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    I am a writer and a poet and I enjoy scents with beautiful lyrical names. I love all things flower and herb (in my perfumes and in all other aspects of my life). I like to cook and bake all different manner of things, but sadly I do not like scents inspired by food. My heroes are all goddesses and witches and bawdy sexy hedonistic individuals who lead life by the belt
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  1. DiZZysTARdust

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    Very interesting scent. Sour plasticky bitter herbs in the bottle. Blends seamlessly on the skin. The throw is a beautiful vaguely floral but non descript perfume. Up close on the skin i smell the citrusy green aspects. They're not sweet or floral up close at all, but hard to describe as they're like blanketed under a layer of dark, smoky, sultry resins. Hard to pin down but gorgeous af. Don't get any leatheriness in the wet phases at all.
  2. DiZZysTARdust


    Miaiphonos is quite scary in the bottle. Maybe because i was aware of the notes all i can detect is a strong, spicy cumin. Delicious but intimidating. My mom gave it a blind sniff and guessed licorice and oranges, her nose is usually p on point. She tried it on and first there is an upswelling of cumin that fades into a gorgeous heady spiced orange tea. The cumin is still detectable to me at the edges, giving it a slightly metallic tone that makes "blood stained" seem like a fitting title. I can see how folks might get a holiday spiced vibe out of this, but it's a very grown up, classy holiday spice imo. Def not the yankee candle type as some spiced blends tend to remind me of.
  3. DiZZysTARdust

    The Great Sword of War

    This is like strangely good. I am on the hunt for the perfect red musk-tobacco blend, and i have an imp of this in my box. I remember sniffing this when i first started using bpals and being like wtf is that because i could not id anything, and sniffing it now that is strong af tobacco coming out of the imp. Triggered that funny little memory. Tobacco and subtle herbally cocoa at the forefront, i love that combo. The mandarin adds a little brightness without doing the whole chocolate orange thing i was expecting. Don't really get much red musk per se but it must be what makes this so strangely addictive. One of those huff my elbow scents. It doesn't morph much and it LASTS forever and a little def goes a long way.
  4. DiZZysTARdust

    The Dodo

    Damn i was not expecting to love dodo like i do. Normally i would not even consider something so fruity, esp with citrus peel which tbh i hate. But i see this get recommended a lot in red musk threads, and i found it while trawling through my imp box on a red musk kick, so..... I am SO glad i broaded my horizons for this because it's a great red musk. Red musk can be like grapey/winey on me but it blends perfectly with the lemon to be like a nondescript sweet fruit toned. No hint of cassia which i am also glad for. The woods must be giving everything something to stick to, but this is not a woody blend to me. I would almost describe it as like a kool aid, which sounds fruity and sour, but in a perfumey musky way.
  5. DiZZysTARdust

    The Imperfect Enjoyment

    This is like a lighter hyakki yagyo to me. Or i guess since this came first hyakki is like a really demonic in your face imperfect enjoyment. Idk what the difference is but hyakki throws like whoa on me, whereas imperfect enjoyment seems a little subtler and closer. Scent wise they are almost identical. Head shop, occult shop, gothy incense. I would have to death match to get an accurate measure of their differences
  6. DiZZysTARdust

    Red Musk

    I think illimitable dominion is what sparked this need..... I keep telling myself i don't need unhily basketball because pumpkin but damn is my restraint really starting to slip on that one.... Oooh yes i will take the florals with this, arachnina was on my wishlist when i first discovered bpal but then she sort of slipped my mind. I know i def have imps of la lethe and great sword tho so off to dig those out
  7. DiZZysTARdust

    Red Musk

    Coming here because bpal has made me a red musk fiend, and i've recently discovered the joys of tobacco. And now i come here iso recs for red musk scents that are tobacco heavy. Help plz
  8. DiZZysTARdust

    Some Strangeness in the Proportion

    I totally get the comparisons to celeste. This is v dry and dusty in that same sharp way that took me by surprise. Totally the saffron making itself known. I'm not getting much vanilla or pink pepper in the throw, this is not really as sweet as i was expecting, but it's there when i sniff up close. It's very elegant and understated, and also i would say p unisex. It's a little cooler and less head shoppy than i was hoping for but still deliciously resiny, lots of labdanum which i love. ETA, after an hour or so the pink-pepper vanilla combo comes to the surface, which is sweet but still in an elegant, refined way rather than cloying foodie.
  9. DiZZysTARdust

