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  1. SophieCedar

    The Sun Rising

    This ended up, after months of testing the whole lot, being one of my favorite lupers of 2020. 1st try was jasmine forward. I think my senses were dampened because of the loads of testing I was doing. A while later after this poor dear was subjected to repeated placement in the retry pile, I discovered its actually wonderful- a rich complex smoky glowing warm french botanical perfume. Truly divine and womanly. The beeswax and jasmine are perfect with the touch of smoke. Very well blended and signature. If this was suspended in alcohol we'd be seeing it on billboards adorned with giant bows; mascotted by mysterious looking women nodding in approval.
  2. SophieCedar

    The Death Grapple

    I never got lavender cola from this. For me- Its exactly the smell of using a Lush Ice Hotel bubblebar in my 1st house in Maine- the antique victorian with its clawfoot bathtub, wide pumpkin pine floorboards with the damp stone foundation smell wafting between the cracks, a bit of dusty radiator and rich maine soil. That's why its a winner.
  3. SophieCedar

    Faster Kittycat?

    White moss, a glowing meniscus of a scent, clean, soft, powder. I can see this being wonderful for orris fans. I'd put it in the Dirty category but its drier. Fancy orchid deodorant? Dusting powder from Saks 5th? A lost Coty line only found in antique stores?
  4. SophieCedar

    Aoedae, Melete, Mneme

    This one has staying power to beat the band. Its like Gluttony but even more gluttonous. Lots of butter and cream and just enough sugar and caramel to make me love it. Warm smooth slippery sweet this is starting to sound like a def leppard song or worse so I'll go now.
  5. SophieCedar

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    This has aged wonderfully. When I tried it fresh, 2 yrs ago, it was too much honey and poufed into a powdery mess. Now? The white patchouli and beeswax are more dominant and its like this gorgeous oriental perfect for this time of year.
  6. SophieCedar

    Second Lash

    Tested just now- this has mellowed to a sophisticated french tobacco musk. Period. End of story. Nothing else to it...I urge everyone to retry it
  7. SophieCedar

    Party Tricks Hair Gloss

    Uhm...mine is lasting quite a while? Sorry guys 😕 Ultimate pink scent. Less viscous and foody than Velvet Pink Kitty but not hairspray pink or floral pink like Hime Gyaru or Lady in Speckled Pink Kimono or Right Atrium. Foody and juicy but clear without being crystalline. Does that make sense? Tis my new favorite pink. I want it in every medium and I want to live inside Party Tricks permanently.
  8. SophieCedar

    Knee Bolster of Ono

    I've treasured my decant for quite a while. The elements hold over time, which is wonderful. So, you can expect relatively the same experience aged as you see in these older reviews from when 1st issued. Wistful blue airy sweet floral. Distinctly blue lilac. There's no escaping the combo of ultraviolet and apertif wine-like lilac. White sage, in its astringently herbal uplifting way, is still powerful- clearing my brain fog and worry this morning, which I'm greatful for. Sweet pea gives a fresh air summer feel. Tobacco is a nice earthy ground. Orris? Not smelling much until drydrydry-down. The combined elements give the perception of actually smelling a blueberry bush in a garden. A scent that wonderfully defies nature in all the ways I wish could happen in Maine..as lilac peaks in June and blueberry in late August.
  9. SophieCedar

    Voluptuous Wantonness

    Ohhh man. This is my perfect scent and I'm never letting go. Like just as magical as Gun Moll and Red Lantern. Its sweet opium-like warm red and the fig just *glows*. Sugared red, no bandaids, oudh is playing nice. Fantastic. I've found my scent profile.
  10. SophieCedar

    Silver Lace

    Silver Lace is a refreshing addition to the pack. I love it. The bergamot ti leaf and white musk are gleaming white with a sweet smooth sheer vanilla lace over them. Wonderful bright sweet oriental. I will cherish this.
  11. SophieCedar

    Dark Lace

    I get Black Lace's cognac vanilla tobacco and linen notes with grave dirt and black loam added. Kinda reminds me of Penny Dreadful without the red feel...more just...dark. The hammer horror incense starts out giving this a Grand Guignol Thanatos vibe but folds into the tobacco within 5 minutes. On me, its a slightly more cakey bakery Black Lace with a touch of moss and dirt. Uhhh rename it Christmas Cookies in a Graveyard? I dunno. I do agree its mellower in throw than Black Lace. Overall, its warm resinous sweet and incensey. Like a goth holiday party. Yea. I'll stick with that.
  12. SophieCedar

    Strawberry and Rosebud

    What? I didn't review this? Its awesome. Mostly strawberry with a little pink and red rose. I smell like a strawberry shortcake doll! Sweet joyous and buoyant. I notice that people's expressions soften and lighten when they stand close. Me thinks this stuff works.
  13. SophieCedar

    The Shadowed Veil

    Ooh this is nice. As described! Sexy dark...and it wafts like Haunted, but darker and a bit toffee-like sweet. Floats around the wearer but you don't get a straight shot when you stick your nose directly on it.
  14. SophieCedar

    Pistacho Pumpkin Truffle

    Wet phase is gorgeous, strong toasted nutty pistachio meat, fatty sweet belgian chocolate, pumpkin. Le Sigh.... Drydown is strong nutmeg and fatty belgian chocolate. Not my gig. I should have read the notes closely. I amp baking spices. My fault.
  15. SophieCedar

    Pomegranate Smoke Hair Gloss

    Indeed. Very close to what I smell inside my nose when faced with a period of delicious indecision. One moment in particular was staring at myself in a mirror practicing dia de los muertos makeup, an October evening in 2014. This was a strange in-between timeperiod for me- after my husband walked out on new years day. The mystery and magic had started to re-enter my life, that fall. Though I scent synthesize my emotions, so sorry if this sounds weird.... But I smelled THIS. Smoky pomegranate incense with tinges of yearning, confusion, hope, complacency, contentedness, lonliness, and sexual empowerment.