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    Books & libraries and herbs (lavender! sage rosemary). Ambers and incense/resins (frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, etc) and cardamom and woods. Maple and leaves and oak. Leather!! Leather leather leather. Moss and earth and vetiver. Soft smoke and cashmere and snow. Honey and lush roses and beeswax. Grapefruit and sugar, brown sugar and creaminess. Jasmine and hay and sweet patchouli (!!!) Some musks, especially when it’s a cozy and sensual vibe.. Been diggin’ carnation, in particular, and would love a really nice green/dewy spring scent. and I enjoy me a rich, chewy gourmand, Nomnomnom... So far champaca (straight corn tortillas) and some rose (sharp & soapy) notes have been yuck on my skin :/ Coffee just disappears. Some vanillas go cheap candle. Straight fruity and candy scents aren’t usually appealing to me. Aquatics occasionally work, I usually stay away. I don’t usually like tropical scents, though I’m curious to smell something singularly guava or passion fruit-heavy

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    My babies ❤️
    Trees in the wind, sun in my eyes, books by my side, feelings welling and flickering inside.
    Tea and coffee
    Cats and birds and wolves and dragonflies
    Insects and herbs
    Breaking the programs, being true to I AM
    River and rain sounds
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  1. artisjok

    Copulating Couple Mimicking a Pose in a Shunga Book

    I grabbed a decant of Copulating Couple secondhand once I realized the scent could be very close to the Two Pairs of Lovers atmo (Green tea, oakmoss, frankincense, mint absolute, and raw green patchouli.), and it is! I agree with doomsday that the washi has a cucumber-type smell, and it makes this feel more water elemental than the atmo, and I’m enjoying it! There’s a slight… juiciness to it, like eating candy that makes your mouth water, yet it’s also dry & papery green. Yum! I saw a partial bottle I hope to snag next time I have funds. Wearing this scent is really making my morning feel relaxed and easy~
  2. artisjok


    Inspection really tickled my brain when I read the notes, and I considered blind-bottling it. I’m glad I found a decant, because it did not play out as I hoped…. An almost soapy clean scent in its wet phase, a cleanliness that carries into the dry phase, yet entwines with a smoky note and some dry cedar. I’m guessing it’s the incense that’s not working for me, though not sure. There is a tiny hint of jasmine in there, but I only notice it because I’m looking for it. Not getting tea, and maybe just a scrape of sage. Hmmm… glad this Inspection works on other skins. In theory, it’s gorgeous, in practice, it fails for me.
  3. artisjok

    Blood Rose

    Blood Rose is a sensual blend, but not the way I was hoping. I really wanted juicy wine with the other two notes, but I’m getting more of a red musk experience from the blend, with some rose and a touch powdery resin. Not a win for me, though a good scent if you like to smell dark sensual. Reminds me of Love and Time and Sin, which I like more & decided to destash because I didn’t reach for it much.
  4. artisjok

    The Little Owl

    I was testing a shea-heavy scent last night from another company, and it was way too strong on the note for me to enjoy it. This Little Owl is somehow so similar to that scent, & I’m totally surprised. It’s a bit more sophisticated, but still not my jam.
  5. artisjok

    Final Girl

    Final Girl is one of those scents that I think is okay, yet not my favorite. Then, I can’t stop sniffing, and can’t get it out of my mind when it’s not on me. A growing obsession. I agree with @tinyvulture that it’s strongly reminiscent of Love’s Philosophy! I think the clove is giving me the saffron vibes, and something about the vanilla/honey combo is just like LP smelled on me. The berries seem non existent on my skin, but I’m sure they contribute something… Grateful to have a bottle, so I can sniff contentedly for days~ Oh! And editing to remark that this is one of the few scents that sticks on me all. day. long.
  6. artisjok


    I usually don’t enjoy the Lab’s champagne note, though I had a hunch this would be good. I’m glad I scored a decant, because it is really good! I think there’s a sharpness that usually accompanies the champagne scents I’ve tried. Here, the pumpkin cheesecake smooths out that hard edge. It’s like a spiced Italian cream soda, or something like that…. lightly spiced, gently creamy, sparkling brightness… intriguing! Also, it lasts really well, and I always appreciate scents that can hold up on my thirsty skin. I can’t stop sniffing. I’m tempted to get a full bottle, since I don’t know if I’ll find another champagne scent that works so well for me.
  7. artisjok


    Yep. This might be my first encounter with the “burning plastic” phenomena…. Thankfully, it only strikes upon application! The scent, once it settles, in is unremarkable light vanilla on me, though I think that’s my skin on the Lab’s cheesecake. Eggnog Cheesecake was similarly disappointing. Sadness. Glad I got to try it, though, and someone will love the bottle I’m sure!
  8. artisjok

