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  1. winterblizzard

    Seal of Moses

    A general purpose pure anointing oil used specifically in the charging of seals and talismans. I used this for the first time last night to charge and bind my talismans beneath the full moon. Its scent is very herbal and clean and gives a sense of awakening. I used this along with the anointing oil on my tarot cards, runes, crystals and other devices. For my tarot cards, I put a bit on the bag I store them in, but I also put some Seal of Moses on one thumb, anointing on the other and then shuffled my cards over and over again. I did a reading afterwards that perfectly answered my question and felt a real connection with my cards and strong sense of spiritual connection and openness.
  2. winterblizzard


    This blend has a very astringent but pleasant herbal smell to it. I used it last night beneath the full moon to anoint and charge my talismans, runes and tarot cards. For the tarot cards I put anointing upon one of my thumbs and Seal of Moses on the other and then shuffled the cards over and over. The reading I did afterwards perfectly answered my question. This blend resonates nicely and gives you a feeling of spiritual connection and contentment.