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  1. deazinn

    OCYL Wishlist!

    Copy Haunt, soap in the Empire or Moonflower scents, and Seer Body Butter (even a small test amount) (Ha Ha Ha Ha........) Cocoa Pink - Id love a body lotion in Black Marshmallow, or a scented oil Possets - 5ml of Girls Love Vanilla, 5ml of Madame X Naiad Whipped Soap scrubs in their mini size - Beach House, Cardomon Vanilla, French Lavender Something like Brooke's old Whipped, in an unscented mini for me to try. Nothing has ever worked like that lotion and I just can't find anything Are you interested in anything from Bath & Bodyworks? Which products and scents do you like? --I love their hand bacs; they use to have a one minute manicure which I adored; cocoshea honey body scrub; any of the foaming hand soaps, in any flavor that does not have tobacco, patch or licorice notes Would you be interested in any of the seasonal (or regular) soaps from Cellar Door Soap ?? --Bad Blood; Oatmeal Milk and Honey; Once Bitten (which is totally amazing!!) I currently have a bar of soap and a candle in Once Bitten that I am hoarding..... Would you be interested in things from Future Primitive? --Wax Melts --> Cordwainer, Warm Gingerbread, Bell Book and Candle, Dark Carnival, Sylph --Whipped soap in Sparklebox, Om --I'd love to try their Conditioning Hair Rinse, in any of the above scents? Sugar and Spite - Scrub, lotion, drams and wax......try me on any current LE scents, catalog scents I know and adore are Bitten and Smitten, Devil Girl (from Mars), Arsenic and Tea Cakes, Go To Sleep Little Creep, Poppies in October and Skullflower
  2. deazinn

    2022 13 Nights of Halloween!

