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  1. DiZZysTARdust

    Michiyuki Koi No Futusao

    i was able to track down a bottle of this and i'm SO glad i did. very tea forward in the bottle, but not exactly straight green tea as the anise and oakmoss are there in the background giving it a little depth and sweetness, tho still very sharp. in my excitement i poured like way more than i meant to on myself than i meant to while applying the tester spot, but that's okay because this is fkn gorgeous. i would say yes to comparisons to aquatics freshly applied to the skin, but not in a cologne way. there IS a sort of muskiness that keeps it from veering into masculine territory on me. i do think it's the star anise, as many other reviews note that comes out more forward on the skin and leaves the green tea in the background, but on me it's not sweet licorice or hard candy or straight anise or anything scary like that. it's more like green tea steeped with a few star anise pods in there. i'm not great at identifying oakmoss but i think it's there keeping the blend from going into candy or foodie territory and giving it that musky sort of anchor. i def slathered this on that may be the reason it seems to have such good throw but overall this seems to be more of a skin scent with perhaps some light throw to it. fingers crossed for an 8 hour wear length like other reviews have stated although my skin usually eats up the beautiful scents (that's okay tho cause more time for variety), but we'll see
  2. DiZZysTARdust


    not my usual scent, although i enjoy beeswax, i received a bottle of this in a bundle of second hand bottles. any kind of fruit or candy is generally hit or miss for me. in the bottle this is sweet and tart but overall pretty well blended. fresh on the skin this is just a beautiful sweet pink scent. i feel like this would be a great summer time/running errands scent cause it's bold but not overpowering. the beeswax comes out more strongly on the skin, it plays well with the strawberries. the candy gives everything a sweetness but the beeswax seems to be preventing everything from going literal strawberry candy on me, and that toothache sweetness is the type of fruit/candy/foodie scent that i really dislike so that's cool. it almost gives it a sort of creaminess, almost like a strawberry scented beeswax candle but not in a yankee candle type of way. definitely an elegant beeswax candle, like a long thin taper burning on a table next to a strawberry pie sort of way.
  3. DiZZysTARdust


    glasya is an interesting scent because i expect it to be very dark and resinous but it’s actually kind of light and girly. in the bottle and freshly applied it has a kind of odd, plasticky almost kind of scent. kind of like an alcoholy-detergenty kind of vibe without being boozy or soapy. hard to pin. the black musk and myrrh are very prominent at this stage for me, probs because i tend to amp their powderiness somewhat. as it dries the florals come out more, the rose is not detectable to me ever and i tend to amp rose, i think it blends well with the ylang ylang to give a little feminine depth to the powderiness. as it dries further it really sweetens up and becomes almost fruity. i suspect that’s the red musk coming out as it goes somewhat wine-fruit resin to me, maybe it’s the ylang ylang mixing in but in this blend the dry down becomes almost like red fruit candy on me. odd but i love her, hard not to like a princess of hell 😍 ETA on second thought, i think it is the rose coming out more strongly that adds to the more feminine vibe, but still this is never a “rose” scent for me (speaking as a person who turns most rose blends into rose single notes for me)
  4. DiZZysTARdust

    Three French Hens

    this is not as feathery nor as vengeful as i expected and yet somehow it is. going on it’s very faint, somewhat neutral. this blossoms as it dries into something much greener than i expected but in a stony way. it almost reminds me capela dos ossos in a way, or of the dryness of vanilla-saffron in love’s philosophy. maybe that’s the benzoin or vetiver. the vetiver is not making itself known at all. it’s a very well blended green woody vanillic warmth. not a super strong throw but strong on my skin. i can’t stop sniffing my wrist cause it’s so good, but not in foodie way. really showcases vanilla if one is a fan
  5. DiZZysTARdust

    Cacao, Black Amber & Black Copal

    so this is a funny scent. in the bottle it’s a cloyingly sweet chocolate with an almost cola like background. copal doesn’t come out strong for me but tends to add a cola like fizziness to things so this checks. on this is like so strong and weirdly flat, def puts the wow in cacao, like a thick syrupy chocolate coke. it’s kind of a turn off because of the flatness and over sweetness. i put it on and forgot about it, but it’s there in the background cause good throw, so at some point in the drydown i’m like wait what’s that. most of the cocoa burns off, leaving an almost vanillic resins lightly sweetened with a cocoa edge. GORGEOUS. i only have an imp so i’ll def treasure this
  6. DiZZysTARdust

