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    Books & libraries and rich resins. Sweet tobacco and amber and incense (frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, etc) and smooth spices and woods. Honey and some roses and beeswax and chocolate. Rosemary and grapefruit and sugar and creaminess. Brown musks and hay and patchouli. I'm a bigger fan of gourmands than I expected. So far champaca (straight corn tortillas) and some rose (sharp & soapy) notes have been yuck on my skin :/ Coffee just disappears. Some vanillas go cheap candle. I'm not a big floral fan, but I've been wanting to try some waxy whites, especially magnolia.

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    Trees in the wind, sun in my eyes, books by my side, feelings welling and flickering inside.
    Cats and birds and wolves and dragonflies
    Insects and herbs
    Breaking the programs, being true to I AM
    Understanding and wisdom
    River sounds
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  1. artisjok

    Dead Leaves and Maple Sap

    The DL & Maple Sap is scratching the itch I wanted from the Warm Sugar Cookies blend. Starts off with the strong crunchy leaf scent, slightly sugared. As it dries, the maple comes out stronger and takes over the leafiness. I never thought I wanted to smell like maple sugar, but this crytalline warmth is soooo luscious and perfect. The Dead Leaves linger in the background slightly, keeping this scent in the Autumn vibe rather than straight sweet syrup. Has great wear length! I’m grateful for the frimp of this and now want a bottle!
  2. artisjok


    When I first got Narr, I had a similar experience as most of the other reviewers- rich sweet foodie almond milky goodness with a dash of muskiness. Now, it’s totally transformed! The fig has barreled it’s way to the foreground. The image I get: The Fool smells warm marzipan wafting from a cottage window, held aloft by the fresh spring breeze. He leaves the road, drooling and hungry, and finds there’s a large fig tree growing right beside the kitchen window. He fills his pockets with the fruits and steals a nibble of marzipan before any one can notice him. Back to the journey, now replenished and ready for the next adventure! Narr is is now a very fresh blend with decadent foody backing.
  3. artisjok

    About Midnight

    In the bottle, About Midnight smells like a smooth sandalwood. When I first applied, I thought “hmm, vanillic sandalwood, I totally get it” + basalms. Then, I let my partner smell my wrist, and the scent has been wrecked for my nose... “Smells like a restroom.” I can’t get that association out of my head now, because he’s right! At least for the first, and strongest, phase, it smells like a softer port-a-potty smell “freshener,” whatever they use to cover the human smells. Sad! My bottle will have to find a new home, unless I decide on using in oil burner.
  4. artisjok

    Recs for my first order

  5. artisjok

    Recs for my first order

    There are some interesting sounding clove blends in the Yules this year, and you should still be able to jump in on decants! No reviews to go by, not yet at least
  6. artisjok


    Tombstone starts off strong with the sassafras and cedar, vanilla floating in the background- a single scoop of ice cream floating in a rootbeer, sitting on a new picnic table. The combo always makes my mouth water.... These soften pretty quickly, parting away as the balsam moves forward to take center stage. I’m surprised by this. The scent is now more cozy than rugged. It fades faster than I like, but worth reapplying. I like the balsam stage, but I wish the other three notes stayed stronger for longer. I have other balsam-strong scents to wear. Give me my sweet woody soda! (The HG stays true for a long time. I lurvs it. I suppose, paired together, it’s not so bad getting stronger balsam if the HG is gonna carry the other notes alongside. )
  7. artisjok

    Thirteen (13): July 2018

    From my most recent wear of this Thirteen, it’s is a super creamy chocolate (thanks to orris butter and coconut and vanilla cream) with a big punch of nutmeg and a touch of whiskey and maybe carnation. I like it a lot, and it’s very complex. I feel like I get different showing of notes every time I wear it, so I may come back and add some other impressions later. It’s in the same scent category as Death Cap to me. Both are used for my I-don’t- know-what-the-energy-will-be-like occasions and when I can only bring one scent to cover multiple days (and moods).
  8. artisjok