    Would you like anything from Paintbox Soapworks Halloween line? https://paintboxsoapworks.com/new-limited-edition/2022-weenie-collection/ No, thank you 2. Do you have any interest in Halloween or spooky squishmallows? Yes, especially Gio the Gargoyle and the bats, esp the black/grey one! 3. Anything from Bath & Bodyworks Halloween Line? I really love the vampire blood scent, can always use the hand sanitizers with the rounded tops or some foaming hand soaps. Other scents that are good are the kitchen lemon and any vanilla heavy ones 4. Autumn/Fall scents I love: vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, apples Ones I dislike: pumpkin, licorice, anise, patcholi My lovelies, what about you? Are they different for home vs body & bath?? Nope 5. I make things from old sweaters. If I were to make you a set of arm warmers/ fingerless mitts, what color(s) & style? Options- Long or short? Yes. Solid - one fabric Stripes- bands of colors sewn together- like fun black & red, black & purple etc. I currently have some nice cashmeres. Any style, any colors, and I adore cashmere!! 6. I'm going to Disneyworld in late September! I'll be going to all four parks and attending both the Not-So-Scary Halloween Bash and Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. Is there ANYTHING from Disney that you would like? Is there something you collect that perhaps you'd enjoy a Disney version of (tea, socks, enamel pins, plushies etc etc etc)??? I adore Eeyore, and Lady and the Tramp, as well as Star Wars, esp the droids. Surprise me!! 7. I make lightweight, doll-like hairfalls out of things like silk ribbon and yarn. Would you like some, either to incorporate into your costume or just for personal year-round use? If so, name your colors, length and any fibers you could have an allergy to. sadly don’t think I could make these work 8. I am going to Dragon Con for the first time! Which of these BPALs do you want? https://us4.campaign-archive.com/?u=50266fc02a3b75767125e0ed2&id=9bf4d797e8 None. The peach note doesn’t work for me. But I would love a lanyard and a candle or some tarts!! 9. Would you be interested in a bag like we sell in our etsy shop? https://twinklentwilight.etsy.com - if so, but you don't see fabric you like maybe link to some photos of fabric you like? - we can do small box bags or pencil / cosmetic / notions type bags too. or with a drawstring on top instead of a zipper. - you don't HAVE to use them just for knitting/crochet, you can use them for cross stitch or even not as project bags. Yes and Shari can hook you up 10. If you are a yarnie, are you interested in a ceramic yarn bowl? I have an extra Harry Potter (I know, I know) one from Lennymud that I bought before the whole JKR debacle and it didn't profit her in any form anyway. I believe it's Gryffindor themed. Im good here 11. If you are a yarnie, I'd love to gift some yarn from my stash so give me an idea of colors / weight / material / yardage you'd like. Im very tactile so like very soft fibers but not mohair. No laceweight, heavy fingering or up please. Twi knows me and can help here and has access to my yarn wishes on Ravelry 12. Are you interested in trying some of our "thunder butter"? It's like tiger balm or icy hot, but with herbs, beeswax, cayenne or ghost pepper, menthol, wintergreen. cbd version or no? No thank you 13. I need to inventory our canned goods but do you like things like peach jam, cardamom plum jam, peach butter, plum butter, pickles, applesauce with nothing added, applesauce with red hots, dried apples or pears, bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, blackberry jam, huckleberry jam, candied jalapenos? Yes!! Pickles, plain applesauce, dill pickles, huckleberry jam 14. Any interest in things from our garden like dried mint, catnip, lavender, rose petals, dill weed or dill seeds, sage, rue, mugwort, rosemary? Mint, lavender, rose petals, dill weed and dill seeds, sage and rosemary 15. How about alcoholic things like rose petal liqueur, lavender vanilla bean liqueur, various flavors of mead (chocolate orange, strawberry mango, whatever my son is making)? if he makes a super sweet mead, yes 16. Pumpkin bread or zucchini bread? How about blueberry zucchini bread with a lemon glaze? Zucchinni bread with lemon, no blueberries 17. How do you feel about raisin in baked goods? Ugh, no 18. Lego? If so, what types, minifigures? No, thank you 19. Favorite spooky fictional characters? Frankenstein and his bride, though I do love gargoyles and griffons as well 20. Luvmilk's seasonal goodies are out. What would you like? https://www.luvmilk.com/mm2022.html#/ im still stocked up from last year!! 21. Would you like a Pyrex 4-cup Nightmare Before Christmas bowl with lid? (Can also get Star Wars and various Disney ones.) Star Wars ones please!! Yes! I love these! And sugar skull ones too! 22. August Tea's fall sale starts tomorrow, 20% off everything on the site with code FALL20. Is there anything you would like to try, my Pumpkin? https://august.la/ I really liked the sample of bourbon vanilla I got….. 23. I grow lots of different herbs and I'm dehydrating loads of them right now, are you possibly interested in: catnip, sage (culinary and/or purple), oregano (Greek and/or purple), rosemary, plantain herb, chives, celery, licorice mint, lovage leaf, mugwort, mint, spearmint, chives, borage leaf, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, comfrey, lemon balm, or others? Culinary sage, oregano, rosemary, chives, mint, spearmint, lemon balm 24. My peacock is molting his tail feathers, would you like some? no 25. I'm learning embroidery. Is there a simple motif or symbol (like a pumpkin, a black cat, flowers, spider web…) you might like hand embroidered? a bumblebee? 26. Would you like either a basket or a tablemat (that works as a place to put hot dishes as well as being decorative). I make both from fabric wrapped rope that is sewn together. Could be a bread/rolls basket, a yarn bowl for knitting or crochet, or a big flat mat. yes this would be awesome!!
  3. Would you be interested in a cross stitched Halloween ornament? Yes please!!  Are there any collage artists in the mix? I would LOVE to curate one of spooky autumn goodness if my person were to be interested! Um, no but this sounds lovely? Have you seen the Dragon con list? & would any of them appeal to you? Yes! The vanilla wafer and peach sounds intriguing and even an imp would be awesome! 8/12/21 Do you like any art from these two sellers? They are local artists and I will probably pick up some stuff for myself soon! No, not really I don't think...... https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaitlinMcCarthyArt https://www.etsy.com/shop/BatinYourBelfry I make beautiful and very lightweight yarn-and-ribbon hairfalls - would you like a set in the colors and length of your choice? If yes, name up to four colors and length in inches! Remember- this can be part of your Halloween costume! Sadly, just chopped all my hair off so, thank you but no! Would you appreciate a skein of handspun yarn? If yes, what weight? What colors? How do you feel about beads? Any allergies to typical fibers? Always! I love all weights except lace, all colors, love beads, and I'm not fond of mohair. Angora is my most lusted after fiber but uber expensive like quivit so yeah...... Do you like stickers? Patches? Buttons? Stickers!! Yay!! Do you spend time in the outdoors? Yes, in the summer we hang out at a campsite with our friends and family on the weekends, and we have an older travel trailer that we will be replacing with a newer model in the next 5-7 years to travel with upon hubby's retirement (in 7-10 years or so) Do you enjoy cooking and/or baking? Yes, very much, especially baking. I much prefer doing stuff from scratch over box stuff 8/13/21 The Paintbox Soapworks Weenie collection went live today! Would you like anything? Anything in Once for Yes, Twice for No, prefer sample sizes The Pickety Witch is taking pre-orders for their new Halloween pins (estimated ship date: early September). Have any caught your eye? No thank you! Zeep's Spooky Collection drops some time next week. Here's the scent list. Would you like any wax melts, candles, whipped soaps, sugar whips (whipped soap/scrub hybrid), body butter sugar scrubs (moisturizing scrub), meringues (lotion), bath bombs, or bath rocks from Zeep? Boo-Nilla Scream in the Body Butter/Sugar Scrub or Body Meringue would be awesome! 8/14/21 Does anyone here like vintage halloween?  Not really my thing......... Examples: 9-A58-DE22-E780-4-B27-A9-B0-EE073-DEE7-C C3305-EE3-8496-4910-82-ED-63-BB55746819. FB34-B810-6-DDC-41-E0-89-C1-544-B17-FEEA E1409-A39-568-D-4127-9673-5-B872-F132-A0 105-C3878-9884-4-D07-A215-A31-DFAE3511-D It seems like a lot of shops’ Halloween lines have items related to the same standard fandoms, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Beetlejuice, Addams Family, etc. Do any of those (or other ones) particularly resonate with you? Not really........ How do you feel about atmospheric/novelty scents and novelty food items? Things like "new car candle" or "eyeball jawbreaker" or whatever. Fun! If you like tea, how do you want it delivered? Loose? Bags? Tiny little messenger pigeons (subject to availability)? I drink both bags and looseleaf, and do you think you could talk the gargoyles into bringing me some? I do love me some gargoyles....... Would you prefer to receive ONE HUGE (more expensive) GIFT and 12 inexpensive ones, a few more expensive, or all about the same price? Dealers Choice! Yeah, I know this probably doesn't help, but honestly just try and have fun with it What are your fandoms, if any? Firefly/Serenity Star Wars, especially the droids Dexter Calvin and Hobbes La Femme Nikita (USA tv series version) Eeyore from Disney Do you collect things like tarot decks? If so do you have a wish list or a list of ones you already have? Would you like a silk tarot bag? No, and yes. I have a very special tarot that a very dear friend designed and a silk bag would be awesome!! Do you like rocks/crystals? What colors / kinds? Would you like them with holes drilled (either as a pendant - you'd need to stick a bale in, or a bead?) I adore beads and crystals, especially semiprecious stones; my colors are golds and bronzes and reds, and then deep greens and blues. Drilled, beads, or to be heaped in a bowl, all work My mom has an etsy store - she makes bags. Do you love anything from it? We can also do box bags, draw string bags, dice bags, etc. and if you want a different type of material or a different fabric pattern, I'm open to links to specific things. (yes, we have harry potter things. We bought most of it before JKR showed herself to be a twat since we buy lots of bolts at the same time - yes, we have a whole room stuffed full of fabric.) Twi knows what I like from here.....and, I have stuff favorited from it in my Etsy. Easy peasy Let's say you want something knitted. What are you most interested in? (hat, fingerless mitts, scarf, shawl, cowl, infinity scarf, shawlette, gnome, doily, coffee mug cozy, talisman bag, dice bag, soap sack, washcloth (I have a pattern with the leviathan cross for bpal), amigurumi / toy, bracelet, cuff, necklace, other?) (Can you link to a photo of what you envision or a pattern on ravelry? Or put it on pinterest or something if you have that.) * What colors would you prefer said knitted object in? * Stripes, gradient, semi solid, variegated? * What type of yarn would you prefer? ("wool", BFL, merino, merino/silk, merino/silk/cashmere, merino/cashmere, just silk, just cashmere, tencel (non-animal, plant based), other? I also have non-dyed organic wool (mill spun) from our own sheep - finnsheep and shetland. The finnsheep is dark brown (sun bleached black sheep from Sarge and our two black ewes we can't tell apart so they're ewe 1 and ewe 2) or a lighter silvery beige (from freckles) and the shetland is white. (we just call her shetland. They're mom's sheep, she should have named them, lol.) Most of my stripy yarn is either merino or merino cashmere.) You can check out some of my finished projects on Ravelry if you like (click on the project for more photos) (I'll have to make a list of which items are available because I knit a lot of things and then just put them in a cabinet and gift or sell them.) I'm deazinn on Ravelry and have a ton of info on there. Feel free to stalk me, all the info you need is there. Seriously, info overload, have fun!! Are you interested in receiving any of the following homemade / home dried / home canned goodies? (just erase the ones you don't want when you answer to make it easy?) (see list in this post under spoiler because long) dried honeycrisps vanilla peach jam 8/15/21 How do you feel about oracle decks? Not for me Would you like witchy/ritual oils/sundries? Any limitations (e.g. deities you won't work with)? I'm not learned enough yet, so no thank you Is there anything you would like to try from the UK specifically? (e.g. Lush exclusives) I adore Thornton's Alpine bars, Cadbury's caramallow bars, and Liberty of London fabric Oh, and are you into astrology? Yes, I am; I am a Scorpio born on 11/09 What size shoe do you wear (inc wide/narrow, etc)? Youth or Big Kids size 4 Do you like/would you want to receive comic books? Any favorite genres or characters? Yes, I currently am lemming Firefly and the Anne Bonny comics. And later issues of The Accelerators. Poke me if you need issue numbers Would you like a palm stone, or anything else, from Haute Macabre? No, thank you What's your favorite flower(s)? Carnations, and Sterling Silver roses What's you favorite woodland creature? Moose are my absolute favorites, but I pretty much love all critters; deer and fox are especially fascinating as are birds of all types. But moose are my jam Do you prefer receiving a big box with all of your goodies, or is it okay if one or two things are shipped directly to you separately (with notice!!) for customs/shipping cost purposes (i.e. if there's something customs might not allow in from the States that can be shipped from within your country)? Whatever's easiest for you! Would you like a fabric face mask? If so, do you prefer a dome shape or a pleated shape? Yes! Either shape is fine, I wear both depending on the day I have a literal stockpile of skincare products. Can I interest you in cleanser, sheet masks, moisturizer, sample things etc etc.? Or a general pampering package? What is your skin type? No, thank you Anything from here? ChocolateStorybook on Etsy No I have been enjoying the incense from here hand-dipped incense sticks | Hexennacht and here Hand-dipped incense sticks | Mr. Hex (mr-hex.com) Any thing interesting from either site? I don't burn incense as my husband is allergic. Thanks 8/16/21 Would you like some delicious coffee? If so, do you prefer whole bean or ground? If ground, what grind? Also, light or dark roast? Flavor preferences? Yes, but I'm picky. I like ground, to go in a kcup. Dark or medium roast, with flavors of chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon. My very most favorite coffee ever has all three flavors. A 1/4 lb is plenty cause I don't drink coffee often 8/17/21 I may be going to the Renaissance Fair this weekend (if not this weekend then soon and multiple times), any Ren Faire goodies you may like? Local honey, embroidered ribbons, handspun yarn, cool tshirts (unisex large or womens 2X) I always go to my town's local Farmer's Market and they have booths selling things like candles, Gourmet Pickles, Flavored Oils and Vinegars, dog treats (like bones and animal feet), honey, and bath products. Would you like any of these things? Dog treats would be awesome, honey, and kosher dill pickles would be great! Do you have a preference for numbered packages for each night of the swap vs randomly selecting from unlabeled goodies? Again, dealers choice! If you didn't say much about your reading preferences in your survey but would be interested in receiving books, can you elaborate a bit? Amazon list and previous blog entries should cover it all Are you interested in cocktails, be it recipes, infusion kits, tools, supplies, specialty bitters? My husband would love it!! 8/18/21 Is there something that you definitely prefer to not receive in any category (anything to avoid if you hadn't/forgotten to mention)? dirty socks, half eaten food, skunk sprayed things?? Are there patterns/prints (more guidance than general Halloween/Autumn) you like for things or are you open to whatever I may find that speaks to me? Whatever speaks to you is fine! Any significant other or other special person? Like if I wanted to send you specialty cocoa for a date night, would that be OK? I am making up the cocoa part, but you get my drift. A date night offering would be awesome!! My husband and I have been together for 37 years and married 34 and we love to do special things together I would love to request folks to to put their wish list in this thread and link in their signature. I would love to decant from my oils if I have any my person is looking for! If you go to a computer my links are there in my signature. I'm going to figure out how to put them in a separate blog post If you happened to list some favorite fandoms earlier, would you also name your favorite character(s) from those fandoms? Ummmmm.....poke me if you really need this?? 8/19/21 Do you have an Amazon link? Can you post it?? In my signature if you are a knitter/crocheter, are you over on Ravelry? If so, what’s your user name there?? Yep, I'm deazinn over there as well 8/20/21 I make homemade fire ciders, would that be of interest? Non-alcoholic and they are quite fiery. Never heard of such a thing, but I'd love to try some! Are you interested in getting other BPAL items besides perfume, like hair gloss, bath oils or T-shirts? Yes!! I have the items I'd love in my wishlist in my signature link 8/21/21 So partner, would you be interested in a Frankenbag done in Halloween prints? Yes please Y'all with furbabies... Are there any food allergies/sensitivities or quirks to know about? She's a heavy chewer and allergic to chicken how do you feel about (ethically sourced) butterfly / moth art (in a jar or shadowbox) It would be beautiful and I'd be honored I may have preemptively picked out 2 Halloween-themed mugs with cute matching spoons, before I knew who my match was going to be! So I leave it to you: Bat, or Cat? Bat! 8/22/21 If you mentioned aversions to any common Halloween decor items (skeletons, witches, spiders, etc.), how encompassing is that? Specifically, is a "kid friendly" drawing of that same item on a piece of decor (like, a book cover or wrapping paper) still a preferred pass? Nope, that would be fine. It's just the realistic type spider stuff that freaks me out. I actually really love spider webs Would you be interested in receiving a never-used eyeshadow palette from Nororiously Morbid (gothy colors) and/or a never-used eyeshadow palette from Pretty Vulgar (romantic neutrals)? Yes, either would be awesome thank you 8/23/21 I live in Japan. Are you interested in anything specifically Japanese I could get for you here (doesn't necessarily have to be Halloween themed)? For example, are you a fan of the anime Demon Slayer and want merch? Are you interested in trying some fun kit-kat flavors? Do you need a new set of pretty chopsticks? I love and use fans; Small Starbucks items are fun; scraps of fabrics that are Japanese are awesome and I'd love to try and sew with some sometime; small batch gluten free soy sauce; chopsticks there is an excellent chance teeturtle will have a sale in time for this swap: anything (particularly tshirts or socks) that appeal? Sizes? Ummmm....sizes you have, surprise me? Haus of Gloi Fall Part 1 drops soon, anything here you like? https://www.hausofgloi.com/blogs/blog/fall-lineup-2021 Nope, I don't think so right now 8/24/21 Could you use a journal or sketchbook? No cause my husband would bean me. Have you SEEN my collection? Do you need BPAL storage? Imps? Bottles? I'm pretty good right now...... Do you wear socks? What kind? No show, ankle, knee high, over the knee? Fibers? I wear socks all the time. I'd really love a couple pair of heavy white cotton bobby socks. My favorite socks are bombas ankles socks, but they are kinda pricey. I wear size small. Going into winter I need the ankle socks though. Do you have a favorite candy(ies) [or prepacked individual snacks] that you wouldn't mind filling up your box as packing material? Or teas/coffee blends you'd enjoy? If you prefer none of this, that's fine too! It's so stinking hot here right now that I'm kinda scared anything chocolate (my favorite) would melt. I like snack size portions of peanuts and smoked almonds, sahale honey glazed almonds, sugar free jerky; I love teas of all kinds EXCEPT with a licorace, anise or earl grey/bergamot taste. I'm going down the Shore for a few days! Any treats you'd like from a cute beach town- salt water taffy? Fudge? Wrist fans? Tie-dye beach dress...? No taffy; I love fudge - chocolate, chocolate walnut or peanut butter; a tie dye beach dress would be awesome! Either in greys/purples or in autumns/greens How do you feel about fancy marshmallows? I don't really like marshmallows, sorry 8/25/21 We've asked about candy, but let's talk specifically about gummies. Do you like crazy shapes, sweet/sour? Not a gummy person any more, sorry!! Anything from these Etsy shops? Kodiak Sea Charms (no) , Halloween Hill Studio (no) , Grave Markings (candy corn earrings) What about the Mutter Museum's gift shop? No, thank you!! 8/27/21 I grow mugwort and it's harvest season. Would you like dried leaves for bathing or tea? Or a bound bundle for smoke cleansing? (Its said to be excellent for divination or lucid dreaming, but do not use if pregnant.) its also a digestive bitter and tastes great on chicken. Dried leaves for tea or cooking please!! I grow loads of other herbs and I'm drying them now. Any favorites you might like? Mint, basil, oregano, chives, lemon balm or others? Yes please, any you care to share! I grew a huge load of onions and garlic. Any interest? Again, yes please! Feathers? I have geese, ducks, peafowl, chickens and quail. So I collect their shed feathers and share them with people I like. While I would adore some peacock feathers, I'm still putting together my home from my move so, right now, sorry, no. I grew a boatload of Green Shiso this year and plan to make a shiso pesto with it. Would you like some? (Nut wise it has pistachios) Yes!! I also plan to experiment with infusing it in vodka. I'm planning a plain shiso infusion and a shiso citrus infusion. If they turn out would you like some? Yes to both please!
  4. deazinn

