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  1. forspecial_plate

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    There's a scent in the current Halloween section, called Wax Cylinders, with this description: "Polished mahogany, soft leather, and gold-molded wax". I'm not sure if it's actually a beeswax note but I have a bottle on the way. I'll try to remember to report back. I used to work in the bulk herbs section of a health food store, so I'm somewhat familiar with the scent of beeswax. : )
  2. forspecial_plate

    Autumn and Winter

    This just doesn't work for my skin or nose, it's very high pitched, strong, perfumey, headachey (for me), and I've had to wash it off every time I've tried it. I thought I liked both notes but it just doesn't agree with me.
  3. forspecial_plate

    Chaos Theory VII: Floral

    #61 I'm not an expert on floral scents but this smells like tuberose single note to me. It's definitely floral (obviously), with no background notes that I can detect. I compared it to Easter Lily single note, that scent is a touch soapy and powdery, and this isn't like that. This actually resembles Tubereuse Criminelle, a little bit (I had a sample once), cool and rubbery and almost a hint of menthol about it. So yeah......tuberose!
  4. I recommend Nyarlathotep, even though citrus isn't mentioned in the description, it has a general citrus vibe (maybe more lemony than orangey?), and IMO it is a nice balance of fresh and light incense - I think it's great in warm weather.
  5. forspecial_plate

    Recommendations for a single man

    Hi and welcome! I'm not familiar with LA Law. But I had a couple ideas for sort of traditional manly Bpal scents along the lines of those you mentioned. Bow & Crown of Conquest Bram Stoker Dee Antony I also really like Djinn Mad Hatter Baron Samedi Odin I know there are more that I'm forgetting but I'm sure others will reply and there is also a longer topic around here somewhere all about manly or masculine scents if that's what you're looking for. Good luck, come back and let us know what you liked!
  6. forspecial_plate

    An Encampment of Shepherds

    I've been up and down with this one, at first I loved it (first brief test), then on a longer test I thought it was a little sour and weird. Then last night and today I'm giving it a real full test. It is unlike most other bpal scents I have tried. It does go through a slightly sour and odd phase for the first hour or so, but then I think the tonka comes out more, and it really needed that underlying layer of warm almost vanilla-like sweetness. This goes on for the duration. It's a lovely warm rosey scent at that point. I do smell the rose element but it's not like most other rose scents I have encountered. It's like a wooly slightly woody rose scent. I know there's no "wool" note listed but that's what it reminds me of. I don't see myself wearing this in warm weather but I might need more than a decant for the cooler autumn and winter months.
  7. forspecial_plate


    The Wood-Pile from last year's Yule collection is one of the best and prettiest aquatic scents I've ever tried, but you might not guess from the notes in the description: "Bald cypress and Spanish moss, spatterdock and sundew".
  8. forspecial_plate

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    When I first tried this, I thought it smelled good, but wasn't anything really special. It kind of reminded me of Antique Lace and that was that. Then I gave it a full day testing and found that I really love it! It smells like a vaguely woody vanilla scent to me, I wouldn't call it smokey exactly, but I do get the slightly rugged earthy quality that others have mentioned. This scent sticks with me all day, and has this way of teasing the air around me for hours. I just love the extended dry-down of this scent. As I get to know my Halloween decants, this and Studie Einer Ziege are my top 2 (so far), and I'm going to need bottles of both.
  9. forspecial_plate

    All Hallows Chaos: Dead Leaves

    #49 This is a darker green, somewhat herbal blend with a softer leaf note. The leaves don't stand out as much. I think I smell basil and maybe a dark ivy note. I like it. Edit: wearing this today 7/26/19, and there's another herbal note in this, possibly cardamom or something. Right now it smells a lot like Declaration which I like.
  10. forspecial_plate

    All Hallows Chaos: Dead Leaves

    #40 This is super soft, light, dead leaves and pretty aquatic, slightly sweet, just very clear. There might be a touch of ivy. It's spring-like and reminds me of a pale sea green color. This will be great in early spring, or whenever I want something clean!
  11. forspecial_plate

