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    My top ten: Dorian, Pere Noel, Dragon's Milk, Snake Skin, Lady Death: Savage, Lick It With Consent, Mr. Ibis, Absinthe Bonbon, Villain, Wanda. My death note is any obvious patchouli. I run screaming from patchouli.

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    Slash fan fiction and the TV shows that inspire them. Books, occasionally. Currently everything is about Hannibal.


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  1. foxwrapped

    Switch Witch 2018

    10/23/2018 what music do you find hard to find but would love a CD of? I am seriously in need of a physical copy Hannibal Season 1 Volume 2 Soundtrack! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LVZK5N0/?coliid=I1SB6J7DI3Y63Z&colid=3E6QYYZVC8N0P&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_itI have all the rest of the soundtrack and this is the only one I am missing. By the way......are any of you Switch Witches interested in items from this store? https://www.tafilu.com/stores/witches Ha! I like the "Ride with Pride" and the unicorn "I hate people" one 10/20/2018 Quick question! if you were my Witchee, would you like a crocheted doll related to one of your interests? Something like this little guy here. YEEES. I am a a total nerd and would love one of like, Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham. Dear Witchee, assuming you are at least a little witchy, and you're into crystals/rocks - that's kinda my forte. Would you want me to put a collection of rocks/gems together for you? And if so, is there anything you'd want me to focus on? (health, peace, protection, creativity, love, etc...) OH YEAH. I love interesting rocks, fossils, crystals. Something for anxiety? 10/17/2018 RenFair Oh yes! I love to dress up for these as well. I usually get perfume oils and viking-ish accessories. I have a collection of witchy silver pendants, love those. Board games: Oh yes please! 2 players much preferred (I play mostly with my husband). I like deck-building games. Oh! My husband is really into the game of thrones living card game (second edition) and I'm probably eventually gonna get into it. An expansion or chapter pack would be cool? We have the base set, World Championship 2016 and 2017, Guarding the Realm and the Fall of Astapor Spices That'll be cool! I am a beginner cook, so a recipe that comes with it will be AWESOME, ha! Anything from David's Tea(esp the new Halloween) that catches your eye? Witch's Brew, Cookie Dough, White Chocolate Chai... please nothing with chamomile, though! Previous: 1. Would you like a postcard from the fancy schmantsy St Pancras Renaissance hotel that I'm about to stay in several times over the next month? (Witches, I'll happily send one to your witchee if they would like it) I loooove postcards! 2. Does anything catch your eye from Future Primitive, including oos things? (I may have stocked up) The Gloaming and Potages Cauldron Booze, yea or nay? Favorite kinds? Oh YAY! Dark beers and rums. Knitted stuff? Need/want anything specific? Colors? I would love anything, but it never truly gets cold in Southern California so no hats or mittens, please. Maybe a bag? Let's get specific about this knitting thing! Do any of these items/styles appeal? I've numbered these so you can just reference numbers if you like! DRAGONWING COWL YESH Chew toys, anyone? Nope Feelings re: Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland? Love it, hate it, meh it? Meh Are you thinking of participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Any merch or pre-Nano supplies you might want? Ha! I always think about it, but why not? I could use something for the library in any case I just recently discovered MoonMagic -jewelry with a focus on moonstones but also opals and labradorite. They currently have a sale. Anything that stands out to you? (moonmagic.com) Ohh! That stuff is pretty, and moonstones opals and labradorite are my favorite. I like the moon styles and labradorite. Are you interested in anything from Nerdlacquer (nerdlacquer.com) OH HELL YEAH! Ice-nine, That’s Numberwang, Crowley or anything X-files, Game of Thrones or Do you like quirky socks? Any preferred styles (ankle, thigh-high..)? Yes I do! Ankle please Are you witchy or like witchy things like incense, sage, palo santo, crystals, tarot, altar supplies, candles, etc.? Whatcha like/need? I am witchy! No incense though, but I love tarot, candles and crystals. Can you link to your non forum wishlists/goodreads if you haven't already done so? I think all of them are in my signature? If you're a yarn user, what kinds of yarn do you like best? No, unfortunately Spooky stuff! D'ya like... ghosts? Skeletons? Aliens? Bigfoot? Unsolved mysteries? Taxidermy, antlers, body parts, vampires Is there anything from the Lush christmas line that was just released that you're interested in? LOOOVE Lush, ha! I really like (love) their solid scrub stuff. I also like their dusting powders. I like bath bombs but I have SOO MANNY now, and do not like their lotions. Is there any scents from the more current releases you have been wanting to try (Weenies, Motherhood/Fatherhood)? Something creamy? Green and woody How do you feel about buttons, pins, and badges? LOVE EM! I have a ridiculous collection and want more. I've got a few wished for in my etsy If your witch was able to obtain digital media that you could not access (TV, movies, books, etc.), is there anything you have been in search of for quite a while? If yes, what devices do you use to play such (i.e. Windows, Mac, etc.)? Window, and I do have a kindle. Anything with my obsession I would LOVE: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Dan Stevens Do you need decanting supplies? Sample vials? Pipettes? Standard labels? Nope Is there anything you want from Japan? Some kind of food, cute stationary, fandom merch, maybe you collect lucky cats, anything! Gudetama, or if you see anything Hannibal fandom esp. doujinshi I would LOVE that Practical Magic or Hocus Pocus? Ah! I'm gonna do what others have and say The Craft, actually. Or actually... The VVItch!!! Does anything from either of these shops interest you? The Stitchety Witch (https://www.etsy.com...estitchetywitch) cross stitch creations and patterns Black Abbey Studios ( http://www.blackabbeystudios.com)art w/ a gothic tendency Addams Family patterns, and King Puck Is there something (either a specific item, or type of item, like bath/body, perfume, candy etc) you're really looking forward to or hoping to get? Hmmm... not really! I would love anything honestly What's something you want or look at, but always talk yourself out of buying (or for whatever reason never purchase)? Ha! I wish I could talk myself out of buying things... but I suppose anything on my amazon wishlist or etsy favorites would count! On a slightly related note, does anyone have a favorite source for vintage or handmade jewelry? Witchy/fae stuff especially! For me as well as potentially my witchee. ;P Huh, I don't think I do! Honestly my jewelry wearing is very minimal NEW QUESTION! What are your DISO BPAL dreams? Ah, Manila or Araw Ng Mga Patay. I am also collecting the American Gods and the Soundtrack OLLA (Diamond Star and Funnel of Love) scents. My spreadsheet: bottles https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jqEvOVWSCWiQk9EHIsD8NNJhQ5YmQVOcZ7Z7DkZkTpc/edit?usp=sharing Are there any subscription/subscription style boxes you have an interest in? I love sub boxes! I am currently interested in the indie perfume or makeup ones, or the goth or witchy ones. Sihaya and Poisoner's Guild in particular Is there any scents from the more current releases you have been wanting to try (Weenies, Motherhood/Fatherhood)? Not really, actually! I prefer the yules generally For those of us Switch Witches who ARE witches...….if you have a BoS would you like a page for it from your witch? Yes, I would! What house were you sorted into? Slytherin. Or Ravenclaw. Slytherin aesthetically, but really a ravenclaw
  2. foxwrapped

