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  1. DiZZysTARdust


    This is hard to pin down, but freshly applied i get lemon verbena with a weirdly familiar, chewy type of incense that i think is labdanum. Okay after reading some other reviewers i hear people saying vetiver, and that's def the rooty chewiness but i think there is something else in there cause as it dries it mixes with the verbena to create a tolerable lemony haze distinct from the vetiveriness. I still think labdanum. A strange blend but interesting, i would wear this for those times when i want to wear a more discreet scent that is not overtly perfumey but still distinct. Pretty good throw on the two imp swipes i used
  2. DiZZysTARdust

    Mabon 2010

    Picked this up randomly this morning and for whatever reason it seemed like a good day for a harvest feast. In the bottle this is boozy blackberries. Freshly on the blackberry stays strongly present, but everything else is somehow present underneath. There's a bit of a warm herbally nuttiness to this that enhances the berries while remaining a well blended base. However, i cannot shake my association of this scent with a candle. It smells like a blackberry candle. On me maybe. Like a really nice candle, but all the same there is something in here that is almost- waxy? Not in a beeswax type way really, just in a candle way. I feel like an autumn harvest berry themed candle. I do love it, but this was totally out of season for this scent. This dried much the same as wet and it has some serious throw. It also lingers. 5 plus hours after applying it before my shift i could still smell traces of it on my elbows and other test patches. Def excited to be wearing this in the upcoming fall season
  3. DiZZysTARdust

    Sandalwood Scents

    Thanks for the breakdowns and the science@VetchVesper and @niffler! Also looking forward to those reviews, all the menages looked so pretty this month! Sandalwood doesn't really seem to jump out at me in blends, it seems somewhat subtle but maybe that's just my chemistry
  4. DiZZysTARdust

    Body, Remember

    so i don't know why i'm surprised by this but i find body remember to be very beachy. must be all dat coconut. reminds me of a luxe suntan lotion. but like in a really good way. fresh in the bottle, i'm reminded of some kind of conditioner that i used to use that worked wonders on my hair. it's very sweet, almost marzipan-y in a way but not really. wet on the skin the coconut comes out more fully and this is when i get the suntan lotion impression. but also, i feel like i'm chilling on a beach. profoundly sensual is a good way to describe this because this has a really relaxing, lovely vibe. to clarify, when i say beachy i don't mean aquatic or salty. more like i'm chilling in a lagoon, i have this awesome suntan lotion on, and i'm surrounded by some big jungle flowers. doesn't morph much on me as it dries. becomes a bit less sweet but not much. really sexy. great throw. definitely a summer scent.
  5. DiZZysTARdust

    The Living Flame

    i am loving the challenge of id-ing the notes in this. and what a beautiful scent to play this game with ❤️ in the bottle, this is sweet. almost fruity. i sort of agree with the berry comparisons but not a specific berry. ALMOST the scent of cherries but not quite that either. a little powdery, a little soapy. sort of like berry shampoo? but not in a bad way. this could be red musk as red musk sometimes goes cherry almond on me. wet on this is a slap of wet, vanillic, musky goodness. still sweet enough that i can see where some might get honey out of this, although to me this is not a "honey" or even beeswaxy scent. the vanilla is like a vanilla edge but without being foody or grainy, maybe more like tonka or possibly benzoin than actual vanilla. i still get a musk vibe but red musk on me does two things, either dry herbal or sweet cherries, and this does neither. it becomes a little bit powdery. black musk tends to do that, but also amber. maybe there is some kind of amber rather than out and out musk? i def get the floral vibe. something else that does the powdery thing. orris or maybe violet? i could see a bit of jasmine maybe. honestly there is even a bit of a rosy vibe to me, but very held in check by the powdery musk. more like a soapy floral. as it dries the scent itself literally dries. the sweetness fades. i would say agree some saffron could be blooming now, giving it a dry redness. i could even see a tiny bit of other spices in this, possibly some ginger or maybe even a dash of cinnamon (i have cinnamon on the brain tho). the florals fade out and become, to my nose, a bit greener. i could very much believe there are lilies in here. or maybe, the sweetness and greenness and fruitiness were the same all along. could it be- osmanthus? that's all i've got. beautiful. i would def use this as a musky/ambery under scent for layering purposes.
  6. DiZZysTARdust

