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  1. DiZZysTARdust

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Hey everybody, I need the hive mind to tell me about the perfect beeswax-resin scent. I was able to try some heretic recently and it is the PERFECT beeswax-resin scent, but i don't expect to track any more down any time soon. It's basically what i wanted from luperci but the honey in that is one of the few bpal honey scents that turns to plastic on me. Any close dupes? Or just looking for any beeswaxy resiny woody dark chewy types in general ETA bonus points if it has tobacco 🧐
  2. DiZZysTARdust

    Blood Twinkle

    Ahhhhh this is gorgeous. I get a little leery of white musk-white florals, although i love them in moderation in practice they often veer towards shampoo on me. This is strong honeysuckle in the bottle, that sparkly effervescence, but not too soapy. It comes out much stronger on the skin, with the dragon's blood a distinct layer underneath giving it some warmth. It's overall very perfumey in a sugary femme way. It's p equal parts fruity to floral to my nose, the honeysuckle is present without taking over but nothing else really pops. More sweet floral at first with the fruitiness coming out into the drydown and lingering. Great throw, lasted about 6+ hours on me
  3. DiZZysTARdust

    A Multitude of Dreams

    I love this and i am not normally a lavender person. Like i like the idea of it, but it can be too strong and astringent for me. But let me tell you, as other reviews have noted, the combo of lavender and licorice is 👌. The lavender is p strong in the bottle but when freshly applied the licorice comes out more strongly, and they work SO fabulously together. As soon as this starts to dry the vanillic benzoin is coming out, and this smells exactly like sweet sleep hg. Unfortunately just like that hg the herbally notes burns off first, quite fast, and then it's a powdery vanilla myrrh-benzoin. Both parts are lovely, but if i were to wear this out i would def bring some along for re-apps
  4. DiZZysTARdust

    Whispers of Monstrous Things

    Interesting in the bottle. Very sour and almost musty. Really evocative of papers left in a basement or the like. Freshly on the sourness peaks then burns off. It seems like the pepper might be the culprit. After that the blend settles into this warm, subtle musk. It's really well blended, almost sweet but in a more neutral way for sure. As it dries the sandalwood kind of pokes out a bit and smooths over everything really nicely. This has a medium throw and lasts a good long time, stuck with me through a 9 hour shift in a bakery. Throw had faded towards the end but still a nice close to the skin muskiness
  5. DiZZysTARdust


    Omg this is def a morpher. In the bottle i am afraid of giallo, smells like straight soap. Very light and effervescent with an almost aquatic-citrusy edge. Once on the delicious, deep dark side comes to life and this becomes a rich, inky, sweet but not cloying, well blended scent. The tobacco is def there in the beginning, but just a well tamed hint of it. The fruits are also prominent without this being a fruity scent, def the citrus and plums. There is a lot of powder turning components here that behave remarkably well; this has a powdery edge without overtaking the scent. This is in fact a master blend, with all the components peeking out without anything really taking over or establishing itself prominently. The sweet fruitiness lessens somewhat as it dries and i feel the patchouli kind of rises up under there, but never becomes a patchouli scent. I don't ever get much red musk as an identifiable note, sadly, or the vanilla, but i'm sure they are doing their part. I actually expected this to morph more, but it stayed pretty true to form for a long time (going on 12 hours after application now and i can still detect this on me, tho only in faint quantities). I was fearful of a switch back to the initial in the bottle soapiness but this doesn't happen for me. Maybe because it's aged? (Whoa this was released in '09!) The throw now is still somewhat dark, slightly fruity, like the dregs of a wine glass left out all night. Maybe that's my beloved red musk sticking around? This has a strong ass throw, and it's so elegant that i want to save it for special occasions. I don't have many midnight masquerades to go to these days, but that's okay cuz that means giallo will stick around longer
  6. DiZZysTARdust

    Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan

    This is super light, lighter than I expected somehow. In the bottle this is all about the blackcurrant. Light, sweet, fruity, not quite as fizzy as it can be in other scents. Freshly applied, the leather comes out slightly, but it's somehow a fruity leather. The blackcurrant vibes so well with leather. I don't get any khus (if that is in fact vetiver) at all, which usually i can detect cause it's p strong. The leather stays into the dry down, then gradually burns off and becomes this absolutely gorgeous well blended fruity femme scent. Definitely a spring scent here. It's very reminiscent of the initial in the bottle scent with a little more depth, like maybe the amber and/or pepper or khus are under there giving the blackcurrant something to stick to without making themselves too obvious. Black pepper i don't usually detect much of, but black amber usually goes very powdery on me. This doesn't happen here. Mirror stays very much the same on me several hours into the drydown, then gradually turns a bit powdier/soapy as it's fading. Not much of a morpher except for the loss of that lovely leather addition. Both phases are nice in their own way, tho i def would have to carry around a little stash of this for reapps to keep the leather going if i wore this out.
  7. DiZZysTARdust

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    this is sooo good. Like the perfect vanilla scent. The vanilla is strong and rich when it's freshly applied. A little of the patchouli comes out but i think the sandalwood smooths it over pretty quickly, and the vanilla stays a strong point even into the drydown, which kind of seems to tie everything together. I think i have read copal as like a fizzy bright note in the past, but i'm not getting so much of that in here. As it dries further the vanilla gets a little less sweet but still very present. This sort of reminds me of celeste. Or rather, it's what i wanted from celeste but a little more vanilla and more sheer in some ways. Still, despite that this isn't really like a casual every day scent to me. Saving for special occasions.
  8. DiZZysTARdust

    The Black Swan

    So i was terrified of this in the bottle. Coming out it smells very soapy. Strong lilies verging on a single note. It honestly smells like a bottle of hand soap. As a floral lover i have come to accept that multi-flower blends sometimes turn to soap, but i took a chance and tested this today. On wet this is still strongly lily and STRONG throw. Then happily as it dries the lilies fade and let the beautiful green vegetalness described in so many reviews shine through. It's hard to pin down but there's like a syrupy sweetness to it. I think it must be the moss giving it like almost a resinous feel. The sweetness maybe comes from the lotus, it's def a bubble gum vibe without being too effervescent or cloying. There's a little powderiness but never verging on baby powder. I was a little afraid of the marine accord cause that sometimes goes cologne on me, but that def doesn't turn this way on me. Throw decreases a bit as the lilies fade but that's okay, i love sniffing myself (lol sentences i never thought i'd write before bpal). If i really huff i still smell their soapiness underneath everything else but it's v understated. Good wear length.
  9. DiZZysTARdust


    I have been intrigued by anubis but never pursued it, so i was pleased when i got a frimp of this in a package. In the vial it's a sweetish incense. The myrrh is def jumping out. On the skin the myrrh is still like whoa, and then there's like a subtle shift as everything settles and suddenly i smell... bananas!!! This reminds me of al-azif! I'll have to death match them, it's not exact. Azif is def a little darker, whereas anubis is like a lighter, sweeter, vanillic bananas. Dries to powdery resinous myrrh. V lovely 😍
  10. DiZZysTARdust

