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  1. DiZZysTARdust

    A Melancholy of Goths

    in the bottle must be the hairspray, very sharp and screechy and intimidating. this bottle has been resting for several weeks because at first that ws all i could smell. on wet this is like a champaca scent on me, but a perfumed champaca if that makes sense. like i smell champaca but not in the usual headshop incense way. it's more dressed up. the clove blends really really well into the champaca so it's not really spiced but more like sharpened or brightened by it, along with the "hairspray". as this dries the hairspray aspect does fade and it's more about the champaca and clove. i think the plum must be in there as well adding a little sweetness, but not in a fruit forward type of way. it's an unexpectedly addictive combination. the clove definitely peeks out more in the drydown but definitely does not become a major player. it is definitely a very spiced and perfumey champaca. somewhat unique as far as champaca scents which on me can be very dominant in a blend. i really love champaca so this is fine for me, although the plum/clove/hairspray definitely compliments it and bring it to a new level. any scent with goth in the name i am automatically obligated to pick up, although as someone who is not a fan of soapy/bath product type smells i was definitely nervous about the "hairspray" note. however if you're like me don't fear that, this is an awesome addition to the goth collection
  2. DiZZysTARdust

    Under The Silvery Moonbeams

    have to agree with other reviews that this is gorgeous and very "green" without the typical grassy/herbal lean that a green perfume can take. freshly applied this is very aquatic. on me when freshly applied it's almost all oakmoss. not unpleasant just very in your face oakmoss that leans aquatic/cologne/almost soapy. as this dries the oakmoss fades into the other notes and this becomes a beautiful light green blend. somewhat of a low throw. pretty well blended but the most noticeable notes for me are the faintest traces of cardamom and labdanum over the greener notes. for me they're not so much notes on their own but more like hints of them that may be keeping this blend from turning back to oakmossy grass.
  3. DiZZysTARdust

    Insatiable Woman

    oof, i can definitely smell what other reviews are mentioning in the bottle and have to agree that there must be something about the combo of indolic florals that makes this blend very body-odor-esque when in the bottle and freshly applied. i love magnolia and i love the morphers so i had to give this a shot. the aggressiveness does take a minute but after applying it settles down. a magnolia and muguet bouquet with hints of cedar. the mint, lemon blossom, and bergamot aren't main players on their own so much but do seem to be giving this blend some hints of airy freshness that keeps the white florals from becoming too cloying. absolute gorgeousness. good throw.
  4. DiZZysTARdust

    Falling Stars

    Really well blended. The nigh blooming florals are definitely the stars of the show, and they blend very well with the musks and benzoin. In the bottle and freshly applied the jasmine is the strongest for me, but not in a typical aggressive indolic jasmine way, more like the scent of jasmine just barely coming through over everything else. the musk and benzoin give them a very plush blanket wrap up in. as this dries the jasmine dials back even further. it doesn't completely disappear but does seem to settle down and blend more with the other notes. this blend does not stray too far into the floral territory, and is also warmer and less soapy than my typical experience with white/crystaline musk. it's actually pretty perfumey to my nose. good throw and long staying power. Not an exact dupe but the jasmine in this somewhat reminds me of At the Mid Hour of Night.
  5. DiZZysTARdust

    Triest Wilg

    gorgeous scent. a lot going on note wise but on the skin it’s very well blended for me. i agree that the musk-amber are the most dominant, giving this almost a perfumey vibe. it’s like a perfumey fruity-floral. in the bottle is sweet fruit-floral with probably the peach coming out the strongest. i saw this only because it’s more of a round fruit than any sharpness from the citrus notes. i don’t get the florals as distinct notes but rather adding a sweet edge to the fruits. freshly applied and into the drydown it stays very true to the bottle scent. one of those scents where the throw is different from the on the skin, and i get more musks in the throw while closer to the skin is more sweet peach tinted amber. there’s a brief moment where the lilac tries to make itself know about an hour into the drydown but doesn’t quite become distinguishable as a lilac note. the resins aren’t screaming incense to me but seem to be adding to the musk/amber as a grounding element to the fruits and florals and keeping these notes from going into soap territory. the only downside to this scent is my skin eats it! after about two hours the throw drops off a lot. it was moderate throw at first but after about the 2 hour mark the throw faded, while the peachy amber aspect was still there when sniffing my skin directly. still a love!
  6. DiZZysTARdust

    The Tell-Tale Tart

    i can’t believe no one has reviewed this yet! i am so, so glad to have found a bottle of this on the secondhand market. it’s so delicious, i’m ready to drink it out the bottle. in the bottle is very red berry forward, with some hints of vanilla-crust and probably some of the red musk pulling everything together. to me it smells very well blended. my aunt took a sniff from the bottle and said it reminded her of a red raspberry perfume oil from her teenage years. to my nose this could be due to everything blending together because it’s not “fruity” per se and there is no specific berry taking the lead. freshly applied it’s all sweet red berries. again, no one berry is coming out strongest to me. i can definitely detect the red musk because it does start to take a slight turn in the direction of grape candy/wine, which i have experienced red musk do in the past. but not overwhelmingly, just a hint. the vanilla does take a back seat but seems to be there in the background keeping this from turning into a purely fruity red musk blend. overall this is super super well blended and really gorgeous. ETA in the dry down the grape is def more present.
  7. DiZZysTARdust

