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  1. DiZZysTARdust

    Joyful Moon

    So i was really excited about this because that note list is like hot damn. In the bottle it's hard to describe. Sort of flattish, but with a sweet tinge. Not quite medicinal. Maybe just literally rooty from the angelica and orris? Not bad tho. Freshly on i swear i sniffed a trace of peanut butter, stronger on the right wrist then the left, and honestly not much else. I was slightly alarmed but that dissipated fairly quickly as the scent warmed up. Looking at the notes, i'd guess that may be the french vanilla settling in? At first this is very very subtle but it seems to blossom as it dries into a very perfumey perfume. I've definitely smelled some classy bpals before but this is most definitely boardroom, ballroom, penthouse chic stuff imho. Top of the list. Very well blended. I don't get rose as a distinct note at all and i tend to amp that. Must be the white variety doesn't overtake as much. I feel i do get a bit of headiness from the frangipani and the bubbliness of the honeysuckle, but neither come out strong. As it dries further the sweetness kind of dissipates. It's now still perfumey but more of a skin scent i guess you could say. I know angelica and ambrette are used as musks so it must be the melange of musks coming together. There is still a pleasant floral throw around me but up close it's slightly cleaner, but like really sexy skin clean if that makes sense. Pretty good throw as my mom can smell me from across the living room
  2. DiZZysTARdust

    The Carpathian Mountains

    So i was super excited to try this. Not only because the carpathian mountains are tied for number one on my travel destination wishlist, but also for the rhododendron note, among the cornucopia of grasses and flowers. So i was like zomggggg to pick up a bottle second hand, and i absolutely could not restrain myself and skin tested the day i got it. This happened about a month ago. And i know about aging of bottles but i couldn't help it. in the bottle and freshly on for the inital application this was unquestionably BIRCH. I just learned to id this tree by scent and black birch is a characteristic wintergreen. So it was cool, but very strong. But whatever i've been pleasantly surprised by stuff that smells pretty strange in the bottle. So i confidentally slather it on and sit there waiting for the morph that never comes. It's straight mintiness. Decent throw, too, and it fades into basically nothingness fairly quickly aftet that. Not too impressive. I checked the reviews and it seemed like that was the MO for this blend, except for one review with an ETA to let this rest and test again. With nothing to lose, i set this aside to play the waiting game. I've seen it a few times since then but haven't felt confident enough to try again until today. And i must say, lesson learned about the rest period. At first it was the same in the bottle, and after application still very powerful wintergreen. But as it was drying there was an immediately noticeable difference. The mint was less intense, somewhat sweeter. After a few minutes on my skin it actually almost completely faded from the throw and was only detectable as a faint thread close to the skin, much like the spring thaw. The wildflowers actually began to peek out! They weren't distinct from one another, even the lily of the valley and any potential rosiness from that "rose bay" were tamed. Overall it was just a sweet, green (though not grassy), cool herbal scent. VERY evocative of the transistion from winter into spring with that crisp mountain snow note.
  3. DiZZysTARdust

    FORMULA UOS1520: Overconfident Hipster

    Def agree with leopard403 that the name is a bit of a turn off lol. I was not able to get to the trunk show so i had no expectations of trying to obtain this or any of the cool sounding formulas. I happened to catch it on etsy tho which was sick! Gardenias need to be in more bpal blends imo. Freshly on it's a big bathtub full of soapy white flowers. Gardenia and jasmine right out of the gate. The jasmine is strong but the gardenia is like supporting it? They stay pretty heady for a while, then the lily of the valley eventually starts to become more present. The peony i think adds a sweetness that keeps this from going dish soapy. Very lovely. Medium throw when fresh but gets closer to the skin as it dries
  4. DiZZysTARdust

    Galerie des Glaces

    This definitely evokes French/Paris for me in the sense that i am instantly reminded of a fine french cologne. More cologne than perfume i would say. Very clean smelling. On the skin it smells much the same but a little warmth from what i would imagine to be amber or possibly musk comes out and keeps this from turning soapy. Vaguely lemony i want to say. This is not much of a morpher on me. After 2+ hours it is still pretty much exactly the same. Despite the good wear length and staying power the throw is not too strong, although tbf i tested only lightly. A nice scent although not overly me. Not sure what i was hoping for with the drop of poison note, this does seem to have been achieved with a slightly sinister smoothness. This would be good in a professional setting imo, to be all calm and sharp and not too in your face.
  5. DiZZysTARdust