    The Legerdemain

    This is very colognesque to my nose. In the bottle it's like spiced powder. Can def tell that black musk is in there. Silken is an apt description as it's not heavy or cloying, it's like a dark, sinuous, spicy skin musk. The clove comes out strongly when freshly applied. The powdery edge is still there, and its like it's trying to take over but everything else is keeping it in check. This scent is a little discordant to me as when it's freshly applied, when i sniff the test patch directly there's like a weird sour, flattish edge first, and then the scent unfolds itself. It's like two distinct layers. However, after a few minutes of dry time that edge has disappeared. This is still cologney but def more in the head shop vein. I almost get like a cocoa vibe from all the warm spices. Really nice bedtime scent, it's like a thick blanket and warm mug all rolled up in one.
  7. DiZZysTARdust

    Mlle. Lilith, Fortune Teller

    Opens up heavy on the sugar and pink musk. Very sweet and feminine and definitely well blended and perfumey. As it dries the fruitiness comes out more. The pomegranate is def there with a bit of tartness, and also i think the coconut cause i get a bit of a vanillic layer, and then there is the piney cypress underneath both of those adding a deeper, darker, mysterious layer. Decent throw. As it dries further, over an hour in, the sharpness from the pom and cypress fade beautifully into the overall scent. The throw lessens somewhat but is still very present and sweet on the skin
  8. DiZZysTARdust


    There is something syrupy about calaveras that is explained when i looked up cajeta, which seems fo be similar to dulche de leche. In the bottle it's like v strong, foodie, and vanilla-centric. A neutral vanilla bordering on almost dry and masculine but with a sweetness that keeps it in neutral territory imo. When it goes on the sweet syrupness is amplified in the throw which seems decently strong. Sniffing my wrist up close this is a little spiced, i'm guessing from the chilis. It closely resembles, although not exactly, the cinnamon scented stuff from christmas time. In a very elegant way as you can tell there is other stuff mingling in there. Like maybe, the remains of a christmas party with some scented decorations lying around and spilled food and drink everywhere. That spiciness isn't as present in the throw for me, that's more of the vanilla blanket, but again with some of the darker elements threading through. V nice
  9. DiZZysTARdust

    Dragon's Heart

    i must say first that i was never big on dragon's blood, and while i can appreciate what figs and blackcurrants do to some perfumes they also have a tendency to go masculine and/or soapy on me. so this scent was like super intimidating to try on, but red musk is red musk. in the bottle this was omg! dragon's blood. very sweet and incensey and bloody. but i can def smell the red musk underneath so that's cool. on the dragon's blood and musks are becoming some kind of super power. i'm not too familiar with black musk yet so it's difficult to pick out but something is holding together the dragon's blood and red musk. the fig and blackcurrant seem to be a layer of sweetness underneath but both behave impeccably. no high pitched blackcurrant, not really any of the chewiness of fig, but like an underlying fruit direction without becoming fruit, fruit candy, or industrial cleaning products. as it dries, the dragon's blood seems to be the major player (as one might expect of a scent called dragon's heart) but in a beautifully blended way, not sickly sweet at all. all in all, GORGEOUS. i'm going to have to track down more imps. this lasted a good long time with decent throw. after like, maybe fourish hours into the drydown this took on a baby powder scent. not just powdery but full on baby powder. this took me a bit by surprise as this doesn't often happen to me so i'm wondering what caused it. i'm guessing either the black musk or dragon's blood, since i don't wear them too much, or maybe the combo of the musks and dragon's blood. there was still a bit of a reddish tone so i liked it but def was surprised based on how rich and syrupy it is when wet.
  10. DiZZysTARdust


    I'm on a red musk kick so this needs testing. In the bottle i smell the patchouli. Going on it's a battle for who wants to be more prominent, the musk or the patchouli. I agree with the candy comparisons. There's a sweetness to this from i'm guessing the ylang ylang and myrrh that grounds the scent without being specifically identifiable to my nose at the same time. As the scent is drying the red musk wins out over the patchouli, with the result of a sweet piney musk without the grape cough syrup vibe i usually get (in a good way). Stays sweet but veers toward the delicate powdery side as it dries
  11. DiZZysTARdust

