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  1. For me to keep track Sat Oct 1 - Dead Leaves, Violet Candy and Sugar Crystals Sun Oct 2 - Magnificent Autumn Mon Oct 3 - Pumpkin Cheesecake
  2. Making a list here so I can keep track of them Thurs Sept 1 - Dr. John Seward Fri Sept 2 - Marshmallow & Black Plum Sat Sept 3 - Oak Moon Sun Sept 4 - Autumn Mon Sept 5 - Nyarlathotep Tues Sept 6 - All the Meaner Things Weds Sept 7 - Meditation In Autumn Thurs Sept 8 - Mummies of Mexico City Fri Sept 9 - Mr. Jacquel Sat Sept 10 - Blood Moon '05 Sun Sept 11 - Charcoal, Champaca Resin, and Tobacco Absolute Mon Sept 12 - Kisses For Us All Tues Sept 13 - Flesh of My Flesh Weds Sept 14 - Mr. Nancy Thurs Sept 15 - Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow & Benzoin Fri Sept 16 - Apple Sugar Sat Sept 17 - Ded Moroz Sun Sept 18 - Ra, and Djinn beard oil prototype Mon Sept 19 - The Anti-Salloon League Tues Sept 20 - All Hallows Chaos: Samhain, #46 Weds Sept 21 - Rose Petals & Palo Santo Thurs Sept 22 - Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller Fri Sept 23 - A Pale and Glimmering Light Appeared Before Him Sat Sept 24 - Devil's Night, 2006 bottle Sun Sept 25 - Labdanum, Red Musk & Scorched Vanilla Mon Sept 26 - Every Day Is Halloween Tues Sept 27 - October (2007 I think) Weds Sept 28 - Doc Constantine (orig. release bottle with small amt left) Thurs Sept 29 - Julia Stone, and Pomegranate Morocco Fri Sept 30 - Autumn Coolness
  3. forspecial_plate


    Decant from 2010, guess I never wrote a review... I can tell this is faded just slightly, but it smells mostly the same and is more than strong enough on me. For about 15-30 minutes it smells like a crumbly almond cookie with a hint of cherry and very slight coconut. I don't like the crumbly aspect. But after a while, it smooths out a lot, and it's more of a syrupy cherry+coconut with some almond. I've never learned to pick out saffron so I can't comment on that. This is a nice, cute Halloween scent that I enjoy (guess I haven't worn it that much, since my decant is over 10 yrs old now!). I do like it and I revisit it every year. I'm just a really light applier, lol!
  4. forspecial_plate

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    Looks like CCDI but it's hard to make out. This is light and clean, and I finally figured out, I think there's a light black tea note in it. I can smell the vanilla part of Snake Oil but not the earthy/musky part, plus black tea. The reason I think there is black tea is because it reminds me a little bit of anise but not exactly anise. So - to me this is stripped down Snake Oil plus light black tea, there may be more but that's what I smell. Good thing I like it because this is the fullest 5ml bottle I've ever received from the lab, it's literally almost up to the top!
  5. forspecial_plate

    Autumn Roses Candle

    Well, I lit this a couple hours ago so I'll go ahead and give my impressions... It's really light and ethereal. It's a very light ambery scent, maybe a hint of something spicy, but I wouldn't have guessed there was any rose in it. After a while I kind of forget it's there, then I'm reminded if I leave the room and come back in. I'm reminded somewhat of Western Small Foot Bat hair gloss. But I got that out and sniffed the bottle and this candle is lighter, and a little sweeter. Whatever different notes are in this, I can't differentiate anything, it's just completely blended together. Ethereal, sweet, ambery. Very pretty. I love it! My 1st Bpal candle and I'm very happy with it. EDIT: I have to say I detect something a little bit fizzy here, I doubt there is a champagne note but maybe there's a hint of ginger? Hard to say..
  6. forspecial_plate

    Labdanum, Red Musk, Scorched Vanilla

    Really beautiful, I'm getting all the notes pretty much equally. I agree with others that the "scorched" part is really subtle. Overall it's a really light scent on me but in a good way, just about the throw level that I like best. I think the combination of notes is creating this illusion of a lightly spiced scent. Another one I'm considering a backup of...
  7. forspecial_plate

    Snake Milk

    When I read the description, I thought of Anaconda, so I was sold, not that I needed much persuasion anyway! : ) So, it doesn't smell like Anaconda except maybe marginally. But it smells really good. Like, I could almost get a backup bottle. Milk notes are a risk for me because they could go a little plasticky, but this doesn't, it's just milky caramelized snakey goodness. Smells pretty much how it is described. Maybe slightly powdery, but the snakey goodness always tempers that for me (not that I'm against powdery scents). Not overwhelming but stronger than, say, Snake's Kiss, in my experience. It's just right and one of the stand-out S.O. variants I've smelled, right up there with my other favorites.
  8. forspecial_plate

