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  1. LavenderCoffee

    Jovial Tengu Making Love to Four Women

    When I first tested this tengu I couldn't really pick up on the peony and poppy. Now, a couple weeks later, they bring a rich, almost creamy floral heart to the scent that distinguishes it from other carnation/clove options. Only gently spiced and softly sweet, with wafts of subtle vanilla in the drydown. Lovely!
  2. LavenderCoffee

    Sea-Cucumber Ring, Jewel Balls, Small Dildo

    Opens with a big bushel of lemony hay, and just keeps getting better from there. The tobacco flower gains prominence and the pepper provides a nice accent. During my first skin test, I thought I could pick out magnolia clearly, but it's less distinct today. In the drydown I get more of the amber and soft brown leather, adding a sweeter depth to balance the bright chord of top notes. It lasts all day with a low to modest throw, feels very neutral and wearable but also elevated. Thought this would be more outside my comfort zone with the tobacco flower, but I'm really enjoying it.
  3. LavenderCoffee

    Hallway of a Train Station

    this one has me all twitterpated. I was initially struck by the dramatic colors on the label art, and hesitated to purchase based on the plum note, which can go either way for me depending on the blend. I'm so glad I took the leap! the opening is unexpectedly sweet - not sugary, but fruity - as the plum and tea combine, perhaps with the silk, which I tend to have trouble isolating. seems to make the other notes silky and smooth, but perhaps there is some sweetness there as well. as it dries and wears I can detect a flirtation of lilac if I search, and the atmospheric smoky metallic scent emerges to form the backdrop of the train station. the whole composition is gorgeously balanced, but I would say it is primarily a plum-tea-silk perfume. I slathered it yesterday and it stayed with me all day long, although it doesn't have a ton of throw. something you could easily wear every day that still feels special.
  4. LavenderCoffee


    this is an odd one, it went on fizzy (champagne or soda?), then bloomed floral (something waxy like a lily?), and dried spicy (maybe ginger? cassia?). I'm not getting the soapy aspect others have mentioned but the floral backs off a lot for me on drydown. there might be a lemon or lime note hiding in there but my nose is confused by this journey.
  5. LavenderCoffee


    13-year aged red patchouli, Damascus rose resin tar, blackcurrant syrup, Egyptian myrrh, and crimson musk seed. I've been hanging out with Garnet for just a short while now. Directly out of the mail, I dabbed a bit on and could have sworn I was smelling some Snake Oil - the patchouli was forward and playing with the musk in a very familiar way. The next day, however, there were no sneaky snakes. The crimson musk seed reads like red musk on first application, which is to say, it's not shy about announcing itself, but somehow it doesn't wear the same as red musk usually does for me as it dries. Today, the third day, it's almost like a red musk playing dress up as a black musk, aided and abetted by the gorgeous myrrh. I know the analogy to the stone itself is an easy one, but I haven't found that it applies to all the other similarly inspired HM scents equally. It does here: I get different shifting glints of notes coming through the impossibly deep dark red. The myrrh and musk stand out nicely over the rich patchouli backdrop, and I definitely do not get a floral rose, but if you lean in close to it you can pick up the remains of a rose alongside the blackcurrant, and the faintest breath of sweetness. As of now it's a subtle but slinky resinous scent and I like it a lot. If I get anything much different from it in the coming months I'll try to remember to update!
  6. LavenderCoffee

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    Ooh I thought I'd reviewed this one, but I must have mentioned it on a different thread or have misremembered. When I first tested this from a decant, it went a little too funky for me and I thought I was safe. But then I regretted passing the decant along, and decided to find a bottle. Now I love it, especially the way the elegant white patch and beeswax funk play off each other. It's a different sort of musk quality than honey does on its own. A sensual, personal sort of scent.
  7. LavenderCoffee

    A Medley of Vulvas

    When I tested this yesterday the first description that came to mind was "toasted beeswax," which technically doesn't make any sense, but still seems correct to me today, after wearing it all morning. It's a rich, sweet honey scent accented with vanilla, but the additional notes add a layer of complexity - a gently toasty quality - that prevent it from going too cloying for me. This also hits my sweet spot for sillage and longevity, as I'm still enjoying my personal scent bubble 6 hours in. Glad I caught up with this lovely scent after missing it last year.
  8. LavenderCoffee

    Valentine of Rome

    got the 2011 version as a frottle and it is so gorgeous! have to echo the "warm and smoky" vibe from Lucchesa - I find this much more cozy and sensual than I would have expected from the notes. this is going into my fav incense blends category.
  9. LavenderCoffee

    Champagne and Blood

    Swoon-a-roonies, this is great! If you ordered a decant it will probably be obvious that you want to roll/shake/otherwise gently agitate this oil, but even in the bottle you can see a distinct separation of components: There is definitely something magically cola-like happening, without being sticky or cloying. I love the contrast of the cool fizz of champagne with the warmth of dragon's blood and clove, accented by a flirtation of delicious cherry. But the sparkling champagne note is the star, and it lasts all day. A delight!
  10. LavenderCoffee

    Oak Moon 2023

    I am super pleased with this one. Both oak and honey can be big notes, but they are very nicely balanced here. The strength of a big strong oak and the comfort of warm sweet honey combine into a fortifying hug of a scent that sticks with you all day. I do get a bit of nutty acorn but I'm not sure I can pick out the sap yet.
  11. LavenderCoffee

    Oatmeal, Rose Petals, and Sugar

    A yummy jammy rose to layer with everything, yes please!
  12. LavenderCoffee

    Blackberry Apple Sufganiyot

    This reminds me quite a lot of the Burnt Sugar and Blackberry duet, but it does have some pastry/dough peeking out. I agree that the balance strongly favors the blackberry over the apple.
  13. LavenderCoffee

    Bad Luck Woman Blues

    So funny reading reviews of this from when it was released that are all about caramel. Over 15 years later the caramel is pretty subtle! In its advanced age, Bad Luck Woman Blues is earthy, smoky, slightly herbal, with pleasant hits of the cologne elements and a soft, sweet background. Dries down into something quite balanced and wearable. Now to see if it works against bad luck dudes! Edited to add: just gotta repeat the previous reviewer, it smells expensive and powerful. I'm so into it!
  14. LavenderCoffee

    Lavender Honey Cake

    When I first got a decant of this scent, I was overwhelmed by the combination of rich, dense honey and rich, dense cake. Now that I've had it awhile, the richness has dialed back from 11 to 7, which allows the lavender to shine through. I agree that the honey develops a musky quality, but that is right in my wheelhouse. Very pleased to end up with such a delightful lavender honey concoction.
  15. LavenderCoffee

    Carved Wooden Bakery

    This is the blend that taught me that walnut is not a good note on my skin. My first skin test was absolute 💩 so I decided to come back to it later after some rest. I was able to get a hint of chocolate croissant eventually, but for me, this is leaning into the walnut countertop for a deep whiff where you can tell it has been used for baked goods. I will tread lightly with walnut in the future!