    Yellow Metal With Mingled Purple Blushes

    omg this is hella gorgeous. very light and perfumey. not fruity at all in the sense that i can't pick out the plum and blackcurrant. wet reminds me of a bathsheba somewhat, but much lighter and more girlish. the blackcurrant makes itself known a little more as it dries, lightening the scent even more. decent throw ETA: this doesn't remind me of metal at all, nor of the golden powderiness of amber. to me it seems very much like a posh, office to the night club type of scent.
  12. DiZZysTARdust

    The Vampire Bride

    In the bottle this is very green, and freshly on i am immediately reminded of witch bride. I was positive narcissus or something related was in this. This is an interesting blend, it's like a layer of sweet green floral with the powderiness detectable yet distinct beneath it. After a little time to dry the green floral element kind of sharpened, and i think it must be the eucalyptus and tea mixing with maybe the sweetness of the frankincense/myrrh? The eucalyptus def becomes distinct but does not dominate at all. More like, it makes itself known then melts gradually back into the blend. I don't get red musk at all, not the sweet fruity kind nor the dry bitter one. After this is well and truly dried it does get a touch drier, as if the green and powdery elements are combining, but it stays sweet overall. This is a very perfumey scent to me, i could totally see an undead bride walking down the aisle in this
  13. DiZZysTARdust

    Sandalwood Scents

    Reviving this post with a question for sandalwood vets: As a sandalwood newb, i'm trying to track down a sandalwood sn with which to layer my scents and i see at least three: austrailian, red mysore, and white. Is there any opinions on which is the best option for layering?
  14. DiZZysTARdust

    Changing the Shadows

    In the bottle this is sweetish. Fresh on the skin was a blast of sweet flowers. It's a thick dark oil with strong throw, my favorite. Freshly on i got a strong whiff of roses actually. Not like actual roses or even rosewood or rose geranium, more like a general reddish rosiness as if these notes combined just happen to mimic the scent of a rose bouquet. They pick themselves apart pretty quickly tho, and leave behind a lovely floral scent that i would definitely call white flowers, even though the scent is to my nose quite warm. Hard to explain but it's like a clean floral. I agree with some previous reviewers calling it perfumey in an elegant way, although i disagree personally with the soap comparisons. Looking at some of the reviews, i am guessing that the strong floral blast when wet is the orange blossom. I'm not really familiar with orange blossom, or neroli, as i'm not a citrus fan. I've always wanted to smell some straight EOs as i've heard it said they smell nothing like citrus but the comparison is made in my head and i can't undo it. However, i was curious about this blend and decided to try it, and now i love it. There is a sharp fruitiness (NOT in a citrusy way) that i think must be the tea combining with the orange blossom, which fades as the scent dries and is replaced by more vanillic undertones. The carnation is also i think more noticeable as it dries, making the scent even warmer and redder than before. Gorgeous blend ETA the throw definitely decreases as it dries but is still p strong
  15. DiZZysTARdust

    Vital Fluid

    So this morning i picked up vital fluid and decided why not as my sotd for work today. I put this on and got the surprise of my life when it was not as i thought i remembered, sweet cherry wine, but rather dry and almost salty and extremely strong. My first thought was that it had since gone flat, but going through my old posts it was actually a brilliant and ruby colored fluid that i was thinking of, so this was my first official test of vital fluid off to a roaring start. I'm guessing i never tested it because of the strong herbal bitterness in the vial, and wet on the skin this stuff is like whoa. Salty, dry, bitter, and very very evocative of a vital fluid. Almost like blood, but not at all in a dragon's blood type incensey way. It's just like very earthy, musty, organic, very unique. Very off putting tbh. I was like shit i have to go to work with this on. So i'm sitting there, looking through my old posts cause at the time i swore i had favorably reviewed this, and all of the sudden i smelled this amazing, sweet, sort of clean scent. It was like a switch flipped. Vital fluid became this amazingly beautiful resinous musk. Strooooong throw. I normally work scents off in the first hourish but this shit lingered, soaked into my clothes and everything. I kept catching little phantom whiffs of it at work and going all starry eyed. It's well blended and feminine enough that i would say it has a classic perfume tone to it. It is very classy and beautiful, i could see wearing this out or to an important event. I'm very happy my bpal-newb self picked this up because looking at the note list i would have had no clue what i was purchasing at the time and i can't imagine why i did, but very glad to have the chance to try such a lovely, intriguing scent.