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  1. Delirium1009

    BPAL and pregnancy

    Thank you for the opinions, and the congratulations I really have very little interest in most of my perfumes, but have worn Pumpkin Princess and Embalming Fluid in my clocket so far, and the latter is especially nice and refreshing. I guess I just fear I'll miss out on something, but I have more important things on my mind so it shouldn't matter too much. I got a bottle of SN Tonka, and picked up Autumn Lace, and will probably wait a while until I smell or skin test either.
  2. Delirium1009

    BPAL and pregnancy

    I'm newly pregnant (6 weeks tomorrow) and was wondering what people here did as far as testing new scents during their pregnancy. I only intend to wear scents in my clocket, not on my skin, but I don't know if it would be worth it to get new stuff of it just smells good on a piece of fabric or paper. I guess I wouldn't be using a lot, so a decant might be enough. I'm hoping to get the Tonka SN just because its one of my favorite notes, but I probably won't be able to wear it for a long while.
  3. Delirium1009

    Scents for dreaming

    The only bpal that has had a noticeable effect on my dreams was the first Singing Moon, and it wasn't a good one. I dont often have bad dreams, but both times I wore that blend to bed, I did. They were bad enough that I ended up selling my bottle, though I can't remember the specifics now.
  4. Delirium1009

    Honeysuckle blends

    I LOVE honeysuckle and have yet to find a bpal that smells like it. Joyful Moon and Encroaching Madness are two of my favorite scents, but I don't really get honeysuckle from them. I've had to go to other companies for my honeysuckle fix unfortunately.
  5. Delirium1009

    Spun Sugar Spectre Bath Oil

    SPUN SUGAR SPECTRE A web of gleaming, glistening sugar strands! When I first opened the bottle I was a little nervous as I got a lot of booze (bourbon in particular) with some deep caramel notes and a bit of creamy cotton candy, since I was hoping for a lot more of the latter. Using it in the shower, I get very boozy cotton candy. The scent left on my skin, however, was a rich but very light cotton candy scent that I really love. It goes very well with my favorite cotton candy scents (Boo and Loli.Goth) and leaves my skin lightly fragrant and moisturized. Definitely a keeper!
  6. Delirium1009


    This scent to me smells like a hybrid of Celeste, Antique Lace, and Candy Butcher. It's vanilla but on the perfumey side and just a touch musky, while being slightly sweet and smelling a little like a sort of whipped vanilla confection. While I never loved Antique Lace, Celeste, or Candy Butcher enough to keep bottles and put them in my regular rotation, I think I would buy a bottle of this if it were released. Of course, I might just be loving it because I know it's something I'll probably never get my hands on.
  7. Delirium1009


    Mostly gingerbread with a little bit of orange. This is very foody, and not too strong on the spice. It also behaves on my skin while in the past I've had issues with Gingerbread Poppet and other bakery type blends turning almost salty and savory smelling on me. ETA: I've worn this a couple of times now and the more I do, the more it reminds me of apple pie as opposed to gingerbread cookies. There's a hint of fruitiness to it aside from the light amount of citrus that's quite nice.
  8. Delirium1009

    Hell's Belle Claw Polish

    A gorgeous and very feminine, subtle polish. But not boring... oh, no. You may not notice this at first, but once you do you won't stop staring! It's a gorgeous light color, right in the middle between baby pink and lavender. It has a beautiful golden flash and is almost duochrome but not quite. I thought at first it would be a frost color, but it behaves so much better than frosts usually do on me and there's no odd lines on my nails whatsoever. Maybe it would be more honest to call this more of a pearl finish, which is what it reminds me of. This color is very transparent, and at 2 coats there's visible nail line while 3 is just about perfect. Application was flawless and the dry time was average.
  9. Delirium1009

    Fire, smoke and ash scents

    Halloween: Los Angeles from the Halloween update is a very nice smoke scent with an underlying sweet perfumey note to it. I usually don't like bpal's smoke note to much (my favorite smokey perfumes are from Cobalt Blends and CB I Hate Perfume), but Los Angeles is really nice on me. HALLOWEEN: LOS ANGELES The sky on fire: a strange incense of burning brush, junegrass, tumbleweeds, chaparral, and wild sage.
  10. Delirium1009

