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  1. ReallyZeb

    Noisy Goose Moon 2022

    In the bottle it is all banana toffee chews. Wet on the skin I get really good quality banoffee pie, with real bananas and a proper bitter caramel note. As it dries the marshmallow finally appears for me, with a gentle rum note and a hint of the frankincense. This goose is strangely well behaved so it must be plotting something.
  2. ReallyZeb

    Floral Sheet Ghost

    When wet it's beautiful juicy pineapple sweets and honestly I would be overjoyed if it just stayed like that. As it dries I get more rose and the pineapple edges backwards out the room. Come back Pineapple! I love you! Don't be bullied out by those powdery notes! Pineapple didn't listen 😫 and once dry it's all powdery rose on me.
  3. ReallyZeb

    The Garden of Shut-Eye Town

    If you want a sleep blend, this is the one! In the bottle the lavender is present but only gently so, rounded out by slight flowery herbal notes. Once on the skin there's a brief burst of overpowering lavender but that settles down really quickly and chamomile is the most prominent note. There are faint florals which I can't pick apart as I'm unfamiliar with some but I do get the lemon balm along with the chamomile. Once it's dry it almost has a hay or grasses note. the overall effect is very calming and soothing.
  4. ReallyZeb

    Upslope Fog

    In the bottle and when wet it's all very sharp pine, but real pine not disinfectant. As it dries I get the stone note, and the oaks but no wildflowers or grasses as yet. The pine is far less prominent now. It turns very light after half an hour, grassy but I can't find the flowers. It's almost gone after two hours.
  5. ReallyZeb

    Raspberry Apricot Sufganiyot

    From the start it's all about the pastry note on me, I could almost knock back the bottle it smells so yummy. As it dries the raspberry jam appears, with apricot far more subtly in the background. After about an hour the apricot is prominent, with a pastry backnote. Not much throw, and disappeared after around 3 hours, but it's nice to find a pastry note that doesn't turn sour on me.
  6. ReallyZeb

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    When wet its perfumey, but peach starts creeping into the background. As it dries the peach becomes more prominent but still very classic perfume floral on me. Reminds me of something a relative wore back in the dim distant past but I can't put a name to it.
  7. ReallyZeb

    Trumpet Honeysuckle & Lemon Beebalm

    Lovely lemony herbal when wet, not sharp lemon like lemon juice, more muted & softer. As it dries the honeysuckle peeks out but the lemon stops it from getting too sickly sweet. An instant win.
  8. ReallyZeb

    Beholder Optician

    Wet: fruity sweets Dry: Not quite so much of a fruit hit, a drier scent, strawberry coming through along with the vanilla musk but the whole thing seems too sweet and girly for me
  9. ReallyZeb

    Bugbear Doula

    When wet its sharp and lemony, which is probably the motherwort? Very light and fresh. Once dry, much more herbal and less lemony, and after about half an hour it smells like herbal kitten belly
  10. ReallyZeb

    Drow Yoga Instructor

    Wet: comforting spices Dry: a warm fuzziness, reminds me of warm spiced milk without being milky. There can't be cinnamon in it as my skin isn't peeling off! Very low throw, might be a nice comforting bedtime scent.
  11. ReallyZeb

    Lizardfolk Park Ranger

    Wet & in the imp: sharp, animalistic musk Dry: More forest evergreen, quite dry, walking on pine needles but the muskiness in the background still and eventually the warm hazelnut appears very subtly
  12. ReallyZeb

    Tomato & Cucumber

    This is lovely - the cucumber dominated in the bottle but you get both notes on the skin. The tomato comes out more once it has dried properly. It's far more real tomato than tomato leaf on this one. It reminds me of another favourite, Planting Moon, but doesn't quite have the staying power..
  13. ReallyZeb

    Surprise Ejaculation

    When it’s wet I get pear drops and a bit of bubblegum too. Once it’s dried the champaca moves to the front. There’s a hint of the white musk. I don’t get any fizz, or any grapefruit which is a shame, and it’s all quite faint. Very girly and probably not for me.
  14. ReallyZeb

    Snake Smut

    In the bottle it’s all leather and saddle soap Wet on the skin I can find the cardamon and it’s quite strong, with a background of old leather. The patchouli is playing nice. Once it’s dry I get cardamon, leather, Snake Oil and Smut - but still no patchouli. This might well change after it’s rested for a while.
  15. ReallyZeb

    Circe Invidiosa

    In the bottle - bitter, sharp florals Wet: I get a bit of pear drop but the bitterness persists. The cedar wood starts coming to the fore as it dries. There's a tiny touch of salt. When dry I don’t get any blackcurrant but I do detect the gardenia, along with the still present cedar wood and some green bitterness which I think must be the henbane. It’s a very dry scent when I was expecting something much juicier. After about an hour the blackcurrant finally turns up and makes it a softer scent, but still with that tiny background bitterness