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  1. marared

    Gebirgsschlucht Im Winter

    Super fruity blackberry musk. I like it, but I would like it more if there was more wood or resin pinning down the fruit. Might have to layer this with something patchouli or sandalwood heavy and see what happens.
  2. marared

    Winter Night. Figure on the Bridge

    Dark, musky lilac. This is a really good lilac, too - I grew up in western NY, where lilacs are A Thing, and most lilac perfumes don't smell right to me. The snow note runs almost parallel to the lilac and I don't notice it unless I inhale and think about it - it's much more prominent in the imp but gets absorbed into the floral on my skin. It's really pretty, and it does not go powdery. I only got a decant, but it's on my shortlist for a bottle.
  3. marared

    Queen of the Honeyed Heart

    This scent reads as something very classical BPAL. The fruity red musk for sure, but something in the floral notes is also something that my nose specifically identifies as BPAL. It tries very, very hard to go powdery. I almost thought this had rose in it. It's extremely pink and extremely feminine, but it is not at all what I would call girly - nor is it sultry. It's bright and confident. After about 10-15 minutes, it's still floral, but the benzoin and what I think is the blue yarrow and/or motherwort start to peek out. The honey is just a stream through the scent, I can smell it there but it doesn't try to dominate everything. It does get pretty loud with body heat!
  4. marared

    Pomegranate Sufganiyot

    This was my first sufganiyot - I thought real hard about the raspberry one, but the lab's raspberry note does not generally work well on me, whereas the pomegranate does. This is absolutely delicious, desserty, tart and juicy red fruit. I smell more of the pastry in the bottle than I do on my skin, but it is definitely sugared fruit for baking rather than fresh cut. Low throw - sticks close to the skin and fades pretty quickly, although a hint of it remains on the sleeves of my hoodie.
  5. marared

    Yule Cat

    2020: Evergreen, woods, and fur! Hardly any musk, but the vetiver is smoky/scorched rather than vegetal. I love vetiver and vetiver loves me, and it goes well with the woods. No civet stank that I can detect, even on a deep inhale. The evergreen aspect fades after about ten minutes and the scent is bone-dry, woody vetiver-rubbed fur. I had to go dab Two Sheep and Two Goats to compare, and I would call them sister scents - TSTG is more cozy and just slightly sweeter, but if you like that one, give YC a try.
  6. marared

    Gingerbread Invisible Man

    I got this because the notes are reminiscent of one of my favorite alcoholic drinks (Canton ginger, courvoisier, cointreau, candied ginger rim, lemon). It doesn't quite smell like the drink (in fact, the drink doesn't smell like much at all, but the ginger and then the alcohol sucker punches you after about three sips), but it's interesting! In the bottle, I smell the gingerbread, and fizzy champagne that is very high-pitched and the scent hits way up in the top of my nose. On my skin, there's no gingerbread - it's fizzy, doughy, lemon and sugar. Lemon cookies, but fresh from the champagne rather than gourmand or spiced from the ginger.
  7. marared

    Pumpkin Gazpacho

    This is pretty much straight up bell pepper with a bit cucumber on me, but it's muted in a way that makes me assume it must be the impact of the cream. Salty cream. I smell no pumpkin or tomato, maybe a hint of the sage. And this is actually pretty good! I almost kinda want this in a hand lotion, or a shower gel.
  8. marared

    A Cozy Sweater and an Apple Cider

    I'm with the laundry reviews - this smells like really nice dryer sheets. Clean apple, not powdery, not juicy or even fruity, just fresh airy apple. Not something I want to wear, but I am very seriously thinking about dabbing this on one of my wool dryer balls.
  9. marared

    Pumpkin Smut

    In the bottle and immediately on application, it smells a lot like Jack, but it very quickly goes buttery. Gourmand. Pastry. A few minutes later I start smelling the spices. I do not smell the Smut, and Smut is usually loud red musk on me. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and "buttered pastry with spices" is where it remains.
  10. marared

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    You know how sugar cookies often have a little lemon in them? This smells like lavender sugar cookies in the imp. On my skin, it gets brighter and the bergamot and tea both get stronger, but it still retains that slightly sweet cookie aspect to it.
  11. marared

    Gloom Meeting

    I am in that small group of people that really enjoys vetiver, and I have always gotten along well with oakmoss and sandalwood of every variety, so I had high hopes for this scent and I was not at all disappointed. This is not scorched, smoky vetiver - it's quite mild and smooth - but if you are not a fan, this probably won't change your mind. The sandalwood is the most prominent note, and it's very dry. I don't know if "sweet" is really the descriptive I want for the oakmoss, but it counters the dryness of the sandalwood with something that's almost powdery. If I spray it on my skin, it starts to develop a craft store soap whiff to it, but in my hair it stays dry and woody. And unlike the other hair glosses I've tried so far, the scent really lasts - I've had it in for several hours and I can still smell it clearly. ETA six weeks later: This is a lot less "sweet" now, and the vetiver is a lot more noticeable on first spray. The rest still stands, though - it's not scorched or vegetal, and the sandalwood is still the most prominent once the scent settles.
  12. marared

    Liquid Gold is in the Air

    This is absolutely beautiful in the bottle and on application: bright, fresh, juicy apple and honey that is not syrupy. I reeeeeally have to inhale to pick up any amber or vanilla husk. No cedar, no oud, not even saffron which is normally a pretty assertive note. Very low throw. After a few minutes, the scent darkens up a bit. The vanilla starts showing up, and I think that must be the oud, because it's still not amber or cedar - but there's also no trace of indoles. Hooray! And then after about twenty minutes? It's gone. My skin ate it all, only the barest hint remains. It's a really gorgeous scent, with very little staying power.
  13. marared

    Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, and Pistachio Cream

    Mine is also 24 hours out of the mailbox. I don't like uber-sugary scents (at least not to wear), and this was exactly what I hoped for: the sweetness tamped down by the dryness of the leaves (although there is nothing definitively *leafy* here) and the warm nuttiness of the pistachio. And I can actually smell that it's PISTACHIO, too! I am pretty sure that this is going right into my fall/winter rotation. It's moderately strong when my nose is close to my wrist, but it doesn't have a lot of throw.
  14. marared

    Skin Musk, Cream & Honey Dust

    I put this on by accident about ten minutes ago because I grabbed the wrong bottle with the Menage artwork (look, there's not a lot of light in my apartment first thing in the morning and the corner was dark!), and figured what the heck, I'll review it as long as it's on. And then when I sat down to do the review... the scent was almost completely gone. I reapplied a little more heavily, went to make breakfast, and when I sat back down, it's still extremely low throw and fading fast. It's warm, creamy, not milky, I think the honey dust helps give it that "toasty" impression. Very mild scent, very pretty, but not something you want to wear if you want everyone passing within a couple of feet of you to notice, and on me it's just about gone after ten minutes.
  15. marared

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    Nope. Nope nope nope. The concept was almost exactly on the nose for me: it smells like I ate too much funnel cake at a cheap parking lot carnival and then I got on a pirate ship ride or something else that sends everything sloshing and I can taste it threatening to come back up. I had to scrub it off. I'm going to forget about it for 3-4 years to see if Snake Oil does its thing.