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    jovial embrace, awake, laurel hill, cherry blossom v.... HG: kamisuki, totality, three couples, party tricks, sweet amber + cherry liqueur, the card game .... (i really love hair glosses !!)

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  1. picturesofmeghan

    Cycling for Pleasure

    in the imp- almost a citrus saltiness, but barely anything there wet - SOAPY - i asked picturesoffiance to help here - he said something like snuggle at this stage.. as it dries, both of us thought the site kind of dissipated into a lighter version of a typical aquatic perfume. We both read it a little differently though, I got the salt separated from the aquatic, but he got a lot of floral initially (he couldn’t place it) and a sharper note that he said reminded him of clinique happy.. as it evolved, i did see what he meant- I got the aquatic element is much lower in the mix, with flower dominating and a sharp citrus bouncing off the whole thing, which I’m assuming must be the bergamot (which was the only thing i could find in common with happy). it’s settled now - he called this ‘irish spring’ and i kind of agree - it also has low throw and longevity. not awful, but i really wanted to love this. I have yet to found good aquatics from bpal that I really love, aside from sturgeon moon side note: there’s a note present here that i’ve noticed in a few things- hair glosses esp - a weird ‘empty note’ - if that makes and sense. it floats above and it’s barely noticeable here, but it’s mixed into other notes
  2. picturesofmeghan

    Male Nude, Arms Upstretched

    so i just got a VERY aged imp. I tried to review it without looking at any of the notes. The oil is very very dark. Going on wet it’s almost a sweet balsamic scent. There is a green note in the back, there’s also a powdery nest that comes out and makes it lighter as it dries. Dried, it almost makes me think green, slightly masculine, yet soft, powdery amber. not something i’d wear, but i could see people loving this. It does remind me of snake oil
  3. picturesofmeghan

    Ecstatic Dancing Penises

    smells like a woody, expensive men’s cologne... dried down much softer, aquatic. it does have an edge - i guess that must be the tomato leaf ? overall, may acquire a bottle for picturesoffiance
  4. picturesofmeghan

    Vampire Tween

    wet / in the decant - strawberry koolaid? or cherry koolaid that separates into strawberry... in my ‘ditch,’ where i applied first, the sweetness spreads, mingles together, things out, has a metallic edge, and the lavender crops up in the middle and holds this close to the skin. i am not looking at the notes but feel like i smell a very subtle rose. this seems to not have crazy throw, and it’s surprisingly wearable for something seemingly so random.
  5. picturesofmeghan


    this one gave me all clove. i love the idea of clove, but i guess i amp it and it morphs into something weird on me. i did get the slight metallic blood tinge and a little fruitiness underneath, so if you play well with clove, it may be worth trying.
  6. picturesofmeghan

    Kamisuki Hair Gloss

    i agree with the assessment that this is a ‘safer’ scent, but it is actually a favorite of mine. the cherry blossom and strawberry are soft, not quite shampoo-y, but just smell as if you have incredible, beautiful hair. it’s not cloying or overly sweet, but it’s not green either. the vanilla orchid ‘fills up’ the background of the scent so it doesn’t feel hollow. i can’t imagine someone disliking this.
  7. picturesofmeghan

    Teppo Hair Gloss

    teppo was sadly not a match for me. i love the amber used (as starbrow notes) in sweet amber and cherry liqueur, but this read as very tart orange/lemon CITRUS, with no sweetness or softness whatsoever. fiancé thought it smelled like cleaner. off to swaps it went!
  8. picturesofmeghan

    Dragon Umbrage Hair Gloss

    i wanted to love this; i love the mix of notes, and i was very excited to try it. i usually amp rose, but this seemed to be battle of the death notes, with clove winning out and dominating. it became currant drowning in clove (which takes on an herbal tone that just does not work for me).
  9. picturesofmeghan

    Vixen Hair Gloss

    i got this for a friend, but tested it to make certain it was something she would enjoy. this went very powdery on me, and the ginger did not agree with me. from what i know about snake oil, i think this smells a little like it, which the sniffies i have had of it indicated to me i don’t enjoy that much either, hah.
  10. picturesofmeghan