    2021 13 NIghts of Halloween

    Do you celebrate any fall holidays? Please feel free to place as much info/context as you wish: Halloween and Thanksgiving Are there certain things for these holidays--or your general love of fall-- that you would particularly appreciate receiving? Nope, so go for it!! If you celebrate Halloween, are you dressing up? Not sure yet?? *What as? No idea *Would you like costume additions or accessories? Sure! Would you like seasonal decorations? Yes, but I'm trying to thin out my decorations to what I will actually use. I do need more fall stuff than Halloween, and I love pumpkins like the velvet ones, and leaves Allergies, dietary, and lifestyle restrictions: Do you have any allergies, intolerances, or lifestyle restrictions/requirements? Yes, I am gluten free and prediabetic. The gluten free is a hard and fast rule. The prediabetic I am trying to control through diet. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, cat dander, molds, dust mites, blue cheese and mushrooms. Goodies listed on my Amazon wishlists are still doable, I just am doing them in small amounts! Do you (or anyone who might come in contact or view of the contents of these glorious packages) have any kind of phobia, trigger, or squick-out which is likely to arise in fall or Halloween-themed goodies (please address concerns over spiders, ghosts, severed hands, etc., here)? No spiders please. Iz afraid of them. Is there anything (that you know of) which it is illegal to mail to you, or that might cause Customs to become upset and hang on to your package? Only if you get caught. So far, so good! Favorite Flavors: chocolate, honey, vanilla Least Favorite Flavors: licorace/anise flavors. Bleargh!! Do you like coffee and/or tea? Coffee I'm picky on, but I was send a chocolate/cinnamon/vanilla blend that I absolutely adore! I don't drink much coffee, so a little goes a long way. I drink tea a lot, but have a lot......so...... Favorite snacks and treats: Chocolate, nuts especially almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts.....I adore fudge, esp chocolate fudge or plain peanut butter fudge Favorite scents(both specific notes and perfume blends): Ambers, vanillas, soft musks, roses Least Favorite Scents: tobacco notes, anise, heavy patcholi Do you wear nail polish? Yes, but I have a ton. Can always use cuticle oil like Solar Oil though! Would you like makeup? Um......no. I have so much and really need to wear and use what I have. However, if you have something you think I would love, or a brand is mentioned and I respond positive to it, feel free to send it to me. *If you would like makeup, what sorts would you prefer? I'm kinda a high end girl when it comes to makeup.... *Any favorite makeup brands, colors? Yeah. I love the old, original Chanel Glossimers that are super hard to find, all colors, and I need a new MAC lip liner in Spice. I'm also looking for a really good mascara that is healthy for your lashes, in black. And, my favorite mascara in the whole world is Bourjois Clubbing in black. I need one. *Any hated/not-preferred makeup brands, colors, or products (example: thanks to your sample box of choice, you hope never to see another black eyeliner as long as you live)? Nope, not really, except I seem to be allergic to Cover Girl products. Favorite bath and body products? Sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, the Post's Hair Glosses. I have a ton of soap so I'm good there, but if you have any Post soap, I'll take it!! Personal clothing style: Favorite Colors: to wear, black, greys, army olive drab green, and all the colors of the autumn leaves Least Favorite Colors: pretty much any shade of blue unless it skews turquoise or blue-purple. Do you like jewelry? Oh yeah I do!! *If so, what sort? Right now I'm loving strands of beads, I have a mourning strand of onxy and a strand of garnet that I wear a lot, both are long, the onyx is 54" and the garnet is 36" or so. I have a traditional charm bracelet and would love a zebra charm for it. I love earrings and wear them all the time. Etsy has a ton of stuff to show you what I like *What sizes and/or lengths do you prefer? Would you enjoy receiving wearables (shirts, socks, shoes, arm/legwarmers, hats,etc.)? Yep *Sizing on wearables: I'm between a women's XL and 1X right now; in the Post tees, I like their largest women's size, cause I like them oversized. I wear a Youth 4 in shoes, and socks as well. I'm a solid medium in pants, 10-12. Here's my measurements for the rest: Measurements, so I don’t forget: feet length - 9” width around ball of foot - 9” ankle - 9.5” hand from tip of longest finger to wrist - 6.25” width without thumb - 7” width with thumb - 8.25” arm wrist - 7” wrist to elbow crease - 8” widest part of arm - 11.5” head 22” around Home style: Would you appreciate decoratives or art for your home? Sure! *Are there any restrictions (no naked people, no breakables, that kind of thing)? Nope! What sort of music do you like? I have VERY eclectic taste in music, I love most of it! Pink is one of my favorite artists, and I do have a list of music I want out in Amazon on one of my many wishlists there Are you okay with burned music CDs? Yes please!! Do you have VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray...Betamax? DVD and Blu Ray here.....and VHS! *does your player of choice have region restrictions? Probably? Is there anywhere that you would like a giftcard or online credit for? Always!! Barnes and Noble, Goldsboro Books, Sock Dreams, Starbucks Hi! What are your hobbies? Knitting, reading, learning to sew Would you like any supplies for your hobbies? Ha ha ha my husband would kill me!! Are there any crafts or hobbies you would like to try out, but haven't yet? Not yet? Do you have gaming consoles, or play computer games? Nope, but hubs is hoping to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 one of these days.... How about cosplay? Nope, sorry! Though one of these days I'm going to be knitting a Browncoat for myself, so..... Or tabletop gaming? Nope Would you like to receive books? Yes please! *what kind of books/format? Hardcover, softcover, ebook (both Nook - barnes and noble and Kindle - Amazon) are all fine, and used books are absolutely fine as long as they don't smell of smoke or mildew How about magazines? Sure! PDFs and craft patterns? Absolutely!! Are there any other members of your household (significant other, furbabies, small, adorable humanoids, any other awesome person you consider part of your world) who might appreciate a little bit of fall-themed gifting? My mini Goldendoodle Bailey would love treats if you so feel inclined! Are you comfortable receiving good/like new condition used items? Absolutely! How about handmade items? Even better! What are five inexpensive things you always appreciate receiving? Lip balm, socks, spices that are local to you, a postcard Please place your wishlists and moodboards here (or link them in your sig., to give your swapper great ideas of what you like): mine are linked in my signature Is there anything else you would like to say to your swapper? I should be fairly easy to stalk, but poke Twi if you need anything else
  5. deazinn

    2021 Summer Vacation Swap

    Are you interested in any games? We play cribbage, but we have played Cards Against Humanity and would love a deck of our own! No playing cards though, we have PLENTY of those! If you mentioned you liked bracelets or earrings to wear.... Bracelets: Do you have preferences for metal color/type or would you prefer hemp/leather? beaded? bangles? Wrist size? I actually have quite a bit of jewelry....the only things I'm really looking for is a good silver link bracelet for charms, and charms themselves. I would love to have a dragon charm and a zebra charm and a griffin charm in particular Earrings: Colors / Metal Type / Style / Piercing size? I have two piercings in the left ear and three in my right and will be getting my daith piercings soon. I can wear all types of metal. I'm really into huggy type hoops right now, and really long threaders Say you like or collect travel mugs: do you want them to have a city or state name? Ceramic, stainless, or is plastic ok? Size preference? (12oz, 14oz, etc.) No glass please, I am the superklutz. I prefer stainless over plastic, but will do plastic. My only current travel mug is my much loved Starbucks Anniversary mug, and it's plastic. I really like the 24 oz studded Starbucks tumblers but they can be hard to find. Are you interested in some travel size tastes of homemade liqueur? Currently I have rose petal, lavender vanilla bean, and plum. No thank you If someone were to make or get you a fun beach hat, what size is your noggin? Well, I wear a size small helmet? So.....smallish adult woman size? Ha! My head has a 22" circumference! I knew I had that info somewhere! Do your pets like treats? Yes, she does; mainly cookie type treats, and bouncy balls. She's a pipsqueak at 21 lbs, but a tough chewer! Do you have fiber preferences or allergies for knitted/crocheted items? Anything that is not scratchy works for me! I'm very tactile Are you BPAL only as far as perfume is concerned? Nope! My signature scent is actually Very Irresistible by Givenchy; I also wear V Secret's original formulation of Pink, Clinique's Happy Heart, and Toyko Milk's Tainted Love. How do you feel about used books? I will love and cherish them! I know we talked about good/not-good scent notes in the original questionnaire. But imagine now, if you have to pick ONE note to declare as your favorite/best/etc. What is the ONE? To wear? Or to smell? Ugh! I don't know!! If my travel agent seriously needs this answered poke me.
  6. deazinn

    SW Fall 2020 Questions #2

    I wanted to share this link to a soapmaker I love and ask if y'all see anything you would like from them! https://www.herbneden.com/ --> Nopw Nui Cobalt Designs perfumes...(just got her latest email): How about the scents being discontinued? The Critters? https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/collections/critters-2020?page=1 or other ones? --> Not right now 9/15/20 I have a friend who does pet caricatures. He's done ones for all of my pets. Is this something you would be interested of for your pet(s)? --> sure! Check out my instagram for Bailey pics! Do you decorate seasonally/for holidays? Is there anything in particular you would like to that end? Yes! It's a silly little thing, but I'd love to have luminaria bags for Halloween and Christmas! Would you like anything from House of Gloi, especially from their Autumn Update? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/fall-1) --> No, thank you I know the tea question has been asked, but what, specifically, about Adagio teas? No, thank you What about anything tempting from Dandelion Chocolate? (https://store.dandelionchocolate.com/pages/home) --> no, unfortunately the chocolate sounds amazing, but too dark for me 9/16/20 Would you, my dear Witchee, like anything from April Gloom? https://www.etsy.com/shop/AprilGloom (this is our @spookygrrrly - switch witch code coming soon to a spreadsheet near you.) --> not right now, thanks! How about from https://twinklentwilight.etsy.com ? (This shop belongs to @twilighteyes - we can maybe crochet some of the unicorns that are sold out...) --> YES!!! I adore that Fairy Bookshelf fabric, and can always use another project bag or a square pillowcase in that fabric!! Would you enjoy anything from my friend Brian's Etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrianSerwayArt? --> no, thank you Are you a sock person? If so what are your favourite kinds to wear? Do you have a sockdreams wishlist? --> yes, cotton, wool, angora.....longer ankle socks that can be cuffed, or heavy soft bedsocks. I'll update my sockdreams wishlist and post the linky here! https://www.sockdreams.com/wishlist/ If you're not near one, is there anything from Trader Joe's you'd like? --> sit back, this could get long..... choc covered butterscotch caramels; milk chocolate truffle bars; chocolate covered nutty bites, chili lime seasoning, south african smoke grinder, any honeys they might carry, any milk chocolate stuff, really any seasoning mix (I have the everything bagel seasoning!) How do you feel about local items from my city, like spicy (think chili) things or local coffee? The coffee is not spicy lol. --> I love local stuff.....just a heads up, my spicy level is low to medium, as in I adore the taste but have terrible acid reflux so can't handle much heat. Coffee is always good, light to medium blend or if flavored I like chocolate or butterscotch flavors do you have good feelings about Funko Pop? --> Yep, have 6 to my name and I have several on my Amazon Wishlist! Candles! Anything from these places catch your fancy? https://cantripcandles.com/collections (restocks Friday 9/18 at 9:00 PST) --> all sold out as of 09/21 https://miruscandles.com/collections --> nope https://briarwickcandles.com/collections --> yes, please!! Go Away I'm Reading; Bookstagram, Ghost Stories 9/17/20 Is there something from your fandom that popped up in another country you'd be particularly interested in? What, and what store? --> not that I'm aware of? Would you be interested in some boozy chocolates (or anything else) from https://www.chocolatemoonshine.com/ ? --> Sadly, can't do any alcohol with my meds 9/18/20 Witchee, assuming you like home made/home canned condiment goodies, what is your spice level preference? --> I love home made things. Spice level is medium and below Would you be interested in anything from Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.? --> YES!! Their Once Bitten soap and candle. Thanks to a previous witch, I am heads over heels in love with this!!! 9/19/20 Lilith are up! Is there anything from the release that you want? Decant or full bottles? How would you feel about recipes? --> I love recipes and trying new ones, so bring them on!! Would anyone be interested in anything from Bucees?! It’s a magical giant beaver gas station/shop! It has spices, fudge, Knick knacks, all things Texas, candy, beef jerky, roasted nuts, and of course beavers! Most things like the fudge and nuts are made in house. --> chocolate or chocolate walnut fudge, pecan turtles/longhorns, beef jerky, roasted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts) and I'd like to try their bbq seasoning!! 9/20/20 How do you guys store your decants so they are not a confused mess? If you've got a system, please share it. --> I have a small plastic box that holds mine. I don't have a lot. It's got 5 compartments, and I keep my moons in one, tals in one, OCLY in one and LE in one, with the big middle section for my GC's
  7. deazinn

