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    Animals - dogs especially. Industrial music. Antiques, particularly vintage furniture from the first 40 years of the 20th century and art deco. Reading. Holistic and natural health. Buffy and Angel. City of Heroes/Villains. Feminism and gender politics. Cooking and interior design. Aesthetic beauty in all its forms. Vegetarianism. Women as warriors. Big stompy boots. UNIX, in particular Solaris. Environmentalism and growing my own food while saving money doing so.


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    Mme Moriarty, Snake Charmer, The Candy Butcher, Dorian, Strawberry Moon 2009, Bordello, Persephone, O, Love's Philosophy, Theodosius, Dragon's Milk, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Verdandi, Utrennyaya, Tamora, Gennivre, Lady Una, Midway, Smut, 13 (July 07 and June 08), Freak Show, Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener, Mlle Lilith, The Perilous Parlor, Snow White. Aged Snake Oil is okay on me, but unaged is playdoh/crayons on me. Favorite notes: vanilla (obviously), amber, strawberry, pomegranate, plum, carnation, ginger, tea, red musk, wine, osmanthus, resins, chocolate, cream, patchouli, coconut. Looking for a nice clean/green scent and some spicy scents. Cannot do vetiver, jasmine, or cinnamon.


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    Taurus sun, Scorpio moon, Leo rising.
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  1. amyw

    Detestable Putrescence

    I tried this at C2E2 today. I thought I might get the plastic note others have mentioned, but it was not so. Hooray! It's very sweet in the bottle and on my skin it also starts out very sweet, but within a few minutes it settles and deepens just a bit. It has almost a ... spice note? As if I am smelling vanilla bean flecks floating in melted vanilla ice cream, which give it an earthier quality and temper any out of control sweetness. Pretty big throw on me too, as I could smell it pretty strongly for quite a while after that. The Mr. really liked it, and after the initial sweetness wore off, I really liked it too, even though I would not say I am (often) a foodie. If I'm going to wear a foodie scent, it can't be sickly sweet, and on me, this wasn't. I thought it would be because I tend to amp sweet. Contemplating a bottle.
  2. amyw


    Unfortunately on me VILF becomes just vetiver and leather, but mostly vetiver. On me, vetiver is bitter and kind of BO-ish. After a while, VILF gets a bit powdery. Ah, well. VILF and my skin do not get along, I guess because I amp vetiver and what my skin does to it makes it not a great thing to amp. Once in a while I try a blend with vetiver in it hoping that the other notes will keep it in check, and I'm almost always wrong. ETA: I just realized vetiver is not listed. I wonder which note smells like vetiver on me?
  3. amyw


    This is not my usual sort of scent at all, but ages ago someone sent me a decant with a swap. I hadn't even looked at the notes when I tried it and I thought it was gorgeous. Then I looked at the notes and knew I never would have gone out of my way to try it, as I'm a resin/vanilla/heavier musk type and not at all a florals type. On my skin, I can detect the skin musk, the ginger, the florals, and a tiny bit of the sandalwood. Maybe a bit of the tea too, but not much. It's a clean, light, very very pretty scent, and everything I can smell is very well balanced. Nothing predominates. I can see the comparisons to Hungry Ghost Moon, and to me this is a bit like HGM but without the smoky vanilla. I'm not a fan of smoky vanilla anyway, so I wasn't a huge fan of HGM. This stuff, though, is fantastic on me.
  4. amyw

    Glowing Vulva Bath Oil

    I'm still forming an opinion about this one. I've used it twice as an after-shower moisturizer in place of my usual application of LUSH's Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion. Most people seem to think it's heavier on the cream note, but I'm getting more of the teak, and a bit of amber and lotus. The cream was heavy on first application but then it fades away - or maybe it still smells more like cream on my legs and less so on my arms. I started with my legs, after all. Overall, it's definitely much softer/lighter and without much throw. I tried it last night and in the morning, it smelled like powder. I usually get powder when I'm about to start Shark Week, but that's definitely not the case here. I'll update as my thoughts on this evolve.
  5. amyw

    Mircalla, Countess Karnstein

    I'm not sure why I love this so much and why I've been reaching for it so often lately, since enough of the notes are very much not my thing that the list never made me think I had to have it. I got it because of the reviews and the comparisons to Snake Charmer and Mme Moriarty, but even so, it's more a cousin than a sister to those too on me. I can see the comparisons to Marianne as well, mostly because of the red musk. I love vanilla but I'm usually enh on smoky vanilla, and I'm generally not a fan of clove unless it sits way in the background. Too many clove cigarettes in the 90s, I guess. Balsam is okay, and I love Beth's patchouli but no one else's so far. Love red musk too, and I really like orchid, but I do amp it. So as you can see, when I read the notes, it wasn't a blend that jumped out at me and said, 'you must have me!' Anyway, none of the notes I don't like much kill this blend for me at all. It's more orchid than anything other single note, as expected, but the red musk, patchouli, and even the smoky vanilla round it out really nicely. Yum! The clove behaves and adds just a touch of spiciness, and I think I smell some herbs and frankincense in there too. Lots of throw, and sexy as hell. It's already started to age nicely and I expect it will get even better. So glad I bought some before the 'Weenies went away.
  6. amyw

