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  1. LavenderCoffee

    He'd Been an Angel Once

    Wow, hey c'mon. There is no oudh! Yes, the initial poof of vetiver and brimstone might be a bit overpowering, but I came here to say this settles in quite nicely somewhere near What You Want and Being Happy Are Two Quite Different Things - but sans fruits and more on the masc side.
  2. LavenderCoffee

    Butterscotch and Blackbeetles

    this is it. dirty butterscotch is weirdly amazingly great.
  3. LavenderCoffee

    Visions of Autumn III

    Bourbon vanilla, aged patchouli, honey, and Ceylon cinnamon. Yummy yummy honey patchouli. And it's a particularly glorious patchouli. Bourbon vanilla never comes across very strongly for me, just seems to sink into the other notes. Also the cinnamon is super subtle. Delightful scent.
  4. LavenderCoffee

    Blackout Blinds

    Goes on as a lovely soft lavender forward blend, with the edges rounded off by the accompanying notes. It tiptoes around a lavender incense vibe without quite going there. I'm not familiar with palmarosa as a standalone note but there is definitely a wispy breath of green threaded through that increases slightly in prominence as the oil dries. Almost like reclining into a dream version of a lavender dappled meadow: not super lavender and not super green, but super soft and calming. Applied before bed last night and fell asleep fairly quickly fwiw.
  5. LavenderCoffee

    Hot Speckled Gloom

    Thank you reviewers! I blind bottled this right before the collection came down and it's a slam dunk. Sooooo good. Not sure I have anything new to add: sweet, sexy resins rendered utterly irresistable by the addition of patchouli. Very happy with the staying power. Moderate throw. Maybe a new fav
  6. LavenderCoffee

    Détritus Humain

    I wanted to try this one because I enjoyed Teapot Full of Angst so much. Where Teapot is rich and refined, Detritus is sultry and somewhat sinister. I don't think I have had the pleasure of meeting a smoky vetiver before now, and this one is fairly intense and smoky for 30 mins or so after applying, but after it dries it's much smoother, definitely something you could wear out to a dimly lit club (and I love the idea of swiping a bit of Thorns Clove Cigarette over it). I am not getting anything scary from the oud, it's more like a high end wood note hanging out with the vetiver. The musk pops out last for me, and contributes a sparingly sweet finish to this deep dark scent.
  7. LavenderCoffee

    Pink Jasmine, Black Pepper, and Wildflower Honey

    This is a super cute little trio. Jasmine has a tricky reputation, but this one is a very well behaved perky pink. The pepper doesn't smell peppery, like fresh ground black pepper, but it does that nice kinda posh thing it does smoothing out the other notes. The wildflower aspect of the honey even pokes out alongside pink jasmine, while the honey note itself is fairly light. A cheerful playful Summery floral blend.
  8. LavenderCoffee

    Angelvs Domini

    Dang this is good. A rich but mellow purple floral vibe, with points of dark fruity intensity pulsing through, just as depicted in the artwork. I love lavender and blackcurrant, but lilac doesn't always agree with me, so apparently this is the secret combo that works for me and my skin chemistry.
  9. LavenderCoffee

    Lycanthrope for Your Life

    I loved the previous iteration of LFYL but it disappeared on my skin. Now with the addition of the honey and marshmallow, it sticks around. I wish it had a bit more throw but it's still great. The booziness is big up front, fades quickly, then the scent of whiskey remains in the background. My wear experience follows the description super closely: I get a gently spiced, honey sweetened fig cream whiskey. It is delish! But not especially mallowy. Probably because the gooey fluff is hiding out in the sweetened cream.
  10. LavenderCoffee


    When I first put this on, I thought of a frivolous frilly lacey cousin to last year's Young Pilgrim Girl. As it dried, I could almost swear there was a cognac note, so I understand the lace comparison. Then at the end it's all vanilla, but in more of a fabric way than a foodie way. It's not my jam but it's a fun scent.
  11. LavenderCoffee


    So first of all, yes, this is a slay 💅 because adding black leather to an oudh blend and making it more accessible to the masses is really something. I was a bit nervous because I love Slay 2018 and black leather is an iffy note for me. Adding it alongside frankincense though (also absent from the 2018 formulation) probably makes a difference, and it's possible the proportions of the other notes in the blend were adjusted too. There are only two different notes and it's an entirely different perfume - a very impressive costume change! In the OG blend, the throw for me is all red musk and oudh, swagger and strut, and maybe that's due in part to the fact that it's had some time to marinate. In the new Pride Monster formulation, I'm getting a lot less oudh and even less musk, and the vibe is kinda chill! I get a surprisingly comfy casual black leather thrown over the top of everything, plus I can pick out more of the tobacco and cacao. Almost like the original is the stage costume and the new version is what to wear out after the show. It's a timeless, effortless, genderless type of cool. In my opinion it's worth trying both, but if you're nervous about oudh, I find this one easy to wear. I am testing from a decant and contemplating a bottle.
  12. LavenderCoffee

    Pink Moon 2023

    When I first put this on I was immediately reminded of the scented markers we used when I was a kid, and I don't think there was a pink one, but I could be wrong. Makes me wonder what they used to scent those. Anyway echoing the other reviewers: Pink Moon smells PINK. The initial suggestion of fake pink disappears in a gorgeous burst of floral. You can tell it's been sweetened but it's not a big ol sugarbomb. Smells like what a stargazer lily petal looks like. I don't get a ton of berry but I think it's just the right amount.
  13. LavenderCoffee

    La Pluie d’or Léon

    She's fancy! Soft focus golden florals with a drop of tea. Frankincense and honey holding up mirrors to all of it, light bouncing everywhere. I was curious about lightning struck amber and I am kindof getting a dash of ozone? It does indeed seem otherworldly.
  14. LavenderCoffee

    An Orchard in Spring

    It seems to be mostly apple and lilac up front, and then waaaay off in the distance some lavender and grasses.
  15. LavenderCoffee

    White Cat

    White Cat is quite a confection when freshly applied. Something about it makes me think of a carnival or amusement park. Lemony sweet marshmallowy floof! I think I have said floof in all my Felis reviews, oops. Stays fairly soft and close, just like a very good cat.