    SW Fall 2020 Questions #1

    8/29/20 Does anything from Paintbox Soapworks catch your eye (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/)? --> I'd like to try a sample size or two of her scrubs; scents in Blackbird, GTFO, Mandika Does anything from the Trading Post's etsy page catch your eye (https://www.etsy.com/shop/bptradingpost)? Not right now 8/30/20 Is there anything you want from Japan? Current kit kat flavors are... Salty Lemon, Salty Lychee, Sweet Potato, Chestnut and possibly still some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream or Strawberry Ice Cream from summer. Other than that, anime goods, cute stationery, other Japanese snacks, lay it on me! I love the LE Starbucks cups and little bear clip ons over there, and would love to get a couple straw covers! None of those Kit Kat flavors do it for me, but thank you. I do love Pocky, but just the original flavor. I have a friend that adores Hello Kitty so little trinkets that I could pass on would be fun. Masks made from beautiful fabric, cards I can use for thank yous, and disposable fountain pens! What are your favorite self-care items or activities? I'm especially curious about things that you hesitate to do/get because they feel like frivolous luxuries. --> I get a pedicure every 4-6 weeks because I have issues with my nails and tend to sublux joints trying to cut them. Having said that, I tend to ignore my fingernails and my cuticles get in really bad shape. I'd really love a pair of white cotton gloves I could wear overnight in bed to allow cuticle oil and lotion to absorb into my hands, and I never take the time to research and find a pair. Probably in a size medium. Can't be too hard to find or too expensive I would think? 9/1/20 are you familiar with https://www.a-natural-alternative.com/ ? Take a peak & let me know if you might like to try something. --> I'm not, but I have a ton of soap right now 9/2/20 Would you like a face mask from one of my favorite artists? https://akumuink.com/collections/facemasks --> yes, I think they are super cute and I'd wear one! one of our fellow BPAL friends makes custom masks, Hakutaku Custom Masks on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HakutakuMasks/ ). Would anyone be interested in one of her masks? --> Yes! I have two and I absolutely love them! If she has one of the silk on both sides, I'd adore one of those 9/3/20 Would you like anything from here? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TaterRoundsBeauty --> no, thanks! 9/5/20 what are your feelings on home made/ home canned jams & pickles or syrups? I even make things with berries I grow in my garden. I make both brandied & bourbon cherries. Syrups good for cocktails, in lemonade or tea, flavors include Lavender, Lavender + Lemon, & Lavender + Vanilla. Interested? --> I love jams and syrups, and pickles on the dill/salty/spicy not bread and butter/sweet side. I'm actually not overly fond of lavender in my drinks, so that I'll pass. Either of the cherries, and anything with berries sounds yum!! Is there something that you're especially hoping to receive for this round? For example, a brand you've heard of that you're especially wanting to try, or a certain "thing" that you really want but just cant bring yourself to buy for yourself?? --> nope, the surprise is what makes this round so much fun!! Would you rather receive supplies/tools for your own craft/hobby or receive something you can't make yourself? --> seriously, either. I'm a knitter, and love wooden knitting needles (but not bamboo because I destroy them) and wool or other natural fiber yarns. I also love things handmade for me because I can feel the love in them. Is there anything you'd like from Penzeys (https://www.penzeys.com/)? --> foxpoint seasoning, dried granulated shallots, pickling spice, sunny paris, justice 9/8/20 Art and artists - anyone dig any of this? https://www.studiodesade.com/ (They also do masks, see here.) --> no thank you If you knit/crochet/weave, would you like custom dyed yarn? And if so do you have preference on weight, fiber, colors? --> absolutely, and pretty much anything goes except I'd like fingering or heavier weight, preferably heavier! what is one fun/frivolous thing for $20 or less that you’d enjoy? --> a traditional type gnome in a halloween type hat! Or a felt witches hat! If I sent you to a dollar store with $20, what would you walk out with? --> some candy, some faux tupperware and a couple of books 9/9/20 would anybody like a small cross stitch thing, like a patch or pin? or cross stitching notions like handmade needle minders? I'd love a couple needle minders, or a Calvin and Hobbes patch! 9/11/20 Is there anything you'd like from the UK? --> if you can find them, I adore Thorton's Alpine bars. Also, heavyweight cotton pillowcases or sheets - yeah, I know, they'd be heavy to ship and it's odd but I just love old linens! Do you have a particular fandom you'd like stuff from? --> Calvin and Hobbes, Firefly/Serenity, Star Wars are my top loves How do you feel about tea? Preferences? Would you want anything from David's Tea (https://www.davidstea.com/us_en/home/), Steepologie (https://www.steepologie.com/), Bird & Blend (https://birdandblendtea.com/us_en/), or do you have a favorite tea maker to suggest? What about tea tools or cups? --> I love tea! I'm good with David's Tea; Steepologie, I'd love samples of: Perfect Chai H355, Herbal Hibiscus H320, Whole Hibiscus H365, Winnie the Pooh B170, Honey Bliss B136 How do you feel about fragrant things for the home like incense, candles, atmosphere spray? --> I love wax melts the most actually, and then candles. For fall I love apple and cinnamon type scents then move into pine and spices for the winter. If you can find a vanilla marshmallow melt and/or candle, I will love you forever! Yankee had one a couple years ago and I fell in love with it Do you share your home with any loved ones (human, feline, canine, etc.) who might enjoy a tiny treat too? Mr Deazinn is into low sugar low carb, but loves jerky if it's not too spicy, Reese's pb cups and loves his Harley. Bailey Boo is kinda picky too but her favorite flavor is peanut butter and she has a high chew drive and shreds toys, and wears bandanas and charms on her collar. 9/12/20 Does anyone like the prints or items from www.ElissaMarieCreative.com ? I have a few of her prints and the notebooks and they are quality! --> not really my style What about www.drawingsbynicole.com? Anything specific? --> cute but not for me Does anything from www.vapidlacquer.com stick out to you? --> gorgeous but I have too many polishes now.... I do pour painting/acrylic fluid art (with varying degrees of success, haha). Would you like a custom piece in colors of your choice (takes 3-4 weeks with curing, longer if you want it sealed, so it would arrive post-round if custom) or a piece already finished in my collection? I have mostly 12 x 12 and 10 x 10s right now. Pics available upon request! --> no thank !! After enjoying looking at the links several others have put in the questions, I decided to add some of my own favorite independent artists who I enjoy supporting - so, what do you think of the goodies from these people? And specific items you love? Enjoy! 1) https://www.catcoven.com/ --> yes, but she's sold out of a lot of the stuff that I liked! 2) https://www.mineralgypsy.com --> nope 3) https://www.redbubble.com/people/thelatestkate/shop --> I love the dragon/book art board print 4) https://www.marikapaz.com/shop/ --> love the sticker sheets 5) https://www.faunwood.com 6) https://www.shannatrumbly.com/ 7) https://fiddlersgreenzine.com 8 ) https://www.hedgespokenpress.com One of the things I do is make nifty things from sweaters that I cut up & upcycle into things like super warm mittens, arm warmers, striped arm warmers, cowls, teapot cozies, & French press cozies. I don't have a slipper I love yet, but I'm working on it. So, which of these things might you like? Give me some thoughts on colors you like & if for a teapot or press, I need to know a size. --> I would adore a tea cozy, I have a standard bodin glass teapot and have Shari Walker ping me if you need exact measurements!! I enjoy historical reproductions and am a fan of LBCC Historical Apothecary. Is there something in her store you might be interested in? --> no thanks! 9/13/20 Do you have a favorite art style/movement/artist? --> I love Dan Dos Santos artwork. He's a current artist and is doing a lot of cover work for books. His prints are very reasonable and some of the prints I would adore are: Moon Called; Forged in Fire; The Name Of The Wind; any bookmarks or stickers that he might be coaxed out of!! Who is your fashion icon(s)? Audrey Hepburn on the outside, Dita Von Teese on the inside What is your favorite mythological creature? Griffon, followed closely by dragon is there anything you want from Lush? --> Bat Art Bath Bomb; Furze Bath Oil; Salted Coconut Hand Scrub; any of the Wash Cards!! Do you need any astrological work done, since thats one of my professions? Any particular areas you could utilize a consultation? --> no, thank you How do you feel about the homemade fudge I sell in my etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/HollysRainbow -particular preferences, flavors (consider I take special flavor requests all the time!)? --> absolutely, I love chocolate and chocolate walnut How do you feel about keto or sugar-free, low carb baked goods or treats?? --> keto and low carb is great, but I won't use any sugar substitutes in anything I eat or drink. I have issues with a lot of them for some reason. 9/14/20 Anything you'd like from Future Primitive: https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk --> Nope Do you have an Etsy wishlist? --> yep, in my signature and it's working, I checked it!
  8. deazinn

