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    bpalorama, exploring, paranormal, ocean, painting, welding, vintage clothing and jewelry, new foods, pets, finding and creating balance, spreading infectious positivity. Linda Belcher is my spirit animal.
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  1. SophieCedar


    This is something I tried right when it came out and dismissed, threw in an imp pile and left. Then..? Years Later..? I just kept *thinking* about it, imp lost..only the imprinted memory of the scent... year after year. It would pop into my brain about once a month. So? After 8 years of this, I said "that's it. buying a damn bottle." It's just as I remember. And I love it. Warm buttery black leather, rosin, analog fuzz, dust, musty carpets. Something pervasively warm and home but not home. I realize why I'm so fond of it now- memories of record shops, vintage stores and home recording studios when I was younger. 90s-early 2000s.
  2. SophieCedar

    Tahitian Landscape

    I have to agree with Leopard403- drydown there's a buttery note-the coconut reacts this way around these florals I guess. Very smooth pink, white and orangey. Encapsulated Glow. Warm sunshine and unknotted muscles. Bottle purchase. (of course)♥️
  3. SophieCedar

    Womb Furie

    Mods- we need a 2022 Lupers tag for this thread thanks! 2022 version- Hey, some years have been musky dark honey and some sweet powdery... this year's Womb Furie honey note- pure golden sugary syrup with pink florals. Yup. Its gooooood.
  4. SophieCedar

    Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

    Guys? I'm insane, I think. This goes dusty vintage drapes deep deep in the back of a funky junky antiques warehouse with old floorboards and greasy pipes... instantly. I mean...I love the smell..but expected? No.
  5. SophieCedar

    Cameo Chaperone

    These are the proper partners for tulip. Totally different from blends of the past. Red benzoin, black orchid, and musk make the tulip note COME ALIVE. Like holding a real bunch of tulips in your warm hand. Totally not a spring flower cacophony. Love it!
  6. SophieCedar

    Levitating Phallic God

    Similar to SeaJewel! I actually love this...outside my wheelhouse but its unique, refreshing, calming and a wee bit naughty sultry.On me- sweet velvety chocolatey musk, warm black smoke, and a *gorgeous* sweet subtle chypre. This is the best aspects of vetivert. I fully regret not buying a bottle.
  7. SophieCedar

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    Almost 9 months later and jury's still out on this one. On me? Clean pink cotton, loves babysoft, champaca incense and a slight oceanic saltiness. Its nice...? I think? I still can't figure it out. Well, if staying power and legacy are due to feelings like enigmatic confusion, not just postive raves, this scent has it in spades.
  8. SophieCedar

    Ghosts at Aldershot

    Mental picture, pre-contact: Lemony tinted apparitions shooting marshmallow loaded cannons and nerf guns...spectral ectoplasmic marshmallow blooping, flying and disintegrating on contact. No noise. Just one of those "WTF am I looking at?" dreams. Reality: yup still there.
  9. SophieCedar

    Crystal Gazers

    Lemon verbena is amped by neroli, which is amped by green cognac, which is amped by frankincense, which is amped by white musk. Whoa I'm alert nowww..jeez! Dries into a voice calmly saying- "Good morning. Welcome to your life. Would you care for some toast?" Why isn't this a TAL called WTFU? Lemony-yes. Incensey-yes. Rich on drydown-yes. Reach for it frequently-yes.♥️
  10. SophieCedar

    The Cold Earth Slept Below

    Fans of Midnight on the Midway will like this. Its night-blooming flowers from that and white coconut with a glowing milky haze of orris. Overall, a cool-toned sweet floral..light blue and white with flecks of pink. Not as dark as the poetic description... Has more coconut and orris and less eucalyptus and lemon peel. Just a bit of acidic tartness that keeps it bright. Lets say this is the sitting cozy at the window looking outside perspective. Given that, its a winner!♥️
  11. SophieCedar

    On Wednesday, I Will Promise You a Phantom

    Wonderful addition to any lavender lovers' collection. This has the smoothness and muskiness of Duet- Ti Leaf and Champaca Petals but of course its lavender, ylang ylang and myrrh. Soothing, slightly vanillic sweet, swaying purple and gold chiffon. Wisteria is the bright purple/white note pulling this all together, showing how it doesn't have to be the capital number 1 note...it can actually play a crucial supporting role. Anyone who loves Air and the Ether or Ti Leaf & Champaca (brainfarting on any other similar scents..sorry) should give this a try.
  12. SophieCedar

    Mary Shelley

    I get soft victorian oriental perfume and laudanum with a green ozone. Pretty nice and cozy. I was expecting a cacophony of atmospheric notes and an overall unsettling experience but no. Its warmer and more wearable than preconceived.
  13. SophieCedar


    Guys? I've never tried Storyville. There. I said it. Confession over. I agree its got a poufy light jasmine effect. I say closer to BiggerCritters when wet. Dry- Add a bit of cinnamon baking spice like Chimera, light red musk and a touch of that boozy swarthy Smut sugar musk mix...*blam* Pumpkinville. Lower throw, on me but pretty nice!
  14. SophieCedar

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    Starts off smelling much like Leather Phoenix + unmistakable loud narcissus. Calms into a cleaner slightly more floral feminine Leather Phoenix. The narcissus shuts the hell up thank god. FYI I love the *idea* of narcissus but not the reality, if high up on the components list. This is a perfect balance. I get to enjoy my narcissus without the pee. Laquered part is fantastic. Shiny black for sure. The throw is amazing. I love it. Classy, oriental, green floral, smoky, dark n gothy, highly feminine, and stealth. Perfection.
  15. SophieCedar

    Drow Yoga Instructor

    Having the same experience as doomsday_disco, here. Its mostly sweet vanilla plum with a drop of indigo note and a breath lavender. I get the saffron note too a la Love's Philosophy... Its more nocturnal dolly.goth sweetie on me? I mean I like it but, its unexpected.