    Peninsula Deliriorum

    i REALLY wanted to love this as bpal has opened my mind to both tobacco and orange blossom. however, on me this is the EXACT recipe for dove soap
  10. DiZZysTARdust


    this is a really interesting scent because it seems like it's one of those scents that seems to need a good shake. it's straight geranium in the bottle. geranium plus tobacco equals industrial hand soap. nervous making. for the initial test i was already wearing something in my elbows so i just wiped what was on the lid on the inside of my wrist. having experimented with both slathering and dabbing, it seems to me that a heavier application is needed to truly experience all the notes. however i tried it anyway and this was pure geranium on my wrist: screechy, headache-inducing, rosy, hospital grade soap. what's interesting is that i tried it again today (2 days later) on my elbows, my more traditional testing spot, with a more generous application. one elbow is staying very much rose geranium, however the other is this gorgeous complex powdery scent, with no one note especially distinguishable. there's like a brightness to this. it gives the scent an overall bronze amber glow, like polished wood, so i attribute it to the wenge. i'll need to try this again after a good shake and see what happens cause if the right arm is anything to go by this has serious potential. low throw skin scent but lasting.
  11. DiZZysTARdust

    Variety of Pleasing Amusements

    this is a gorgeous, complex, tobacco heavy scent. in the bottle it's strong sweet tobacco, and veers toward screechy-soapy in a way that tobacco sometimes can on me. On there's still the initial blast of cleanliness, with the honey and myrrh tumbling along after to make this a weird melange of soap-sweet-powder. It does settle though, and everything plays along nicely to dry into an elegant tobacco-esque perfume. i don't ever get much of the leather; it's almost like that's a bit of a tough underlayer giving everything else a place to stick after the initial cacophony. It has a slight powdery edge, making it more unisex than straight up masculine to my nose. as a tobacco lover, i'm pleased with this. it's perhaps only a few shades off from being tobacco single note on me but enough complexity to make it fun.
  12. DiZZysTARdust

    Embracing Komachi

    Goes on light and delicate. Fairly nondescript in the bottle, light sweet powdery floral when wet. Then all of a sudden i'm at work and i'm like holy hell do i smell licorice. At first i thought it was some remnants of something else on my sweatshirt, but NOPE. It's embracing. Idk if it's maybe the combo of coconut and leather, or maybe the angelica, but this is perfectly blended to mimic a licoricey throw. I LOVE IT. It's like a musky licorice. I know angelica is musky so that must be why, and a sliver is DEF more than enough. As it dries the coconut becomes the tiniest bit more prominent and turns this all nutty and buttery. Omg this is so delicious
  13. DiZZysTARdust

    Her Voice

    So this is strong rose in the bottle for me, but like a fresh cut rose not like a red rose. Definitely wild. Freshly on the rose settles down and seems content to share the stage with the greenery. There is a distinct greenness to this scent, above descriptions of reedy/stemmy are spot on. Then there's the rosiness, and then also the beeswax and resins are sort of present, keeping either floral from overtaking. Nothing really jumps out. It's funny cause this is really well blended and "perfumey" but also fresh and green, so not exactly what i think of for a classy, classic perfume but yet it is. As it dries the vanilla amber comes out. The rose burns off first and is replaced by carnation as the most distinguishable flower note. This becomes even moar powdery and elegant with a floral edge. The throw is medium low but i can't stop huffing my elbow. I could easily see wearing this to a formal event. Gorgeous
  14. DiZZysTARdust

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Hey everybody, I need the hive mind to tell me about the perfect beeswax-resin scent. I was able to try some heretic recently and it is the PERFECT beeswax-resin scent, but i don't expect to track any more down any time soon. It's basically what i wanted from luperci but the honey in that is one of the few bpal honey scents that turns to plastic on me. Any close dupes? Or just looking for any beeswaxy resiny woody dark chewy types in general ETA bonus points if it has tobacco 🧐
  15. DiZZysTARdust

    Blood Twinkle

    Ahhhhh this is gorgeous. I get a little leery of white musk-white florals, although i love them in moderation in practice they often veer towards shampoo on me. This is strong honeysuckle in the bottle, that sparkly effervescence, but not too soapy. It comes out much stronger on the skin, with the dragon's blood a distinct layer underneath giving it some warmth. It's overall very perfumey in a sugary femme way. It's p equal parts fruity to floral to my nose, the honeysuckle is present without taking over but nothing else really pops. More sweet floral at first with the fruitiness coming out into the drydown and lingering. Great throw, lasted about 6+ hours on me