    SW Fall 2019 Questions/Answers #1

    9/18/19 Would you like anything from Future Primitive? (It's fine to mention OOS things) https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/ I'd really like to try their conditioning hair rinse, their bubbling scrub and their in the buff scrub. Scents that interest me are Dark Carnival, Sylph, The Gloaming, and Witch Cake. Does anyone have a favorite horror movie that they love? Need a copy/DVD of? Um......Oh! The Mummy (2019) Do you like smallish knitted stuff (hats, fingerless mittens, scarves, toys, etc. -- be specific!)? I'm a knitter myself, so I'm pretty good there, but having said that I love when other people knit for me!!! Do any of these knitted items appeal to you? Easy Fingerless Mittens Pfeilraupe Asymmetrical Scarf Odyssey Shawl Close to You scarf Rikke Slouch Hat Simple Yet Effective Cowl Knitted Pumpkins Little Bear Stuffy How do you feel about thrift store finds (assuming they're in good condition and have been thoroughly cleaned before shipping)? Yes please! I do a lot of shopping at thrift shops and consignment shops because with my health issues I find that I need to wear mostly natural fibers and they are way easier to find there than anywhere in retail stores, at least without spending a small fortune!!! 9/20/19 I may have bought several full size Rituel de Fille makeup items in a frenzy over their whole vibe. If I tested something once or twice (and it can be sanitized), would you be interested? Yes, especially any of their lip products!! Are you interested in trying different skincare products from higher end, clean brands? Sure! I'll try them! Any interest in anything from Torrid, noting their "fangirl" and Halloween collections are updated? I looked, but nothing jumped out at me. I do need to go in an check out their bras though? What on the following list would you like to receive something related to (or have something donated to in your and Joni's honor?) Animal Rescue or Dogs are my top two choices! I wouldn't say no to inappropriate candies though! · animal rescue · pie · dogs · bears · turtles · inappropriate candies (either in shape or in contents—ex., boozy candies, creatively shaped peanut brittle…) I'll be going to Seattle, London and Paris during this round- anything you'd love to have from any of these locations? Oh yes! I love See's Candies, especially the the Toffee-ettes. In London, I love Thorton's Alpine bars and Liberty of London's fabrics. In Paris, macarons, tea from Mariage Freres (especially anything vanilla or chocolate flavored) or Hermes (hahaha) or heavy cotton or linen pillowcases or sheets found at a flea market! (again, hahahaha) Is there anything you would particularly like from Japan? Stationary, bento supplies, a particular snack, etc. The fall flavors for kitkats this year are Chestnut, Sweet Potato and Apple Pie. None of those Kit Kats, but I'd love a Starbucks mug, or a cell phone charm or two, cute stationary, fun disposable fountain pens, pocky, yummy seaweed snacks 9/22/19 Thinking about really good natural food stores like Natural Grocers or Whole Foods, if you could have ANY bath and beauty or body care items, what would you love? Not sure?? Also what kind of treats, snacks, foods, condiments, bulk items, teas, housewares from the same natural food stores would you love? Barley tea, almond flour, I'd like to try a chocolate based RX bar to see if they are any good or not Also, are there any particular sustainable kitchen or household items you would love to receive? Not that I can think of? 9/23/19 Did anything catch your eye from the Liliths? The two that interested me were Justice for Mary and Storge Would you like anything from Lush? I don't think they are in the current rotation, but my two absolute favorites are Potion lotion and Pied de Pepper foot cream! Other than those two, not really...... 9/26/19 Is there anything kind of weird and niche about which you feel this way, fellow witchees? I've been collecting coins from the different locations that I've visited, and I need (okay, want) a cool coin from Canada, like a Tooney or one of the neat painted coins. Kickstarter (and similar): Any thoughts, witches? I'm a patron of Kickstarter and I've got a couple of projects that I have open right now, but none coming up that look interesting to me. If that changes I'll be sure to notate that!! 9/28/19 Do you have an Etsy/Goodreads/Amazon or anything else wishlist you’d like to share? On my signature And what’s your preferred wrist/necklace size? bracelet 7.5" necklace depends; I have a couple charms for a 24" length, and I like longer, but I also do wear shorter. Does anything from Bird & Blend take your fancy? No tea for me right now please!! Knitting questions have have been asked, but how about wash cloths, anyone need any? What colors?? My question, but I can use some uber thick ones is there anything from World Market that tickles your fancy? So much, so so much....... 9/29/19 There's a special thing happening over at Rituel de Fille this weekend, where some gorgeous makeup items are coming back for just a couple of days. I'll be placing an order Sunday or Monday- anything that might strike your fancy, either from the special sale or from the site in general? (https://ritueldefille.com) Long past..... How do you feel about tarot or oracle decks? Would you be interested in any (for artwork or for mystical purposes)? New or used? Not at this time...... Would pigment samples from companies like M.A.C. or Notoriously Morbid tickle your fancy? If so, what colors catch you eye? Not at this time, but thanks - I have a ton already but I am not using them 9/30/19 do you have a favourite saying or quote? Lucky I'm insane after all I've been through How do you feel about spicy foods, and where on the Scoville scale do you hit your limit? Pretty mild, but I really love the flavors How do you feel about coloring books, especially those pertaining to a personal interest or fandom? I have several, but would love to have a Firefly or Star Wars one!! 10/1/19 A few questions have been asked about knitted items--are crocheted equivalents acceptable? (crocheted fingerless gloves, shawls, etc.) Any fiber issues? Yes, and no! About the Weenies: please list what you've bought or are definitely purchasing for yourself *as well as* what you would like to possibly receive from someone else! None bought for me as none really tickle my fancy Dear Witchee, are you at all boozy? Anywhere between hard cider to straight whisk(e)y? And any interest in the "unusual" stuff? (unusual as in non-mainstream, local craft ciders or meads, regional fruit wines, experiments from local distilleries, etc) Now that I am not taking daily narcotics, I am starting to regain my taste for booze. I like gin, vodka and tequila. In wine/ciders/meads I like the really sweet stuff, like ice wines. I love ice wines, absolutely adore them, the sweeter the better! I'd love to try some local stuff, bring it on! 10/2/19 Nail Polish: Do you need or want some? If so, what colors and brands are you interested in? Nope, but cuticle oil and/or cuticle balm is always welcome Does anyone else do nail wraps? Yep, and my favorite is anything steampunky What about postcards? from your local area?? Absolutely! Is anyone interested in anything from the Nocturne Alchemy Halloween release (or, presumably, anything else from the site)? Ooohhh yes please!! And note, that imps or partial imps are more than welcome, a full bottle isn't necessary; Dark Ghost Velvet; Squid's Ink; Hemlock Cat How do you feel about salt? I don’t mean, like, salted nuts or potato chips. I mean straight-up salt, like alder-smoked finishing salt or Hana Flake sea salt. Yummy, I'll take it thanks!! My table salt is Crazy Jane's mixed up salt if that gives you any idea? 10/3/19 I am infamous for baking (shortbreads savory and sweet, poundcake, various cookies and bars), butter caramels (flavored or plain), and catnip. Are any of these relevant to you or your household? I love a really good buttery sweet shortbread, choc chip cookies, seven layer bars (also known as magic cookie bars). No poundcake because I make my own, and I can't really do caramels. Catnip my grandkitties would love!! Do you like to cook and do you need/want any spices for such pursuits? Yes, and I love spices! I think I answered this in the thread with more specifics....... Would you wear any of these? Fern , Nuada, Manannan, Duleek Abbey or an infinity scarf or tube cowl tall enough for a hood (like this scarf or this cowl for shape example)? Do you have any utilitarian needs for everyday life? Things that would help or that you've been needing or wanting for work or whatever? Do elbow crutches count? Nope, not really, thanks...... What kind of vegan snacks do you like? And vegan chocolate...favorites? ???????? 10/4/19 How would you describe your crafting style? Whimsical & Cute? Elegantly modern? Totally Traditional? 10/6/19 So....we are about to process a metric f*ton of green tomato relish, which is basically bread and butter pickles but with sliced green cherry tomatoes. Is this relevant to any witchees? How do you celebrate Halloween/Samhain? Do you dress up? Would you like something for your costume? And am I the only person left on the planet who wears socks? 10/7/19 Are you interested in anything from Art Of Tea or Adagio Teas? Yes, but I have a ton of tea to drink before getting any more I make light-weight hairfalls, doll-style, using a variety of fun stuff, like ribbons, lace and soft batting. Would you be interested in receiving a set in the colors of your choosing? Not right now thank you....... And a quick question here--I'm going to this amazing looking event on Saturday--does my witchee see anything they might be interested in? https://www.facebook.com/events/903999316607440/ (the Oddities Market) Answered in thread...... 10/8/19 How do you feel about enamel pins? Love them, hate them, slightly interested, totally indifferent? Love them, and I would love a canvas bag or banner to put them on 10/10/19 10/11/2019 OCTOBER LUNACY! I know turn around time is unlikely, but just saying (JUST SAYING), dear Witchee, did anything catch your eye? Bourbon Vanilla and Yellow Carnation Perfume Oil https://archaichoney.com/bloodmoonbotanica (Britton used to run Haus of Gloi.) Witchee, are you interested in any kinds of things from the Blood Moon Botanica update? HIGH MOUNTAIN ARNICA OIL CALMING ELIXIR LINDEN & CALIFORNIA POPPY ELIXIR ENGLISH DAISY FLOWER ESSENCE also I took some beading classes and have been making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Would you be interested in any? If so, how big is your wrist or how long would you like your bracelet? Any preferred styles of beads? Semi precious beads like hematite, garnet, citrine, amber......shiny like firepolished beads, crystals in seed bead sizes........black and grey small pearls........ 10/13/19 If I was to donate to an animal rescue on your behalf as the "lucyboo" component of this swap, is there one in particular that you would choose? Something that targets Pit Bulls like Pinups for Pitbulls
  9. deazinn

    Some swapping misc help!

