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  1. she's a carnival

    In Night When Colors All to Black Are Cast

    I loved this scent at first and still do however, I recently let it go because it got to be too much musk for me after a year of aging as musk usually does not get along with me. But otherwise this scent is amazing, I agree with the above poster that is has an oily almost jammy quality mixed in with the resins. The labdanum isn't overpowering or cola-like and the honey note isn't overly sweet but reads more plummy. A gorgeous deep purple slightly sweet scent and I wish my skin didn't amp the musk so much!
  2. she's a carnival

    Osculum Inflame

    This is a really nice amber/labdanum/incense blend right now but the labdanum is a bit too much for me as well. I have a feeling this will be beautiful once aged!
  3. she's a carnival

    The Queen of May

    This one surprised me by how much I liked it! I agree with Threemoons that there is a definite humming of bright alive flowers. The mix of flowers is quite lovely but there is definitely some danger in the background. I was tempted to keep this scent but I just don't reach for florals often enough. A really awesome scent!
  4. she's a carnival


    Hellfire reminded me immediately of The Black Rider but muskier, sweeter and with less leather. The few times I've tried it the wear length isn't very long. I'm not sure how old my imp is but will try aging it. I quite like it just wish it lasted longer! I'd recommend The Black Rider if you like Hellfire and it has a stronger throw as well.
  5. she's a carnival

    Fur notes: snuggly, nuzzly, floofy

    I'd add It Was Just A Cat to the list of cozy fur scents! Other scents that are cozy to me are You Are Not Alone and Ghost Milk. I haven't tried Wulric yet but it does sound super cozy!
  6. she's a carnival

    You Are Not Alone

    At first sniff I thought it was going to be too masculine smelling as well but re-testing now that it has aged a few months I think that part of it is mellowing out a bit. Either way when it dries down it somehow turns into pure comfort! A must have, definitely a unique lavender blend!