    Totality Hair Gloss

    i tried an imp of the perfume and own the HG. unless something was off about the perfume, i prefer the HG MUCH more over the perfume. the HG starts off very patchouli and dries into the most wonderful, spicy fig- the patch does down and lets the warm fig emerge. i generally do not love patch, but i really love this. the perfume evolved in the opposite way - almost a fake, tart fruit first and then the patch came later in the dry down. the HG is strong; it’s one that wears much longer than a lot of others do on me. it has great throw, and i have actually gotten many compliments on it. some odd comments that may be of interest- ‘like that market bloodmilk vends at, do they sell that there?’ (fiancé referencing oddities in brooklyn) ’you smell like a really high end witch store’ - one of my friends.
  11. picturesofmeghan

    Cherry Cream Pie Chypre

    very almond cherry wet / in the imp. as it dries i get more cherry less almond, the cream isn’t in the forefront but rounds out the scent... i think i smell the crust because the cherry starts to fade.... as the cherry recedes, it starts to get not quite buttery, but the way pie crust tastes when it’s up against the pie filling. in itself the crust is not super sweet; it’s slightly doughy with the cherry remnants and slight cream bringing the sweetness. i do get brown sugar in the crust as someone else said. i can also see where people read cherry chapstick, because if i don’t concentrate, it seems to blend like that, even though there’s no waxiness. the pie crust covers the cherry scent a bit. i don’t know if my brain is just not registering the complexity, but i don’t really smell the elements that would make this a chypre. there is a soft perfume-y element, which must be amber, which seems to tie everything together. also of note - the cherry is different from sweet amber & cherry liqueur HG. edit: as i wear, i get a very light citrus, somethjng vegetal and medicinal (sharp) in the background... sooo i guess that’s the chypre.
  12. picturesofmeghan

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    this is ‘okay’ to me. the first initial smell to me is that juicy cherry-gummy note jovial embrace has. that juiciness carries through, but the rose coming through smells almost christmasy to me? to be honest, it smells like jovial embrace encumbered by patchouli and rose. glad i didn’t blind bottle. i LOVE jovial embrace, but i don’t love this. edit - wearing it, it smells like cherry wine. not like sangria, but a sweet fruit wine, spiked with a rose that isn’t powdery
  13. picturesofmeghan

    Little Sister is Watching You

    for me, this smells like irish spring soap with a slight metallic edge. it softens as i wear it, but i cannot detect cherry blossom as it dries down. eventually it has a light light cherry blossom base. it is not a total loss at all though, as my fiancé likes it! on him, it still has the cologny- irish spring smell, but there is a cherry blossom scent rounding it out on the bottom. it’s more than it is on me, and it has better throw and a heavier, not quite incense, but SOMETHING else there ???wowowow! he rolled his eyes at me because i kept asking to sniff it to review.
  14. picturesofmeghan

    The Card Game Hair Gloss

    i know this is an older one, but i am new to bpal and in my quest for past shunga HGs, a super kind person sold me her backup of this one. at first spray, this is prickly. it’s almost got a weird lemongrass-ness to me (to be honest thjs may be a sharp currant smell), but that quickly fades. it becomes a soft, musky, close to the skin/hair scent, absolutely purple- i smell blueberries and plum, slight floral and spice, then a base of more fruit. it’s not juicy smelling like jovial embrace. it’s definitely drier than that. if this makes sense - visually, i have the dark musky fruits over the floral/spiciness (i want to say like mulled wine type spices?), then a more sweet version of the fruit as the base. as someone else mentioned - almost definitely blueberry. i don’t get regular wine, but i do get blueberry or blackberry wines
  15. picturesofmeghan

    Couple Reading Erotic Scroll

    candy blackberry wet.. as it dries on my wrists, the blackberry remains, but on my ‘ditch’ area (i don’t know what else to call the inner arm elbow part, but when describing this area for tattooing, it is the ditch)- super citrusy as it dries down. i forgot bergamot was a note here, so i was a little surprised by it. there is something green in here too, which i guess is the tea? hours later, i get creaminess and rice! i love it!