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  1. forspecial_plate

    Jinbari Nyûdô Bobo Dokisu

    This is soft, sweet, rounded, refreshing, basically perfect. It's not sharp in any way. Blueberry musk is what I smell and I love it. Perfect strength level and lasts a long time.
  2. forspecial_plate

    Michiyuki Koi No Futusao

    I got mostly anise for a long time. Then, after maybe 3 hours or so, the anise was gone and I smelled this very clean and elegant tea with slightly mossy backdrop. Smelled like Chanel Pour Monsieur, the old good version before they reformulated it. Amazing. This phase lasted fully for the rest of the day. ❤️
  3. forspecial_plate

    Eucalyptus, White Mint & Lemon Peel

    This smells exactly like the three notes present and accounted for, in equal parts as far as I can tell. This has a cooling, peaceful vibe and I absolutely love it. A while back I was looking for the perfect "spa"-like scent. Well, I don't think it will get any closer than this. I'm seriously considering seeking out a backup bottle!
  4. forspecial_plate

    Creaking Floorboards

    Smells like clean polished woods. More like fresh oiled new floorboards rather than dusty old splintered floorboards. I can tell there's more going on in the background but none of the other notes stand out to me, it's all just blended together. I'm finding it hard to describe what I'm smelling but something does remind me of another Bpal - but I can't place what it is. This scent is pretty light and I had to apply a lot to get an impression of it. I like it, I think it might be a good cozy scent for bleak gloomy overcast days.
  5. forspecial_plate

    Icy Drafts

    I put this on and decided it smells just like the picture on the label looks. Cool and blueish. The bergamot stands out along with maybe the ti leaf. After a while I'm smelling the absinthe note and it turns just a tiny bit powdery around the edges. It doesn't smell strongly minty to me, and I don't quite pick out eucalyptus. Overall this is refreshing and clean, but not quite bracing (it's more....soft and a little fluffy maybe?). There wasn't anything surprising and if you think you would like it, go for it. Edit: ok, weird - I tried this again just now and it's more eucalyptus-mint-absinthe. More chilly and I think I smell the "frost" part now. Reminds me of a Yule scent.
  6. forspecial_plate

    Rickety Staircase

    I wore this on its own for a good while today. I'm getting quiet amber and woods which is expected. It has a "smoldering", sultry quality. I could be wrong but I am also detecting a really noticeable aldehyde note, the same that's in Lady Hatton. Reminds me of the aldehydes in Chanel No. 5. Overall this smells chic and elegant, but has very low throw on my skin (a good thing, for me). I think it's perfect for a crisp fall evening.
  7. forspecial_plate

    Dead Leaves on Fire

    It smells like Dead Leaves on fire! 😄 Pretty simple and just what I was expecting. It's a familiar dead leaves accord, and a mellow bonfire smoke note. It's a pretty light scent (which I like). Not too strong. Honestly there is something vaguely lemony lurking in the background, if you sniff up close. It's really subtle, I wonder if anyone else will smell this or if it's my imagination. Maybe a small touch of black musk? PS: the hint of lemon has disappeared. I still think there could be a smidge of black musk in this.
  8. forspecial_plate

    Apple Butter Rum

    2019 decant - this is so strong it's unwearable for me. I like Lambswool so I thought this might work but something is just abrasive - one of the spices maybe? I've tried it several times and today I tried dabbing the absolute tiniest amount from the wand, and I am about to go wash it off because it's STROOONG, making me sneeze and giving me a headache. Not for me at all.
  9. forspecial_plate

    Help to choose earthy scent

    You could try Aureus - earthy, woodsy, patchouli + amber
  10. forspecial_plate

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Oh shoot, sorry, I didn't know that! Maybe it will come back.
  11. forspecial_plate

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I would recommend Othello, it's not an exact match but it's in the ballpark. It's a lot more rose-forward. Egoiste is my favorite non-bpal scent. I also tried Tristran, and Harlequin & Columbine, based on the notes I thought they might smell like Egoiste, but they don't. I haven't encountered anything else that does but I could have missed something. : )
  12. forspecial_plate

    Sweet Patchouli, Labdanum & Ylang Ylang

    I can smell patchouli, but really it's hard to pick apart different notes here. Ylang was a risk for me, I don't hate it but I wasn't sure if I really liked it. It really doesn't stand out at all to me. I understand what Rane means by the aftershave impression. Not sure what else to say! It's just totally blended to me. I like this and I will wear it as late summer transitions to fall.
  13. forspecial_plate

    Bergamot, Orange Blossom & Vetiver

    Gosh this is beautiful. I just got it yesterday, so it's still shifting around a little from traveling. But I'm pretty sure I love it. I was a little concerned about vetiver because it can misbehave and take over sometimes. I'm happy to say vetiver is a polite voice at the party here, it speaks up at the very beginning but not too loudly. At the very start this is a nice juicy orange vetiver scent but less than 5 minutes in, the orange blossom BLOOMS, an orange tinted white-ish floral note that is just divine. There's a hint of powder around the edges but this isn't a powdery scent. I can't comment much on the drydown, so far it seems to just fade off into light citrus loveliness. Bergamot stays in the background for me, or maybe it's just backing up the orange blossom. So far every time I've worn it, I keep reapplying to get that celestial floomf of orange blossom. This is so perfect for late summer.. 🧡🧡🧡 Edit: yeah after a while this fades to a very light skin scent. Perhaps a scent locket would help to extend that gorgeous beginning phase, it lasts about a half hour on me. It's ok, I don't mind reapplying often!
  14. forspecial_plate

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    I just got Resistance, and when I tried it on, I thought, "This will be a fantastic autumn scent!".
  15. forspecial_plate

    Benitoite Phoenix

    My experience with this was a lot like Follow My Nose's review above. I would add that in the first couple minutes, this really reminds me of Mad Hatter. But that changes. Like others mentioned, I get an impression of some kind of floral peeking out, maybe white floral, but not specific. And I might be the only one but I could almost swear I smell sandalwood for a while, but then that backs off. And I think someone mentioned vanilla? I get a little of that too. This is a morpher and I would suggest it needs to be tried on the skin. It's really interesting and I'm really glad I took a chance on it! Edit: I tried this again today and it's intense perfumey buttery musk, almost like those butter mint candies - but very "grownup" also. It's so weird, I'm not getting anything floral this time. This could almost be a Halloweenie scent.