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    YES, my favorites things matched with BPAL! Hahaha, I particularly like Moffat’s Mind - the blind, idiot god who sits on a black throne at the center of Chaos Perfect.
  3. foxwrapped

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Hannibal Part 2 Wendigo Depraved: A salacious, lecherous, leering scent – dirty and dark, slapped with a wet sweetness. Earthy black patchouli swelling with apricot. Feathered Stag Thanatopsis: A deep, solomn earthen scent containing pine, juniper and musk. Alana Bloom I honestly have no idea. Help! Abigail Hobbs Salome: A scent that is both coquettish and sinister. Exotic and lush, brimming with grace and viciousness: almond with star jasmine, oakmoss, red sandalwood and Egyptian musk. Freddie Lounds Saw-scaled Viper: snake Oil with cinnamon, cassia, and red ginger.
  4. foxwrapped

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Anyone watch Hannibal? I need me some Hannibal scents! Hannibal Lecter (ugh, can't decide). Is there a gourmand scent with blood and chianti notes, ha: Bluebeard: A scent swirling with dark rage, unbridled jealousy, and murderous intent. Violet, lavender, white musk and vetiver. Unfortunately discontinued. Al-Shairan: The enemy of God, also named Iblis, He Who Despaired of the Mercy of God. Al-Shairan is the leader of the Jinn, a tempter who whispers false suggestions to men enticing them into evil and perfidious acts, and is the sworn enemy of all of Adam’s children. His scent is fiery, bright and thick with sweet sinfulness: clove, peach and orange with cinnamon, patchouli and dark incense notes. Season 2 Hannibal. Villian: A classic Victorian men’s cologne: a lavender fougere, with hints of lilac, lime, and citrus musk. Whitechapel: A gentlemen’s blend, possessed of dignity, charm and refinement, but in truth masking a corrupted, hideous, soulless core. White musk, lime, lilac and citron. Season 1 Hannibal. Will Graham (ideally I want to smell what Hannibal smelled when he... smelled Will. Sweet and feverish, which one is that). Anyway: Beginning of Season 2: Inferno: The Dark Side of Fire: cinnamon, bitter almond, and neroli. Heavily spiced, torrid, and possibly conflagrant. Middle of season 2. Intrigue: A sultry, exotic scent that inspires devious plotting and clandestine affairs. It is a scent painted in artifice, veiled in deceit, and slithering with whispered secrets. Black palm, with cocoa, fig and shadowy wooded notes. Finale of season 2: Thorns: The Prince was beside himself with grief, and in his despair he jumped right down from the tower, and, though he escaped with his life, the thorns among which he fell pierced his eyes out. Then he wandered, blind and miserable, through the wood, eating nothing but roots and berries, and weeping and lamenting the loss of his lovely bride. Thorn-spiked vines, blood, and tears.