    Dark and Weary

    Can't say much about this except that it's a beautifully blended scent, regal and a touch somber. In the bottle it's a little dusty and woody, but it really blossoms on the skin. It becomes sweet and almost floral. Normally with tobacco i get like a chewy almost masculine vibe. Not so here. It's like a light non soapy white floral. Like a really elegant old fashioned perfume. The vanilla and benzoin combine forces to give this a very vanilla-centric but non-foodie vibe. I think that must be responsible for some of the sweetness as well. I don't get much of the oudh except as like an undercurremt of fizziness, which def lightens this up a bit. Not really dark and weary, more like a misty grey 🖤. Or maybe sepia toned is a better word for it. Like grey toned but underneath is like a warm goldeness. The throw on this is strong af. That's partly why i'm writing this review, cuz i'm walking around work huffing my arms. One of those weird scents where it's a strong throw but light on the skin, but if i get a good huff up close i can like taste it. It's also soaking into my clothes which is awesome. Def gorgeous on its own but i would love to see what this would do as a base layer, with all these strong notes. ETA my skin eats this like candy, and after like 3 hours the vanillic sweetness has burned off and the throw has dropped down considerably. The tobacco does get a little of that cologney mustiness, and there is a thread of oudh now, but oudh doesn't usually do that fecal thing on me so it's just a stronger, slightly bitter, woody fizziness. Really reminscent of capella dos ossos now, which must have oudh in it. Not unpleasant but def less perfumey and a bit drier and darker. Now i really want to try layering it EETA the vanilla does circle back around and peek back out, then after like 7 hours of wear on me it fades to a sweetish muskiness.
  11. DiZZysTARdust

    The Dreadful Silence of That Old House

    So i just purchased this second hand. I was very intrigued by the notes so this has only had a few hours out of the mailbox. In the bottle there is def a cologney fizzy vibe that i would call unisex over straight up masculine. I sometimes get a fizziness from oudh and labdanum. So i'm wondering if either of them are in this mysterious mahogany note. On the skin it's much the same as it's drying. Fizzy and def still unisex. It's almost ozonic in a way, not like a straight up ozone blend or rain of anything but just very light and airy. As it dries the fizziness settles down and the throw steps back a notch. The myrrh is not heavily noticeable yet except for a faint powdery sweetness. As it continues to dry this overtakes the fizziness completely and becomes a soft and close to the skin. Kind of clean smelling in a non soapy way, like a skin musk. This would probably make a great base layer if it stays as low amping and neutral as it is now. I'll have to do a retest in a few days to see if that changes.
  12. DiZZysTARdust

    Lady Death: Savage

    I was super excited to try lady death cause i am interested in perfumey blends, and she did not disappoint! Freshly on, lady death is sweet, floral, and well blended. It kind of reminds me of kanishta where it's sweet flower candy with a woody background at first then softly transforms into a powdery, still sweet but now muted, close to the skin muskiness. This is super well blended, though when fresh a hint of the sweet clean greeness of the muguet shines pretty strongly, though not as an in your face bouquet of them. This is def perfumey, and it reminds me strongly of the cheap ass, strong af girl axes sold at walmart n such. Sounds maybe like a weird description but totally in a good way. Sweet and pink and a bit bubbly, but also kinda sleazy and over the top glitzy. I am transported back to high school pre-dances, partying with my friends, practicing our dance moves and putting on way too much eye shadow, then spending the entire dance sorting out the dramas in the hallway. Good throw and pretty lasting
  13. DiZZysTARdust


    Sometimes i get a little wistful when i think about the many years bpal existed that i didn't know about them, and then other times when i hold a 10+ year old bottle i get this feeling of excitement. Kanishta is one of those times. Although i'm sure it would have been fabulous sniffing her fresh and vibrant and young, she has truly aged with grace. In the bottle there is just a sweet floral menage coming out. This isn't soapy green florals or heady white florals, rather sweet and pink. Flower musk is a good call. Nothing stands out. Freshly applied it is much the same. No overwhelming patchouli or vetiver, which would have been equally nice i'm sure. I feel like they're giving the flowers something dark to stand on. When first applied i thought i detected a whiff of patchouli on direct sniff but that melded beautifully back in as she dried. As she dries, the floral blend is almost tooth achingly sweet. I'm reminded somewhat of maenad. Not an exact dupe but similar. Poppy is a common note in both so that might account for it. This is so super well blended. I don't get the powderiness that jasminr can do. Sort of get the creaminess from magnolia but it's like it's blurring everything else together. About two hours in the super sweetness has burned off. I guess i would classify the more subdued and closer to the skin scent as "woodier" although more in the sense that it's not as much a flower bouquet as before, though i am still not getting any noticeable patch or vetiver. Overall, i love this. Very elegant and perfumey. Tbh i could have even stood a little MORE woodiness but i love it as is. Moderate throw at first, then pulls back into a more snuggly skin scent. Gorgeous. This also is very lasting, most oils on me last maybe 4-5 hours at the most, especially when i wear them to work and sweat them off, and rn seven and a half hours after application my inner arms still have a faint floral sweetness. Def becomes more powdery the longer it sits.
  14. DiZZysTARdust

