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  1. PixieMoondust


    In the imp: orange and vanilla, a very thick scent. Wet: still orange and vanilla, very thick, but with a hint of smoke in the background. Not much throw on me so far, as far as I can tell, but I don't seem to get throw with any perfume oils. As the day went on, this settled into warm comforting vanilla and orange, still with that hint of smoke backing it up. I put it on at 7:30 this morning, and by noon it had pretty much disappeared though!
  2. PixieMoondust

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    Chaos Theory III Strange Attractors: DCCLIII (753) Purchased from [i'm not sure who, because of a computer crash!] Received on 16-Dec-2009. This is citrus and white blooms, with a slightly soapy undertone. It's soft, a bit warm, quite nice for summer. However, I have quite a lot of citrussy/light floral summer scents so this one may get passed on. Pixie
  3. PixieMoondust

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge Of Chaos DL (550) Purchased from [i'm not sure, having lost my notes due to a computer crash] Received 16-Dec-2009 This one starts off as a strong warm foody smell, sort of coffee/vanilla similar to what I get from Desire. As it dries down there's a harder spicy note underneath. Maybe like coffee cake baking, with coffee brewing and slightly burning! A nice scent, but so similar to Desire that I think I may swap this one away! Pixie
  4. PixieMoondust

    Phoenix Steamworks

    This smells gorgeous and unusual. Like incense burning on an altar, in a burnished gold/metal ash-catcher on a summer's evening. The metal's warmed by the heat of the day and the scent blends beuatifully with the incense used. Definitely a keeper, for skin wear, and I think I may try it as a room scent/altar scent. Pixie
  5. PixieMoondust

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    Not sure of the age of this imp, but testing it today it's definitely a keeper. In the imp/wet on: spiced gingerbread 10 mins on: spiced cake with citrussy butter icing. Someone upthread said lemon cupcake, and it is, but a spicy sponge cake under the icing. Dry: mellowed/softer spicy lemon drizzle cake. As if I've just finished eating a piece of the cake and the scent is still lingering. Definitely a keeper, and if I could afford to, I'd be tempted to track down more of it! Pixie
  6. PixieMoondust


    Not sure quite how long I've had this, at least or so months minimum. In the imp: wood, cedar? Wet on: soft woods, hint of incense. As it dries: still the soft woods, tempered with spicy incense. As a fan of historical romances, it's definitely a library in a ducal house. Somewhere the gentlemen retire to with their port and cigars/pipes. More specifically, the scent of the library the morning after, before the maids have had a chance to air the room. This is what I want my library/study to smell like in my dream house!! The throw doesn't seem to be there for me, and I don't get the leather at all, it just all blends into a gorgeous smoky spicy books/pipes/sexy librarian scent. In short: gorgeous, and when I can afford it I'm definitely getting a bottle!! An absolute keeper! Pixie
  7. PixieMoondust

    Daily Outfits by PixieMoondust

    Due to the encouraging response from GUSPers, I have created this blog, for us to post our daily outfits for viewing. Pictures don't seem to appear in the blog posts, although you can create albums to put them in. Voici my outfit from yesterday: Pixie