    All Hallows Chaos: Pumpkin Spice

    Decant of #57, from TrailerTrashPrincess's decant circle.....I wonder what the others think of this? Disclaimer: I've never tried ANY of the Lab's Pumpkin Spice scents, but I own and wear quite a few of the Pumpkin scents. Wet on first application, I can smell a somewhat buttery pumpkin note plus something....herbal? Kind of funky. I'm thinking "hops" but I have no idea (I used to work in a health food store and I ordered all the bulk herbs, this stage distinctly reminds me of opening a big jar of dried hops). Later after it dries, this smooths out a lot. I smell some pleasant spices, and something else. I can't tell if it's a light creamy floral, or possibly some kind of airy, delicate bread note? Am I smelling orange blossom? That would explain why it smells so weird at first, orange blossom has that effect to my nose. But now, it's light and smells nice. I think once you get past the initial "funky" stage, this is really light and pretty.
  12. Every leaf tells a story. The first thing I notice is that this scent is STRONG, and I think it gave me a scent headache when I first tried it. I do like it, though. For a few seconds it smells like soap, right when I first put it on. That feeling fades a bit as it dries. This is a very strong nag-champa-like incense scent. It does have a borderline soapy aspect, but I have always thought that nag champa smells a little soapy, so that fits here. This scent doesn't really change much over time. The leaves note is present and I think it combines to amp up the incense feeling. I really can't pick out any sugared chestnut, except for possibly a hint. I have a feeling this scent needs to age and settle down a bit. It does smell a bit like Midnight on the Midway, but stronger. I imagine wearing this in the summer but I'm weird like that. : )
  13. forspecial_plate

    Jupiter Nourished by the Goat Amalthea

    I got this for my boyfriend but ended up liking it for myself (and he's not crazy about it, so it's okay). It goes on sweet, slightly fruity, and I agree with the above reviewer who said bready. As time goes by the creamy milk note comes out stronger. After a longer while, it reminds me of a fluffy coconut confection of some sort, kind of airy. The fruit is kind of nonspecific, and I never picked out much honey from the blend. I do like it and I don't have many (more or less) straightforward gourmand scents, so I'm leaning towards keeping this one. I would think that someone who likes foody scents could wear this any time of year, I don't particularly think "Halloween!" when I am wearing it.
  14. forspecial_plate

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain

    #3 This has a soft bonfire note and some kind of musk, possibly red musk, and Samhain comes out over time. It's a beautiful fall scent, reminds me of Witch Dance except a lot softer. There's nothing harsh, just a warm glowing musky bonfire, with the sweetness of Samhain. I love it! Edit 3/31/19, I'm wearing this now and I swear it's straight up tobacco with some Samhain around the edges. How did I not smell tobacco in it before??
  15. forspecial_plate

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I think I have a sample of that somewhere around here. I'll try to hunt it down and try it again. Edit: I found my sample of Pomegranate Noir, and I'm wearing it now. This is a tough one! I smell equal parts fruit and wood, with some patchouli as well. Dionysia seems like such a close match with the notes. I just put some on, from a very aged decant from the original release, and I think it's more fruity. I kind of see what you mean about PM being spicier. For the wood part, I keep thinking of Dee. But Dee doesn't have any fruit, so on its own, that wouldn't do it. I'm also thinking of Masquerade, for the patchouli part. But - again - no fruit in Masquerade. Maybe layered with Baneberry? I can't remember if I've tried Oberon, but I I keep thinking of it, so I should mention it. Might be a stretch. But since it's GC, might be worth a try. Pepper has pink pepper and crushed berries.....and lots of other stuff. Red (Fraggle Rock) has spicy pink pepper and red currant, might be worth a try. Sorry I haven't tried these last 3 so I don't actually know - I hope you find something!