    Al Azif

    So al azif gave me quite the scare. ***head's up, this review could be totally off base!*** First, full long backstory time. I just found a bottle of al azif that never made it into the folds of my collection and since this is one i've been intrigued by i decided to try it on right then. I opened it up and gave it a sniff and was crushed to smell straight carrier oil. Sort of light, def like jojoba and or almond, which makes sense cause i know the lab uses jojoba oil as a base. So my immediate thought was that the bottle was compromised from not being put away, but i decided to try it on anyway. It takes a minute, but on the skin this did start to come out to play. First there was like a foodie sweetness. Not exact but i am strongly reminded of bananas. I could be way off base here but as it dried there was a chewiness that makes me think more of fig. But still lots of banana. A little bit dark, like a banana dipped in resin. There's a hint of powdery woodiness that seems very well blended to me. I see some mention of vetiver in reviews, to me this is not coming out strongly. I wouldn't have guessed that based on what i'm smelling, tho of course that doesn't mean it's not there, but def none of the dry, herbally, bitterness i associate with vetiver. I almost feel like the sweetness is partly coming from myrrh, which goes sweet and powdery on me, but it's hard to pick out. Overall this is not exactly what i was expecting and i certainly wouldn't call it sinister. It's actually kind of comforting, and almost beachy, like a hint of suntan lotion. Not like lotion in the bottle tho, more like the remnants of it on the skin after a long day of being out in the sun. The sweetness tones down somewhat and it becomes a little warmer as it dries. It's really wild cause i'm sniffing the bottle and then sniffing my arm and in the bottle it still totally smells like carrier oil. i am honestly not sure if this is compromised or not, tho i did end up finding an imp of al azif and giving a quick sniff in the vial i did get the same generic carrier oil scent. So this review could be totally off base. But that's what i got Eta: i was wearing time's infliction of eternity the other day and it struck me that it smelled familiar, it smelled like the banana-y vibe from al azif! And today i have on ill mannered dragon and same thing at first, though it quickly blended in with everything else. So i am now certain that dragon's blood is a component of al azif
  15. DiZZysTARdust

    The Court of Honor

    This note list reads like a dream scent for me so i was def expecting to love court of honor. In the bottle i was pretty surprised to smell like a generic soapiness. This stayed the same when freshly applied, like i melted a dove bar over myself. Not unpleasant but i'm not really about that, and like i said it seemed very generic, nothing special, not even a fancy soap. I am a fan of morphers so i stuck it out hoping for an imorovement, and it took about 15 minutes but it did lose a little of the harshness. It sort of turned more mellow and golden. The description in some reviews of "creamy but not foodie" is p accurate. Unfortunately there was still a soapy aspect to this, now mixed with straight baby powder, that keeps this from being a scent i love personally. The tobacco is probably the most prominent (i'm not good at id'ing that), with the orris a close second. My mom was reminded of the guest bathroom of an elderly woman living in the south/by the seaside and i think that's p accurate. ETA the word i was searching for here is aquatic. This is an almost aquatic soap with a cologney edge, a trifecta of Things I Do Not Like Overall it's hard to give an impression of this. I definitely did not like the beginning wet phase, and this is def something that needs to be applied while getting ready to give it some time to settle. The drydown was a little more baby powder than elegant powder for me, though not bad. I'd say this is a scent i like but don't love and i'm happy with an imp's worth. I could see myself reaching for this before some kind of professional event or as an office scent. Light throw but seems to have good staying power.