    Okay....here's some lemmings of mine! Chocolate: milk, *dark milk*, dark, with almonds/hazlenuts, plain...yep, it's all good! I don't like white chocolate, or fruit (esp dislike raisins). I love caramels. I like crispies - but, I don't like much of the Cadbury European chocolate range....go figure! However, I love love love Ritter Sport milk chocolate with whole hazlenuts, and milk chocolate butter biscuits. I also just adore fudge....yummm....chocolate, chocolate walnut and peanut butter. I like Peanut M&M's, Snickers, Peppermint Patties....it's pretty much all good. I got treated with chocolates from www.burdickchocolate.com and I'm in love - especially with their mice and penguins! I've had and adore Vosges Barcelona Bar and Goji Bar, but the others don't do much for me, like I thought they might. I like Godiva, and adore Ghiradelli. Lindt makes a sea salt dark chocolate bar that is the bomb, as well as milk chocolate sea salt truffles. Tim Tams are for the win, and I prefer a liquidy caramel to a chewy one. Did I mention I like chocolate?? If you live near a Trader Joe's, I am seriously addicted to their dark chocolate coated nutty bites as well as their chocolate covered butterscotch caramels! I adore them, and my nearest TJ's is a 90 minute drive away!! I can also use a South African spice grinder as mine is all. I love their different spice grinders! My favorite non-chocolate candies are Smarties, Sweettarts, Spree, Pixie Stix and Swedish red fish. I don't chew gum. I'm a knitter, and I'm absolutely in love with this! I can always use yarn, especially the 100% cotton yarn like sugar n' cream, stitch markers, needle protectors..... For knitting I need 6/0 beads, preferably with an iridescent shine to them.... Books - I love books. I read pretty much anything in print. My wishlist on Paperbackswap.com is always updated, and I'd love to receive credits there - I'm 'deazinn' there as well - and pretty much everywhere on the web I also adore music - haven't started an Itunes wishlist yet, but I'll get there - in the meantime, I've listed some music/book/dvd wants on Amazon - link is in my signature. Agatha Blois Carnival Wax = I absolutely and totally adore 1965 and will devour any amount... I really like Wyrding Studio's hammered copper/bronze shawl pins I have many of Alicia's (E&A) pieces favorited in Etsy. I am currently in love with the leggings/tunic trend.....I would be in a medium *size 10* in leggings, and Walmart has some fleece lined ones right now in the Halloween and Fall prints pretty cheap! In tunics, I need a 1X or 2X, depending - I have a 40C bust and don't like skin tight tops. I love candles! Etailers are really welcome here...I've never ordered from any but Dark Candles. Love some of their scents, others are meh. I love Yankee Candles. I have tart warmers, and tarts are most welcome. I'd really love some unscented tarts, so I can mix oils into them. In the spring, I go citrusy and seaside scents. In the fall/winter I go apples and spices, strong evergreen/balsam, and creamy oatmeal and honey scents. Yankee Candle had a candle called Merry Marshmallow which was a vanilla sugar and marshmallow scent that I adored and would love to have tarts and/or candles in that scent if you can find some!! The Yankee ones are d/c but I've found some that are close........I also need a small pack, like 6, of unscented tea lights for my tea warmer. I adore Calvin and Hobbes, and have all of those books - tho' not the really expensive leather bound editions which contain all of the comics. I'd love to have a C&H mug or Tshirt, but they're hard to come by. I also love Karen from Will and Grace, watch Sex and the City - I am SO a Samantha, and adore Friends. I watch a lot of medical dramas, and would love some way to watch all the seasons of Code Black without having to subscribe to the stupid CBS pay per view. I own Season 1 of Veronica Mars, and Season 2 or 3 would be great! I also need Season 2 of Dollhouse....... I love tea, and drink a lot of it. All types, Red, Green, Black, herbal, you name it I'll drink it! Right now I am big time craving hibiscus tea, love the stuff in summer. I don't like anything with a licorace/anise taste (or smell) or Earl Grey/bergamot, but I do love fruits and cinnamon flavors. Got Golden Moon's Vanilla Mint loose tea and I LOVE it! Other personal favorites are Stash's Christmas Eve, and Celestial Seasoning's Nutcracker Sweet, and Candy Cane Lane. I do have quite a bit of tea right now. We also have a Keurig, so K-cups of any flavor are most welcome as well! I'd also welcome a large pottery tea pot, my largest one is only good for 2 ish cups. If you can pick up an electric teakettle somewhere that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I've wanted one for a while now and can't quite convince the hubs we need one, he says the Keurig is good enough.....um, no? I can also use well insulated tea caddys, one for my small Boden (I'll edit this with the oz size) and for any tea pot you may send along!!
  10. deazinn

    SW Fall 2017 Part #4

    10/5/17 would any witchees be interested in NASA swag? I'm now super-close to Marshall Space Flight Center and will be visiting the space center with my kiddo pretty regularly. If so, what would you like? Clothes, a mug, magnets, a plush Snoopy wearing a flight suit? --Flight stuff might be fun! No mugs please, unless it's a Starbucks mug. We are trying to keep the hoard down. Magnets or a plushie would be great! does anybody like anything from Solstice Scents? I LOVE their Jack and the Devil. http://www.solsticescents.com/ --I like Nightgown and Vanilla Estate; I'd like to try Black Leather, Red Lace, Manor, Winter Dove and Quiet Night 10/3/17 Witchee, would you like anything from the Trading Post Halloween update? https://blackphoenix...y/weenies-2017/ --Not really. The newest 13 and Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil intrigue me more.... 10/1/17 Awesome farmer's market by my house. They have a local honey stand (which also sells things made from local honey like Propolis tincture!); there's a small apothecary and she additionally makes soaps and hand-made, hand-poured scented candles; plus a guy that makes an array of BBQ and Hot Sauces. Does any of this appeal? Would you like anything from my local farmer's market? --yes, surprise me! I love honey, and candles, but I can't eat hot sauces anymore.... Smolder Cosmetics? Nothing called to me there..... Strobe cosmetics! Um, yes!! Rhaegal (green gold eyeshadow) and Sanctuary (Forest green gold eyeshadow) both look amazing, as does Sea of Ghosts Hello Kitty? While I admire the whole line, I'm really not into it. I'm more of a Totoro type girl Farmers Market? I love local honeys, beewax candles, and I'm always looking for a set of 4 bayberry candles to burn at Christmas, it's a family thing. I like BBQ sauces, with a little heat, but sadly no hot sauces. My poor messed up internals can't really handle heat anymore.... Twi's dried apples? Yes Greenwoodtree's Fudge? Yes, regular chocolate, plain or with walnuts Haus of Gloi? I wouldn't say no to their tiny little sample sizes of soft bubbling scrub and/or lotions; scents like Spider's Silk, Apocathary, and Cozy Sweater. 9/30/17 Would you like anything from the Haus of Gloi Fall Part II update? https://www.hausofgl...ween-scent-list 9/27/17 How do you feel about these little guys? I think they're adorable and kind of want them all, but especially the ghost and pirate ones. https://lovemomiji.c...imited-editions 9/26/17 Witchees, do you want anything specifically from this page? Mitts, hat, shawls, unicorn... http://iceweasel.net/switchwitch/ What are your top three most wanted DC'd or previous LE BPALs? What are some things you do NOT want to receive? is there anything from here that you might be interested in getting a print (or pillow/make-up case/etc) of? http://www.blackabbeystudios.com/store Claire's has some super cute Halloween stuff. In the style of Haunted Mansion - black lace collars, lace and sparkle masques and the like. A few items in Dias de los Muertos style. Would you be interested in such things? Would you be interested in anything from Orange Thyme? https://shoporangethyme.com/ If so, which products/scents/flavors?
  11. deazinn

    SW Fall 2017 Part #3

    Misc thoughts - Lush has a couple of new products that interested me; the Black Rose lip tint, the Bunny Moon jelly face mask and Get to the Roots hot oil hair treatment For the TeeTurtle Halloween shirts, I like: Dia De Los Foxes, Resting Witch Face, and This Is My Happy Face. I also like the Haunted Socks, I would squeel over a fine tipped black Sharpie, and actually need regular Sharpies in dark colors. I really want to try Pumpkin Spiced Snake Oil, as well as the new 13. As always, even a tester imp is enough to start!! David's Teas have a mug with stacked sheep on it that I am lemming big time.....so damn cute! Still craving really good chocolate fudge 9/25/17 Anyone like/want calendars or dayplanners? --I have my Erin Condren here for 2018, but I would love a wall calendar; Pinups for Pitbulls is my most wanted, followed by Nene Thomas, Amy Brown or Michael Whelan If you like stationery, do you like plain, colors, images, or specific DON'T LIKES? --I like note cards and envelopes best, next up would be paper that I can use fountain pens on without bleeding through; colors, prints, images, pretty much anything but spiders is cool with me! What about general desk stuff like cool colored paperclips and post it pads? --Yes please! Would anyone be interested in having any of Abigail Larson's artwork (either as a print or on something, like a pillow, blanket, or t-shirt)? https://society6.com/abigaillarson --I love the Halloween Wallpaper, pillow or blanket. I can look some more later 9/24/17 do you collect the art cards that BPAL sends out? Any in particular that you are looking for or definitely don't need? --Nope Do you like this beautiful art, and she makes stickers and prints...SOOOO gorgeous: https://www.shannatr...om/paperprints/ --her work is beautiful, but not really my cup of tea. Thanks though! Favorite animals or wild creatures or mythological creatures? Horses, unicorns, griffens; I also adore my pit bull would you like any swag from the Depeche Mode concert? (pins, posters, shirts, program, dunno what they'll have!) --anything would totally rock!!! Is anyone interested in the new Resistance scents that the Lab just released (Take a Knee and SN: Flor de Maga)? --SN: Flor de Maga intrigues me a little..... Is anyone here into zero waste, plastic free living, urban homesteading, or any simplicity/minimalism-esque lifestyles? If so, could you use any tools or equipment? --Any of the items here would be used and appreciated at my house! 9/23/17 Are you interested in anything from Bath & Bodyworks? Which products and scents do you like? www.bathandbodyworks.com/ --I love their hand bacs; they use to have a one minute manicure which I adored; cocoshea honey body scrub; any of the foaming hand soaps, in any flavor; I can use some wallflowers refills, scents I like are Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, Cranberry Woods, Vanilla. Candles in those scents would rock as well, any size. I am possibly going to a crystal / gem show tomorrow. I can't afford expensive gem stones, but... What kind of crystals would you like? --None that I can think of? Pumpkin or Zucchini bread? --Yes please! What kind of homemade cookies are your favorite? --Oatmeal chocolate chip, with or without walnuts. Yum. Could you use a muscle rub? (We make ours on the lunar cycle and it has menthol, wintergreen, habanero, cayenne, olive oil, st. john's wort, arnica, beeswax, calendula, and ginger. It tingles. We call it "Thunder Butter". If you have really really super sensitive skin, I would recommend against it. And don't take a hot shower or open all of your pores before using it.) --Have some, thanks!! Interested in trying some of our rose petal (rose petals, sugar, everclear) or lavender vanilla bean (lavender, vanilla bean, vodka) liqueur? --I have, but boy are they good! Want some honey from the bees on our property? --Yes Would you like some homemade jam? I have blackberry, rose petal, strawberry rhubarb, peach, and cherry. --Peach or strawberry rhubarb sounds amazing! How about some homemade candied jalapenos with garlic cloves? I have regular and with habanero. --Um.....no. I didn't dry any apples this year but I was thinking of heading over to Green Bluff and seeing if any honeycrisps are left. I have a commercial dehydrator so let me know if you are interested in any "Apple Crips" (as voodoocatwoman calls them!) I wash, peel, core, and slice before dehydrating. --Yes please!! Do you need any kind of dice bag, tote, project bag, cosmetic bag, pencil bag, or whatever? I have lots of bag patterns and fabric. We make bags under the name Twinkle N Twilight. Or how about a couple of pillowcases? --I adore everything I have from these guys, and wouldn't say no! Twi knows what I like, you can ask her..... 9/22/17 Would my witchee like this to warm up the fall coffee cup?? https://www.truelemo...gory-s/1871.htm --Yes please! do you like to take baths? if so, do you like oils, salts, things that fizz, all of the above, none of the above? --I do, but don't have a tub that I can soak in right now..... What style/make/etc of phone do you have? What about size of tablet? Laptop? Would you like decals, skins, or cases for any of these? --Apple Iphone 7 (in an otter case though.....but I need a new Iring!) Nook HD+ Tablet measurements are: 240.3 x 162.8 x 11.5 mm and I have a Toshiba laptop, but I have stickers on my lappy. A skin or a heavy duty cover for my Nook would be totally awesome!! 9/21/17 See's Candy. My absolute favorite. They have special Halloween candy..any of these pique your interest?? Cinnamon Apple Scotch Mallows, Pumpkin spice truffles, pumpkinspice lollypops, caramel apple lollypops, or any other of their chocolates, etc? --I adore their Toffee-ettes; others that sound good are: Milk Pecan Buds, the Caramel Apple Scotch Mallows, and Milk Bordeaux Are any witchees into coloring books? --Yes, and I have a lot of them, but markers would be awesome!! Witchees, is there anything that catches your eye at Animi Causa (https://www.animicausa.com/shop/)? --Yep! Tipsy Bottle Stacker, Brain Drain Sponge holder, Chill Bill If I were to find an adorable autumnal/Halloween-y dish/flatware/etc. design, how many settings would be needed in your household? --four please! 9/20/17 Do you like Broadway shows/music? If so what are some of your favorites and/or ones that you hope to see or listen to eventually? Would you like merch from your favorite shows or CDs from shows you want to listen to? --Yes, and pretty much anything goes!! I'm heading to NYCC in October! Is there anything I can get my Witchee while I'm there? --I like the sound of Apple III - the apple and champagne one! Also, any free books you can grab would be awesome as I'm not going this year!! I'm going to Edmonton Expo this weekend (It's Edmonton's version of comic con). Would a witchee like anything from there? --Free books? Bookmarks? Any fun things?? Anything catch your eye from this site (globalgirlfriend.com)? --yes, there's a lot there I like. If you need me to answer this more completely, have the mods poke me please? Do you have any favorite, lesser-known stores? Especially ones that sell hand-crafted or independently made items. --None that I can think of...... Imagine you're going to the most gigantic art & craft show imaginable, and money is no object - what kind of things would you gravitate towards and probably spend money on? Include as specific as you want to get! --I'll get back to this..... 9/19/17 Are you interested in anything from Think Geek? http://www.thinkgeek.com --so much!! I have some stuff on my Amazon list. Again, let me know if you need more specific info, by having a mod poke me!! Do you have something you wish you put on your original questionnaire/forgot to put/would like to add on to? --Nope Any additional misc. information about yourself you want your Witch to know? (I think this was on the survey, but again if there's something that you forgot...) --Nope. If you could decorate your house (or one room) in any one theme, what would it be? Your answer can be as simple ("Star Wars" or "Baroque" or "Modern"), or complicated or a combination (e.g. Victorian Gothic) as you feel best fits. --Um.....I don't have a name for it, but it's kinda how we've decorated....lots of wrought iron, pewter wizard figures, dragons and griffins... Aprons: Do you wear them, do you want one? Utility, decorative, cooking or crafting? --Occasionally, and sure, for cooking! BTW, would my witchee be interested in something like this? (photo of black and white striped knitted doll) --yes, that's adorbs!
  12. deazinn