    Agape super sweet, both in the bottle and fresh on the skin. I can detect the apple and i'm thinking possibly the guava? Just like a sweet sour element. I normally don't go for fruit scents but this is nice because the florals are giving the a sweeter vibe than plain fruits might. Also, the vanillic undertone is just kind of reaching out and smoothing any sharp edges. Another reason this is nice is that, on me at least, the throw is not strong. Overly sweet/sour fruity scents tend to overpower me but this is very gentle. Can't really detect it from far away except a faint flowery hint, like an old sachet tucked in a random drawer. Then sniffing the skin up close it's still there. Perfect representation of friendship tbh.
  6. DiZZysTARdust

    Garden of Death

    Just opened this so i know i'll have to re-review at some point to get a more accurate sense of this. Still, this is a gorgeous blend atm so that will be quite easy. Opening the bottle this is very cypress heavy. Freshly applier is much the same, cypress with an herbally undertone. The cypress actually burns off very quickly during the initial drydown, leaving behind a somewhat muted but lovely floral. I can def get the iris and other flowers as they peek out, prob mostly the mums as it's a more spiced floral than white. The throw is very delicate and powdery Up close it's sweeter with a distinctive garden soil base. I can't really pick out the other vegetal notes individually but i think they support the flowers and turn this from a vapid flower blend into a very elegant, gentle sweet, blend.
  7. DiZZysTARdust

    The Apparition

    My first thoughts when this goes on were both "golden" and "reedy". This is a surprisingly herbally, almost grassy blend. One thing i worry about with geraniums is that they tend to turn rosy and take over but that doesn't happen in this. No rosiness whatsoever. As it dries the sandalwood peeks out but it's very subdued. As it dries the herballness goes away, leaving an almost bitter after scent, which blends quite nicely with the sandalwood tbh. Despite the strong players this is a pretty subdued scent with a medium throw, staying closer to the skin for 3+ hours after application on me ETA despite the strong words in my description this is actually a lovely scent imo
  8. DiZZysTARdust

    Death Shall Come in with Thee

    This was quite strong in the bottle. Very much sandalwood. On me, my first thought was that this would be a good masculine blend. Sandalwood with an edge of cloves. Good throw when freshly applied and for a while after. As it's beginning to dry the vanilla becomes more prominent with a sweetness that i attribute to the opium. Definitely still more on the masculine side imo, but also fairly unisex. The cloves fade first and this becomes sweet vanilla sandalwood for several hours on me.
  9. DiZZysTARdust

    Bears of Berlin

    I got all my lilith yules and travelogues decants at once, and they've been sitting in the envelope waiting to be tested. tonight's the night to sort them out, and bears of berlin has the honor of being the first one tested. i took a real chance with this one. that hot buttered note made me think instantly of the generic, super fake buttered popcorn fragrance that i hate. i honestly have no idea why i chose to add this in, but all i can say is i adore it. no nasty fake food up in here. the clove and honey are very prominent, kind of smoothed over by a butteriness and a little vanilla from the tonka. from a distance the honey is more noticeable, and it's a very clear, non-plasticky honey. the scent warms as i sniff it straight from my wrist. i wouldn't really classify this as foodie. definitely warm and resinous and even somewhat comforting, while not overly sweet. as it dries it becomes somewhat similar to a pumpkin spice or fall spice candle for me, except not really any pumpkin or vegetal notes. it's still nice, and i'm glad i took the chance for chilly days when i need to warm up and get stuff done, but i don't think i'll need a bottle. i will be interested in trying this again next fall to see how it's aged
  10. DiZZysTARdust

    Luna Sanguinem

    in the botte this is so strongly herbal if’s almost salty. it reminds me of some kind of seasoning. on the skin this is sharp at first. very herbal. something on my skin is like camphoraceous underneath a drier green herbal. i think that is the mugwort. i’m somehow reminded of privilege. it’s like astringent but in an airy way, not like eucalyptus or thyme for ex. which are more distinct. the throw is medium and much the same as the skin scent. the camphoraceous note fades first. it becomes more foresty in a sense, with flowers detectable alongside the herb notes, while being too well blended to stand out individually. it’s definitely a little musky at this point but like eerily beautiful, like i can’t stop smelling my wrists even though this isn’t a sweet beautiful flowery scent which is normally my jam. the herbalness fades next (after over an hour of wear on me) which diminishes the strength slightly but still strong on the skin. it’s now a beautiful floral, unquestionably red. the carnation is strongest i think. the rose is more of a guest here, supporting the carnation to keep the incense base from making this an incense blend. there is more of a sweet vanilla metallic base.
  11. DiZZysTARdust


    this was a random secondhand purchase for the gorgeous note list. the blackcurrant is strong in this one. opening the bottle i get hints of winey fruit, prob the combo of the pomegranate and blackcurrant working together. going on my skin this is at first like sweet fruity candy with the ylang ylang coming out. the throw is pretty decent for a fruit-floral blend. as it dries, it’s funny but it starts to kind of diverge into two different throws. there’s the fruit floral melange and then the powdery soapy lilies. the lilies stay seperate while everything else converges. it’s so weird but cool. sniffing my skin it’s more cohesive, like an herbally green wine candy. after about an hour the lilies are kind of gone. still sweet and floral but not so much wine anymore. i feel like the wine has been replaced by a powderiness. the throw has reduced but this is still present closer to the skin
  12. DiZZysTARdust