    ISO Stone

    Wow, just searching stone on the Lab site, there are quite a few LE scents featuring stone right now! Maybe you can find some secondhand decants floating around… An Enchanted Cellar with Animals A cacophony of feathers and fur, cracked clay and moist stone, scattered rushes, upturned herbs, red sage, and frankincense smoke. A Summer Night Salt-crusted stones, azure moonlight on pale sand, ambergris clinging to cream linen, driftwood, and rose-tinted sandalwood. Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum Cypress wood and dry grasses, sun-baked stone, faded incense, and olive leaves. Night’s Bridge (Stone and darkness) is the one that immediately came to mind, though I haven’t tried it. Should be plenty of reviews to peruse. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris is my favorite stone-featuring scent, though might be hard to find. stone and ancient incense, beeswax and lavender smoke I’ve got a decant of Summer Rain to test, looking forward to see how concrete features!
  9. artisjok


    Definitely a popcorn scent, Ticketed is! In the beginning I got a decent dose of soda, even cola-ish. I wasn’t expecting the cola type, reading other reviews. Pretty quickly, though, the soda dissipates, and I’m mostly getting buttery popcorn sweetened by the cotton candy. It’s highly reminiscent of Mouse Circus, though stronger on my skin (yay!). I can’t be sure how much I’ll reach for this one, though it’s delicious. I have a bottle of Popcorn Ball SO that I love, and still don’t wear often…. May see if my littles enjoy the scent and add it to their stash.
  10. artisjok


    SO GOOD I have been waiting on a chonk to be shipped to me, but caved and grabbed a full bottle in the meantime. Totally worth it. A spiced sugar cookie, but spiced with lovely carnation. Simple and unique. I don’t get rose, yet, but maybe it’ll come out more with some aging? If not, I’m not mad. I’ll be wearing this spicy sweetie a lot.
  11. artisjok

    Pomegranate Tiramisu

    Pom Tiramisu was one of the scents I was looking forward to the most of this year’s Weenies…. Sadly, it’s so faint on me. I slathered 3 times and no real impact. I do think it dries to something like Ghost Milk, though that’s just the tiny whiff I can grasp. Ghost Milk itself was also too faint on me, so if a fruity version of that sounds appealing, you might find some success in this scent.
  12. artisjok

    Brown Sugar, Cream, and Earl Grey Tea

    Traded for a bottle of Brown Sugar, Cream, & Earl Grey Tea, and still felt it was a gamble…. Turns out, it was a well-played gamble! Opens quite smokey, disconcertingly so. Fairly swiftly, it shifts into this clean tea note, lovingly embraced by brown sugar and an echoing cream. The overall effect is brown-toned, yet feels like I just stepped out of the shower. At the same time, it feels like a classy scent that my alter ego living in New York, and frequenting fashionable bars and restaurants nightly would rock. It also works as me now, wandering through the backyard jungle garden, cleaning the kitchen, reading and daydreaming next to the window…
  13. artisjok

    Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto

    Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto is a fairy-touched wonder blend. I keep comparing it to Rose-Tinted Mirror, since they are both sweet roses with compassion-centric vibration. ~Rose-Tinted is definitely that inward-focused love. It’s melting into your skin to coat a hardened heart, to gently take your face in its hands and kiss you with tenderness and a little heat. You can face yourself again, and thus face anything. Each wear opens the heart a little deeper. ~Ut Ameris is shining outwards, a twinkling in it’s eyes. There’s an uplifting sense that pulls you outside to bask in the sun, and, in turn, attracting the attention of the other. The glimmering shimmering feminine (we’ve all got it) invites everyone to break into smile. Before we even know what’s happening, we’ve joined together and are moving through space with grace, our hearts synchronizing beats. So lovely! The scent is excellent. I am glad to have a bottle. It was instrumental in getting me through the recent Libra Full Moon weekend.
  14. artisjok

    Shadow Self

    Here to join team “love this” and “this is beautiful”! Shadow Self is sultry smooth smoked lavender and sandalwood and myrrh on me. There are complex gems hidden beneath, waiting to be dug from their earthen house, to be seen in the light, washed and polished. I cannot sense the identity of these gems, I can just feel the power and complexity they impart to this lovely scent. A humming beneath the primary notes. Movement behind the theater curtain. It reminds me a lot of A Noiseless Patient Spider, but that one was too faint on me, and it was a sadness. This one has throw! Shadow Self is a gladness. It is glamorous and comforting. I would wear it anytime, all the time. Embrace the shadow and you will find the light hidden within~ 🖤💜🤍🖤💜🤍🖤💜🤍🖤💜🤍🖤💜🤍
  15. artisjok

    blends containing that coveted lemony vanilla?

    The Thirteen from March 2020 has it going on! And from the reviews, Lights, Camera, Something may also have that lemony aspect.