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  1. marared

    Strawberry Moon 2022

    Strawberry has never been one of my favorite BPALs - every one I've ever tried has not worked real well, but they've also been super sweet, either in a desserty or a plasticky way. This is a lot more of a *fresh* sweet. The strawberries are loud on immediate applications, but it turns green very quickly, with the vanilla sugar faint in the background. If this came in a shower gel I would buy multiple bottles. I might wear this more often than I initially thought when I first got it, too.
  2. marared

    Margaret Magdalena Muffinhead

    It's fudgy in the bottle, but the coffee appears immediately on my skin. It takes a little while for the amber to peep out, and the cardamom mostly just holds the scent together rather than being a noticeable ingredient, but this is mostly cocoa-tinged coffee on me - and I am totally okay with this. It's a somewhat dry scent, and it lasts several hours, but it doesn't have a lot of throw. I particularly like dabbing it in my hair and getting a nice whiff when I take it down after work.
  3. marared


    Frottled in an order. Bright, fresh, agree that that's probably rose geranium, might be bergamot too. Not sure what the underlying sweet note is but probably floral. I might dab this on my wool dryer balls, but I don't think I'll wear it for myself.
  4. marared

    Pleasure Abundant

    Starts out as loud powdery orange blossom, but morphs pretty drastically over the course of 10-15 minutes through the amber and into a very frankincense-forward with the orange blossom entwined underneath. Surprisingly, it doesn't end up as powdery as I expected. It's also not nearly as loud as it was at first. Basically, don't let the opening salvo scare you off - let it sit on your skin for a while and see if it's more to your liking.
  5. marared

    Green Cardamom, Oakmoss, and Patchouli

    This immediately reminds me of Stung By The Cock Tree In Hell, so I assume it must be the same patchouli. It is loud, fuzzy, and unrepentantly masculine - a very Billy Butcher blend! Oakmoss really takes the spotlight here, and the cardamom keeps it dry. I kind of wish it had a more sparkle - a ginger, citrus, or labdanum might be good layering options. I dabbed a little Hanksite Phoenix on it to see how that worked, and now I have Billy Butcher who bothered to put on some deodorant this morning. I don't think I could wear this on its own, but there is definite layering potential.
  6. marared

    Le Pater

    Yesterday when I took it out of the box, it was patchouli. Today, it's sandalwood, oakmoss, and just a ping of vetiver. No vanilla or leather, or at least it's not noticeable. It is a much, much drier scent than I expected - I thought it would be fruitier, and I do kinda wish there was just a little more plum/berry to it, but that's why we layer! (I've got a bottle of Elderberry Flower & Sandhill Plum, that might go well with this...)
  7. marared

    Marshmallow and Black Plum

    I'm normally not a fan of sweeter scents, but I wanted to give this a shot. I agree with an earlier comment that this would be great for canoodling - the marshmallow is lovely and soft, and the plum gives it a nice dark feel - it's more almost more purple-musk than purple-fruit to me. It avoids being ghastly sweet AND the plum does not turn the whole thing into craft store ambience, which is a win.
  8. marared

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Hazelnut Cream

    This is super rich and chocolatey in the bottle and freshly applied, with the whiskey a zingy undercurrent, but the long-term drydown is much different. It's still rich but much less sweet. It reminds me a little of TokyoMilk's Bittersweet, which has totally different secondary notes, but also turns into a dry, non-gourmand cocoa scent. It has a bit of throw at first, sticks close to the skin once it dries, and lasts several hours.
  9. The skin musk and amber dominate here. The patchouli is very light and the vanilla ... is not nonexistent, but it takes a while to show up and it it takes quite a back seat to the musk and amber. If you want something cozy that doesn't depend on fur or wool, or radiant golden warmth without anything floral, this is a good one to try. I imagine this will warm up and become quite sensual with some body heat.
  10. marared

    Shadow Games

    First thing I smell in the bottle is black pepper in oudh. Pepper usually burns off with a little time, but this has held on for 15+ minutes although it is less sharp. The oudh is very gentle but is clearly the "shadow" part of this. I would probably have mistaken this for patchouli rather than oudh. It takes a minute for the honey to peek out but it's barely noticeable, and I can't even smell the vanilla in this. Very soft, gentle, low throw.
  11. marared

    Bronze Dildo

    Oh I like this. I am not usually fond of anything "metallic" because it can be high-pitched and screechy to my nose, but this is a well-loved, well-cared-for dildo that smells more foresty-woody than bronze-y. Musk and oakmoss are at the forefront, with the cardamom giving it just a little zing, and the amber/patchouli/tonka keep it smooth. This reminds me of some of my Serge Lutens perfumes - it smells really expensive. Depending on how this ages over the next few weeks, I might have to get another bottle in my next order...
  12. marared

    Stung By the Cock Tree in Hell

    This one is really interesting and I'm not sure what to make out of it at first. This is very dark and foresty. There's something very slightly camphoric - not much but on a deep inhale it tickles the top of my nose. The hinoki and mahogany are dominant but it's not a clean wood smell, it's very ... fuzzy, textured, like you rolled an old log out of its resting place, that's the combined effort of the rest of the notes. I think it's probably the oud giving it the darkness - and it is NOT stanky! - and the moss/patch/tobacco/mushroom carrying it the rest of the way. This is what an Ent would smell like. The hinoki is what makes this so interesting, I think. I've loved other blends in the past with this note, and it really conveys the "ancient" sense behind this.
  13. marared

    Stargazing at Sea

    Aquatic laundry detergent that's pretty at first but turns powdery. Definitely going in the NOPE drawer.
  14. marared

    Black Honey, Spicy Black Rose, and Amber Oud

    Oudh always makes me a little nervous - sometimes it's stanky, sometimes it lends incredible depth. It's the latter in this case. And when you put this on, do yourself a favor and do a good deep inhale - get it all up in your sniffer. It's not going to be the same scent going in your nose as when it hits further back in your olfactory receptors. The rose is rich but it is not loud. It's slightly powdery at first sniff, but the petals are sweet at the very end of that deep inhale. There is not much honey here - it's just a deep dark rose with an undercurrent of non-barnyardy oudh.
  15. marared

    White Honey, Lemon Peel, and Salt

    Testing the lemon scents tonight, and this is starkly different from Gold Ribbon. This is bright, sharp, and salty. Not too strong on the lemon - it does not turn into Pledge on me, but it does get more and more sour with time (and by sour I mean flavor-sour, not get-this-oil-off-me sour). The honey is barely there, just a drizzle to keep things together. It is so very salty, though. I need a drink just sniffing this. ...it's a lemon margarita with a salt rim! I'm not sure how much I'm actually going to wear this, but it is a super interesting scent.