    Trick #1

    this smells like silk fabric would smell if it was a scent. like very cool but not a cold or watery scent. like red silk, which i'm assuming is due to the volcanic red musk. but it's like the florals have become one with the musk in like this totally glorious way. the honey turns it into sweet flowers rather than being a player on its own. i think the orris kind of tempers the honeysuckle and magnolia and is the true bridge between flowers and musk. i don't really note ginger or leather in what i would call a masculine way. this is a very feminine, sensual, silk bathrobe kind of scent. i feel like the ginger and leather must be working with the patchouli and vanilla to give off more of an incensey vibe in the throw, which is decently strong on me, whereas the flower musk is more prominent up close on the skin. very cool. i'm honestly reminded so strongly of inara serra in serenity in the scene where she's in her rooms lighting incense and the bad dude shows up..... i don't usually associate fragrances with memories but this is now my go-to inara-channeling perfume. the florals hung around for 2+ hours on me, while the incense lingered a little while longer. ETA: whoa, i totally didn't realize i had already reviewed this, hope that's ok!
  13. DiZZysTARdust


    this is a very light, clean scent. i’m not sure what i was expecting. i picked up this scent because of the note list, which sounded very posh and perfumey. going on wet this is not very reminscent of department store perfumes. it’s actually very soapy and green. like straight antibacterial hospital issued no nonsense stuff. at first it’s overpowering soap, and then i get a hint of lemon coming through like a beacon in the night. not straight citrus though, this is more herbally, like lemon verbena. it’s very strong for a second and then i get a little rose. not exactly a rose in bloom, this is definitely a thorny green rose. there’s a little melange of rose and lemon for a while into the dry down. it’s very pretty but subtle. this seems to have a pretty decent throw when freshly applied. my sister could tell i had something on from across the room. i applied one dollop between my wrists and neck and it was not overpowering to her at that level. as the rose burns off the lemon verbena remains as like an echo. it’s like a lemony skin musk now. i definitely get whatever gives it that silken note, very sleek and well blended. i can almost smell that fizzy cognacy trademark of the laces. that may be wishful thinking. the lovely floral herbal lasts a good two hours on me before settling into the musky phase which, while definitely morphed from its initial phase, is still strong in its own right
  14. DiZZysTARdust

    Elegy IX: The Autumnal

    this smells like vicks vapo rub in the bottle. very evergreen but also like literal eucalyptus. a tad incensey. not my bag so i was a little worried but i slathered it on anyway. on it gets less vicks. the honey comes into the forefront. in blends like these, i can see how the honey note goes plasticky on people. maybe the wood notes in there? idk, but it never goes full on plastic, just a bit artificial christmas tree as it all honeyed fir all the time on me at first. the fir kind of blends in with the maple as it dries. a little fruitiness comes out as the fir fades away. it’s not noticeably plum, and manages to add some sweetness in to balance out the woods. if i didn’t have the note list in front of me i would never have guessed there was patchouli in here. it blends perfectly into everything else. i also don’t detect the hazelnut in any meaningful way, and having never smelled cognac on its own i don’t recognize it. all in all this is a beautiful autumn scent, evocative of a harvest night bonfire for me, minus the smoke ETA, this has a decent throw on me, and stays strong throughout the first hour as it dries and on. seems like it will linger
  15. DiZZysTARdust

    Pageant Queen

    in the bottle this is very faint and cologne-esque. definitely not bursting with the beautiful florals i was expecting. but ok. so, on at first i can definitely smell the product type smell mentioned in some reviews. more aerosol than perfume really. not unpleasant per se, but basically nothing i would want to smell like. as it warms i get more of the cologne smell back. i would definitely call this a cologne over a perfume, and yet it still strikes me as slightly feminine. maybe on the feminine side of unisex. slightly powdery. i have to say the jury is slightly out here. i don’t dislike it, but as a huge fan of tuberose and lily of the valley it was a bit of a let down. one point in its favor is that, as meh as i’m feeling on it at the moment, the throw isn’t terribly strong. it’s definitely not a morpher. it seems to stay fairly consistent, amd extremely well blended if nothing else