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    Perfume- Dorian, Monsterbait Closet, Beaver Versary, Wax Cylinders, Samhain, Incolumitas, Gelt, Midway, Mutter Museum. Hair Gloss- Court Crows, Dorian, Pumpkin Seed & Terebinth Pitch, Sweet Sleep, Ring Of Wolves.

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  1. FloridaFledgling

    Warm Pumpkin Cider Atmosphere Spray

    This is just as advertised, yummy warm cider with pumpkin pie spices! 🍎 The buttercream is there too to round everything out and soften the spices. This reminds me of a candle you might find during fall but without the artificialness and way more realistic. 🎃
  2. FloridaFledgling

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    Thank you for the heads up! I may have already bought it....maybe. Not gonna lie I am super excited for it.
  3. FloridaFledgling

    Butterfly Garden Atmosphere Spray

    I just received a decant of this and wow! This is so pretty. I'm normally not a fan of florals unless they are really soft and fresh and that is exactly what this is. I totally agree that there is no rose in this or other high pitched florals, thankfully! Its also very well blended and I can't pick out any particular notes. Overall its like being in a butterfly garden, lots of pretty soft florals, some greenery and some faint wisps of nectar. 🦋🐛
  4. FloridaFledgling

    Breakfast, Or Something

    For me this is pretty much as described, I get the guava, cotton candy, and strawberry milk. 🍓🥛 This is a very fun and happy scent. This has low throw for me (has better throw in a scent locket) which is keeping it from being bottle worthy but I will enjoy my imp.
  5. FloridaFledgling

    V'al Hanissim

    This is gorgeous. Only two notes listed but is more than the sum of its parts. A beautiful warm sexy slightly powdery amber and beeswax. 🕯️
  6. FloridaFledgling

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    Ooohh, that does sound good. I'll have to add this to my list too!
  7. FloridaFledgling

    Ice Princess Bath Oil

    I snagged this off of Etsy on a whim because I was low on bath oil. Based off the scent notes I was worried the berries would translate to cough syrup which can happen for me sometimes but nope this is beautiful! As others have said Ice Princess is surprisingly warm due to the honey and vanilla cream but the berries give it a Yule edge. I'm happy I snagged this.
  8. FloridaFledgling

    Howling in Vain

    Sylvia is my favorite Hallowench, and this hair gloss did not disappoint! Plus I'm a sucker for anything with "fur" listed, as generally this makes a very fuzzy/cozy scent. Smelling from the bottle I can pick out all the notes, the amber hits you first, than the rice (there is just enough to be interesting but not enough to smell like you've been in a cafeteria food fight) and then the champaca. Once in the hair everything blends together and gives off a general cozy ambery vibe with a bit more interest to it with the rice and champaca. Very glad I wasn't scared off by the rice and decided to get this.
  9. FloridaFledgling

    A Cozy Sweater and an Apple Cider

    I am in heaven...this is ssssoooo nice and cozy. Sniffing from the bottle I get more of the notes that comprise sweater which I'm having a hard time placing but it is a very clean comforting sophisticated smell. Certainly a freshly washed sweater. Something about this sweater profile reminds me of Wax Cylinders, but a note that is not listed. Once on the skin the apple cider comes out more and adds warms to the blend. To me neither aspect dominates the other, it just becomes a very gorgeous autumnal blend. I will cherish this!!!!
  10. FloridaFledgling

    A Sweet Sleep Hair Gloss

    Totally agree with the sentiments above, this is not as strong of a lavender as TKO. It's super soft and fluffy. I can't really pick up the Bergamot. The pear and sandalwood are very subtle. Doomsday_disco is totally accurate in saying that this comes off as a soft sugared vanila mallow scent. This is great for bedtime!
  11. FloridaFledgling

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    Adding that to my next order! For some reason I thought the Lights of Men's Lives was limited, I will add it to my need to try list too! An imp is worth it! Thank you everyone!
  12. FloridaFledgling

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    I ordered a decant of that one and can't wait to try it! 🕯️
  13. FloridaFledgling

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    I googled this recently after you mentioned it in the yule thread and it sounds amazing but stupid me forgot to added it to my wishlist! This also sound good but I'm weary of popcorn as mouse circus got plasticky on me. Maybe I will chase down a decant! I can't say I've tried many violet blends so It might be time to make the leap, I've been wondering about Gambols for awhile.
  14. Hello!, I am humbly looking for some advice. I am newer to BPAL (2017) and have only recently discovered that beeswax is my favorite scent note, however I cant do honey on my skin. I AMP honey and it usually becomes too sweet and cloying. I am looking to add any kind of BPAL beeswax product to my collection, be it perfume, Hair Gloss, Bath Oil, ect! Unfortunately, to further complicate things, most floral notes and almond are death notes on me. I already own Wax Cylinders and At Midnight With A Pumpkin Light, any advice is much appreciated!
  15. FloridaFledgling

    Annurca Apple Blossom

    I get exactly what is says on the bottle and it is BEAUTIFUL! This is a very pretty, effervescent scent and I'm happy to have found one floral that doesn't go gross on me.