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  1. Lamia


    Sweet Italian lemon cookie!
  2. Lamia

    Lupercalia Single Note: Riding Crop

    I used to work at a leather store in NYC making leather items for leatherfolk. It got to the point where my skin and hair smelled like leather. This bottle arrived today and leaked just a smidge, just enough to get a little bit on my hands when I unwrapped it. I cannot stop huffing myself, and remember a time in my 20's when I was surrounded by leather and a gloriously aberrant and supportive society. Whatever you have to pay for this bottle, it's worth it. It's sweet leather, a fresh-cut hide, a toy just purchased from the shop, a promise before the blindfold.
  3. Lamia

    Capricorn 2016

    I confess to being a little disappointed in this. I also found it incredibly aquatic (thank goodness it's not just me) which, considering the ingredients, was a bit of a jolt. No patchouli, no sandalwood, no vetiver. I will also put this away for a while and hope it .... ah ... dries out a bit
  4. Lamia

    Where is this scent?

    Reviewing my last post, it may seem like I am advertising SS. I'm not. Was just caught up in the excitement of finding the ingredient lists.
  5. Lamia

    Where is this scent?

    That would certainly explain why I can't find it anywhere here Aha! http://www.solsticescents.com/KITCHEN-PERFUME_p_436.html And here is Master Bedroom http://www.solsticescents.com/MASTER-BEDROOM-PERFUME-_p_438.html Thanks for the suggestion that it might be another company. It never would have occurred to me durrrrr
  6. Lamia

    Where is this scent?

    I just got a frimp of "Kitchen", which is incredibly foody (yum) - where can I find a review? (also, WOO Lamia! lol)
  7. Lamia

    What's the best coconut blend?

    "Lamia" from the Neverwhere/Gaiman line is extremely coconutty (to my sorrow).
  8. Lamia

    Nostrum Remedium

    I don't get tea or honey or wasabi in this. I get licorice and roses. It's so icky that I may end up washing it off. Trade bag like whoa.
  9. Lamia

    Under the Harvest Moon

    Oh my. I really thought that there was some leather in here when I first applied it. The throw is musky-sensual and demure, hints of flowers and the roundness of vanilla. This is ALMOST worth finding a bottle of, but not quite.
  10. Lamia

    Bruised Violet Compound

    This what I was expecting Malediction to be, but softened with the moss. Gently scruffy, courteously sweet, and quite nice.
  11. Lamia


    I thought that there was some sort of pine in here when I initally applied it, but no. The floral is fairly potent, which is not a bad thing, particularly with the spikey comonpents arguing for primacy. The florals remind me of my grandmother (not a bad thing), and it's a pleasant scent, but the combination of the ingredients are making me uncomfortable - it's reminding me of somthing unpleasant and I don't think I will be able to keep from washing this off. It's really very nice, just not for me.
  12. Lamia

    Mircalla, Countess Karnstein

    This has a powerful base of something that reminds me very strongly of High Priest Not To Be Described, which I love, yet they share exactly no components in common. There is a high thinness to this which is not entirely pleasant - I think it's the combo of orchid and basalm, because the other ingredients are thick and deep. I will stick with High Priest.
  13. Lamia


    Hot. Sexy. Exotic.
  14. Lamia

    Falling Leaf Moon

    I am also picking up a similarity to Samhain. Husband informed me that I smelled like cherry pipe tobacco (which is what he claims that both Samhain & Samhainophobia smell like, but we already know he's tapped, so there you have it) Wet, this is a bright early autumn day - it's missing the heaviness of Samhain, there is a lightness and brightness to Falling Leaf that Samhain lacks. After drydown, it becomes a very thin scent, it doesn't keep up the promise inherent in the first application. This is one of the few Lunacies that works on me, but it's still not quite right. Trade bag.
  15. Lamia


    Soap. Early on, the skin musk thickens the throw, but it's soap.