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  1. DiZZysTARdust

    Gioco Del Volano

    i picked this up hoping it would be similar to mysterious garden, ie a perfumey scent. it is perfumey although there are definitely differences between the two blends. this strongly reminds me of mr. hex’s black cat, which is i believe a dupe of black opium? i’ve never tried black opium but this def reminds of black cat. maybe a little lighter and less cloying
  2. DiZZysTARdust

    An Orchard in Spring

    i picked up this blend due to the reviews mentioning “crimson blossoms”= red musk. i don’t get much red musk, or even really anything like “crimson blossoms”, or even any lilac. this is all about the apple. it’s a really pretty apple blend, but i’ll be revisiting this sometime in the future to see if any red musk pops out
  3. DiZZysTARdust

    Hot Speckled Gloom

    sexy indeed! i was sure there was red musk in this as i was trying to remember the notes because it’s almost fruity in the way some red musks can be for me. i think that must be the red peppercorn, which is not at all spicy to me, giving a little oomph to the sweetness of the myrrhs. i don’t get much patchouli until hours into the drydown. it seems like red patchouli, very light and sweet and blending well with the others notes. good throw and staying power. the patchouli-dominance in the dry down is something i hope ages to be more present ETA this has crazy strong lasting power, i woke up still smelling it 12+ hours after application. this is unusual for me as my skin eats the bpals up but a very pleasant way to wake up
  4. DiZZysTARdust

    La Pluie d’or Léon

    i wasn’t sure about this scent because of white tea and the “lightning-struck amber”, however when these were coming down the yellow champa called to me so I jumped on a bottle. Glad i did because neither of those notes make this too astringent or soapy. In the bottle it seems like the champa and white tea are fighting for dominance, with the result being that this DOES seem like it might be astringent or soapy. freshly applied though they both settle, with the white tea only slightly in the lead. overall this is pretty well blended. i’m not getting any strong honey and if there is frankincense it’s not the strong, syrupy, almost piney variety but def more subtle. in the drydown this does start to become very golden and powdery. but the tea keeps it somewhat bright and almost watery in a way. rains of good indeed
  5. DiZZysTARdust

    Mysterious Garden

    this is absolutely gorgeous. it's hard to say which floral is the strongest. there is a vaguely herbal-lavender note in the bottle but once applied and into the drydown no one flower stands out in particular. this is super pink to me, like in the way of a high-end perfume. not much of a resinous feel from the labdanum. my past experience with this note is either somewhat medicinal or almost fizzy-cola. In this blend it's not coming out strongly but rather seems to be more giving everything else something to stick to and definitely adding to the pink vibe.
  6. DiZZysTARdust

    The School of Silence

    the lavender is def present in the bottle and freshly applied. i do not detect rose at all, and i usually amp it. lavender milk is a good description, to me this is almost like a pink lavender. like it's there in a delicate and sweet way as opposed to aggressively herbal. not getting any champa or cypress either. Almost an hour into the drydown, the lavender loses some of its dominance of this blend. The other notes are still not coming out strongly for me, but the lavender dissolves into a well-blended pool of milky floral sweetness. After an hour and a half, the lavender is gone and I can detect a hint of pink roses coming out, definitely very subtle and powdery.
  7. DiZZysTARdust

    White Sandalwood, Purple Orchid, and Tuberose

    in the bottle the orchid seems to be peeking out around the tuberose. wet on the skin the tuberose really blooms and dominates, although the sandalwood and orchid seem to be giving the tuberose a very clean vibe, so this is a very pink and frilly tuberose as opposed to the rich floral tuberose of some other bpals with this note. not to say this is not floral, it def is but a very light (tho not high pitched, soapy) floral. as it dries the tuberose REALLY comes out more, and this does indeed become a richer heavy tuberose note. The sandalwood is more present for me; this is almost like a tuberose incense. light throw.
  8. DiZZysTARdust

    The Desolate, Deserted Trees

    totally agree with the other reviews, this smells like straight sandalwood when freshly applied! reminds me of al azif or challenege of the ascetic. this does not change much through the drydown, still staying very reminiscent of sandalwood. low throw on this one. up close to the skin it’s an elegant blend of resins. the throw and what sticks to my clothing is more reminiscent of the “blackened, burnt” qualities but in a gentle charry way, no bonfire smoke here
  9. DiZZysTARdust