    SW Fall 2017 Part #2

    9/18/17 It seems like there's a question about socks on the questionnaire, but I don't think it got down to this level: Do you wear them? Any particular style (crew length, knee high, anklet, boot, etc.) or fiber (wool, cotton, bamboo anything but wool, etc.) preference? --I adore socks. I mostly wear anklets, but love crews as well. I can't wear any with a high percentage of nylon or poly, they don't play nice with my skin. My most favorite socks currently are thick cushy angora bed socks. You may want to note that I wear a Youth (or Big Kid) 4 shoe. Adult socks are mostly too big on me. Would you be open to previously-loved books? --Absolutely!! What about partial-full bottles of BPAL or BPTP --Again, yes!! Especially since my skin chemistry is so wonky.....I like getting little testers or almost empty bottles! So what are your favorite fandoms? --Anything by Joss Whedon; Orphan Black; Star Wars; Firefly/Serenity; Penny Dreadful 9/17/17 I'm in France at the moment, is there anything here you might like? I'm in Provence, the land of lavender, so if you like that flower in particular just say so! --I adore lavender! Bring it!! Also, Mariage Freres tea, in Butterscotch. Even just a two cup sample would be awesome are you into divination? What kind(s) do you currently do? Do you want more books and/or tools for that type (e.g. new tarot cards, new runes)? Is there a new type of #divination you've been meaning to try, and if so, are you looking for the tool, a book on the subject, or both? --I would love a beginners guide to tarot World my Witchee be interested in a Tarot or Astrology reading done personally? --I'm good here..... Does my Witchee need any magical supplies? --No, but thank you so much!! Would you be interested in any of the seasonal (or regular) soaps from Cellar Door Soap (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com)? --Bad Blood; Oatmeal Milk and Honey; Once Bitten 9/16/17 Favorite gemstones? --golden topaz; opals, all shades (and I love the new manmade ones!!); rich deep red garnets; iolite; hematite If you enjoy jewelry do you like discrete and elegant, flashy and gaudy, small and light, or large and chunky? --all of the above? I have some that fits all the categories, and wear them all. Just depends on the outfit and where I'm going! Any love of pirates or SCA? --Pirates. Argh!! Is there anything you would like from Disney World? --I would love a tea cup and saucer, or a fleece throw!! Are you a Potterhead? If so, to which house do you belong? --yes, but I can't remember and haven't been keeping up..... How do you feel about chokers? --Love them as long as there's a little room there. If it's too tight, I'll cough and choke. 9/15/17 Here's a few questions from me: Would you like some Halloween or other themed decor in the form of a banner, something like this http://www.etsy.com/...n-decor-vintage? If so, would you prefer a traditional style or a vertical door type? --Yes, that's lovely! I have room for either style.... Do you live near a Trader Joe's? If not, are you interested in trying any of the numerous Pumpkin goodies they come out with this time every year? --No, I'm too far from a TJ's. I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, but love ciders and spices and choc covered nutty bites......and...... Do you like to cook and/or bake? Could you use any specific ingredients (spices, oils, salts, extracts, etc.) or kitchen utensils/gadgets? --I'm a decent cook, and a great baker! I can always use spice mixes, good vanilla, good cocoa or choc chips I'm at Ocean City MD for bike week......would a witches want anything from here? Bike or beach related?? What is 1 thing you would love to see in your final box? Can be ANYTHING - your choice. --a note telling me who you are! Who would love some USPS eclipse stamps? --Me please! 9/14/17 Do any of you potential Witchees have any kitties, puppers, or youngling humans you want spoiled in your packages? What treats or toys do they like? --Just my lovely Ducati; dog cookies or biscuits, preferable not mass produced; antler chews; bully sticks; braided fleece tug toys Is there any interest in any of the fragrance oils from the Nocturne Alchemy Weenies update? --Peter sounds interesting; Hokus; Vampire Vanilla Bat Is there anything you want from the trading post (or trading post etsy) that is available to order right now? (Fatherhood, Puppers, normal GC things) I'd love Wednesday's Child is full of woe, Granite, PaPow. If TKO room spray shows up, I'd love that. 9/13/17 Are you a gamer? If so, what games are you currently playing and is there any merch for that game you'd love to have?- If you are a gamer do you have a steam/gamestop/amazon wishlist? --Sorry, not really a gamer!! How do you feel about the following scarf options (assuming you're into scarves)? Simple eyelet scarf Chevron scarf Lacy and fuzzy Skinny rib knit (extra long for lots of wrapping) Leafy! Like beer? What styles most appeal to you? --Nope Like booze? What kinds? --Chambord, creme de cacoa, any of the Godiva liquors, good vodkas and Bombay Sapphire gin. I'd really love a taste tester of Dubonnet Like Wine? What kinds? --Yes, but I'm picky. I love ice wine. I love peach wine. If it's so sweet that it may turn your stomach to taste it, that's my kind of wine. Would you be interested in a set of hand-made hair falls? It's something I do for fun and I can make any length and do an array of colors! --That would be awesome!! For those who watch certain movies every year for Halloween, what are those movies, whether horror or not? Any favorite horror movies that aren't necessarily on the annual-viewing list? How do you feel about fan-made merch for these movies? --My favorite is Rocky Horror....and I'd love stuff inspired by it! My daughter loves Hocus Pocus, and would be head over heels delighted with something inspired by that movie. Lastly, my husband is a HUGE Jaws fan.
  13. deazinn

