juicy as I hoped and definitely less sweet than the wet phase. Reminds me of candy, the powdery tablet-shaped ones. I can also see the it being plummy, like alterosen mentioned. I can detect a little bit of Samhain hiding beneath, specifically on my right hand. I’ll have to try this out after I mosturize, because I love a yummy cherry scent, and hope that it’s just my dry skin that makes it flee so fast! Glad to try this Chaos scent~~🌟
  14. artisjok

    Fur notes: snuggly, nuzzly, floofy

    Mmmm yes this is a good one. The woolly scents are great comfort. I’ve been turning to White Sandalwood, Sage & Bourbon Vanilla for my comfort recently. Another probably hard to find.
  15. artisjok

    Fur notes: snuggly, nuzzly, floofy

    Are You Digging on My Grave is snuggly in a sweet puppy musk way 💗 I really loved the cozy combo of musk with forestry & amber of Kommt Mit Zacken Und Mit Gabeln. Canis Major is a really classy/starry warm musk & vanilla. I imagine Wulric, the Wolfman gives a cozy vibe, though I haven’t tried it yet.