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    Books & libraries and herbs (lavender! sage rosemary) and amber and incense/resins (frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, etc) and cardamom and woods. Maple and leaves and oak. Leather!! Leatherleatherleather. Moss and earth and vetiver. Soft smoke and cashmere. Honey and lush roses and beeswax. Grapefruit and sugar, brown sugar and creaminess. Carnations and hay and sweet patchouli (!!!) Some musks, some cakes. Been diggin’ lilies and jasmine recently. I love gourmands!! Nomnomnom So far champaca (straight corn tortillas) and some rose (sharp & soapy) notes have been yuck on my skin :/ Coffee just disappears. Some vanillas go cheap candle. Fruity and candy scents aren’t usually appealing to me. Aquatics occasionally work, I usually stay away.

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    Breaking the programs, being true to I AM
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  1. artisjok

    Dead Leaves and Chai

    Crunchy gorgeous leaves, one of my favorite scents from the lab. A creaminess emerges and an almost orange tinge, that I’m now thinking is clove. I can imagine a black tea note in the drydown. It is sweet and smooth. The leaves take a background role and I’m feeling so cozy. I feared there here would be an overwhelming spice 💥, yet this spice is so gentle. I feel the scent will deepen and show more layers with age, and am pleased I jumped for a blind bottle.
  2. artisjok

    The Empty House

    The Empty House starts off strong. Buttery pumpkin with a pine pitch wrapper. I agree with a candle comparison, a good one for scenting the home like a cozy holiday. Luckily, the longer the scent dries down, the smoother. Resinous woods snake their way around my wrists and a tendril of smoke beckons my nose to come closer. A hint of the gourmand lingers to watch the sultry show. The Empty House sure knows how to draw a crowd. I feared this was too strong and too holiday for me, yet after the first half hour the magic began. The oud really amps the sensual feel. The woodsmoke is indeed gentle, only a transparent gauze.
  3. artisjok

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    I got Mad Maud’s 2019 bottle, and have a similar experience with most others~ salty sweet skin musk, a tinge of herb & floral (that goes a little soapy for a bit, then the soap goes away), and a small wisp of incense. I was hoping for a heavier scent, one with some bonfire heft and brisk fir. I also see the comparison to beeswax, it seems a little waxy in the drydown. Not really my jam, but I can see it being lovely for someone who doesn’t want their scent to stand out too much. Intimate. I bet wearing this while dancing around a fire would smell sexy! Not sure if I want to age it or not....
  4. artisjok

    You're a Daisy If You Have

    Strong black leather dries down to a slightly sweetened leather. I’m thinking the wildflowers are the sweetness I’m picking up on. While I am a leather lover, I really want those other notes to come come through! I’ll let it rest a while and give it another spin then...
  5. artisjok

    The Purple Window Hair Gloss

    Sweet blackberry with a whiff of green edge. Maybe a touch powdery after a while. Definitely purple. Not something I would wear often, yet perfect to pair with the couple berry scents I have. Pretty & a must-have for berry lovers!
  6. artisjok


    Creamy and dry, regal and comforting, Eve spans great distances and remains intimately near. The white sandalwood is the strongest on me, with soft myrrh and hints of rose and dusty green shades. When I wear Eve, I feel like I could cozy up to my partner next to a fire, or meet an influential leader at a banquet, or be strolling alone at dusk along a quiet path. From what I remember of Morocco, it’s definitely similar, yet there’s more earthiness and complexity. Not one of my top favorites, yet it’s appropriate for many occasions and draws to mind ancestral feelings and mystical lands that I’m pleased to have a bottle. If I went on a backpacking adventure over a great distance or time period, this is the scent I would take with me.
  7. artisjok

    Hellbeard Beard Oil

    I got a decant or Hellboy beard oil in a swap, and have been using it when my hair ends are feeling especially crisp. Surprisingly effective and not greasy at all. Scent-wise, I was also surprised. The bourbon must be making a sweetness, almost fruity, that I totally did not expect to get. A warm golden tobacco scent, dipped in bourbon syrup, and laced with smoke and ash. I’d probably be okay with a heavier scent, but I’m sure that on a beard, it’s perfect by being a bit lighter. Pairs well with a lot of my Autumn cozy scents.
  8. artisjok

