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  1. shelldoo

    Ho Ho Ho

    in the bottle, sweet, spicey, definitely a holiday scent. i like this better then eggnog latte wet, cinnamon, spice, and i am getting something incensy. as it dries this becomes lighter but still very spice heavy though a certain smokey quality keeps it from going foody. gorgeous.
  2. shelldoo

    Eggnog Latte

    in the bottle this si spot on egg nog latte, sweet eggy vanilla, and a shot of coffee. wet remains very similar to in the bottle as it dries the coffee is less prominent and it is a sifter spicier, scent, very christmassy, very "foody" i am not so much a foody girl as a heavy incensy musk girl, but foodies will surely love this beautiful scent
  3. shelldoo

    The Illustrated Woman

    i realized i have let my reviews slip lately. and what better scent to form my comeback then *my* scent. when beth first asked if she could do me, i was stunned, crazily fangirl flattered, and uber excited, athough a bit nervous to have anything threaten my love for snake oil. the description and artwork brought tears to my eyes, it is soooo me. so the prototype arrived for ECWC and i had to try it first, i mean come on it is meeeeee. and i opened the bottle, i love beth's pine notes, i have made no secret of that, but man wow smack in the face pine. wow did i say pine?? this is one of those times i trust in beth, i know what she can do, i have read the notes, i know there are other facets to this scent. wet: still heavy on the pine, but i can detect patchouli, smokiness, and a hint of musk. then it dries. O.M. GAHHHH gorgeousness. this is a skin hugging vanilla, honey, smokiness, the pine fades back to barely waft by occasionally and say hi. the tobacco, honey, and musk frame the patchouli and make this just stunning, it is definitely a "me" scent and definitely tends to give snake oil some competition. although snake oil will always be my signature scent, illustrated woman is my comforting hell yeah scent. beth continually amazes me, and it is such an honor to have such an amazing scent w/ my pic on it.
  4. shelldoo

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    as a retailer i can say alot of hershey-ites are wearing bpal, that otherwise wouldn't neccesarily realize bpal is there, when they come in i show them what we have, and give out lab postcards, and tell them about the forums, it is win win w/ from my perspective, i promote the lab, they may order online, but then will calls are promoted to me in this area, so they come back...great big circle of love really.
  5. shelldoo

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    yes, sorry, i am jet lagged and trying to post. we will take orders and ship or take orders for pick ujp, i am flexible
  6. shelldoo

    Marshmallow Poof

    in the bottle:swweeeet, creamy, hint of something almost cherry wet: very strong almost powdered sugar slightly powdery, slightly floral, no cherries as it dries it is a soft sweet cloud of yumminess, vanilla, sugar, sticky yet strong. maybe the stay puff marshmallow man in ghostbusters is a good comparison. big, white, poof of stickiness.
  7. shelldoo

    All Souls

    07 all souls. in the bottle sweet, incensy, hint of fruit. wearing this is like being in a hippies kitchen. the hippie is baking a delicious white cake, placing a touch of currant preserves in between layers and the whole time the kitchen is permeated w/ soft, wafts of incense. it stays close to my skin but wisps around me intriguing me when i catch it. i keep thinking if cheech and chong were married, this would be what their wives kitchens would smell like when they came home after getting the munchies love this one for sure
  8. shelldoo

    Sugar Skull Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    another lovely bptp soap. it is very lightly fragranced sugar skull, true to the scent of the same name, it doesn't over power the shower, but makes it's gentle self known, i again use a poof due to the scrubby texture, but i have uber sensitive skin, so some may not need that step. there is just something so decadent about lathering this lovely scent on my body. i am truly spoiled.
  9. shelldoo

    Pumpkin Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    love love love this one, it is a spot on pumpkin scent, fall personified, gorgeous, almost edible. soft and doesn't dry my skin too much. did i mention i love it?
  10. shelldoo

    Samhain Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    this smells like samhain, well aged, and similar to my favorite vintage (04) i love bathing w/ this scent, i ise it on a poof to keep teh exfoiliants at bay, but the scent is worth the effort, i actually just placed another order this weekend so i can have more yummy samhain soap
  11. shelldoo

    Crypt Queen

    As sweet as death, as deep as the grave: pomegranate, raspberry, gardenia, plum, and rose with patchouli, black pepper, rose musk, and a hint of blood accord. What I see in the distance is a moss covered ancient mausoleum. Being the daring soul I am, I silently creep, on careful footsteps to the door. It makes en eerie creak, almost a slow moan as I ease the door open. Standing alone, in the center of the interior is a coffin that looks almost as aged as the building itself. Somewhere deep in the recess of my mind I realize this could be dangerous. I have heard rumors the ever dangerous inhabitant who wants to own her victims abides in these hallowed halls. I get closer to the coffin, commited to my destiny, I slowly open the lid by sliding it a crack, the smell of dry almost crackling moss. I can tell the inhabitant once had life a hint of almost animated musk. I also can detect funeral flowers, particularly rose, and something barely fruity and sweet. As I get to know the Queen better I can almost feel her breath and eyes on me, deep, dark, dusty. She still has the barest hint of sweetness, and that musk, I want her to love me, I want her to always be with me, captivate me w/ the life she once led, holding court and having people fall at her feet, worshiping. I feel I could stay here all day, and a drowsiness starts to fall across me, hypnotic. I desire to curl up, rest, deep, undisturbed slumber. It feels like hours have passed, I realize they have, I had fallen asleep. I awake feeling almost as if someone was there with me, then recall I had been invisioning *her* and her scent still lingers, enfolding me in a cloud of the softest skin musk, no bitterness, no anciant mosses, just a soft sweet breath, a hint of her previous beauty lingering, bekoning me to become hers fully. I realize suddenly I want to. I want to be hers, stay with her forever.....
  12. shelldoo

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    i think the october label is stunning
  13. shelldoo

    The Queen's Salon

    in the bottle: musky deep florals something slightly fruity wet: yes i believe it is a white floral, although i don't get jasmine...there isn't that rusty nail scent jasmine likes to do. it is mostly musk though, i am thinking red musk, but agree it could be a fruity maybe plum note mixed w/ a different musk, that is making me think red musk. it is definitely regal, and deep and dark, and even lush. reminding me of a deep, dark, royal purple velvet. as this dries the florals burn off and it becomes a musky slightly spicy skin scent, very sexy and alluring. this is a definite keeper. i love it!
  14. shelldoo

    Fairy Market

    in the bottle: fruity, sweet, clean. wet: yummy sweet candies, fruity candies to be exact, very light, dainty, yet elegant florals, very fragile smelling, slightly watery underneath. light, otherworldy, etheral, fragile, even twinkly, might describe this blend. there is softest of florals, something ever so slightly aquatic (mist), something like sugared melons, and a slightly smokey waft. but the smoke is not a heavy dark smoke it is light, almost clean yet not at all soapy. just a very gorgeous scent. very complex, very well blended.
  15. shelldoo

    The Witch Queen

    inthe bottle: musky, rose,slightly sweet wet: still musky rose, but a bit sharper, and throw in some incense. hint of lily. as this dries it deepens, becomes more incensy, but still retains a hint of rose, heavier on the plum and the plum reminds me slightly of snake charmer. i also can detect the bees wax. this is indeed very sinister, deep, dark, yet gorgeous. i LOVE IT!