    Witch’s Tea Party

    in the bottle i get the cologne scent. i actually did a double take cause i knew what notes to be expecting and my initial impression was that this smelled like pure tobacco, a high fizzy light almost aquatic and def cologney tobacco. freshly on it turned soapy but sweetish, which is normally a turn off to me but i like it. my mom described it as irish spring but better which is accurate imo. the two notes play very well together. i don’t ever get a strong sense of green tea or lilacs, they blend seamlessly. as it dries the harsh soapiness in the throw burns off into a grassy fresh purple dappled green. i think it would work best as a layering note or would work very well as an office/interview type neutral but calming scent.
  7. DiZZysTARdust


    i was gifted a frimp of this by someone i bought some bottles of recently, and i am very excited to try it out. first off, in the imp it’s not nearly as dark or unapproachable as i was expecting. even though it’s almost black in color. def the darkest oil i’ve ever seen. freshly on it’s actually quite powdery and sweet. i’m guessing that’s the dark musk and spices respectively (dark/black musk aways reads as “powdery” to me, ymmv). no resins/woods detectable, even into the dry down. as it dries it becomes a lightly spicy, mellow, non specific incense blend. no patchouli or labdanum surfaces, i’m not sure what dark african woods are in here but my guess is either vetiver or oudh, neither of which are detectable to me. not sure about the age of this imp, although the label is pretty fresh looking. so i’m wondering if any of the heavier notes will come out with age. medium throw, good lasting power. leans mostly gender neutral on me, but def a smoky, spicy, comforting incense blend that is most def bottle worthy
  8. DiZZysTARdust

    A Violent Fit of Trembling

    This is a glorious blend. I'm so happy i was able to track down a bottle. In the bottle it's dark resinous evergreen sap. On the skin the cypress and fir blend so beautifully, with the mint adding a cold touch to the throw without being all "mint". I'm not a fan of the snow notes tbh, but without the ozonic qualities the mint is totally subtle and blends well with the other notes. It acts as a good counter to the myrrh, which turns up the powderiness as it dries. The powder doesn't overtake. The evergreens are still totally present. It's like a fir powder, like a really nice fir body powder. I loooove it. Even though it's got four notes, it kind of reminds me of the recent duets/menages or SNs in that i think it would be excellent for layering with. A really excellent subtle perfumey fir.
  9. DiZZysTARdust

    Variety of Pleasing Amusements

    ETA: i should probably keep a log of what i've reviewed so i stop double reviewing things 🧐
  10. DiZZysTARdust


    I really want to love this because cardamom but it's hard. Not a bad scent just so light and faint and sheer on me. Not exactly soapy but kind of just smells like clean skin.
  11. DiZZysTARdust

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    Very interesting scent. Sour plasticky bitter herbs in the bottle. Blends seamlessly on the skin. The throw is a beautiful vaguely floral but non descript perfume. Up close on the skin i smell the citrusy green aspects. They're not sweet or floral up close at all, but hard to describe as they're like blanketed under a layer of dark, smoky, sultry resins. Hard to pin down but gorgeous af. Don't get any leatheriness in the wet phases at all.
  12. DiZZysTARdust


    Miaiphonos is quite scary in the bottle. Maybe because i was aware of the notes all i can detect is a strong, spicy cumin. Delicious but intimidating. My mom gave it a blind sniff and guessed licorice and oranges, her nose is usually p on point. She tried it on and first there is an upswelling of cumin that fades into a gorgeous heady spiced orange tea. The cumin is still detectable to me at the edges, giving it a slightly metallic tone that makes "blood stained" seem like a fitting title. I can see how folks might get a holiday spiced vibe out of this, but it's a very grown up, classy holiday spice imo. Def not the yankee candle type as some spiced blends tend to remind me of.
  13. DiZZysTARdust

    The Great Sword of War

    This is like strangely good. I am on the hunt for the perfect red musk-tobacco blend, and i have an imp of this in my box. I remember sniffing this when i first started using bpals and being like wtf is that because i could not id anything, and sniffing it now that is strong af tobacco coming out of the imp. Triggered that funny little memory. Tobacco and subtle herbally cocoa at the forefront, i love that combo. The mandarin adds a little brightness without doing the whole chocolate orange thing i was expecting. Don't really get much red musk per se but it must be what makes this so strangely addictive. One of those huff my elbow scents. It doesn't morph much and it LASTS forever and a little def goes a long way.
  14. DiZZysTARdust

    The Dodo

    Damn i was not expecting to love dodo like i do. Normally i would not even consider something so fruity, esp with citrus peel which tbh i hate. But i see this get recommended a lot in red musk threads, and i found it while trawling through my imp box on a red musk kick, so..... I am SO glad i broaded my horizons for this because it's a great red musk. Red musk can be like grapey/winey on me but it blends perfectly with the lemon to be like a nondescript sweet fruit toned. No hint of cassia which i am also glad for. The woods must be giving everything something to stick to, but this is not a woody blend to me. I would almost describe it as like a kool aid, which sounds fruity and sour, but in a perfumey musky way. ETA i am wearing this again and this time i distinctly caught a whiff of cinnamon in the throw as i was applying! Still not detectable on my skin tho
  15. DiZZysTARdust

    The Imperfect Enjoyment

    This is like a lighter hyakki yagyo to me. Or i guess since this came first hyakki is like a really demonic in your face imperfect enjoyment. Idk what the difference is but hyakki throws like whoa on me, whereas imperfect enjoyment seems a little subtler and closer. Scent wise they are almost identical. Head shop, occult shop, gothy incense. I would have to death match to get an accurate measure of their differences