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  1. picturesofmeghan

    Hana No Miyakoji

    okay i promise i’ll update after it rests. but there is nothing here, so i wanted to add - this could be great. the plum silk reminds me of the gauzy plum of joyful romp- maybe bc of the tuberose as well- i get the tuberose ‘in there’ right afterwards, and the lotus is sweet and around the edges. it’s perfumy, fruity, a little creamy. i can tell it needs to rest, but it’s really soft and nice as it settles on my skin. if you liked joyful romp- it’s promising ! i may full size this one
  2. picturesofmeghan

    Couple in a Bathhouse With a Go Board

    all black tea on me ? i blind bottled this when shungas came out - wondering if i will get more chrysanthemum as it ages? edit - tried again (uploaded initial notes on scent) - after over a month this is all tea when it goes on wet, then softens into chrysanthemum, soft, sweet - a honey like smell (a very light honey that isn’t sticky - more of a nectar? - i can’t place it w any honey notes, maybe something like ‘tissue’ or the honey-lotus-beeswax shunga from a yr or two back. maybe that is the candied lotus. nonetheless - i'm happy with this now!!!
  3. picturesofmeghan

    An Onnagata and His Lover

    this reminds me in a good way of gen z feminist cenobite- but a little more sophisticated. def a chypre i didn’t get the beeswax or rice powder; there’s an edp scent i’m looking for from years ago that i was hoping for a similar experience, but this is still quite nice. i blind bottled this one when shungas dropped & am happy with it
  4. picturesofmeghan

    The Brothel’s Lattice Window Atmosphere Spray

    this is fruity, and i love it. it brings to mind the fruity red musk from awake, and HGs like three couples and enveloped in silk. this didn’t read super wine-y on me. it’s also potent - i eat scent; i put a tiny bit on and could smell it the next morning. that does not happen to me. wow! 😍 this was my favorite of everything i tried. ( i said photography was my fave oil )
  5. picturesofmeghan

    Lychee Vulva

    this is basically how it goes on me as well. i couldn’t put my finger on it. i’m hoping age brings out the lychee a bit- i blind bottled this one, so i am a little torn
  6. picturesofmeghan

    Encounter with a Female Ghost

    this smells like fresh lily - green, actual bouquet. the dragons blood gives it a slight spiciness and dimension, with a sweet depth from the plum. i’m surprised i liked this one; i got it for the name and because i like plum and the idea of spider lilies. not sure if i’ll full size, but i may
  7. picturesofmeghan

    A Ghostly Encounter

    i got a nice woody scent on application… and i can barely smell it minutes in. my skin ate this one!
  8. picturesofmeghan

    The Rice Field

    i agree with the reviewers that said this went weird. i think it’s the heliotrope? that and champaca made me think of cola. i blind bottled this bc i thought it would work- i am holding on to it in the hopes that in a year it’ll be a little different !
  9. picturesofmeghan

    Leisurely Swim

    i blind bottled this when shungas came out - aquatic (non soapy) and has a clean, sweet apple note as it trails. one of my favorites
  10. picturesofmeghan

    Early Experiments with Photography

    slightly sharp pinewood, with its edges rounded by the amber and tonka. this is different for me, a fan of fruity scents, but all of the wood is behaving. the amber could make it soapy, but it’s reading more glowy. these decants just arrived, but out of the few i got, this may be my favorite oil of the bunch. i’ll report back when it actually settles
  11. picturesofmeghan


    absolutely beautiful. well blended, and i don’t get any of the notes I was worried about- no powder, no heavy jasmine, and the vanilla behaves. i tested right out of the mail bc i have no patience, but the scent has developed a bit more, and i can safely say i love this. i do get sandalwood - i don’t know if it is ‘rose tinted,’ as in the flower - i believe it is more like the color. it’s a silky, sweet soft scent with some darkness; the almond blossom doesn’t give the deceptive cherry scent, but instead gives the impression of a light fruitiness. i would not call it fruity overall, but mixed with the ethereal white amber produces a ‘glow’ similar to ‘rose quartz bedroom.’ the darkness is there in the softness - it’s hard to explain, but this is such an alluring scent that captures what tomie is without beating you over the head with any one quality. it’s subtle. I ordered this despite being iffy about most of the notes, simply bc i love junji ito and tomie in particular, and it’s such a fitting tribute. tomie is not outwardly a monster by any means - this is a scent that suggests a darker nature but does not define it specifically. it’s somehow more autumnal than spring, and the glow makes it one that i keep returning to sniff my wrist. edit to add - when this is wet, i do smell the dewiness that is referenced in other reviews. also want to note fiance and i both found something nostalgic about this, and neither of us can pinpoint what it is
  12. picturesofmeghan

    Bullfinch and Weeping Cherry (Uso, Shidarezakura)

    i really disliked this when i got it - i got dryer sheets. cherry blossoms, plum, and pink musk are favorites of my mine, and i tend to love incense smoke as well, so i was pretty disappointed. i pulled it back out and the pink musk & plum are getting stronger. still a little dryer sheet-y, but i’m hoping it will continue to develop. glad i held on to it. i’m not sure what it is that is rounding out the scent at the end that gives that soapy feel, but i’m hoping that the aging continues to temper it.
  13. picturesofmeghan

    Contest of Colors, Pink Peach Blossoms and White Plum Flowers

    candy peach tea, then plum and carnation in the drydown. didn’t let it rest and will update more, but this is the winner of my two blind bottles so far
  14. picturesofmeghan

    Methods of Relaxation and Leisure

    not sure how i feel about this yet - didn’t rest it but couldn’t resist trying. sweet, almost butterscotchy in the bottle (must be the honeycomb) and i smell the bergamot too. interesting blend on the skin, not much incense or smoke. i think i’m getting a lot of the frankincense (woodiness?) and honeycomb and bergamot, so i’m hoping for the incense, lotus, and green tea as it settles will update but wanted to get something in here edit - into wearing it.. some smoke ! yay
  15. picturesofmeghan

    Abalone and Peach Blossoms

    without rest, this was very salty and a little like expensive soap. luckily, the peach has been coming out more as it rests and i’m really pleased with it! it’s clean (not in the white musk way) and soft, i’ll update more as it matures a bit.