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  1. forspecial_plate

    The Queen and the Page

    My skin takes this particular sandalwood note and amps it like crazy, I've noticed it in a couple of other scents too. I had to put this decant away for a few months because it was like sandalwood foghorn when I first tried it. It's better now but when I wear this, I need to be in the mood to smell like sandalwood aaalllllllll day long. It's not a bad thing, I do like sandalwood. It's just one of those things that - after a while it could get kind of monotonous. I can pick out a little frankincense and maybe some moss but it's mostly sandalwood on me.
  2. forspecial_plate

    In the Studio

    I smell the dusty wood for sure. It's a little dusty, but I'm also getting wisps of oil paint in there. Something about this reminds me of some kind of bitter grains, almost a rye or caraway note but not quite. I think for me the amber kind of softens the whole thing and smooths out any rough edges. Pipe smoke? I get a little of that too, if I sniff up close. I am very faintly reminded of Globe, a Luper scent from a while back, but overall I agree this is really different from anything else I've tried. I always wanted a perfume that smelled like this old duplex house I lived in when I was little. I was friends with the kid downstairs. The house had a smell like - wood, floor polish, books, kind of an old museum smell? But clean. This isn't quite it but it might be the closest thing I ever find.
  3. forspecial_plate

    The Decadents

    When I first got this, for a while, it was about 80% lilac with a subtle smoke/incense background and I was happy with that. I put it on today and it's more like a tobacco + sugar cologne situation with a little bit of the other notes present. The lilac has taken a back seat to the tobacco, at least it has today, on my skin. I'm still loving it, but I have to say it's almost like a different scent now. I wonder how it will behave for others. I will enjoy wearing this, It's pretty light for me.
  4. forspecial_plate

    Les Passades

    On me, I'd describe this as dark, incense + vanilla, and when I sniff up close there is something deep and a little earthy. It's almost like the scent has an up-close layer and an outer layer. I can't really say what silken musk smells like but I would guess it's in the family of black musk based on what I'm smelling here. I'm not picking out much in the way of individual notes. It's incensey amber/musk/vanilla, not like Snake Oil, but if anything closer to King Cobra. But it doesn't really have the Snake Pit family resemblance in my opinion (if anyone was wondering). I think this is something special that non-foody vanilla fans are going to love. Oh and like the person stated above, my oil in the bottle is slightly cloudy. Edit: tried this again today, ahh - THERE'S the patchouli! For some reason it's showing up in full force now. Not sure how I didn't notice it as much before, but maybe the scent is still getting over some travel shock or something.
  5. forspecial_plate

    Arise, Lift Up Thine Eyes and See

    I don't remember buying this and I think it might have been a frottle from the lab. I mostly smell the lab's champaca note, and a pillowy backdrop of vanilla and amber. Black nutmeg is a note I might have avoided based on past experiences, but I can't smell it here. This smells great, but I already have a few other champaca scents that I probably would pick before this. I'm grateful I got to try this.
  6. forspecial_plate

    Death: My Irony Surpasses All Others!

    I haven't tried either of those scents the previous reviewer mentioned but I have to say, I agree with the general sentiment of the review.. Black musk can threaten to go into aftershave territory on me. It is mostly well-behaved here but I have to go easy on application or I'm headed back to the 70's or 80's.... something that might be a plus, for some. It's a strong black musk on me with an industrial or chemical aspect, almost like a hint of motor oil or burnt tires. That might not sound so great but it's not a bad thing and in the right mood or setting could be just the thing needed.. Also I'll add, later in the drying stages, I'm getting a little tiny bit of dry spice, not quite cinnamon but something, hard to pin down.
  7. On me the orange blossom is the strongest note followed by the white chocolate, with the suggestion of champagne and sweetness in the background. It's kind of sweet and sour. I really like this even though it's not what I expected, it manages to fall into the comfy and cozy category for me. The champagne note is not at all like it is in the 2 Sufficient Champagne scents I have (Snake Oil, and Blood), where the champagne stands out above all else. The orange blossom reminds me a lot of Vixen and if you love that scent I would recommend trying this.
  8. forspecial_plate

    A Lesson in Wisdom

    Strong and sharp on me - I like these notes but it would have to be about half this intensity for me to enjoy it. I'm mostly getting a citrus + champagne scent with some floral accents but not strong rose - I think the violet sugar note is actually coming out stronger than the rose. I like how it smells, maybe I can handle like teeny tiny dots of it on my skin. I will try that.
  9. forspecial_plate

    21 Snowballs

    This was an unfortunate fail on me, I wanted something kind of bright and zingy, frosty and refreshing. On my skin, I can tell there is snow and something gin-like, but there is something musky about it too. Whatever the muskiness is makes this into kind of a muddled mess on my skin. It's just not appealing on me. : ( I'm blaming my skin chemistry because I'm not getting as much gin or juniper as the other reviewers talked about. It's more like musky snow on me.
  10. forspecial_plate

    Gossip, Slang, and Cuss-Words

    Just applied: vanillic and lightly floral, the mallow is coming through but it's more floral and less lavender than I expected. Actually if I didn't know there was lavender I'm not sure I would notice it. This reminds me of Witch-Birds except this doesn't have whatever the "corrupted" and weird note was that disagreed with me in that scent. I could imagine wearing this in early spring. It didn't change much for me over time, I layered a little Row of Trees with it, and they compliment each other well.
  11. forspecial_plate

    Snowy Evening

    This starts off kind of an herbal incense lavender on me, it's hard to describe. After a while it's more like a medicinal resin. I think the lavender mostly faded at this point. It's kind of interesting but also borderline too medicinal. I don't know - it's just not grabbing me for some reason, although it should be. I'll let it age a while and try again at some point, just not quite willing to give up on it yet.
  12. forspecial_plate

    Secret Lovers and Sleeping Husband

    The rose is amping too much on me and it's what I think of as "sour" rose. I smell just hints of the other notes. Overall it's too sharp and a little soapy, a little like a sour rose incense. Was worth a try!
  13. forspecial_plate

    Dead Leaves, Prune & Patchouli

    I love this too, my decant had to rest for a while, when I first tried it it was too strong, the patchouli was a little sour, and it just wasn't working well on my skin. After a couple months this has settled down a lot and it's a lot more agreeable on me. The patchouli is still strong but I do feel the notes are well balanced, even though the patchouli stands out, I can smell the leaves and prune doing their thing in the background. I think patchouli is the star, on my skin anyway. Dang it! I had marked myself safe but now I may need more of this.
  14. forspecial_plate

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    On me this is a light but lively candy + amber scent, just a little plasticky in the beginning, but as it dries the plastic fades, a little something milky comes in, it just gets nicer and nicer. It's fun! I always liked Trick Or Treat but it was just so light it kind of disappeared on me, this is light also but it has loads of staying power. Hours later it is a skin scent but still here, and it has this amazing "bronzed" quality in this stage that I am loving, like a sweet golden amber. I think I'll get a full bottle, because this decant isn't going to last long the way I've been wearing it!
  15. forspecial_plate

    Black Rose, Nutmeg, and Smoked Amber

    I wasn't expecting this to smell like Djinn but that's exactly what it made me think of! (But I could be the only one). Maybe that's the nutmeg, because later the amber comes out stronger mixed with a dark powdery aspect from the rose I am guessing. But I agree the rose stays mostly well hidden in this scent. Something about this reminds me of the cheesy horror movie Burnt Offerings, with the scary lady hidden away in the bedroom upstairs. It's moody and atmospheric!