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  1. marared

    Mead Moon

    2008 Mead Moon is one of my top tier favorites and I'm running low on my last bottle, so I was looking forward to trying the new one. It is noticeably different, but not in a bad way at all. 2008 is fizzy and bright like soda, and the spices are more prominent - it has a fairly sharp zing to it, and I would have *sworn* it had labdanum, but it doesn't. 2020 is much sweeter, more syrupy, and much heavier on the fruit, but in a good way! It's not overpowering or too jammy. The fruits all blend well, it doesn't announce itself as distinctively berry OR citrus. It smells like a sangria mix without the wine. The spices are still there but they're much further down in the blend. This is delicious, I love it. I bought two, might have to get another couple before they come down...
  2. marared

    Le Lèthè

    In the imp, it's loud red musk. Directly applied, it's loud skin musk with the grapey red musk underneath it. After it dries, it's just powdery red musk, which dominates every other note in the blend, even amber.
  3. marared

    Caramel, Smoked Chilis, & Black Vanilla

    In the bottle: rich foodie vanilla caramel. Freshly applied, it smells like smoked caramel, almost chocolatey but not quite - loud, lots of throw. After a few minutes, it dries down a lot more like the bottle - dark syrupy vanilla. If I put my nose against my skin, inhale deeply, and think about it, I can detect the chili - this note is why I bought it, and I wish it was stronger, because it would give the blend more personality. It might strengthen with some age; we'll see.
  4. marared

    Lime & White Musk

    Startlingly invigorating like getting hit in the face with a musk-soaked lime. Loud, sharp, heavy throw. Smells more like lime zest than lime fruit, but either way it's eye-watering to the point that I can't wait for the drydown, even after a few months in the closet. Maybe in six more months...
  5. marared

    Raspberry & Red Benzoin

    Tart raspberry candy with an undercurrent of sour, slightly powdery GACK, and I'm not sure which note is causing it. I'm leaning towards the raspberry, because I've never had this reaction from benzoin, and the last couple times I've tried a raspberry-heavy blend from the lab, they didn't work out all that well. I'm gonna stick it in the closet for a couple of years and check every few months to see if the gack mellows out with age, because I really love a good smooth resiny raspberry.
  6. marared

    Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, & Vanilla Absolute

    So what I was hoping for here was a cousin to Bath and Body Works' Jasmine Vanilla - I still have some of the old formula, which is so much richer than it's been the last several years, the epitome of dark and sexy vanilla floral. This is much brighter. It was a little much on first application - nose-wrinklingly potent ylang ylang with high-pitched candyish vanilla behind it. But within ten minutes or so, the ylang ylang calms down, and the sandalwood comes out to mesh smoothly with the vanilla, and it becomes much more gentle and feminine. Not much throw at all, sits close to the skin, lasts for a good few hours but I have to put my nose to my wrist to really smell it. Probably going to order a backup bottle... A sister scent would be A Spirit, Katie.
  7. marared

    Jovial Embrace

    ExtrEEEEEmely potent. My hands smelled of this just opening the box and the bubble wrap. It's like red musk potent. Loud, libidinous, bacchanalian fruit just barely held back by the oakmoss.
  8. marared

    To My Dear and Loving Husband

    Oh, this is gorgeous. Everything is so well blended that nothing really dominates. Can't really detect the vanilla, the patchouli is so aged and smooth that it's way down in the blend just chillin'. If anything is more noticeable than another, I'd say it's the champaca. Frankincense creates that powdery resinous undertone. Gloriously hippie without being obnoxious. ETA that the champaca is definitely the dominant note here. That sweet grapey incense note is more noticeable on my fleece than on my skin though.
  9. marared

    Enchanting Diversion with a Wakashu

    In the bottle and the first minute or two on the skin is a lovely fruity musk, but within five minutes the hinoki wood starts to dominate. Virtually no vanilla to speak of. I wish the fruit stayed longer, but this is still lovely and delicate, like high quality Japanese fruity-wood incense.
  10. marared

    Dalliance with an Amorous Bat Demon

    Sexed up patchouli that's not quite so dark and planty - the honey is an undertone, not immediately identifiable as such, and the sandalwood dries things up a bit, but it's the labdanum and benzoin that shine here, giving it a lighter, playful, HOW YA DOIN? aspect.
  11. marared

    The Forest Reverie

    This started out woody smoky grape - for about two minutes - and then it turned into strong syrupy grape, rose, and opium. Wine. Yes. This is sweet musky homemade WINE.
  12. marared

    Dreams Shape the World

    Botanical, herby lavender suspended in a delicate sweet musk. The amber is there, but it's a bottom note that is undetectable in the bottle and only shows up on my skin if I inhale deeply. This might be a good nighttime blend - TKO frequently gives me vivid and weird dreams, and I think this will do the same.
  13. marared

    Hanksite Phoenix

    Hot herbal ginger. Definitely the peel rather than the fruit, giving it an earthier aspect, and I think that's what gives it the "mineral" feel. Khus is apparently vetiver (which I love), and I don't smell it at all, or the mandarin, but the cistus is loud and proud. Ginger herbaceous floral. It's pretty strong on the skin, but the throw is mild. Strangely enough, it really does have a Christmassy feel to it, which might be the mandarin and the balsam working together?
  14. marared

    My Country

    Initially: salty musk. Neither the rose nor the amber are distinctive; they meld together to create an impression of beach sand. This is a semi-tropical beach on a cool fall day with the wind driving waves against the rocks. Not much throw. With time, the rose gets a little stronger - but my chemistry also notoriously amps rose. It doesn't *dominate* the blend, but it does slowly become more floral than beach, and I can see this having a "craft store powder" effect on some people.
  15. marared

    In Omnibus Caritas

    Orris is, ordinarily, a death note, but this does not go soapy at all on me. It's kind of a vanilla marshmallow with a golden overtone to it - it's kind of a love child of O and Sed Non Satiata - but it's not excessively sweet and it's REALLY good. 5ML PLS.