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  1. This Imperious Three-Headed Dragon is quite reminiscent of Luna Azul 2018, but darker, syrupier. I’m getting strong black amber and sweet berries up front, then the jasmine kicks in and there’s a dance between these notes that is held by the black musk around the edges. It’s not until later in the drydown that I really detect licorice (just a hint), and I realize it lends some of the deep sweetness to the berries. Luna Azul is one of the few berry scents I really enjoy, and this is more complex and last longer in its darker way. LA often turns a little powdery or fades more quickly than I wish. I’ll be on the lookout for anyone who wishes to swap a bottle!
  2. artisjok

    Midnight Bonfire

    Definitely evocative of a smoky bonfire in the night. The smoldering jasmine comes in with a blast, and then the petals must have all burned up. Sweet jasmine disappears into the starry sky. I can sense the patchouli’s woodiness keeping the clouds of smoke grounded slightly. I feel the sage and pine lightly edging the smoke, like a sensation of cool night air on my back. This is all about showcasing the burnt elements. Every time I try this one, I decide that it’s just not for me, just such intense smoke. An hour later I’m swooning. It’s softened and the complexities peek out more and waft around me making me wish for cold walks in the late winter night.... a deeply contemplative mood emerges. I don’t want to let go.
  3. artisjok

    The Manuscript

    Quitely creeping into the castle window, the book theif tiptoes across the library in the dark shadows of night. Moonlight streams through the open window, gleaming across the spines of thick leather-bound books. She moves cat-like along sculpted shelving, knowing exactly where her target resides. The dark blue cover is covered in occult symbols. She runs nimble fingertips lightly along the edges of the thick soft pages and inhales deeply their sweet scent, encapsulated between dense leather. It seems to be whispering for the girl to unleash its secrets, promising power. An unearthly chill runs down her spine. Knowing better than to give into the lure of opening the volume without proper preparations, she tucks it into her cloak and retreats back to the window ledge. With one last glance into the gloom of the library, the thief vanishes back into the night air like a phantom. The Maniscript is full of imagery, full of forbidden knowledge and dark purpose. A story unfolds in each sniff. I’m enamored.
  4. artisjok

    Bunraku Theater

    With all the fall/Weenie-stalking hype, I decided to wear Bunraku Theater to get me in the mood for changing seasons (despite being from the opposite season of Lupers ) Yummy! This beauty is a comforting beeswax & hay-heavy scent with lumps of pumpkin interwoven. The tobacco gives it more of a perfume-y tone, a kind of upscale cozy. Sometimes, tobacco really turn me off of a scent, it’s a perfect touch here (aging probably helps!). The hops brings something like a sliver of floral, making it seem more Luper appropriate than I first thought. Definitely works super well for fall cravings, though! Lasts longer than a lot of my scents, slowly fading to a final primarily-beeswax stage. I’m so snuggle-worthy right now. I am loving Bunraku, and can see myself reaching for it often when everyone gets even more pumpkin crazed. I’m pairing it with Eight-Maids-a-Milking HG next time....
  5. artisjok

    Black Cherry Apricot Gløgg and Sweet Incense

    I, like Lucchesa, get more fruit than spice from Black Cherry Apricot Glogg, both cherry and apricot and some of the orange peeel are apparent on my skin. There’s a hint of spice, a bit of myrrh, yet surprisingly I’m missing booze on my skin. I must have absorbed it all lol In my hair, on the other hand, it’s fruity booze city! I’m making myself oatmeal and really wishing this scent was a topping instead of perfume.... Glad to have tried it, and might use up my decant, but no need to search for more. (Phew!)
  6. artisjok

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Donno if you’ve gotten a chance to try out Rapture Pig, but it’s pretty spot on Donno if you’ve gotten a chance to try out Rapture Pig, but it’s pretty spot on Donno if you’ve gotten a chance to try out Rapture Pig, but it’s pretty spot on
  7. artisjok

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    They Shut Me Up is a beautiful scent, yet I’m having such a weird connection with it... I swear it smells like sunscreen when I smell the scent without trying to pick out any notes. When I am focused on the particulars, I smell the bourbon vanilla and a pale fresh floral, not sharp, dewy. (Honestly don’t know what osmanthus or mallow flower smell like. They must both be delicate sweeties.) The sandalwood is definitely present, though not speaking up, rather entwining through. I don’t pick out the frankincense, and I would love for it to strengthen. There’s a chewiness to the scent and an unexplained summertime at the beach flashback sensation. I can’t decide what my emotions are telling me on this one. Pretty, though!
  8. artisjok

    What do you wear to a Renaissance Festival?

    The one I would choose from my collection (and a super fav!) is Monk and Actor! Earthy with a bit of spice and resin. A tartness, bright like a festival, yet cozy like your favorite cloak.
  9. Sister Mary Loquacious pairs really well it, though not the same. You could try out Lemon Scented Sticky Bat, as it’s a sweet lemon scent.
  10. artisjok


    For me, Quarte starts out strong with lush red rose, slightly dusted with cacao. I love this phase. The drydown is mostly smooth, subtle cacao with barely any rose. Sometimes, my skin eats up rose. If it had stayed the dominate note, I would have to hunt down a bottle! As it is, I’ll just enjoy the decant. Maybe try and extend the rose with with lotioned skin.
  11. artisjok


    Upon application, Nebulaphobia is strong frankincense slightly swirled with the ambergris. I may get a hint of the cade, but don’t think it’s contributing much. Unfortunately, it just goes straight to powder. Sweet powdery fog..... I mean, it’s a bit suffocating (over-application?), so it works with the theme. This scent is not for my skin chem. Bummer.
  12. artisjok

    I Sit and Sew

    I’m having the same experience as milo, mostly tea (white) and a bit of violet, thought I do get some muskiness. I was hoping for more of the previous reviewers experience, jasmine & vanilla freshened by the other notes. On the drydown I’m getting more hints of them, especially the vanilla. Violet is not usually my jam, and I already have some white tea loves, so I’ll probably pass this decant along or use it for room fragrance. Glad to have the chance to try this scent! I’ll be on the look out for some more of the Unbound scents now...
  13. artisjok


    Thick chewy honey (Cakes? Yes, a bit cake-like.) The spices and musk are subtle, yet ever-present. Despite the cheery disposition of Cito, underneath there’s a hint of something that turns my stomach... is it the life everlasting? Not a note that is yucky, but one that hints at a thread of Chaos. An embracing scent that makes me want to cuddle myself, yet alert to the ever present threat of the unknown, the unexpected shift, lurking just outside the embrace. Luckily, wearing Cito, I feel totally supported for those shifts that seek to snag the unaware. A supportive, positive, super-yummy scent for growth! I have two decants, and even knowing that I’ll likely not finish them, want a bottle. The label looks fresh, and I bet the scent will age supremely. I’ll have to see how much use these baby cakes get.
  14. I really love Death Cap! It’s earthy and something like coconut incense....
  15. artisjok

    Penny Rolle

    Penny Rolle is one of those skin-scent-but-better scents. I’m getting a nutty, yet clean, shea and amber mostly. Like ello, the pecan is noticeable in the beginning. There is a bit of woodsiness to it, but it’s overshadowed by the shea note. There is a sweetness to the scent that I enjoy. Some strong throw to Penny! I thought I needed to slather in the beginning, but it bloomed much stronger than I anticipated. I’m not in love with this as much as I expected, and am wondering if I just amp shea.... Feels like a good scent for strolling on a beach, or in a setting where I wouldn’t want a noticeable perfume and just something simple & clean. It’s pretty cozy, actually. I’m interested in seeing how it develops with some settling.