    SW Fall 2017 Part #1

    9/12/17 Here's a great local soapmaker I love--y'all see anything you would like? https://littleseedfarm.com/ - the vanilla bean scrub bar tickles my fancy, as does the bearwalker beer soap What are your favorite/preferred Halloween/autumn icons/images? Any to specifically stay away from? I love pretty much all of them, but please no spiders. One of my husbands early gifts to me is a sweet Frankenstein waving and holding a candy bag, and I'm partial to those. I also like the bats, spooky trees, birds..... 9/11/17 I'm in Japan, is there anything specific from here you would want? I would adore a well made fabric fan, to use and not display. All wood or wood and cloth! Also, I collect the Starbucks mugs that are specific to cities, and I'd love a cell phone charm as I had one from a previous SW round that I adored, and it finally died....something cute, kawaii, sparkly...... How do you feel about nail wraps? I'm actually starting to really like them!!! if you were to receive something hand knit, what type of item would you like? hat, cowl, handwarmers, etc. and what color(s)? - would you use knitted washcloths? a scarf? Are you allergic or sensitive to any fibers? Oh, I love hand knits!! Thick chunky socks, a long drapy cowl, scarf, washclothes.....as long as the fiber is SOFT, it's fine. Please no 100% acrylic as my skin can't handle it, but a blend is fine If you could be ANY character from a film, TV show or book, who would it be and why? Need to think on this one..... If you could hop into a time machine and travel anywhere/anytime, where would it be and why? And, I also need to think on this one If you could invite 3 famous people to a BPAL meet and sniff, who would invite? Um....Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe, and someone else fun and flirty! What a great time we would all have, right? Do you like and/or want anything from Elements and Artifacts? You can be vague like "yes" or "no" or name specific past pieces you coveted or current ones you love, whatever works best. Oh, how I adore Alicia's creations. They are on my faves list on Etsy Would you like something hand sewn by your Witch? A dress, shirt, skirt, infinity scarf, something else? Absolutely!!! If my witch would like to make me something, we can discuss via email further! I love homemade things!! Anyone want any kind of costuming accessories or makeup or odds and ends? It's an odd request....but I used to use an eyelash tint - not a mascara. Clinique makes one that I haven't tried. I found Tarte's Tarteist lash paint and love it! I also like It Cosmetics tightlining black primer; it's the bomb for all those little lashes!! I don't really need any other makeup, the stash from my active days is still pretty full and I don't really wear a lot of makeup. Oh! Chanel discontinued their original Glossimers. The new formula is called Rouge Coco Gloss - Moisturizing Glossimer. It's not the same. I like the original. Any color. If you can get your hands on any without spending a fortune, that would totally rock! Testers are fine as well!!! ANY COLOR. I wear these night and day, truly. I'd also love a fun empty cushion foundation case. Mine is a blah white. I know there were really cool Disney ones, and Wonder Woman ones, that I missed. Oh! I'm taking an adult Ballet Barre class through May.....I'm wearing leggings and baggy tees. Some cool ballet tees would be awesome, I like a junior relaxed 2X or women's XL. A tulle skirt would be fun too, though I'm thick around the middle so I would need it to be pretty large in girth. 9/10/17 Are there any hobbies or crafts you've been thinking of trying, but haven't had the chance yet? Nope. Sticking to my knitting, reading, baking and cooking Would you want to receive a custom spell kit or magical tea? If so, what purpose would you want it to be for? I'm not sure? You are absolutely welcome to stalk me and see if you find something you could work with Do you like poetry? Yes. My absolute favorite is Merrit Malloy, and I don't have any of her works, and would love them. Anyone like handmade critters, stuffed animals, or custom repaints? Yes to all, though I don't have any repaints. I'd be worried they might get banged up around here. I do have some Funko's on my Amazon list though! Would you enjoy any designer/specialty yarn for your own craftyness? Yes. You can check with Miss Twilight, Dixiehellcat, and Skyelric as they can point you to yarn I adore, both costly and affordable ranges Would anyone like a donation made in their name to a cause or charity? Answered in my ?aire Please provide wishes from the last two updates? Please note, even an 1/2 imp or imp would be much loved!! --from the Lilith's; The Goddess of Mischief and especially Valuable, Powerful, Deserving --from the Dog Days - Granite and Papow --Lunacy - Long Night Moon 9/9/17 Would you be interested in things from Future Primitive? (http://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/) --oooohhh....here we go. --Wax Melts --> Cordwainer, Warm Gingerbread, Bell Book and Candle, Dark Carnival, Sylph --Whipped soap in Sparklebox, Om Are there any UK things you'd like to get? I like Liberty Fabrics, especially the Tana Lawn; Thorton's Alpine Bars are one of my very favorite candy bars. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head? Are you into podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? Would you like any merch related to any of them? No, sorry Would you like something from Nui Cobalt Designs (https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/)? --her Blackthorn HooDoo blend tea in Sun Bright sounds yum --Health Enchanted candle, any size, and number of them would be awesome Or maybe some of Christina's lovely Halloween candles at Sihaya & Co. (https://www.sihayaan...lection-candles)? --Sisterhood of the Moon!! ILNP? Who would love one of their awesome holos like MEGA or one of their amazing chromes? http://www.ilnp.com/ --I have a ton of polishes, but boy did I fall head over heals for Ava! I really like Pink Mimosa too!! 9/8/17 Do you enjoy stationery? I'm thinking cute/quality notebooks, washi tape, stickers, fun pens etc. Yes, and my Etsy should have some great examples of what I like!! Are you interested in anything from Cocoa Pink? --I adore Glissade in Black Marshmallow, it's a holy grail for me. - Or Haus of Gloi? --Not right now.... Would you be interested in a Halloween wreath? --yes please! Have you seen this: https://www.bustle.c...llection-80733? (Lush Halloween collection.) And what would you like? --I'm going to pass on Lush, I've been much more into the etailers right now 9/7/17 Are you interested in anything from the Moonalisa Halloween update? --No, I still have a ton of her stuff that I like and use..... What are your coffee and/or tea preferences? - Coffee: whole beans or ground? Whole beans, or keurig cups - Flavor and roast preferences? medium roast, no flavor, or medium roast, chocolate or chocolate/cinnamon or chocolate peppermint flavors - Tea: black, green, herbal, flavors? Pretty much open to all, really love chais and blood orange blends right now - Loose leaf or tea bags? Either is fine, I'm covered - Anything specific you don't like? I can't stand anise, licorace or bergamot oil in any amount - Are you in need of any gadgetry? I can always use a nice tea cozy! 9/6/17 How would you feel about receiving a hand-painted container for your bpal and/or other treasures? - would you want a big wood box (~50 bottles), a small wood box (~20 bottles) or a tin for carrying imps around? I have very few bottles and imps, and they are pretty happy where they are. A small wood box for my bedside table for my nail oil, a place for my rings and lip gloss would be awesome though! Who is into K-Beauty (Korean beauty products like sheet masks) I'm just getting into this, and have a ton right now, so I'm probably pretty good??? - What are your faves if you are? - If you aren't would you like to try something? What are some NEW things you've gotten interested in this year? Could be anything, from a new hobby, new genre of book, new healthy way of living, new fav brand of whatever... 9/5/17 What are your feelings about Scooby Doo? I love Scooby Doo and the gang! How do you feel about indie makeup (read: loose eyeshadow, blush, highlighter)? I'm pretty well covered here I drink this stuff almost everyday would anyone else be interested in trying it out? https://www.criobru.com/ --I would love to try this!!! 9/4/17 Would you like one of the Halloween Teeturtle shirts? https://www.teeturtl...alloween?page=1 Yes please, I wear a women's relaxed 2X
  14. deazinn

    SW Fall 2016 Part 2

    Is there anything you would like to get from Japan? Um......everything?? Seriously, I would love some textiles like silks and embroidered stuff, I covet a new fan (like the ladies in the old days used, fabric over sticks) mightily, I'd die over a Starbucks Japan mug, I love Pocky, seaweed snacks......much more but that's what I think of off the top of my head..... My favorite shortbreads are very rich and crumbly ones, not hard and dried. I like plain, vanilla, and lemon Sock? I adore socks!! I can tell you I am moving away from shortie socks to crew length and knee highs. I just started working with/riding horses again, so a pair or two that are very heavily padded through the foot would be awesome, and can be worn on my motorcycle rides as well!! I have a Fitbit Alta, sized small, and I just had to order a new strap because my original one broke. I'd love additional straps; I covet mightily the blush leather one that is Fitbit branded, but it's spendy. Etsy has some fun ones, and I'm sure Amazon/Ebay have some too!!! Sorry about that darlin'.....when my old laptop died, I lost all of my old files. Trust me, it was a sad moment here when I realized that....... On Pinterest, I am the deazinn with the rainbow Zebra, the Zebra being the mascot of my rare orphan disease called Ehler Danlos Syndrome/hypermobility type. On Live Journal, I am dea:underscore;zinn because it hates me. On Instagram, I am zinndeanna because apparently I already made an account under deazinn, and lost it? And can't find the stinkin' password.... I am currently mostly on Facebook and Ravelry, though I will make a very concerted effort to keep up and answer questions here. Please feel free to poke me, or ask TwilightEyes, Coldie, or damn it the person who sent me the learn to knit kit and the dark snickers and the Dexter knitted lip balm cozy who's name I can't remember!!!!~ VoodooCatWoman it's so good to see you!!!! Okay, a couple of answers now: How do you feel about knitted stuff? Love, thanks!! Fancy? Plain? Either is fine with me What types of things do you like to wear? knitted shawls, small lap blankets, long long long scarves, especially woven scarves....really, anything! I do have two pair of knitted fingerless gloves that I wear a lot in the cold season. I'm into beer. How 'bout you? Nope, but I am really intrigued by Mead and would love some samples of different types, the sweeter the better. Same goes for wine, my favorites are ice wines, which I adore. Also wines that are partially fruit nectars. Styles? And booze? How do you feel about caramel? Love soft fluid caramels, chewy ones are really hard on my jaw. Same as gum. No go for my dislocating jaw, thanks!! Salt or no? either With chocolate or without? Is this a trick question? Chocolate!!!! Would you be interested in home made food items? Yes to all of the below..... - garlic dill pickles - blackberry jam - dried honey crisp apples - applesauce (with or without red hots) - elderberry syrup (with honey and apple cider vinegar - great for immune boosting) - honey from our bees - rose petal liquor (made with our own rose petals and everclear but diluted down a bit so it doesn't knock you over) - baked goods of your choice, what do you like or dislike? I really don't like fruit in my baked goods, except for cranberries. I love nuts of all kinds, and chocolate. Would you be interested in project bags/pouches? I love project bags, and really need a couple of larger ones for my never ending blankets....... And to go along with the previous knitting question... Are you allergic to any fiber or do you know what kind of yarn you prefer? (merino, merino cashmere, merino cashmere silk, 100% silk, 100% cashmere, merino nylon, BFL, BFL silk, etc. Or do you like acrylic?) All of the above. I especially adore angora yarn, but it's spendy and hard to find. I love silk, cashmere, alpaca. I don't like mohair. All kinds of wool are fine. I love knitting with cotton. Acrylic is okay if it's really soft.....there's a couple I like and I will find them and post them here if needed. I also bead my knitting, and can use 6/0 beads, preferably Japanese brands (they are the best) and I really like ones that glimmer, glitter and shine..... 9/14/16: What are you interested in from the recent BPAL and BPTP updates? (Lilith, Lunacy, etc.) I'll get back to this one..... Would you like hibiscus seeds? Yes!!
  15. deazinn

    SW Fall 2016 Part 1

    Witchee, would you like (would you wear?) a long wrap choker? here's a random image of one I found on google: https://cdn.shopify....pg?v=1472662396 The one I would make for you would be done with pretty glass and/or semi precious stone beads. I can do any colors you choose, and I can use mostly tiny seed beads or chunkier beads or a combination of the two. So...what say you??? I vote yes please!!!! I only like Chocolate Pocky.......not any of the other flavors. With or without nuts is fine! I also like low sodium jerkies.....started eating them as snacks with my finicky tummy!! The Hierophant meads sound good....but I'm with Twi. I don't like beer, or hops. My favorite wine in the world is Ice Wine, with a very fruity slightly sweet sangria being the second. Even rieslings can be too dry for me. Having said that, mead really intrigues me, and I'd love to try it. Just so my Witch knows, I'm very intrigued by the Halloween Atmo Spray THE ACTOR ICHUMURA MEETING A CAT GHOST ATMOSPHERE SPRAY. Yep, I can provide Twi's old address no problem, and I'm open to minioning her, and a couple of others! I have addresses for some of my GUSPers. Since we've lost Fabienne, if my witch can get their hands on: Girls Love Vanilla, Madame X or Gingerbread Whorehouse, I would be over the top excited!! I've never stored her perfumes, so I have no idea how they age. Anyone here know?? I got back from the doc's a little bit ago.....I apparently bruised my xiphoid process at the end of my sternum.....and, I have a sinus infection! Bleah!! Thank you so much my beloved Witchee for the ecard and the sentiment! I actually have brownies and fudge both coming now, from my knitter friends in Ravelry and also GUSP'ers on Facebook. I think I'm good. I also wanted to mention that I'm in a Tea Swap with my knitter group Ravelry, so please don't be sending me tea! I also still have some of my beloved apple Chai from last year. Oh! But, if it's out before the round ends, I do absolutely love the Stash Christmas Eve tea, and a box or two of that would be warmly appreciated. The mint in it helps my tummy, which is an added bonus, so I'm drinking a lot of it!!! Brownies, the fudge kind, would not be turned away I like flavor without a lot of heat.......the mild smoked chipotle and the smoked sweet cayenne sound really good. Nothing really over medium in the spice range as hubs is a super taster and can't handle any level of spice. BDSM/Erotica; sure, I'm up for anything? With my illnesses and wonky energy levels because of them and the meds I take, I'm really hit or miss in the bed, and as I'm pretty visual, that would be fun and spicy for me. I very much tend towards the submissive to my much more dominant husband. Weenies and NYCC scents.....I'm still pondering. Just got the holiday Lush catalog - some winners in there!!! I'd really love some thick warm soft socks....not slipper socks though, the jellies on the bottom wig me anymore. I wear a Youth 4 size shoe, so adult size socks tend to be kinda big on me unless they are specifically for the smaller women's sizes. I'm really into leggings right now, and they tell me that Walmart has some gorgeous fleece lined ones for under $8......I wear solid tops so pretty much any print on the bottom would work, and roses, skulls, sugar skulls, fall leaves would all work. I'm a solid 12 in pants right now, and don't want them skin tight. I have those already I adore the Bee Folks, and get their honey on a regular basis. I am on my last jar of Cranberry Honey and would love a jar or two! It's my very top favorite and I go through 6-7 jars a year on average.