    Mr. World Nail Polish

    I’llI agree with StevenBoatman ^, this is definitely tinged a light bluegreen (cyan), actually remarkably close to the color of the planet Uranus (for real thorough! And being an Aquarius, I’m feeling extra appropriate making the connection and loving the polish). The microflake is perfect, not too sparkly and not bland either. I think the polish matches Mr. World idea perfectly, very material, almost like US dollars with some change, or a chunk of slate stone with little specks of black tourmaline and emerald and gold fleck sprinkled about. I can’t comment too much on the consistency and quality. I haven’t used polish for a few years, and this is my first dive back into fab nail armor. Took three coats for full coverage, but two didn’t look bad, and stayed longer. I’ll link a pic of the three-coat experience. I am super pleased with the color, as it vibes with much of my wardrobe and it’s uniqueness matches my personality! (Who am I kidding, everyone is unique.)
  9. artisjok

    Svarta Fönix Bókaflóð

    I had a similar issue as Lucchesa. Svarta Fonix Bokaflod starts out with a wisp of smoke, one I’m not particularly fond of, which gets better in a few minutes. Unfortunately, that’s the only impression I get, and it stays so close to my skin, I have to scrap it off with my nose hairs to get a whiff! I can see this might get stronger with aging, but I don’t know if I would get the glorious scent I imagined from it. Book: A Murder on the Orient Express! I read very few murder mysteries, so I’m excited. Update: I tested another bottle that had rested longer and I did get a stronger scent! Mostly mahogany, a touch of paper and fur and a whisp of smokiness. Like an abandoned home library, mostly filled with empty shelves and the remnants of the past occupants (books & cats). I feel like this will be like Scholar’s Tower, which disappeared on me at first, but now is lovely.
  10. artisjok

    Picture Books in Winter

    When I first put on Picture Books in Winter, I thought, “Cool, not something I need to search for a bottle.” Now, I’m looking at my half decant and thinking it won’t be enough! Starts off pretty light leather, flower, and light butterscotch or caramel. The longer I wear it the warmth of my skin makes it bloom into a yummy vanillic paper flower, next to a piece of caramel. I get the references to Miskatonic U, but I’m also getting a similar vibe as Snow White. I wonder if the flowers are the same... The leather doesn’t stick around for me, but despite my usual love of leather, I’m so pleased with this scent’s result! I’m excited to find more~
  11. artisjok


    Caldarium starts off with a big sweet berry blast, almost candy-like. As it drys down, there’s a warmth that emerges. I’m contributing this to the flax seed. I like the drydown well enough, but I’m not much of a berry person. I wish I got a huge blast of rosemary! On a side note, I read that honey myrtle can help with calming the nerves.
  12. artisjok

    My Little Grotesque

    The cardamom is so glorious in My Little Grotesque! The sadness, though! It stays for a few minutes and fades to a slightly fake dry vanilla cake scent on my skin. I smeared some through my hair ends, and the cardamom stayed! Yay for that. I also put it in my scent locket, and it works fine, of course. More buttercream from the locket than any of the other applications. I really want want to keep this, but kinda bummed that it doesn’t work on my skin. I’ll hold on to it a while longer to see how often I wear the locket, or a bit in my hair.
  13. artisjok

    Round Dance

    The combination of the notes in Round Dance somehow smells like mild, tasty chocolate on me. I can pick out the individual threads of hay, Amber, strawberry, vanilla cream, & carnation if I concentrate. The lavender seems to be missing for me (bummer!), but the overall effect is quite yummy and well-blended. Started out a bit perfumey, but so smooth after a couple hours. I took a nap and was surprised to smell the scent still wafting about once I got up! Yay I’m gonna enjoy my decant, for sure. I’d consider a swap for a bottle, too! *flounces off, prettily*
  14. artisjok

    Recommendations for my husband?

    My partner has This is Your Wilderness, from the OLLA line, and we both love it! https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/only-lovers-left-alive/wilderness/ I feel feel like The Antikythera Mechanism would be good, if you want a diversion from the pine. Also, it’s nice that it’s GC, so less expensive and regularly available. https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/steamworks/the-antikythera-mechanism/
  15. artisjok

    Départ Pour Le Sabbat (Aufbruch Zum Hexensabbat)

    Depart pour le Sabbat is such a cozy yummy scent. My first encounter with goat’s milk and the creamy gourmand paired with the sweet woody patch is great! The honey and vanilla amp the sweetness, but I think the oud is helping to keep them from taking over completely. The patchouli woodiness stays strong throughout. My partner says I smell like a delicious New Age shop. Mmmmm... my new favorite for the chilly winter days.