    The Waxworks

    In bottle/imp: Beeswax, honey, and some clean, high ozoney scent. Immediately on skin: Beeswax with a bit of honey and a bit of feminine perfume. This is not very good on me, but I’m not surprised as I generally dislike beeswax and honey scents. After a little while: This fades into the scent of skin-warmed beeswax mixed with a little honey. Any extra notes have all but disappeared on my skin. Overall Impressions: Beeswax and honey lovers will probably adore this scent, but as those notes don’t generally work on my skin, this scent isn’t for me.
  11. Delirium1009

    Sabrina, the Ring Mistress

    In bottle/imp: Boozy, alcoholic vanilla. Immediately on skin: This is mostly vanilla, with some booze and a light bit of the green note from Snow White… maybe bamboo, or stems. It has this lovely, creamy frosting-like vanilla note blending into this bright, tangy green scent that really is rather pretty and unexpected. The booze that I got at first sniff kind of melts away from the green note. After a little while: The more I wear this, the more I love it. It’s all boozy, thick, rich vanilla (and no powder in sight!) with just a touch of that green note still lingering in the background. Overall Impressions: I love this scent. Vanilla can sometimes turn to powder on me, but the one in this stays rich and foody. There’s this really nice green background note that keeps this scent from being too foody, however, which is really nice. If the final version of this is as nice as the prototype, I need at least a couple of bottles!
  12. Delirium1009

    Maeve, the Sword Swallower

    In bottle/imp: Red musk and powdery amber, or something like that. Musky and dirty smelling. Immediately on skin: This smells musky and sexy. It’s very deep and resinous, but has this dry note that tickles my nose. I think resin, red musk, and some amber. There’s also a metallic edge to this. After a little while: This scent stays pretty much the same on my skin as it dries. It’s sexy red musk with something resinous and a powdery note. The metallic edge seems lighter, but it still lingers. I might get just a touch of leather, too, but it’s faint. Overall Impressions: This scent is rich and deep, dry and mysterious. It’s feminine, but just slightly so. This scent is sexy and self-assured.
  13. Delirium1009

    The Flower Girl

    In bottle/imp: Lots of deep, dark florals with a very clean, almost soapy edge. Immediately on skin: This smells like lots of flowers all strewn together. It’s got soapy ones and deeper, sexier ones, but it’s still just about all floral notes. The deeper note reminds me of one of the flowers in Dark Delicacies… black orchid, perhaps? This is much more floral and less dark than that scent, however. After a little while: This gets a little more soapy and less dark as it dries. The higher floral notes seem to stick around while the deeper ones have all but faded. Overall Impressions: Flowers, flowers, flowers. Lots of them, from soapy, clean smelling ones, to more sinister and darker blooms. The pretty, lighter flowers stick around for the dry down, while the darker ones seem to fade however. Very pretty, but not something I’d wear.
  14. Delirium1009

    Dungeon Crawl

    In bottle/imp: Stone, leather and vetiver. This is very bitter and dank. Immediately on skin: This smells of bitter greenery, damp stone, and leather. It’s quite an atmospheric scent, and is quite complex. After a little while: This gets a little less bitter as time goes on, and even a touch sweet. I smell a lot more incense and a background of damp stone and leather. Overall Impressions: This scent is very interesting in the way that it really does smell like a dark stone dungeon. Quite interesting, and I love the stone note. This isn’t something I’d wear, but I can see myself pulling out my partial decant just to smell it.
  15. Delirium1009

    Scorpio 2007

    In bottle/imp: Deep musks and resins with a slightly bitter undertone. Immediately on skin: This is heavy on the musk and resin, but it’s a very powdery scent. It’s dry and slightly bitter with an earthiness to it but a slight warmth. After a few minutes: This is so powdery on me, like dark, musky, baby powder poured over resin. There’s no sweetness in this at all, and the warm note has pretty much disappeared.