    Gingerbread Limoncello

    Pretty simple, the lab's familiar gingerbread note, and a slightly bitter lemony note. The lemon part reminds me of Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon, a little. I love this, I'm all about lemon lately and I'm happy we've had a few different lemon variations lately (this, Penis Bound, Amor...etc). This one is cozy and fresh at the same time, I think I could wear it any time of year.
  9. forspecial_plate

    Forever With Unopened Eye

    When I saw "lavender incense" I really perked up. Serge Lutens had a lavender incense scent and I'm always on the lookout for something similar. (Encens et Lavende or something like that) This starts out with a camphorous blast and I thought I wasn't going to like it. I thought "is there eucalyptus in this?", but I think it's the cypress. Soil peeks out a little bit. After a long time, the camphor aspect backs off and I can tell the lavender incense is trying to come out. I think the soil note comes out a little more and I think the hemlock is there in the mix. I thought I didn't like this but I keep putting on more. It's kind of addictive and I'm hoping the lavender incense comes out more with age. Overall I've grown to like this and I'm happy I took a chance on it. Edit: couple weeks later, the grave soil is a lot stronger now. I'm still liking it! Hasn't changed other than the soil coming out stronger.
  10. forspecial_plate

    White Sage and Lime

    Someone else said the word "sparkling" and that's what I always think when I first put this on. As it dries, it's cool and herbal with lime, clean and soothing. It's a peaceful, relaxing scent. I love it.
  11. forspecial_plate


    I love this, but I'm not sure how to describe it. Dark and incense-y with luscious apple component, and maybe some of the sweeter gourmand notes in the background. Apple is a risky note for me, I don't always like it, I've tried og Midway and didn't expect a lot of apple here, but I'm happy to report it works really well for me in this scent. Dark and swirling incense + gourmand. It comes off as sultry but also cozy on me. When I first got this, I didn't like it much at all, whether from travel shock or whatever, it was just really funky up close. Not sure what that was about but I did sense potential and it has definitely smoothed out a lot after some aging.
  12. forspecial_plate

    Apostrophe of Time

    I agree this has a very oakmossy vibe - maybe it's something happening with the neroli and sage? I thought it was a pretty safe bet for me based on the notes, but it's doing the "70's/80's hairy chest aftershave" thing on me, which sometimes happens with oakmoss and that's why I started avoiding that note. Not sure what happened here but this isn't working for me. (It's ok though, I have lots of other citrus/neroli scents I like)
  13. forspecial_plate

    Still Life With Dooting Skull

    Spice-dominant, backed by the slightly creamy coconut milk, I can agree with the root-beer comparisons, but to me it's a little more spicy. I love the Lab's sassafras scents, especially Anti-Salloon League, this is more spicy and I think I'm amping the nutmeg. I don't really smell anise or honey here. Wouldn't really have guessed vanilla either, for that matter. But I think over time the background notes do come out more, they're just all blended together. I do like this and will wear it again, especially when fall rolls around again and there's a chilly breeze with falling leaves outside. Very cozy scent. And it has a nice lower level of sillage for me, not too strong, just right actually.
  14. forspecial_plate

    Languishing for Love

    I get mainly strong bitter almond at first, for a few minutes. Then over the next couple hours, something really weird happens with the combination of notes and I smell labdanum. I would have sworn this has labdanum but it's not in the description. It's some combination of the musk with something else going on. Much later the musk comes out stronger but overall there's not a lot of morphing here. It's very smoothly blended and in the end it's mostly about the almond, it kind of holds on through the subtle changes. I don't think I ever smelled mint OR anise. I love almond scents, so this works for me! Fancy dark almond. My bottle is a few weeks old.
  15. forspecial_plate

    Recommendation for a Masculine Patchouli scent

    Hi! I never tried Black Light Reactive Poster, but I do like nag champa and patchouli. I think these are worth a try: Paramatman - Orange blossom, East Indian sandalwood, and champaca Urd - Muscadine, black and red patchouli, cereus and nag champa Gaueko - Blackened sandalwood and misty lavender, with curling wisps of smoky tobacco, nag champa, and labdanum Oblivion - Dark musk, wood spice, labdanum, patchouli, dark African woods, and saffron. [This one in my opinion is very accessible and might make a great intro scent for someone new to bpal] Goblin - Black coconut, gnarly patchouli, and sweet benzoin. [A lot of people name this as their favorite patchouli scent] I really like Snake Oil and also the Snake Pit scents in the Carnaval Diabolique section of the Lab's site. Snake Oil might possibly have patchouli but there's no official list of notes. Unfortunately it's out of stock right now but some of the Snake Pit are in stock. These stand out for me: Death Adder - Snake Oil with vetiver, black coconut, vanilla, and opoponax Western Diamondback - Snake Oil with leather, tonka bean, red sandalwood, and sage Boomslang - Snake Oil with cocoa, teakwood, and rice milk Temple Viper (out of stock but this one is my favorite so I had to mention it) - Snake Oil with sugar cane, frankincense, champaca, opoponax, labdanum, and hyssop ......these are just my first thoughts but I'm sure there will be more recs!