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  1. MonkeysInk


    I am writing this review, fascinated that this perfume is now 12 years old. It smells light and less floral than I suspect it did when it was younger. The incense has moved further forward with orchids behind it. It’s lovely like flowers at dusk, lit by a barely smoking tiki torch. I diluted a bit in my palm with some liquid coconut oil and drenched myself in it, and it’s just perfect for a warm summery date night.
  2. MonkeysInk

    Bagpipe Dog Alchemy Lab

    I am a gin fanatic, so I was excited to find this imp in my stash. There is a gin called St. George Terroir that was made to taste like the things the creators loved about California. I'm not sure if Beth was intentionally imitating the scent of this gin, but if not, I hope that she'll buy some of it and try it, because St. George and Bagpipe Dog are very similar. It's one of my favorite gins because the fragrance and taste are so distinctive and stay very green, never straying into sweetness. Anyway, back to the perfume: I agree that it has the fizzy quality of other alcohol-inspired scents, but it goes away quickly. There is juniper and pine with a whiff of lime. This scent stays very lush and green and unisex. I love it and am sad that it's too late to buy a bottle.
  3. MonkeysInk

    Injured Dickchest Alchemy Lab

    Rich champaca and peppery bourbon vanilla. Green tea came much, much later. The throw was moderate. This one was nice, but not one I would reach for again as it was pretty intense for work. (still a little amused that I wore Injured Dickchest to work without knowing it...I grabbed an imp and put some on without reading the name or the notes.)
  4. MonkeysInk

    Pumpkin Pie Bath Oil

    Somehow I have an imp of this that I just found - probably a gift from a generous forumite. Ten years after its creation, I’m finally using this and wow, is it amazing. It smells of cinnamon and allspice and something shiny - it’s like a gorgeous warm, pie pulled from the oven with that beautiful glowing, shiny top. I am soaking in a bath after a long, cold, rainy day and this is the perfect comforting scent to immerse myself in. 🧡
  5. MonkeysInk

    Rainbow Swirl

    This smells like cake and flowers. I never got any lavender, just sweetness and florals. It reminds me of of a friend showing up with a cupcake and flowers for your birthday - not too much sweetness, not too many flowers - everything in the right proportions. For my taste, it’s a little foodie, but I knew that going in and wanted to try it anyway.
  6. MonkeysInk

    Bijoux Y'ha-nthlei

    In 2020, this is a dry, yellow scent with some clean musk behind it. It has very little throw, but is really lovely and soft and I keep sniffing my wrist. I can smell ginger and amber, but the florals seem to have long faded away.
  7. MonkeysInk

    The Witches

    I did not read the review of this before I opened the imp, so I didn't realize it had pumpkin in it until I came here to write this review. This was all caramel and vanilla and honey for me. I strongly dislike caramel and honey smells rather meh on me, so I was pretty disappointed by the scent. I went ahead and put some on, hoping it would morph, but by mid-day, it smelled exactly the same. (Why is it that a scent I don't like stays on forever and the ones I like get eaten by my skin?) Once I read that this had pumpkin in it, I might have called it pumpkin caramel cheesecake or pumpkin caramel tart - something very foodie with a heavy, heavy drizzle of caramel on it. For me, this was a bust. If you look sweet, foodie scents, this might be one to consider.
  8. MonkeysInk

    Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

    2015 version in 2020: I didn’t read the description before I put it on, and I was convinced the primary note was sugared mango after I wore it for a while. After looking at the description, I can definitely separate out the fruit and the apple blossom and the sugar. I don’t get any pepper, just leafy, sugary fruit. Very nice, but faded quickly and was not one that would tempt me to find a bottle as it just didn’t have enough staying power.
  9. MonkeysInk

    The Silver Apple Of The Moon

    This was pretty with a sweet apple scent as it went on, but my skin ate it and it didn't even make it an hour before there was just a whisper of flowery sandalwood left behind. I would describe this as light and ephemeral.
  10. MonkeysInk

    Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab

    This is a delicious, amazing grapefruit fragrance - like all grapefruit, all the time. The other citrus comes through nicely, too, and it's all just totally fantastic. This reminds me so much of the late-80s Body Shop grapefruit bar soap. I got an imp from the forums and now I want an enormous bottle. Sadly, it does fade fast. 😥
  11. MonkeysInk

    Painted and Padded Beauties Bath Oil

    I realized that I never put this in the tub to soak, so I’ve started using a few drops as body moisturizer in the shower. It’s mainly musks with some very faint floral undertones. Morocco is my go-to daily wear perfume, and the combination of the two is heady - all the swirling warm musks is delicious.
  12. MonkeysInk

    The School-House

    I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I bought this in a swap In 2008 and never opened it until today. It has a delicious clean, outdoorsy smell that is very unisex and fresh. I get some woods, but they’re white and in the background - like polite, well/behaved trees waving hello. Here in North Texas, it’s just starting to get cool and this is the kind of scent perfect for our October days. It’s fall without being heavy or overly spicy, it’s cool outside without being smoky or dark. In short, I love it and I wish I had more than a single imp.
  13. MonkeysInk

    Antique Lace

    2017 Version: I put some on just before getting in the car with my kids. My four year old yelled "Mom, you smell like marshmallows!" They're his favorite treat, so this is high praise. I get delicious vanilla with a soft ivory floral underneath. It's sweet but not foodie and hasn't tended toward plastic. At the end of the day, I get old, gauzy lace - like a doily in an old library...there's something a little dusty and book-ish underneath. When it was announced this was available, I bought some without even reading the description because I knew it was such a cult favorite. It totally deserves the hype it has gotten for so long.
  14. MonkeysInk

    Miss Addie

    This is so amazing, even hot from the mailbox. I stood in front of my house and sniffed and sniffed this one - it reminds me of something that my great-grandmother used to wear (Chantilly, maybe?) in the most perfect of ways. I'm going to let this settle for a few days and then try it again, but if it smells like this even under the worst of conditions I can't wait to see what it's like when it's had a few days to cool and settle. ETA: I went and read the scent notes and reviews of Chantilly, and I suspect it's the jasmine and musk in this that's giving me that scent memory. Part of me wants to go smell Chantilly somewhere to see how close I am about how similar they smell. Another part of me wants to continue letting Miss Addie give me this memory without spoiling it with whatever contemporary Chantilly smells like. I'd be curious to see if another BPALer has the same association.
  15. MonkeysInk

    Horn of Amalthea

    I used to volunteer at my produce co-op, where we'd wait in the morning air for the truck to arrive with the crates of vegetables. We'd open the back of the truck and this blast of cool veggie-scented air would spill forth. That's what this smells like - lettuce and squash and fig all rolled together. As it dried, I got some of the cream, but it's mostly vegetables. This is not a scent that I would reach for, although I'm thrilled to have gotten it as a gift from a sweet Forumite so I could try it. 2020 edit: going through old imps and found this one again. Still smells like green veg, but now the honey and cream are screaming loudly to be heard. It is now a weird, sweet creamed vegetable scent that I do not enjoy at all. It’s so interesting to find imps that I’ve already reviewed and try them again to see how they have changed for me.