    Copper Phoenix

    This is well-blended enough that it's really hard to describe. I smell no rose when it's on, but I do smell a bit of just about every other note except maybe the pepper. The orange is very very subtle, for which I'm glad. I don't actually like the common citrus notes that much, at least not in perfume oils. They're fine in other things, but I don't like smelling like orange, lemon, or lime myself. It has no throw currently, so I have to get up really close to smell it, but what I smell is really beautiful and has huge aging potential. I think it will get deeper and stronger as it ages and I'll have to update this as the process goes on. It actually reminds me a tiny bit of Snake Charmer, only with apricot and a very light hint of orange instead of plum. Looking at the notes, I have to wonder why it reminds me of Snake Charmer, but there it is. It's very pretty now, but I also can't wait to see what it becomes. ETA: I realized what it really reminds me of. It's not that it reminds me of Snake Charmer directly. It's that it reminds me of Mlle Lilith, which in turn reminds me of Snake Charmer.
  7. amyw


    I asked my partner to smell this and he said, "hmm... Old Spice." I'm not sure what it is, but he's probably right. It does smell like a men's cologne I've smelled years ago, but I don't remember exactly what it is. It could very well be Old Spice, which supposedly has notes of vanilla and jasmine in it. It doesn't seem extremely floral on me at all, even though jasmine often screams at the top of its lungs on me. I do think I smell more tea rose than any other floral. Not unpleasant at all, but not my thing either.
  8. amyw

    Countess Willie

    I happen to looove Bordello, and this is very close to it on me. I thought it was almost a dead ringer until I compared one on each arm, and now that I'm smelling them side-by-side, so to speak, I notice that Countess Willie has a slightly darker edge to her. I can pick out a tiny TINY bit of chocolate, a smidge of the bite of the ginger, and a bit of musk. None of those are present in Bordello, as expected, but this makes them a bit more obvious. This is definitely bottle-worthy and will be perfect on days when I'm in the mood for a slightly less sweet Bordello-esque scent. The Countess, she is yummy. I was pretty sure she would be given those notes. And apparently many prostitutes like amaretto.
  9. amyw

    Crib Girls

    This changed a bit and got better as it dried down, but I'm getting a bit of Lemon Pledge. I do wonder if this will age well. If citrus notes fade and mellow with age, will cubeb? For the moment this isn't working on me well enough to get a bottle, but I will cellar it and try again soonish. ETA: Okay, an hour later and the lemon faded almost completely. Now I smell the honey and cardamom. Much MUCH nicer, but still not a very me sort of scent, and I'm guessing at least for now I'd have to put up with the hour of Pledge. I do like honey but whether or not I love a scent with honey depends on the other notes in the blend.
  10. amyw

    Quick Grope Under the Mistletoe

    There may be a tiny bit of an earthy fur/pine note in the background, but otherwise this is a dead ringer for Lambs-Wool on me. Mostly apple/apple cider, and quite nice!
  11. amyw

    How to remove scents from your skin

    Lemon juice or alcohol has worked for me in the past.
  12. amyw


    This is a decant of the original, by the way. I think I would love this if it didn't have almond in it. It's quite faint, and it smells like carnations, vanilla, and... almond. I don't detect any of the suspected cinnamon, which is odd because that usually amps and burns and makes me ill. I also don't smell any patchouli, which some have said is heavily present in the resurrected version. I do, unfortunately for me, smell almond, which is not a note I'm fond of. Or if it's not almond, it's a very similar note. I'm glad to have tried this highly coveted oil, but now I'm also pretty sure I don't need to buy a bottle of the resurrected unless I'm getting it for someone else. If you like almond, carnations, and vanilla, then you'll probably like this a lot.
  13. amyw

    Peach Moon

    This is so pretty! I'm so glad I took a chance on it, as it has one of my notes of death in it. That would be jasmine, which often screams jasmine soap once it hits my skin, but not this time. I'm not big on florals, but peach blossom and mum are exceptions to this. I love the peach blossom in Tamora, for example. Peach Moon smells like a thin, delicate peachy tea smell in the bottle and on me during the dry-down, but then the peach blossom note deepens and blends well with the tea note, and the musks, mum, and ho wood give it a little more body and just a tiny bit of a spicy smell. It has pretty good throw too. I put on a tiny bit but I can still catch some wafts of it now and then even when I don't have my nose right there. I think it's fading quickly, though, so we'll see.
  14. amyw


    Add me to the list of those on whom Boo smells like Midway. Midway has a touch more funnel cake on me, but other than that, almost a dead ringer. I bought a bottle of this unsniffed and I think that will be (more than) sufficient, as I have two bottles of Midway Resurrected. That does mean I like it a lot, as you might guess from having two bottles of its doppleganger.
  15. amyw

    Falling Leaf Moon

    This smells like damp leaves with a bit of slightly sweet wood notes underneath. It's nice while that lasts, but I knew I was taking a chance with the "wet" part, as almost all aquatic type notes become soap on me. I put this on the SO and he doesn't like it enough to keep, as he's a foody type. It's very nice and very evocative of autumn before it becomes soapy leaves on me. Skin chemistry FTL.