    Oblivion Railroad

    i was nervous about this one with blackened lavender as the first note in the description. indeed, other reviews are spot on that this is predominantly lavender in the bottle and freshly applied when wet. once applied, there is a few minutes of morphing phase on me where the lavender tried to stay dominant while the other notes begin to peek out. after 10 minutes the lavender is much less present. the other notes blend together seamlessly, so this becomes a resinous floral closer to the skin with a cloud of herbal lavender lingering in the throw. i don’t get strong champaca- or patchouli-head shop vibes from this while wet. it’s more of a rich resinous floral. initially the frankincense seems to be coming out the strongest of the notes, giving the other notes a golden base to stick to and complimenting the lavender. around the 2 hour mark the lavender and frankincense have burned away. there is still a rich dark floral. the champaca is coming out more but still not in a head shop type of way, just sweetening the scent now that the herbaceous lavender has mostly faded. i wore this both on my wrists to test and on my torso to scent myself, and my clothes where they touched the scent still have a more strong throw of lavender also at the two hour mark.
  10. DiZZysTARdust

    Inspecting the Lantern

    i really expected to love this. i’m a huge fan of tuberose, beeswax, cardamom, cedar, incense… the whole thing sounded like a win. in the bottle it was surprisingly more aquatic than i expected. on the skin, this is mostly about the tuberose, but it’s more like tuberose cologne than the heady floral i expected. it’s very light and sheer, i don’t get much beeswax, cardamom, or cedar on their own. it’s definitely a beautiful scent although on me cologne tends to veer toward soapy. this isn’t pure dove soap but definitely smells like an expensive soap in a fancy bathroom
  11. DiZZysTARdust


    the caraway is strong af when first applied. i agree with the celery comparison, definitely a very fresh greenness. once the celery vibe wears away after about ten minutes, the caraway takes a back seat. this becomes a delicious herbaceous spiced sandalwood. almost like a sandalwood tea. weirdly addictive, i can’t stop huffing my arm
  12. DiZZysTARdust

    We Believe that Death is Not the End of Man

    i picked this up secondhand because the notes sounded really beautiful and this is indeed a beautiful combination. in the bottle it’s not exactly “piney” but somewhat camphoraceous, i think it’s the frankincense coming through. freshly applied this is all about the frankincense and sandalwood, in a really warm, golden, resinous way. the pine and chestnut are definitely not prominent at this phase. i’m not fully confident about my chestnut identification abilities but they seem to be blending in with the other notes rather than giving this blend a nutty or foodie vibe. the throw is moderate and decreases as the sandalwood and frankincense fade from prominence (around the 2 hour mark for my small test patch). they are still in the background but the pine comes out a little more strongly for me at this point.
  13. DiZZysTARdust


    i absolutely adore humanite. i’ve worn it many times but reviewing for the first time because i’m committing myself to reviewing all my scents. absolute love from the bottle. the notes blend together really well. i am a huge tuberose fan and this note definitely doesn’t come out strongly to me. it also doesn’t come across as a very “fruit” forward scent despite all the fruit notes. the one aspect that is the most notable for me is the “caramelized” aspect. it smells like caramelized flowers to me. strangely edible although not exactly foodie or floral. very unique and delicious. does not morph much from the wet to dry phase, with a strong throw. my little test patch lasted 2+ hours before decreasing in strength, although still smelled very much the same closer to the skin
  14. DiZZysTARdust

    Vetiver & White Myrrh

    vetiver and myrrh fan here. i was excited to see which one dominates. i agree that in the bottle and freshly on this is like straight peanut butter. not even sweet or powdery peanut butter for me, just pure nutty peanut butter. i will be tracking to see how it morphs. freshly on: PB! very foody, around 10 minutes: i feel like the peanut butter is starting to turn to vetiver. 20 minutes: omg, the peanut butter has disappeared, no vetiver, but there is something powdery and sweet now. there is a slight, slight woodiness under the powder which i think supports very well. 30+ minutes: the woodiness, which i think is actually the vetiver, and powderiness of the myrrh are more evenly balanced. low throw on the small test patch i applied but this is a really nice warm woody unisex scent. i agree the vetiver is not the typical aggressive vetiver, this might be why the myrrh is able to come through so much
  15. DiZZysTARdust

    Kabuki Actor with Scroll

    i was luckily able to scoop a bottle of this secondhand. so glad i did because it is absolutely delicious. i love champaca. many times when it is blended with a lot of resins/spices it becomes very head shop. the champaca is definitely a main player in this from the get go but the head shop vibe is definitely muted and well blended with the other ingredients. the cumin, patchouli, and vetiver are all notes i tend to pick out of blends because they're so recognizable, but here they aren't main players for me. neither is the teakwood as, which i was hoping for more of as it's a note i love, but doesn't come out on its own so much here. everything blends together to create a beautiful, warm, lightly spiced background for the champaca. i agree with the above review, the champaca becomes less strong into the drydown but leaves behind the other notes which are still just as beautiful and well-blended without it. decent throw. definitely a win, can't wait to see how it ages