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  1. she's a carnival

    Clove discussion! including bitter clove and clove cigarettes

    I am loving all of these recs as a clove fiend myself! 😍 The only ones I don't have are Kobold and the two Ménage à Trois. Black Pepper, Amber and Clove sadly didn't work for me, I think the amber and pepper aren't working on my skin. Also Cinder Paw is on the way and I'm excited to try it! I would add Constellation as the perfect exotic fancy clove. I thought Thorns' Clove Cigarette was my favorite clove scent but this is right up there with it, I just adore it! 🖤 Bridge Trolls as a smoky pine clovey Dorian is another one I love! Witchecraft: Consulting a Book of Spells, Performing Various Rites is a nice candlewax clove
  2. she's a carnival


    I thought I would love this since I love gingerbread scents but unfortunately something isn't getting along with my skin either. I can smell the delicious ginger and cinnamon but there is a greasy buttered bread smell which I am not personally digging. I'm not a big foodie/gourmand lover so if you are you will probably love it!
  3. she's a carnival

    Every Day is Halloween

    Finally reveiwing my bottle from last year (2021)! I think this scent does a good job of what its name claims: being a Halloween scent suitable for every day of the year. It is not too heavy on the pumpkin or or too heavily spiced like most halloween scents tend to be. The beautiful warm Sandalwood predominates and brings it out of foodie teritory making it a very wearable and cozy unisex scent. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it since I don't normally like pumpkin or skin musk scents but especially after some aging this is probably my current favorite Halloweenie scent going into spooky season this year! 🦇 I love it! I'm also really happy to see this scent return this year!
  4. she's a carnival


    When I first put this on it reminded me of V'al Hanissim however, Horses dries down to a gorgeous amber finish which is different from V'al. I recognized the amber as the same lovely one from The Grey Columns. I absolutely love this scent, the dry down is magical! V'al had too much beeswax for me personally and The Grey Columns was too light a scent so this is a great option!
  5. she's a carnival

    Radiation Fog

    I don't do aquatics but the name intrigued me lol and I'm a sucker for Fallout. It's actually a really nice for an aquatic and I'm glad I got to try this one out!
  6. she's a carnival

    Leaden Fog

    I get the smoke, orris and sandalwood and I do really like the smokiness. I agree it is reading a bit dry and clean to me also and for that reason this scent didn't work for me.
  7. she's a carnival

    Cacao and Oud

    I agree this is a gorgeous duet! The oud adds depth to the cacao and keeps it from being too foody. I feel like this will age really well! This would be a good everyday scent! Love it!
  8. she's a carnival

    To A Dead Friend

    I too really liked the beginning wet phase with plum, rose and musk. It does seem to go through somewhat of a soapy phase but I do find the drydown of swirling florals to be quite intriging and I keep smelling my wrist.
  9. she's a carnival

    Pinched With Four Pumpkins

    Wet it goes on all chewy goodness but unfortunately, it dries down to a sweet tobacco coffee and the coffee note always goes weird on my skin. Still the best coffee scent I've tried from BPAL, it almost worked for me! Very good throw too!
  10. she's a carnival

    Death Is Death

    I get the smokey sweet opening as well and I quite love it! It dries down to sandalwood with a bit of myrrh. I kind of wish it kept it's sweet and smokey phase but regardless this is a really nice go-to scent. Not a large throw but good for days when you just want a skin scent.
  11. she's a carnival

    Moroccan Pumpkin

    This is definitely a warm, buttery, sweet pumpkin and it smells very similar to Adventuresome Encounters to me. I thought I was going to love Moroccan Pumpkin because Morocco is one of my top favorites however, I didn't enjoy the pumpkin note as much and I'd just rather wear Morocco personally. However, if you enjoy pumpkin and Morocco definitely give this one a go, it's a beautiful blend! I love the reference that marared said this is what melange from Dune would smell like!
  12. she's a carnival

    Still Life With Dooting Skull

    Wet I get a blast of sweet root beer in the best way possible! It mellows out to a more rounded out spiced honey which I quite like. However, as much as I love root beer and the smell of it I don't think I'd personally be reaching for it as a perfume very often.
  13. she's a carnival

    Razor Blade Candy Apple

    The apple goes on very fresh and I kinda loved it at first. It dried down to a very sweet baked apple scent tinged with something metallic and I agree it ends up smelling like a "fake apple". I'm glad I got to try it and I of course love the concept as I remember these candy tampering warnings as a kid during Halloween haha!
  14. she's a carnival

    Skies Grow Red With Rending Flame

    I love the blackened clove note in this. Unfortunately red musk doesn't work on my skin but I just wanted for this to work!
  15. she's a carnival

    Traditional Sheet Ghost

    I agree this is a nice clean laundered cotton scent. I don't get much frankincense or marshmallow either but they are there rounding out the edges. Nice but not for me personally.