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    I love musk and sweet things. My favourite of all time is Snake Oil, as always the more aged the better. Other current loves are Mme Moriarty, Mircalla, U, Monarch, Luna, Hellhound on my Trail, Boo, Fearful Pleasure, Mother Shub's Toothsome Bankestaaf, Spooky

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    Rammstein. Combichrist. Adam Lambert. Avenged Sevenfold. AC/DC.
    Harry Potter. Doctor Who. Supernatural. True Blood.
    Glitter. Sequins. Sparkles. Glitterbabies.
    Red and Silver. Metallic colours. Fingerless gloves.
    Slash. Fandoms. B Movies.
    Richard Kruspe. Christoph Schneider. Till Lindemann. Adam Lambert. Tommy-Joe Ratliff. Adommy. Andy LaPlegua.

    Credit to stellens, eviltemptressdq and minilux for my sig icons! Samhain and Pumpkin I 06 icon creaters unknown.
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  1. Esmeria

    Love Me

    Err, this one works. As well as smelling gorgeous and a new favourite (I've had my bottle over year but not really paid it any attention), I wore it out last night and let's just say, I wasn't without male company for longer than five minutes. Thumbs up!
  2. Esmeria

    The Infernal Lover

    Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea! This is gorgeous! In the bottle, it smells quite faint and vaguely musky so I wasn't expecting to fall in love with it. I put it on, and it's like POW! Musky McMusk is here to make you salivate. After an hour or so, it's still really strong but Honey is home. It's so beautiful, heavy musk but a kick of honey is right there. I'll just go eat my wrist now...
  3. Esmeria

    A Game Called Yes & No

    Oh my God, I want to drink this so much. Upon first sniff, it's so boozey and almondy. It smells utterly divine. It smells the sort of drink that would really warm you up on a cold winter's day, alcoholic with a great big kick. On skin, I amp up any sort of boozey note so it won't be one for work, but it's just amazing.
  4. Esmeria


    Well HELLO Eric Northman crossed with Lucius Malfoy. This is sexy, dirty and wild. As soon as I put it on, I get musk and peppers and spices. It makes me want to don a dominatrix outfit and round up the local hotties. Unfortunately, this is short lived and it dries down to something soft and creamy, but with a hint of spice. But the initial hit is like woah.
  5. Esmeria

    Butter Rum Cookie

    This was one of those 'OMG it was made for me!' scents, but alas- it wasn't. It smells wonderful in the bottle, but as with Sugar Cookie (and Gingerbread Poppet and Underbed and Gluttony et al) I amp up the cinnamon so badly, it just makes me smell like I've been bathing in curry sauce. Another one to try in the scent locket, methinks!
  6. Esmeria

    Sugar Cookie

    2008 version Oh, the spices! This is another one that turns to curry on my skin. I'm pretty devestated, as it smells gorgeous in the bottle. I'm going to try it in my scent locket I think, 'cos I really don't want to trade this one away. I hate my skin chemistry sometimes.
  7. Esmeria


    This is everything I ever wanted it to be and more! I never thought that I would get to try this, but thanks to the amazing generosity of my Switch Witch I received some today! I get boozy coconutty caramel initially from the bottle. On skin the coconut blends with the butterscotch to create something that is purely amazing. Apples are bobbing in the background. I can't believe how perfect this scent it. I need moar, I need to hoard.
  8. Esmeria

    Hellhound on My Trail

    Holy Hellhounds! This is the most masculine BPAL I've come across so far. It's the scent of the manliest, hottest guy who you just want to stay in bed with. All day. Dean Winchester? This is your scent! I didn't expect to like this on me, and swapped for it purely because of the Supernatural connection. Damn, am I glad I did. I love it- if I can't have Dean Winchester, then I can at least smell of him.
  9. Esmeria

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    I've heard about this, also. I figured she must have some sort of Lab affiliation as I know she sells the retail-only salons in her brick and mortar store (she doesn't sell them online, but I know for a fact she does on a forum, if someone requests them). Also she says she will soon be carrying Trading Post stuff? Interesting. I have refrained from ordering from them as 1. there hasn't been an official Lab announcment and 2. I would sooner just order from the Lab and have all my money go straight to them.
  10. Esmeria

    John Barleycorn

    Woah nelly- this is a strong one! In the bottle, I can smell the beer and barley and nothing else. On skin they meld together with the blood and form something really rather musky. Beery-musk oh, nom nom nom. I don't get any whiskey, which would have been nice, but I'm not going to complain about what I am getting!
  11. Esmeria

    Pumpkin V (2008)

    This? It is love. It reminds me strongly of Pumpkin 1 06, which is odd as the only thing in common is the pumpkin. It's beautiful- I don't smell any rose or jasmine. Just pure, unadulterated win! It's going to be hoarded, for shizzle.
  12. Esmeria

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    LIX (59) I was so nervous of this one- I sniffed it last, after all the other bottles and the frimps. I was so worried it was going to be something like pine, or an aquatic, or something overly floral. I needn't have been. Bottle: Um, hello Midway? :D Wet on skin: There is definately some serious Midway going on. But with a hint of something from Snow White and something from Torture Queen. Little bit later: still pretty much the same as above There's also something in the background that is also in Tiki Queen* but I don't know what. *I can also smell the Tiki Queen note in the bottle, when I went back for another sniff. It isn't strong and is even lighter on. Suffice to say, this is GORGEOUS. I'm having serious problems tryin to take my wrist away from my nose. Oh my. I think I won, heh. to Beth, Brian and Puddin!
  13. Esmeria


    Woah, mama! This just screams sex in a bottle*, I'm going to have to be careful where I wear this one. This is so strong and powerful, and lasts sooo long. At first, when I sniffed it in the decant I wasn't so sure. I put it on and was just *bam*. It's wonderful. *Note, I'm not saying it smells like the scent of sex. Nor like someone has had sex in the bottle (they would have some serious issues).
  14. Esmeria

    The Torture Queen

    Oh God, this is wonderful! I don't get chrome in any way, shape or form; what I do get is woah vanilla! With hints of tea, musk and gardenia. I'm so, so hoarding this one!
  15. Esmeria

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Why's that? She already bid on it before asking here (Sorry to butt in like this ). I bought a 5ml of Pumpkin Queen from that seller with no complaints, they also have an etail store of the same name which I think other forumites have bought from before. But I can't help with the 30ml thing!