    Elizabeth’s Imps

    i was a little nervous about this one. all of these notes are a definite win so it was definitely on my to snag list. in the bottle it's a little more muted than i expected. definitely very much all about the molasses. the cinnamon is not really there for me. as this dries it started to turn somewhat plasticky on me which can happen with some honey blends for me. however, as this dries further i definitely agree with the above review that it's beeswaxiness that takes some time but does settle into a beautiful molasses-beeswax. definitely not in a holiday candle type of way for those with reservations. this is only about a week out of the mailbox so i'll be leaving it to settle but looking forward to revisiting
  8. DiZZysTARdust

    A Noiseless Patient Spider

    I am very fortunate to have picked up a bottle of this secondhand. It is gorgeous. In the bottle the cognac is more present along with a more fresh herbal leaning. This dries to a warm, lightly spiced, slightly nutty, vanillic musk that doesn't venture into foodie territory. I don't get much lavender as a strong note. I think the sandalwood is more dominant. The tonka, myrrh, and cognac seem to be smoothing things over and keeping the sandalwood from venturing into soap territory. The other notes seem to add to this rather than standing out on their own. very warm and comforting.
  9. DiZZysTARdust

    Bringer of Evil

    absolutely gorgeous. for me this is not about the grapefruit at all. The citrusy notes are more present in the wet phase, not like grapefruit peel but more like sweet grapefruit. Then the floral notes come out more in the drydown and this becomes a high end designer perfume. No one floral comes out particularly strong. I think they must be blending seamlessly with the blue musk. A definite stunner and very glad I snagged a bottle before weenies came down.
  10. DiZZysTARdust

    The Shimmering Mirror

    @ghoulnextdoor this may be it! https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/doc/Brudermord_M/index.html This is as others have stated very hard to pin down but gorgeous and very very well blended. In the bottle and freshly applied this comes across to me as like a department store scent. To me it comes across as more cologne/gender neutral at first mostly because i’m reminded of a specific scent that I can’t remember. Even though I get this vibe I still agree that sensuous or silky is a good description for the feel of this blend. As this is drying the pine definitely comes out more, agreed “brocade” is a good way to put it because it’s not an evergreen or even green blend. It’s more red to me. Like the scent of pine needles after walking through a forest or a comforting blanket that smells like pine sap and other beautiful things. great throw and seems to have good lasting power.
  11. DiZZysTARdust

    Nyx, Night Goddess

    this is only two days rested so this may have an impact. as an avid frankincense lover i was very excited to purchase this. in the bottle i get a hint of frankincense and a lot of a cola like note i usually associate with labdanum. i’m guessing this could be part of the amber. freshly on and into the drydown this is all about the syrupy black amber. i feel like the other notes are contributing to the amber to support it rather than coming through on their own. i don’t get much oud at this point for those worried about that. it’s not too powdery on me and i usually will amp powdery aspects. all about the amber for now, but i’m looking forward to retesting in the future and seeing how this ages.
  12. DiZZysTARdust

    Milk, Burnt Honey, And Ambrette Seed

    honestly this is one of the greatest honey blends i’ve tried from bpal. i tested a smidge of oil that got on the decant paper and it’s SO strong and soooo good. not as foodie as i was expecting from the milk-honey combo. it was slightly creamier and nuttier in the bottle but once applied to the skin the honey definitely comes out to shine. it’s very evocative of dark, golden, caramelized floral honey. does not go at all plasticky on me as some honeys have done. an absolute stunner
  13. DiZZysTARdust

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    a really gorgeous, light and sweet scent. in the bottle this is very buttery, but as it goes on the butteriness settles into a sleeker, more marshmallow-esque sweetness. i feel like the amber and plastic may be adding a touch of cleanness to this, so it almost smells like marshmallows and clean laundry (not in a soapy or generic detergent type of way). this comes out more throughout the drydown, with the candy corn decreasing in strength but remaining to give some body and sweetness and keeping the other notes in check.
  14. DiZZysTARdust

    Black Pepper, Palo Santo, and Vetiver

    i agree with the other review that this gives the vibes of incense ash. in the bottle it's almost spicy. freshly applied the spiciness dissipates. on the skin this is a beautiful, slightly clean incense blend. the vetiver doesn't come out strongly like it sometimes can, this is very well blended clean warm woods.
  15. DiZZysTARdust

    Koi No Yatsufuji

    super well blended. fruity red musk in the bottle and a gorgeous, resinous, deep red musk on the skin. hard to pick out any individual notes that are the strongest players. i think the frankincense comes out a bit for me. maybe the plum, which to my nose can give some perfuminess to a blend. definitely a very majestic velvet red musk blend that would be a great "extravagant night out in an evening gown" scent, or to evoke that feeling.