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    Hallow-e’en (2017 version) starts out rough on me. A mix of sharp dead leaves and green-yet-rotting leaves sprinkled with dirt to my nose. It lessens it’s effect maybe 10 min later to make way for honeyed fig. And it’s so gorgeous and unique when they all combine. I am glad the honey and fig come out to sweeten and smooth the jarring leaf combo on my skin. I like it more with every wear and it last longer than most scents on me. Puts me in a mood. Welcome October. Today, I layered it with Mouse Circus, and it’s like sauntering down a cool leaf-strewn lane, rummaging through a bag of treats. Atmospheric yumminess.
  9. artisjok


    I inherited torischroeder9’s 2012 bottle~ This is thick romance. Darkly powdery, floral, slightly sweet.. the musk is dominating on me. It makes me think of of clandestine meetings in the park between a high class woman and her lover. Steamy nights and soft words. The brighter note of tea doesn’t show, nor do I detect the clove, yet I didn’t apply a full amount this test. At this point, the black musk makes it too powdery for me to fully enjoy. I still need to do a real full wear to make sure I’m not missing out on the other notes. I think the brighter tea and frankincense would lighten the experience and make it more my style. Plus, a little zing from clove would be quite welcome in such heavy love vibes.
  10. artisjok

    My Tiger

    My Tiger is a sweet stunner. Imagine a yin yang sphere, composed of lavender, not sharp in the slightest, and patchouli, so smooth never funky. Now, wrap that sphere in a coating of thick cozy amber, glowing like a coal with its warmth. Then, to top off the delicacy, roll the ball in bright crunchy sugar crystals. There you have it. A sleep blend to cuddle you softly. To remind you that everything is going to be alright. To satisfy that late night sweet tooth I love My Tiger. My little ones have been working on their growling and prowling skills lately, and it makes me so happy to have a blend that comes from another mother with a fierce little. It’s a blend that feels acceptable for a young one to wear, as well as a great wind-down scent for anyone who loves some sweetness.
  11. artisjok

    FORMULA FFSM4: Captain

    First introduction to Captain was indeed leather, yet there was some intricacy, almost spice upon application. Quickly, those intricacies flee behind the big bold personality of leather. Tackle shop, boot store, strong yet supple, carry-you-across-the-land-flung-over-his-shoulder leather. On the dry down, some of the vanilla or sassafras sweetness peeks around the corner. I also start to notice that the cedar is contributing the manliness of the leather, a wooden frame keeping everything ridged. Softened with wear the scent becomes more of a cozy leather chair, full of memories and stories of adventure in the Wild West. Still center of attention, yet willing to share the stage a bit. As a fan of leather scents, this is just at the edge of what I enjoy and too much. I feel like aging will bring out the supporting notes more, as they get comfy in the relationship, and I’ll enjoy it a lot more.
  12. artisjok

    Amber Pumpkin Hair Gloss

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch, how’d you get in my hair?! I can’t shake the similarity.... with a bloop of amber, and I could maybe see how pumpkin is there... mostly I’m feeling a youthful sweet Autumn foody scent. Perfect for watching cartoons, then going on a chilly walk through the falling leaves with your posse.
  13. artisjok

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    You’d probably love The Lights of Men’s Lives! It’s a general catalogue scent, so available all year round, and super waxy yummy. I know there are bottles of it for sale here on the forum, too.
  14. artisjok

    A King Pursued by a Unicorn

    King Pursued by a Unicorn is lovely, and surprisingly (or maybe expectedly?, with the two characters) strong. A blast of thick pine sap and maybe some oak (I haven’t gotten too familiar with the oak note to untangle it.), cozied by ever elegant and scrumptious white amber. The amber slowly climbs to be the strongest contender, yet I never lose the hint of fresh sappiness. One of the few blends that I have to be careful how much I initially applied, due to overwhelming throw. I’m thrilled it lasts so long on my skin! Viscous elegance, a sun-dappled forest love.
  15. Matcha under the tree boughs, matcha under the clouds~