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  1. picturesofmeghan

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    this is a sugary, clean, pink cherry blossom. it reminds me a little of kamisuki. on the skin, i get the strawberry, which smells candy but with a little bit of a realistic tang, and then the cherry blossom second, which makes this sweet and girly- i honestly love pink scents, and this is absolutely one of my favorites. the strawberry quiets down after a while and the scent melds together more. it’s not too teenager pink; i feel happy wearing this one 💖 i don’t really get the white musk - white musk usually doesn’t work well on me, but this scent is softer and i think the musk may come through in a clean way instead of a ‘glittering’ way (that sort of white musk tends to give me a headache)
  2. picturesofmeghan

    Pink Peach Blossoms and White Plum Flowers Hair Gloss

    kind of sweet tarty, fruity floral. i really like it. it’s youthful and sweet. a sliiiight synthetic touch to it, but it can be ignored. i don’t get much cognac or rose
  3. picturesofmeghan

    Nightlife Hair Gloss

    this is wonderful ! after trying mostly very sweet perfumes, the actual tea in this caught me off guard. it’s a light, crisp white tea followed by citrus- almost like fruit loops but like a grown up version
  4. picturesofmeghan

    Plum Blossom Twig Hair Gloss

    I got both this and the peach/plum HG - they are on totally different ends of the spectrum. I think this one may need to sit a little longer, and will probably deep in with age, but right now, I can pick out the labdanum first. It makes the plum feel much darker. The honey and lemon amber are there just to add sweetness and a slight tang. I’m generally not a honey person, but I don’t mind it here. the citrus is not noticeable on its own; it accents the plum right now on dry down - this smells to me like a plum coated labdanum with a fruity sweet tail, slight tang at the end. It definitely feels like a more mature heavy fruity smell, where the peach/plum one reads more sweet tart and light to me.
  5. picturesofmeghan

    Stargazing at Sea

    I was very afraid of this one, aside from the white musk, all of the other notes are amazing, but white musk usually gives me a horrible headache. i love aquatics and shunga, so i had to try it, though. In the bottle, the smells cold and salty. i would say this does come across a little detergenty on the skin - i don’t know if it’s the blue musk and flowers together, but it does give off the idea of night to me. it isn’t a super bold scent, though. as it dries it actually gets nicer, a little more complex and more blue- It’s very clean smelling, and i am happy i don’t get the shrill white musk i was worried about. i haven’t found many aquatics that smell like the ocean itself- this isn’t an ocean smell, but it’s a salty clean and i appreciate it. i do think it could be unisex, and i may ask my fiancé if he likes it as well.
  6. picturesofmeghan

    A Nocturnal Visitor

    in the bottle, the orange and peach come out the most. They blend together and remind me of, if anyone has ever done this, putting orange juice in a fruit salad to make sure it stays fresh. It is very citrusy on the skin, and the sandalwood / labdanum around the edges almost feels like clove, but not the full spiciness of clove. it’s very different- i do like it more than i expected.
  7. picturesofmeghan

    Holding Hands

    this is beautiful- it is up there for me. in the bottle it’s peachy apricot- more realistic to me than peach v from last year. on my skin, creamy fruit - i don’t love coconut, but it just seems to add to the fruit and bolster the cream while keeping it light - it is almost tropical. i think the tea also contributes to this. as for the sage- beautiful - i can pick it out more as it dries. i don’t have anything else like this that has worked on me, so this will be in heavy rotation for spring. it’s really well blended- i am so happy with this one!
  8. picturesofmeghan

    Shouutsushi Aioi Genji

    this is my top pick. it reminds me a little of dalliances by candlelight, but the honey isn’t like regular BPAL honey and instead adds a sweet, vanilla quality. i can’t pick out the lotus well, but it goes on soft and spa like, so i imagine it is in there. it blooms into a sweet, smoky, candlewax. my favorite so far
  9. picturesofmeghan

    Plunging Into The Hellmouth

    sadly this didn’t work on me. in the bottle it is beautiful- it reminds me of a view of cascading cherry blossoms. it is sweet, bordering on sweet tart, and based on bottle sniff, i would have backed it up. sadly, my skin doesn’t work with it - my fiancé said it smells like something is missing. i do this with a few scents - they smell hollow? on him, it smells like it does in the bottle ??? so it is definitely me. if any BPAL does this on you, this may not work. vanillas and blackberry tend to do this on me
  10. picturesofmeghan

    Mouth So Sweet, So Poisonous

    i had a similar experience to @Fletchkat in the dry down - In the bottle, they smelled amazing and I was so excited to try it on. But the plum/opium mix it opened with went sour on me. Then, I got the same dry down as fletch explained - half dead smelly flowers. i’m waiting to see if this morphs a little, but it’s so far a no go for me
  11. picturesofmeghan

    A Skull, A Music Book, A Snuffed-Out Candle

    I actually like this a lot. I have both lights of men’s lives to compare it to, as well as dalliances by candlelight. This is much less vanillic or sweet than those two. There is no honey obviously. I’m testing straight out of the mail, so it’s waxy candle with slight tones of a soft leather. I’ll update after I’ve had a little longer
  12. picturesofmeghan

    Mouse's Long and Sad Pumpkin

    I didn’t get many of the Halloween first time around, but I did get mouses long sad pumpkin- This sat a while, so now I can review it well. When I got it it was extremely pumpkin with a little bit of a sugariness to it, almost similar to a lip smacker that exist in 1 million years ago in a sugarplum scent. In the bottle I still get very strong pumpkin spice. Wet on the skin, it is very pumpkin and then evaporates slightly into that sparkly scent similar to the bonnebelle sugar plum (Which didn’t smell like plum to me, it was a glittery mauve color, closer in scent to cherry chapstick but with a sugary depth). This has both that quality as well as some thing that borders on a warm spiciness with a carbohydrate background. i don’t get sweet pea or any of the mouse elements. my fiancé says he smells basil; he only chose pumpkin when prompted. this is pretty strong and i’m not totally sure how i feel about it. If you want strong straight up pumpkin spice, I would go for this. If you’re looking for mouses long sad tale with a tinge of pumpkin, I do not think you will find it here
  13. picturesofmeghan

    Urban Undine

    i am a big fan of aquatics, but not lavender. (but i almost always agree with @doomsday_disco!) in the bottle, this scent has a lot of lavender- not a super sweet one, though I am pretty new to BPAL, and I can’t really pick out specifically with a lilith lavender smells like, but a more herbal one. this lavender was stronger when i first got the bottle, but after settling a few weeks, it’s mingled more. wet- i get fresh, realistic lavender floral- green almost like when you break a piece of grass, followed by saltiness and rain like water. when i tried this initially, the lavender went on sharp and astringent and faded off to reveal a scent much like the past lilith ‘a vast similultide interlocks all.’ as this dries after resting, the scent feels like a colder rain- purple tinged storm clouds, the ambergris making it soft and salty. while i like simultitude, it almost borders on soapy. after resting, this scent does NOT edge towards soapy. it’s almost sweet, and somehow cold because the lavender’s astringency balances out somehow as it burns off. it does get lighter and more aquatic, and it wears close to the skin. all in all, i’m very pleased with this scent
  14. picturesofmeghan


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