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  1. SophieCedar

    Georgia Peach, Oakmoss, Sage, and Vetiver

    Hey guys? Ever go into Bath n Body Works in a fuckitI'mstuckatthemall moment? Ya. We've all been there. This smells like Gingham. But it doesn't burn your nose. And its missing that obnoxious chypre note. Great, right? Like the previous poster said, yes, this is a masculine peach scent. Earthy musky peach. Its good though!
  2. SophieCedar

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    Nomnomnomgone. My skin ate it. From steaming hot smokin peach brandy snake oil to faded peach air freshener in 10 min. Dude, I suck. 😆
  3. SophieCedar

    Pontifex Pontificum

    This. Is. Lovely.♥️♥️♥️ I've been on an orange blossom/ neroli kick this summer and PP here has completed my collection. Its warm soft frankincense, definitely rose tinted incense and creamy white citrus notes. Soothing, fresh from the salon, and a bit of warm green.
  4. SophieCedar

    Ti Leaf & Champaca Petals

    This is another swirler. Nothing smacks me close up but its buttery smooth incense...if that makes any sense? Ok wait...lemme try this again. Uhhh...champaca petals, I think I love you. You're the essence of incense. If I ever got to meet any of the Taras, I'm positive this is how they'd smell. One of my all time favorite duets, instantly. This is pure serenity. The ti leaf offers a crisp clean herbal edge and compliments the smooth ylang ylang-like champaca petals wonderfully. Floaty, soft, outer dimensions, gaze-softening loveliness.♥️♥️♥️♥️ BIG love for this one. HUGE.
  5. SophieCedar

    Scorched Oak & Blonde Tobacco

    Most of the duets are lighter blends, which was something for me to acclimate to...I've gotten used to a solid perfume slap to the senses over the past 12 years (thank you may I have another) or maybe my snooter is dulled due to profession..?..anyways! With that said, many duets and menages read like hard to pin atmospherics, think Haunted or The Ghost. Something you can't huff yourself high at close contact but, it follows you and swirls around you. This is case in point. Musky and verrryyy golden tobacco and slowly burning oakwood smoke...like seasoned wood on a good sunny fall day temps in the 50s getting a fire started before the sun drops down. I LOVE IT. While the throw is medium, watch it last through the shower and keep following for hours.
  6. SophieCedar

    White Oakmoss & Lavender

    Starts out evenly balanced and a bit of a Gaueko vibe. Later smells like an oakmoss powder mens fougere mix with lavender in the background. I amp oakmoss, so take with lots of salt here.
  7. SophieCedar

    Brood X

    I wanna say the hazelnut and sugar is weaker in 2021's version. Much drier like sandalwood and hay with an ozone of hazelnut and sugar. A nice melody but the bass isn't thumpin like last time.
  8. SophieCedar

    Since There’s No Help

    I mean... Is there something wrong with me that I find this refreshing and uplifting? Or does it make me gother than goth? Please say its the latter. I love it. Herbal sweet juniper white tea with lemon, amplified by white musk. The davana is brilliantly white as usual. What is WITH davana anyways? I mean is it a god/dess in perfume form?! Perfect summer refresher. Grab a bottle for sweltering heat days or the winter-bummers.
  9. SophieCedar

    Honey, Agarwood, Opoponax, and Leather

    The honey plays backseat. Opoponax and oud/agarwood are in front and leather middle. Oud/agarwood is moderate to low amperage. Overall, drydown is pleasant in a fine italian perfume way (sorry for strange frame of reference. A friend collects italian perfume and it reminds me of this) its rich, unisex leaning masculine but honestly a lot like chanel no.5 or charlie in its oud/chypre appeal. Golden smooth and silky with a citrusy/ deep wood bite from opoponax and oud. Glowing warm brown in color feel. Complex. Honestly, the further I get into this, the more I love it.
  10. Thanks for being a great swapper/buyer! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Thank you so much for the library 📚 is haunted and the little extras! It’s been a joy to buy from you. 💖

  12. SophieCedar

    The Queen of Hearts

    How have I not reviewed this in my 11 years of BPAL? I've purchased it, received frimps of it, carried it around with me... for years! Anyways...a bit biased bc lily of the valley, calla, and cherry are some of my favorite notes. This starts off strong white florals and sweet cherry, colliding into and cross each other. The drydown is so pretty. Reminds me of Right Atrium with its cherry blossom pink/white feel. This is wonderful. Sweet somber hushing soothing lily of the valley and waxy calla with just a bright sweet touch of cherry smoothing out the 2. Its been a fond one over the years and maintains its position well.
  13. SophieCedar

    Caramel Apple Cookie

    Whoallyshitsticks thank you, lab!❤️ Nice surprise! Wet- applesapplesapples. Like I stuck my head under the local orchard's grocery cider tap when no one was looking and chugged like a fratboy on rush week...(dammit I've always wanted to do that. Life regrets....well maybe just as good, I did fill my hand with nacho cheese straight from the gas station machine and the cashier didn't charge me because he was impressed I had the grit to sustain palm burns just for the love of cheese...but I digress) Anyways...drydown is exactly as titled. Delicious. The apple has a pink note to it which brightens the blend. The cookie part is sweet buttery but isn't overwhelming. You definitely feel like you're getting a hell of a cookie full of apple chunks, juicy and fresh. I love it. Great staying power. Apple actually stuck around for a couple hours!
  14. SophieCedar


    Ok well...i'm reviewing this with what I thought I smelled before looking up notes... I smelled musk and cucumber rind, wet. Must have been the lily of the valley and honey? Drydown is a warm musk, notes of dried rose and almond and gummy myrrh too. Its lovely, feminine, bold, but quiet.
  15. SophieCedar

    An Open Grave Underneath the Heavy Leaves

    This starts out just as powerful as hoped; all dry grass hay and herbs but my skin consumed it in 5 min until it just smelled like the inside of a new box of shoes. Me sad.